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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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first. i hate using the term, the calm before the storm. we're starting off a bit chilly because of clear conditions and temperatures rise nicely and rain arrives tomorrow and that would be the storm. for now, yes, it is gone out there. tomorrow through friday, we're expected to see wet weather out there and rain totals high up between a half inch to inch and a half. and 3-5-inches for the coastal mountain ranges and north bay as well. nice clear conditions out there for most of the bay area. few clouds off the coastline
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and visibility doing all right across the south bay and east bay. look at that, visibility dropping to see row because it's so cold temperatures reaching the dew point and fog forming especially throughout the north bay. more about the rain coming up. traffic alert in the east bay and more on that coming up with jess casement we'll take it to the east shore freeway where we are looking at a bit of congestion and we had an earlier crash westbound 80 near central that had at least one lane blocked and looks like it's still blocking one lane and travel times continue to climb. 23 minute ride making your way over towards the maze out of
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hercules. factor that in if you're making your way over toward 580. right near 80 at powell and right before you head over towards the berkeley curve, you'll be tapping on the brakes and it's a slow ride heading into san francisco. a check of traffic and back over to you, kenny. >> thank you, jaclyn. crews repairing a sinkhole -- sinkhole that opened up over the weekend. kpix 5's jessica flores live with the latest. >> reporter: living alameda now or about to, traffic moving nicely right now but about to move slowly because crews will be closing one lane later on this morning and delays could last all week. it all starts around 10:00 a.m.. that's when crews really start the work. they're going to repair a sinkhole that opened up near the exit on the oakland side near sixth and harrison street. a failed storm drain caused the sinkhole here at the posey
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tube. begins on webster street in alameda and goes under water to connect with harrison street in oakland. ac transit said all the buses that use posey tube will have detours and what normally takes about five minutes, could take 30 minutes or 40 minutes so they're asking folks really take some time to get through this mess. this will last from 10:00 a.m. till midnight and crews working all week to make repairs on oakland side but they have to close one lane of posey tube in order to make repairs. back to you. thank you. a sinkhole repair job in san francisco will create problems for drivers as well. hays street between franklin and goff. work starts this morning expw if it does not fix the problems
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now, could lead to a sewer pail your in the area -- failure in the area. fight against intense flames this weekend but this fire spark add political battle in san francisco. anne makovec live in north beach with why a city supervisor calling out the fire chief. anne. >> reporter: yeah, union street still shut down after the fire on saturday night and the building itself doesn't have a lot of exterior damage right now but on the inside, it is destroyed. the investigation into the cause of this fire continues as does a war of words between fire chief and supervisor. take a look at footage from saturday night. that's when the fire raged through this building at columbus and union. it is right across the street from washington square park. fire destroyed several businesses on the ground floor and participates on the upper floors. they were under construction because of a fire in the
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building a few years ago. nobody lived there and more than 140 fire fighters attacked the flames but onlookers thought the fire department moved too slowly including supervisor aaron peskin calling on the fire chief to resign. >> i called her during this event repeatedly, her voice mail was full but even her high ranking staff that got here realized they were not on the job. there is no excuse for it. >> we're professional fire fighters. we know what we're doing. the men and women tonight performed at a very high level. myounderstanding is we had water on the fire within six minutes. >> reporter: fire officials say they followed the standard operating official that requires them to attack the fire from the inside first. that strategy just not as obvious to the public. peskin calling for outside independent investigation. the mayor, mark said that some
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of peskin's comments thus far have been inappropriate as we should be focusing on the safety of residents and fire fighters. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. new this morning, a big drug bust in richmond. happened yesterday on north 25th near east clay street. police seized 38,000-dollars worth of cocaine and other drugs worth about $9,000 and two guns. at least one of the guns was stolen. they also air force add 30-year- old man. they'd been monitoring the area for several weeks after getting an anonymous tip from a neighbor. drivers may soon have to pay a fee to enter downtown san francisco. that's if a new bill aimed at easing congestion in big cities passes. kpix 5's sandra osborn is live and a lot of commuters could be impacted by this. >> reporter: kenny, that is exactly the idea. some lawmakers are hoping that by adding a fee or toll to go into heavily congested areas
