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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now at noon, a presidential visit. moments ago the president touched down in southern california. his first visit to the gold especially state since taking office. >> we have a look at the president's agenda now. >> two big priorities for his
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trip to california. fundraising and his proposed border wall. this trip comes a week after the trump administration sued our state over the sanctuary policies. so immigration is an overriding issue today. >> reporter: president trump boarded air force one this morning for his first trip to california as president. >> now we're going to the wall. we're going out to the wall. we're going to be looking at the prototypes which is very important for our country. >> reporter: the president is inspecting preliminary models of the wall he has long wanted to build between the u.s. and mexico. visiting eight towering prototypes now in place near the border. then he will meet with border agents before addressing a group of marines in san diego. san diego is the largest border city to formally oppose the wall. and protests began yesterday, there and in l.a., where president trump is scheduled to head later today. >> we get no help from the state of california. they are doing a lousy
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management job. >> this president has thrown blanket statements that are nothing but insults. we cannot sit down, we cannot stay home and not respond to the hateful rhetoric. >> reporter: the president tweeted the following this morning. thousands of dangerous and criminal alien released because . this must stop. and here is a look at some of the pro-president trump demonstrations going on right now. this group is waying for the president along the border by the prototypes. there are anti-trump protesters near the check point that decided to keep their demonstrations separate from demonstrations like this, trying to keep the peace and make sure that all voices are
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heard. air force one will head to lax for a fundraiser in beverly hills later today. >> the visit comes the day same as he fired rex tillerson as secretary of state. tillerson didn't even see it come. >> reporter: president trump has fired his secretary of state. >> we got along actually quite well. but we disagreed on things. >> reporter: rex tillerson and the president have been at odds almost from the very beginning. and rumors of his departure have been swirling for months. >> we disagree on things. when you look at the iran deal, i thought it was terrible. i thought it was okay. i wanted to break it or do something and he felt differently. >> reporter: tillerson didn't know he was being fired until president trump sent out this tweet. >> on our return to private life, private citizen, as a proud american, proud of the
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opportunity that i've had to serve my country. god bless all of you. god bless the american people. god bless america. >> reporter: the president's choice to replace tillerson is cia director mike pompeo who comes to the white house almost every day to personally deliver the president's intelligence briefs. >> tremendous energy, tremendous inat the intelect. that's what i need as secretary of state. >> reporter: pompeo is expected to pass the senate confirmation hearings. >> the president has nominated gina haskell a career cia officer to take over as cia director. if confirmed she be the first female to ever lead the agency. democratic leader nancy pelosi issued this statement. it is no wonder that the president has trouble
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attracting high caliber teem to the administration when he undercuts and humiliates those that he supposedly respects. pittsburgh police are investigating a crash between a gray prius and one of their own cruisers. it happened on highway 4 in martinez. two people were taken to the hospital but expected to be okay. no word on what caused this crash. this afternoon three more suspects are now in custody in yesterday's home invasion robberies in petaluma. authorities say the suspects targeted three homes looking for marijuana and pistol whipped one homeowner during the invasions. they were trying to board a flight back to the east coast. in all, 7 men are in custody. they have been booked into sonoma county jail on several charges. they are being held on $1 million bail. authorities are still looking for a man and a woman. the other big story we're following, the weather. it was a wet start this morning as the bay area got a pretty good soaking. this was the scene in san
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francisco today. people out with their umbrellas on the embarcadero. in san jose, the rain poured down, making for slick roads. has been tracking it all for us. >> yes. seeing the visibility get worse right before my eyes. we had a view of the golden gate bridge but that's not the case now. here is a view of san francisco. still stormy looking. not necessarily getting a break in the clouds yet. here is a look at the rain totals so far. pretty significant for santa rosa. one inch already. up in the north bay hills, over two and a half inches. ben loma, more than two and a half inches. where is the rain now? still coming down but not as much as what it was doing earlier this morning. we're notice lighter rainfall through scotts valley. boulder creek is starting to pick up a little bit through
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the santa cruz mountains. sunol we're getting good rain come through. it has not let up for the past several hours. san ramona cross 680 seeing good amount of rain falling there. and then same with pacifica. but a little break in san mateo where there's just a light drizzle. through daly city, it is picking up. same for hercules. richmond also dealing with strong downpours. these are about half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain coming through. through the north bay, they have been dealing with strong rainfall rates over the past couple of hours. santa rosa getting a little bit of a break. and just a drizzle for glenn helen. sfo noticing there are delays because of flights and low cloud ceiling as we can see right here on that live camera shot. we will update you on what to expect for the afternoon coming up. in santa barbara county, a mandatory evacuation is in effect for parts of montecito.
