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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  March 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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chopper 5 right now. as you can see, a very active scene in the middle of this very busy intersection here in san francisco. very large presence from the san francisco police department. there is a muni bus stuck in the middle of all of this. there are multiple ambulances. we are told that everyone who was shot including the officer was taken to san francisco general hospital. now we have some snapchat video up for you from the scene of the shooting before our cameras could get on the ground out here. take a look at it right now. we're told this happened outside -- [ sirens ] >> shots fired, shots fired. officer down 949 geneva, officer down, barbershop, some victims shot at 943 geneva.
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>> 943 geneva. i got two victims. >> reporter: okay. you are listening to sound right there from the dispatch calls from that officer down call. as we're out here right now, we're seeing some officers in tactical gear take off at this point as well as an ambulance getting ready to leave the scene out here. we are told that the officer has nonlife threatening injuries. i spoke to a witness here on the ground earlier this afternoon. they told me they heard at least six shots that were fired during this entire incident out here. that was at least six. they said it could have been higher. elizabeth, allen, back to you. >> andria borba, thanks so much. we'll continue our breaking news coverage with joe vazquez. he is live outside sf general. joe? >> reporter: allen, take a look behind me. you see a podium set up here because we're expecting information at any moment and back over there is quite a big
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police as there has been for the last hour or so. that's one of the san francisco police commissioners walking back there. the sfpd command staff is also on hand. the paramedics rushed the police officer and two others here to zuckerberg general hospital a short while ago. the officer is injured and did not suffer a life threatening wound. so far they are not elaborating on his condition. the two others who were also brought here were also described as wounded but again no details on their injuries beyond that. zuckerberg san francisco general hospital spokesman brent andrews said he'll come out and update us on the officer's condition and the other two people. he said the chief of the san francisco police department, bill scott, is here and is expecting to come out here in a few minutes as well and say a few words and answer a few questions. bottom line, you have a police officer here at the hospital suffering from nonlife threatening injuries. you have two others and we aren't sure of their conditions. >> joe vazquez, thanks so much.
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>> back live to chopper 5 here's what we know. at least three people including one police officer suffered nonlife threatening injuries. muni lines have been rerouted around the 900 block of geneva avenue. again we are awaiting a briefing from the san francisco police chief at the hospital there. we will bring it to you live as it happens. bay area cities taking on big oil, they say fossil fuel giants knowingly contribute to global warming and should be on the hook for billions of dollars in damage. it's a landmark courtroom showdown. cities of san francisco and oakland are demanding big oil pay for the consequences of climate change. kpix5's phil matier found out the oil companies are not the only ones making money from fossil fuels. phil? >> reporter: that's right. while the cities are claiming that it's big profits that are triggering global warming and rising sea levels behind us, actually people are making money right here at city hall to help pay for pensions as well off oil companies, but let's hear what city attorney
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dennis herrera had to say about the big oil part of it. >> it's time that the defendants pay for the profits that they made on behalf of the public for generations. >> reporter: the leader showdown that pits san francisco and oakland against some of the nation's biggest oil companies is about money, the big money that cities will need to deal with the effects of global warming. >> we estimate that we're going to spend tens of billions of dollars here in san francisco to protect against sea level rise. >> reporter: officials are already asking the state for 250 million to start repairs on the city's aging seawall. >> it's imperative that we protect this asset not just for san francisco, but for the bay and for our california economy. >> reporter: while the attorney for chevron agreed that climate change is real, they don't think that they should be the only ones who pay to fix it. >> climate change is a global issue and global matter that needs to be addressed with global solutions. >> for them to sit there and
