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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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president donald trump's first california visit since the election kicked off with a tour of the prototypes of his long prompted border wall. while talking to border patrol agents in san diego, mr. trump hinted he liked a particular design. >> i mean we're looking very much at the one with some see- through capability on the other side. >> reporter: he reaffirmed his stance on the benefit of building the infrastructure. >> save taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars by reducing crime, drug flow, welfare fraud and burdens on schools and hospitals. >> immigrants are welcome here. >> reporter: mr. trump's california arrival was met by protesters. >> we're him credits in this country -- hypocrites in this country when we say knock the berlin wall down. now we create another border wall here. >> reporter: a new cbs news poll shows 77% of republicans want to build a wall while 88% of democrats oppose it. the president could choose one of the eight towering models
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built in mesa as the proposal for the border wall. nafta is still at risk. mexico is planning to retaliate on planned u.s. tariffs on steel and aluminum. president trump said mexico will pick up the $25 billion price tag for the wall one way or another. the president's last stop in california will be a private fundraiser in beverly hills where donors are paying $35,000 per person for dinner. in san diego, danielle nottingham, kpix5. california remains the sixth >> governor jerry brown tweeted this. "thanks for the shout out, but bridges are still better than walls and california remains the sixth largest economy in the world and the most prosperous state in america #facts" and this from lieutenant governor gavin newsom. "so donald trump has finally worked up the nerve to come to california and visit his
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precious wall, a monument to idiocy which is impossible to complete." secretary of state rex tillerson is out. he's the 42nd member of the trump administration to quit or be fired in just the past 14 months. weigia jiang reports the president broke the news to tillerson this morning via twitter after months of speculation that he would lose his job. >> reporter: rex tillerson said president trump called him hours after he'd been fired as secretary of state. >> what is most important is to insure an orderly and smooth transition during a time the country continues to face significant policy and national security challenges. >> reporter: departing the white house tuesday, the president called tillerson a good man but said they didn't always see eye to eye. >> we disagreed on things. when you look at the iran deal, i think it's terrible. i guess he felt it was okay. >> reporter: the president used a morning tweet to
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nonstyleson's departure and his replace -- to announce tillerson's departure and his replacement, cia director mike pompeo. >> we're always on the same wavelength. the relationship has been very good and that's what i need as secretary of state. >> reporter: this white house reshuffling comes ahead of president trump's planned meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. tillerson was in ethiopia when the president accepted kim's invitation. pompeo still needs senate confirmation to start his new job. republicans are eager to move that process along. >> pompeo seems like someone who also has a distinguished background. i just need to get to know him. >> reporter: democrats are concerned pompeo may be too partisan and the consequences of tillerson's sudden departure. >> this creates instability in the world. it creates a more dangerous situation for the united states. >> reporter: weigia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> house minority leader had this to say. "it is no wonder that the
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president has trouble attracting high caliber people to his administration when he undercuts and humiliates those who supposedly respects." and one more note. president trump is nominating mike pompeo's deputy, gina haspel for the top job at the cia. if confirmed, she would become the first woman to ever lead the intelligence agency. taking a live look over san francisco, still pretty gloomy even with this brief break in the rain, but it was a different story a few hours ago. it was pouring in san francisco this morning. people were out with their umbrellas on the embarcadero and drivers have been taking it slower on the roads. meanwhile in san jose the rain was coming down also pretty hard and there's still more on the way. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking it for us on hi-def doppler. paul? >> yes, liz. even though we have a break in the rainfall now which may last a couple hours into tomorrow morning, the overall theme of unsettled weather will be with us the rest of the week.