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like downtown san francisco, they'll see improvements on the road. 2011 study that found that charging a $3 feel to enter downtown san francisco could reduce collisions with pedestrians by 5%. here's the deal though, this bill is not guaranteed to pass or even be permanent. assembly member richard gloom and scott weiner listed on the bill 3059 written to allow four pilot cities to allow traffic congestion fees. two in northern california and two in southern california, which would have temporary congestion fee programs for specific zones. calling them go zones such as downtown centers or dense urban cores. san francisco has opposed to idea before. the examiner said one bay area lawmaker is interested in implementing this program in the city. now, of course there's still a lot of questions this morning like the lo gist ibs of how -- lodgistics of this -- logistics of how this would be implemented in san francisco
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and if it's chosen for the pilot program. senator scott said any nundz he hopes go into public transportation to give commuters more options to get to downtown centers and the bill is on the schedule for the committee on transportation today tentatively. sandra osborn, kpix 5. searchers in the sierra finally able to use a holocometter over the weekend -- helicopter over the weekend to look for a bay area skier. 65-year-old thomas was last seen wednesday. since he was reported missing, they've gotten six feet of snow that shut down the search. facebook announced it's suspending cambridge analytica, a data firm with ties to president trump's campaign, reports to new york time's and britain's observer shows facebook data misused to sway voters in the 2016 election. he alleges the company secretly accessed more than 50 million
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facebook user accounts. >> we spent $1 million harvesting tens of millions of facebook profiles and those profiles were used as the basis of the alga rhythms that became the foundation of cambridge analytica itself. the company founded on using facebook data. >> the trump campaign told the associated press it never used data from cambridge analytica. the firm is under renewed screutdny from -- scrutiny from investigators in britain and the u.s.. more than pretzels, hot dogs, and popcorns at oracle arena these days. service for passengers that take short rides on lyft. ♪you've got a friend in me
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you head to a warriors game...there are plenty of options. gianna franco from 95-7 the game is here to guide us through some of the more creative food spots at oralce arena. out nachos top . gianna franco from 95.7 the game is here to help us with creative food spots in oracle. talking food, you're talking my game. >> nachos with chicken or something on the lighter side and how about dubs grub. food options at oracle's main concourse you might be game for. 55 different options here and we'll see highlights and i cannot wait. take me, tim. >> let's do it. >> reporter: check out delicious food here. starting in main concourse. this is pretty much what you come to a game for. a yummy burger and delicious fries but they're special. a little garlic? >> about 65 cloves of garlic ob
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each piece. it's the dub burger, couple un- unreins -- onion rings,. >> yoshes and two patties. double it up. nice. >> reporter: not the kind of nachos i think of with game food. it's usually like yellow cheese but has a lot of stuff going on here plus my favorite cheese. >> we have loaded nachos. these are just kind of an upgrade of just your every dana chough, which are also a good nacho, these are amazing. full meal, sitting down. i'm really ready to power through this. i got through bay area traffic and we've got chicken tinga, a braised chicken, lots of peppers, onions, some queso fresco, fresh cilantro, pickled jalapeños and crema and softens up your chip a bit so it
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doesn't fall to the ground when you bite. it's nacho science at the greatest. >> reporter: nacho science. never heard that. not always unhealthy to eat at a game. sometimes think hot dogs and pretzels and popcorn. there's salad options and you want to watch your waistline, something you can eat here at or cal when taking in a -- or cal when taking in a -- oracle when taking in a lakers game. >> cabbage, ed ma'am may, blueberry and feeling full and content. >> cheers. >> there's more. the warriors will also roll out a new food item only available during the first round of playoffs. bacon mac and cheese balls. deep fried and ready for you to enjoy. >> my dad used to take me and
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it would be pizza and hot dogs. that's it. >> double patty burger with two big onion rings and looked good. >> it was very, very good. in fact, a bmw club as well, which is a really fun eating spot for oracle and new chase center, more food options. get ready for that. >> watch a game too. >> now i'm hungry. >> you're welcome. time 6:16, we're hungry but get a check of traffic with jaclyn. >> i'll be spending time over at the food court. forget the game. kidding. right now your ride headed along the east shore freeway. getting very taboosy. we've -- busy. earlier crash and in the red from 31 minute ride toward highway 4 on the maze. all lanes reopened but crash with all lanes blocked and little slow heading in the westbound direction and richland parkway and expect delays and traffic backing up
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towards richmond parkway and backup from the crash. we're in the yellow and drive times improving for folks at the bay bridge toll plaza and we haven't seen any differences in the patterns of traffic but it's 15 minutes now so our delays are not quite as long. heading along 880 south of 238. see all the brake lights in the southbound direction making way down. 18 minute ride toward 84 and san mateo bridge on 84 and in westbound commute direction and 880 over to 101. we had an earlier accident and this was on northbound 280 on connector ramp to southbound 87 and looks like that's been cleared and only delays seeing heading through south bay are the usual ones along 101 in northbound direction and to be expected. check of traffic and i'll send over to neda for a check on the forecast. good morning to all of you. taking a look at this view of san francisco. nice clear conditions out there and it is cool.