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say well, it's not us i think it doesn't really pass the laugh test. the fact of the matter is they've known about this. >> reporter: but big oil aren't the only ones making big money at the expense of the environment. san francisco's own government worker pension fund has over $550 million invested in some 200 fuel-related companies. so on one hand, the city is suing big oil for the problems it's caused to the environment. at the same time the other hand is using big oil profits to help pay its workers' pensions. should the city be invested in these companies? >> that's something for the pension fund to decide. >> reporter: none of the pension board trustees we tried to contact with comment. former mayor willie brown who also served on the state's retired board, however, said san francisco isn't the only city with big oil investments. >> you usually make the decision on what makes the most money. >> reporter: and fossil fuel makes money. >> lots of money. >> reporter: isn't that hypocritical? >> well, all this stuff is hypocritical. what are you talking about,
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phil? you know all this stuff is hypocritical. none of it is pure. you just have to do the pest you can. >> reporter: there is a move -- best you can. >> reporter: there is a move afoot to have the city's pension foot divest or in other words, get out of the oil business, but so far the pension board hasn't found a safe place to put the money and they see oil as a hedge on inflation no matter what goes on in the courtroom. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. recent immigration raids in northern california have sparked a furious response from bay area leaders, but now one of the bay area's top i.c.e. agents is speaking out on the criticism. our susie steimle has his story. >> whether it's politicians or activists, we've heard a lot recently about i.c.e. in the bay area, but i.c.e. itself has remained consistently quiet usually just issuing us a statement about these stories until today when agents asked for the opportunity to tell their side of the story. if you take one thing away from
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this story, jerry templay hopes this is it. you see these guys arresting undocumented immigrants? they work for i.c.e. so does jerry. he says this is not what he and his agents generally do. >> our mission is the investigation of criminal activity. >> reporter: jerry works for hsi, the investigative arm of i.c.e. hsi focuses on child exploitation, human trafficking and gang arrests, not just immigration, but he says people see the name i.c.e. on their uniforms and get in their way. that's what happened at a protest in berkeley last week. >> knepp have no idea what they're walking into. it's dangerous. it's dangerous for our agents. it's dangerous for the people who show up because we are going after some of the most violent criminals in the country. >> reporter: it's a public relations nightmare in a sanctuary state where i.c.e. has become a dirty word for some communities. jerry is hoping talking to the media today will help. >> if you will change the
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narrative of what hsi is doing and the great public safety work that we do. >> reporter: what can you do to change the public perception that is so negative for so many people? >> i think that this is part of what we're trying to do. >> reporter: san francisco's former i.c.e. spokesperson james schwab recently stepped down saying he could no longer lie for the trump administration. jerry says he's trying to work around the politics and regain public trust. >> the trump administration is telling a very different narrative. is that a problem for you? >> i work for immigration and customs enforcement. the administration make its comments. what we're trying to do is push our mission forward. >> reporter: the enforcement side of i.c.e., not what jerry and his branch does, the enforcement side arrested 24,000 people in 2017. 84% of those arrests were
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criminals where people were arrested here for immigration issues. one group claims mark farrell's appointment as interim mayor of san francisco violated city and state laws. the naacp sent this letter to the d.a. part of it says, "the violation was a blatant, well publicized serial meeting among at least six board members who planned the appointment of mark farrell as mayor." the naacp claims the supervisors held the meetings in secret back in january. ervisors they eventually led to the ouster of london breed as mayor and the appointment of ferrell. the group claims the supervisors -- farrell. the group claims the supervisors violated the brown act which requires meetings of that nature to be open to the public. the group wants the d.a.'s office to investigate. so far the d.a. has not responded. now to a storm watch and check out the scene from the north bay, several roads flooded out and closed today, but it didn't stop people in
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western sonoma county from driving right through the water. it's been on and off showers and downpours today, but heavier rain is on the way. chief meteorologist paul deanno is tracking the storm. >> tonight and tomorrow morning the radar will get very active. we will see gusty winds and the chance of thunderstorms even overnight. the bay area is dry now, but look to the east, thunderstorms and mountain snow. the atmospheric river is developing and building to our south and a cold front is moving in from the north. we are the only dry place within 400 miles of the bay area. that changes tonight. futurecast shows the moisture coming up from the south. look at the heavy rain from big sur and south of monterey and santa cruz and capitola. that's where the heaviest rain will stay, but some of that tropical moisture work its way north. showers increase by 3 or 4 a.m., some gusty winds. now here comes the cold front from the north. i'll stop the clock on 9:00 tomorrow morning where we will see widespread downpours, gusty winds and the risk of thunderstorms.
