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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 15, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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let's start with a live look outside... good morning. it is thursday, march 15 . >> good morning. let's start with a live look outside on this thursday morning . we have a live look at some traffic in oakland on 880. on the right. on the left we have a shot of the bay bridge. we will have the forecast and a full traffic report coming up at first, breaking news in the east bay. look at this. that fire hydrant viewing a lot of water. police have a stretch of san pablo avenue closed in richmond near kirk lane after a high- speed chase and a crash. these are pictures of the wreckage. you can see there is an overturned car and a fire hydrant spring the water several feet into the air. right now this is a live picture. officer say the chase started in oakland this morning around 3:30. it is unclear why they were chasing the suspect, but they say the chase reached speeds well over 100 miles an hour on the streets. no words about when san pablo
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avenue will reopen. the police commission in san francisco has approved the policy on officers use of tasers. jackie joins us live from the newsroom with more on this ongoing battle. >> after a debate that has lasted years this decision came down to three hours of discussion before the san francisco police commission approved tasers in a 6 - 1 vote. this means sf police will be armed with tasers despite much public opposition. the police commission approved tasers in november, but held off on deploying them until it came up with a policy. at last nights meeting sfpd chief bill scott says devices fall into three categories. intermediate, deadly, or lesser. he said officers are trained to understand what level of force to use depending on the situation. >> it's not just the taser policy. we're talking about the fundamental of what we are about. we want force to be proportional to the actors -- to the actions use against the
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force the person is being used against. >> in a statement he said, quote, we need to provide our officers with every tool and resource available to keep our community safe. the timing of when officers will have a tasers on the streets is still unclear. the police officers association hopes it will happen by the end of the year. in the newsroom with kpix . >> is this a done deal? >> not exactly. martin halloran, the president of the san francisco police officers association, wrote a piece in this morning's chronicle talked about proposition h, a measure that will be on the june ballot in the city. he believes the measure would help better define a comprehensive taser policy and provide an opportunity for the poa and the commissioner to work together. let's get a look at the weather and traffic. what's going on? >> luckily, the rain is messing with traffic too much. we have clear conditions.
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right now we're looking at a brisk start to the day. we had clear skies and not much cloud coverage. there is a great view of the golden gate bridge. here is high deft author. i want to show you where we are seeing a little bit of moisture across the hills east of san jose. there race -- there was a few snow flurries. a little moisture is popping up over here. most of this is starting to build near cloverdale. a lot of that is heading for the north bay. wind and likely what weather. near clear lake and the lakeport area some moisture is turning to snow flurries. we could see a light dusting of snow this morning. that is snow on the mountains. further to the north near carbonville. that is all the moisture moving toward the south. for now nice clear conditions. for the next hour or maybe two hours. by 7 am the north they will start to see the precipitation coming through. by 9 am we could see it in san
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francisco, fairfield, concorde and south bay. on and off light showers through about noon. right around noon when the day is warming up a little bit we will see areas of sunshine. that is when the thunderstorms could pop up again. we could see similar activity to yesterday afternoon. between new and 4:00 we can start to see isolated thunderstorms and hail possible. drivers may not be dealing with rain this morning, but they will be dealing with some flooded roadways out in the richmond area due to this accident that we are tracking. an overturned vehicle is a long san pablo avenue at kirk lane. it is quite the scene. you will be dealing with some water in the roadways. not from the rain, it is from a fire hydrant that looks like his car crashed into. let's, do we have that live shot?
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okay. we will get it in the next report. for now you want to avoid san pablo avenue. that is shut down near kirk lane. you can always stick to 29th street and reconnect with cream avenue and then get back over to san pablo avenue if you need to get through that area. we will take you to the eastshore freeway. looking pretty good. still in the green heading toward the toll plaza. we are in the yellow for folks try to get into san francisco. a big backup already developing in the cash lanes. that is a check of the traffic. a san francisco police officer was injured after a driver struck him in the soma district. police it happened last sunday near tehama and sixth streets. the suspect fled the scene and a police pursuit began. it was eventually called off. that officer is recovering and the suspect is still on the loose. the family of a pregnant teenager shot and killed by fremont police one year ago has filed a federal lawsuit over her death. jessica flores is live in fremont to break down the evidence. >> reporter: good morning.
