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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 25, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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no warning. just done. i'm still shaky about it. >> a bay area farmer is back home tonight after being rescued from a well. good evening. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm juliette goodrich. the farmer fell yesterday morning at his one-acre farm near michigan boulevard and driscoll road in fremont. katie nielson spoke with the man about what happened. >> this boarded up pump house was the scene of yesterday's rescue. the 90-year-old man who fell down the well said he's old school. he doesn't want to show his face on camera, but told us to call him farmer ernie. >> i just grow vegetables for myself and to give away. that's what i use the well for. >> reporter: 90-year-old farmer ernie says the well on his family's ranch is older than he is. that's why the opening is 4 and
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a half feet wide and the walls reinforced with bricks. >> they drug it by hand. would you believe it? >> john: -- >> reporter: he says he went into the pump house to get the water going for his vegetable garden. >> i go in there to turn the pump on. there's a switch in there. no warning. just gone. >> reporter: farmer ernie fell 26 feet into the cold water at the bottom of the well. >> i'm in water and a lot of debris came down with it. and i'm just trying to survive. >> reporter: ernie didn't know when or even if someone would find him, so instead of treading water, he figured out a way to prop himself up. >> i put my feet against that wall and my back against this. i put pressure so i wouldn't sink. >> reporter: less than an hour later, his daughter got worried when she didn't see him in the vegetable garden and went looking for him. she heard his cries for help at the bottom of the well and rushed inside to call the fire department. >> i'd say not a typical call for the fremont fire department, being an urban fire department,
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we don't respond to wells of this nature very often. >> reporter: firefighters had to take the pump house apart and after two hours at the bottom of the well, farmer ernie was finally out. >> i'm still shaky about it. >> reporter: ernie says he's doing okay now. he's tired and his back is sore. he cut his head at some point and had to get 8 stitches. but he says despite all that, he's not giving up his well. >> i've never had a city meter. just got to be careful. >> reporter: farmer ernie says it doesn't make any sense to fill up a perfectly good well. he says he just wants the pump running again so he can continue to water his vegetable garden. katie nielson, kpix 5. >> farmer ernie says his family bought the farm in the 1930s. he said he'd never sell it. the student activists who led the mass rally say their movement is just getting
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started. reporter wendy gillette explains. >> saturday's big turn-out was just a step toward an even larger goal. >> we're demanding an assault weapons ban. we're demanding the prohibition of sales of high capacity magazines and we are demanding universal background checks. >> reporter: having led the way at the march for our lives rallies, students from marjory stoneman douglas high school are now turning their attention to this year's midterm elections. this is not the end. this was just the beginning. >> reporter: the students say they'll target candidates who refuse to support what they call common sense gun laws. >> register and vote. at the end of the day that's how you change democracy. >> but they've got to keep it up. if they don't keep it up, those who want no change will sit on their hands. >> reporter: one parkland survivor doesn't think new
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legislation is the answer. kyle says the existing laws need to be enforced. >> i find it ironic after all this, we've seen so many different government failures, we want to trust the government even more. >> reporter: the students plan to stage a nationwide walk-out on april 20th. the 19th anniversary of the columbine massacre. wendy gillette, cbs news. this evening bay area congressman is weighing in on the rallies. >> we had millions of people in the street. if we don't do something, the american people should be furious. >> the congressman added as long as republicans are in charge of the house, there won't be any movement toward stricter gun control. this evening the police chief of the school district says he is not sure if it will bring about change. >> they'll wait the protesters out and they know eventually everybody will go home. there was no gun control after
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columbine, sandy hook, nor after las vegas, nor after the pulse nightclub. >> we'll have more on the chief's reaction coming up at 6:00. tonight we'll finally hear from stormy daniels, the adult film star locked in a legal battle with president trump. daniels says she had an affair with the president and signed a nondisclosure agreement in the days before the 2016 election. she claims the agreement is not valid because president trump did not personally sign it. she said she wants to set the record straight. president trump denies any affair with daniels. you can watch anderson cooper's exclusive interview with her tonight on 60 minutes right after kpix 5 news at 6:00. facebook makes a very public apology after a firm hired by the trump campaign was accused of collecting user data without permission. facebook took out full-page ads in several publications today, apologizing for a, quote, breach of trust. it comes as the top democrat on
