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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 28, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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morning. looks packed on those roads in dublin. on the left, we have a clear shot of the bay bridge. it should be sunny. neda will have your full forecast coming up. more fallout from the stormy daniels "60 minutes" interview. her attorney asked a federal judge for permission to depose president trump about the alleged affair. jackie ward has more. reporter: this would be something because it means president trump would have to testify under oath and tell a judge what he knew about the agreement between himself and the adult film star. daniels' attorney michael avenatti requested a deposition from both the president and his personal attorney michael cohen. cohen said he is the one who paid daniels $130,000 of his own money without president trump's knowledge. of course, now cohen has a lawyer of his own david swartz who insists daniels was paid for reasons other than this issue. >> mr. cohen paid the $130,000 but the reason is to protect
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business, protect reputation, and to protect family. >> reporter: the timing of the payment only 11 days before the election is what is raising red flags as a possible violation of federal campaign law. the last president deposed was president bill clinton. >> do we know anything more about michael cohen? >> we hear a little bit. he is a jack of all trades of sorts known to make unpleasant situations go away. he doesn't shy away from using aggressive tactics to do that. >> thank you. now we are going to get a check on weather. >> here to talk about the sunshine. >> yes. it's going to be nice. it's going to be warm especially inland. so let's talk about what's going on this morning. there's a but the of fog forming in some of those bay locations so it likes to creep around the bay. the bay bridge staying clear so not necessarily noticing it
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around that location. the heat is on. so today some areas may break some records. had 80s in the area today and tomorrow. that puts us 15 degrees above average this week. we broke a record in concord yesterday. here's a look at the golden gate bridge right now. notice a little bit of fog right there but it's quick moving. the visibility right along half moon bay, lowered down to 5 miles. there could be some fog forming through some of the north bay locations. it shouldn't disrupt your community too much. let's talk about our commute. here's jaclyn. we are tracking a new
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accident. we are taking a live look in antioch, highway 4. near hillcrest, no delays. as you head over towards 680, your ride heading into walnut creek in the green. you got about a 10-minute ride down to highway 24. eastshore freeway, right near highway 4, this is in hercules, heading into pinole valley, you can see traffic is getting busy but we're still looking good. we're moving at the limit there. no metering lights just yet. and that backup is starting to improve at least in some of the lanes. we still have a few cars backing up in the cash lanes. other than that, good to go heading into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. two bay area fathers who are illegal immigrants are suing the federal government now. they have been detained at the
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west county detention facility in richmond for the past six months. that's where we find kpix 5's jessica flores live there this morning with more on the lawsuit. reporter: the two men are mexican citizens. they have been here at the detention center now for six months. they say they haven't got a bond hearing and the aclu says their due process has been denied. now they are part of a class action lawsuit, possibly with hundreds of illegal immigrants represented that have been detained according to the aclu unlawfully. one is from antioch and the other is from san lorenzo. last fall immigration agents arrested the two men and they are seeking asylum in the united states according to the aclu. the department of homeland security already determined that both men have a reasonable fear of torture or persecution if returned to mexico. the aclu says that determination means the federal government cannot deport them.
