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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 22, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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to testify in a lawsuit brought by the trump administration over california's sanctuary laws. >> and we are on storm watch as rain pounds the bay area! this is a live look at the current conditions. and at hi-def doppler radar, um, which is definitely seeing some action this morning. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, march 22nd. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. we have live team coverage of all that rain in the bay area. anne makovec is moderating conditions in the santa cruz mountains. and jessica flores is in the north bay, where many are bracing for potential flooding. but first, neda is in the weather center tracking the storm. >> there is some heavy rain across the bay area at this hour. hi-def doppler shows it. we are seeing areas of about a half inch of rainfall per hour so it's pretty significant out there. we are going to see some ponding and you may run into some flooding in low-lying spots. let's take you through some of these areas where really we are facing downpours. these are sheets of rain coming down sideways blowing raindrops as well especially
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along the coast where the winds are strong. lagunitas right now starting to see this pick up a lot of this is right off the coast and now it's dumping right on you through mill valley. it will start to pick up more shortly. so you definitely have seen a lot of heavy rain over the past hour. and now you're going to see more of it. there's more right off the coast that's heading your way. through san francisco, daly city, south san francisco, it's a little bit lighter at the moment. but there's just a lot right behind it. and then through half moon bay, about a half inch of rainfall per hour there and it's heading towards redwood city, woodside, portola valley right now facing some strong rain as well, same with palo alto. it's lighter in the south bay and campbell, but through fremont right now it's still strong. union city, as well. moving up a little bit further north san leandro, castro valley, still dealing with this. this is over the past hour, you have seen about a half inch come down. through piedmont, oakland, as well. now let go to the north bay and show you what they're dealing with. so that flood advisory did expire about 4 a.m. but look, all of this rain just started picking up in the past 30 minutes. kpix 5's jessica flores
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joining us live in napa. jessica, how are you doing? >> reporter: hey, neda. you're absolutely right. it really did start picking up in the last 10 minutes or so. it's tapering off but it was coming down really hard, really windy, the rain basically bouncing off the ground hitting my legs so that's what we are going to see all morning long. that's why this wine country really is bracing for possibly any mudslides, any flooding for the -- there it goes. see, it's picking up there. they have been bracing for the possible flooding that comes with this rain and they are really worried about the burn zones in front of homes. you will see signs like this one that says, you know, erosion control. they have been trying to basically clear homes of any debris for the past several months. in santa rosa they have cleared 83% of empty lots. folks are already putting lots up for sale. there's more than 200 lots
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there up for sale. but the fire department says homeowners still need to maintain their properties because they are concerned about possible toxic runoff. and mudslides when they have heavy rain. >> we have seen what happened in southern california. we have been very fortunate we haven't had the volume of rain up here but regardless, we still want to be prepared. we still want and need these measures to remain in place so we don't have issues. >> reporter: back out live to me i want to show you what's going on. it comes in and out. the water is really coming down hard at the moment. that's why again they are very concerned -- we don't have the flood advisory anymore but there could still be ponding, possibly debris flows. they have been clearing out a lot of storm drains preparing for this and stabilizing hillsides but again if you are driving on these dark roads like where we are in this silverado country club area that was really hit hard by
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the fires, this whole area, a lot of homes, basically completely gone, if you are driving in these areas, it's hard to tell where you come across flooding so drive slow and if you do come across any flooding, mudslides, any debris flow, to call authorities right away. reporting live in napa, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the rain is creating treacherous conditions in the south bay. kpix 5's anne makovec is at one of the hardest hit area in the santa cruz mountains. and anne, your jacket is looking very, very wet. >> reporter: yeah. this is refreshing. i'll just look on the bright side at this point. at 6 a.m., it's been coming down all morning long, all night long really so the roads are really wet right now. i'm at the summit of highway 17 here in santa cruz county and you can see the road here behind me a lot of the cars that you're seeing, those are cars going north. a lot of them commuting to silicon valley and jaclyn has been warning us to take it slow on the roads this
