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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  March 27, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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from the stormy daniel 60 minute interview. she said she threatened to keep quiet. had a trump administration is now responding. good morning, it is tuesday march 27.>> first, let's start with traffic and weather. it is looking like a ruby tuesday. it has been one thing after another. so if you're getting ready to head out, please be careful. we are tracking an accident. we had a bit of an incident in our studio. sorry. 880 as you are approaching 238. this is all due to an accident that is no longer blocking any lane that is causing a big backup. this backup stretches to marina boulevard. so we are seeing speeds dip as low as 22 miles per hour.
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give yourself some extra time if you're making your way along 880. 580 is looking great. we are seeing slowdowns, the usual delays. nothing to write home about. definitely getting busy. here is a live look at the freeway. so getting ready to go along the curve. we had an earlier report of a car blocking this lane. it looks like they've clear that. but we are in the yellow now dry times. 22 minutes over to the maze and then you have an additional 15 heading into san francisco. let's check in with the forecast. the skies are clear, and we are looking at clear conditions. no clouds even inside. the wind is starting to pick up. so, it may feel a little bit dry. but temperatures will be warm. at this hour, we are looking at
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5 to 10 degrees above average and warmer in this time yesterday. so, here is my we have this warming trend. -- here is why we have this warming trend. it has all moved out to the east. we do have is high pressure. so as it gets closer, temperatures will start to rise more and it is the reason for a northwind. we have those north dryland is coming in just not quite as strong. and we do not necessarily have advisory level land sustained in the south bay very calm conditions but to the north, we were looking at sustained wind around 14 to 20 miles per hour. but now it is looking a lot lighter. we will talk about this temperatures coming up. and people who fill out the 2020 census questionnaire will find a question that's drawing
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a lot of attention are you an american citizen?>> the concern is that the question may stop undocumented immigrants from filling it out. at this point, the question is being added to the 2020 census. it counts all of the residents regardless of immigration status. and, the licensor video says that the data will help the justice department enforce the act that protects minority voting rights. but, they say that it would lead to the undercount and that would impact everything from federal funding to political representation in congress. a combination of 19 attorney generals are challenging the question saying that it violates the united states constitution and federal statutes. and today, the announcement that they are suing over it. javier becerra tweeted, including the question is not just a bad idea, it is illegal.
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they used to carry various versions of the question of citizenship but it hasn't and almost 70 years. you shall? -- michelle? the orange county sheriff's department is making the release of jail public -- jail inmates public. he said that the action is to the community under the state sanctuary law which restricts law enforcement's cooperation with i.c.e.. they said their inability causes them to be returned to the communities which they prey upon. so far, they haven't commented on the change in orange county. heated protests are getting louder after they -- at the police shot an unarmed black men more than 20 times. he died in his grandmother's yard. they say that they thought he had a gun but phone -- but found only a cell phone.
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what we don't hear is raising the concerns. >> why was the audio turned off? what is the protocol for turning off the audio?>> they say that there are a variety of reasons why an officer will meet or deactivate body cameras that they will look at whether it was appropriate in this case. activists are calling on it to launch its own investigation. a berkeley group plans to push. they will ask to add an amendment on the november ballot. the commission would take the place of the current police review commission is passed by the voters. a battle today protesters are trying to stop the board of supervisors from funding a controversial law enforcement program. jessica florez is live with those details. the mac morning.
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protesters plan to gather at 10 am -->> reporter: good morning. protesters are planning to gather at 10 am. the law enforcement training and weapons asked. the board of supervisors is voting on funding for the program. the board of supervisors all ready voted to support the sheriff's department in continuing to host the event. activists say that it promotes militarized policing and hurts communities of color. the annual convention was forced to oakland in 2014 and the following year, urban shield came under scrutiny when a vendor sold lack rifles matter t-shirts. they also participated in the past and the far right group keepers militia once had a booth there.>> they are militarized policing. basically, it is the ideology, and it's the equipment.>>/
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>> reporter: well, conference helps first responders prepare for any kind of disaster and terrorism. and, the sheriff also says that this year he is putting in place safeguards to make sure and then any type of vendor that promotes any type of racist messages. again, they plan to be here at the alameda county building at 10 am. reporting live in oakland. an attorney representing donald trump's lawyer michael collins says that there is no legal issue with a $130,000 payment that he may to porn star stormy daniels. the mac he paid the $130,000 but the reason is to protect business, protect reputation and protect family. and you can't speculate that it was to elect somebody president of the united states. he maintains that that
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money was never paid back by the trump campaign or by mr. trump and doesn't constitute a violation of campaign laws. he sat down for a widely watched interview. she claims she had consensual sex in 2006. >> i will say that the president strongly clearly has consistently denied these underlying claims and the only person who has been inconsistent is one making those claims>> the president didn't mention her on twitter but said, so much fake news never been more voluminous or inaccurate. christina garcia is denying allegations that she section assaulted and harassed legislative staff members.>> garcia saying that political opponents said they campaign to discredit her soon after she emerged as a leader in the movement. she also denied playing spin the bottle with other staffers.