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their attorney says the government has refused to give them bond hearings which could allow the men to go home while their case is being dealt with. both men have u.s. citizen children and the lawsuit says they are the sole providers for their families. now, one of their attorneys released this statement: the attorneys are bringing this class action lawsuit saying it represents hundreds of people in the ninth circuit possibly who have been unlawfully detained and not given bond hearings of the live in richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. protests are happening more than a week after a fatal office-involved shooting in sacramento. last night protestors blocked basketball fans from entering the arena for the sacramento kings game. it's the second straight game
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that many fans couldn't get into. the kings manager said: public safety." (stephon clark, stephon clark) protesters also disrupted last night's sacramento city council meeting. this is a brother of stephon clark, the man shot by officers earlier this month. stephon clark, stephon clark! >> protestors also disrupted last night's sacramento city council meeting. this is a brother of stephon clark the man shot by officers earlier this month. stevante clark danced around, jumped on the dais and demanded to speak. that caused the council to adjourn for 15 minutes. >> we're not going to wait until the end of the investigation to ask the policy protocol and training questions that everyone is asking. >> officers were investigating cases of car vandalism when stephon clark fled into a
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backyard and was thought to have a gun and they opened fire. the backyard was his grandmothers and he only had a cell phone. a wake is planned this evening and a memorial service is tomorrow. two baton rouge police officers are cleared in the shooting death of alton sterling. in july 2016 they pinned the father of five to the groundout side the triple s food mart and shot him. police say that sterling resisted arrest and reached for a loaded gun in his pants pocket. yesterday, the louisiana attorney general announced that the two officers will not face charges. >> the louisiana department of justice cannot proceed with a prosecution of either officer. >> the way they killed him was in cold blood. you know it. i know it. but, yes, the system has failed us. >> both of the police officers face disciplinary hearings later this week. the police chief says they'll
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release unseen footage from the shooting scene on friday. there is groundbreaking news out of asia today after a first-ever meeting between the leaders of north korea and china. hena doba has more on the unofficial visit. reporter: chinese state television released video of the historic moment when north korean leader kim jong-un and his wife met the president of china and his spouse for the first time, xi jinping. a military band greeted him at the start of a four-day visit that ended today as did an honor guard. china's official news agency reported that during the discussions, kim pledged to denuclearize north korea and said he is willing to hold a summit with the united states. the meeting between kim and president trump is planned for may but this is the first time he has spoken publicly about it. some experts in the region say the potential talks between the u.s. and north korea may have motivated china to act.
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>> i think beijing probably wanted to make sure it didn't get sidelined in the bilateral conversation between washington and pyongyang and they wanted to send a message that they are north korea's most important relationship. >> president trump said: his visits were also kept secret until he had left the country. time is >> reporter: hena doba, cbs news. >> kim's father kim jong-il visited china several times while in power. his visits were also kept secret until he had left the country. time now 5:09. facebook faces a new legal challenge this morning. why messenger app users are suing the social media giant. >> plus, being a tennis phenom and a new mother. serena williams tackles motherhood and the sport she loves in a new series. >> and we are talking about
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clear skies out there, more sunshine, temperatures will be warmer than yesterday. we'll talk about how warm it will get. >> and we are seeing some brake lights on the lower deck of the bay bridge. we'll tell you what's going on and how long it's expected to last coming up.
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data-privacy scandal. anne makovec joins us live from the company's hometown of menlo park... with the latest legal action. the legal fallout continues for facebook in the wake of its data privacy scandal. anne makovec joins us from menlo park with the latest legal action. reporter: yeah. now it turns out some facebook users are suing the company and this could become a class action lawsuit for all affected users. the plaintiffs in the cases are three people who use the facebook messenger app. they say facebook violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages. it's a federal lawsuit filed here in northern california. and it asks for unspecified damages. facebook said on sunday it had logged some calls and texts but only when users of the android operating system had opted in. it also said that information is securely stored and not sold to third parties. but there are some trust issues with facebook right now after
