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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 28, 2018 1:37am-2:11am PDT

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s-u-v plowed into pedestrians at a bay area airport. tonight, deputies say... the er did not have a now at 11:00 this suv plowed into pedestrians at a bay area airport. tonight deputies say the driver did not have a license. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. several people were hurt. hundreds of travelers were inconvenienced. kpix5's andria borba on the
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investigation at oakland international and the man under arrest. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's office said this was not an act of terror but an unintentional act. this was the scene at oakland international not long after the crash, a maroon suv up on the sidewalk right in front of terminal 1. the crash happened around 6:15 and left four people injured, three from the crash itself and one from a piece of flying luggage. >> the driver who's unlicensed was not very familiar with the vehicle and had not operated a motor vehicle in quite some time. so that may have played a factor in this as well. >> reporter: the suv's driver, a 54-year-old man, was arrested for not having a license, a misdemeanor, and felony reckless driving causing injury. >> there is concerns that his foot got stuck on the accelerator unintentionally. >> reporter: the crash and investigation left the airport draped in crime scene tape and traffic and travelers stacked up and frantic trying to get to
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flights. the sheriff's office will be reviewing video from terminal 1 to see exactly what caused this crash in the first place. at oakland international, andria borba, kpix5. >> it was a mess. chopper 5 caught more than a few scenes like this one, travelers forced to abandon their rides or vehicles and simply walk to the terminal, the only way to make their flights. once again protesters took to the streets in sacramento tonight over the police shooting of stephon clark. they blocked fans trying to get into the kings game after shutting down the city council. reporter steve large was there. >> stephon clark! stephon clark! >> reporter: stephon clark's brother tack over the sacramento city council meet -- took over the sacramento city council's meeting in dramatic fashion, chanting his brother's name and then stepping on the desk demanding those can't step
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on his name louder. others joined davonte clark at the council dias, the mayor offering him a microphone possibly in an effort to restore order. >> do you want to take the microphone, sir? >> yes. >> that one over there, right over there. >> reporter: only chaos continued, an emotional tirade inside council chambers. >> stop, stop, stop, you all! stop, please. my brother just got shot. everybody going to shut the [ bleep ] up. >> excuse me, davonte? >> reporter: mayor darrel steinberg called the council meeting into recess while davonte clark took center stage dancing while those inside the chamber shouted his brother's name. davonte clark did voluntarily leave the chambers with the group that he arrived with. the council then returned. the tense public comments began from there. >> tired of you guys sitting up here talking about we need some training. you don't need no training. what you do to make them accountable for what they do.
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>> reporter: as public testimony unfolded inside the chambers, outside protesters rushed through security gates crowding the city hall lobby until the mayor eventually ended this public meeting early citing safety concerns. and the mayor was unsure if this public meeting would be continued at a later date or not. the sacramento police made one arrest for an assault on an officer and drunk in public. in sacramento, steve large, kpix5. >> the kings released this statement tonight saying, "the safety of our guests is our no. 1 priority. due to law enforcement being unable to allow ticketed fans to safely enter the arena, the doors were closed to maintain guest and public safety." police made an arrest in a pair of random shootings on the peninsula. 30-year-old oscar carmona of east palo alto is suspected of opening fire on two individuals, hitting one of them. police say a woman was shot while walking near newell road and woodland avenue before 6:00 last night and just a 1/2 mile
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away a man says a suspect fired at him near schofield and woodland avenues. he was not hit. police caught up with carmona near mitchell park in palo alto. he's facing numerous charges tonight including attempted murder. tonight we've learned i.c.e. agents questioned inmates at a santa clara county jail the same week they visited other inmates in san francisco. that's against jail rules and the state's sanctuary law. we sent kpix5's katie nielsen to ask what is going on? >> reporter: i.c.e. agents made four visits to santa clara county jails this month. twice they were turned away, but twice they were allowed in. >> it was a classic case of just someone making an honest mistake. >> reporter: that's how the santa clara county sheriff's department is characterizing what happened the afternoon of march 7th and the morning of march 8th when two deputies allowed i.c.e. agents inside the main jail to interview four inmates. >> inmates contacted some of