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may want to grab a thick jacket before heading out the door this morning. later on the afternoon, won't need it. 39 in concord oakland 31 and livermore 46 and santa rosa near freezing mark and north bay locations near freezing. wind speeds 37 miles per hour. winds in fremont at 7 and calm in berkeley and napa 7 miles per hour winds and picking up in santa rosa and may help clear the fog by sunrise which is happening at 7:14 this morning. sunset at 7:20. won't get to see the sunset because clouds will be rolling in ahead of storm on the way. high temperatures looking good in mid to upper 60s so cold now but the sun will be out and things warm up and we'll feel about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday and temperatures a bit above average especially for the north bay in the upper 60s for san jose and parts of the east bay. all moisture building right now
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in pacific ocean and rain expected to arrive tomorrow will last through friday if not saturday morning. there's going to be continued showers for the rest of this week. today will pretty much be only dry day. rain snow future cast and see a lot of moisture well off the coast, about a thousand miles away but it is starting to church up and a -- churn up and a mix of atmos feoff e fear ick river -- atmospheric river and a lot wetter of storm system and causes good amount of rain fall through friday morning and rain totals look like this and set into motion and by wednesday morning, within a 24 hour time period tomorrow morning through wednesday, three tenths of an inch for san francisco and possibly sixth tenths for san jose and comes up from the south and central california gets a lot of rain and works way up by thursday morning and inch possible for san francisco and little bit more than that for redwood city and two inches possible for san jose when all is said and done. snow totals go, won't be a big
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snow maker like last week. they've got plenty of snow up there but by wednesday night, possibly 3-inches and a warmer storm system, no elevation till thursday morning when temperatures cool off slightly and dry for most of the weekend. thank you. ride sharing company lyft testing a program to sell rides in a bundle. move not officially announced but some lift users shared screen shots of offer they received in the company. lyft offering to pay an up front monthly fee ranging from $199-$399. in return they'd receive up to 60 rides a month from lyft. there's a catch and each individual ride cannot cost more than $15. a legal battle brewing in the world of dating apps. tinder suing bumble for allegedly stealing trade
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secrets. they're enforcing patents on swiping and double opt ins for dating match on tinder. bum has not commented on the suit filed friday in texas. tiger woods had another chance to win a golf tournament. tie lights and don't -- highlights and don't turn your back on the wolf pack. nevada dancing next.
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. pj put them up for ghood and beat the musketeers and will play gonzaga in the sweet 16. tiger woods within one shot of sweet 16. ended up in somebody's backyard. woods booingys back-to-back holes and dropped out of contention and still fifth place finish. pretty good. nobody catching that bat. rory had a one shot lead to make it two. his fifth birdie over final six holes and rory shot 64 and picked up first tour win since 2016. now, he's got to be a favorite in augusta. tiger's got to be in there. phil mickelson is there and did i mention masters on channel 5 coming up in two weeks. i'm dennis, see you tonight. me... closing . >> thanks, check out the play of the day back to march
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madness. michigan state taking on syracuse, high game closing second in the first half. michigan state's matt mcquad, if you first don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. using the glass, banks it in and makes the buzzer count for the half-time lead. but syracuse went onto win in an upset, 55-53. time now, 6:26, james comey's book surging on the best eler's list. what is spiking on the best book sales list. ♪ you don't just want easy.