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garcia has taken an unpaid leave of absence while the allegations are being investigated. tony mendoza who stepped down is running in a special election to serve the remaining months of his term. however, they now say that he can't call himself a state senator because it is misleading. and i.c.e. is responding to reports that it uses facebook data to track undocumented immigrants. this as they launch a new investigation into facebook. we are live with the latest.>> good morning. facebook is starting the week with even more challenges. now the company is responding to allegations that they can use facebook data to track people. a new report by the intercept says that will trap suspects while looking at a man in new mexico last year. was able to get data reviewing
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the account and ip address. they did respond and said that they made a valid request for an investigation and does not provide them with any special data access to assist with the immigration law. and, they say during the course of the criminal investigation they had the ability to seek subpoenas to legally compel a company to provide information.>> they need to be right in the eyes of their customers. and, they are now voicing real concerns.>> reporter: that is president and ceo silicon valley. and, speaking out after the recent data scandals. and, they are investigating facebook's data privacy practices. and, it has been a hit after they announced that they would be investigating pretty nicely. and, lawmakers are calling on
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mark zuckerberg to testify before congress over the company's data privacy practices. it is 6:11 am. how much commute is taking -- costing transportation agencies. and we are tracking some problem. how much time will it cost you? and after storm after storm last week we are now dealing with sunshine warmer than average weather, we will talk about those temperatures coming up. and the new band that twitter is implementing on twitter starting today. ♪ [ upbeat music ]
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extending a temporary ban. the city of antioch could soon decide on a temporary law. and, they are set to meet
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tonight to discuss a possible ordinance. it includes going over a cannabis tax and reviewing proposals. and, they allow them to ban or regulate cannabis industry in many communities have chosen to ban it. commuters who don't pay up are costing transportation agencies more than $60 million a year. the chp is collecting 1.3 dollars for people dodging registration. and, $3.4 million statewide. and, come april 1, it will ask them to prove that they have a ticket and they can expect them on light rail and sting operations. , last time we checked in with you, here's what's happening. >> well, it's in the roadways and the studio, and, we have a couple of problems and things are definitely along the east ashore freeway. look at all those brake lights. this is right at carlson. and we are in the red.
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drivetime is 30 minutes. why? because, we have more problems. the class university. then, there was another accident reported in eastbound direction. again, that is opposite commute direction. but everyone will slow down to take a peek as they are driving by. so it is a slow ride along interstate 80. and, just a sideline of red. and it continues to grow. we do have an accident reported on the shoulder. and, as we had further south, we will be in for some delays. with the a long line of red. this all due to a three car crash. it is now over in the center divide. and heading into san leandro and down into hayward continues to be heavy getting down
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towards 92. here is a live look at south at 238. and you can see all of those headlights making their way. it's not a fun ride. so pack the patient is going to be a slow commute. let's check in on the forecast. >> and, that second traffic, the skies are pretty. we aren't even noticing any clouds. i love the shot. definitely seeing how clear it is all across the bay area. and also this is it rolling through. so, they have those clear skies. and it will be the warmest day. it will be up to the average conditions. and, looking to 5 to 15 degrees above average. and, we wait for the official sunrise which will happen around 7 am this morning. it's a little bit bouncy. and it's bouncing up and down.
