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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 18, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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that he is calling for the fire chief to resign. >> reporter: the city supervisor for this area aaron paxton says he was eating dinner in the area last night when the fire started. he criticized the fire department saying they did not respond fire -- fast enough, tooth locating water on the fire, and did not put the fire out fast enough.>> i know the chief says that they are fire experts. tonight was a failure by the fire department.>> reporter: that criticism by supervisor erin peskin came last night while firefighters were actively fighting the fire still burning in the building at the corner of union street and columbus avenue in the heart of san francisco's north beach neighborhood. bystanders could be heard yelling at firefighters in the cell phone video. peskin says that is his main
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issue with the fire department's response. he says they were too slow at putting the fire out. >> there is no excuse for it. this is a town that is earthquake prone. if they cannot deal with an issue like this we are in trouble.>> with all due respect to the supervisor, he had it wrong.>> reporter: the fire chief says the crews were on scene two minutes after getting the first 911 call. >> we are professional firefighters. we know what we are doing. the men and women tonight performed at a high level. my understanding is we had water on the fire within six minutes. >> reporter: but she says firefighters tried to put the fire out from inside the building initially. something people outside could not see. it got too dangerous. firefighters had to get out and pump water on the building from outside. peskin says that is not what happened. do you believe that she should resign over this? >> absolutely. absolutely. it starts at the top your
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>> reporter: san francisco's mayor says peskin's comments are out of line. >> any talk like this during a time like this is inappropriate. we have to be concerned about the safety of the residence. and the customers of the buildings and the firefighters. >> reporter: thankfully, no one was hurt in this fire. arson investigator spent the day trying to figure out where and how the tires started. the building inspector has also been here. they said the exterior walls are in danger of falling that is why they put up barricades to keep people back at a safe distance. a lot of tough talk from peskin. what does he want to see happen? does he have answers?>> reporter: when we talked to him last night, he is calling for an independent third-party investigation into the fire department's response and handling of last nights fire. we reached out to him today for clarification. he never got back to us. at least eight people were displaced by the fire.
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they cannot go home right now because of water damage. the red cross set up in evacuation center at 1450 powell street between vallejo and broadway. a heated showdown -- out side in oakland coffee shop. they are trying to keep out police. the sure things were innocent -- anything but peaceful. >> reporter: to call themselves supporters of the patriot movement. two dozen gathered in oakland sunday morning at cafi. it was not just any random spot. it was the us somewhere take cafi the one that made national headlines last week for refusing to serve uniformed police officers. the word got out the cafi supporters and the patriots were outnumbered and shut down. this is a facebook live video from one of the patriot organizers lindsay craft wall. at one point early on the
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confrontation escalates and you can hear what sounds like a taser. after about 20 minutes, the patriots regroup at the tennis golf farmers market and confronted mayor libby shaft. shaft made headlines earlier this month when she warned residents about an impending ice rain.>> we have to let her know that we are not okay with what she did and it is criminal and should not be happening in our state or any state in that manner. >> reporter: amidst a heavy police presence, there was no fighting just lots of shouting. it makes you wonder if there was much listening going on as well. >> they just want attention and they just want to provoke confluent -- conflict and confrontation. >> reporter: the mayor left and after an hour and -- an hour the patriots left . >> we were told we are not welcome. this is where i live.
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i grew up here. i will keep doing this. >> they came from out of town and they are not from around here. be careful where you go and how you interact with people. i would not necessarily walk around oakland with the support trump flag it might not work out for you. in other news, a little girl is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries tonight at the gunfire erupted on the east bay freeway. chp says it appears to be road rage. it happened last night and eastbound 80. the child who was hit was just five or six years old. the adult in the car suffered minor injuries. the freeway was shut down for four hours while investigators investigated. so far no arrests. police are searching for suspects over an overnight homicide. the men started shooting at a
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hookah lounge. paramedics tried to save the victim but he died at the scene. paramedics closed down the busy boulevard for 12 hours. sheriff deputies are trying to pinpoint emotive. they hope to get help in identifying two suspects both inside and outside the lounge. >> we're looking a video surveillance from outside and inside the business. and people who were inside the business when this happened at the hookah lounge. kelly says the victim was driving a high-end car. they are looking into whether robbery was emotive. headaches for alameda commuters, crews will work to repair a sinkhole. >> reporter: repair crews are busy today working to replace that broken storm pipe near the posey two.
