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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 28, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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the weather, or if you prefer rain and fog. >> i enjoy this view. >> have a wonderful day. "cbs this morning" is next. captioning funded by cbs good morning to our viewers in the west. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. stormy daniels' lawyer asked a judge to order president trump and his lawyer michael cohen to answer questions under oath. daniels' attorney michael avenatti is in studio 57 to tell us what he's looking for. north korea's dictator confirms he is ready to meet with president trump. we're in beijing with new revelations about kim jong-un's secret trip to china. breaking news from facebook. the social media giant announces changes to help you protect your personal information while ceo mark zuckerberg indicates he'll likely answer questions from
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congress. plus kendra scott started a jewelry company in her spare bedroom with $500. now it's worth $1 billion. she tells us how she did it and why struggle can be a gift. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i think it's pretty clear. he is scared of my client and perhaps of me. and he should be. >> stormy daniels' lawyer seeks to depose the president. >> there's nothing else to add. we've addressed it extensively and there is nothing new to add to this conversation. >> concern that the north korean leader kim jong-un has carried out an unannounced visit to beijing. >> the president got him to the table. nobody else was able to do it. >> facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg will likely testify before congress about the company's privacy scandal. >> if we don't speak up now, we won't ever be heard. >> protesters are continuing to voice their anger in sacramento, demanding justice for stephon
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clark. >> a man accused of sending suspicious packages to military and government facilities is now charged with shipping explosive materials. all that. >> a car hitting a highway trooper during a utah snowstorm. >> he's expected to make a full recovery. >> all that matters. >> the trump administration announced that the 2020 u.s. census will include a question about citizenship. >> does anyone believe i was born in oklahoma? >> on "cbs this morning." >> sources say north korea has a mysterious green train for north korean leaders to make secret trips. it's the perfect way to throw people off your trail. where could that mystery train be going? could it be the track? this is easily the most detectable transport for a leader since kaiser wilhelm's enigma zeppelin. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" is presented by to it. let's go places.
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welcome to "cbs this morning." john dickerson is off, anthony mason is with us. >> hello again. >> stormy daniels is now trying to force president trump to answer questions under oath. >> the adult film star claims they had a one-time sexual encounter back in 2006. her attorney michael avenatti filed a motion overnight asking a federal judge for permission to question the president of the united states and his private attorney, michael cohen, about a nondisclosure agreement. she signed it before the 2016 election. >> avenatti is asking for a jury to decide if the agreement is valid. paula reid has details from the overnight court filing. paula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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this motion argues that the president doesn't have any protection from a civil lawsuit for something that happened before he entered the white house. in this motion avenatti argues that the agreement his client signed was actually an effort to impact the election and could have violated federal law. a motion filed by stormy daniels' attorney michael avenatti seeks the deposition of no greater than two hours with both mr. trump and his personal attorney, michael cohen. to determine if the president had a role in the $130,000 payment from mr. cohen to daniels 11 days before the presidential election. >> and you had sex with him? >> yes. >> reporter: among the questions avenatti wants to ask the president, whether mr. trump is david dennison, the name on the nondisclosure. also whether mr. trump knew about the hush agreement and will he authorized mr. cohen's actions. >> wow. >> reporter: any testimony given by the president or cohen could also help determine if any campaign finance laws were broken. >> was it hush money to stay
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silent? >> yes. the story was coming out again. >> reporter: the motion alleges cohen's payment to silence daniels was made to, quote, help ensure mr. trump won the 2016ene the federal campaign act. rikki klieman is a cbs news legal analyst. >> if you give an in-kind contribution, that has to be reported. none of this has been reported anywhere. everything about this case is in the public interest. so while the deposition would take place behind closed doors, the public deserves the right to know. >> reporter: david schwartz, michael cohen's attorney, has denied the payment was related to the election. >> mr. cohen paid the $130,000 but the reason is to protect business, protect reputation, and to protect family. and you cannot speculate that it was to elect somebody president of the united states. >> reporter: the motion also makes reference to another