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good morning. i'm kenny choi. and i'm michelle griego. time is 6-- san francisco's fire department responds.. after being accused of mishandling the response efforts for the massive 4- alarm fire. kpix 5s anne makovec is live in north beach with the strong words from one city supervisor. ad libs showing scene... a battle between the fire chief and a supervisor. it raged through this building in the city's north beach neighborhood... at columbus and union saturday night. it destroyed several businesses on ground level and apartments on the upper floors. those apartments were under construction because of a fire in this building a few years ago, so no one lived there. more than 100 firefighters attacked the flames, but some onlookers said they thought the fire department moved too slowly. supervisor aaron peskin is calling for the fire chief to resign. "tonight was a total failure by the fire department and that starts at the top." "with all due respect to the supervisor, he had it wrong." fire officials say they followed the standard operating procedure -- which calls for firefighters to attack the flames from the inside first. they say that strategy is not as obvious to the public. supervisor peskin is now calling for an outside
6:31 am
investigation into the matter. time is now--- let's take a live look outside-- . >> reporter: you can see straight through the windows there on the upper floor indicating a lot of damage on the interior of this building. meantime at war of words michelle was referencing between the fire chief and supervisor. show you some footage from saturday night when the fire raged through the billing at columbus and union. destroyed several businesses on the ground floor and apartments on the upper floors. apartments under construction because of a fire in this building a few years ago so nobody lived there. more than 140 fire fighters attacked the flames but some onlookers said they thought the fire department moved too slowly, including supervisor aaron peskin now calling on the fire chief to resign. he was here saturday night. >> tonight was a total failure by the fire department and that starts at the top. >> with all due respect to the supervisor, he had it wrong. >> reporter: fire officials sa
6:32 am
they followed standard operating procedure that calls for fire fighters to attack the flames from the inside first. they say that strategy just isn't as obvious to the public. peskin calling for outside investigation into what happened here on saturday night. in san francisco's north beach, anne makovec. 6:32 and take a live look outside. traffic on the right at golden gate bridge not looking bad and on the left, clear shot of east bay and beyond. chilly start this morning. >> enjoy the day today; right? >> enjoy the day and we'll have that going for us. it is cool out there and we have clear skies. take a look at some clouds starting to creep in. this is the sales force tower being blocked by a bit of cloud coverage but another view of the bay and it's looking nice and clear for the tower view
6:33 am
and we can see temperatures in the 30s and 40s and feels cool and santa rosa 33 degrees and 40 in san jose and 47 in san francisco and temperatures dropped off one degree and it is a chilly start to the day but not too worry. things will be a lot warmer. we do have a little bit of fog forming where visibility down to sow row. talk about rain that's on the way and next storm, a wet one. over to you guys now. >> thank you, neda. live look from chopper 5 above the sinkhole we've been telling you about all morning long between oakland and alameda. it's exmented to cause -- expected to cause major traffic delays and jessica flores live in alameda near the sinkhole. jessica. >> reporter: good morning. when you checked in with me last time, not a lot of traffic but it's starting to stack up here as one lane of the posey tube is closed right now. and the entire eastbound lane set to close later on this morning. these delays could last all
6:34 am
week. at 10:00 a.m., the entire eastbound lanes of posey tube will be closed and crews making repairs to the sinkhole near the tube's exit on the oakland side. the sinkhole near sixth and harrison and posey tube starts on sixth and goes from alameda to oakland and have to close down the tube in order to make repairs. ac transit said their buses that use the tube will use detours. the project is being fast tracked still. this is going to cause a lot of headaches for commuters all week. one lane closed right now. the entire eastbound lanes headed out of alameda here in the posey tube closed at 10:00 a.m. and they're asking folks to plan ahead, give yourself extra
6:35 am
