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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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sent the mayor information on what employers should do in case of an i.c.e. raid. center legal is a nonprofit that provides legal services to undocumented immigrants. the mayor's office confirms that she spoke to central legal earlier that day and she also talked to others. her office told kpix5 she spoke to father stefan at st. jarliff church and community organizations. none of them have responded to our request to comment on their conversations with the mayor, but hours before the public was warned about the i.c.e. raids, some oakland businesses got a head start thanks to the mayor. according to e-mails, the oakland indy alliance, a group of independent businesses, got a message saying important alert, credible information, i.c.e. raids in oakland sunday, 2-25 and monday, 2-26 and this information comes directly from the mayor. three hours later the mayor sent out a press release to the
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public saying the raids would be in the bay area including oakland and starting within the next 24 hours with no specific dates. now the mayor's office said that it makes sense to talk to community leaders before the announcement. and if that meant some people had more time to prepare for those i.c.e. raids, that was not intentional. melissa caen, kpix5. >> this comes as president trump is on his first official visit to the state of california. he's been touring border wall prototypes and taking aim at california's leadership including oakland mayor libby schaff. kpix5 reporter susie steimle is in the newsroom with that story. >> president trump, as you know, isn't exactly popular in california and he did not spend today improving any relationships here. this is his first visit to california as president. today he attacked local leaders and their policies. among his targets, oakland mayor libby schaff, of course, as we just mentioned. just days ago he called her a disgrace for warning people about those i.c.e. raids. nor jerry brown.
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s the governor is a "nice >> you have sanctuary cities where you have criminals living in the sanctuary cities and then the mayor of oakland goes out and notifies when i.c.e. is going in to pick them up and many of them were criminals with criminal records and very dangerous people. guy" but "has not done the j >> the president is also taking a swing at governor jerry brown. old says the governor is a nice guy but -- he says the governor is a nice guy but "has not done the job." >> i think governor brown has done a very poor job running california. they have the highest taxes in the united states. the place is totally out of control. >> the governor tweeted his response saying, "thanks for the shout out, donald trump, but bridges are still better than walls and california remains the sixth largest economy in the world and the most prosperous state in america," and mr. trump may not have much to lose lashing out against californians. he lost california in 2016 to hillary clinton by nearly 4 million votes. right now his approval rating in california is 27%. in the newsroom, susie steimle,
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kpix5. at this hour president trump is in beverly hills. he landed in santa monica about two hours ago and in a few minutes he's scheduled to attend a fundraiser and roundtable event at the home of ed glazer, owner of the tampa bay buccaneers. protesters are lining the streets in l.a., many holding up signs with slogans we can't show on tv. they're chanting for the president to go home. reporter dave lopez is there. rting.... h up to where that fun >> reporter: we're about 4 miles away from where that fundraiser is and they just put up this big blowup doll of the president. in his right hand, if you can't quite make it out, i asked the organizer what that is and he told me it represents the hood of the kkk. it seems to be quite a spot now. most of the crowd is here gathering around, took their pictures and are going off. i'll show you what the crowd looks like here. it has grown since we started reporting here at 4:00 and again at 4:30, not the 1,000 they were anticipating. they're here in this spot because, frankly, they could
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not march up to where that fundraiser is probably going on right now. as i mentioned, 4 1/2 miles away, we have video of the outside gate of where that fundraiser is taking place. it belongs to the home of ed and sherry glazer, co-owners of the tampa bay buccaneers of the nfl. he is the son of malcomb glazer who was a multi-billionaire in southern california, quite a philanthropist. it is almost impossible to walk up there because it's almost a straight uphill climb. the protesters here won't be marching any time soon. organizers tell me they'll stay here. they're going to chant, yell, scream. the pro trump people, a few were in a corner, but they have long gone. this is all a park filled with people who are not happy with donald trump and they're making it loud and clear. back to you in the studio. >> dave lopez, thanks. earlier today in san diego mr. trump inspected prototypes for his proposed border wall and said it should be see-