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the da investigation found that fremont police acted lawfully when they shot and killed that pregnant teenage girl. she was not the intended target and her family is now suing, blaming fremont police saying they should be held responsible. that lawsuit comes one year after the 16-year-old was shot and killed by fremont police. she was in the passenger's seat of a stolen bmw. police were after the driver. he had been linked to a string of armed robberies. undercover officers closed in on the suspect when police say he accelerated toward them. police opened fire and shot and killed the teenage girl. investigation from the da finds the overwhelming credible and admissible -- admissible evidence shows the involved officers acted lawfully and in self-defense . the the attorney for the teenagers family, john burris, is blaming the officers for her death.
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>> the tomb up fremont police officers wrongfully, recklessly took the life -- took her life in a botched police maneuver. >> reporter: the driver is now charged with her murder. the suit seeks unspecified special and punitive damages. reporting live in prima with kpix 5. today a rally is planned against a state bill that could drastically change the san francisco skyline. ann a big is live in san francisco with more details. >> reporter: this could change the view that you see here behind me we all know we have an extreme housing shortage in san francisco. this proposal could double the building height limits in some neighborhoods. a state bill now in the legislature is meant to
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encourage denser, taller housing near transit. it could affect the skyline along the waterfront and also the flatter, more suburban feeling neighborhoods to the west all the way to ocean beach. allowing five and a story buildings in places where we now see single-family homes. here is a map from the city planning department. the areas that you see in tan are within a quarter of a mile of public transit. this bill would increase current height limits to at least 85 feet in most of those areas. there are exceptions on narrow streets, but there are also plenty of concerns that this could change the character of many neighborhoods in this city. the mayoral candidate jane kim is holding a rally against this bill later this morning in west portal. live in san francisco with kpix 5. this morning united airlines is apologizing again after another pet mishap. how
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the stock ended up in japan. filmmaker germ -- george lucas makes history. his new museum now breaking ground in california. it may be clear skies for now, but that doesn't mean the storm is over. we have another round coming in. i will time the rain and let you know about the sierra snowfall. the commute is picking up. we are seeing delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are also tracking some slowdowns in another area. find out where coming up.
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lawsuit... over a hotly contested special election, for a congress ia. republicans are considering a recount request and a lawsuit over special election for congressional seat in the state of pennsylvania. democrat connor lamb has declared victory already. republican rick saccone has not conceded yet. lamb has a slim 627 vote lead with some provisional military and overseas ballots yet to be counted. those absentee ballots. the district is heavily republican and donald trump one thereby about 20 percentage points when he was a candidate in the 2016
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presidential election. the eventual winner will fill the house he vacated by antiabortion republican tim murphy. he resigned last fall amid revelations that he had an extra marital affair and then asked the woman to get an abortion. more trouble for united airlines. this time it is apologizing for mistakingly flying a kansas families dog all the way to japan. the owners were in the process of moving from the west coast and when they arrived it to pickup their german shepherd united airlines gave them a great dane instead. ergo should be back home tonight, but his owners are not happy. >> he is a 10-year-old dog and he has never been on a flight before. i honestly don't know if he is going to survive this flight . >> the mixup comes days after a flight attendant ordered a family to put their 10-month- old dog in the overhead bin. he then died on board. the airline is now investigating that death. let's get a check of the morning commute. it has been busy . >> it has. we will head right back over to richmond where we are tracking