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some showers offshore, showers in the south bay, but santa clara valley south of 280 down toward morgan hill and gilroy, some portions of san jose getting a few showers and north and east of fremont a few showers. most of the activity this evening has shifted to east. look at all the heavy rainfall in the sierra foothills and above 5,000 feet in elevation. it is heavy snowfall. winter storm warning, we're adding to the snowpack in march. winter storm warning goes until this time tomorrow. the snow level drops to 4,000 feet and up to 36 additional inches of snowfall. that's 3 additional feet of snow in the next 24 hours. rainfall totals from this wave of heavy rain this morning, san francisco about 3/4-inch of rainfall, more for kent field, nearly as much for orinda and about 1/3 inch of rain for palo alto. coming up which of the next several wet days will be the wettest? >> paul, thanks. new at 5:00 residents at an apartment complex in concord say they're living in filthy
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conditions, roaches, bedbugs and mold. the tenants live at park haven apartments on clayton road in concord. now kpix5's juliette goodrich reports they're demanding that the city take some action. juliette? >> reporter: well, ken, these tenants came right to city hall today to demand some change, something to happen at this place. turns out the city is one step ahead of them. they already visited the apartment complex yesterday and they found a series of violations. it's not just one cockroach or bedbug. they're all over. >> sometimes we even hear rats through the walls like scratching in the night. >> reporter: some tenants collecting them for evidence. we're inside one of the tenant's apartments. they say any time they open up cabinets they can see some of the cockroaches and some of the bugs just infested. you can see underneath here where the food is. >> they're not supposed to be living in infested dwellings.
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>> reporter: edith paestrano said the tenants are also facing rent increases. >> many tenants are putting up with the conditions and not speaking. i'm not saying anything with fear that they're going to be retaliated against or that they're going to be kicked out. >> reporter: when we reached out to the landlord, the landlord contacted concord police to ask us to leave the property. later an attorney representing the apartment complex contacted kpix5 wanting to give their side of the story. >> look, we believe that we've addressed all the issues on site that have been brought to our attention. if there are outstanding issues at the site, the tenants are well within their right to come and address those problems with property management. >> reporter: late this afternoon this group of tenants delivered a folder filled with maintenance complaints to city hall. the city of concord says it's aware of several violations
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after sending a team of inspectors out yesterday to investigate. violations range from mold to cracked balconies to rat infestations. now the city says the landlord has 10 days to respond to this notice they're sending about the violations and if the landlord does not respond, the city could send concord police back out there to cite the landlord. >> the tenants said that they are also concerned about facing rent increases or evictions. what's happening with that? >> reporter: yeah. that's another big question. they came today to bring in their violations and concerns about the rats and the bugs. i learned from the city that they don't have rent control necessarily in concord, but they do have rent mediation. say a tenant is concerned about their hike in rent. they can come here, have a mediator and that person can then decide whether or not that rent is valid or should stay
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the same. >> we'll see how this one works out. juliette goodrich live in concord, thank you. we're getting our first look at the suspects in a string of violent home invasions in the north bay. veronica de la cruz reports three of the men were busted trying to make a break for it at sfo. >> that's right. authorities say all of the suspects, seven men, are now in custody. here they are. sonoma county sheriff's deputies say three of the men were arrested last night at sfo trying toed about a flight to the east coast. the other -- trying to board a flight to the east coast. the others were caught earlier. the suspects robbed three homes on eugenia drive in petaluma looking for marijuana. authorities say they pistol whipped one homeowner during the invasions. authorities are still looking for a woman in connection to the case. her name has not been released yet. new video this evening, officers take down a bank robbery suspect on the run in the middle of a busy san francisco intersection. take a look at this. it happened yesterday in the
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tenderloin. police chased after this guy on sixth and market. as officers trailed him, another police officer darted across the street. he tackles the suspect, boom. knocks him to the ground and they take him into custody. police say the man was armed with this hunting knife and threatened a bank merchant who tried to stop him. the suspect was also booked for attempted robbery and an outstanding felony warrant. a rookie cop in san francisco has been fired after he killed an unarmed carjacking suspect. 42-year-old keita o'neil... who was runn body camera video from december shows the officer shooting from a moving patrol car. the gunfire killed 42-year-old keita o'neil who was running in the opposite direction after jumping from a stolen van. he did not have a weapon. his mother has sued the city claiming the shooting was not justified. the police union says officer chris samayoa did when he was trained to do and calls the fires needless action.