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because, we are noticing some gas picking up. 44 in concord, 46 in oakland, livermore is 44. and, here is that sunrise time. and, most likely you'll get great use of all of it because it's going to be clear., conditions and although some of the hills mount hamilton starting to receive those gas. and, you can definitely see it. these are five mile per hour winds. for southern california they are dealing with us. and, this is all across the state. the high pressure right off of the coast that is what sending the wind coming through. that's also why we will have sunny and bring like weather. satellite radar showing just a bit of fog. we are going to say sunny. by thursday, we could reach the
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80s. and by the weekend, we will stay dry. thank you. twitter is banning crypto currency it's from his platform. the san francisco bay tech giant joins facebook and google and a crackdown seeking to avoid getting publicity to potential large investor losses. the new policy will be rolled out over the next 30 days and will also include a ban on crypto currency wallet services. apple is looking to return to the head of the class. looking to release new education software. they are also expected to unveil a lower-priced ipad. they are trying to regain ground. google has emerged as the education leader in the market thanks largely to laptop computers. this weekend the new navigation system will rollout. the ceo tweeted in part, it should be considered a mature beta at first so it won't be
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perfect but will improve rapidly. and it is expected to feature greatly improved routing as well as much more legible maps things to a new feature. -- thanks to a new feature. the sharks are going for the longest win streak and seven years. can the diet -- the giants debut in front of the whole crowd? luck, it was all about a guy who didn't figure into their plans. it is tax season. if you have any questions? you can call in on thursday. it's from 1 pm until 2 pm. our reporter will ask the irs, h&r block, and everyone else all of your tax questions. you can post them in the facebook like question comments -- comments section. ♪you've got a friend in me
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celebrate friendship and beyond at the first ever pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort.
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dusty baker is back with the giants this time as a special advisor to larry baer. he last manage them 16 years ago departing after they lost to the angels. new, at&t park, netting around the dugout they can start facebook and not get hit. well, they were into that field. they are getting dirty. that one to nothing giants leave. they announced that their calling has made the giants rotation. he pitched five solid innings.
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and, they scored seven runs in the 10th inning under the siegel's and they 1922. and the smile tells the story the sharks took their winning streak to chicago down angle to the blackhawks and a band or cane going through and tying the game on a breakaway. and, through his entire repertoire, that is the game- winner. they get their eighth straight victory. that is since 2011. college basketball invitational and they are there against the hilltop. damage to denton texas against the mean green. they can wrap it up on wednesday night. have a great day. and here is the plan the day. the philadelphia 76ers facing off. but it is one play that got
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their attention. and they are running to the backcourt.>> and he promptly throws it down>> the nest and strength. and, they have that's been moved and the strong finish over the nuggets call. the 76ers going to win the game. and, they take the plan the day. it is 6:26 am. and the controversial questions for the next census. it's not prompting them to sue the federal government. plus, the letter that donald trump just sent to the letter -- to the family of a student who was killed at the florida high school. ended debate heats up. a bill gaining support from lawmakers on both sides.
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they need to rewrite either their customers. >> even more fallout following a massive data scandal. and copying lunch that how they are responding to reports to track undocumented immigrants.>> i am working with half of the families directly to come up with common sense common ground solutions to move us forward. >> where lawmakers stand on a call for more regulations. and the support being shown for the sanctuary lawsuit against the state of california. but first, facebook started off the week with growing troubles and a report claims that i.c.e. uses that data to track suspect. and sandra osborne is live headquarters. this is more controversy for facebook this week.>> reporter:
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absolutely. they have been in the spotlight this past week. and, that attention bringing a hit to facebook stock. and, first they announced it's investigating the data privacy practices saying in part, the ftc is fully committed to using all of its tools to protect the privacy of consumers. this is after the recent data scandal affecting up to 50 million users. now, a report claims that they use facebook data to find and track suspect in one case while looking for a man in new mexico, they were able to get back and data revealing the ip addresses corresponding each time the account was accessed. they did respond. they said that they made a legal request for an investigation involving an active child predator and it doesn't provide them with any special data access. and a spokesperson said, that during the course of a criminal
6:32 am
investigation does have the ability to seek the subpoenas now, facebook has been answering some of the questions that have been in the spotlight over the last week or so on their website. they have been doing it in the form of press releases mostly about the data scandal. in the meantime, 37 attorney general have issued a demand calling for him to answer more questions about the privacy practices. thank you. do you hear that? let's go on outside and take a live look at some of these see lions. making a lot of noise. they are ready to start tuesday morning. and people are coming in from the north bay. with the traffic coming in. they are allowed.>> yes they are. and that is quite the alarm clock. >> yes. >> i like to watch them when they fight.