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at this hour you can see it is slow going for the strivers. behind me they are entering it from the alameda side. the sinkhole opened up early this weekend near the intersection of sixth and harrison in oakland. a city spokesperson says a pipe broke during recent storms and cause the sinkhole. oakland ks is closing one full lane of the posey to for drivers leaving alameda as part of the project that they tell us is being fast-track. drivers are being asked to avoid this area altogether. take alternate routes or leave extra travel time. >> it is bad between 8:30 pm and 9:30 am. i try to go at 7 am, 7:15 am. if it will only be one lane it will be bad. >> reporter: as you can imagine, this closure is causing significant delays.
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the closure begins here on webster at alameda, goes underwater to connect with harrison street in oakland. drivers should expect delays to last into the monday morning commute. and into the better part of this coming week. remarkable story of survival in gold country. a pilot ended up on top of his plane after hitting power lines and crashing into a river. and he will be just find -- fine. >> reporter: a pilot was flying alone and crashed a mile away from where we are standing. he heard an explosion before he saw the plane go down. a fiery crash sunday morning causing this plaintive fall in the yuba river. the pilot who deputies identified as 66-year-old tender to the desk of timothy bennett. according to witness the pilot was flying over brown's valley as he struck power lines and
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crashed into the yuba river. the pilot was able to make his way out of the cockpit and weight on top of his plane for rescue. video captured by highway patrol officers shows the chp officer rescuing bennett before taking him to a sacramental hospital. he suffered minor scrapes and burns. the plane will be recovered from the yuba river. he is okay. another close call back here in the bay area. after the break, the customer who ended up at the counter of this taco bell in his car.>> it is cool for little kids to go viral. this bay area second graders message about school gun violence. how he found his online fame and of course online credits. -- critics. we will have more rain this
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week when we cover the forecast when we come back.
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after a car crashed through the front of the building. it didn't op until it wa major damage to the stanfill taco bell. a cracker -- car crashed into the building. the restaurant had not open for business yet. the staff were already inside setting up. nobody was hurt. the front of the building has major damage. workers short of the structure was support post to keep it stable. there is no word on whether the crash was the result of human or mechanical air. it is not clear when the restaurant will open. police officers facing charges accuser driving under the influence. the officer was off-duty when he was arrested in hollister last week. police are not releasing the officer's name or any other details. a game of hide and seek ended badly for armed
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robbery suspects in oakland. the chp helicopter was watching their move last night. with this infrared camera care. this guy try to bury himself in a pile of leaves before taking shelter in the dog house. it did not work. he is in the jail house with his friends. students added their voices to a call for stricter gun laws. they took part of a gun law summit at dominican university hosted by congressman jerry huffman. he heard a common theme. >> it is access to guns. that is the problem. >> i think it leads back to guns. if we cut down on the level of automatic weapons, it would be a lot less easy to walk into a room and cause the amount of destruction that people cause. evan up date tonight on the bay area second grader whose on line comments about gun violence made it on line. a photo was snapped of him
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holding a homemade signed that said guns are cruel not cool. and went viral on twitter. leo is still adjusting to his newfound fame. >> reporter: week caught up with leo last night -- along with his mom, dad, grandmother after i tweeted this photo of him as the only second grader to walk out of the classroom to protest gun violence. it is a story that spread around the world. >> it is cool for a kid to go viral.>> reporter: that was on wednesday. by friday afternoon the story had been retweeted 17,000 times, like by 70,000, was seen by over 3.5 million people. he was praised by many who called them his hero. his mom was not on twitter. >> when i came home, i made a twitter and saw everything. it was insane. i could not believe it.>> i felt like i was famous.