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the personal data of 50 million users ended up in the hands of cambridge analytica a british based political consultant. that information was then used to target users before the 2016 election of donald trump. >> it's not an issue that's going away or is new. the fact there is a politicaling an toll it now, i think, why we're thinking -- angle to it now, i think, is why we're thinking about it so much. >> reporter: amid growing cries to regulate data sharing practices by social media companies, mark zuckerberg is being asked to testify before multiple congressional committees and in front of parliament and also now we're hearing some reports that facebook might be delaying the unveiling of their home speaker system. that was supposedly set to be unveiled in may. live in menlo park, anne makevoc, kpix 5. the alameda county sheriff's office says a crash in front of terminal 1 at oakland international airport that left four people hurt was not terrorism but an
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unintentional accident. this was the scene at oakland international airport not long after the crash. you can see a maroon suv up on the sidewalk right in front of terminal one. the crash happened around 6:15. three people were hurt from the crash itself. and one other person was hurt from a piece of flying luggage. >> the driver who is unlicensed was not very familiar with the vehicle and had not operated a motor vehicle in quite some time. so that may have played a factor in this, as well. >> the suv's driver, a 54-year- old man, was arrested for bee unlicensed and felony reckless driving causing injury. good morning, jaclyn. >> good morning. good morning, everyone. right now, we'll begin in oakland where traffic is light for the nimitz freeway. it's doing well in both directions. >> we are getting crowded in
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the westbound direction but traffic is light for your wednesday morning ride. drive times are in the green. we are seeing more cars join the wednesday morning ride if you are heading eastbound on the lower deck caltrans has some roadwork that should be out there until 6:00 this morning. they have the three right lanes closed from center anchorage to treasure island. we are starting to see some slowdowns and brake lights speeds dipping below 20 miles per hour. so just heads up if you are planning on heading to the east bay. here's a live look. this is right at the bryant street on-ramp and just to show you the lower deck, you can see traffic doesn't slow until just before the tunnel. in antioch, highway 4 as you approach hillcrest we have reports of an accident. it's not blocking any lanes and it's really not slowing anyone down at least at that part. but we are starting to see slowdowns as you head into pittsburg. so do account for that. 580 is in the yellow, drive
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time 27 minutes on over towards the dublin-pleasanton interchange. that's a check of your traffic. neda has the forecast. let's talk about how nice it is out there. it's going to feel good. grab your sunglasses before you leave and put on sunblock. here's a view. our photographer is out in the square in san francisco to show us the early-morning hours. yes, a lot of people starting to wake up and the good news you is won't have to bundle up. clear conditions, no clouds. all of california will be under the sun. here's a look at the south bay at this hour also pretty clear out there. barely a breeze. temperatures in san jose right now 52. san francisco 53 degrees. so oakland also 50, concord 50. most locations in the upper 50s and lower 50s at this hour. then they will go up to the upper 70s and low 80s. look at our winds, calm along the coast and around the bay
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there. barely a breeze, up to 5 miles per hour sustained winds for some locations. north bay hills may have breezes later on this morning. we should be in the low to upper 60s. today 60s, 70s and 80s. satellite-radar showing why, we have high pressure now 500 miles away from us. and as it gets closer, heat will build. tomorrow will be warmer. all the moisture is going up and around us. here's the ski report:
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sport in a new h- b-o >> warm temperatures through the weekend. cooling off on easter sunday. trending now, tennis superstar serena williams is opening up about motherhood and her return to the sport in a new hbo documentary. >> i put so much pressure on myself. i want to make sure i'm the best . >> the 5-part series will explore her career and personal life. williams is married to reddit cofounder alexys ohanian and they had a baby. in the documentary she revealed about how she almost died after giving birth. big honors for the original wonder woman linda carter. she is set to receive a star on
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the hollywood walk of fame next week. carter starred in the tv series in the '70s. guest speakers including cbs president les moonves. some gorillas are celebrating passover. a zoo in israel is changing food to adhere to passover tradition. they are eating matzoh. they like it. they may not know it but they are taking part in a tradition that's lasted thousands of years. passover begins this friday and during the week, no yeast is allowed. no animal gets yeast. they will all eat matzoh. it's not just the warriors that are the walking wounded. the a's and giants got bad news. and can the sharks win their ninth straight game? they went to overtime in st. louis. we'll drop the puck coming up.
