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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 22, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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moving across the bay area. the big concern right now: flooding good afternoon, i'm now at noon, hi-def doppler is lit up with rain moving across the bay area. the big concern now flooding. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. a wet windy storm is battering the bay area. the morning commute rush is over but there are still
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problems on the roads now. we are monitoring a crash at the golden gate toll plaza. a truck hit the tollbooths there and you can see from these pictures the wet roads and the rain coming down. right now crews are working to clean up a diesel spill. >> in the north bay, we are keeping an eye on burn zones where flooding is the main concern right now. in santa cruz, on highway 17, roads are wet. >> a glimpse of the blue sky from the bay bridge, tough to get through traffic into san francisco. >> the atmospheric river delivering heavy downpours. our crews are on the ground covering the mess. but first we get the forecast with neda iranpour in the weather center. we got the effects of the atmospheric river coming in and now the cold front. we just had several inches of rain in many locations in the
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north bay, santa cruz mountains and east bay and now this cold front is coming through from the north moving towards the south-southeast. that's going to bring us unstable air. that's why we are seeing that sun now but we're also going to see instability. so that leads to thunderstorms. right now a heavy cell coming through east of fremont and right over milpitas. that's been happening there for about an hour or so dealing with some heavy showers through san jose as well so interstate 680 definitely wet out there. hopefully this cold front though is giving the roads a bit of a break and time to start to dry out before we see the chance of thunderstorms. here are the 24-hour totals: more coming up. heavy clouds overhead in
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many parts of the bay area. and the wind was shaking our camera around as it shows us the city skyline from oakland. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: i'm at state route 12 and 121 in schellville in sonoma county where heavy rain this morning left a flooded mess behind. take a look. i'm standing in at least several inches of water. tow trucks rescued stranded drivers after the water spilled over from the nearby sonoma creek. trucks made it through, drivers in the small cars tried. they got out of the water. it's the type of conditions officials in sonoma and napa counties have been bracing for warning of possible flooding and mudslides for months.
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crews have been clear lots, storm drains and securing hillsides. lots are being cleared and hundreds are up for sale. property owners have to continue to maintain lots throughout the rainy season. they still have to ensure that the properties will be stabilized and not lead to a bigger issue. authorities are reminding people to report any signs of erosion, mudslides and don't try to cross flooded roads. we have downed trees. anne makovec is in the santa cruz mountains. >> reporter: the rain has been pretty steady all morning long here in the santa cruz mountains causing slick conditions here along highway 17 and making people wonder how much is too much rain when it comes to the ground and the trees.
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even in a downpour, this santa cruz mountain native is unflinching. >> we need it and i love it. >> reporter: but it's caused its share of trouble today. this tree came down on summit road near 17 blocking drivers in both directions before it was cleared out. >> every time it rains, trees foul down or mudslides or piece of the road missing. >> reporter: drivers dealt with lots of puddles on south way roads throughout the morning commute. and people here have an eye on the hillsides. last year's storms brought several dangerous mudslides in the santa cruz mountains causing accidents, closing roads and making things tough for this real estate agent. >> it took an extra 20 minutes to go up and around on dirt roads to come down, so it makes it a little difficult selling houses when people can't get to them. >> reporter: for now he is appreciative of the wet march and rufus? >> he wants to be inside but he loves to go for a walk. that's his highest priority.