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>> reporter: leo and his mom became the targets of a few of his harsh critics. >> we just say who cares and ignore the people. >> it is not true people saying that we are liberals. we are not liberals. saying we coached him. we did not. he dragged me out there. i signed him out. he did not walk out on his own because i did not want him to get in trouble because of course he would get in trouble.>> i learned that it is hard to be a celebrity. >> reporter: jennifer said it was awkward when the walkout started. city and he sat outside of the school for a while and no one came out for a while. >> reporter: that's where he walked in next door where lincoln high school as were pouring out of the classrooms and the bigger students made speeches and cheers leonardo stood there with his sign and a slogan with a small person making a giant impact. >> you should not bring guns to school. >> reporter: he feels safe in
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school? >> no.>> reporter: is that why you are here ? >> yes. what people don't realize is leonardo has a history of political -- standing up. >> we help people. that is good. it feels good when you help someone. >> reporter: leonardo was the youngest board member of the group called the spirit of 45 that honors the dwindling number of world war two era members a day where he dresses up in world war ii uniform and cheers up the vets. he rides in san jose's great holding portraits of fallen american war hero so we do not forget. >> they fought and sacrificed their lives for us. they helped us. >> reporter: leonardo said he wants to go into politics. he told me he wants to be a journalist. he would be great at both. good stuff.
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in the weather department, we have rain on the way. it starts off nice and it will and nice also. we need the rain. we have some in-store. clouds are overhead right now as we look towards mount diablo it is overcast. cloudy skies from santa rosa north in san jose in the south. the numbers are in the 50s right now. we did not do that much better for highs. tomorrow will be nice. things will warm to 70 degrees. in the south bay and east bay they will get close. the north bay remains chilly. we should see a little more sunshine. tuesday rain will begin falling. temperatures will follow suit. because of the big rainmaker out in the pacific. we have the low that will bring in subtropical moister aimed at central and southern california. we will be on the northern edge of it. future cast shows what will happen.
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by 2 am, clearing conditions. that will keep us on the cool side much of monday will be fair to hazy. monday night, 7 pm, watch what happens on tuesday. more rain on the area. tuesday at 10 am light rain over spreading the south bay to the north day. it will continue through wednesday. showers in the forecast for thursday as well. in terms of amounts, it will favor from santa cruz to the south. you see the dark blue at santa cruz and san jose mart dark south in the north than the south. the totals between now and thursday not a lot. an inch and a half in the vallys. partly cloudy and chilly tonight. mostly sunny with highs near 70 in the warm response. cold, wet, windy beginning tuesday. the bay area partly cloudy. the weather will not mess you
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up. chicago chilly. los angeles sunny and 72 degrees. big rainmaker under me -- on the way. we will see mid-40s to mid-50s. forecast ties will be around average for this time of year. mid 60s for the most part. south they increasing sunshine. temperatures mid-sixties east bay. tomorrow hazy sunshine and kohler in north bay with mid- sixties. low to mid 60s for you keio -- ukiah, clear lake and for the santa cruz area. the forecast calls for monday to be nice. increasing clouds, rain on tuesday and wednesday and a lingering shower thursday. things will clear up by next weekend. temperatures come down by the time we get to thursday. look for wet, windy, rainy just like last week.
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tiger makes another run at a title. and canned underdog nevada come from 22 points down to beat second seed cincinnati. that is next.
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wasn't the only bracket buster of the afternoon.. defending champion north carolina was beaten by 21 points in the ncaa tournament today. that was not the only bracket buster. eric musselman's wolfpack trail cincinnati by 22. with less than one minute left, kaylynn martin game tied at 73. nevada got the ball back with 15 seconds to go. martin missed, josh holmes scooped it up, nevada is up 75- 73. they have a chance to tie or win. time is winding down. they lose the dribble, does not
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get the shot off, nevada from 22 down, hold on to win in -- win. for the second time in history they played loyola in chicago next week. >> >> reporter: tell us how the filling was in the locker room. we saw coach lot -- loses shirt and locker room.>> coach works out every day i know his shirt comes off all the time. this was a chance finish off his muscles he loses his shirt all the time. i completely forgot the question can you repeat it.>> reporter: sarah cruz was hoping to pull off an upset against michigan state. 46%, it was the only thing they found at the bottom of the net, a block, heats up the second attempt, that is how the first half and did. it was 55-53 sarah cruz.