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i know this sounds sort of like a broken record, but the warriors took the floor without their four all stars once again last night. they weren't very good. bob myers negotiating a contract with chris mullin. they only bright side, the young player's playing could put the warriors up 44-31 after
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this jump shot. he had 11. but in the third next to no defense. that was part of a 15-2 pacer run. tied the game. later in the 3rd, glenn robinson iii comes up with the steal and the 360. warriors held to just 33 points in the second half. indiana wins 92-81. the sharks in st. louis trying to win a ninth straight game. nobody can stop that man! sharks led 1-0. but it would go to overtime. tied at 2 ,then st. louis wins 3-2 ending the sharks' winning streak. giants already without madison bumgarner and jeff samardzija may now be without closer mark melancon for opening day because of an issue with his pitching arm. wow. barry bonds and his daughter enjoying the final
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game of the bay bridge series. giants starter chris stratton pitched five shutout innings allowing four hits with three strikeouts. bottom of the fourth jackson the team starting centerfielder because stephen dugger was sent down to the minors. he singles home two runs. giants win 3-0. now on to opening day on thursday. time to play ball. you know, hopefully, the a's, giants and warriors get healthy. don't drink the water. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. time for the plays of the day. lebron james facing off against his old buddy, the heat's dwayne wade. >> look at that swat. wade rejecting lebron twice. not in my house! lebron james
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getting a lot of rejections. those are your plays of the day. it's something that hasn't happened since president bill clinton was president. up next the latest in the case porn star stormy daniels is bringing against president trump. >> and two undocumented immigrants being held at the detention center in richmond say they are in legal limbo and now they are suing the federal government. the details coming up.
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a motion to depose the president... filed overnight. the questions mister trump could face... as stormy daniels' lawyer turns to a federal judge. ice agents... allowed to question inmates at bay area the rules... diseurs a. a motion to depose the president filed overnight. stormy daniels's lawyer turns to a federal judge. >> i.c.e. agents allowed to question
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inmates at bay area jails. it's against the rules. it's still happening. >> another day of sunshine, warmer than yesterday. more coming up. >> and we just saw an accident right on this camera at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's no longer blocking lanes. but you can see the backup is growing. good morning. it's wednesday, march 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. president trump still hasn't commented after stormy daniels spoke of their alleged affair in a "60 minutes" interview. but daniels' attorney says pretty soon he may be forced to. kpix 5's jackie ward joins to us break down the possible deposition. reporter: once again it's something that doesn't happen very often in presidencies that we see here. stormy daniels and her attorney, if they get what they want, president trump would have to testify under oath about what he knew about the money that was paid to daniels shortly before the election. in fact, daniels' attorney michael avenatti wants president trump and his personal attorney michael cohen to testify regarding the $130,000 that was paid to
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daniels. cohen claims that money was his to give but daniels received it just 11 days before the election. that brings into question whether cohen illegally used campaign funds to keep daniels quiet. >> as a matter of fact, the exact sentence used was, they can make your life hell in many different ways. >> they being? >> i'm not exactly sure who they were. i believe it to be michael cohen. >> we'll do what's necessary to protect him and the office of the presidency. >> reporter: avenatti said he wants to question both president trump and michael cohen for no more than two hours. he says their testimony is vital for him to determine if the president knew about the $130,000 and if he approved the payment. a hearing is set for april 30th. two undocumented immigrants being detained at a facility in the bay area are going after the feds in court. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in richmond with the details of their class action lawsuit.
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reporter: good morning. the two mexican citizens have been at this detention center here in richmond for more than six months. and they say they haven't been given a bond hearing. they say they have just been basically stuck here without the proper hearing. the aclu says those due process rights have been denied. and now the men are part of a major class action lawsuit. now, it was last fall when the two men, one from antioch and one from san lorenzo, were arrested. the men are seeking asylum in the u.s. according to the aclu, the department of homeland security already determined that both men have reasonable fear of torture or persecution if returned to mexico. the aclu says that determination means that the federal government cannot deport them. their attorneys say the government has refused to give them bond hearings which could allow them to go home while they pursue their asylum case. now, both men have u.s. citizen children.