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through. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:30. as president trump has been pushing to arm school staff, we're learning a high school teacher accidentally fired a gun inside a classroom in monterey county. it happened during a demonstration about public safety at seaside high school. the teacher is a reserve police officer for sand city and was believed to have been providing instruction related to public safety awareness when the gunfired. a notice to parents that the gun was aimed at the ceiling when it went off and debris came falling down. fortunately no one was injured. victims of the florida schoo shooting.. a nationwide school walkout is planned tomorrow to honor the victims of the florida school shooting and push for tougher gun control laws. many bay area schools are taking part including milpitas high, but as kiet do reports, it wasn't always that way. i "responsible >> reporter: this all began yesterday when the superintendent released a statement saying she did not condone any students walking off campus in order to protest gun violence in the nation. she said that although students do have a right to free speech,
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walking off a campus is a "not a responsible way to work for change," and then all of a sudden an e-mail this morning from the district indicating superintendent sheryl jordan had softened her position. while district staff does not condone the walkout, we stand in solidarity with all students locally and nationwide. for those students who choose to leave class for the walkout at milpitas high school, designated staff and administrators in cooperation with the milpitas police department will supervise to insure their safety." that was great news to the school's treasurer and one of the main organizers. >> personally it makes me feel safe because i know people are out there and they do want to hurt other people or want to dispurse what's happening -- disperse what's happening tomorrow. >> reporter: the total distance is about 1/2 mile. deangelo says students who miss class will be marked for an
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unexcused absence. six of those and it's automatic detention. >> i wish there wasn't any consequences, but this is such a low consequence that students shouldn't really worry about it and still should partake in the event that's happening tomorrow. >> reporter: milpitas high has 3,200 students and several hundred are expected to walk out tomorrow. >> we want to give the message to the government saying that we don't want anything else happening like that ever again. >> it's important to get our word out there and to let florida and other schools know that we're with them and we understand what they're doing and how important it is. >> reporter: and the nationwide walkout set for 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. in milpitas, kiet do, kpix5. tomorrow marks exactly one month since the florida school shooting. a heavy police presence in mountain view, in less than an hour conservative and controversial speaker host ann coulter will hit the stage for a soldout event. kpix5's maria medina is live in mountain view where coulter is expected to arrive any second. >> reporter: ann coulter hits
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the stage at 7:00, but she is expected to arrive any second for a private event at 6:00. they just opened the doors, so people are slowly making their way in. more than 600 people are expected to attend tonight's event. so what exactly is she planning to talk about tonight? on the liberty forum of silicon valley's website the event is called in trump we trust, which is the title of her book. the site says she will talk about "the most monumental paradigm shattering vilified presidency in history," and by the way, this is file video of coulter. you may remember the conservative commentator planned to speak at uc berkeley last year along with other conservative pundits, but when the groups who were supposed to sponsor that event pulled out because of threats of violence, she canceled her speech. since them the liberty forum's president said he wanted to have coulter as their monthly guest speaker. he said it was challenging to get her here and it took about a year. >> at least since then i had her on my least to speak to us
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to show her the bay area is capable of supporting free speech. for us tonight it's going to be a celebration of free speech. >> ann coulter will be her usual fiery self making outrageous statements, get people going and be very entertaining. >> reporter: this event is sold out. you cannot buy tickets at the door here at the community center on sterling road. this event runs until about 8:30, 9:00. there is a heavy police presence here. we've seen officers both on foot and in patrol and the group that organized this event has hired its own security out here to make sure that things run smoothly. there was a condition there would be demonstrators out -- a concern there would be demonstrators out here, but so far we have not seen that, everything running smoothly and quiet so far here in mountain view. live in mountain view, maria medina, kpix5. taking a live look outside right now, there are some pretty big clouds moving across the bay area. some neighborhoods hit with heavy rain this morning, drizzles throughout the day. chief meteorologist paul deanno