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this accident that occurred at about four clock this morning, around 3:45. right now a portion of san pablo avenue is shut down near kirk lane. this was involving two cars looks like they have already loaded up one of those vehicles. as you can see, it is very wet. it looks like one of the cars hit one of the fire hydrants and that is why the lanes are flooded. this is not due to the rain, but you will have a wet ride if you're trying to get to that stretch. you will be able to get through that stretch due to the closure that is in place. we will let you know when that reopens. in the meantime, if you need to get around that area you can always use vail lane which turns into 29 and then reconnect with san pablo avenue. account for little extra time if you're making your way through those surface streets. we will take it to the eastshore freeway were things are getting very busy. travel times still show green. this is near gilman and you can see the westbound direction is
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just getting very full with all of our commuters making their way toward the bay bridge toll plaza. not a problem if you're heading for the richmond sam furr -- san rafael bridge. nice and light conditions across that spanned as well as a golden gate bridge. no problems to report in and out of san francisco this morning. that is a check of the traffic. let's check on the forecast. it is nice to see the roads got a break to dry up before the next rain arrives. doppler showing moisture building. through parts of the area. the log and he this area, along highway one there is a little cell popping up. this is pretty light, especially compared what we saw yesterday afternoon when things were really popping up. over to the north near cloverdale this is starting to build a little bit. a lot of moisture will head towards the north bay area and then lakeport, clear lake. that will be snow flurries.
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it is cold enough in the mountains that we could start to see dusting of snow. a lot of that moisture that works its way into the bay area could lead to more of a dusting. i have been watching east of san jose and there were a few flurries showing up. once we get to sunrise we will get an idea of the view. keep a watch on that. been loman is up four inches of rain from a couple of storms that came through. st. helena about 1.5 inches. san francisco about an inch. we will get more on top of that . about half an inch expected for many locations still to come. temperatures are wise, low 40s for concorde and oakland. 39 livermore. these are clear conditions of what we have seen the past few mornings. we have the cloud cover to and the rain. that helps to keep things warm. now we are getting clear conditions and it will be chilly . the cold front is sticking around. mid-50s for the afternoon highs. temperatures about 5 - 10 degrees below average. 56 oakland. 56 fremont. similar to yesterday. let's time this out and let you know how much precipitation we are still going to get. by 10 am we will see more rain
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activity and snow across the sierra. it is knowing right now. heavy snowfall expected to pickup this afternoon. this is the next storm that will impact us today through tomorrow. even into saturday morning. thursday, this afternoon, rather, until early tomorrow morning we will see scattered showers through most of the bay area and moving toward the south. by saturday morning we could get a little bit less in the system . it should all dry up. leaving the sunday and monday pretty clear. here is the view at truckee. we are still seeing a little snow but it looks like we are getting a break for the moment. there is a winter storm warning in effect three early saturday morning. we had a winter storm warning for yesterday and now there is another one because of the next round coming in. about 3500 feet in elevation we will see pretty good snowfall -- snow totals expected at the tops of the mountains. 60 inches still to come on top of the 2 - 3 feet we just saw.
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that's why there is an avalanche watch as well through saturday morning. because of the heavy snow, gusty wind. it is unstable terrain so the tahoe area will be pretty tough to go through. right now we see some snow flurries easing up in truckee and moving towards incline village. north star could see another 52 inches possible on top of what they just got. record reporting about three feet. we could see another three feet. same with squaw valley. they got about four feet and they could see 60 more inches of snowfall. the future cast is impressive. i want to get right to that seven-day forecast and show you we will have dry conditions, but not until saturday afternoon. sunday and monday also. the next rain is coming up monday night. george lucas has broken ground on a museum that is far far away from the bay area. okay.