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>> reporter: forecasters expect around 5 inches of rain to fall here in the santa cruz mountains before the storm is finished. on highway 17, anne makevoc, kpix 5. our coverage continues ahead with a threat of mudslides in southern california. you can also track this storm on new details in a wild shootout that left an officer injured in san francisco. police say that the suspect, 21-year-old from suisun city died. it happened yesterday in the crocker amazon neighborhood. the officer was shot in the leg and is in fair condition. three other civilians were hurt. two have been discharged from the hospital. four days after a self- driving uber struck and killed a woman in arizona, big name driverless tech companies are meeting in san francisco to talk street safety. as kpix 5's jackie ward reports, san francisco mayor mark farrell wants to know as much about autonomous vehicles as possible before they hit the streets. >> reporter: in a matter of
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days, autonomous cars will be allowed on california streets. san francisco mayor mark farrell says as april fast approaches, safety remains his top priority. >> this is the future of the streets of san francisco and the country and globe. we are a ways away from seeing this technology commercialized on our streets. >> reporter: today's event hopes to provide an opportunity for various city, county and state agencies like the sfmta and the chp to see firsthand hour self-driving cars work to understand how to respond to a potential emergency involving one of these cars. >> it's the state that regulates this industry. and so here in san francisco, without the ability to regulate, what we want do is be pro-active. be pro-active with the stream, be pro-active with our public safety departments to be sure we are looking out for the public safety of our residents first. >> reporter: he requested this safety briefing a couple of weeks ago before one of uber's autonomous cars hit and killed
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a pedestrian in tempe, arizona, sunday night. police say elaine herzberg was not in a crosswalk when an uber suv hit and killed her at 40 miles an hour. they haven't determined cause of the accident. >> the reason that there's a requirement to have a human inside the vehicle is to try to act as a fail-safe to stop these types of accidents. >> reporter: but before too long, california will allow autonomous vehicles to be driverless. this event will last all afternoon and includes safety demonstrations. mayor farrell invited 50 autonomous tech companies to be here today. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. a shake-up for the president's legal team. president trump's lead attorney handling the special counsel's inquires has resigned. john dowd has been helping the president navigation robert mueller's probe into alleged mission meddling in the 2016 election. the "washington post" said the president lost confidence in dowd's ability to handle the investigation. apparently dowd was frustrated
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with the president's efforts to bring on some new attorneys. well, despite these developments, the president is reiterating that he still wants to testify before special counsel robert mueller. >> testify special counsel mueller? >> meanwhile the president at the white house today signed an order taking the first step in imposing tariffs on nearly $50 billion worth of chinese imports. angelica alvarez reports. >> number one, this is the first of many. >> reporter: president trump put pen to paper authorizing an estimated $60 billion in tariffs on a variety of items being imported from china. >> when they charge 25% for a car to go in and we charge 2% for their car to come into the united states, that's not good. >> reporter: the president has ordered the government to finalize a list of products to be targeted. the move is meant to punish chinese firms that benefit
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from unfair access to u.s. technology. >> this is a very important moment for our country in that we're dressing what is a critical -- we are what is a critical area of intellectual property. >> reporter: another tariff against aluminum and steel takes effect friday. >> the tariff actions taken by the president are necessary to defend america's essential steel and aluminum industries. >> reporter: but lawmakers on both sides of the aisle remain unconvinced. >> these tariffs pose a serious risk to our economy. they could trigger a trade war. and they may damage our relations with key allies. >> agriculture and products are always the tip of the spear in any type of retaliatory action. >> reporter: china is likely to respond with new tariffs of its own. china's foreign ministry specifically mentioned airplanes and soybeans as two
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areas that could be targeted. angelica alvarez, cbs news, the white house. >> the other big news out of d.c., the house has just passed a big spending package. the $1.3 trillion budget deal will bolster defense and domestic programs. the u.s. senate still has to vote on it by tomorrow in order to avoid another government shutdown. stocks are sliding on actions in washington, d.c. today. way to capitol hill after admitting "mistakes" involving user data. the tough questions they could face. still ahead, facebook leaders on the way to capitol hill after admitting mistakes involving user data. the tough questions they will face. >> it's a washout in southern california. just coming in, new pictures of a hillside that gave way opening up this huge crater.
