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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 19, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. traffic clogged at a major east bay artery. some drivers forced to find a different path off the island of alameda. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. and i'm kenny choi. the tunnel east bay commuters use to exit alameda, kpix 5 reporter, jessica flores looks at the impact on traffic. >> reporter: the island of alameda is feeling a lot more isolated today. one of the main ways off the
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island, the posey tube is shut down. during the morning commute, only one lane remained open as crews prepared to shut down both eastbound lanes, a slow moving morning for alameda drivers heading into downtown oakland. >> i'll be leaving 20 minutes early, to be honest. it's never ideal. if a car stalls in the morning, you're looking at a good, 20, 30 minutes. >> the city of oakland working on preparing a sinkhole that opened up when a storm drain failed last week. the posey tube runs under water connecting webster street in alameda, and harrison street in oakland. the problem spot at the exit on harrison and 6th street. the problem is being fast tracked as crews rush to make necessary repairs. lanes could be closed for the better part of the week. >> it's going to be a disaster. >> ac transit buses are taking detours and many drivers are headed for other ways off the island like the park street
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bridge. expect a headache of a commute during rush hour, until the sinkhole is repaired. a sinkhole repair job in san francisco is creating a similar problem for drivers. public works is reducing traffic to a single lane on hay street between franklin and goff. the city says if it doesn't fix the sinkhole problems, it could lead to a sewer problem in the area. an autonomous driving uber car has killed a pedestrian. this is file video of the program. the fatal accident happened in tempe, arizona, overnight. police say the car was in auto mode with a person behind the wheel and a woman walking outside a crosswalk was hit. uber tweeted this statement. our hearts go out to the victim's family, we are fully cooperating with authorities as they investigate the incident. the company has suspended the program in all cities.
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work is underway to find the source of a massive fire in north beach. kpix 5 reporter, anne makovec says there continues to be questions about the fire department's response to the blaze. union street here behind me is still closed down, and the building is standing, as you can see here behind me. through the windows, you can see the extent of the damage as the investigation into the cause of this fire continues. as fire restoration workers arrived today to begin their work, north beach neighbors came by to see the damage for themselves. >> i'm very sad to see this. i just couldn't believe it. >> reporter: this fire tore through the 3-story building at columbus and union saturday night, destroying 5 businesses, the newly renovated coit liquor, and more than 140 firefighters gathered to attack the flames, some onlookers felt they were moving into slowly,
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including supervisor aaron peskin, who called for the fire chief to resign. >> i called her during the event repeatedly. her voice mail is full, and her high ranking staff that got here realized that they were on the job. there is no excuse for it. >> reporter: today san francisco's acting mayor had harsh words for peskin's criticism. >> to comment that they should resign during the middle of a live fire is one of the most inappropriate things you can do. >> reporter: fire officials said they pulled hoses inside the building first to attack it there, a move many from the outside didn't see. the chief defended her department's actions on saturday night. >> we're professional firefighters. we know what we're doing, and the men and women tonight performed at a very high level. my understanding is we had water on the fire within 6 minutes. >> reporter: the damage is done, and neighbors fear the character of north beach is about to change. >> these are businesses that have been here a long time, they're part of san francisco, so it's very very sad.
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>> reporter: supervisor peskin is calling for an outside independent investigation into the fire department's response. in north beach, anne makovec, kpix 5. incredibly the only injury was to a firefighter who fell from a truck. he is expected to be fine. assembly bill 2578 seeks more than $50 million in the first ten years to shore up the embarcadero sea wall. city leaders and state lawmakers made the announcement this morning saying that the work has to get done before it's too late. >> the next earthquake will hit. as a city we will be strong and ready to respond and we need to make sure our infrastructure is ready to protect the city. >> the sea wall was built more than a hundred years ago on safe soil. the cost of repairs and safety upgrades could run more than a half billion dollars. new this morning, a tip
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leads richmond police to a major drug bust. police seized $50,000 worth of drugs and two guns that happened yesterday on north 25th street near east clay street. one person was arrested. police say they had been watching the area for several weeks after being alerted by a neighbor. a celebration of life will be held later today for the victims of the veterans home shooting. christine lober and jennifer gonzalez were shot and killed in the march 9th rampage, inside the offices where they worked. the gunman, albert wong later shot and killed himself. he was a former patient who had been kicked out of the program for threatening one of the women. tonight's service starts at 6:00 p.m. at the lincoln theater on the veterans home campus. the search for a missing bay area skier has entered its 5th day. searchers in the area were able to use a helicopter over the weekend to look for 65-year-old thomas malar ky of richmond.