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standing by tracking what is still headed our way for us. >> the rain is far from over. we will see scattered showers with brief heavy downpours throughout the night, through the day tomorrow, a couple new ones popping up on radar. here we go with heavy showers over lafayette stretching north and east, right over pleasant hill west of interstate sick 80 up toward concord and eventually -- 680 up toward concord and eventually martinez, new showers moving onshore on bodega beach, next up windsor and petaluma. this morning nearly 3/4-inch of rainfall in san francisco and the santa cruz mountains received nearly 3 inches of rainfall. a winter storm warning continues for the sierra, more much needed snowfall this week. by tomorrow afternoon up to 3 feet of new snowfall in the mountain passes with a new storm likely to move in thursday and friday. we'll talk about which day of the next several will be the wettest around here coming up in a few minutes. >> paul, thanks. they're tired of being a
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short-cut, coming up the fight over use of this private drive which happens to be a gateway to a popular trail in sauce let's a. >> the cold -- sausalito. >> the cold war era structure, the danger on mount umunhum. >> bay area scientists uncover a hidden text no one knew existed for 1,300 years. he called his home the bone palace. >> there's over 7,000 skulls in here floor ceiling. >> all collected by this late fremont high school teacher and now headed to the california of sciences. >> there are a lot of specimens to move. >> plus every handwritten tag, a lifetime's work to be shared around the world. expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. you could generate your own energy,
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for years, many people new at 6:00 a shortcut to a popular bay area hiking trail suddenly cut off. for years many people have used a private street in sausalito, but kpix5's emily turner reports the property owner finally had enough. emily? /hik frustrating- >> reporter: yeah, veronica. in order to get to those trails, you have to start here at the trailhead and hike all the way up to the top of that ridge. so you can understand why people might want to take the short-cut, but the problem is the property owners in the city of sausalito say it's a private road. you can't do that. well, this is just the newest iteration in a decades long debate over that road. its private. i'm not going to fight them on that." take sot "its a safety issue we have hikers and bikers it's narrow this 1/5-mile long road has sparked a sign road between hikers and homeowners. >> it's frustrating. it acts as a free trailhead. >> it's frustrating and a lot of them think it's public
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because public trails are up there. >> reporter: same sentiment with different information. so we checked with the city of sausalito. it says wolfback ridge road is private. apparently much of the public doesn't know that thanks to years of conflicting information from various maps and even city employees. >> boundaries of wolfback ridge road. >> reporter: the battle most recently came to a head again this week. when matt mahaley parked on the road he thought legally for a hike and returned to a toe-away sticker. >> peeled it off -- tow-away sticker. >> peopled it off and later found the sticker on-- peeled it off and later found the sticker online. i was pretty upset. >> reporter: so he put his sign over the hoa sign saying it was an attempt to intimidate people into staying off public lands. so now those neighbors tell me off camera they plan to get new tow-away signs for cars like his that cross into their well marked territory making their message clear even if the rules of the road aren't. >> it's a safety issues and
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hikers and bikers that try to go up there when we're driving down, sometimes we have blind spots and can't see them. there's a safe way to go up there, morning sun trail. we put a sign up here about five years ago for that reason. >> i'm not in a position to push the gray area. if the city of sausalito tells me it's private, i'm not going to fight them on that. >> reporter: i spent the better part of the day speaking to the marin county property advisors about this road, is it public or private? the neighbors say they have case law back from the p.m. 60s. the step says it's -- from the '60s. the city says it's private as well, but the property appraisers are still viewing this whole issue, so you can understand the confusion on the part of the public. >> what happens next with the debate from here on out? >> reporter: well, the property appraisers say they'll hopefully get to this tomorrow and take a full look at this neighborhood. so they'll ultimately make a decision on that tomorrow. that's one thing. the second thing is this hiker feels badly about all the mess
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this has caused. he said he'll come out tomorrow and post signs that are apologetic and the other is that those tow-away signs, if it is, in fact, deemed private will be going up all along that road. >> emily turner, thank you. sky drone 5 was overhead as a cold war era spy station opened to the public for the first time in years. it sits atop mount umunhum, but now kpix5' devin fehely reports the landmark is -- kpix5's devin fehely reports the landmark is suddenly shut down again, this time because of chemical concerns. >> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: thousands of hikers and bicyclists flocked to mount umunhum when it opened this past september after being off limits for decades to the public, but one of the main attractions, a mysterious cube, a remnant of the cold era radar tower was closed once again after peeling paint was noticed flaking off building and tested. >> out of an abundance of