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new developments in the florida school shooting, prosecutors will seek the death penalty. attorneys filed that notice today. the suspect's defense team argues that he was mentally unstable and the death penalty might be going too far. 17 people were killed at marjory stoneman douglas high school last month. the suspect is set to be arraigned tomorrow. country plan to walk out of schools at also tomorrow thousands of students, teachers and supporters from across the country plan to walk out of schools at 10 a.m. they are pushing for stricter gun laws. coming up at 6:00 we'll tell you about one bay area school that just did a 180 after banning students from participating. >> coming up a dog dies on a united flight after a passenger was forced to put it in the overhead bin. >> plus trying to flip your house and resell it? the list of home improvements that pay off the most. >> the warriors teaming up with the special olympics to give some bay area students a chance to learn hoops with the best.
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>> but first the markets closed down today and here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street. ♪
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♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new 2018 subaru forester models. now through april 2nd. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. the bus driver died. were hurt. a high school trip takes a deadly turn after a bus plunges off a highway. the bus driver died. a number of others were hurt. lou young reports the students were on their way home from disney world. >> reporter: a long line of ambulances queues up on interstate 10 just over the florida/alabama border. the charter bus is on its side at the bottom of a 50-foot ravine, its front axle separated. rescuers had to rappel down to get the victims out. the driver is dead. >> two or three had to be cut
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out of the wreckage. >> reporter: this was a return trip from a disney world performance from roughly 45 members of the channel view, texas high school band. they posed for a picture before heading home. the chartered bus left the pavement before dawn driving along a grassy median before dropping into the chasm. one student described the harrowing experience. >> i woke up and the band director who was now driving was at the front and he was screaming hairy, hairy, hairy like a hairy situation and then i felt a bump and i fell one huge bump and everything went black. >> reporter: siblings josh and bianchi a torres were both on the trip -- bianca torres were both on the trip but on separate buses. josh said he flew over four rows of seats but walked away with only a bruised knee. special equipment has been brought in to lift the bus out of the ravine. lou young, cbs news, new york.
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>> investigators from the national transportation safety board are looking into the crash. united airlines apologizing tonight for what it's calling a tragic accident involving a passenger's dog. this is a picture of the owner. a flight attendant told the woman to put her 10-month-old puppy in an overhead bin because its carrier was taking up too much room on the floor of the plane. the passenger on the houston to new york flight complied, but when the flight was over, the dog was found dead. united said, " we assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them." united said it's investigating and pets should never be placed in overhead bins. here in the bay area a nasty crash sent a pittsburgh police officer and another driver to the hospital. it happened this -- pittsburg police officer and another driver to the hospital. it happened this morning when the officer and prius collided
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and ended up down an embankment. the front of the cruiser is completely damaged. both drivers are expected to be okay. a social network trying to get out the votes, secretary of state alex padilla and next- door are teaming up to provide election information directly to voters through the next-door platform. people will be reminded about important deadlines, elections, changes and get info where they can vote. >> next-door is how to provide a platform for primarily neighbors to engage with each other, but as part of this partnership to get the secretary and his office a direct line to engage with verified residents. >> right now five counties are testing it out including san mateo. spring is the time of year when lots of people think about remodeling their home. turns out if you're trying to flip your house and resell it, some renovations are a better investment than others.
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according to remodeling magazine, replacing your garage door is the highest return on investment. more than 98%. next swapping outsiding for stone veneer, a 97% return. third, replacing the entry door. also making the list, adding on a deck. some student athletes got to play ball with the pros today. kpix5's john ramos was there as the dubs teamed up with special olympics. >> reporter: it used to be students with developmental disabilities were kept quietly off by themselves, but that's not how they do it here at oakley. welcome to freedom high school's annual unified basketball clinic put on by the golden state warriors and special olympics of northern california. the dubs youth basketball crew put participants of all abilities through high energy drills including passing, driving for layups and
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sharpening that shooting touch. the guy with the big grin is girls basketball coach jeff jonas who founded the event so every kid has a chance at a typical high school experience. >> a lot of our high school memories are ones we carry with us through our whole lives and why should any group be excluded from that? >> reporter: after all, these are all high school students and former warrior center adono foyle said he remembers those days. >> i had a very early idea that being different is not always easily accepted and that it comes with the understanding that people are people and love is love and basketball is basketball. >> reporter: people, love and basketball, it's a powerful combination that can bring groups together so nobody has to feel like an outsider. >> now after this i'll see him on campus and we'll be friends. so we're all going to hang out just like anybody else. >> it brings everybody together
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and that's what the world is supposed to be, to bring everybody together. >> reporter: in oakley, john ramos, kpix5. >> about 150 kids from nine east bay high schools participated in the clinic. >> the warriors are being good sports as well lending us point guard len cook to take the spelling bee challenge. >> today's word of the day is a noun that means a collector of birds' eggs, owologist. >> o-o-l-o-g-i-s-t. [ bell ding ] >> yeah. >> way to go, quinn. you can watch the bay area's best spellers battle it out at the regional bee airing saturday at noon on kbcw 44 cable 12. we also stream it live on our kpix5 facebook page.
