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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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recent history of the man who killed three hostages at a north bay ns facility... as he did not belong in there. he needed more help. >> we are learning more about the recent history of the man who killed three hostages at a north a veterans facility as we hear from those affected by the tragedy. just days before the hostage crisis in yountville, albert
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wong reportedly told his brother he was angry and wanted to get back at the staff at the pathways home. tyrone lamkin told the press democrat his brother was kicked out of the program two weeks ago after he was caught with knives.>> the 36-year-old army veteran killed christine loeber, jennifer golick and jennifer gonzalez.>> kpix 5's jill vasquez reports from yountville with a witness account of what happened inside pathway home.>> reporter: building a is still a crime scene tonight. earlier today we met a woman who was inside the building on friday and for a short time was held hostage.>> we had just started the party when the gunman walked in to the room that we were in. >> reporter: haley rectal
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immediately recognized the gunman, 36-year-old albert wong as he interrupted a going away party for two of her coworkers on friday. haley was terrified to become a hostage along with six other friends.>> first he let the veterans go. he said the staff needs to stay. at that point, there were seven of us. he said our names. he said we could go. >> reporter: the rest became a blur.>> i just ran out as fast as i could. i thought that my life was saved. i thought i was going to die. >> reporter: haley came to the pathway home today to help veterans moveout. he does not want to be identified but we found this former military man at building g today. he says he did not know the gunman because he has only been here a few weeks but he is in the same pathway program that helped many veterans with ptsd get their lives back together.>> it has helped me to
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navigate through depression, anxiety, ptsd. >> reporter: the mayor of yountville and a board member of pathway home promised the six men who were housed here will continue to services but they have to leave it for now. the servicemen we meant today is one of the six. he says he knew all three women who were murdered.>> jennifer gonzales was my therapist who i saw weekly. she was the one who changed my life. all of the ladies were very sweet. i am very thankful for the sacrifice that they made. >> somber church service in yountville today. many of those in attendance have connections to the pathway home.>> rather than a shop, many did not seem to have much doubt about why the shooter did what he did. there are numerous veterans living in the area who say places like pathway often serve people capable of erratic of your. -- behavior.>> i think he was a
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prime example. he did not belong. he needed more help in a hospital. >> reporter: some veterans say one of the real problems lacking is the amount of resources available for former troops. we have a storm developing out in the pacific. it is already sending clouds and fog over san francisco. we can barely see the bay bridge in the distance. the weather is a storm that is brewing. today we had a warm, sunny weather. while we had mild weather today, it all gives way to store mere conditions by tuesday. the numbers come down and so does the snow. it will turn white and much cooler beginning monday, early
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tuesday. by thursday night, we will get one to 3 inches in the valley. snow levels will be down to 3500 feet with guns -- with gusty winds to 35 miles per hour. we will have winter storm watches in the mountains. i will have your full forecast coming up. president donald trump is backing away from his call to raise the minimum age to buy some guns. today, the white house unveiled its plan in response to the massacre in parkland, florida. and includes a promise to provide rigorous firearms training to teachers. the plan also backs stricter federal background checks. it does not endorse raising the minimum age to buy a ar-15 to 21. it is a move one -- white house officials were pushing hours earlier. spike the president has been clear that he does support raising the age to 21. >> president donald trump is preparing to make his first visit to california this week and it probably won't be a warm
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reception. the state assembly democratic caucus released a video on youtube today. it challenges some of the presidents criticism to california including the states economic and healthcare choices. the president is scheduled to visit the san diego area on tuesday to see prototypes for his proposed border wall. it would cost $22 billion and take more than three years to build. an equipment failure puts human eggs and embryos at risk. it is not the only recent glitch in an industry that many couples rely on. kpix 5's betty yu has more. >> reporter: hundreds of women who are trying to have children and planning their families rely on technology to keep their eggs safe and viable. at this point, we don't know if
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this mistake at a well-known fertility center was mechanical or human error. the long-established pacific pacific -- fertility center. a liquid nitrogen failure in a storage tank. it said that 500 patients that may have been involved with the tank received information of the failure that happened one week ago. herbert says there are viable eggs and embryos from the tank. the center released a statement that reads in part "the rest of the tanks were not affected. the equipment was immediately retired. the vast majority of the eggs and embryos in the lab were unaffected and the facility is operating securely. it has brought an independent experts at all of the clinics. it added it we are truly sorry this happened and for the anxiety that this will surely cause. on the same day last weekend, a cleveland hospital reported that more than 2000 frozen eggs