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caution, we tested those and they did come back containing some lead paint and even a trace of asbestos. >> reporter: swirling wind and rain left the summit largely deserted today, but the area around the cube has been fenced off and the clean-up is set to begin as early as next week. >> there was actually an abatement work done in 2011. the army corps of engineers did an abatement job on the radar tower. >> reporter: the mid peninsula regional open space district estimates roughly 1,400 cars and between a 4 to 5,000 people visit the park weekly. >> we requested there be a spiritual circle there, a place for ceremony, a place we could pray. >> reporter: valentine lopez, chairman of the native american tribe, worked with the open space district to create a special ceremonial space at the summit but has been forced to cancel several upcoming events until the clean-up is complete. >> it's the paint deteriorates to the point where it turns into dust. that could all be a condition. >> reporter: the open space
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district says it will likely take two to three months to complete the clean-up. they hope to have the area around the cube reopened by june. at mount umunhum, devin fehely, kpix5. heavy rainfall this morning, scattered downpours throughout the night and through the day tomorrow. we'll highlight one of those down pours right now which is moving over walnut creek, pleasant him, concord and martinez. look at the radar. that one pocket of steady rainfall parallelling 680 stretching across sassoon bay as well up toward rio vista. new showers moving into marin and sonoma county and we'll see scattered downpours throughout the day and evening. a live look outside shows cloudy skies over san jose. you hit the mid-60s, stanford 65 for a high today, saratoga 64, pleasanton 63, half moon bay in the low 60s, rohnert park 62. most of these high temperatures happened before sunrise today. temperatures fell throughout the day as the rain started falling in the morning. the low pressure area behind
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the front will hang out three more days. so the rain chance is going nowhere. the steady rain is gone for now. it will return thursday and between now and then scattered showers with some brief heavy downpours. on and off rainfall tonight. look at the overnight lows which stay somewhat mild because we'll have mainly cloudy skies, redwood city 47, livermore 46, showers off and on, a little sunshine and temperatures tomorrow 10 degrees cooler than average, mid-50s tomorrow. san rafael 55, san francisco 55, san jose 59. we stay unsettled with a rain chance until saturday morning. the next several days will carry a chance of rainfall. tomorrow scattered downpours with a small chance of a late day thunderstorm. we're soggy thursday, showers continuing friday. the rain will not move out, guys, until saturday morning. rry is rehabbi coming up in sports the 49ers make another move in free agency and steph curry is rehabbing his ankle and he might be nursing a massive
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hangover after this major shindig in his honor, details after the break. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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didn't give a reason, its reasonable to believe it has something to do with last night.. the warriors canceled practice today and although they didn't give us a reason, it's reasonable to believe it has something to do with last night. [ cheering and applause ] >> yes, steph curry had a surprise 30th birthday party last night and according to matt barnes' social media the two time mvp showed up to the bash in a san francisco yacht. while curry was singing and eating ribs, other teammates were dancing. oh, my goodness, steve kerr getting done. curry is rehabbing the ankle and will miss the next four games. the nfl free agency period officially begins tomorrow. today, however, the 49ers made their first move reportedly
6:24 pm
agreeing to a deal with center western richberg who played the last four seasons with the giants. this could mean daniel kilgore could move from center to guard. you like that? you like that! >> viking fans will like this. kirk suns will reportedly sign with -- kirk suns will reportedly sign with -- kirk cousins will reportedly sign with the minnesota vikings. the 49ers gave jimmy g. last month the $84 million fully guaranteed which normally does not happen in the nfl. new 49ers corner back richard sherman said this morning new teammate jimmie ward will give him his familiar no. 25. gestures like that help sherman view the 49ers differently now that the old 49ers regime under jim harbaugh was replaced by kyle stand han and john lynch. -- kyle shanahan and john lynch. >> these guys weren't part of
6:25 pm
that history necessarily. i thought it was the previous coaching staff that was part of the conversation, but it wasn't. these guys were the first ones to call, the first ones to jump on board. i really, really appreciated that. march madness, opening round of the ncaa tournament in dayton, ohio, and the radford highlanders looked as strong as their mascot. the dagger three popped in, radford winning the battle of 16 seeds and will advance to play no. 1 seed villanova thursday. tom brady's strict diet is almost as legendary as his performance in super bowls. last night he went on the stephen colbert show to promote his book and was confronted with an old vice. >> you don't drink beer. >> rarely. >> damn. better?