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their lawyers and then the lawyers reached out to our executive and our command staff. once that was done we immediately took action. >> reporter: in a statement from santa clara county sheriff, " we reevaluated procedures. we value the trust and rapport we've earned with our local immigrant community and we will not break that trust." the sheriff said immediately after agents were mistakenly allowed into the jail march 7th and 8th deputies were retrained on policies and procedures and they created a new law enforcement sign-in sheet. i.c.e. agents tried to enter the jail on march 14 and again just yesterday. the jail spokesman says both times the agents were turned away by the retrained deputies and were not allowed inside. >> they better get it straight, you know. we have a sheriff and chief of corrections. it's their job to in this case carry out the policy of the board of supervisors. >> reporter: this supervisor
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says the county worked hard to build trust of the immigrant community and hopes this was just an isolated incident. >> don't make any mistakes going forward because the ripple effect it sends through the community is fear and it's not good for the health of our community. >> reporter: the jail spokesman told us the i.c.e. agents did not place detention orders on any of the four inmates they talked to. we reached out to i.c.e. for comment but did not get a response. in san jose, katie nielsen, kpix5. tonight orange county is taking the president's side on california's sanctuary status by joining his federal lawsuit against the state of california. >> california is very much america, our country, our state. >> opponents of the law celebrated outside after the all republican board of supervisors voted today to challenge the law which aims to protect undocumented immigrants by limiting police contact with i.c.e. agents. >> even so much as talking to federal law enforcement, pick up the phone and answering a
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question and we don't feel that that's practical. we think it jeopardizes public safety. >> orange county has begun publishing information about inmate releases online for the feds to see. president trump is flip- flopping tonight over funding for his border wall. he's long promised that mexico will pay for it, but now kpix5 political reporter melissa caen tells us the president may be passing the buck to taxpayers. >> who is going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> they may not know it yet, but the answer is mexico. >> reporter: it was mr. trump's key campaign promise, but now sources tell cbs news in a private meeting last week with house speaker paul ryan the president suggested the pentagon pay for the estimated $25 billion wall. >> reporter: isn't it true at this point mexico is just not going to pay for that wall? >> i'm not going beyond what the president's said. i think he still has plans to
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look at potential ways for that to happen. >> reporter: the president tweeted, " building a great border wall is all about national defense, build wall through m," the m for military. >> this is not constitutionally appropriate. >> reporter: jonathan turley is a constitutional law professor at george washington university. >> there's a serious problem when you ask congress for money and then circumvent congress when the money is not forthcoming. >> reporter: the spending bill passed by congress last week does contain $1.6 billion for border security, but that money can only be spent building and repairing fences, not walls, melissa caen, kpix5. some students at this bay area high school are accused of sexually harassing the teachers. tonight they're about to learn a big lesson. >> investigators say this fraud suspect had a dirty secret, tonight the alleged sewage scheme in a bay area backyard.
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>> this self-driving car sl
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taking action.. after teachers claimed they were sexually harassed. reports: a north bay school district taking action after teachers claim they were sexually harassed. >> kpix5's joe vazquez reports some students are about to learn a lesson. >> reporter: the tams school district in marin is planning on adding a staffer to respond to sexual harassment complaints. they're also about to teach a whole bunch of students about
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the subject. >> they need to know and i think it's our job to help them be aware. >> reporter: the superintendent announced the new curriculum at tonight's school board meeting. in the next few weeks all the high school students in the tamalpais high school district will receive training in sexual harassment. students will not only learn the definitions of sexual harassment harassment and sexual misconduct, they will learn how to report harassment to the district. seniors will learn about the topic of informed consent. >> informed consent is essentially what it means to say no and essentially letting the other party know when you have consent. >> when we look on the national scene, we wonder how the harvey weinsteins are made? we're making them. >> reporter: the new curriculum comes just weeks after two of the teachers announced they had become victims of sexual harassment from their own students and insisted the district needs to do more to stop it. >> i have been sexually harassed, stalked, threatened,