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morning. i had a rough ride down from san francisco to san jose and then of course some of these windy mountain roads have been difficult, as well. there is a lot of puddles right now on the roads. so you have to be aware of hydroplaning. another thing people that live and work are acutely aware of is the possibility of rockslides and mudslides. we saw that last year with the rain we had. some of the hillsides came down on top of vehicles causing a lot of very serious accidents. so we are expecting almost five inches. neda just upped that stat, five inches of rain is expected here in the santa cruz mountains by the time this storm is done. we have gotten about 2.5" so far. so we are only halfway through. a little bit to our south down in the monterey area, they have some flood advisories in effect. we don't have that right now. but plenty of wind, plenty of rain, as you can see, my jacket and basically everywhere else -- my
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photographer, jim, who is just the sweetest, was trying to rig up an umbrella to somehow keep my dry and it was blowing all over the place and i said, we don't need the umbrella, jim. they want to see my look as miserable as possible. so here you go, guys. live at the summit in santa cruz mountains, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> ditch the umbrella. >> the jacket is soaked. we have to get anne another waterproof jacket. >> that doesn't look waterproof. but sideways rain and that's hard to talk in and drive in. we aren't tracking accidents on highway 17 right now where anne is but it was coming down hard there. so these are the conditions. it's difficult to be driving if you don't have to on the roads, stay off of them. they are messy. your ride on 101 near bayshore you can see traffic on the
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right side of your screen slowing down with brake lights up ahead. your ride is heavy into san francisco along northbound 101. a backup from the earlier crash eastbound 80 approaching 7th street. this is a live look at 17th and vermont, approaching the lower deck of the bay bridge, it's just a solid line of cars. they just cleared the crash out of the lanes because we were seeing a bigger backup for your eastbound direction. on the other side of the bay bridge, we are looking at the toll plaza and you can see your drive times in the redheading into san francisco. just about 25 minutes from the maze and then the backup stretches along 580 and interstate 80. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. let's take a live look at sfo where airlines are playing catch up this morning. so far at least 18 flights have been canceled today.
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most of them from the east coast. the airport is also still trying to get travelers to their destinations after 129 flights were canceled yesterday because of storms across the country. be sure to stay with us throughout the morning. our coverage continues ahead with the evacuations under way in southern california. you can also track this storm on following the deadly wine country wildfires, sonoma county is facing a $2.2 million budget shortfall at the end of the year. but that's an improvement from the $21 million gap estimated three months ago. next year, the county is expecting over $14 million shortfall. the rebuilding effort is alive and well in several santa rosa neighborhoods after the devastating wildfires. there are signs of progress. you can see some lumber stacking up in santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood. crews have been hammering away getting some of the first walls up and pouring the
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foundation for many homes. more than 1400 homes were destroyed in those october fires in santa rosa. a federal judge is planning to order the acting director of i.c.e. to testify in a lawsuit brought by the trump administration over california's sanctuary laws. a final order is imminent and would require four hours of sworn testimony by thomas homan. the judge says homan must back up claims in a lawsuit filed by attorney general jeff sessions that the federal government is suffering irreparable harm from three california laws that extend protections to people living in the u.s. illegally. arizona congressman marsha mcsally is also weighing in -- martha mcsally also weighing in on the sanctuary debate on twitter writing: ealier this week while at the white house, the congresswoman said she'd like to see president trump's proposed mexico border wa protect he >> earlier this week at the white house she said she would like to see president trump's proposed mexico border wall take a northward jog to
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protect her state from california's dangerous sanctuary policies. a police officer is recovering this morning after he was struck by gunfire in a san francisco shooting. as kpix 5's jackie ward reports, that shootout injured five other people. jackie. reporter: it started around 4:30 yesterday afternoon outside the amazon barbershop near the corner of geneva and london. police were called to the area for reports of a man with a gun. investigators say when officers arrived, the suspect fled to the nearby barbershop. police say after officers entered the shop, the suspect started shooting. this is video of the injured officer being dragged to safety by another police officer. many others had their guns drawn as they circled the area. then things escalated when police exchanged gunfire with several people inside the local business. the officer hit is at san francisco general in fair condition. san francisco mayor mark farrell reacted to the police shooting last night. >> he is considered about as good a spirits as one might imagine. he had a serious injury so as good as can be expected. >> reporter: police said the man with the gun and the other