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the senate intelligence committee said he wants to hear from mark zuckerberg, specifically about facebook's relationship with cambridge analytica. >> he needs to come out. he created this entity. he created this industry. he needs to come explain to the american public. >> last week zuckerberg said he would be open to speaking to congress. nba players are expressing their outrage at the shooting death of an unarmed black man in sacramento. players from the kings and celtics recorded a psa that aired before today's game in sacramento. >> we will not shut up and dribble. >> this is bigger than basketball. >> change can be uncomfortable. >> change is necessary. >> we need to talk. we need to act. >> we matter. >> we must unite. >> say his name. >> stefan clark. we must unite. >> during warmups, players wore shirts with his name on them. the 22-year-old was shot and
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killed by police sunday night in his grandparents' backyard. today firefighters and police officers from the bay area squared off on the ice for a good cause. >> kpix 5's kit do says their goal was to chip away at post-traumatic stress among veterans. >> reporter: it's the annual hockey fundraiser for guns and hoses. a team of cops and firefighters from all over the north bay. the cause they've chosen this year, ptsd. it's been two weeks since a troubled veteran entered a veterans care home in yountville and killed three clinicians. some local firefighters and police officers knew the victims personally. >> two of the people who were killed there were counselors that helped veterans and first responders. so those were clinicians that we actually send people to. so for us, this hits very close to home. >> reporter: with more veterans
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returning home from war to serve in their hometown police and fire departments, agencies are seeing a rise in suicides. events like today's hockey game helped spread the message. it's okay to ask for help. >> this is going to allow them to understand that things we see aren't normal. things we do aren't normal. and to help that coping and the healing to allow us to continue to provide the services that we do. >> john: so today's match-up of guns and hoses -- >> reporter: so today's match-up of guns and hoses raised money that will go directly to counseling first responders. >> this is bigger than all of us. this is bigger than our time in our career. the time is to start talking about this before anything happens. fire that tore through part of a church in san francisco may have been set deliberately. an assistant pastor opened the
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door, smelled smoke, and called 911. firefighters got the fire under control quickly inside christ church lutheran on quinntara street but the flames already caused extensive damage to sunday school classrooms in the basement. investigators told the head pastor they found accelerant markings on the floor, pointing to arson as a possible cause. coming up, a worldwide search for the source of a bizarre photo, eventually leads to the bay area. the story behind the alien attack in an underground train station. a california man takes a home made rocket for a ride in the mojave desert. >> temperatures are going to skyrocket this week as well. the forecast coming up after a break.
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two volunteer firefighters are dead in west virginia after
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their truck crashed while responding to an accident. it happened yesterday southeast of charleston. firefighters say the fire truck slammed into a rock wall on a winding road, killing an assistant fire chief and a lieutenant. three other firefighters were also hurt. they were trying to reach the scene of a deadly crash on the west virginia turnpike. >> everyone, we all do this together. we get to know each other. we're like a family. when it's one of your own, it's always hard when there's a fatality but if it's someone you know and work with and see on a day-to-day basis, it's extremely difficult. >> the initial accident that prompted the emergency call was a head-on crash that killed three people. tensions rise in barcelona, spain. police dressed in riot gear. struck protesters with batons as they try to push back the large crowd. authorities say 50 people were hurt there. comes after catalonia's former president was detained in germany. he's wanted in spain after
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spearheading catalonia's push for independence. a california daredevil has lived up to his dream. >> he launched himself into the sky aboard a home made rocket. >> mad mike hughes reached about 350 miles per hour and flew 1900 feet in the air. the 61-year-old limo driver, nicknamed rocketman, used two parachutes to try to slow his descent with limited success. he said he decided to go through with the launch after multiple cancellations because he was tired of people saying he'd chicken out. >> guess he was burning up his fuse up there alone. a bizarre bay area mystery solved. >> a strange scene on a b.a.r.t. platform with a woman, a gun, and an alien. kpix 5's john ramos explains what it was all about. >> reporter: recently the library of congress asked the public for help identifying a mysterious unlabeled photo of a woman being attacked by an alien