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>> that's pretty funny. and talking about the forecast. and about. and people are going to enjoy this clear skies. the sunshine is almost here but we are going to see a nice sunrise. so, here is a look at the clouds. i'm showing you this because we are going to see much of that the next two days. and this is the south bay. across san jose. and, looking at this beautiful the of. a lot of warming up this week. especially by the time to get into thursday. and, we are about average for those morning commission -- conditions. but also staying above average. this isn't due to an accident, we are actually tracking a fire that has shut down two lanes. so a quick check, this is highway 17. -- we are starting to see the backup spilling onto that
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portion of the interchange. but you can see this long line of sensors that we have here northbound 280. it's right near the road. we have two lanes black. and, the backup is stretching beyond the 17. so, just a heads up making their way to the south bay, we are dealing with a major slowdown from highway 101 to 85. give yourself some extra time. and a police program that has faced fierce opposition from activist group up for a vote today. jessica is live in oakland with a preview of what is expected to be a contentious meeting.>> that's right. they plan to gather in front of the county administration building. and demonstrating against the controversial weapons expo in the training program. known as urban shield. the alameda county sports unsupervised -- board of
6:35 am
supervisors will meet at 11 am. they will vote on funding for the program and last month they are ready voted to support the sheriffs department in continuing to host the event activist against the program say that it promotes militarized policing. it was forced out of oakland in 2014 and the following year they came under fire when a vendor sold black rifles matter t-shirts. and, also participated in the far right group of keepers militia were once at the event. they say that this use conference is preparing them for national does that that's natural -- disasters. they say it is important. and they are focused on disaster preparedness. they are susceptible to a major earthquake event and we must not forget that the well- trained first responders and
6:36 am
saving life. they are planning to put in safeguards that it would ban any type of vendors that promote racist messages. again, protest is at 10 am. reporting live here in oakland, jessica flies. -- florez. senator diane will host a roundtable discussion with gun violence survivors, family members, and medical personnel.>> gun control measures are moving forward. the states general assembly approved the gun safety bills. and, then encounter efforts. some florida lawmakers are also pushing for new legislation.>> i can assure you that saturday was day one. it was a much past -- a
6:37 am
launchpad. so anyone who thinks that that is the and was sadly mistaken. >> also includes strengthening background checks. the family of a victim received a special letter. he thanked them taking part after the shooting. he wrote in part, i was touched by the memories that you said. we will not forget her life. she was one of several people killed in the parkland shooting on valentine's day. the alleged gunman faces the death penalty if convicted of 17 counts of murder. his next court date is in two weeks. and, the justice department is challenging three california laws. texas and other states say that california doesn't have the authority to was not that protect undocumented
6:38 am
immigrants. they also say that the sanctuary laws are designed to interfere with federal immigration enforcement. the state attorney general is suing the trumpet ministration again. this after the department announced that they are adding a citizenship question to the fence this. that's census -- census. they are calling the move illegal. >> the question is are you united states citizen? the concern is that it may stop people from filling out the. it counts all residents regardless of immigration that is. the justice department says that citizenship data help enforce the voting rights act which protects minority voting rights. opponents say that it will lead to an undercount in the population and that would impact everything from funding to political representation. and the state secretary of state sent out a statement that
6:39 am
read in part, californians will not stand by while trump continuously attacks our communities. we thought his travel band, his fraud commission and we will fight this decision in the courts. almost every census up until 1950 asked some form of a question on citizenship. but it has been almost 70 years. secretary of state mike pompeo's confirmation hearing is expected in midshipman april but no confirmation hearing is necessary for the trump appointee. that is raising the most eyebrows in washington dc. for the latest, we turn to our washington insider. so, why does this shakeup have some folks worried?>> it is because of the man that they referred to which is, john bolton. who is president trump's national security advisor who as he points that requires no senate confirmation.