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to who cannot make it a two point game. it was one last chance for michigan state, winston cannot get it to drop. the last five minutes 42 seconds in the game sarah cruz is moving on. the masters is three weeks away. it is shaping up with the battle from the legends from the past, present, future and tiger woods is in the conversation. they are at bay hill. tiger woods was five shots off. he sank the birdie putt here fourth of the round to get 10 underpar. found the bunker on 12. no problem. got close enough to set up another putt. within two shots of the lead. the birdie train rolling. 13 got 12 under, one shot off the lead. tiger felt it pulls off the driver on the par 516.
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he wanted to get close enough to set up an eagle. big mistake. he hit it into someone's backyard. back to back bogeys lot them out of contention. fifth place finish pretty good. rory got the third straight birdie. 16 under, two-stroke lead. mcelroy did not make the cut. bryson that the eagle putt on 16. one shot behind rory with two holes to play. mcelroy this putt for a birdie. and a 64. his first pga win since 2016. the raiders traded cordell patterson to the patriots for a late round pick. the move gives oakland additional space. patterson had nearly 1000 all- purpose yards in his all
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season. game day, the new san francisco coach who hired her father to be an assistant. >> i have gotten a few, is that your husband. a few people have done that until i said i did a little more research and digging and found out that your dad. alicia and corey reed are the only father daughter coaching tandem in softball. find out the sacrifices corey made in his life to find out -- to make sure alicia's transition was a smooth one. i hope that the homeowner has tigers ball as a conversation peach. -- piece. facebook is under fire tonight over reports of improper data mining by a firm with ties to the trump campaign.
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>> the trump campaign itself was founded on using facebook. the allegations talk about the social networks role in a 2016 election. this man spent much of his life on the streets with no family to turn to. as alone as a person can be. >> i often wondered what happened to them. at the same time i assume he had a good family. reunion 65 years in the making. how a random act of kindness made it possible. ♪
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new 2018 subaru forester models. now through april 2nd. facebook under fire.. over reports that a data firm with ties to the trump campaign.. improperly mine our top story at 6:30 pm, facebook under fire over
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reports of the data firm with ties with the tramp -- trump campaign mind information on millions of owners accounts. it was a full-service propaganda machine. the goal was to target users with political ads. >> reporter: a former employee of data firm says that the company improperly mine data from 50 million facebook users without their knowledge or consent. >> we spent $1 million harvesting tens of millions of facebook profiles. those profiles were used as the basis of the algorithms that became the foundation itself. the company itself was founded on using facebook data.>> reporter: christopher wiley says cambridge analytical worked with the trump campaign. they use facebook material to target voters with ads in an attempt to change their opinions. trump campaign sources tell cbs news the data was never used.
6:31 pm
instead the rent data from the republican national committee was used. mold mac is seeking email from the employees of this company who work for the campaign. it was founded by conservative donor robert mercer president donald trump's chief strategist steve bannon was vice president. the company released several statement saying cambridge analytical complies fully. we are in touch with facebook now and can confirm that we do not hold or use data from profiles. lawmakers expressed concern sunday. >> this is a big deal. when you have that amount of data and the privacy violations are significant. >> reporter: facebook says they suspended the account. they only acknowledge the reprieve -- breach after several news reports. facebook says it is conducting a internal and external review
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to see if the mining data still exists despite facebook's request that it be deleted in 2016. tonight president donald trump takes aim at robert mueller. he says that he is biased in the investigation of the russian interference of the 2016 election. this is also after the firing of andrew mccabe. lawmakers are warning president donald trump not to dismiss robert mueller as well. >> people will see that as a redline. it cannot be crossed.>> if you try to do that, that would be the beginning of the end of his presidency. >> i think the president is expressing his frustration. there has been no evidence of collusion. his work is overseen by deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. he said he sees no reason to dismiss him now. vladimir putin is now on track to become russia's longest-serving leaders in soviet dictator joseph stalin.