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>> i left a little. >> i don't think i've seen anybody drink a beer that fast. that was impressive actually. >> kids, don't try that at home. could be dangerous. thank you. coming up in our next half hour president trump makes his first visit to california, what he is saying about a border wall you can see through. >> and another shake-up at the white house, the president fires his secretary of state, what may be behind sex tillerson's sudden departure. >> how would you like to avoid red lights? the app that could save you serious time in traffic. we'll show you how it works.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to
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go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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los you're watching kpix5 news. . at this hour president trump first -- at this hour president trump's first visit to california comes amid another shake-up in his administration. secretary of state rex tillerson is out. the firing comes ahead of what could be ahead of a crucial meeting with north korean leader kim jong un. >> that's right. tillerson had just arrived back in washington after cutting his trip to africa short when the president made that announcement via twitter. rex tillerson said president trump called him hours after
6:30 pm
he'd been fired as secretary of state. morning nnounce till >> what is most important is to insure an orderly and smooth transition during a time that the country continues to face significant policy and national security challenges. >> departing the white house tuesday, the president called tillerson a good man but said they didn't always see eye to eye. >> we disagreed on things. when you look at the iran deal, i think it's terrible. i guess he fell it was okay. >> reporter: -- felt it was okay. >> the president used a morning tweet to announce tillerson's departure and his replacement, cia director mike pompeo. >> we're always on the same wavelength. the relationship has been very good and that's what i need as secretary of state. >> this white house reshuffling comes ahead of the president's planned meeting with north korean dictator kim jong un. tillerson was in ethiopia when the president accepted the invitation. pompeo needs senate confirmation to start his new job. republicans are eager to move
6:31 pm
that process along. >> pompeo seems like someone who also has a distinguished background. ill just need to get to know him. >> democrats are concerned pompeo may be too partisan and the consequences of tillerson's sudden departure? >> this creates instability in the world. it creates a more dangerous situation for the united states. >> president trump says he's nominating pompeo's deputy gina haspel for the top job at the cia. if confirmed, haspel would be the first woman to lead the intelligence agency. considering re and there are also reports now that the president is also considering removing his embattled veterans affairs secretary david shulkin and replacing him with energy secretary rick perry, more changes to come. >> thanks, ken. protests in los angeles right now where president trump is making the last stop of his first california visit. he is attending a private fundraiser at a mansion near
6:32 pm
beverly hills. donors paid as much as $250,000 per seat. earlier the president checked out samples for his proposed border wall. he got a briefing about the 30- foot prototypes, eight in all, that are standing in mesa and he said the $18 billion project he wants is essential to securing the border. >> reporter: president trump is at his last event for the day, a private fundraiser in upscale beverly hills, but there has been so much traffic, so many road closures associated with his visit it's been hard for us to travel from san diego to los angeles as the president wraps up his first official visit here to california since the election. inspected those s today... >> we want to give you your largest pay raise in over a decade. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: president donald trump received a rousing
6:33 pm
welcome from a group of u.s. marines at miramar air station in san diego where he pledged his commitment to strengthening the military. >> the two year budget agreement i just reached with congress will provide $700 billion in defense funding this year, the largest ever. >> reporter: the visit came after mr. trump inspected wall prototypes near the border between the u.s. and mexico. building a border wall continues to be a divisive party line fight. a new cbs news poll shows 77% of republicans want to build a wall while 88% of democrats oppose it. of the eight samples the president indicated a preference for a wall with visibility to the other side. during the tour he wasted no time criticizing california governor jerry brown. >> they have the highest taxes in the united states. the place is totally out of control. >> reporter: in response brown tweeted, "bridges are still better than walls and california remains the sixth
6:34 pm
largest economy in the world and the most prosperous state in america." >> immigrants are welcome here. >> reporter: there were several protests and rallies for and against the wall. donors are spending up to $250,000 to attend that fundraiser tonight. the president will overnight in downtown los angeles and then he travels to st. louis tomorrow. danielle nottingham, kpix5. as he inspected those wall samples today, mr. trump said california is begging us to build walls in certain areas. lieutenant governor gavin newsom tweeted this response. "california is not begging you for this wall. your wall is a waste of money and is literally impossible to complete. it will look more like a piece of swiss cheese than an insurmountable barrier." and newsom called the wall a 1,900-mile monument to idiocy.