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not too far. the los angeles museum will showcase collections, films, and exhibits dedicated to the power of visual storytelling. with lucas and his wife invested $1 billion into the project that is scheduled to open in 2021. john blackstone said down with the couple to find out more. >> it is telling the story of society, the history of the wars, the history of the heroes, the history of the kings. narrative art is always about the mythology of a society. >> you can watch the rest of the george lucas interview coming up later on cbs this morning. a texas copywriter is changing the game for job applications. he just landed a job by making a catchy music video instead of a cover letter. >> ♪ i really want to work for you, like really really. >> i love it. he apply to work for a sprite account at an ad agency in new york. taste wanted to get creative so he submitted a three minute music video wrapping about his love for sprite and
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qualifications in advertising, all while riding a have a board. he got the job but he still not sure if he is on this bright team. that's pretty good. it is a big year for madonna. the singer is expected to soon release the details of an upcoming tour. she is also climbing back into the directors chairman. madonna will direct a film based on the memoir taking flight from war orphan to start ballerina. she says she felt a deep connection with the story. this will be madonna's third time directing a film. the 49ers lose their running back, but gain another. the warriors win without curry, without clay and with that dream on? -- draymond green? you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. energy upgrade california.
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♪ ♪ hello? hello! ♪ hello? hello. hello?
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and here, ready to test our own veronica de la cruz... with the word of the day... . ".....yay, really? i knew that on three are you ready to spell? >> always. dan is here and ready to test veronica with the word of the day. >> today's word of the day is kukan. it is a noun that means any of several varieties of coffeecake typically made from sweet yeast dough and variously shaped flavored and frosted. kukan. >> man.
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is it kukan or kukan? >> kukan. >> k-u-c-h-e-n? really? i knew that one . >> i think if editor to her . >> i'm suspicious . >> let's do a real spelling challenge . >> we could do that. >> you can watch the bay area spelling bee live saturday at noon on cable 12 or streaming live on the kpix facebook page. klay thompson has joined steph curry on the injured report. with draymond green also out for last nights game against the lakers it let kevin
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durant as golden states only healthy all-star. clay joined his dad on the radio broadcast. first half golden state up 30 - 26. shaun livingston draws the fell. he had 13 points on six of a shooting. third quarter curry's replacement, cook gives golden state the lead. cook finished the game with 13 points. fourth quarter warriors up five. caspi drives and for the pocket and the fell. he scored 15 off the bench. golden state was red-hot last night. 55 percent shooting. they win one 17 - 1 06. on the first day of nfl free agency running back carlos i've signed a three-year deal with the cleveland browns. he rushed for over 2700 yards in four years with the 49ers. to replace hyde the 49ers have added former vikings running back jerick mckinnon to a four year, $30 million deal. mackinnon is a versatile back who averages over four yards a carry.
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cut 142 passes in four years with minnesota. also headed to cleveland with carlos hyde, tj carrie. he gets a four year $31 million deal with the browns after four seasons in oakland. sharks in edmonton facing connor mcdavid. in overtime tied at three the game-winning goal. hurdles second of the night. the sharks win their second straight 4 - 3 in overtime. it all begins this morning right here on the big five. we will see you at out there with all the action tonight as we check out your bracket. have a great day. tasers have been a topic of conversation for more than a decade in san francisco. now the commission has finally approved a policy for them. he leads a small army of volunteers attending the
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skyline trail . >> on a good day you can see to the sierra . >> we will explain they are removing invasive species and restoring native plants . >> they also bring back native butterflies and bees and birds . >> the even use vinegar to kill the leaves . >> we are training people to restore the land . >> expect original reporting from kpix news. expect more.