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person involved are being treated for life-threatening injuries. san francisco general spokesman brent andrew said one patient is in critical condition, one in serious condition. one is in fair condition. two patients have been discharged. the four men involved are between 24 and 48 years old. a male minor was also shot but the hospital is not specifying his condition. chief scott said his department will hold a town hall meeting sometime within the next week or so to talk more about the shooting with the community. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 6:11. we are on storm watch! next, the evacuation orders under way in an area already damaged once this year by mudslides. >> and the rain has been coming down steady and strong all night long. i'll talk about some of the 24- hour rain totals and what we can expect throughout the day. >> and it's been a messy ride out on the roads. we continue to track delays and a couple of new problems
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forecasters say the worst has yet to come. in montecito's mudslide-ravaged heavy rain continues to affect the central and southern california coasts and forecasters say that the worst has yet to come. in montecito, mandatory and voluntary evacuations are still in place near the wildfire burn zones. >> we have lots of friends that have been evacuated. >> they are getting tired of having to get evacuated. you know what i mean? >> forecasters say that the storm is already in its most threatening phase right now. >> mm-hm. >> be careful. last time when they saw
6:16 am
those mudslides, the fatal mudslides, there was about 4 to 6 inches of rain. now they could get 8 to 10 inches of rain. >> oh. >> but it's definitely pointing. it's that atmospheric river. we are definitely going to be impact by this throughout the day today. we have been dealing with heavy rain all night and early this morning. so let's show you where. hi-def doppler showing a lot of rain coming down in the bay area. pretty significant rainfall rates here, about a half inch per hour. it's just passed through woodinville along the coast as it heads closer to greenbrae, mill valley, along 101, tiburon and sausalito. golden gate bridge definitely drenched at this time. and this for san francisco you may think there's a little break in the rain. it's ail little bit lighter but look at all of this right along the coastline. it's hitting highway 1 right now so through the sunset district, but it is going to head towards the financial district, south san francisco, as well. same with millbrae. so no one is out of the woods with this one. we are definitely all going to deal with the moderate to heavy rainfall rate about a quarter to half inch
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throughout the morning. so just east of half moon bay we are seeing heavy rain, woodside, palo alto. the south bay not so bad. we are looking at lower rates in san jose. they usually have rain shadows so it's not as significant usually. sunnyvale and cupertino not so bad. but east of san jose, alum rock there that's a good amount of rain coming through. through fremont, finally it's starting to wind down a bit. still heavy rainfall but the stronger cell is east towards sunol so that's where you will start to see about a half inch of rain per hour there through san leandro, not moved from your neighborhoods. it's definitely coming down really strong there on interstate 880 and 580 so that's going to cause some ponding in the roads. and also wind gusts are strong throughout the day today noticing gusts around 20, 25 miles per hour. but some of those are up to 45- mile-per-hour gusts. through el sobrante also seeing some steady rainfall there. and then across the north bay,
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there was this flood advisory that expired just before 4 a.m. but the heavy rain is still there. you got a little bit of a break. look how much rain though came through 24 hours in venado up in the north bay more than 4 inches. st. helena almost 2.5". yountville almost 2. san francisco these numbers are going to all start to rise. this is just 24-hour totals. we could see another two inches in many of those locations with some of the hills seeing up to 4 more inches left in the system. visibility down to 2 in half moon bay. six in hayward. so it's going to be tough to see. it's going to be tough to drive. blowing sideways rain all because of these strong winds. righting an lot coastline, about 3 -- right along the coastline, up to 35 miles an hour. santa cruz mountains 45-mile- per-hour wind gusts and the north bay dealing with strong winds. after noon today, things will start to calm down. you will see a little bit of that sunshine. but the problem is that's when we could see instability and we could get those thunderstorms. temperatures right now upper 50s, low 60s. we are going to stay in that range for your afternoon highs. so it's not going to cool off at all today.