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he won his fourth term as president in a landslide today after his fiercest political rival was barred from running against him. the victory submits his grip on the country until 2024. many expect him to stay at the helm after that. either by scrapping term limits or shifting into another position of power. three days at their brand- new bridge collapse of florida international university, the search for survivors is older desk over but the search for answers is just become -- begun. >> reporter: authorities say all victims have been accounted for.>> that is a total of five people recovered from under the bridge. one individual passed away at the hospital for total of six. i believe that is the final count. >> reporter: search crews worked tirelessly to extract vehicles and recover victims and holding a moment of saturday silence as the fifth victim was pulled
6:34 pm
from the rubber. -- rubble. all six victims were identified. police were worried they would find more victims as they shifted through the tons of concrete and steel . >> we will go through it again to make sure no one else is there. we are confident no one else is left. all victims have been removed from this site and taken to a medical examiner. that will be turned over to the family members. >> reporter: now that search and recovery is over, investigators are coming over the scene to perverted -- preserve evidence before it is cleaned up. they are trying to determine what caused the fall. there was witnesses of it cracking before cracked. what -- family members of one victim wants answers. classes at florida
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international museum tomorrow. the school will observe a moment of silence for the victims at 7 pm the time the bridge collapsed on thursday. a celebration of life will be held tomorrow for the victims of the veterans home shooting. these women were shot and killed in the march 9 rampage that worked for the pathways site. the gunman, a former patient shot and killed himself. service starts at 6 pm at the lincoln theater on the veterans home campus. still ahead, this land has been sitting idle for nearly 80 years. there is finally a plan to turn what is called a san francisco eyesore into something beautiful.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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bad news for former students at the corinthian colleges. the for-profit school was forced to shut down in 2015 for defrauding students and investors. the department of education is informing students that one half or less of their federal student loans will be forgiven.
6:38 pm
that reverses the old, administrations promised to fully wipe out federal loan debt for fraud victims at for- profit colleges. bold thomases for the mayor race. mark leno is pledging to end homelessness by 2020. he plans to do that by stopping illegal evictions and opening more navigation centers. he plans to fill 1500 single room occupancy beds. >> for those who suggest the problem will walk around for a long time, there is no way to change course. would have to live with it, i cannot accept that. but angela allie older says temporary housing and shelters create a revolving door for homeless. the state is refusing to move them into permanent housing and provide employment opportunities. london breeds said she will and long-term tent encampments within a year and build
6:39 pm
hundreds of modular homes and opened safe iv injection facilities. breeds is expected to open the details of her plan tomorrow. a long abandoned reservoir in russian hill will become to cities next park. 4 1/2 acre site is bordered by bey, hyde, clark and streets. the land has been sitting idle since the reservoir was decommissioned in 1940. now the parks have approved a conceptual site for the site. including a playground and dog park 48 price of $25 million. in nonprofit is raising money to pay for it. it could open as early as next summer. someone in pennsylvanias very rich and night. that is where the single winning ticket was sold for last night's $457 million jackpot. no one has come forward to claim it. this is the eighth largest jackpot ever for the powerball game. the biggest was $1.6 billion. a bay area man who spent much of his life on the streets hit a different kind of jackpot.
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>> who would've thought that something like this could happen to anybody, let alone me. how a bay area deputies random act of kindness led him to his long-lost family. we will show you ubers new electric option on getting around the town into wills. we have great weather but wait to hear about the rest of the week with your forecast after the break.