time. some alternate routes, take fruitville or high street and those will be very busy, busier than usual as well as all the folks will have to choose one of those routes to take. we are again, live over the posey tube from alameda and folks going to oakland. one lane closed till about 10:00 a.m. and they plan to shut down the entire posey tube heading into oakland and keep that in mind, a very slow ride for some of you if you typically take that route, you'll have to use one of those alternate routes. also ac transit will be rerouted through the area and some of the lines that will be impacted are 19, 20, 51a, 96, and 8510 and w. so just a heads up, this is expected to last throughout much of the week. we're track ago smooth ride for
6:36 am
drivers headed along 880. the freeway in both directions in the green. 580 buzzing by and up towards 90. check of traffic and back over to you guys. >> celebration of life held today for victims of veteran's home shooting in yntville. the gunman, albert wong later shot and killed himself. wong was a former patient who'd been kicked out of the program for threatening one of the women. tonight's service starts at 6:00 p.m. at the lincoln theater on the veteran's home campus. developing out of texas, fourth bomb detonated in austin and police say explosion was different than the other three and assuming the blasts are all linked. it happened last night and two men injured while lugeing through a -- biking through a
6:37 am
naked but expected to be okay. according to police, bomb appears to have been triggered by a trip wire. residents in the area demanding answers. >> don't know if it was malicious or just an accident but i'm kind of scared that it's related and it's happening. >> officers asking residents to report any that looks suspicious and award for information leading to the arrest. putin posed to remain in office for six more years and 65 years of the vote. fourth term as president which should be his last under a new constitution. many expect putin to stay at the helm by shifting into another position of power. president trump will announce plans to tackle nationwide opioid epidemic today. plan calls for increased enforcement measures including
6:38 am
the death penalty for drug dealers and more mandatory sentences. president expected to urge congress to loosen restriction on used medicaid for drug treatment and emphasizings prevention. they appropriated $6 billion for the opioid epidemic. speculation on both sides of aisle that special council robert mueller may be next up on chopping block. it says in part that the president is not considering or discussing the firing of special council robert mueller. president fired out tweets of investigation into campaigns tied to russia. republicans and democrats took to political shows for stern warning of the bt to not -- president to not consider terminating the investigation. >> if he tried that would be the beginning of the end of his president. >> reporter: >> if the president reaches out and stops the investigation, that's a constitutional crisis
6:39 am
in the country. >> so far, four former trump campaign aids charged with financial crimes or lying to the fbi. three pleaded guilty and agreed to assist in mueller's investigation. former fbi director james comey's memoir not released till next month but already a best serl. yesterday a higher loyalty shot up to number one on samson's best -- amazon's best seller after comey said, mr. president, the american people will hear my story soon and can decide for themselves who is honorable and who is not. paying a toll to drive into downtown san francisco change your drive habits? >> could happen if a new bill aimed at easing congestion passes. sandra is live with a look at what this would mean for the bay area. sandra. >> reporter: hey, good morning, michelle. some lawmakers hoping this bill if passed will help ease
6:40 am
congestion into big cities throughout california, including traffic you see behind me this morning heading into san francisco. now, some new legislation being considered could allow four cities to host pilot paraments for the congestion -- programs for congestion fees or tolls. increasing use of public transportation. lawmakers listed on the bill are assembly member richard bloom and state senator scott weiner. two cities in northern california and two in southern california, which would have temporary congestion fee programs for specific zones called go zones such as downtown centers or dense urban cores. san francisco said the examer said at least one bay area lawmaker interested in implementing this program if san francisco. a $3 fee to head into downtown san francisco would lower the amount of collisions with pedestrians by up to 5%.