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plus... a california teacher accidentally fires a gun in class... this morning... the student he injured... explains pened. after years of debate san francisco police are about to be armed with tasers. >> a california teacher accident fires a gun in class. this morning the student he entered explains how it happened. i'm watching rain get closer and closer to the bay area. we will track that all for you and time it out and let you know how much more is to come. things are heating up on the roadways. we are tracking the metering lights thereon so the backup is stretching. how far and how long will it take drivers to get through that area? find out coming up in the next traffic report. good morning. >> police officers in san francisco now have a policy on the use of tasers. jackie ward is live in the news room with more on the police commission's new guidelines. >> it is official. the next
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step is getting officers trained to use tasers in san francisco. despite a lot of pushback from the public sf police will be armed with tasers in the near future. the police commission approved tasers in november, but held off on deploying them until he came up with a policy. 11 -- one woman who spoke last night called tasers torture weapons. she said the commission should act as a check and balance system rather than a submission to the chief pick >> these calm discussions of torturing our people, we act like this is intelligent and, when you are talking about torture. i'm appalled at this way that humans interact with each other. >> sf mayor mark farrell approved the policy for what are can -- what are called ced's. in a statement he said, quote, we need to provide our officers with every tool and resource available to keep our communities safe. police officers association hopes officers on the street will be armed with tasers by the end of the year. in the newsroom with kpix five. a lessening gun safety in
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monterey county inns with three students wounded after a gun accidentally goes off in a classroom. a criminal justice teacher at seaside high school was giving a lesson on gun safety inside a classroom tuesday when the gun somehow fired into the ceiling. three students were hit by debris and bullet fragments. one was taken to the hospital. >> and then i looked at my shirt like that and there was blood on my shirt. i wiped my neck and a bullet fragment comes off my neck . >> the district says firearms are banned in all classrooms. the teacher, dennis alexander, who is also a police officer -- reserved police officer is now on administrative leave. the thousands across the country and the bay area walked out of class yesterday in the name of gun control. students demand congress pass stricter gun laws following high school massacre in florida last month. one young protester is getting a lot of attention. his simple
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message was heard all over the world after a photo of him went viral. second-grader leonardo aguilar from trace elementary caught the eye of kpix right away yesterday. the interview was brief and so was the message leo scrawled on the cardboard around his neck. he was the only one to walk out of his second grade classroom so his mom took him to near light -- nearby lincoln high school to join the older kids protest. this photo has gone viral. some of the responses questions whether the boy really understood what the walkout was about. here is the answer from leo . >> guns are not safe and people get hurt. teenagers shouldn't bring guns to school . >> do you feel safe at school? >> no. >> is that why you're here? >> yes . >> this morning the photo has more than 14,000 retweets and 50,000 likes. it is kind of sad. a second grader worried about gun issues in the classroom .
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>> it shows you you're never too young to have a voice. he wanted to make a statement out there. he fully understands, obviously. there goes the power of social media taking off with it. how about the weather? are you ready for more rain this afternoon? >> why not? >> it is clear right now. giving us a little break. it is getting closer and closer. high def doppler showing a little more activity showing up through the bay area. right now a very minimal amount. near mill valley. it looks like this will start to pickup a little bit. it was going through this area a moment ago. further up north this is getting closer to kernville, occidental, we will start to see the rain coming through in the next 30 minutes. a lot of this is moving from the north to the south and we will see a lot of that this morning. here's a look at some of the snow. this near clear lake and lakeport area. those hills high enough, but we are seeing the low elevation