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that stormy window is about 12 hours. it will start in the far north bay at 11:00 tonight. it will clear the santa clara valley at 11:00 tomorrow morning. bursts of heavy rain and gusty winds are likely as that front moves through and the thunderstorm threat is higher than it typically is with the cold front with all the tropical moisture piling in. in the sierra we're above 7,000 feet in elevation, more heavy snow expected tonight through the morning. some higher peaks may see up to 60 inches of snow. snow there. we'll have a storm here and the end of the rain has been pushed back. we'll talk about when the rain finally does move out come up. >> thanks, paul. mark zuckerberg breaking his silence, the facebook ceo gives his first tv interview about what he calls a breach of trust, how he plans to keep your data secure. >> new dashcam video from the uber self-driving car the moments before it hit and killed a woman in arizona.
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>> we continue to follow breaking news, a san francisco police officer shot in the crocker amazon area, at least two others injured. we are waiting for a news conference from the police chief. we'll keep you updated on the latest developments. nick's been homeless for decades, but this deputy reached out to help him get an id. then a volunteer private eye found a key to nick's past. >> his birth mother was still alive. >> 65 years later the remarkable reunion. >> he suddenly discovered he has a family when he thought he was alone in the world. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. ♪
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. allowed for a massive data facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is now acknowledging
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they made mistakes that allowed for a massive data breach. revelations have put the bay area-based company in crisis mode. kpix5's len ramirez on what facebook is promising to do to rebuild public trust. len? >> reporter: well, it does have a lot of rebuilding to too and that is part of what mark dug -- do and that is part of what mark zuckerberg is doing at this moment. he's giving his first on camera interview since the scandal broke to cnn, but we do have an excerpt from that interview where mr. zuckerberg talks about some of the tools facebook users will get in the near future to help them identify how much of their data is going out. >> when we identify apps that are doing sketchy things, we'll make sure we tell people then, too. that's definitely something that looking back on this i regret that we didn't do at the time and i think we got that wrong and we're committed to getting that right going forward. >> reporter: so mr. zuckerberg has a lot of explaining to do.
6:16 pm
in fact, he's doing it right now, but some say that his statement today and his interview now is long overdue. after being missing for days while the cambridge analytica scandal unraveled, facebook founder mark zuckerberg broke his silence saying he was spending time investigating what happened. in a statement posted to his own facebook page zuckerberg said, "we have a responsibility to protect your data and if we can't, then we don't deserve to serve you. i've been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn't happen again." >> a lot of people are asking themselves why now? >> reporter: antonio garcia martinez with wired magazine used to be an administering for facebook. he says the tools are apps that allowed cambridge analytica to harvest the data of 50 million facebook users to target political ads for tramp have been around for years. >> obama campaign operatives basically admitted to doing the exact same thing in 2012. you know, why now?