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we are not going to warm up at all today but chance of thunderstorms stay in your forecast more rain in store friday, saturday, sunday with a low that's coming down from the north. a different type of system and then finally sunshine next week. going to be a rough couple of days for commuters. right now we are tracking some problems. this is right at the summit road right at highway 17. we have some lanes that are blocked due to some downed trees that took down some wires. so right now, traffic is starting to back up on summit road. it's a mess on summit road and highway 17. crews are just arriving on the scene so avoid summit road right now. that's where the big problems are. we are seeing delays along 880 northbound direction two lanes blocked. this is just past 237. you can see that backup
6:20 am
quickly developing and we have that speed that drops down to 20 miles per hour just approaching the scene of that crash. chp is there and hopefully they can get that cleared shortly. michelle? elon musk is betting big on himself. tesla's board of directors approved a compensation package for the ceo. it could be worth more than $55 billion over the next 10 years but he is not guaranteed anything more than minimum wage. for him to collect the full amount, tesla's market capitalization would have to reach at least $650 billion. that's more than 10 times its current value. bitcoin still isn't a household name but twitter's ceo jack dorsey says it will move the planet within a decade. to date, high transaction fees, high volatility and minimal adoption by merchants have prevented bitcoin from becoming an alternative for regular currency. steph curry has missed the past 6 games for the warriors but i got good news for fans. and saint mary's goes to
6:21 am
overtime to try to keep their season alive. tip-off next. does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales.
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the ncaa tournament continues tonight with two cinderellas fighting over one slip. -- fighting over one slipper. nevada takes on loyola chicago at 4:07 here on "the big 5". i'll see you after the action on the postgame show with dan belluomini. saint mary's still alive. second half gaels up two hosting utah. gaels up 3. but the game goes to overtime. and now they are down by three. tanner krebs to tie the game. he has all net. and it was 57-57. now, 1:24 to go, gaels down by two. utah's beeler shoots.
6:25 am
look at the ball. above the entire backboard and it goes in the hole. saint mary's loses 67-58. they will not be going to broadway. steph curry returned to practice yesterday. he is on track to return tomorrow night. golden state is 3-3 since curry went down which is a reminder of what curry means to the line-up. >> how much does not having steph remind you how valuable he is? >> i don't need the reminder. we know how impactful steph is, what he does for our team and what he does for our franchise. so i'd prefer not to be reminded of how much he means to us. check out justin thomas on the other side of the wall. >> that's well done. >> he got it in play on the green. and it gets better. out of the weeds, now this to save par. this par putt which was --is
6:26 am
one of the most incredible pars i have ever seen and he ends up winning in match play. he could have taken a draw put it back on the other side of the wall and he would not have pared the hole. he ends up paring. incredible shot for justin thomas. ncaa get your brackets back out. some of your teams are still alive, i think. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. the rain is pouring down all over the bay area. and we are on storm watch this morning. you can see the hi-def doppler lit up at this hour. we will have the latest on the conditions coming up. >> plus, on capitol hill, the democratic lawmaker pushing to protect special counsel robert mueller and the ongoing russia probe. >> and the proposal moving ahead in california that's aiming to put armed officers at all school campuses in california.