5:33 am
the lawsuit says they are the sole providers for their families. their attorney released this statement saying in part: >> reporter: now, attorneys for the two men are bringing this class action lawsuit on behalf of potentially hundreds of others who they say are also in legal limbo. reporting live in richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. i.c.e. agents questioned inmates in the santa clara county jail system the same week they visited other inmates in san francisco. that's against the jail rules and the state's sanctuary law. on the afternoon of march 7th and the morning of march 8th, two deputies allowed i.c.e. agents inside the main jail to question four inmates. i.c.e. agents came back on march 14th and again on monday. but they weren't allowed in. >> inmates contact lawyers and the lawyers contacted our
5:34 am
staff. once that was done, we immediately took action. >> sheriff smith said: they also created a new law enforcement sign in sheet - to avoid any confusion. >> sheriff smith says that deputies have been retrained on the policies and the procedures. they also created a new sign-in sheet to avoid future confusion. it is 5:34. let's check weather. it's going to be a nice day. >> perfect day for a walk, even a jog or a walk up coit tower. >> okay. >> we have been wanting to do that. >> we should. it's a great day to have lunch outside or whatever you like to do because it's going to be perfect. here's a look at clearing conditions out there through san francisco. it's pretty nice out there. just seeing a little bit of fog
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forming in some spots. the south bay looking clear. and your temperatures across san jose now 52 degrees. 46 in santa rosa. livermore at 45. and then oakland, concord in the low 50s. same with san francisco. here's a look at the visibility. let's check in on this and see how the fog is impacting us. right along the coast noticing some fog reducing visibility in half moon bay but everywhere it's clear through parts of the north bay valley locations. there's a chance it could form right around sunrise time but that's not expected to be too disruptive for that morning commute this morning. your wind speeds now not disruptive at all, barely a breeze. east winds in hayward at 3. east winds in berkeley at 3, as well. we could see the winds start to pick up in the north bay hills especially around 8:00 this morning. that's when it may be a bit breezy in those locations. 15-mile-per-hour breeze. here's what's going on for highs today. get ready for a warm afternoon: be tested on a new subject...
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sexual new problems for drivers through the altamont pass. an accident on 205 so as you make your way out of tracy, approach 580, and then another one coming in westbound 580 and that's near el charro. it's starting to slow some drivers down just below the limit but it's not blocking lanes. so your drive time about 30 minutes between 205 and 680. at the maze, you can see where 580 and 80 join together. we are starting to see that backup stretch towards the foot of the maze there. no backup along the eastshore freeway or your 580 approach but the metering lights, those were activated at 5:20 this morning. so they have been on for a little over 15 minutes. and that backup is quickly growing. we are just under 20 minutes heading into san francisco. hundreds of high school
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students in marin county will soon be tested on a new subject, sexual harassment. the superintendent of the tamalpais union high school district informed the school board last night new curriculum will teach students about sexual harassment and misconduct. students will also learn how to report cases of sexual harassment. seniors will learn about the topic of informed consent. >> informed consent is essentially, um, you know, what it means to say no and -- and essentially letting the other party know when you have consent. >> the change comes weeks after two of the district's teachers announced they had been sexually harassed by students. the new curriculum will begin sometime in the next few weeks. some say that two companies are jumping the gun by launching motorized scooter rental services in san francisco. according to "the examiner," san francisco officials are still trying to put together regulations and a permit process for the upstart industry. they are asking the companies to hold off. today san francisco city leaders will welcome the nation's first fully electric
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zero emissions delivery van to the bay area called an n-gen van. they feature fast charging and have an electric range of 100 miles. city leaders will display the van outside city hall at 11 a.m. the full fleet will hit the streets in san francisco for a pilot testing period sometime next month. walmart is pulling a major magazine from its checkout lines. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" has that and more. >> reporter: good morning. a roller coaster week on wall street. tighter regulations on the tech industry prompted a late- afternoon sell-off yesterday. so the dow slumped 344 points. the nasdaq dropped 211. >> oracle is applauding a federal appeals court ruling that found google infringed on oracle's java program to build its android operating system. the court yesterday found google's use of java was not fair. it sent the long running case