6:17 pm
i think one of the big stories is it's gotten to the point where the political world which, frankly, is behind the more commercial world in terms of their advertising sophistication is finally using the tools that amazon or whatever has used for years. >> reporter: zuckerberg's statement said facebook began limiting the data those apps could harvest in 2014. he also announced that he would investigate all apps that have access to large amounts of data, restrict developers' data access and make users understand apps that allow access to their data, but trading in data is a big part of facebook's business. >> i kind of depend on facebook just to gather data and information for my e commerce store as well. >> reporter: zuckerberg's statement ended with a promise. "while this specific issue involving cambridge analytica should no longer happen with new apps today, that doesn't change what happened in the past. we will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward." zuckerberg's statement today
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rather lengthy, but critics are already pointing out it's missing two words, i'm sorry. although zuckerberg has taken responsibility for what happened, he is not apologizing, at least not yet, to facebook users. live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> zuckerberg posted his message just as the markets were closing. you can see facebook stock is on a bit of a rebound after steep drops monday and tuesday. new at 6:00 a look at bay area reservoir levels after a wet week. they are slowly filling up from all the rain, but most of them are not even close to full. kpix5's devin fehely used sky drone 5 to put it in perspective for us. >> reporter: it's no coincidence the only reservoir in santa clara county that's so full it's currently overflowing is also the smallest. the sona reservoir at los gatos belies the nature of sill con's
6:19 pm
water supply where most of are half empty. >> we'll end this year well below normal. >> reporter: case in point, morgan hill's reservoir. despite recent rains that turned the hillsides emerald green entering this spring it's just 45% full. the 10 reservoirs in the santa clara valley water district are collectively just 1/3 full or more pessimistically put, 2/3 empty. >> we never know what's around. so that's why we encourage conservation. we really believe conservation is a way of life, the new normal. >> reporter: the silver lining the water district says is customers continue to conserve. in 2017 customers used 21% less water compared to the early years of the drought in 2013. >> this could be the first year of another five year drought. if you asked us in 2013 how we feel, we'd say our groundwater levels are good. our reservoirs are okay. we're hoping for a nice, wet year next year and then we had
6:20 pm
five really dry years. >> reporter: it's almost impossible to predict annual rainfall from one year to the next. wet winter last year has been followed by a relatively dry one, this month aside. a water district spokesperson said dry years and drought conditions will be likely in the future and that the best bet is always conservation. devin fehely, kpix5. it is increasingly getting more active on the radar. the bay area is the exception right now. that changes tonight. look at the thunderstorms north of sacramento, sierra snow beginning to fire up and the cold front has crossed through eureka. next up is redding and chico. it was a warm day today, close to 70 degrees, cloudy, wet, humid, but we were above average, san jose and redwood city 67, san francisco 60 now. satellite and radar review those you two things coming at us. one is a cold front to our north, what is more prominent,
6:21 pm
and the atmospheric river extending back south of hawaii. a lot of juice in the atmosphere, year-round about 1,000 miles to our south. every once in a while some of that gets pulled up north. this is one of those cases. that's why we have such a big flooding threat in central and southern california. we're getting a glancing blow. that said, a few evening showers, heavier rain overnight and early tomorrow. the chance of thunderstorms, breezy to windy. look at the highs tomorrow because you will get afternoon sunshine. you may be inclined to get outside. it's kind of weird. the overnight temperatures at midnight may be warmer than tomorrow afternoon. vallejo and fremont 60, san jose 61. it might be 65 at midnight and cooler in the afternoon behind that cold front, san rafael your high tomorrow 58. thunderstorms are possible as this front moves through and it will be breezy as the front approaches and crosses the bay area tomorrow morning. here's your extended forecast. tonight and tomorrow morning
6:22 pm
the stormiest weather of anything you see on your screen. tonight we're talking about isolated showers, a few scattered showers saturday and sunday. notice sunday is now wet. next monday is a completely rain free day. once the rain goes away it is likely to stay away for at least a week and highs will approach 70 degrees by next wednesday. that's your forecast. >> thanks, paul. they are america's heroines of world war ii. today is rosie the riveter day and we meet some original rosies who refuse to be underestimated. >> a former warriors coach is the sex symbol of the ncaa tournament. ♪ i'm too sexy for my shirt ♪ . >> this guy rips off his shirt when his team wins. is he going to change now? his reaction is next.