6:41 am
senator scott weiner hopes any funds raised by the program would give commuters more options to go into downtown centers. the bill could be heard by the transportation committee add early as -- as early as today. if you suffer from seasonal allergies, your symptoms could be getting worse. why climate change could be to blame. >> mama bear and cubs caught outside of the woods. the market opened up about ten minutes ago and get a quick look at big board here and dow is down about 129 points. coming up, get an update from the financial reporter jason brooks. does this map show the
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okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
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all we know right now... the winning ticket was sold *somewhere in pennsylvania. there's another chance to win some money tomorrow -- the mega- millions jackpot is worth 377 -million dollars. twitter bans cryptocurrency ads... . mega millions jackpot worth $377 million. >> we have a pool in the news room. >> we didn't win. >> no cause we're here. >> rr tiermt will have to -- retirement will have to wait. facebook shares fall amid a data scandal. >> kcbs reporter jason brooks. >> gutted morning. facebook really dragging on the stock market today and investors concerned about this latest data scandal. a company that had user data might have off loaded it to other third party developers and facebook said that's against the rules but the company cambridge analytics held onto data though it said
6:46 am
it delete it had and investigations into this promised around the world and facebook has been dealing with user privacy concerns and misinformation campaigns on social campaign net works and stock down 5% and in negative territory for 2018. twitter in the news. sky news reporting it'll be the latest company to ban cryptocurrency ads on google and facebook. cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and adds was an unnecessary risk to users. go to big board and dow dropping by almost 200 points and nasdaq down by 72 points and snp moving lower by 19 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks from kcbs radio. finally good news for the oakland dmv office that flooded
6:47 am
last month. the coliseum location will reopen today. the field office closed since early february after thieves stole copper pipe that caused the whole facility to flood. it cost tens of thousands of dollars in damage. time is 6:47, check of morning commute. start in the south bay. we have new crash and usual slow downs and tough ride for drivers this morning along 101 northbound if you're heading out of morgan hill area, we are in the red from tenant to cochran, about an 18 minute commute and further north, crash 18 minutes at 101 and delays backing up and speeds drop below 20 miles per hour so 34 minute ride and that is a very tough stretch this morning. looking so good till about 15 minutes ago. we are tracking speeds in the red for drivers headed across the san mateo bridge. it's about a 28 minute ride heading over to san mateo.
6:48 am
8:80 getting towards the bridge will be tough as well in the southbound direction. 20 minutes from 238 on down towards 84. heading northbound 880, that remains in the green. it's still looking good along the freeway near the coliseum and ride continues to move well approaching the bay bridge toll plaza on 880 and we're seeing usual crowds develop especially approaching highway 24 and 30 minute ride heading into san francisco. of course, those metering lights are on. check of traffic and i'll send it on over to neda for a check of forecast. taking a look here. san francisco, quite the bright glow out there ahead of sunshine at 7:14. the camera and this is our camera facing east and a look up at top of mount backa waiting for sun and today is the last day of winter and spring begins at exactly 9:15
6:49 am
a.m.. that's the official start for springtime and persian new year. i know to the second of when it'll be happening. temperatures in the 30s and 40s now and pretty cool. feeling a little winter like this morning but this afternoon will feel spring like. 33 in santa rosa and oakland 40, 39 in concord and watching visibility issues. not so much in the southeast bay. nice and clear and east of fairfield and central valley area and third mile visibility and up in santa rosa improved from less than 2 to 8-mile visibility. satellite radar with clear skies except for a bit of fog forming and the cloud coverage staying to the west of us and it is going to whereabout its way in. not till later on and afternoon highs mid to upper 60s and most of us in sunnyville and 70 degrees for campbell and 69 and across eastbound teamtures in mid to upper 60s and low 70s expected for this afternoon.