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live look at current conditions.... it's a wet and windy start this morning.. we are on storm watch as rain pounds the area. this is a live look outside at the current conditions near the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see all that rain coming down. it is wet and it's windy this morning. good morning, it is thursday, march 22nd. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. as the storm rolls through, hi- def doppler is lit up and we have live team coverage. kpix 5's anne makovec is monitoring conditions in the santa cruz mountains. and jessica flores is in the north bay where many are bracing for potential flooding but first, neda iranpour is
6:31 am
tracking the storm. >> anytime we get this much rain overnight and in the early-morning hours we can expect to see a lot of ponding on the roads and flooding issues already happening out there. so let zoom into some of these spots because a flood advisory has been reissued for parts of the north bay. but i want to show you what's happening. so throughout mill valley, san rafael area, this is all now under a flood advisory warning out there because of the amount of rain that's been coming through. about half inch of rain per hour in some spots, some spots up to .75" of rain through sausalito, tiburon, all included in that. now downtown san francisco getting some pretty strong rain as well all of that just moved off the coast right into downtown. and then further south in the santa cruz mountains, we are seeing steady rainfall there, los gatos, san jose, lighter east of milpitas and fremont this stronger cell moved off. then through san ramon, san leandro, look at this, orinda all this area still facing heavy rain. it's not just wet but also
6:32 am
windy. i want too zoom into the north bay. red about three-quarters inch of rain per hour so through enchanted hills, through places like yountville, eldridge, as well. and now we are going to check current conditions in napa county. jessica flores is live there now with the flood advisory issued until 9 a.m. >> reporter: that flood advisory in this area. the area was hit hard by the wildfires and where folks have been bracing for months now for mudslides, toxic debris and flooding. they are preparing for any storm like this but right now we have ponding a little flooding on the roads and that's what folks seem to be concerned about. over in santa rosa they are clearing 83% of lots and some selling their lots but fire
6:33 am
officials remind homeowners that they need to continue to maintain their lots and fire officials are still concerned about possibly some toxic runoff and flooding debris flow and mudslides. >> regardless of whether or not people are selling, they still have to maintain the properties to make sure it's stable and not leading to a bigger issue. >> reporter: and right now, again, a flood advisory in effect for napa, eastern sonoma and marin counties and right now, just a light drizzle at the moment in napa where i am. this is the silverado resort community where dozens of homes burned down in the wildfire. right now a light drizzle but on and off for two hours we have seen heavy strong winds, heavy rain, so winds speeds up to 45 miles per hour. we are just seeing light drizzle now. we expect to see stronger rain and again, some of that flooding in the roads so be
6:34 am
caringful if you are driving, if you see any -- so be careful if you are driving. if you see any mudslides or debris in the road, call authorities. jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 6:34. it's a wet commute on the roads. >> jaclyn is tracking what drivers can expect. what's going on in the north bay? >> well, the biggest challenge for drivers this morning is to avoid hydroplaning because that's the cause of accidents we have been tracking. new crash on 101 heading through santa rosa right near college avenue. it's no longer blocking any lanes. you can see speeds went back down into the green but we are still seeing lots of water, standing water, in the roads there. here's a live look at your ride across the golden gate bridge. we do have a wind advisory in place for drivers making their way across the span. those headlights making their way into san francisco. and the bay bridge toll plaza is a full house. we have your drive time in the red, 27 minutes from the maze into san francisco. in san francisco, we are track
6:35 am
this accident along southbound 280. this is right near ocean avenue. and it's reported to be blocking one lane so just as you pass alemany you will be on the brakes speeds below 25 miles per hour. expect delays into daly city. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. rain is also pounding the south bay this morning. that's where kpix 5's anne makovec is in the santa cruz mountains to show us the conditions there. hey, anne. reporter: yeah, it's nasty and it has been coming down steady all morning. a lot of water on the roads. you can see highway 17 here behind me. i'm at the summit. traffic moving more slowly now which is probably good news. this traffic you're looking at is northbound into silicon valley. you come up suddenly to puddles and you risk hydroplaning. i had some of that on the way