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by students. >> you can't feel safe in a learning environment and teaching environment if that's happening to you from the people you're teaching. >> reporter: officials say students will learn about sexual harassment, the kind that happens in person and also electronically on social media. tonight two baton rouge police officers are cleared in the shooting death of alton sterling july, 2016. those police officers pinned the father of five to the ground outside the sss food mart and then they shot him. police say sterling was resisting arrest and reached for a loaded gun in his pants pocket. today the louisiana attorney general said the officers blaine salamoni and howie lake will not face charges. >> the louisiana department of justice cannot proceed with the prosecution of either officer
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lake or officer salamoni. >> the way they killed him was in cold blood. you know it. i know it. face a disciplinar eek. but yes, the system has failed us. >> both the officers will face a disciplinary hearing later this week. the police chief says he'll release unseen footage from the shooting scene on friday. a north bay man is facing felony charges tonight for illegally dumping thousands of gallons of raw sewage. police say he used a secret self-made manhole to flush liquid waste on his penngrove property. kpix5's susie steimle says this isn't the first time he's been arrested. >> reporter: aerial views from chopper 5 give us a glimpse at the secret septic system police say carlos chavez created to defraud sonoma county, the city of rohnert park and more than 700 unsuspecting customers. >> it was clearly shocking the amount of unlawful discharges that he had, the way that he
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did it, the way he was able to bypass the system for so long. >> reporter: 63-year-old carlos chavez has been running petaluma septic services out of his home in penngrove since 1973. he's now facing two felony charges and 22 misdemeanor charges for illegally dumping sewage in rohnert park's public heights. police say chavez would pump 3,000 gallons of sewage into his truck from multiple homes. then through a manhole he dug out himself in his backyard he would dump the sewage into rohnert park's system avoiding being charged a fee. police caught him doing this 326 times in 2017. >> if they were full loads, it would have potentially been $127,000. >> reporter: we pulled chavez's criminal history. he's done this before. police arrested him in 1998 and 2000. detectives say he was able to keep running the septic company by lying on his application
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using his brother's name to get a permit. >> that waste has potential catastrophic effects on the integrity of the saner that sewer system as well as damaging pumps within the sewer system and culturally affect thousands of people -- ultimately affect thousands of people on that line. >> reporter: neighbors wonder if he put their health at risk. in 2016 neighbors sued the city after they found e. coli and fecal matter in their drinking water. neighbors say the sewage system suffered consistent backups for several years. now police believe they finally understand why. we stopped by chavez's two homes in the area, but he never came to the door. if convicted, he could face more than 16 years in prison. susie steimle, kpix5. tonight uber is putting the brakes on testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in california. the company says it will not renew its permanent. the dmv notified uber in a letter today that it will lose testing privileges after saturday when its current
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permit expires. th if uber wants to return, it will need a new permit and it will have to address the fatal crash in arizona. a self-driving uber killed a pedestrian last week while it was in autonomous mode. both uber and the state of arizona ordered the testing be suspended following the fatal crash. back here in the bay area a self-driving car was pulled over and given a ticket after a pretty close call on a san francisco crosswalk. it's going here's kpix5's jackie ward. >> not sure why it happened, but it's going to happen a lot i think. >> reporter: this is the picture kevin o'connor snapped as he drove through soma last week. an sfpd motorcycle officer pulled over a self-driving car. >> there was another car stopped alongside. he looked befuddled. the cop was in back writing a ticket. >> reporter: the car belongs to the san francisco-based company cruise. the company claims the pedestrian was 10.8 feet away from the car when while the car was in self-driving mode it
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began to continue down harrison at 14th street. shortly after the car accelerated police pulled it over. in a statement crew says, "safety is our priority and testing our self-drive -- in testing our self-driving vehicles. california law requires the vehicles to yield the right-of- way to pedestrians allowing them to proceed undisturbed and unhurried without fear of interference of safe passage through an intersection. our data indicates that's what happened here." the pedestrian did not get hurt. it happened a day after an uber car in self-driving mode hit and killed a woman crossing the street outside a crosswalk in tempe, arizona. it's incidents like these that make people like kevin skeptical about whether self- driving cars will ever be safe enough. >> to me of it's almost impossible. i just don't see it happening -- to me it's almost impossible. i just don't see it happening unless every car is autonomous. >> reporter: the san francisco police department did not comment. in san francisco, jackie ward,