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officials told residents to be ready as the storm is expected to dump heavy rain in the area. back in january, a strong storm caused major mudslides in montecito. it may not take much rain to get large amounts of debris flowing. >> those hills are filled with silt, with rocks, with boulders. there's plenty more up there that could come down. and in fact, the condition may actually be a little bit more precarious than it was before the first storm. >> those who live along water ways that head towards the ocean are especially at risk. more fallout from the immigration raids in the bay area. the spokesperson for ice in san francisco has quit saying that the agency is spreading false information about the operation. here is jessica flores. >> reporter: james schwab, an ice spokesperson since 2015 says the agency is not telling the truth about operation keep safe. trump administration officials
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claimed oakland mayor libby schaaf's warning to the public about the northern california raids helped hundreds evade arrests. schwab resigned this week calling that statement false. now the former ice spokesperson for the san francisco division told cnn i couldn't bare the burden of continuing on as a representative of the agency and upholding integrity knowing that information was false. the head of ice said that the operation netted more than 200 arrests but there could have been 800 more. attorney general jeff sessions last week in sacramento said immigration agents now have to pursue 800 dangerous criminals because of the mayor's warning. >> here is my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you. >> reporter: but schwab says blaming the mayor is misleading. he says ice never gets 100% of their targets in a raid and says it is false to characterize all 800 in the groups as criminals. in a statement, oakland mayor schaaf says i commend mr. schwab for speaking the truth
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while under intense pressure to lie. schwab told cnn his resignation doesn't mean that he agrees with mayor schaaf's warning to the public. he called it misguided. meanwhile the department of justice is investigating possible obstruction of justice charges against mayor schaaf. she says she is lawyering up. jessica flores, kpix5? we reached out to ice regarding the claims by the former spokesperson. they have not yet respond today. ann coulter will make a bay area appearance in mountain view today. she will talk about her continuing support for president trump and his administration. a group called the liberty forum of silicon valley is hosting the speech at a local community center. it is already sold out and 450 people are expected to show up. security will be tight with both police and private guards out in force. new at noon, antioch police
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evicted a homeless man that set up camp on the roof of an amtrak station. take a look. police noticed the man after getting a tip. an antioch officer was put on a boom truck to assess the situation. they had to immediately clear the camp because of safety reasons. developing in alabama, a bus carrying high school band students plunged off of a highway on the way home from disney world. it happened this morning. it dropped into a ra reign 50 feet and turned on to its side. the driver died and more than a dozen students were injured. >> one critical. and approximately five in serious condition at this time. with the rest of the injuries pretty much being minor injuries. >> police say that a second bus on the trip was driving ahead of the one that crashed. no one was hurt on that bus. coming up, the list is out. this afternoon, a new report shows the happiest places to live in america. the bay area cities that made
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the top five. plus, a school administrator under fire, accused of sabotaging plans for safe drinking water. the recording that has him in the hot seat. next.
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suggested sabotaging plans to ke >> this afternoon, a school administrator is on leave after a secret recording revealed he suggested sabotaging plans to keep drinking water safe in nashville area schools. some parents bought water stations and water filters for schools. in a secret recording, the executive director for metro schools can be heard resisting
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the use of the filters. >> they're adamant about it being filtered. i'm saying we can't -- we cannot support it. >> the district is deeply concerned about what we heard on the recording. >> the school district says the locations that had high levels of lead in the water have been fixed and now are embarking on random water quality testing. closer to home, those looking for a change in careers may want to send their resumes to caltrans. they will grow their staff by 10% over the next five years, looking to fill over 2,000 new jobs from maintenance to architects and engineers. caltrans is trying to carry out projects funded by the state's new gas tax. and taking a look at the big board as we see how the financial markets are doing right now. the dow dropping quite a bit. down about 157 points. all right. let's get another check on our weather. it is wet examine chilly out there. >> yes. our temperatures have gone down
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from early this morning. it looks stormy. still seeing the rain drops coming down across a lot of the bay area. it is not intense. not the sideways blowing rain drops we saw earlier this morning. a lot of color still on the green. lots of greens and less yellows and oranges. it is a sign of a little bit lighter rainfall rates. dealing with a drizzle. same with san jose. the santa cruz mountains, the moisture is hovering right over the coastal mountain ranged. cop cord, on its way to antioch and san ramon. it will most likely be moving towards the east, towards discovery bay. dublin dealing with lighter showersment then had just picked up. rape coming through daly city at the top of the show. now it is going through the financial district downtown, across the bay bridge. oakland, berkeley, san leandro likely to get soaked next. across the north bay, st. helena getting less intensity as far as the rainfall rates go as it moves to the east.