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since then they have gotten 6 feet of snow, which hampered the search. new fears this noon that the president is trying to quash the investigation by special counsel robert mueller. in a tweet this morning president trump called mueller's work a total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest. that follows a weekend of twitter attacks that included the president saying o quote the -- quote, the mueller probe should never have been started and accusing investigators for being politically motivated. a trump nominated rod rossenstein. >> gowdy told the president if he's innocent, while the president's personal lawyer called on rosenstein to bring the russia investigation into an end. lawmakers are warning the president not to interfere. former fbi director's james comey's memoir won't be released until next month. it's already a best seller. a higher loyalty shot to number
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one on amazon's best seller list after comey tweeted this out, mr. president, the american people will hear my story very soon and they can judge for themselves who is honorable, and who is not. florida police are investigating the sudden death of a circue du soleil performer during a live show. the aerialist fell to the stage during his high flying routine saturday night in tampa. reporter, tony dekoppel is following the investigation. >> reporter: choreographed before his hand appeared to slip, causing him to plummet to the stage below. >> he looked like he hit his neck or shoulder, and laid motionless. the paramedics took him to the hospital. >> reporter: tampa police say he fell 20 feet to the ground. arneau had been with circue du
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soleil for more than a decade. they use safety nets and harnesses when they feel they are appropriate but didn't feel they needed them here. >> we have been doing straps in a lot of our shows for many many years so far. we never had a major incident, and there are over the years, nobody thought that we needed to have a safety knelt or harness. >> reporter: this is the second deadly fall during the live circue du soleil performance. in 2013, 31-year-old sarah guillo fell about 50 feet during a dramatic fight scene in the las vegas show, kaa. ceo lamar says he'll review the results of an independent investigation to see if changes need to be made for future shows. for now, he's focused on honoring, arneau's legacy. >> his wife also works for the show. the couple has two children. the remainder of the shows in tampa were canceled. charging drivers to enter
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san francisco's most congested quarters, the plan being discussed in sacramento today. a family of bears moves into a los angeles neighborhood where they decided to take up residence, much to one family's surprise. and thin clouds are starting to move into the bay area, a sign, though, of a storm that's out there. it's coming. we'll talk about the rain that's expected to hit us here soon coming up.
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latest bombings show a different level of sophistication. two men were injured in police in austin sa city's latest bombings show a different level of sophistication. two men were hurt in explosions
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last night. but investigators are finding significant differences from earlier package bombs. >> reporter: an austin neighborhood remained under lock down after local police aided by fbi and atf agents spent the night investigating explosion. fourth in the city this month. this latest incident happened last night. police say two men in their 20s were hurt while walking their bikes in a residential neighborhood. they were hospitalized in good condition. >> we believe that a trip wire may have been in effect on this device. >> reporter: this explosion happened in southwest austin, far from the 3 package bomb attacks in the eastern part of the city that killed two people and injured two others earlier this month. the previous attacks targeted black or hispanic victims. police say sunday night's victims were white, but investigators still see a connection. >> based on the preliminary review we have done at this
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time, we have seen similarities in the device that exploded here last night and the other three devices that have exploded in austin starting on march 2nd. >> reporter: police are asking residents if they see anything suspicious, not to touch it. but to call 911. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. the award for the three previous blasts is $115,000. heads up drivers, you may have to pay a fee to enter downtown san francisco. that's a new bill aimed at easing congestion in big city passes. a 2011 study found charging a 3- dollar fee to enter downtown san francisco could reduce collisions with pedestrians by 5%. one lawmaker suggests the money raised will go to public transportation programs to give commuters more options. the measure is expected to be discussed later today in sacramento. a mama bear and her cub ventured out of the woods and entered a quiet neighborhood to the surprise of many.