6:36 am
from san francisco, to san jose, so we have been through all of it. by the time it's all done in the santa cruz mountains, we are expecting five inches. neda upped that stat about a half-hour ago. originally it was four inches we were expecting but we have already gotten well over 2 inches. we have a couple of flood advisories to the south in the monterey area nothing like that here but the reconcern in the santa cruz mountains is the possibility of rock and mudslides. we saw some of that last winter when we had months and months of rain and that can be really dangerous especially when you're talking about a roadway like highway 17 here behind me. the mountains butt up against the road. at that point, you know, you can have serious accidents when it comes sliding down. i'm soaked. i don't have a dry layer left. we are down to the skin here, folks. but we are going to keep you post the throughout the
6:37 am
morning. live at the santa cruz mountains summit, back to you guys. >> thank you. let's take a live look at our sierra-at-tahoe camera all that rain here in the bay area meaning snow in the mountains. 13 inches have fallen across ridgetops and the sierra could get two more feet of snow in some areas with higher elevations up to four feet. winter storm warning is in effect right now until 5 a.m. friday. >> i'm never going to complain i'm cold in the studio again. be sure to stay with kpix throughout the morning. our coverage continues ahead with the evacuations under way in southern california and you can also track this storm on there's growing speculation in washington, d.c. about whether the president will arrange to have robert mueller fired. >> mueller of course is the special counsel investigating alleged russian interference in the last presidential election. now a tennessee congressman
6:38 am
steve cohen is trying to get house members to protect mueller. he is calling for a vote on a bill called the special council integrity act. it would prevent the firing of mueller without just cause. congress has unveiled a massive budget with bipartisan support that will pass by friday midnight to avoid a government shutdown. the $1.3 trillion budget will pass in the house and senate. that spending package will keep the government funded until the end of september. now to california's race for governor. a poll by the public policy institute of california finds gavin newsom's lead growing with 28% of likely voters. former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa who once trailed newsom by 2% saw his support drop to 12% and republican john cox is favored by 14% of likely voters. today is the last day for candidates to file to run for judge persky's judicial seat in the event that he is recalled.
6:39 am
persky has faced criticism for sentencing a stanford university swimmer convicted of rape to six months in jail. at least two potential candidates both women have filed some paperwork. next month a state appeals court is set to rule on whether santa clara county residents will get to vote on the recall. in just a few hours, bart's board of supervisors is set to discuss a fatal shooting involving one of the transit agency's police officers. family members and supporters of shaleem tindle who was killed in the confrontation are expected to attend this morning's meeting in oakland. the shooting happened near the west oakland bart station january 3rd. police say tindle, who was in a scuffle with another man, was shot after refusing to drop his gun. more officers will begin patrolling marjory stoneman douglas high school today following the massacre last month in south florida. florida governor rick scott says that eight troopers will work alongside armed and unarmed deputies. this comes days after the suspect's brother was arrested. two other students were caught
6:40 am
carrying knives and making online threats. austin police say the phone they found with bombing suspect mark conditt contains a recording they consider confession. the 23-year-old conditt blew himself up. police are still searching his home and his neighborhood fearing there may be more bombs. >> explosive experts have been from the fbi, atf offices working to safely remove and dispose of homemade explosives. >> law enforcement officials say as part of their ongoing investigation, they are still trying to determine whether conditt acted alone. time now 6:40. in the wake of a fatal accident involving a self- driving car, the safety measures the city of san francisco is taking and the tech companies that are agreeing to be part of the plan. >> and finally, we hear from ceo mark zuckerberg days after his company admits to a data leak of 50 million users'
6:41 am
information without them knowing it. >> the market just opened up. let's look at the big board. the dow is down about 230 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. cebook cg
6:42 am
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6:44 am