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a little bit less rain coming through there. as i mentioned earlier, check your flights because sfo may be dealing with delays. 53 in san francisco. we were in the 60s early this morning. temperatures dropping as the cold front has officially arrived. and our winds are starting to stay strong this afternoonment look at the west winds in oakland at 14. fairfield also 14 miles per hour winds. and it is gusty across the hills, across the north bay and the east bay. earlier this morning, gusts 30, 40 miles per hour. and that is going to continue through the afternoon as that cold front passes through. visibility right now down to 6 miles at oakland airport. half moon bay is improving, now up to 7. pet loom a the visibility is still low at two and a half miles. here is the futurecast to show you the moisture out there. we will see continued rainfall but lighter through the afternoon. 8:00 or so, it will pick up. most likely you will need the umbrella regardless throughout the afternoon hours.
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if you want to go for an afternoon walk, definitely have a rain coat handy. the showers could pick up. through the night and tomorrow morning's commute, we will still continue to see rainfall. there's a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon as well. the storm watch scale today we will keep it as a 5 with the rain. a 4 with the winds. flooding and thunderstorms a 2. not as likely. here is a look at the sunset tonight, 7:15 p.m. tonight. high temperatures today will be in the upper 50s for most of us. so it will stay pretty cool. let's take you up to the mountains. this is the truckee tahoe airport right now. look at the storm clouds and the wind is blowing. it is not cold enough yet to see snow flurries. look at the foothills through placerville. they're concerned about flooding in that location right now. we will start to see the rain turn to snow late tonight. that's why the winter storm warning is in effect.
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snow covered roads expected tonight and tomorrow morning. we could see low snow levels dropping to 4,000 feet in elevation. the snow futurecast showing one to three feet of snow for the sierra. 7-day forecast showing we won't be dealing with dry weather again until sunday and monday of the weekend. >> oh. it is the weekend. >> wait until the weekend. >> thank you. coming up, a new report out shows the happiest places to live in america. this afternoon, the two bay area cities that made this list.
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>> wallet hub's list of happiest cities in america is out. and two bay area cities ranked in the top five. at the very top, fremont. bismarck, north dakota napped the second spot. but san jose came in right behind it. and pearl city, hawaii. subpoena plano, texas round out the top five. fremont. >> fremont. >> a cool town. >> east bay. we are happy to be pop soaring the regional final of the cbs bay area spelling bee this weekend. top spellers from elementary and middle schools compete for a chance to go to the scripps national bee in may. >> stan is the bee's official pronouncer and has a little test for giants mascot lucille. let's see how he does. >> today eastwood of the day is
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ludick. it means of relating to or characterized by play or playful. ludick. >> he is at a slight disadvantage since he can't speak. he wrote it. >> he did a great job. >> there you go. throw your hands in the air. watch the bay area's top spellers face off saturday at noon on kabc or streaming live on our facebook page. we'll be right back.
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>> well, today's tip of the day, new crops are in market right now. you can see the outside of this. look how beautiful that is. not a lot of outer leaves breaking apart. it is almost shiny, almost fresh. like they're not real. that's the kind of yellow onion i like. when you bring them home, store them on the counter, never a refrigerator. beautiful color all the way around. not a lot of outer leaves. no sprouting whatsoever. firm to the touch. the most important thing too, store them in a cool, dry place. like i spoke about earlier. the thing about new crop
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onions, onions, as long as you saute or cook with them, they get sweet. but the yellows can take some time. with the new crop, they only take about 10 to 15 minutes for the onion flavor to turn sweet. and that is a beautiful thing. love onions. always remember to eat fresh and stay healthily. >> stay healthy. >> yummy. enjoy your lunch, everyone. you could generate your own energy,
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♪ [ telephones ringing ] >> liam: why isn't he waking up? >> we did sedate him while we drained the hemothorax, the blood restricting his breathing. >> hope: well, his breathing never stopped completely? >> no, not that we observed. >> liam: well, that wouldn't be good. >> but it's impossible to say what happened between the time he was shot and the time he was found. >> steffy: thank you, doctor. >> justin: are these drop-ins gonna be a regular thing, detective? i mean, i really do have work to


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