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snowfall. around 3500 feet in elevation the moisture is turning to a few snow flurries. it should look impressive near clear lake. you may see that dusting. same what -- same with the diablo range near mount hamilton. we see some snow flurries. a lot of the moisture is hovering near highway 130 in hamilton lake observatory. we will watch that. when we see sunrise it should look fascinating. nice clear conditions with a lot of cloud cover's that has moved out. we are getting this to come through. the next round is on its way. this will be storm three. we are continuing to see heavy sierra snowfall. temperatures are also cooler because of the clear conditions for now. we are in the 40s. 42 concorde. 42 oakland. livermore in the 30s. santa rosa also in the 30s. it is cold and we are seeing the snow flurries appear. we have been tracking this accident for nearly 2 hours now. it has a portion of san pablo avenue closed right near kirk lane. this is in richmond. you can see that car is not
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drivable. it hit a fire hydrant, which left a lot of water in the roadway. that is why a portion of that street is closed. you will need to use an alternate route to get around it. you can always use veil which turns into 29th and then reconnect with san pablo avenue. give yourself some extra time. san pablo dam road is starting to get a little bunched up if you are using that exit. a heads up if you travel through that area. you will be in for some slowdowns. richmond parkway is looking a little busy as well. eastshore freeway getting a little crowded. we are still in good shape as far as drive times about a 15 minute ride from hercules toward a maze. speaking of that maze, we are tracking an accident. you can see chp and another vehicle on the shoulder on the connector ramp from westbound 582 eastbound 80. it is not slowing anyone down. this is not impacting the 580 drive or the approach towards
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the maze. lookout for that as you head around that curb. at the toll plaza metering lights are on. they were activated at 5:21 and that backup is quickly growing towards the foot of the maze. not quite spilling onto the eastshore freeway just yet. that is a check of the traffic. back to you. a new bill aims to address the housing shortage in california by opening the door to development near transit stations. in san francisco some worry it could radically change the landscape of the city. more on a rally planned later today. it looks beautiful behind you. >> reporter: it is gorgeous. that's why everybody who wants to live here -- this bill would apply to the entire state of california and it could really change the landscape in some cities in particular. doubling the height limits in some neighborhoods of how high buildings could be built. the state bill now in the legislature is meant to
5:38 am
encourage denser, taller housing near transit. that could affect not only the skyline along the san francisco waterfront, but also the flatter, more suburban feeling neighborhoods to the west, all the way to ocean beach. allowing five and eight story buildings in places where we now see angle family homes. these are within a quarter-mile of public transit. this bill would increase current height limits to at least 85 feet in most of those areas. there are exceptions on narrow streets. also, plenty of concerns that this could change the character of many neighborhoods in the city. supervisor and mayoral candidate jane kim is hosting a rally this morning in the west portal district. that bill right now in sacramento is undergoing a lot of changes. it is still a work in progress. live in san francisco with kpix 5.
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>> it looks like another nail in the coffin for a long time american retailer. diane king hall has that story and more from the world of business. >> reporter: stock fell on wall street as president trump imposes new tariffs on china. the douse get a nearly 249 points in the nasdaq fell 14. toys "r" us will close or sell all its stores in the united states. the 70-year-old a chain filed for bankruptcy last fall. some 740 stores and 30,000 employees are affected. big suppliers like mattel and hasbro will also be affected. the smaller toymakers that relied on the chain will be more deeply impacted. toys "r" us is expected to close hundreds of stores worldwide as well. a former executive at the credit reporting agency equifax faces inside trading charges. the equifax former chief information officer told all his -- sold all of his stock before a massive data breach was made public. he netted nearly a martin --
5:40 am
nearly $1 million. salary is still a big factor in job satisfaction. more and more employees are happy with their earnings. a job review and research site found that some cities are better than others when it comes to overall pay satisfaction. washington dc took the top spot followed by a tie between san francisco and minneapolis. that is your cbs money watch report. for morehead to cbs money i am diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. the family of a pregnant teenager shot and killed by bay area police are now calling for justice. the evidence on both sides. from a shack to a home. a california couple living in poverty is gifted a solid roof over their heads. now the fight to see their kids again. taking a live look at 880 where traffic is moving along pretty nicely. we do have some trouble spots. we will find out all about it in a bit. we will be right back.
