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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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sat0138 cameron kasky 12:22:21 "stand for us or beware, the voters are coming!"." now at eleven. millions march in solidarity... >> we are not here for bread crumbs, wear here for real change. we're here to -- we're here for real change. we're here to lead.
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new at 11:00, millions march in solidarity, calling for an end to gun violence, and this time it was students leading the charge. udents say.. they're sick of hea today's rallies were called march for our lives. >> the students say they're sick of hearing about deadly school shootings, they're demanding action now. they were front and center across the bay area today. kpix 5 5's andria borba was with tens of thousands of people marching down market street in san francisco. francisco. nats something down market street - a generation rai ctive shooter dr >> enough is enough! >> reporter: in the shadow of city hall, the march for our lives movement sweeping the nation hit the streets of san francisco. rcia\centerville junior high frightful. you don't know when it's going to happen or what s going on they were joined by parents nats something? eth stenger down market street, a generation raised and educated in active shooter drills, expressed their disappointment and anger at the political system. >> i think that it's way too easy to buy a gun, and i think that kids who are just like three or four years older than me or like five years older than me should not have access to guns.
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>> frightful. you don't know when it's going to happen or what's going on. >> reporter: they were joined by parents. >> we call bs on our politicians. >> reporter: and their teachers. >> i'm a teacher and i think after the park right-hand shooting -- parkland shooting, having to practice active shooter drills with my students was heart breaking. >> reporter: while leaders several generations ahead of them. >> it's the youth of your country that will make a difference. >> reporter: marveled at the tenacity of young people determined to change a season like senator feinstein, author of the assault weapons ban that expired in 2004. >> young america is stepping up and stepping out and saying never again. >> reporter: and san francisco's mayor. >> as a parent of three young kids, it is just absurd to me that we continue to have a congress and a federal government that does nothing on the issue. so it is now up to the next generation, and i'm here
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because i'm inspired by them. >> reporter: for many of these kids it was their first taste of political activism or more accurately their first experience having their voices heard on issues that impact them single -- impact them. >> it felt like freedom. >> thousands of people also showed up today in san jose and on the peninsula. >> i feel like it's time now to act upon this, and we're the students, we're the victims, and we want to feel safer and we just want to have the government to do something. >> right now there's like innocent people dying, and we want to change that and create a more safe environment for students. >> the goal isn't to really just like get rid of guns. it's kind of just to, um, make the world a better place by regulating them. other cities across the nati >> it wasn't just the bay area.
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there were rallies and marching in hundreds of other cities. people filled the area between the white house and capitol hill. survivors from the recent high school massacre in florida got passionate in front of the crowd. >> in a little over 6 minutes, 17 of our friends were taken from us, 5 were injured, and -- 15 were injured, and everyone, absolutely everyone in our community was forever altered. >> we're focusing on the biggest voter registration push our nation has ever seen. >> many of those who took part today are not yet old enough to vote, but they say they're looking forward to making their voices heard at the ballot box in the next presidential election in 2020. thousands of people came from california... to >> also a big march until downtown los angeles. tens of thousands of people came from across southern california to call for more gun control. many carried homemade banners and signs, including portraits of mass shooting victims. in orange county two different takes on the gun issues.