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for getting around san francisco. kpix 5's betty yu jumped on a "jump bike" -- to show us how it tonight uber has a two will option for getting around san francisco. so we jump on a jump bike for seeing how this works.>> reporter: it is the fastest, easiest cheapest way to get around san francisco. and electric by cher -- bike share company. >> it is a new mode of transportation that makes you feel superhuman. compared to a pedal bike it is a completely different animal.>> reporter: in the two months since jump launched, more than 20,000 people have signed up in san francisco. jump bikes partnered with uber that is rolling out the were bike option for more users
6:44 pm
every week. it cost two hours -- two dollars for every 30 minutes. once you get to your bike, enter a four digit code. that unlocks this bar. place it here. off you go. so far there are 250 bikes in the streets. ceo ryan szczepanski says users are writing for an average of two and half miles. >> i tried at the go bikes first from ford. those are fun. but the electric motors on these make a difference. >> reporter: users can lock and leave bikes at any bike rack. the city will evaluate the system in the next few months. they could approve another 250 bikes in september. the streets will be getting slick by tuesday in the bay area. it looks like a good storm for
6:45 pm
central and southern california. we will not get as much rain as they will in the south. that leads to mudslide concerns. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s as we overlook san francisco airport. tomorrow looks good. temperatures in the mid-60s with mostly sunny skies. low pressure in the pacific will combine with the high of the south. a perfect corridor for subtropical moisture that will slam against southern and central california beginning late monday early tuesday. we will get some rain. tomorrow looks all right. early tomorrow morning is there. high clouds increase monday night. tuesday, here comes by tuesday morning, rain over spreads much of the bay area and gets heavier down south. we get scattered showers right through thursday. three things to remember. wet and stormy early tuesday with on-again and off-again
6:46 pm
rain. the totals of three quarters of an inch to an inch and a half in the valley and three inches in the mountains are not extraordinary. down south they will get twice that much. wendy wednesday, showers on again and off-again. expect wet days in the couple of days of showers. forecast high tomorrow with mostly overcast skies tomorrow evening, it will be up to 69 in san jose, oakland 69, san francisco 64. temperature 66 redwood city, 60 morgan hill, 68 degrees cupertino. the east bay will have a nice day with hazy sunshine and temperatures top at the mid 60s, 65 venetia, 66 fairfield, antioch 68, brentwood 67, pleasanton and dublin 70 degrees.
6:47 pm
the warmest day of the week tomorrow. by thursday/friday back in the mid-50s. tomorrow it will be dry. petaluma 66, bodega bay 63, sausalito 65, novato 66, san francisco 64. cooler for you and kia and lakeport and not much rain. the further west you go not much rain. 62 clear wood lake -- clear lake, 67 in the extended forecast with son warmest day of the week mid 60s for most of us. along the shoreline, the chill side. but tuesday and wednesday we will get rain and it will be wet through wednesday. friday a chance, and the weekend back in the mid-60s with partly cloudy skies.
6:48 pm
that is your weather. there is more ahead after the break. we will be right back.
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hi, we're alaska airlines. and we don't just fly lumberjacks to glaciers. we fly all kinds of people all kinds of places. like app developers to mexico city. musically inclined novelists to nashville. and pilates instructors to palm springs. sure, we love a good glacier. but we also like a little cocoa butter. from the west coast to the world. alaska airlines. that's how we fly.
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it all began with a homeless bay area man.. tonight a family reunion 65 years in the making. begins with a homeless bay area man come a deputy sheriff, and a random act of kindness.>> reporter: maybe you have seen someone like nick myers around your town. homeless, asking for change. >> most people hurry by and don't look at me. >> reporter: one day, alameda county deputy sheriff jacob swalwell caught a glimpse. nicholas panhandling near a busy freeway. instead of writing him a ticket, he asked a question.>> i walked up to him and asked him for his id he said he didn't have any. i asked why don't you have id. >> reporter: the 67-year-old former truck driver and that 33-
6:51 pm
year-old deputy started a conversation. >> he was not an alcoholic, not on drugs, did not smoke. >> how can you not on social security and i said i can't get excited can't get an id.>> reporter: he was a senior citizen, disabled, homeless for 30 years. >> what you have someone to help you now. i'm going to help you get your id so you can get your social security and get off the street.>> reporter: it was not easy. the dmv had no more records of him. >> how does a homeless person come up with two forms of proof of residency.>> reporter: in december kpix 5 talked about how the sheriffs department helped him get an id. nick was born in oakland. he knew he was adopted.>> i did not know i was adopted until i was 16. >> reporter: he grew up in san leandro but always felt recheck dead and unwelcome by as a.his siblings.