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and embryos may have been damaged due to a refrigerator malfunction. >> this is incredibly rare. this has never been reported. within a week we saw it reported in two centers which is deeply troubling for both our patients and community.>> reporter: this doctor cofounded spring fertility in the san francisco. he is not affiliated with pacific fertility center. as for possible conditions that could have led to the damage, a leak or a failure to refill the tank.>> tanks have usable life expectancies. the use of the tank and moving embryos would all factor into the use -- usable life expectancy. >> reporter: spring fertility has several backup systems in place. >> i don't want people to be afraid of this technology. it is truly an advance. it allows couples and women to
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create families.>> pacific fertility center told the washington post that the potentially damaged eggs and embryos represent as much as 15% of the total stored at the facility. betty yu, kpix 5 news at 11 investigators are looking into a shooting involving oakland police officers just a few blocks from the macarthur go station. -- b.a.r.t. station. you can hear the gunfire on video posted to facebook. police say it happened just before 9 pm. right now, the circumstances surrounding the shooting are unclear including who fired the shots. new details on a police shooting in concord. officers shot a domestic violence suspect last night as he allegedly tried to escape. it started when police tried to pull over a vehicle on the light rail. a passenger was the suspect
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they were looking for. one officer shot robinson as he tried to run away. witness video captures the moments when a helicopter plunges into new york's east river. of the investigation into this deadly crash. -- river. the investigation into this deadly crash. it is getting tougher to live in the bay area. we will tell you about this storm coming into the bay area.
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river in new york city. all five passengers on board are now confirmed dead... video posted on twitter shows the chopper hitting the water between manhattan and queens. that was af e an update on a deadly helicopter crash in the east river in new york city. all five passengers on board are not confirmed dead. video posted on twitter now shows the chopper hitting the water after the pilot reported engine failure in a made a call. he was able to free himself from the wreckage and was scooped up by a passing tugboat.>> it was not like a nosedive but it was definitely an emergency landing.>> for about a minute, there was nothing. >> the helicopter was on a charter trip for a photo shoot. it went out shortly after 7 pm. a small aircraft crash lands next to highway 1. the chp responded to the emergency call just after 7 pm. a 73-year-old man was rushed to
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the hospital with major injuries. imaging -- a raging fire terrace through a commercial building in vallejo. it happened at 110 corporate place near solano avenue. you can see the flames burning out of control. officials say three businesses were housed there. if you are thinking of leaving the bay area, you have plenty of company. you might wind it harder to get u-haul. -- find it harder to get u- haul. >> so many people are moving out that it is creating a major shortage of moving vans.>> if you think living in the bay area is expensive, try leaving it. u-haul trucks are leaving in droves, taking one-way trips out. a quick glance at pricing shows where the outflow is going. we checked reservations for
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next weekend beginning and ending in san jose for u-haul's biggest truk -- truck and found a huge difference in price. a truck from sacramento to san jose is $110 to go the other way, the price jumped to $370. that is 340% of the cost going the other way. how about austin to san jose? $1000.53 -- $1053. going the other way it is for hundred percent of the cost. phoenix, $132 versus $1301. 980%. annalee, a truck from las vegas to san jose costs only $132 but if you go the other way, it is nearly $2000. that is a 1500% difference.
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customers we talked to in san jose were not surprised. >> people are leaving in droves. do you blame them?>> reporter: north american van lines says for the first time, california is among the top five states that people are leaving with 60% of the moves involving the state going out versus 40% of people moving in. you will released a statement to the mercury news saying u- haul utilizes a proprietary rates and distribution system that considers many factors when considering pricing. we endeavor to make our equipment available at the lowest cost to everyone. kiet do, kpix 5 news at 11 . the incoming series of storms that will affect bay area whether. the fog you can already see that is spreading over the city. as we look toward the bay bridge, the numbers are in the
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50s with 63 degrees. a balmy day today in the bay area as high pressure built briefly and over the states. the deep low pressure trough with a double barrel low that will slow the system as it comes into the bay area. that means it will be able to sit and spin over northern california and unwind. the rain translates to snow in the mountains. winter storm watches are up for tuesday afternoon. the snow begins at 4500 feet. it is a colder system than what we saw last week. there will be more snow coming in through saturday. we need the rain and the snow. we are only at half average for the bay area. we will add some pretty good rain, 1 to 3 inches. futurecast gives us an idea of the timing. you can see we will start off with hazy sunshine.