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famous presidential deposition. >> i don't recall. >> reporter: avenatti claims the supreme court case of president bill clinton versus paula jones established the constitution does not offer a sitting president significant protections from civil litigation. attorneys for mr. cohen describe this motion as a reckless, politically motivated charade. it is important to note that while this nondisclosure is being contested, mr. cohen's attorneys argue that stormy daniels is still bound by the agreement she signed and is potentially liable for millions of dollars in penalties each time she discusses her alleged affair with the president. >> all right, paula, thank you. turning to michael avenatti, who filed that motion for stormy daniels. michael, let's discuss. i've heard this motion described as brilliant, brazen, and frankly, crazy. what exactly are you looking for here? >> the motion is not crazy. we're relying on u.s. supreme court precedent and a whole line
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of cases in the ninth circuit court of appeals. it is well-founded. it was well-thought-out. it's incredibly documented. >> what do you want? >> what we want is we want the truth. we want to know the truth about what the president knew, when he knew it, and what he did about it. as it relates to this agreement, we're going to test the veracity or the truthfulness of mr. cohen, his attorney's statements. we're confident, gayle, we'll prove to the american people they have been told a bucket of lies. >> the motion references a meeting on march 21st. what happened at that meeting? >> we had what's called a meet and confer were both sides confer about pending motions. we raised this motion with the other side. i think one of the things that was significant during that meeting was we asked mr. harder, mr. trump's attorney, whether mr. trump was a party to this agreement. and we heard crickets. he said they don't know yet whether mr. trump was a party to this agreement. how do you not know whether you're a party to this agreement
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unless you're making it up as you go along? >> you're essentially arguing this agreement was an effort to influence the 2016 election. what would a judge need to be convinced of in order to grant your request in order to have a deposition of the president? >> we don't think it's a big stretch. the other side is attempting to force this case into a private arbitration, hidden from the public, where the public doesn't learn what really happened. in order for the judge to determine that, we are arguing that under the law, we're entitled to the deposition. quite honestly, there was a mistake by the other side in pushing this case into federal court. and now we're going to bring it to bear. >> you heard paula reid make reference to the statement from the spokesman for michael cohen who called this a reckless use of the legal system but went on to say, in order to continue to inflate michael avenatti's deflated ego and keep himself relevant, this is a politically motivated charade. >> mr. schwartz is a hack straight out of central casting. next question. >> if the president agrees to a
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deposition only but it were under seal, would you agree to that? >> we would fight that. i can't imagine that the public would sit for that. but i mean, obviously if the judge ultimately decided that, we would adhere to it. >> you mentioned clinton versus paula jones in your motion. why is that relevant? >> it's the supreme court precedent. the supreme court already decided a sitting president can be deposed in connection with with a civil matter. if that was the law then, it's certainly the law now. it hasn't been overturned. >> if they came to you with a settlement in this case, would you accept it? >> i would consider it, i would confer with my client. in this case i don't see how it gets resolved short of getting the truth out. >> you called mr. schwartz a hack and then moved on. a lot of people, michael, are saying that you're a hack too, that this is all politically motivated, that this is really nothing more than an attempt to embarrass the president of the
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united states. >> it's really not true. i'm not involved in politics. i'm representing my client. the president and mr. cohen are the ones who have spread half truths and falsities about my client. my client wants the american people to know the truth and nothing but the truth. >> when is your hearing before the judge? >> april 30th, both sides will argue their positions before the court at that time. >> did you have any trepidation about filing this, to depose the president of the united states? >> none. it's well-supported by the law and we're confident in the motion. >> thank you for coming, we appreciate it. >> yes, we do. the white house says it was not told about north korean leader kim jong-un's secret visit to china until after it happened. kim made the unannounced journey to beijing to meet with chinese president xi jinping, his first trip outside north korea since taking power in 2011 and his first encounter with a head of state. ben tracy has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kim jong-un is planning to host
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a summit with the president of south korea this spring, also with president donald trump. so he had not met with chinese president xi jinping before that, that would have been considered a big snub. the chinese are calling this an unofficial visit but what took place actually looked pretty official. if kim jong-un is now trying to appear like an international statesman, china just gave him his moment. the 34-year-old dictator's first meeting with chinese president xi jinping had all the trappings of an official state visit. kim jong-un even brought his wife, ri sol-ju. the two leaders met for talks inside china's great hall of the people, followed by an elaborate banquet. chinese media quotes xi as saying, the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved. he also confirmed publicly for the first time that he is willing to attend a summit with president trump.