5:39 am
back to trial to determine damages. walmart will no longer sell cosmopolitan magazine. the world's biggest retailer says it's a business decision and will continue to sell the magazine elsewhere in its stores but not at the checkout lines. "waymo" plans to turn the new jaguar electric suv into a driverless luxury taxi. they are the autonomous driving division of google's parent company alphabet. they will test it in phoenix this year. diane, there's a whole new way to shop for cars in china. a little different than the way we do it. >> reporter: right. so how's this for a hassle- free test drive. pick a car on a mobile app, take a selfie, grab the car from a multistory vending machine and go. it's a partnership between alibaba and ford. the test drive costs $16 and
5:40 am
could last up to three days. if you have good credit you can test drive the cars for free. >> i guess there's an app for everything now, right? cars. maybe self-driving cars someday. >> that's right. >> thank you. caltrans has the green light to incorporate piers into grown spaces from the old bay bridge. it was it will look like. four of the piers installed along the oakland shoreline will stay intact. the park will feature one of a kind outdoor classrooms and access to the bay for small boats and kayaks. back in november, caltrans imploded the last two piers on the old eastern span. bridge officials say they will save millions by not demolishing the other piers. time now 5:40. facebook isn't just feeling the heat from lawmakers in the wake of the recent data scandal. the users now taking legal
5:41 am
action. >> plus, a self-driving car pulled over in san francisco. the close call in a crosswalk. >> and a live look at traffic on 880 in oakland. things are moving pretty freely right now. jaclyn dunn will tell you about some of the hot spots and trouble spots coming up. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. forecast in just a few minutes. facebook faces a growing number of legal problems, in connection with its data-privacy breach. here's a great view of coit tower right now. it's clear around downtown san francisco. get ready for sun. high pressure is bringing our temperatures above average. record-breaking conditions tomorrow, as well. facebook facing legal problems in connection with its data privacy breach. anne makovec is live in menlo park with more. reporter:. we'll try to get to anne makovec who has been covering this story for
5:44 am
quite some time for us -- um, facebook's zuckerberg saying that he apologized for the data scandal and that he will testify before congress. let's go out to anne makovec live in menlo park. reporter: we are talking about three new lawsuits filed by facebook users, people who use the messenger app on their android phone. and these three lawsuits could eventually end up as a class lawsuit that could encompass all affected users. they say that facebook violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages. it is a federal lawsuit filed here in northern california and it asks for unspecified damages. facebook hasn't responded to the lawsuit. it's admitted to logging calls and texts, though, on sunday but only when users had opted in. it also said that information is securely stored and not
5:45 am
sold to third parties. but as you probably heard, there are some trust issues right now with facebook after the personal data of up to 50 million users ended up in the hands of cambridge analytica a british consultant. that information was then used to target and sway users before the 2016 election. amid growing cries to regulate data sharing practices by social media companies, facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg is now asked to testify before multiple congressional committees and in front of parliament. we're also hearing reports that facebook is now trying to delay the launch of its home speaker system. that was originally scheduled for may. but putting it off right now because of a lot of public relations problems. new reports this morning that facebook is working on adjusting some of its privacy settings in its app to make them more obvious to users. anne makovec, kpix 5. a major question remains
5:46 am
unanswered after a deadly accident involving a tesla. the ntsb wants to know if the automated control system was active when the car crashed on 101 last friday. in a recent blog post, tesla says its navigation system has successfully handled that stretch of road tens of thousands of times. the company's stock plunged more than 8% yesterday. uber is putting the brakes on testing autonomous vehicles on public roads in california. the company will not renew its permit. the dmv notified uber in a letter that it will lose testing privileges after saturday when its current permit expires. if uber wants to return it will need a new permit. it will have to address this fatal crash in arizona recently. self-driving uber killed a pedestrian last week while it was in autonomous motor. uber and arizona ordered the testing to be suspended following that fatal crash. back here in the bay area, a self-driving car has been slapped with a ticket after a close call on a san francisco
5:47 am