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the storm does not really role in until tuesday. right around the latter half of the evening commute tomorrow, this comes through. it is not allied -- not a lot of rain but it will move through. there is more on the heels of that. this is like a spring storm sequence where we get some rain, some easing and then some rain. increasing clouds tomorrow start out. then we get more sunshine. rain will develop by tuesday. it will be a windy weather situation. the numbers for tomorrow still remain warm. they will be near 70 degrees.
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they will have a cause of high clouds over the sun. 72 for campbell. 69 for oregon hill. increasing clouds will lead to light rain tomorrow night. temperatures will be in the low 70s in the closest spots but then they drop into the 50s on tuesday. high temperatures for tomorrow are up with a few sprinkles. temperatures will be in the mid 60s and same for cloverdale and windsor. the rain develops after sunset for much of the bay area tomorrow night. again, light to moderate rain but then more robust on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the rain picks up and the temperatures come down. the wind picks up as well. at the moment, it looks like next weekend will begin to dig out of this but it will be wet and stormy. an nba star is the driving force behind a new exhibit paying tribute to the
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17 people killed in the mass shooting in parkland, florida. also, controversial new plans underway to force hundreds of people out of a longtime homeless encampment near disneyland. straightahead, a brand-new edition of game day. three mega issues to address. richard sherman, now a member of the 49ers. tiger woods, his impact on the golf game. the ncaa men's tournament.
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they're victims of the statewide housing crisis. as jamie yuccas reports from anaheim -- some of them had been there more than a deca hundreds of homeless people are forced out of a southern california park. advocates say they are victims of a statewide housing crisis. some of them had been there more than a decade.>> reporter: this is moving day for john. his home is a tent along the santa ana riverbed, not far from disneyland. >> when you heard that everyone was getting evicted, what went through your mind?>> where my going to go now? >> reporter: an orange county judge said the encampment was -- must go. the sheriff's office says when they tell people it is time to go, that is it. they are not even giving people time.
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in their mind, everyone here has had a month to vacate. >> reporter: advocates argue officials just want these apel out of sight. orange county supervisor todd spitzer said this is the only solution.>> i think that there is a group of people who want to live this lifestyle. there is nothing we can do to change their behavior. i do believe there is a substantial number of people who do want help but they are co-mingled with a very bad element which is keeping them from saying they're ready to take services. >> reporter: most were offered 30 days in a motel, 90 days of storage and mental health and drug counseling. permanent housing is the real issue. the median home price in orange county is almost $800,000. the average rent is $1800. john grab some clothes before leaving. his girlfriend is eight miles away, settling into their new temporary home.>> what does it like living week to week?>> it
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is tough. a new exhibit pays tribute to the 17 people killed in last month's shooting at a high school in florida. parkland 17 is now on display in miami with funding from miami heat basketball star dwayne wayne. display case holds photographs of the victims. there is a large drawing of a teenage boy created by his grieving father. a different section, empty desks placed in rose to convey a sense of loss.>> i really like how they did commemorate the victims, first and foremost the empty desks. that really demonstrates how many people really were lost. all those desks are empty now.>> another feature, a working phone booth where people can call their members of congress to urge action on gun control. elon musk reveals the danger he thinks poses a bigger threat to our
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future than a nuclear war.
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to look like a princess at prom. this weekend marked the first of two...prom dress giveaways. hundreds of teen girls are getting a chance to look like a princess at prom. >> this weekend marked the first of two prom dress giveaways. the princess project welcomed the teens to pick the dress of their dreams along with matching accessories. the organization is based in
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silicon valley and gives away thousands of dresses to girls who may not be able to afford one. the organization is set to host one more weekend of prom dress giveaways next week. elon musk made a surprise appearance at a film festival in texas and said he is worried about artificial intelligence.>> a sold-out crowd showed up to hear the spacex and tesla founder. jonathan nolan conducted the interview and asked musk about artificial intelligence. elon said that government regulation is crucial to ensure that ai is safe.>> i think the danger of ai is much greater than the danger of nuclear warheads. nobody would suggest that we allow anyone to have nuclear warheads if they want.>> musk also talked about space travel. he hopes to launch up and down test flights in the first half of 2019 ahead of a mission to mars. we will be right back.
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there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪ the future is for the unafraid.
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