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students expressed concern about gun violence, but a few miles away people came to a gun show. they say new restrictions or bans on guns won't work. >> it's an act, not a weapon. >> the gun zone places are where the incidents keep happening, to banning things is not working. >> some at the gun show said they support protecting students by having armed police officers at every school. quote: ires and meanwhile the nra blasted the marching on facebook saying gun hating billionaires and hollywood elites are exploiting children adds part of their plan to -- as part of their plan to destroy the second amendment and strip us of our rights to defend ourselves and loved ones. the shooting of an unarmed black man in sacramento has calls for change tonight and a prominent civil rights attorney is getting involved. >> reporter: attorney ben crump
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is now representing the family of stephon clark who was unarmed when he was shot and killed on sunday. it sparked protests, people demanding justice. crump has worked on many high file cases. he wrote all of us are demanding full transparency and answers as to how these tragic events unfielded. he'll -- unfolded. he'll have a news conference monday, and while he hasn't announced details or a call to action, the city attorney expects he may be considering filing a civil lawsuit on behalf of the family in federal court, and if successful. >> he's going to get damages, and i mean money damages. now that's going to compensate the family of the loss of that you are loved one. what he would have earned in his lifetime. >> reporter: filing in federal
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court may help level the playing field for the family as state court judges are more likely to know members of the department and the police officers involved. >> you get to a sterile environment where the federal judges and so forth may not know the officers, whereas in state court they may know them, so you get a more neutral, i'd say sanitized environment, and it's the big time. you're in federal court. you're suing based on constitutional rights. >> reporter: a civil lawsuit here in federal court is a separate matter from a criminal case. that will be handled by the district attorney's office. the crump news conference is scheduled for monday morning at 10:00 here in front of the federal courthouse. in downtown sacramento, mark thompson, kpix 5. well, google is one of the latest companies taking a stand against gun violence. carter evans shows us the gun- making videos that will be banned from youtube next month. (nat) it's everything you need to build and complete your own (narr 1 >> it's everything you need to
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build and complete our own ar- 15 at home. >> reporter: this is one of millions of videos that can teach you how to build a gun step by step. ps: (* *narr 5 - retrack) youtube's when dead starting in april, they could all be gone. >> here we go! >> reporter: the video sharing website plans to delete clips that promote the sale or manufacturing of firearms and accessories like high capacity magazines or bump stocks. ormer lapd swat officer put the unregister (nats ra youtube's decision comes at a time when deadly mass shootings continue to make headlines. at least 27 people were killed in school shootings this year. >> and they offer a lot of weapons. ar-15s. >> reporter: the banned videos include those with links to sites that offer homemade kits for everything from hand guns to ak-47s. we recently used a youtube video to show us how to build a 9-millimeter hand gun. it took less than three hours and is entirely legal. after a safety check and test firing, we had a former lapd
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squad officers put the gun through its paces. >> feels all right. >> reporter: special agent david hamilton says the do it yourself videos have a target audience. >> felons who can't go to a gun store and legally purchase a firearm or people that just don't want the government knowing the type of firearms they have. >> reporter: critics are worried youtube's new policy goes too far. the national rifle association says youtube is engaging in politically motivated censorship and alienating the millions of people that turn to the website for education and training. another shot to the gun debate still raging online. every second mattered today for fremont firefighters. they were put to the test when an elderly man fell down a deal well, but thanks to quick work from crews he's recovering tonight from hyperthermia. >> reporter: firefighters were called to a farm around 10:00
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in the morning near mission street. a 90-year-old man was trapped. >> apparently he'd fallen down about 26 feet into a well when the floor gave way in the pump house. >> reporter: the man spent about a half hour treading water until crews arrived to start the delicate rescue operation. >> we found him up to his neck in water clinging to the sides of the wall because there was no, we could not find the bottom. in order to extricate him from the hole, we had to use a ladder truck and remove the roof from the pump house to get rigging down to him. >> reporter: a firefighter was then lowered into the well with a harness. the victim was secured in a harness of his own, and he was lifted to safety. the man was conscious and able to speak to crews at the scene. >> he suffered some injuries from the fall and hyperthermia. >> reporter: the 90-year-old --