street. it happened last week in the soma. the car got too close to a pedestrian crossing the street. the car belongs to the san francisco-based company "cruise." the company claims the pedestrian was nearly 11 feet away from the car and after last week's deadly self- driving uber incident, some people question if autonomous vehicles will ever be safe enough. >> to me, it's almost impossible. i just don't see it happening unless every car was autonomous. >> the pedestrian involved did not get hurt. cruise says the driver inside the vehicle is responsible for the ticket. 5:46. let's check traffic and weather. >> we are tracking a couple of problems and more activity on the roads. south bay along 101 northbound, as you approach santa clara
5:48 am
street not blocking lanes but it's starting to slow down. we have speeds that dip below 50 miles per hour as you are approaching that and then it continues to be a slow roll towards 880. but your drive times remain in the green. along 238 this is right near lewelling, that northbound side definitely slow as you make your approach towards 880. southbound 880, lots of brake lights. we are seeing tons of red. we haven't had any reports of any accidents or stalls or anything that's blocking lanes. but we are going to keep a close eye on that because this looks like a little bit more than just the morning commute. so do give yourself some extra time if you would like to use 580 as an alternate route, 680, that's at the limit both of those majors that are in the yellow for your drive time. it's just over 15 minutes from 238 to the 84. and your san mateo bridge ride remains in the green. everyone on your best driving
5:49 am
behavior this morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. good morning. here's a live look at alamo square this hour. so there's "salesforce tower." you can see clear conditions out there. it's going to be calm and mild and thank you to our photographer who is panning around to give you a view of the san francisco skyline. . above average for afternoon highs. dry through the weekend. we'll cool down on easter sunday by a few degrees. a little fog will form across the north bay. right now temperatures:
5:50 am
satellite and radar showing clear conditions. a few thin clouds that's all we'll see today. so nothing but blue skies and sunshine. the daylight is getting longer. we'll see sunrise and sunset today because of clear conditions. high temperatures in the 60s, 70s and 80s.
5:51 am
>> high pressure is off the coast and allowing the heat to build. all the storms are tracking north from hawaii up to canada, this high pressure is not allowing them to dip down into california at all which is why for the next seven days, no rain in sight. all we are going to see is high pressure weakening a little bit on sunday when temperatures will drop. time now 5:51. these teachers asked and now they have received. the bay area company setting up to fund thousands of school projects around the country.
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good morning. here's the drive on the golden gate bridge. no form there after all so it's clear. warm today. 70s, 70s 60s and 80s in the area today. we'll have the full forecast coming up.
5:55 am
>> slow on 880 south of 238 through san lorenzo down into hayward. it's a slow ride. just in the yellow now, 17 minutes between 238 and highway 84. a san francisco cryptocurrency company is helping teachers in the bay area and all across the country. it's all thanks to a generous online donation that even received a shoutout from late show host stephen colbert. >> ripple creator of the virtual currency xrp, look it up, has funded all 35 classroom projects on it's the largest to donors choose in history. $29million, which in xrp
5:56 am
virtual currency is -- i have no idea. >> it's $29 million. donors choose is a nonprofit organization that allows people to donate direct to public school classroom projects and this donation means ripple fully funded supplies for nearly 30,000 public schoolteachers across the country. up next, stormy daniels' lawyer kicks up his case a notch by asking the president and his lawyer to testify under oath. >> plus, how a detainee managed to escape from i.c.e. agents at jfk airport.
5:57 am
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5:59 am
immigrants -- are taking against the feds. plus: kim jong un traveled to r a historic mee the legal action two bay area fathers who are undocumented immigrants are taking against the federal government. >> plus, kim jong-un traveled to china for a historic meeting with its president. what they talked about and what president trump is saying
6:00 am
about his upcoming meeting with the north korea leader. >> you had sex with him? >> yes. >> and more fallout following stormy daniels'60 minutes interview. the new push her lawyer is making this morning. >> good morning, it's wednesday, march 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. >> we'll check weather in a moment. >> but first we are tracking an accident in vallejo. it occurred on surface streets involving a car that hit a power pole. yolona drive and there's a power outage in the area. problems on the on-ramps to get on highway 37 because of all those lights are out. so please remember, if you come to an intersection, just treat it as a four-way stop. ve


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