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to make one more big splash
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the raiders made a flurry of moves in free agency last weekend, but jon gruden was hoping to make one more big splash. >> we're signing some free agents. we're working hard. it's getting dark, but we ain't done yet. >> he might be done. unfortunately suh' reportedly canceled his visit after meeting with the titans, the lions and the rams. steph curry returned to practice today and is on track to return friday night against the hawks. klay and kevin durant aren't far behind. golden state is just 3-3 since curry went down, which is a reminder of what curry means to the lineup. >> reporter: how much does not having steph back remind you of his impact? >> we know how impactful steph is. we know what he does for our team and franchise. so i'd prefer not to be
6:26 pm
reminded of how much he means to us. >> back toow the ncaa tournament resumes tomorrow and the first match-up features the most unlikely match-up between the ramblers of loyola, chicago, and the nevada wolfpack. eric musselman was jacked out of his mind after his nevada team erased a 22 point deficit to stun cincinnati last week and clearly there's a reason his name is musselman. look at those guns, oh my. the former warrior coach has no plans of changing his postgame striptease act. >> at this stage of my career like, you know, the only ones i'm really worried about, so to speak, are, you know, my bosses, our school president, our athletic directors and our players. i guess my wife, too. i don't want to embarrass her too much more. this morning i was going to sleep in and she said you need to go down and get on the treadmill if you plan on winning another game. >> do some situps.
6:27 pm
nevada plays loyola, chicago tomorrow and sister jean isn't the ramblers only star in the windy city. daunte ingram got a shout out from chance the rapper on twitter. >> he didn't even have twitter and he got tweeted at by chance the rapper, so he made a twitter. >> to be honest, i have two classes that require twitter right now. so i was on the verge of making one anyway and then honestly obviously winning a couple games in the tournament and all the attention we've been getting and then getting out shout out from another south side native, that added to it. that was the icing on the cake. i finally gave in to make a twitter. >> how many followers did he pick up? >> probably instantly. >> he got one instantaneously, chance. that's pretty cool. >> a game winning shot, you pick up 100,000 followers. that's all i need to do. >> he has two classes that
6:28 pm
require twitter. been a long time since i took college. >> wonder what those classes are when you're required to tweet? >> what do we know about that. >> a for tweeting. coming up in our next half hour we continue to follow breaking news, a police officer shot in san francisco. we're waiting for an update from the chief. >> california towns devastated by mudslides about to get hit by relentless rain, an update on the threat in santa barbara county. >> how police tracked down the serial bomber in texas and what police found in his home today. ♪
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♪ ♪ (vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all new
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2018 subaru forester models. now through april 2nd. you're watching kpix5 news. it happened late breaking news at 6:30, a police officer and two others are in the hospital after a shootout in san francisco. it happened late this afternoon on geneva avenue and london street just a block from mission. >> kpix5's joe vazquez is live outside sf general with the very latest. joe? ntecito is >> reporter: three ambulances came here to zuckerberg general hospital today, three ambulances with three victims of gunshot wounds after a shootout in the outer mission. now officials are not saying very much, but they are telling us the officer who was shot did
6:32 pm
not suffer a life threatening wound. so far they are not elaborating on the condition of the two others who were also brought here. at least one of them is believed to be a suspect who opened fire on the top. that shootout happened about 4 -- cop. the shootout happened about 4:40 this afternoon at geneva and mission outside a barbershop. it's still not clear what sparked the shooting. hospital spokesman brent andrew and chief bill scott of the san francisco police department are expected to come out any moment and make a statement and update us on the officer's condition. meanwhile the busy intersection of mission and geneva is closed and probably will be for several hours as police continue to investigate that shooting scene. back to you. let's talk weather now. on storm watch for us it is going to get wet and windy tonight and early tomorrow. as we look at the radar, though, things are calm. check out what's going on already in southern california where it's going to get much
6:33 pm
worse. we're looking there at a lot of mudslides and also the risk of some flash flooding. you can see very active weather already in southern california with more to come tonight. the city of montecito once again turning into a muddy mess. it happened in january after the thomas fire. reporter randy page is in the danger zone where the threat of debris flows remains high. >> reporter: yesterday montecito creek at the east valley bridge was not much more than a trickle. here's how it looks today after a few hours of mostly light to moderate rain. downstream yesterday we were able to climb down into the storm channel and walk right to the edge of the catch basin. today the water level is significantly higher and it's flowing with tremendous velocity. it can be extremely dangerous to anyone who get too close to the edge. santa barbara county fire spokesman. >> you don't want to get too