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kim jong-un's relentless development of nuclear weapons strained the once close relationship between north korea and china, and led china to go along with a series of tough u.s.-led sanctions that have squeezed north korea's economy. but it was all smiles and talk of friendship in beijing. president xi praised kim jong-un for what he called positive changes on the korean peninsula. david kang is director of the korean studies institute at usc. >> you know, i think both china and north korea needed this meeting. what's clearly happening is that kim jong-un is engaging in a diplomatic flurry of meetings to make sure that he knows what everyone is doing and that he shored up his relationship with china. >> reporter: it was xi jinping who invited kim jong-un here, which could be a sign that china really wanted to make sure these two countries are on the same page. interestingly enough, president trump tweeted this morning that
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xi jinping sent him a message saying kim jong-un with looking forward to meeting him. >> ben tracy in beijing, thanks. the bilateral trade deal with south korea is president trump's first. it comes ahead of the expected nuclear talks with north korea. the deal includes an increase in u.s. auto exports to south korea. the south korean government also agreed to limit steel sent to the u.s. in exchange, south korea will be exempt from a 25% american steel tariff. anger over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man in sacramento is intensifying. hundreds of protesters blocked fans from entering a sacramento kings basketball game last night. they also temporarily shut down a public meeting with city leaders. it was held to discuss stephon clark's death ten days ago. we have the latest outside city hall from john blackstone in
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sacramento. >> reporter: the sacramento police department has asked the california department of justice to oversee its investigation into clark's death. but that seems to have done little to ease the city's tensions. >> stephon clark! stephon clark! >> reporter: stevante clark led protesters in a chant of his brother's name in the middle of a public meeting about the shooting death on march 18th. like many here, he called for an end to police violence. >> it has to stop. >> reporter: stephon clark was shot at, 20 times, in his grandmother's backyard after police mistook the cellphone he was holding for a gun. >> does this look, as you point this to our council, does this look like a gun? >> reporter: the meeting's overflow crowd marched to the nba arena where the vsacramento
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kings were playing. they blocked all entrances for the second time this week. >> i feel week we're doing something in this community that's positive. >> we're going to grow from this event and that's what matters. >> reporter: sacramento police chief daniel hahn says his department is looking into whether officers acted improperly when they muted the audio on their body cams shortly after shooting clark. he says the department does have a policy where officers are allowed to mute their cameras in certain situations. still -- >> regardless of whether they were within policy or not, if you already are somebody in our community that didn't trust the police department, you're probably going to think there's something shady about what we're doing. that hurts us. >> reporter: right or wrong, muting didn't help the situation? >> it did not, correct. >> reporter: more body cam videos are set to be released. they were shot by officers who arrived at the scene after the shooting. there's no indication so far when those will be released or
7:16 am
whether they will contain the muted audio. meanwhile, black lives matter has announced that they will hold protests every day through clark's funeral on thursday. >> all right, john, thank you so much. the family of alton sterling is outraged that louisiana's attorney general is not charging the two officers involved in his shooting death. the attorney general said the baton rouge officers acted in a justifiable manner. dramatic cellphone video captured them pinning sterling to the ground before one of them opened fire and killed him in 2016. sterling's death led to protests over the officersy u yofficers'y force. facebook just announced what it calls a major overhaul to its privacy features, changing it easier to block apps from user data and make privacy tools easier to find. cbs news learned ceo mark zuckerberg will likely testify before congress about facebook's privacy policies, after more
7:17 am
than 50 million users' data was obtained by cambridge analytica. vladimir duthiers is following the story. vlad, good morning. >> good morning. this comes a day after a lawsuit filed in california claimed facebook improperly stores call logs on synced android phones. facebook says it's only on certain apps when users opt in. it appears the often-private ceo, mack zuckerberg, isn't opting out of testifying before congress. >> the short answer is, i'm happy to testify before congress if it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: after signaling his willingness last week, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg seems ready to follow through. his company is under expeninten scrutiny. since the cambridge analytica scandal broke, facebook's stock has tumbled 17% and the fec has