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but lawmakers say that's not enough. now - facebook officials are headed to capitol hill discus facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is apologizing over a massive data breach but lawmakers say that's not enough. now facebook officials are going to capitol hill to discuss privacy concerns over users' information. the firm cambridge analytica is accused of passing on facebook user data to the trump campaign possibly violating the social network's privacy standards. >> i'm really sorry that this happened. um, we have a basic responsibility to protect people's data. and if we can't do that, then we don't deserve to have the opportunity to serve people. >> even after zuckerberg's apology, some lawmakers still want him to testify. analysts are calling this zuckerberg's biggest crisis! shoppers looking to snag a bargain in the final toys 'r us sale will have to wait a little longer. last week, the toy giant announced it will close all 735 stores. the once popular chain went bankrupt in september. a liquid daily sale was
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supposed to begin today but it has been delayed. according to the company, the massive sale is now likely to begin tomorrow. right now, let's get a live picture from southern california. this is from our chopper shot all the heavy rain creating a huge mess in the area. right now it seems like the rain has subsided but they are not in the all clear just yet. >> take a look at this los angeles county. a massive mudslide in la tuna canyon gave way a short time ago. it formed a huge crater. no structures have been damaged from the slide. mandatory evacuations have just been ordered in that area. residents in montecito are still facing evacuation orders in the fire and mud ravaged areas. still plenty of debris from january when mudslides killed 21 people. drivers spending the day moving very slowly through the flooded streets as you can see in this video. and the heaviest of the downpours still haven't hit. in that area they are getting more rain than we are
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here. >> i'm looking at their 24- hour totals. they saw up to 9 inches of rain across central and southern california. and for us, look at what's going on. so the entire state definitely has dealt with the atmospheric river. look at the rain overnight. that's what people woke up to this morning up and down california. we definitely felt it, as well. and now behind that is a cold front. storm totals from this week, look at venado now, almost up to 7 inches. that's this week alone. the storm totals, we have more to come friday through sunday. so we are going to add to that by the end of the weekend. right now the atmospheric river is gone. you can see the cold front coming from the north towards the south-southeast and that's what we're seeing through fremont. it's a little lighter showers definitely nothing like what we saw earlier with that wet
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tropical system that came through. but what this cold front will do is cause our winds to pick up. we are seeing that at sfo. west winds at 23. redwood city 12, 15 in fremont. and san rafael now 12-mile-per- hour winds, novato look at that picking up to 21. so the wind direction has shifted from a south direction which we had earlier to this north-northwest direction. and our temperatures are dropping compared to our morning temperatures. we were in the upper 50s and low 60s when you woke up today. that tropical air was out there. now we are dropping into the low 30s for livermore, san francisco now 53 degrees. nice blue skies, it looks like all this is over. but no, it's going to lead to thunderstorms this afternoon. sunset tonight 7:23. sunrise tomorrow 7:08. our afternoon highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. so again, very similar to our morning lows. now here's what's coming. so we could see that instability today because of that cold front that's passing through. and then by friday we'll start to see the showers. it's going to be light most of the day friday but picking up friday night into saturday, saturday the chance for
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thunderstorms, as well. and this next system is coming from the north from the gulf of alaska so it will be cooler. our temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 50s. and it will also bring us a lot of sierra snowfall. here's a look at the homewood ski resort. they got a lot of fresh powder up there. here's snow totals: >> the snow futurecast shows several more inches left in the system to squeeze out of there. and here's your seven-day forecast: just about everyone is late to work once in a while. 70s by next wednesday. >> can't wait for that.
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>> thank you. we'll be right back.
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but for some people it's a common occurrence and a new survey so just about everyone is late to work once in a while but for some people it's common. a survey found out many are willing to lie about why they're late. laura podesta reports. >> reporter: so have you ever called in late to work?
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>> i have, yes. >> reporter: one in every 10 workers admits being late to work at least once a week. traffic is the number one reason why according to a new survey. that's followed by oversleeping and bad weather. but sometimes people have to lie. >> the sick pet lie a lot. >> they don't ask for a note from the vet. >> that's the safest one to use. >> yes. >> reporter: several years ago, drew lewis claimed his car broke down, when really -- >> i was just a little too hung over to drive into work. >> reporter: in the survey bosses revealed the strangest late excuses they have heard. one person said, my coffee was too hot and i couldn't leave until it cooled off. another claimed, i was here but fell asleep in the parking lot. and one employee said, i had morning sickness. the problem? the excuse came from a man. this retired teacher said she was never late to work. what do you have to say for people lying? >> it's a shame. you want to have a good job, get there on time or early to
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keep the job. >> reporter: that could be true. in the survey, 43% of employers said they have fired someone for being late. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. we'll be right back.
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