6:34 pm
close to these creeks because it can only take 6 inches of water to knock you down. we want to keep people away from the fast moving creeks so they don't get swept up in the fast moving water. >> reporter: in downtown montecito today this is what it looks like at the base of olive view road. a steady flow of water has come down the street all day. this is the street that had some of the worst damage in the deadly january mud flows. mud came right to the doorstep of mark vance's home and the house next-door was severely damaged. yesterday he told us he plans to stay despite the mandatory evacuation orders. we stopped by today to see how it went last night. >> we stayed up real late just to see, you know, and got out our popcorn, but everything went easy. so we went to sleep after a while. >> reporter: as for tonight? >> definitely staying, yeah. we'll ride it out. we're hopefully going to be watching the mud go by instead of feeling it. >> reporter: we're keeping an eye on romero creek. this is one of the creeks that
6:35 pm
had massive mud flows in january. you can see the color of the water is clearly brown, has a lot of mud and dirt coming down from the mountains. these are the areas that swift water rescue teams are keeping a close eye on while those who live throughout this area are told it is too dangerous to stay tonight. it is now time to leave. hitting and killing a in montecito, randy page, kpix5. new video of an autonomous car operated by uber hitting and killing a woman walking across a street in tempe, arizona. you see a dashcam was rolling when it happened sunday night. there was an emergency backup driver inside the car, but they were unable to stop that car in time. the death is said to be the first ever involving self- driving technology. he built. the serial bombing suspect in austin, texas, recorded a cell phone video where he describes the explosive devices he built. the video is not being released, but investigators say
6:36 pm
23-year-old mark conditt went into great detail about the bombs. he started planting them early this month leaving two people dead and several people hurt. conditt ended up blowing himself up in an suv overnight as police were about to take him into custody. explosive experts are now sweeping locations around austin that are linked to the suspect. ques >> there was no completed devices in the how. there was componentry and the homemade explosive material that we found in the house. that's what we're most concerned about. >> investigators are now questioning conditt's roommates to help find a motive. they're also working to determine how conditt gained the knowledge to make the sophisticated bombs. coming up a thief snatches a laptop at starbucks, but the victim wasn't giving in that easily, how it ended. >> a little boy flies across the country for a dream come true moment, his meeting with his hero, steph curry.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
robber snatched the victim's
6:39 pm
laptop at the starbucks at grove and center street in castro valley. a getaway ca e victim caugh surveillance video shows a bay area woman in hot pursuit of a thief. her laptop was taken at the starbucks in castro valley at grove and center streets. the victim caught up and wrestled her laptop away before they could take off. this evening a bay area musician is reunited with his one of a kind electric violins after they were stolen from the trunk of his car. dave kim was performing at the red cross gala in san francisco over the weekend when his violins were taken, but kim had put a bluetooth tracker inside his case. that led him to a convenience store in daly city. police questioned the cashier who says her husband recently bought the electric violins and with the help of daly city police kim was able to get them back. coming up after two week of training she was building ships. we meet the original rosies who stepped up to fill tough jobs during world war ii. >> cold front to our north,
6:40 pm
atmospheric river bringing heavy rainfall in central and southern california. when does the rain return here, how much to expect and when will the next dry day be because we've had 13 wet days so far this march? your forecast next. riveter day.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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it's to honor the women who broke barriers and made history . new at 6:00 congress declared today rosie the riveter day. >> it is to honor the women who broke barriers and made history during world war ii. kpix5's john ramos spoke to some of them and has their story. >> reporter: when the men marched off to fight world war ii, it left a nation wondering who was going to do the tough everyday jobs back home, jobs like welding? how did you learn to weld? >> two weeks of training. >> reporter: two weeks and then you started building ships? >> yes. and we launched one every day. >> reporter: were you ever surprised that they all floated? >> sometimes, yes. >> reporter: connie gomez's experience or lack of it was common at the richmond shipyards as women industrial workers learned to play an essential part of the war effort. a group of them now in their 90s or beyond gathered this morning at the rosie the riveter visitor center to share their stories. >> we were very important.