6:35 pm
a robber suspect on the run but didn't get far caught on surveillance video. the suspect tried to get away from officers at sixth and market yesterday in san francisco, but an officer darts across the street and tackles him to the ground. the man was armed with this hunting knife and threatened a merchant trying to stop him. the suspect was booked for attempted robbery and an outstanding felony warrant. the san francisco police chief has fired a rookie officer after he killed an unarmed carjacking suspect. body camera video from december shows the officer firing through the window from a moving patrol car. the gunfire killed 42-year-old keita o'neil who was running in the opposite direction after jumping from a stolen van. he did not have a weapon. his mother has sued the city claiming the shooting was not justified. the police union says officer chris samayoa did what he was trained to do and calls the firing a needless action. all the suspects behind a string of home invasion
6:36 pm
robberies in petaluma are behind bars. in all seven men have been arrested. authorities say three were taken into custody at sfo as they were trying to board a flight to the east coast last night. this all began yesterday morning when deputies say men armed with guns entered homes on eugenia drive looking for marijuana. ng - one woman ection with the deputies say one homeowner was pistol whipped during the crime spree. this evening one woman wanted in connection with the crimes remains at large. tonight some renters in concord are complaining their units are infested with bedbugs and cockroaches. tenants of the park haven apartments say they are fed up with conditions. they say in addition to pests, some units have mold and rodents. >> sometimes we even hear rats through the walls like scratching in the night. >> today tenants marched to concord city hall demanding city leaders force the landlord to clean the place up. as a result, the city gave the landlord 10 days to pond to code violations.
6:37 pm
the land -- respond to code violations. the landlord tells kpix5 he has addressed all violations brought to his taiping. in antioch -- attention. in antioch police discover a homeless encampment. it was discovered last week when someone was seen lowering a bike from the station roof. the camp was taken down immediately due to safety concerns. coming up do you want to know the best way to avoid red lights? the app that helps you hit all the greens. >> the new partnership that mixes your next-door app with your polling place.