is saying he's sorry -- good morning. it's going to be a rough ride out there. look at heavy rainfall coming through. you can see widespread downpours through the north bay where there's a flood advisory until 9 a.m. the east bay getting dumped on. we'll have details coming up. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg says he is sorry after a massive data scandal rocked his company. jackie ward joins us now with what's next for facebook. >> reporter: finally we are hearing from mark zuckerberg days after the data leak was announced. he ale 30 ised for the fact that a british -- apologized for the fact that a british consulting company got access to 50 million user information without consent. the firm cambridge analytica
6:45 am
is accused of paing on facebook user data to the trump campaign possibly violating the social network's privacy standards. >> i'm really sorry that this happened. we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. >> he believes it could be time to impose regulations on tech companies. in a state he vowed to teach user who to protect their information on apps that are allowed to access personal data. the company also says it will restrict developers' data access but trading in data is a big part of facebook's business. 68% of americans use the social media app and half check their pages several times a day. zuckerberg says he would testify before congress but only if it's the right thing to do. >> thank you. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us now from new york with more. good morning. >> reporter: hello, michelle. it's always good to see you. your voice just sounds like a
6:46 am
sparkle every time i hear you. >> awww. >> reporter: ahead, this is what we're talking about. >> i mean that. >> reporter: facebook's mark zuckerberg admits to mistakes and he plans to make changes in the wake of that data mining scandal. we spoke to the ceo yesterday and we have a reporter with new reporting on that. >> plus, china vows to retaliate as president trump is expected to announce up to $60 billion in new tariffs against the country. we'll show you how it could affect you. on "cbs this morning," carter evans gets a new peek at the growing treasure-trove of ice- age fossils discovered in a los angeles project. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. we'll see you at 7:00. michelle, see you soon. >> okay, see you soon, gayle. can't wait to see it. have a great day. >> bye. so jobless claims are rising as investors fear a potential trade war. >> joining us now is kcbs
6:47 am
radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. one thing not sparkling today is the stock market. investors are worried about a potential trade war this as president trump is set to sign tariffs against china today the president going after goods made in china that were developed with stolen u.s. trade secrets. and as a result, china is expected to retaliate against the u.s. with reports that china will be focused on agricultural exports out of the united states. that's got investors worried about what's going to happen, the stock market down. also facebook adding more pressure to the tech sector down over 1% today as mark zuckerberg says that he is open to potential regulations on social media. on the economic front, jobless claims were up this week up 3,000 to 229,000. let's go to the big board. not that pretty route now, dow down over 230 points.
6:48 am
nasdaq down by 68. s&p falling by 23. back to you. >> thank you. police have now released the dashcam video that captured the moments leading to a deadly crash involving a self-driving uber car and pedestrian. the crash happened sunday in arizona. police say the pedestrian was not in a crosswalk when she was hit. according to the "associated press," some experts believe the car's sensors should have spotted herzberg in enough time to brake. there was a driver inside the car. she looks down then is suddenly startled. investigators have not said who is at fault yet. san francisco mayor will meet with autonomous vehicle companies at the bill graham civic auditorium today. two weeks ago before the fatal accident involving that uber car, farrell invited 50 companies to a safety briefing. he said he also wants first responders to understand the
6:49 am
technology of these self- driving cars. all right. 6:48. let's get another check on the roads. it's tricky out there with all that rain. >> yeah. we are going to head back down to the santa cruz mountains, highway 17. that's where anne makovec was and now we are seeing a lot of problems coming in. this is along the southbound direction right near alma college. we have a semi and another vehicle that got into it creating a mess. and along summit road right at 17, some downed power lines so pg&e crews are still heading out to the scene there. southbound 280, just as you are approaching 92, a motorcycle accident. don't want to be riding your motorcycle in this rain today. right now, we are seeing delays build in both directions along 280 and 92 starting to back up in the westbound direction. here's the westbound direction across the san mateo bridge speaking of 92 and it's about a 33-minute ride out of hayward to san mateo. 880, this is just as you approach 238. it's busy in both directions.