6:44 pm
we produced the goods that they could fight with. >> my leaderman taught me to weld and he was a cracker jack and i knew i was almost as good. >> reporter: maybe even better? >> well, you know, you don't say that about your boss. you might think it. >> reporter: permetta jacopeni thinks she helped win the war with the bomb site and the tool she made. >> with the north bomb site they pinpointed and they got every target from then on. >> reporter: even though she's 103 now, josephine leco's job was inputting data into a new kind of computing machine that was the size of a piano. >> i just pressed buttons, you know. it was the ibm department. it was a new installation in the area, yeah. >> reporter: so you were one of the first hi-tech workers?
6:45 pm
>> yes, yes. i didn't know what i was doing, though. >> reporter: but she learned to do the job. they all did and a nation learned to stop underestimating its women. national rosie the riveter day is here to remind us of that. in richmond, john ramos, kpix5. >> we owe an awful lot to them, their generation. this was a once in a lifetime meeting today. a 7-year-old boy with special needs. >> you know how to drive? >> who is playing that video game? that is steph curry you see there playing with jonathan page. the 7-year-old has a rare disorder that causes a loss of his motor skills. jonathan's family flew in from north carolina for today's special meeting. see, jonathan loves basketball and he loves steph curry. he tells his teachers to call him steph at school. he and his family will get to watch friday night's warriors game at oracle before heading home. everything was set up by the organization called dream on 3
6:46 pm
that grants sports dreams for special needs kids. >> that's pretty spectacular. >> dennis said steph curry is coming back tomorrow night. >> maybe for that young gentleman right there. got to show you this thunderstorm. why am i showing you something north of sacramento, east of yuba city? there's a tornado warning in effect right now. we don't get those that often. there is a tornado warning for that cell moving north and east heading up toward grass valley, has a history of producing funnel clouds over the past half hour. not expecting that here, but thunderstorms are possible overnight. we have light to moderate showers moving along the marin and sonoma coastline. rain increases tonight. it's mild out there, humid, too, san jose 66, concord 68, livermore 64, santa rosa 59. with the clouds and humidity and rain only dropping to 57 in mountain view, napa tonight 52 degrees. atmospheric river is hitting central and southern california. looking at the rainfall predictions, anywhere from 5 to
6:47 pm
10 inches of rain by tomorrow night for a good swath of the california coastline including ventura county, including montecito and all the way north up to big sur. they are expecting a 1/2 foot of rainfall by tomorrow. for us stormy weather, not that, but we will get some of the tropical moisture combining with a front which will give us some heavy rainfall overnight and tomorrow. 4 a.m., not heavy rain yet. there's your front. san francisco is getting poured on at the end of the morning commute. our stormy window closes before lunchtime. by tomorrow afternoon and evening i'm expecting clear skies over a good chunk of the bay area, but we aren't done with the rain yet. behind that front a couple other areas of low pressure, isolated showers possible on friday, isolated showers friday evening and a few more showers saturday. both weekend days do carry a chance of range. yesterday we thought just
6:48 pm
saturday. now we're thinking saturday and sunday. futurecast, how much rain can we expect? at most 1 1/2 inches for the east bay. that's a lot for march, south bay up to an inch, santa cruz mountains up to 3 inches of rain, the north bay mountains up to 3 inches of rainfall and a man of 1 inch of additional -- a minimum of 1 risen of additional rain in the peninsula. we dry out thursday afternoon. friday looks dry. there will be a few showers. we'll call that a mainly dry day because we've had so many wet days. both weekend days will now have some rainfall. we will not get a completely dry day until next monday. highs tomorrow are below average. our actual high for the day will probably happen at midnight where we'll be in the mid-60s. then temperatures tomorrow afternoon will be about 5 degrees cooler than that. santa clara 61, hayward 57, afternoon temperatures upper 50s to low 60s for pleasanton and pittsburg and walnut creek, 55 in daly city, windy tomorrow morning as well, san rafael 58, sonoma 59 and ukiah only 54