6:40 am
and, the reason that he had people concerned is that he had been associated with the most anti-muslim pro-war fringes in the united states foreign policy sort of arena. he has eroded forward for a book last year. the book itself was barack hussein obama pursuing a soft sharia law meaning, that he wanted to subjugate non-muslims to muslim law. is also been pushing people like frank caskey who says that there is a muslim security and, the president of the university of california somehow associate with that. this is a guy who is not -- who has not spoken personally. he is suggesting a prostatic against north korea, very sensible ideas and this is the man who will be the number one foreign-policy security advisor to the united states. >> switching topics, it has
6:41 am
been noticeably silent on twitter is plaguing the white house for the past week>> it doesn't take long for them to tweet out insults. and, it's getting shot down -->> he has insulted parents of people who have criticized him. but, not stormy daniels. not the point starter says that he sort of his mistreated her and tried to quiet her about the affair. there are also the reasons maybe he isn't speaking out. although, not many people would probably accept that as the reason. but here is a remarkable thing just remind us of where we are. is a news story that when a pornography star doesn't get responded to after accusing the president of having had a consensual affair with her that it is news that he hasn't tweeted about it. and it is news. >> i know.
6:42 am
thank you. your whopper of the week coming from both sides of the aisle.>> really, it is the folks this week who went after department kids. there was a much this weekend in washington that drew at least hundreds of thousands and across the country over 1 million students out there protesting but it was the nra on their tv show that said, march for our lives is back by that with a history of violent threats language and action. they are talking specifically about their connections to the women's march the day after trump's inauguration last year and specifically talking about violent threats remember the donna said that she wouldn't mind blowing up the white house to which she then said it probably won't make any difference. that is the violent threat that we are talking about. these kids as they are associated with people who know madonna. these kids went through an
6:43 am
awful lot and you can insult the policy beliefs. you can say that the second amendment is too important to take away. you can say all sorts of things but don't disrespect children who are out there standing up for their fellow classmates. if you're going to do that, at least stick to the facts.>> yes. definitely. thank you. in china, there are new reports that the strain leaving beijing had north korean leader on board. this would be his first visit to china and for the first time his left north korea since he took power in 2011. this visit comes just weeks after his plan to summit with south korea's president and a potential meeting with president trump. the fbi is analyzing several suspicious packages washington dc packages were received at the port belt in virginia and fort mcnair
6:44 am
industry. they say that the package sent to fort mcnair tested positive for black powder and had a fuse. they are determining to send them. michigan state team who supervised larry nasser is expected to appear in court. the seven-year-old williams was arrested in michigan on undisclosed charges. and, they are serving lengthy prison sentences for sexually abusing young athletes in his care. it is 6:44 am. community members are demanding answers after sacramento police shot and killed an unarmed man. and there are lingering questions in the death of stephon clark. and following a deadly crash involving a self driving uber test card. -- car. we will be right back after this. ♪ you don't just want easy.
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vehicles to drive on california roads without a person behind the wheel. but so far.. no driverless car companies have applied for a less than a week it will be legal for autonomous vehicles to drive in california roads. but so far, no driverless car companies have applied for a permit from the dmv. san francisco officials have been taking measures to address the new rules which go into effect on monday. the city's mayor recently held a safety meeting between first was anders including uber and more. this comes days after one of the autonomous cars hit and killed a pedestrian who was jaywalking. this morning, arizona has put the brakes on the company's self driving car test they say that they will cooperate. it is 6:48 am. and let's get a check of those roads. >> i see those cars all the time. especially near the station.
6:49 am
we have had a pretty rough day. so, if you're getting ready to head on out, buckle up. we have a fire that has two lanes closed along northbound 280. this is right near wilson road and they remain on the scene. you can see that backup stretching well below -- beyond 87. we are looking at a 45 minute travel time for drivers. that is over a 30 minute delay. and here is 101, usual slowdowns as you are making your way northbound on the right side of screen. but we are tracking a pretty slow ride along the east shore freeway. we continue to see accident popping up. so we have that cleared towards university. but now we have reports of a crash as you are getting closer to powell making one lane black. a 38 minute ride out of hercules and when you get over
6:50 am
to the bay bridge toll plaza we are actually in the yellow. and that is a 17 minute ride. so things are starting to show some improvement. but we are seeing some faster speeds and 101 right near have a 116, we are getting reports of a crash. we have that coming up. well, nice clear conditions you can get a good view of that sunrise. here is a look at that roof camera and you can see that peak heal. those are pretty much the only cloud that we are seeing across the area. here is a nice view of the clear conditions. we are seeing a little bit of a north when picking up but mostly clear skies is what the cast is looking like. temperatures are feeling pretty warm. 55 in san francisco and rosa is ready for. and 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. the official sunrise at 7:02 am, and here are three things
6:51 am
to member, we are going to see above average, as high pressure takes a hold of california. and, we are going to stay dry for the weekend. not so good for people who suffer from allergies. the wind direction is going to lead to lower humidity levels. you can see pretty calm conditions. but some of these hills may noticeably. it's in effect for southern california where they have santa ana wind conditions. so, they are staying strong but for us, you'll notice a little bit of that shift. high pressure is getting closer. and, temperatures will be rising even more. futurecast is showing nothing but clear skies. we should be in the lower to upper 60s. we will be in the upper 60s to middle 70s. look at this. 73 in los gatos. and it is going to feel pretty comfortable out there.