7:18 am
opened an investigation. facebook found this morning it is consolidating privacy tools onto a single page and allowing users to choose which apps use their data. >> this doesn't change any of the data that facebook is actually collecting. >> reporter: kurt wagner is senior editor of social media at recode. he claims the real sign of change at facebook is the ceo's behavior. >> this does feel like a bigger moment than we've seen in the past from these companies. these are real consequences of what's going on. >> reporter: until now, zuckerberg and other tech ceos have generally sent lawyers or deputies to testify before congress. >> i would like to see mr. zuckerberg. not his lawyer. mr. zuckerberg in the flesh. >> reporter: but the growing chorus of frustrated lawmakers and users seems to have forced a new course of action. >> he knows if he doesn't do it, i'll be crushed by the media, by politicians, and by facebook's
7:19 am
users. >> facebook tells us this morning it is looking into the claims in the california lawsuit. no date has been announced yet for zuckerberg's testimony. >> all right, vlad, thank you so much. we're learning far more families lost eggs and embryos stored in an ohio clinic than previously reported. ahead, how human error
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an abandoned an abandoned chinese space
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ahead, three things you should know this morning including how scientists say they discovering an organ inside the body. your local news is next.
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undocumented immigrants -- are suing the federal government as part of a good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. two bay area fathers who are undocumented immigrants are suing the federal government as part of a class action lawsuit. they have been detained at a facility in richmond for the past six months. their attorneys say their due process rights have been violated. the alameda county sheriff's office says a crash in front of terminal one at oakland international airport that left four people hurt was not terrorism but an accident. the suv driver a 54-year-old man was arrested for not having a license. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning.
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it's slow on the eastshore freeway. live look, this is right near highway 4. so as you head through hercules, we start to see a lot of brake lights in that westbound direction. we were in the red as far as our travel times. we just went back down to the yellow likely to jump back into the red again as we are seeing more delays. 26 minutes from highway 4 to the maze. and grab those sunglasses. you will need them. it's bright at the toll plaza. 19 minutes heading into san francisco by the bay bridge. and 880 heading just south of 238, very slow. neda? >> pretty clear conditions out there but i'm noticing a little bit of a haze up in marin. so here's a view of the golden gate bridge. not necessarily fog impacting visibility, just hazy conditions. here's a look at the temperatures. 51 in concord and oakland. 53 in san francisco. afternoon is looking good. we are looking at upper 70s, low 80s for several inland locations.
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♪ >> i hope it's sunshine wherever you are. the sun makes everything better i think. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know. cbs news confirms president trump is suggesting using the pentagon's budget to pay for his border wall with mexico. the department of homeland security estimates this wall will cost more than $20 billion to build. senate democratic leader chuck schumer said it would be a blatant misuse of military funds. investors are reeling after tech stocks dragged down u.s. markets amid fears of increased regulation of technology companies. twitter sank 12% yesterday while microsoft and facebook fell nearly 5%. the drop erased much of monday's
7:31 am
rally. tesla's stock plunged more than 8% after the ntsb says it is investigating a deadly california crash involving a tesla suv equipped with an automated control system. scientists discovered a new organ that could be the big northwest in our body, a little know structure called the enter constituent yum made up of fluid filled spaces within and between tissues all over the body. the interstitium could play a role in helping cancer cells spread. university of michigan looking to fire dr. william strappal who was arraigned yesterday. he was accused of criminal sexual misconduct involving medical school students. his attorney denies these charges. he was michigan state dean of of the pathic medicine when nassar worked for the school.