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good morning. more rain to come, even though we do have clear skies for now. i'm watching rain on its way toward the bay area. we will let you know how much more is left in this next storm. it has been one year since a pregnant 16-year-old was shot and killed by fremont police. now her family is suing. jessica flores is live in fremont with a look at the evidence. >> reporter: good morning. the da found that the officers shot and killed that teenage girl, that pregnant teenage girl, acted lawfully. she was not the intended target and now her family has enlisted a high profile attorney to sue the police department. that
5:44 am
attorney says the police department should be held accountable for the 16-year- old's death. this all happened a year ago. lynette motter grown was shot and killed by fremont police. she was in the passenger seat. police were after the driver who was in that stolen bmw. investigators say the car had been linked to a string of armed robberies. undercover officers closed in on the suspect when police say he accelerated toward them. police opened fire and shot and killed the teenage girl. the da investigation finds the overwhelming credible and admissible evidence shows that the involved officers acted lawfully and in self-defense . the the attorney for the teenagers family says the officers acted wrongfully and he says the officers killed the teenager in a botched policeman over. >> it was officers that shot and killed his teenage girl. >> reporter: the driver is now
5:45 am
charged with the murder. the suit seeks unspecified special and punitive damages. reporting live in fremont with kpix five. in the wake of the deadly shooting at a north bay veterans facility dozens attended a candlelight vigil last night to honor and remember the three women killed. last nights vigil comes on the same day the pathway home announced the facility will be closed indefinitely. now board members are scrambling to find a new home for the six that's who lived in madison hall. >> an immense loss to our community, the veteran community . those people who died who were serving us . >> we are moving forward as fast as we can. our goal is to find a place for those men. >> over the years the brentwood community raised over $85,000 for the pathway home and are hoping to find a new way to support the struggling veterans. a san bernardino county family found that being in
5:46 am
squalid conditions have a new home thanks to a friend's fundraising efforts. it is not clear when daniel penny go, mona kirk, and their three kids will be able to live there. that new home has been purchased and is being fixed and furnished, but for nico and kirk face felony child abuse charges and their kids ages 11 - 14 are in protective custody. >> my dreams are to have this law changed so people are not so easily wrenched from their living, wherever they are living and children wrenched from their parents. >> penny go and kirk were arrested last month after the family was discovered living in a plywood structure on their property in joshua tree. let's get a check of traffic and weather. how are the roads looking? >> we are busy this morning. we are tracking a couple of problems and we will begin in richmond where we have been tracking this accident. this first call came in just before 4 am and it has been out there this whole time, a portion of
5:47 am
san pablo avenue is currently closed after one car hit fire hydrant. two cars were involved. that car is still in the middle of the street here on kirk lane. do expect delays if this is your route we also see a big crowd developing along richmond parkway. a lot of folks are using that as an alternate route. we continue to see slowdowns for drivers exiting the san pablo dam road. you will need to around that by using veil, which turns into 29th. that will get you around that area. 580 at cutting is still moving at the limit. no problems along 580. interstate 80 getting a little jammed up. that is to be expected at this time in the morning. at the richmond san rafael bridge a few cars are backing up. we are still in the green across the span. we are tracking a sick alert along highway one and a portion of that is shut down at cypress road in both directions due to a fatal accident that occurred
5:48 am
overnight, just after midnight. chp telling us they don't expect that roadway to reopen until about 7:00 this morning. that is a sliding scale so we will keep you posted and let you know if that will be longer. this is highway one right at cypress road in the general area. other than that, the right looking a-ok along 101. you shouldn't have any trouble getting across the golden gate bridge. the -- the bay bridge toll plaza has a big backup heading into san francisco. let's check on the forecast. here is a wide view of northern california right now. not noticing much rain across the san francisco area. it is to the north of us that it is getting closer and closer. it will work its way down to our area. we will continue to see rain showers today. also some snow flurries. this is kind of cool. this morning when the sun comes up look towards the east of san jose and the diablo range could have a light dusting of snow
5:49 am
near lincoln observatory. this is picking up near lakeport and clear lake. i know that is to the north, but it will be impressive. hopefully we can -- can send a chopper five out there and get a view of this. we saw that a couple of weeks ago when we have this colder storm come through. that's what we will see again. snow levels at about 3500 feet -- in elevation. we have the clearing out there with rain popping up through grenville, near occidental. it is reaching the north bay soon. santa rosa likely getting rainfall in the next hour. through 8 am we will start to see a little more rain trickling in to the north bay, san francisco area. by 10 am more widespread showers to the south and east. by 2:00 this afternoon we may get some sunshine. when that happens isolated thunderstorms could also be the result. from 1:00 to about 4:00 very similar to yesterday's timing. that's when the chances of thunderstorms could reemerge.