6:52 am
and, showing that. and, it's going to feel pretty good. remember that sunblock, it is that springlike weather. your time now is 6:52 am. and, it's backing down after about her legal action. and, taking against her lawyer. well, facebook is facing a controversy it's a report claims that they data to track people. we are live near headquarters with a look at the company's response. there's only one word for the all new
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together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort. said- immigration and customs enforcement uses the social media platform to track suspects... in one case- while looking for a man in new mexico last year, ice was able to get back-end data revealing a log of when the account was accessed and the ip addresses corresponding to each log-in. facebook responded...and said ice made a valid, legal reques involving sandra, live near facebook headquarters. as the social media giant faces even more controversy. a new report that immigrants --
6:56 am
immigration uses social media to track suspects in one case while looking for a man in new mexico, they were able to get back end data revealing when the account was accessed and the ip addresses corresponding. facebook says that they made a valid legal request for an investigation involving an active child predator and it doesn't provide them with special data access to assist with immigration law. this coming after facebook's recent data scandal involving cambridge analytic, which included possibly up to 15 million users and an announcement that they are investigating the company's data privacy practices. they have apologized and had been answering some questions in the meantime, they are calling to hear from mark zuckerberg some even calling from to testify before congress. thank you.
6:57 am
it is 6:56 am. michael's attorney says that there's no legal issue with a $130,000 payment that he may to porn star stormy daniels. he maintains that the money that he paid this before the presidential election was never paid back by the trump campaign or by mr. trump and doesn't constitute a violation of campaign finance laws. daniels is suing for defamation. she sat down for a widely watched interview on the minute that aired on sunday as she claims she had consensual sex with mr. trump in 2006 a terrifying ride on a bay area tour bus. they say that the driver is dangerously joint and times over the legal limit. it all started sunday morning when a bus carrying 40 -- 40 passengers crashed several times. the suspect has been charged. a protest and calls for actions are getting louder at the police shot an unarmed black man more than a dozen times. the 22-year-old stephan clark
6:58 am
died in his grandmother's backyard. protesters planning to -- stephon clark died in his grandmother's backyard. protesters are going to be protesting urban shield. the board of supervisors is meeting to vote on funding for the program. people who fill out the 2020 census questionnaire find a question drawing a lot of attention. are you a you a citizen? well, they are planning to file a lawsuit over the change. and a slow go through the northbay an accident blocking some lanes southbound at pepper. it has traffic backed up. do expect down. the san rafael bridge is not slowing down. and, the east shore freeway. -- that is solid red. give yourself an extra 25 minutes heading out of the door. making a real over to the plaza
6:59 am
that continues to show speeds in the red. -- as you make your way over to the toll plaza, that is showing speeds in the red. well, we are going to see the sunrise in the next two minutes. right now, looking really gorgeous. as far as those guys are concerned. nice clear conditions, thursday the warmest day, but we will be above average all week long. i to 10 degrees above average. and here is another nice view. temperatures are in the middle 40s to middle 50s. and, looking afternoon highs today. upper 60s for a lot of san francisco. >> that looks good. and let's take another look. look at that. how pretty. and let's make some noise for these sea lions.
7:00 am
tuesday started. have a wonderful rest of the day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, march 27, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." there's breaking news, an arrest in washington state over suspicious packages sent to military and intelligence facilities around d.c. at least one device tested positive for explosives. larry nassar, former boss, is under arrest this morning. william strampel faces a series of complaints about the way he


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