6:52 pm
when his parents died they cut him off. >> i live my life as alone as a person can be.>> reporter: that was about to change. nick's journey started under this overpass but little did he know the next stop for the 67- year-old man would be discovering his birth mother was still alive. longtime private investigator mark askins watch the report. >> he referring to i'm lonely. i don't have anyone in my life.>> reporter: mark volunteers for a nonprofit called miracle messages. their goal is to reconnect homeless individuals with her long lost loved ones . >> there is always someone in our lives who we think about as we fall asleep at night. >> reporter: with nick's blessings, mark dug through old books at the alameda county courthouse . >> here we have a case involving riley albert oakley and marie polly oakley pete this was
6:53 pm
filed in 1954. >> reporter: in microfilm important clues. she was 16, ran away with the sailor, moved to reno, moved to smoky mountains, came home pregnant with a toddler in tow, her mother sought an annulment.>> marie oakley was not the age of consent. >> reporter: 300 miles north in the seaport town, mark found nick's birth mother. meat 85-year-old marie pauline oakley known as poly. >> i've often wondered what happened to him. at the same time, i assumed he had a good family because that's what i was told.>> reporter: nix birth name -- nick his birth name was david he was born with a hole diagnosed in his stomach. she suggested a nice church family adopt him. they could afford the surgery.
6:54 pm
without any hesitation, polly told mark she wanted to see nick. >> he suddenly discovers he had a family when he thought he was alone in the world. i found one more person to love. >> reporter: first a phone call. >> this is david charles oakley. >> my son. >> reporter: for the first time in his life, nick got on a plane. along for the ride was a deputy and the pi. in fairweather, the craft landed on a small airstrip in humboldt county. immediately, nick met some of his new extended family. then, nick walked through the door, saw his mom and dad for the first time in 65 years. >> who would've thought that something like this could have happened to anybody let alone me. >> reporter: this is your
6:55 pm
biological father. >> reporter: polly showed him biological photos. jacob ordered pizza. polly married three times, trained horses, worked at fairchild at san jose. she is happily married with children, grandchildren, great- grandchildren. >> he did not just get a mom. he got a whole family and they all descended on him at one time. >> when you live in the streets and you are alone, you are a walking talking to bad people. so i aware this ugly mask. >> reporter: soon that mask would melt away. nick discovered he was not alone. >> i will always be there for you, son, since i'm alive. >> if you want to ever hear from me i will always be there if you want to talk.
6:56 pm
i want to hear from you all my life. i didn't think i ever would.>> reporter: polly and nick had a lifetime to share. time was short the pilot had to fly home. not before a new family photo. >> all of this wondering all of these years why this happened at the way it did. what were the reasons why. what if, what now, what later. it's all seems to disappear now. ghost questions have all been answered. >> reporter: before they said goodbyes, simple truths. >> it has opened my eyes up to others in this situation. >> all of us are family and all of us are somebody somebody. >> to have you back puts a piece of my heart back and it means the world to me. >> reporter: they are already discussing the holidays. polly has an extra bedroom.
6:57 pm
nick is one of 110 people reconnected with family members through the miracle messages program. the alameda sheriffs association has started a fund in his name. for more information you can go to cvs -- thanks for joining us. have a good evening. ♪
6:58 pm
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captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> we're the mass shooting generation. >> in the hours after 17 people were killed at stoneman douglas high in parkland, florida, students filled with grief and righteous anger... >> he wouldn't have harmed that many students with a knife! >> ...went to work starting a movement. now, the generation with a notoriously short attention span is holding the nation's. >> politicians have asked us to endorse them. nope. you can support us all you want, but if you think you can get your hands on our movement? it's just not going to happen. >> i've seen that you called the ayatollah, khamenei, "the new hitler" of the middle east. >> ( translated ): absolutely.


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