7:32 am
we've covered this from the very beginning. john, good morning. >> msu says it will remove employees who do not treat students, faculty, staff or anyone else in the community in an appropriate manner. the charges against william stram sur faced during an investigation into how the university handled complaints against nassar. >> sir, are you william strample? >> reporter: appearing on video, he was arraigned on four charges, a felony count of misconduct in office and three misdemeanors including one count of criminal sexual conduct and two counts of willful neglect of duty. >> you may not have any contact with any victim, any witness -- >> reporter: in a court affidavit four female michigan state medical students with multiple allegations. including one who says strampel leered at them and groebd them. all three said he made sexually
7:33 am
inappropriate contact with them. >> he denies any inappropriate touching of anyone, student or otherwise. >> reporter: he's also accused -- >> a lot of people are asking how did nassar get away with this for so long. does this help in some way answer that? >> yes. it shows it wasn't just nassar. >> reporter: former michigan state student formed a complaint against nassar of sexual misconduct. they were notified of significant problems with nassar's practice. >> the very person who was supposed to be looking after nassar, turns out he was also doing things that were inappropriate allegedly. >> i don't think anything could shock me at this point. i'm dying to know how deep this runs and who knew about it. >> following the investigation into the complaint, stram pal
7:34 am
did establish guidelines for nassar to file during exams. according to the complaint, strampel did not enforce or modify those protocols. he could face up to nine years in prison. >> disgusting to hear the details, john. thank you very much. human error may be to blame for the loss of thousands of eggs at a fertility clinic. hospital officials publicly admitted that the number of embryos and eggs lost when the freezer failed is double original estimates. anna warner is following the story. good morning. >> university hospital says an alarm system that had been malfunctioning for weeks was shut off on march 3rd and failed to notify staff when the storage tanks temperatures began to rise. now some 950 families learned they are the victims of what the hospital is calling a catastrophic failure. >> i assumed they were in the safest place. >> reporter: amber and elliot ash hoped their 2-year-old son
7:35 am
ethan would one day have a sibling. >> we want to move on and get past this, but we keep being reminded that we did lose our only chances there. >> reporter: now the ash family is suing university hospitals and calling for new regulations in the fertility industry. >> we had a terrible situation at our fertility clink. >> reporter: university hospital ceo notified families in a facebook video and sent this letter of apology, saying it was unlikely any eggs or embryos are viable because the remote alarm system on the tank, designed to alert a uh employee to things like temperature swings was off. >> i don't understand how somebody could be so truly reckless. >> reporter: the hospital said some of the eggs and embryos had been stored there since the 1980s and the tank in question needed preventive maintenance which was being per fochld. while the investigation is on going, human error has not been ruled out. >> we are in the process of
7:36 am
identifying the exact sequence of when this occurred and when -- who ordered the deactivation. >> reporter: james lu is chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at university hospitals and says the hospital takes full responsibility. >> we are very sorry that this happened -- >> reporter: but for the ash family it's hard to understand why the tank was not adequately monitored. >> everyone wants uh to be accountable and to be transparent and nobody wants to see failures like this occur elsewhere. >> university hospital says their fertility clinic continues to operate and they're now using new storage tanks and alarm systems. the hospital is refunding the storage fees for these families and waiving future fees for seven years. of course, they can't get them back. >> that's what i was thinking, too. we keep hearing how rare it is, but yet we've had two cases -- >> two or three, different places, different cities around the country with different fertility clinics. so there's a problem. >> anna warner, thanks.