6:50 am
67 in brentwood, 70 in dublin, 64 for san francisco's high today ex beaches, temperatures in low 60s and mostly clear skies today, which will help with warping things up but then the clouds will start to come in around 5, 6:00 this afternoon and then that's when a sign of the rain that's on the way. you'll start to see clouds burst and then all the moisture combining and atmospheric river headed for california and it's a warmer, wetter storm system. you can really see it here on the rain, snow future cast and idea of how much rain on the way to california. a good amount arriving early tomorrow morning. more widespread rain tuesday night into wednesday as well and then staying through thursday. that's when the colder air settles in and we could see a bit of low elevation snowfall and friday continued showers as well. most bay area locations anywhere from three quarters of an inch and two in the south bay and 1 to 3-inches in the mountains and santa cruz mountains and north bay could
6:51 am
get around 3 to 5-inches and winds picking up wednesday. 45 miles per hour winds and localized urban flooding and debris flow likely because of the amount of rain coming and will last through friday afternoon and saturday morning but weekend looking dry and that's a look at your forecast. as neda said, tomorrow is the first day of spring and experts say you may have to cope with symptoms longer because of climate change. researchers say rising temperatures and more co2 in the air causing many pollen producing plants to bloom earlier. those blooms are lasting longer prolonging the allergy season. one doctor said many patients showing symptoms more severe than last years and expects that trend to continue. >> recent study showed that pollen counts likely to double by the year 2040 so overa bit more than 20 years. we'll see a significant increase. >> this is around the critical time to start seasonal allergy medications and oftentimes
6:52 am
people waited till the season was underway to take medications but symptoms already severe. a mother bear and baby caused quite a stir in one quiet southern california neighborhood. this cub was sleeping in the crawl space of a home in los angeles county over the weekend. it was roaming around backyards and eating acorns but what they didn't know was that its mother was right behind it. >> we were watching the little one and came back and saw the big one, momma bear and she came out just to get an eye on things and so now it's a whole new ball game, isn't it. >> bears lived by the foothills and humane society. chp operations found the whale off the coast of mir beach over the weekend. you can see it moving slowly just below the surface. chp's first spotted whale of
6:53 am
2018. time now is 6:52, traffic delays in the east bay and a massive fire in san francisco. your final five is next. speed like this" internet. neverh it's "all your teenagers streaming at once" internet. it's "i can get up to one, two, three, four, five mobile lines included?" internet! it's internet from xfinity that makes your life simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today.
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they say that strategy is not as obvious to the public. supervisor peskin is now calling for an outside investigation into the matter. it's 6--- it's 6--- . i'm anne makovec live in san francisco's north beach where you can see union street behind me is still closed down after a fire here on saturday night. a city supervisor calling on the fire chief to resign over what he calls a slow response to a big fire here. the fire broke out at columbus and union at about 7:30 on saturday and five businesses on the area and onlookers find the area to stop it. >> i called her drugger this
6:57 am
event -- during this event repeatedly and her voice mail was full and her high ranking staff that got here, realdzed they were not on the job. ? excuse. -- no ectocues. >> we're professional fire fighters and the men and women perform at a very high level. we know what we're doing. >> reporter: they followed the standard operating procedure that calls for fire fighters to attack the flames from the inside first. that strategy just not as obvious to the public. calling for outside investigation. anne makovec, kpix 5. 6:57 time for final five. searchers in sierra finally able to use a holocometter to search -- helicopter to search for a missing bay area skier. thomas was seeing in bear valley on wednesday when he was reported missing. they've gotten at least six feet of snow that had shut down the search. despite speculation that
6:58 am
president trump is thinking of firing special council mueller. the president accuses mueller of leading a biased investigation into his campaign's connections. alleged connections to russia. candidates to replace ed lee will face off in a mayoral debate and focus on issues important to lgbtq community and debate starting al 7:30. loved ones and commune members slated to gather to remember the victims killed earlier this month during a day long siege at country's largest veteran's home. sinkhole that opened up near posey tube from oakland to alameda causing delays this week. commuters advised to go around the delay. fruitville, or high street but keep in mind, those will be slower and busier than usual
6:59 am
with everyone using those at alternate routes and we're tracking a new accident and this is along 880 near 238 heading in that northbound direction so expect delays making way into san leandro and san jose. new ks blocking one lane at mckey. neda. >> good morning. view from outside and nice clear conditions for most of the north bay except for in the area where fog is forming and this is a cool shot with morning glow. official sunrise 7:14 and cool out there and 30s and 40s and grab a jacket walking the dog out there and rain out there and by tomorrow morning, and a few inches of rain and expect a lot of locations and get ready for that. we could see a pretty wet week tomorrow. >> thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. >> cbs this morning coming up
7:00 am
next. have a great day and look at that beautiful shot. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, march 19th, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. another mysterious explosion in austin, texas, injures two people. it's the fourth blast this month. we're near the scene with how a trip wire may have detonated this bomb. >> president trump takes direct aim at special counsel robert mueller. attacking the credibility of mueller and his team. and facebook faces serious questions about protecting user data after more than 50 million profiles were exploited by a political data firm tied to the trump campaign. >> plus, the deadly fall for a veteran cir


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