6:50 am
it's a 27-minute ride in the southbound direction down towards 84 there. and we continue to see delays building on 880 in both directions through oakland. so please be safe out there. traction or loss of it, that's the problem this morning. many cars hydroplaning. don't be one of 'em. let's check in with neda now on the forecast. the entire state of california now dealing with flood watches and advisories. so here's a look at some of those locations this just popped up in our area for the napa, sonoma county region, and also for marin county. so the advisory extends throughout the north bay: this could lead to debris flows especially in the burn areas where the tubbs fire burned throughout the napa region. flooding in those poorly drained areas, as well. so if you see standing water "turn around; don't drown" don't try to drive through it. it's not safe. let's show you where it's
6:51 am
coming down heavily. flood advisory in the north bay. signs of very heavy rain again about 3/4" per hour along highway 29 through st. helena, yountville easing up a little bit. heavy rain in the area. through sonoma, now it's a little lighter about tenth inch per hour and then further out south, san rafael area, through novato, strong rain but it's also windy as well so keep that in mind. wet windy conditions causing low visibility, sideways blowing rainfall through mill valley. this is not letting up. we are seeing that pick up over the past hour and a half and it's just hunkered over the neighborhood. tiburon also facing some strong rainfall rates. now through downtown san francisco, all of this really picked up just off the coast and it's moved through the sunset district. richmond district. financial district, as well. about a half inch of rainfall
6:52 am
coming down through the bayview district, south san francisco. it's going to start to pick up even more for you in san bruno here shortly. then further south the santa cruz mountains, they have been dealing with a lot of rain right on highway 17 and then east of fremont, east of milpitas, also seeing a lot of rain through mount hamilton. and san ramon is still strong there along 680 same with san leandro through walnut creek, it's a little lighter. how much rain have we seen in jus 24 hours: low visibility in many locations because of the rain and low clouds down to 2 in half moon bay and 2 in san jose. wind gusts around 45 miles per hour through the santa cruz mountains and the north bay hills. but they are gusty right along the coast as well about 25, 35 miles per hour there. and it's going to stay this way through noon through the afternoon. that's when we could see the chance of thunderstorms. look at the live camera in san
6:53 am
jose. temperatures in the upper 50s. low 60s our afternoon highs staying in the upper 50s and low 60s. so i do want to show you of course this is all because of the atmospheric river that's going to bring us moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the day with the chance of thunderstorms, we also will see some snowfall as well up to two more feet expected for those ski resorts and we are not going to see much sunshine until monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week. anne is in the santa cruz mountains to show us more. oh, yeah. i am in the thick of it. and coming up after this break, we are going to bring out into it too from the comfort of your own living room. conditions all around the bay area coming up next. ♪you've got a friend in me
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6:56 am
the whole state of california getting hit with heavy rain at this hour and taking a look here at northern
6:57 am
california, a long line of rain going through sacramento and tahoe snowfall but for the bay area, we have seen heavy rainfall rates up to .75" per hour. there's a flood advisory in effect right now until 9 a.m. for the north bay including sausalito, tiburon, downtown san francisco, also dealing with heavy rainfall and so with -- same with the santa cruz mountains where we now join anne makovec. how are you doing, anne? >> reporter: ah, it's been dumping all morning long. i am thoroughly soaked. you can see so is the road here. this is highway 17 at the summit in the santa cruz mountains. water all over the roads all over the bay area. be care ofle of hydroplaning and rock and mudslides because the soil is already completely drenched. we are expecting five inches. we have already gotten about 2.5. and so halfway there. plenty left to go.
6:58 am
again, i'm live in the santa cruz mountains. let check in with vacaville who has been very busy watching a -- let's check in with jaclyn who has been very busy watching the roads. >> north main street in the red for your drive time down to 24 from north main street. a new accident on 13 has one lane blocked in the northbound direction approaching park boulevard. looks like a tree just came down in the lane, as well. do be on the lookout for that 10 minutes towards 24. back to you guys. time for your "final 5." the heavy rains continue to affect central and southern california coast and forecasters say the worst is yet to come. in montecito's mudslide- ravaged neighborhood, mandatory and voluntary evacuations are still in place. a federal judge is going to order the acting director of i.c.e. to testify in a lawsuit brought by the trump administration over california's sanctuary laws. a final order is imminent and would require four hours of sworn testimony by i.c.e.
6:59 am
director thomas homan. president trump is firing back at former vice president joe biden who reportedly saturday at in florida that he would have beaten up trump in high school over comments the president has made about women. this morning, president trump tweeted in part, quote, crazy joe biden is trying to act like a tough guy, actually he is weak, both mentally and physically. austin police say that the phone they found with bombing suspect mark conditt contains a recording they consider to be a confession. the 23-year-old killed himself when investigators closed in on him. police are searching his home for more bombs. san francisco police officer in fair condition after being shot in the leg yesterday when a suspect started shooting at officers from inside a barbershop. police said the suspect is being treated for life- threatening injuries. four other people were hurt. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. it is a wet commute so be careful out there on the roads. your next local update is 7:26. >> take your time. remember, "cbs this morning" is next.


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