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in an underground train station. it was a mystery until michael jean sullivan looked more closely at the alien. >> i recognize that mask because i packed that mask away years ago. >> reporter: here it is now, part of a costume from a 1974 play called "the great air robbery." michael is a long time member of the san francisco mime troupe, that far from remaining silent, actually performs political satire musicals usually in city parks. the picture was part of a promotional photo shoot that somehow found itself in the library's archives. >> somehow the tag fell off the back. i heard stuff of oh, is it the paris metro? is it shot in moscow? >> reporter: in other photos, you can clearly see a b.a.r.t. train in the background. they were shot, without permits of course, here in the 24th street mission station. it was fairly new at the time and provided a good backdrop for
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a play about a futuristic world choked by pollution. today it's hard to imagine anyone taking a fake gun and what looks like a flame thrower into a b.a.r.t. station. but that's kind of how things happened back then. >> they're shooting dirty harry in the city and bullet. they didn't have permits for a lot of that stuff. they were just like, we're going to do a car chase. they'd just run off and do the car chase. we didn't kill anybody. >> reporter: the san francisco mime troupe has been staging radical social commentary since 1959 and even won a tony award for regional performance. their costume room has memorabilia dating back six decades, despite efforts over the years to discard some of it. >> i was one of the ones that said no, we need to keep this stuff because it has importance to people and it's part of our company history. >> reporter: and now part of american history. at least as far as the library of congress is concerned. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> cool stuff. the san francisco mime troupe
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opens its new season in july with a musical comedy about the history of socialism in america. for more information, head over to and click on links and numbers. some families are welcoming new members. >> that's all thanks to a giant show of generosity. giants announcer duane kuiper picked up all of the adoption fees today at the animal rescue foundation. anyone wanting to take home a dog or cat in need of a forever home needed to show up and fill out the paperwork. all the costs covered. >> hour hope is that the animals obviously get adopted. they're happy. people that might not be able to afford diagnose the adoptions, they get to do it today. they're happy. and then it's a win-win. >> this cause is personal. he says he's taken home a few kittens over the years, even when he had no plans to adopt.
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>> duane kuiper, reminds me of hank greenwold when he used to play the giants game when duane kuiper was a player. anyway, why are we showing you the hi-def doppler? it's an excellent question. molts -- mostly because the rain has headed east. we're looking at things to dry out as we look east from sutro cam. a very pleasant day for most of the bay. partly sunny skies. high atop mount vacca in some odd rotating thing at the top of the screen. concord, 55 degrees. oakland has got 56. livermore, 54 degrees. san francisco, it is 52 right now. forecast for tomorrow, increasing sunshine and increasing temperatures. they'll be up in the low to mid 60s tomorrow. it will be near 80 degrees by the end of the week. here's how it looks. showers. that low pressure system is getting booted out to the east. that high pressure you see offshore is going to emerge
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triumphant and give us sunny skies all week long so every day we'll gain a couple degrees. that's all we ask. futurecast shows a rogue shower or two tonight and that's it. over the higher elevations. after that, here's monday morning. here's monday sunrise. and monday noon. severely clear day tomorrow for the bay area. should have stunning visibilities. with all the rain we had lately, how much has it improved things? last weekend we were at about 55% of average. this week we're at 2/3rds of average. so it helped, but it didn't erase the deficit. and there's none on the horizon. here's what we're expecting. partly cloudy and chilly tonight. mostly sunny. highs near 64 degrees tomorrow on average. and then it's going to warm up to 80 degrees in the warmest spots by thursday. warming trend. if you're heading out from sfo, it will be sunny. winds out of the west northwest. nice little headwind for the pilots. seattle will have light rain, 47 degrees. chicago, l.a., and new york,
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sunshine. and overnight lows for the bay area, we'll about match new york's highs in the 40s. sunrise tomorrow morning, 7:04 a.m. the numbers are very close to where we should be at this time of the year. only san jose is misbehaving with a forecast a degree shy of average. mid 60s, looks nice. ditto for the north bay. in the extended forecast, we'll have sunshine tomorrow. numbers rising into the mid 70s. there's even more going on in sports. >> the final four is set. and the last team in had to go overtime to get there. steve kerr's announcement that will change the postseason plans. ♪ protect your pets from fleas and ticks with frontline plus for dogs
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and frontline plus for cats. its two killer ingredients work fast and keep working all month long preventing new flea infestations on your pet. frontline plus. the number 1 name in flea and tick protection.