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take a look at this. neighbors say this cub had been sleeping in the crawl space of a home in los angeles county over the weekend. they say that it was roaming around backyards and eating acorns. what they didn't know was that its mother was right behind it. >> we were watching the little one and came back and saw the big one, the mama bear with a tag in the air, and she came out just to get by on things, and so now it's a whole new ball game, isn't it? >> yeah, don't mess with mama. bears lived nearby in the foothills. turns out the humane society came by to handle the situation and decided to leave the bears alone for now. >> let them do their thing, roam around, have fun, and they eat. >> they look so cuddle. don't do it, they're not teddy bears. what a view this is at the golden gate bridge. a few clouds coming through in the south bay. right around the bay, it's looking clear out there still, and here are your headlines for
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today. warm weather, and sunny for most of the morning hours and yes, through the afternoon as well. rain will arrive tomorrow morning through friday and we are going to have a windy and wet week as well. so wind gusts are going to start to pick up. here's a view at ocean beach. look at the people enjoying the beach. this would be the day to head out there. once the rain starts coming, you may not want to hit the beeches and go surfing, i did see people surf in the colder waters they're brave. livermore, oakland, 53 degrees. and your afternoon temperatures are going to be a few degrees above average. we should be in the low to mid- 60s for this time of year, mid- to upper 60s. so across the south bay, a look at the temperatures, santa clara, san jose, 70 in dublin and pleasanton. it will be really warm this afternoon. we'll start to get thin clouds. we're starting to see that across the south bay. around the bay, temperatures in the mid-60s. cooler in ukiah. sunset happening tonight at 7:o 20. by the time the sunset arrives, it will look like mostly cloudy conditions. you can see it build up on our
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satellite and radar. a lot of this was clear for most of the morning, and now it's all a sign of what's to come. we are getting that subtropical moisture. the atmosphere and river that's headed towards california, so wind and rain is on the way. the first round of rain drops will arrive tomorrow morning, not expected to be very heavy. tomorrow afternoon, the afternoon commute, it will be wet and windy. same with wednesday night into thursday. that's pretty much going to be the time where the wind and rain will be the strongest. we could see up to an inch and a half of rain. 3 to 5 inches for the coastal mountain ranges. winds picking up to 45 miles per hour gusts, especially on wednesday. there's a concern for urban flooding, mud slides, debris flows. here's a look at the 7-day forecast. you can see things will calm down by the weekend. until then, we're going to have wet weather in our forecast for the next few days. enjoy this last day of winter, even though it feels like spring. >> that's true. >> we'll do that. thank you. facebook stock took a beating this noon. the tumble blamed on the weekend disclosure that the
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company cambridge analytica, harvested data from 50 million facebook users and used if for 2016 political ads. last check, it was down more than 7%. here's a look at the big board. the dow is down, look at that, about 385 points. still ahead, our student rising above, fighting tough odds to find success and a first class education. >> send us your pet questions and our pet expert will give you an answer every friday right here at noon.
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s-r-a scholar struggled to keep her family's business afloat but as christin ayers shares with us, evelyn montiel life is now pretty sweet (ice cream ) track one if there's been one constant in today's sra scholars struggle to keep the business' afloat. >> evan latiel's life is pretty sweet. >> reporter: if there's been one constant in evelyn's life, it's this, her family's east oakland based ice cream truck. for over 20 years, the fortunes hinged on this truck and this treat. >> i became an adult very early. life was rarely sweet, 12 years ago, she was a high school junior, an a student, and class president. then at home, she was in survival mode, fighting to keep this business afloat. >> it was being two people at the same time. >> reporter: after a bumpy start at college, she dropped out. >> they were able to give me
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the help that i needed. >> reporter: help with applying for and getting into a different school, the university of southern california, the years flew by, punctuated by internships, by students rising up. >> to help make sure i made it through and i was prepared to enter the work force. >> reporter: but the work force wasn't prepared for her. evelyn graduated at the height of the recession. >> i just finished a pre-mba at stanford, and i can't get a job. i'm here selling fruit in east oakland. like i cried. >> reporter: students rising above would not let her slip through the cracks. connecting her with a job interview that would launch her career in finance. now evelyn is a broker at a silicon valley start up that aspires to democktize the stock market. she goes back home to east oakland and evelyn's ice cream. life, she says is a beautiful dream, one she could not have created on her own. >> i want to go back, and tell
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them that story. >> reporter: for students rising above, i'm christin ayers. >> evelyn will be a featured speaker at the rising above gala on thursday, march 22nd at the ritz in san francisco, and to meet our other scholars and their stories, go to our web site, we'll are be right back.
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francisco for the world's largest today, cabbage, cabbage in the winter time, you know why it's greener in the winter time than summer, because it's colder. and they have a certain frost to them and they come out nice and green like this. wonderful. and let me tell you, cabbage is always a big bang for a buck. it's a super food, loaded with nutritional value and the prices are great. selection and storage is very important. when you bite, you want to make sure it's green all the way around and the outer leaves are nice and green. the inner leaves are green, too. check the bottom where it's been cut. make sure there's no browning on the outer leaves whatsoever. when you bring them home, always store them in the refrigerator, and storing them, even though they look like they can last for a long time, they're so hearty, cabbage is great for us, loaded with nutritional value. great flavor and so versatile. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh
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grocer, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. developer descend on san francisco for the world's largest event dedicated to making video games. a look at the latest gadgets on the news at five. >> sounds pretty cool. >> i wonder if they'll bring super mario brothers. >> and duck hunt. >> and ms. pacman. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. have a wonderful rest of your afternoon. >> i forgot about halo. >> that's a pretty cool game, too.
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