5:50 am
we get some small hail as well. petaluma got some hell yesterday and so did parts of pleasanton. that could happen yet again. by tonight widespread showers continuing on and off. you may be dry for a moment and then the rain comes back. temperatures cooler than yesterday. low 40s for oakland. livermore 39. san francisco 46. santa rosa 36. no cloud coverage means colder air. the wind speeds right now aren't bad. the wind won't be a big issue unless you're stuck underneath a strong thunderstorm cell. 5 - 6 miles an hour right now in hayward, sfo, oakland. visibility not a concern this morning. sunrise at 7:20 a.m. most of us should get a view of the sunset tonight at 7:17. around sunrise we will start to see a little more shower activity picking up. the high temperature this afternoon made it to upper 50s. we will still feel cooler. this is about 10 degrees below average. looking at the tahoe area this is near truckee. they have some new snow they need to plow
5:51 am
in many of those locations. there working hard to do that. for now driving across the higher elevations won't be the safest things to do. we see a bit of clearing in the truckee area. most of that is on the nevada side of the mound. winter storm warning starts again tonight through saturday morning because of this next storm that will be coming through. at 35 feet -- 3500 feet elevation above we are seeing three or four feet possible. 60 inches still left in the system at pass level. that's why there is this avalanche watch. heavy snow and strong wind with unstable terrain up there, especially in the back country. stay away if you can. futurecast shows several inches to come of snowfall. that 7 day forecast won't show much drying until saturday afternoon into sunday and monday. the next round of rain arrives monday night. that's a look at the forecast. get your wallets ready for
5:52 am
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st. patrick's day is this saturday. and consumer experts say this
5:55 am
here is a live look across the south bay. you can see traffic on the right side of your screen. clear skies at least. here is a look at satellite and radar. there is moisture on the way to the north right now. we are seeing heavy snowfall. as far as right now in the bay area, nice clear conditions. it is cool out there. >> starting to see some brake lights on the 580 approach getting closer towards the maze , just past highway 24. we did have an earlier problem in the maze area. this was westbound 582 eastbound 80. that car is still on the shoulder. chp just left the scene. along the eastshore freeway getting a little crowded. a slow stop and go heading into san francisco. st. patrick's day is this saturday . >> consumer experts say this year the luck of the irish is going to generate a lot of green. from green beer to four leaf clover decorations a national survey expects americans to spend more money celebrating the irish this year than any other year in the survey's 12 year history. the national retail federation says americans plan to spend a total of $5.9 billion on st.
5:56 am
patrick's day festivities. that comes out to about $40 per person. that's a lot of alcohol. in the next half hour the push two lawmakers plan to make today to change california's pot policy. the policy for tasers. did they finally decide san francisco police officers will use them in the future?
5:57 am
5:58 am
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plus: more changes are coming to the white house. president trump gets a new economic adviser. why the staff shakeup may not be over. and, the new push in california to preserve net- neutrality rules. good morning the new taser policy just past for san francisco police officers. more changes are coming to the white house. president trump gets a new economic advisor. why the staff shakeup may not be over. the new push in california to preserve net neutrality rules. good morning. it is thursday, march 15.
6:00 am
>> first, we are on storm watch. this is a live look outside in san francisco. on the left you can see salesforce tower. mostly clear. as you can see from futurecast on the right, rain is moving back into the bay area. you can see spots of green. that is timing out the next round of wet weather . >> we have dealt with two storms already and this will be the third. right now we see moisture to the north and a few snow flurries coming down across the mountain just amount hamilton area. let me show you where we are seeing temperatures cold enough across the diablo range that we could get a dusting of snow. it is showing up on high def doppler. keep an eye out when the sun comes up and let us know what you see up there. across the napa sonoma county hills we could see some snow flurries. we do see some coming down near hidden valley lake, clear lake, and lakeport. a lot of this moisture will be moving south. we are getting some good rain pi


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