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sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. you. being tested h >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living ows us how it works. spaces. a new app promises to help drivers avoid red lights and stay in what is called the green wave. kpix5's jackie ward shows us how it works. >> reporter: it sounds like a
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driver's dream, rarely hitting a red light or knowing the exact moment the signal will turn green. >> if you know you've got 45 seconds, you can turn and talk to the person next to you ordeal with your kids in the back seat who are squabbling. >> reporter: president and co- founder of the company connected signals said the enlighten app takes live traffic signal information directly from the city's traffic management system. >> before the light changes the app sounds a chime that tells you to get ready to drive and stops the countdown so you don't use it as a racing start. >> reporter: after a lot of data analysis its models predict what the traffic signal will do. some drivers are skeptical and fear it's yet another distraction for drivers. >> like the whole ways app, i don't use that. i'm going to get there when i get in. going here for the navigation is distracting. >> reporter: that information is displayed through the app's sp, an image drivers are already -- app's speedometer,
6:41 pm
an image drivers are already used to seeing lessening the distraction. >> if you keep the needle in both green arcs, you'll basically be in the green wave and make the flow of lights down the street. >> reporter: tech magazine wired reports that connected signals only makes money by selling the collected data to car manufacturers and other data providers. bmw is building the app into its newer models and other than driver satisfaction, edgerton says not hitting red lights is safer for everyone. >> being told a speed which will get you to a light when it's green according to the u.s. highway administration actually is likely to reduce collisions by about 25% at red lights. >> reporter: you have to opt in for the app to follow your every move and provide the data, but the app claims it keeps your information private. right now the app is only available in walnut creek and san jose. in san jose, jackie ward, kpix5. well, this evening a new push to educate california voters, secretary of state alex
6:42 pm
padilla and executives with next-door announced a partnership to provide election information directly to voters. people will be reminded about important deadlines and the changes coming to their local elections, then direct them to centers where they can vote. >> next-door is how to provide a platform for primarily neighbors to engage with each other, but as part of this partnership to get the secretary and his office a direct line to engage with verified residents. >> right now five counties in california are testing it out including san mateo and napa. coming up an ancient medical manuscript with secret texts hidden for 1,000 years, the cutting edge technology allowing bay area scientists to reveal it for the first time. >> march has been wonderful for our snowpack. beginning of the month it was 19% of average. it's climbing tonight. winter storm warning is in effect through about this time tomorrow with another storm coming up later this week.
6:43 pm
how much it's grown and where we'll see some sunshine in the bay area again next.
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6:45 pm
martinez. it happene a pittsburg police officer and another driver are recovering this evening after a nasty crash in martinez this
6:46 pm
morning on highway 4. chp said the officer and a prius collided, lost control, went down an embankment. the front end of that cruiser is badly damaged. both drivers are expected to be okay. tonight some bay area scientists are working to uncover something that hasn't been seen in about 1,000 years. >> an ancient text was literally erased during the middle ages, but as wilson walker shows us, new technology is revealing those hidden pages of history. >> so the experiment is in this room which is lead lined for our safety. >> reporter: stanford's slack national national accelerator laboratory where cutting -- slack national accelerator laboratory where cutting edge science is occurring. >> it tests extremely hi-tech x- rays. >> reporter: a 6th century text written by the greek philosopher galen. hundreds of years of times
6:47 pm
after galen's work was transcribed on that parchment, someone else needed something to write on and basically just erased his work. >> scraped it off, turned it 90 degrees and overwrote it with this book of psalms for days of the week. >> reporter: while the religious text has its own value, a research team has found a way to undo the erasing. >> it's been opened up. it was folded and placed in this mount. >> we can essentially see the different elements and different types of ink in the document itself. >> reporter: computer goes to work enhancing the results and there it is, that blue text emerging perpendicular to the pink text, the ancient galen translation lost for centuries until now. >> it's amazing to think what we can do today with the new technologies that are being developed. >> reporter: it's very much 21st century technology erasing something that happened in the 11th century so we can see what was written down in the 6th to 9th century which might tell us
6:48 pm