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these companies manage your prescription prices. >> reaping billions of dollars in profit. >> because pharmacists aren't allowed to tell you about ways to save. >> we call them gag clauses. the cash price for a medicine may be less than their co-pay on their insurance, for example. >> like this popular antibiotic. now the plan to ban gag clauses in california. expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees evy at hardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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sierra at tahoe camera... plenty of fresh powder... getting dumped in check out this look from our sierra-at-tahoe camera, plenty of fresh powder getting dumped in the area thanks to these storms that are moving through. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking it all for us now. paul? >> lots more snow to come this week in the sierra. i'll show you numbers from a pretty promising march. right now we're getting a bit of a break. i'm pinpointing a few heavier showers over glen ellen, very specific because it's not widespread. we'll zoom out. the majority of the bay area is dry, one new shower developing oval immediate a. that will -- over alameda. top of the month snowpack in california was 19%. it has nearly doubled in less than two weeks. we're going from 19% to 36%. i'm hopeful will be in the mid- 40s by the end of this week with perhaps more snow in the
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second half of march, wonderful news there. it is cooler outside, temperatures falling throughout the afternoon. we're now down to 54 in livermore, 59 in san jose, not much rain but plenty of clouds and the clouds will keep us mild overnight, fremont 47, napa 43, san rafael, 50 for a low in san francisco. we had a boundary move through this morning, but that's not the end of the rain story because the area of low pressure responsible for that front will meander to our north and west about the next 72 hours. so tomorrow more unstable air, thursday another front, friday more unstable air. this will not clear out likely until saturday morning. futurecast, scattered showers or scattered downpours because it will pour overnight tonight, scattered showers on wednesday morning, scattered downpours throughout the day. i think we'll see a break late wednesday afternoon through about the middle of thursday morning where we'll see no precipitation. then here comes thatsecond front, 11 a.m. more rain, scattered downpours
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throughout thursday evening and also into friday morning. so whatever rain you got up until this point you can plan on doubling it by the end of this week. how about the sierra snowfall? see the red there? that's a rain equivalent of more than 3 inches. that translates to perhaps up to 3 feet of additional snowfall in the mountains. so a magnificent march will get more magnificent in the mountains. unsettled weather is with us through saturday morning, tiny chance of a thunderstorm. the wettest day is likely thursday. highs tomorrow will be chilly, 57 in livermore, 58 mountain view and 56 in santa rosa. extended forecast, there's a rain icon every day through saturday morning. we'll clear out saturday afternoon. we're dry sunday, more rain likely to move in next week. that's your forecast. be right back.
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*stunning new bay area hiking trail. the dangerous chemical.. promptin coming up at 6:00 tonight a cold war era structure causing problem as top this stunning new bay area hiking trail, the dangerous chemical prompting a shutdown on . -- shutdown. another russian national was found dead in london after an ex-spy was poisoned. >> and a paralympian wins her first gold medal, those stories coming up in seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> al and veronica will be back
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in 30 minutes with more news for you. ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> i received a call today from the president of the united states. >> glor: the president fires the secretary of state. >> i think rex would be much happier now. >> glor: and replaces him with the director of the c.i.a. the choice for america's new top spy is historic, but also controversial. also tonight, new england gets hit with a blizzard, as much as two feet of snow. rrbus carrying high school kids home from disney world plunges down a ravine. the president at the border says the wall has to be tall. >> these are like professional aluntain climbers. they're incredible climbers. g glor: a united flight attendant forces a passenger to put a dog in the overhead. it did not end well. and... >> shoots and scores! >> glor: american heroes going for the gold.


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