6:49 pm
degrees. your extended forecast minimum chance of showers friday, still some showers or light rain around both saturday and sunday and then next week like it never happened, the pattern will completely flip and the minimum of seven straight days which will be not only dry but sunny. rather stormy tonight. we have wind coming. we have some moderate to heavy rainfall and the chance of thunderstorms. back to you. let's go live to this press conference. police chief bill scott is about to give an update on the shooting in the crocker amazon neighborhood this afternoon involving one police officer was shot and two other people. this is live outside san francisco general hospital. let's listen in. >> good evening, everyone. i have with me commissioner thomas mazuko from the san francisco police commission and the san francisco fire department and sergeant martin
6:50 pm
halloran from the san francisco police department and brett andrews from the san francisco general hospital and we're surrounded by the san francisco police department command staff and the fire department command staff. we want to give you a brief statement as to our officer- involved shooting that occurred today and mr. andrews will give you a brief statement regarding the victims brought in as a result of this indent. on march 21st -- incident. on march 21st, 2018, approximately 4:30 p.m. san francisco police officers responded to the 200 block of amazon regarding a man with a gun. the investigation led officers to a business on the corner of geneva and london. officers made contact with several individuals inside the business and shots were exchanged. one officer and five others including the suspect were struck by gunfire and transported to the hospital. this is an active and ongoing investigation and it's in its early stages. investigations are being conducted by the san francisco police department's homicide detail, the san francisco
6:51 pm
district attorney's office independent investigations bureau, the department of police accountability and the san francisco police department internal affairs division. we're asking anyone with information related to this incident, call the san francisco police department's 24 hour tip line at 415-575- 4444. that's 415-tie 75-4444 -- 415- 575-4444 or text a tip, tip411, and begin the text message with sfpd. you may remain anonymous if you have information. in keeping with our efforts towards transparency, the department will hold a town hall meeting within 10 days. so now i'd like to turn this over to mr. andrews for a statement on the individuals that were brought in. >> so as the chief mentioned,
6:52 pm
we have a total of six patients from this incident. the officer is in fair condition. we have one patient who is a minor and we will not be commenting on that patient's condition at all at this time. of the other four victims, they are all males between the ages of 24 and 48. we have one patient in critical condition at the present time, one in serious condition and two in fair condition. as we have more information, we will share it. you're welcome to check back with us at any time if you want an update. thank you. >> thank you. >> reporter: your officers
6:53 pm
responding to a man with a gun, they face that kind of thing all the time, right? >> you've been listening to the press conference, chief bill scott the first one to speak telling us that at 4:30 their officers were called to geneva and london. a man with a gun was the report. one officer, five others were hit by gunfire, six of them now in san francisco general. the officer we're told is in fair condition. the adults, one is in critical, two serious, two fair and there's also a minor who was hit. >> that's right. they're not commenting on their condition. they're saying also if you have any information on what may have happened in the crocker amazon neighborhood this afternoon to call their tip line, 415, 575-4444. we will be right back.
6:54 pm
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. francisco... a suspect is i one last update on this afternoon's shootout in san francisco, a suspect is in custody after exchanging gunfire with a police officer in the crocker amazon area at around 4:30. >> that officer was shot in the leg. five other people were hit. one suffered critical injuries. muni service was brought to a standstill in the area slowly returning to normal. >> the latest at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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