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hyperthermia. the 90-year-old man is expected to be okay. they say today's rescue is one to remember. >> i'd say not a typical call for the fremont fire department. we don't respond to wells of this nature very often. >> firefighters say the man's daughter was the one that actually called 911 after she heard him fall into the well. investigators are trying to track down a killer tonight. a man was shot and killed near wells avenue and elm street just before 11:00 last night. his name hasn't been released, but chopper 5 was overhead 12 hours later when investigators still had the area roped off trying to determine why he was targeted. new tonight, city police are investigating a murder. they say a 41-year-old victim was attacked and stabbed to death. tonight his estranged son is in custody as a person of interest in the case. it happened outside the victim's home on line street
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this morning. later victor estrada was arrested. still no word on what caused these two expensive rvs to catch fire near the southland mall in hayward. a small carnival was going on just a few hundred feet away, but nobody was hurt. and up next, new video of a package thief stealing from silicon valley porches. >> plus it's a dream come true for some bay area renters. the city giving people money they don't have the to pay back. and the bay area city going all out to welcome our nation's warriors as part of a tradition half a century old. plus the soccer match meant to find a match. how the san jose quakes are helping to save a young life tonight. and major changes ahead after the rain comes something completely different. we'll cover it in the forecast when we come back. ♪you've got a friend in me
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new video tonight of a thief snatching a package from a home in belmont. it happened yesterday. police released the video just a few hoursing a. it showed un- - hours ago. it showed one of the suspects walking up to the porch and he took off in a gray pickup truck. tonight police are looking for him and his get away driver. some first time home buyers in antioch are getting $45,000 to buy a house, and they'll never have to pay it back. it was standing room only at
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this workshop where people were applying for the money to get the 45 grand. you must live in the home you buy for at least five years and it must be in antioch. you also have to meet some income qualifications. many of the people who showed up today are life long renters, including one woman who has been doing it for 56 years. >> i'd like to actually become a homeowner and stop putting my finances into bags with holes. >> there's a lot of people in our community paying rent right now, and the truth is if they were to buy the home they lived in with a mortgage, their payments would go down. >> the free money is first come first serve and they only have enough for the first hundred people that qualify. the san jose quakes are hoping the most important match tonight didn't take place on the field. >> here's how the team is helping a family desperate to save their newborn son.
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>> we threw it out there and they went for it. >> reporter: lawyer is is baby bruno's aunt and is amazed at the help the quakes have given her nephew, who was diagnosed with a rare disorder just weeks ago. >> we've been season ticket holders for many years. >> reporter: tonight the players are wearing bruno's name on their jerseys to bring awareness to hlh that causes his body to attack its own blood cells. they're also asking fans to sign up to be bone marrow donors. all you have to do to register is a simple cheek swab. then to be a match the donor has to have the same blood type and also similar dna markers as the recipient, meaning they both have to be the same ethnicity. >> we get a lot of latinos that come to soccer, it's their love, and this is what we're
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looking for because bruno is from mexico. >> reporter: despite the small odds of being a match, potential donors want to help the family. >> he's so little and already gone through so much, so hopefully he find a match here or within the registry. >> we know it's for a good cause so we might as well sign up to save a life some day. >> one person can make an impact. >> reporter: it takes about two months for the cheek swabs to be processed and donors to officially get on the registry. that's when the family hopes they'll be getting the call they've been waiting for saying they found a match. kpix 5. >> if you weren't able to make it tonight, but still want to be a donor, it's not too late. be the match will mail a free cheek swab kit to our home. for information head to our website. is calling "operation eagle." pa well, a parade in san mateo today was the center piece of what the city is calling operation eagle.