a little bit more about the life of a greek doctor. now it is a painstaking process. each side of this parchment will take 12 hours to scan. >> it's going from 1s and 0s and bits back to what is galen inscribed on this hunk of goat skin back in the 1st century. >> reporter: in menlo park, wilson walker, kpix5. >> phenomenal, unraveling the mysteries of history to the weather, paul. >> you couldn't just run out of printer paper back then. we have some showers right now on kpix5 hi-def doppler. they're heavier showers in the north bay. sonoma, napa, marin county, novato getting on and off heavier showers, petaluma it's just moving out heading toward beautiful downtown sonoma in the square, a couple showers around hercules and el cerrito and showers just north and east of fremont heading toward the tri-valley. a big winner from this storm has been the mountains again where it continues to snow and will for another 24 hours. it's rain in the foothills, but
6:49 pm
snow in the sierra. a miracle march would get us back to 100%. that won't happen because we started off so small, 19% of average the beginning of the month, but fast forward to today. we have doubled the snowpack in less than two weeks and i would not be surprised the end of this week if the snowpack in california is somewhere in the mid-40s, perhaps even approaching 50% of average. that's a huge improvement. so we're calling it magnificent march, not a miracle. mid-50s outside, a couple drills on our mount vaca camera, 56 in santa rosa, 55 in concord. our highs today happened before sunrise. temperatures have been falling throughout the day and will fall to the upper 40s tonight, concord 46, san jose 48, oakland 49 dez. we had a front move -- degrees. we had a front move through. it poured. it's tapered to showers. we'll have that the next 36 hours or so, but then another front from the same area of low pressure. this guy will not move for
6:50 pm
three or four days. the unstable air and rain chance stays with us even though the initial front has moved through already. futurecast, some rain overnight tonight, scattered downpours continuing into tomorrow morning. we do get a break about this time tomorrow through thursday morning, no rainfall, but very quickly the rain moves back in by midday thursday, scattered showers with heavy downpours throughout the evening thursday into friday morning. how about the snow in the sierra? futurecast is picking up a liquid equivalent of more than 3 inches of rainfall. that translates likely to more than 3 feet of snow by the end of this week, magnificent march. unsettled weather with us through saturday morning when the rain finally ends. the wettest day is likely thursday. highs tomorrow are running up to 10 degrees below average. concord should be at 56, only 57, milpitas 58, redwood city 57, scattered downpours in antioch and danville, 54 tomorrow in mill valley, sonoma 57, cloverdale 54 degrees.
6:51 pm
scattered down pours tomorrow, a little sunshine, less sunshine, more rain thursday. scattered showers continue friday. most of the weekend is dry before rain returns monday. that's your forecast. >> paul, thanks. coming up we'll take a few of this year's spelling bee words to past champions, why they tell us they wouldn't last a second in the competition today. >> and coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 a glimpse into a troubled veteran's past. albert wong's foster family talks to us about what might have led him to kill three women in the north bay tonight on nightbeat 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
6:54 pm
this saturday here in our studios. here at kpix5 we are getting ready to host the cbs bay area spelling bee saturday in her studio. >> the words become so much more difficult, even past national champs tell us they doubt they would make the cut competing today. >> it's tough. sharon chin put a couple of them to the test. >> reporter: this is moments after winning the bee. wendy lei won the scripps national spelling bee in 1996. dan greenblatt took the trophy home in 1984. both have told me the words in competition are so tough these days -- >> i don't think i'd get very far nowadays. >> let's get going with the
6:55 pm
2018 speiling bee. >> reporter: so we decided to find out how well they'd do competing today. when the school spelling champions took the 50 word written test last month to qualify for the cbs bay area spelling bee, dan quietly took the test with them. can you define that for me, please? later i administered the same test to wendy at her home. then i gave them the results. you would have made the cut. >> oh, yeah. >> did i make the cut? >> reporter: you made the cut. you got only four wrong. >> all right. >> reporter: they were good sports considering i put them on the spot. >> it's kind of like having an olympic athlete go back and compete. you're just out of practice. >> reporter: but as adults they do have an advantage over the kids. >> something like sesquicentennial which was the last word i'm like okay, i know what that is and everybody else is like what are we going to do with that? >> reporter: the two former champions missed a few words
6:56 pm
that aren't spelled like they sound, the kind seen in the scripps national finals. in the end our spelling permit reminded the adults of -- experiment reminded the adults of the pressure felt. >> they're all champions getting this far. >> reporter: i took the test, too, just for fun. i would have missed the cut by one word. sharon chin, kpix5. >> you and me both, sharon. the second year in a row both dan and wendy will serve as judges for the cbs bay area spelling bee this saturday. you can watch the top spellers face off at noon saturday on kbcw 44 cable 12 or streaming live on the kpix5 facebook page. >> i think collectively we're thinking we can get 50% maybe if we tuned up? >> combined. >> for news throughout the evening and the latest always on >> don't forget to join us at 10:00 and back here tonight at 11:00. good night.
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