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kpix5. paul, i don't think anybody is complaining about this weather. it's been beautiful. >> it's perfect. it's not hot yet. the rain has stopped. we got a good chunk of rain for march. it's no complaint weather. 60 degrees in concord currently, 60 in san jose, good sleeping weather, maybe leave the windows open, san francisco 65, comfy tonight, 47 in san rafael, livermore, fairfield and concord, san francisco and oakland low 50s. the radar is clear through the holiday weekend assuming no more rain for march. we did well. 33% above average in san jose, 60% above average in livermore and 43% above average in the north bay, good month for rain and mountain snow in march and now we're done for likely a week because of this, a blocking ridge of high pressure. storms are still coming, but the storm track will be several hundred miles north and will
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pass to our north and east. winds go clockwise around the center. with the center just to our north and west we get more of a north influence and less westerly or ocean influence. that will allow things to warm up considerably tomorrow with highs in the low 80s in most inland locations, low 80s. tomorrow sunshine in the morning, sunshine in the evening, should be a nice day to get outside, thursday more sunshine. friday, some high thin clouds move overhead and that is it and with that ridge of high pressure not moving we will stay warm each of the next three days even when we cool down over the weekend. we will still be above average. 13 degrees above average for concord tomorrow, san jose 79, 80 at the prune yard, palo alto 79 with sunshine, san ramon 77, pittsburg 79 degrees, fairfield 82 tomorrow. 80 by the nut tree, berkeley 71, san francisco 69 degrees, 79 for petaluma, 81 degrees in ukiah tomorrow. hello, spring!
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thursday will be the warmest day. friday we're still warm, a little cooler and cloudier for the weekend. easter sunday will be the coolest days with highs in the low 70s inland and mid-60s near the bay, pleasant stretch of weather. we'll get to the extremes of the hot stuff in the summertime. this is just good looking weather for the next seven days. a space station is falling toward earth and tonight no one knows exactly where it will land. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. >> got tax questions? join our kpix5 facebook live tax call-in on thursday from 1:00 to 2:00. our consumer watch team will take your questions to the experts.
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a chinese space station is tonight a hunk of space junk is falling toward earth. >> yeah. this is no kidding. this is a chinese space station. it is spinning, tumbling out of control right now. most of it will burn up in the atmosphere, but what's left will come crashing down hitting the earth sometime in the next week. it will strike somewhere
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between 43 degrees north and 43 degrees south. that includes most of the good old usa. . it's been losin china launched this space station back in 2011 and it abandoned it in 2016 and it's been losing altitude ever since. powerball jackpot. so the odds of getting hit by this thing experts say are about 1 million times less than the odds of winning the powerball jackpot. it's not just the warriors that are walking wounded. the a's and giants
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record, but the warriors took the floor without their four
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all-stars once again tonight and d i know this sounds like a broken record, but the warriors took the floor without their four all-stars once again tonight. they weren't very good. bob meyers negotiating a contract with chris mullin. the only bright side is the young players are playing. quintin cook, he had 11 points, but in the 3rd next to no defense here on victor oladipo's dunk, part of a run that tied the game. later in the 3rd glenn robinson, iii goes in for the 360 dunk. indiana wins 92-81. the sharks in st. louis hoping to see san jose win their ninth straight game. 1st period evander kane scores his third goal in the last two games. sharks led 1-0. that man cannot be stopped right now. overtime tied 2-2. the blues vladimir tarasenko scored the game winner on the great pass in front of the net. st. louis wins 3-2 ending san
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jose's eight-game winning streak. a's pitching prospect undergoing tommy johns surgery, giants already without madison bumgarner, jeff samardzija may now be without their closer mark milanson closing day because of an issue with his pitching arm. giants chris stratton, he's pretty good. bottom of the 4th austin jackson likely the team's starting center fielder because steven duggar was sent down tonight. the giants win 3 -0. now it's on to opening day on thursday. the blue jays vladimir guerrero, jr. was playing in montreal tonight where his dad used to star with the expos wearing his father's no. 27. he hit a walkoff home run to beat the cardinals 1-0, got a curtain call from the montreal fans who lost professional
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major league baseball and remember olympic stadium, right? 1976, you remember that? nadia comaneci, it was just a magic time in that stadium, but baseball never flourished. anyway, it would be ni
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. good night. the late show with stephen
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colbert is next. ou
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