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les." troops it's been 50 years since san mateo adopted the 101st airborne division of the u.s. army known as the screaming eagles. troops and veterans took part in today's procession along b street and many flew into the bay area for the occasion. some noted the courageous move san mateo made back in 1968 when vietnam war protests were at their height and soldiers were not always well received did it's amazing that -- well- received. >> it's amazing that a thousand miles from fort campbell, kentucky we have this enclave of support that grew out of san mateo back in the 60s. >> operation eagle events will take place around san mateo through the weekend. hey know hat time it well we had a week of fairly wet weather, and next week we're looking at a warming trend. a trend so dramatic that we'll see temperatures near 80 degrees by friday. first this to dispense with. a few showers unwinding over
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the north coast and a little snow in the mountains. not much in the bay area, but a line of showers working into the south bay. in the south bay and stretching over into parts of east bay as well, no surprise to hear rain on the roof for the next half hour or so, and later tonight another wave of showers could move through. there's the sales force building and san jose. that's where it's raining. in san jose 50 degrees. in santa rosa the numbers fathering to 40. -- falling in 40. tomorrow we clear to partly sunny conditions and the numbers in the upper 50s after a chance of a rogue shower or two in the morning. a few lingering showers tonight, and the showers in the south bay, when it rains it will pour, but briefly and then be out of here. low pressure kicks out to the east by tuesday. the numbers 70 degrees plus. maybe a lingering shower or
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two, but the general tendency on sunday is clearing it out and keeping it that way through the end of the week. so few overnight showers and partly sunny tomorrow. after tonight, there's no rain in sight. warmest temperatures reaching 80 degrees inland by friday. the bay area looking partly sunny at sfo and the same thing for new york, but there it will be 46 degrees. overnight lows tonight with a few showers around, the numbers in the mid-30s to 40s. daytime highs tomorrow still five degrees below average. upper 50s for the south bay, upper 50s for the east bay. we'll be in the upper 50s for the north bay as well, and partly cloudy skies for all. the extended forecast. the heat on this week as we nudge 80 degrees by friday, so a warming trend on the way for the bay area after that chance of a few showers tonight. and now the friday of the university of virginia ladies and gentlemen, vern glenn! >> thank you! a 19 so and so graduate of that institution of higher learning.
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now it's time for moving sports pictures. warriors steph curry, his injury, and ahead, friday bay area high schools were 0 for the state championship on friday, so what about tonight? that and curry in a minute.
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injury bug won't go away... when the play-o the nba up top and the state of the warriors, the injury bug just won't go away, and when the playoffs start, it may be without steph curry as a result of what happened under the basket last night. mcgee fell onto curry's left knee, and test results showed a grade 2 mcl sprain. he'll be re-evaluated in three weeks at the start of playoffs. in the last week all four of golden state's all stars have been injured. steve kerr's response?
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>> things happen. it's not, there's no karma at force, no juju, but our approach as a team has nothing to do with karma or juju. we're well aware that this is just sports. it's not a major injury. the timing is not ideal, but you know, this is, we can overcome this. got some high school state championship for you. hannah jump, pinewood in white against winward. the three ball cut the panthers lead to three, but the panthers have no answers. well, pinewood had no answers for osborne. six three pointers in the game, scored 26, and the wild cats, their second consecutive title 58-47. in the last couple of days the bay area schools have gone 0 for 7 in state championship
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games. and that guy used to play for the sharks. he's retired. sharks against calgary. cane scored a couple of goals. the sharks have won seven straight. san jose six points behind las vegas for first place in the division. hey, i'm not going to bail on you now. let's give you another segment! we're comcasting back with march -- coming back with march madness! two men's teams headed to the final four in san antonio.
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loyola chicago, and college basketball, one of more unlikely men's final four teams in a crazy ncaa tournament. loyola-chicago and their 98- year-old chaplain sister jean. they had to get by kansas state. second half. loyola's ben richardson scored a career high 23 in the game. second half, ingram drove in. it was 52-33 ramblers. the lead was pushed up to 17, and sister jean, she approved
11:29 pm
of that physicality. loyola won it 78-62 advancing to their first final four since 1963. nightt perhaps the most anonymous team to reach the final four. >> we're a bunch of guys that everybody laughed at us when we were going to play division 1 basketball. nobody thought we could do this. >> in the hotel yesterday a girl came up and said can i get a picture, and she handed the phone to him to take the picture. she said are you on the team? i was like come on, man. for the record i'll be mad at ben for telling that story. >> i had to get him! night time in los angeles, west regional final. michigan and florida state. dark uniforms. second half. michigan up. matthews, too much muscle. second chance points. he had 17 in the game. back came the seminoles.
11:30 pm
bucket, foul. they got within three. under three minutes to play. robinson from the corner! michigan won. west region champs 58-54. they're headed to the final four for the first time since 2013. they'll play loyola-chicago next saturday. so now ask me. >> who won the day? >> i'll tell you who won the day. coming off that package it was club leon out of mexico, an exhibition game. 1-0 over the earthquakes. who scored the goal? landon donovan who started as an earthquake. >> we'll be right back.
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we
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wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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