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seeds was the midwest, where top-seeded kansas took on number start off with march madness. the only region that went according to the seeds was the midwest where top seeded kansas took on number 2 seed duke and coach k who was looking to pass john wooden as the only coach to take his teams to 13 final fours. coach k facing off against bill self who was looking for his second national title since taking over. jayhawks built a 7-point 2nd half lead but come back, trent, jr., napa's prolific gets a hoop and a foul. duke would tie it at 57. 3-point lead. 30 seconds to go. after a couple turnovers, the long ball ties the game.
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coach k didn't call timeout. looking to win it. we're going to overtime. where kansas's malik newman had 32 points in the game. 13 in the extra frame. corner three for the lead. hope running out for the blue devils. grayson allen didn't want to miss his final game, this to be his final game. but he missed two shots from three that effectively ended it. kansas wins 85-81. they are headed to their first final four since 2012. in the first game, the texas tech rebound chain and deflection belt. red raiders led villanova by 8 early. then jaylen bunsen. minute to go before the half. pascal gets the stop. the cats running the other way.
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the big ragu. twists his way to the rim. the teams combine to shoot 18% downtown. brandon francis finally got one to drop. red raiders within 5 points. they couldn't get over the hump. the sophomore from delaware had 12 points to go along with 12 rebounds. nova is headed back to the final four. their sixth trip in program history. 71-59 is the final. so the final four, next weekend in san antonio is set. 11th seed loyola of chicago faces michigan in the first game. villanova and kansas meet in the other semifinal. steph curry will miss the rest of the regular season with a sprained mcl, and today we learned his absence will also extend into the postseason. >> there's no way he's playing the first round. there's no way. he's being re-evaluated in three weeks. so yeah, we've got to be ready to play without him. >> what i've been told, three weeks is a good kind of
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benchmark to re-evaluate and re-assess kind of where i'm at, my progress and what not. mentally for me, staying positive, staying upbeat. hopefully i prove what coach said was wrong and put myself in position to get back as soon as possible. the treehouse bar at the coliseum. you guys seen this? debut of the bay bridge series. you can hang out there and have a couple cold ones. bases loaded. buster posey off the wall bringing blanco and hundley. posey hitting .484 this spring. look at steve duggar, continues to make his case to be the team's starting center fielder. took a home run away from joyce. giants won the game 5-1. they play two more games at at&t park monday and tuesday. coming up tonight on game day, new giants pitcher derek holland. his thoughts on being thrust into the rotation and his incredible harry carey impersonation.
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>> we're about to see the oakland as take on the san francisco giants. starting out in center field today is willie mays hayes. actually it's willie mays. i said the wrong name. god dang it. but we're excited to see baseballs. it's come back to the coliseum and getting ready to go to at&t ballpark coming to a game near you. holy cow. >> if you think that was good, wait till you hear his arnold schwarzenegger impression. is there a bruce bochy impression? all that tonight on game day. kevin kizner and bubba watson. watson was 5 up after just 5 holes. there was really no suspense. on 10, bubba rolls in his second birdie of the match. should go up 7 on the 10th hole. match ended after 12 holes with watson winning 7-6. that's a blow-out of epic
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proportions. his second win in his last four tournaments. you've got bubba as a masters favorite. tiger woods is in the equation. phil mickelson. sergio has been playing good. it's going to be good. by the way, it's on channel 5. did i mention that? >> thank you for doing that. we'll be right back.
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news updates are always on cbs-sf-dot that's it for us at 5:00. we'll see you back here at 6:00 for a full hour of news. >> news updates always on we'll see you at 6:00.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> morgan: after the march. what's next for the never again movement following this weekend's historic rally. the nra bashes the march for our lives as a march for their lies. and takes aim at the stoneman douglas student act viseses. >> the classmate was still be alive and no one would know your names. >> morgan: also tonight stormy daniels about her alleged relationship with the president, everything you needs to know when the adult film actress talks to anderson cooper for "60 minutes." >> he was the last male of a dying breed of rhinos, can his species be saved? >> that's it! >> morgan: and sister jean's mira r


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