7:37 am
a chinese space station the size of a bus is expected to fall to earth this weekend. ahead, how the abandoned lab could rain fire and debris on an area larger than massachusetts and whether the u.s. is at risk. we invite you to subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast. you'll get the news of the day, extended interviews and podcast originals. find them all on itunes and apple's podcast app. you're watching "cbs this morning." apple's ipods and podcast apps. you're watching "cbs this morning." are cream conditioners bringing your hair down?
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a huge chinese satellite is going to crash to earth and we don't know when. >> a satellite is crashing to earth and nasa sent us a fax. >> yes. >> this is for real. >> yes. >> a satellite is going to come cracking to earth. >> yes. >> why you do think it's funny.
7:42 am
>> it's laughable. something like that could really happen this weekend. >> not funny. an abandoning chinese space station is hertling out of control toward earth. every continent but antarctica is possible for a target for the 8 ton space station and that includes the u.s. chip reid is at the u.s. airspace station. good morning. >> good morning. this is a model of skylab, the u.s. space station that fell out of orbit in 1979. parts of it rained down on australia and something like that could happen this time around, but don't put your worry face on because the chances of actually getting hit by debris are ten million times smaller than getting hit by lightning. the final moments will look something like this.
7:43 am
a shower of glowing debris. when it begins its re-entry, it will be whizzing along at four miles a second. the solar panels will sheer at first and then the orbital panels will break apart. most will be insip scinerated a never reach the earth but a few parts could. it's possible large pieces could end up on the ground like this 500-pound chunk of a rocket that crashed near a texas farmhouse. >> before this one came down people said, they don't survive. this one proves it did. >> lotty williams is the only one known to be hit by debris. >> it rolled off my shoulder onto the ground and it sounded metallic. >> they say about 8,000 tons of
7:44 am
debris is orbiting the earth including things left over from collisions. satellites are usually dumped into the south pacific once they're obsolete. >> the bottom of that ocean is full of dead satlines. the problem here is china has lost control and so you can't fire retro rockets or control where it comes down. >> we won't have a good idea where it will crash until about a day before it happens and if you do happen to come across it, don't breathe the vapors or touch it because it could have toxic substances. norah? >> my goodness. >> chip, that sounds like a reason to have on your worry face. >> as long as there's one lotty williams out there that got hit back in 1997, i'm concerned. >> all right. >> enough for space junk. up next, a look at this morning's other headlines including the new dangers that
7:45 am
could be hiding in a popular bathtime toy for kids. oh, yeah, i receive that before. and the president of ridesharing app will share what's next for his >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places. like low apr financing on the technology-loaded corolla... ...the adventurous rav4...
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of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. . ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines. the "wall street journal" reports battle lines are drawn over the trump administration's plan to ask a citizenship question in the 2020 census. 19 states and the district of columbia are planning to sue to block the question. opponents say it will discourage immigrants from filling out the census. >> "the new york times" reports medicare is cracking down on
7:50 am
opioids. doctors fear that pain patients will suffer. a proposed rule would mean that medicare would refuse to pay for long-term high-dose prescriptions. some doctors say that would put older patients into withdrawal or lead them to buy deadly street drugs. the rule is expected to be approved next week and take effect sometime next year. "the baltimore sun" reports the mayor's office confirms the city's 911 dispatch system was hacked over the weekend. it ed a shutdown of automatic dispatching for 17 hours. information from 911 and 311 callers had to be relayed manually. the fbi is helping the city investigate who was behind the hack. "usa today" reports walmart will remove "cosmopolitan" magazine from checkout lines saying it's a business decision at 5,000 stores nationwide. a group on the national center
7:51 am
for sexual exploitation says some of the material is degrading or offensive. cosmo builds itself as a bible for fun, fearless females. it will still be available in the magazine section. >> a big following, too. "the washington post" reports on a study that refeels a bath time toy's dirty secret. the rubber ducky is a haven for nasty bucks. when ducks squeezed the liquid contained disease causing bacteria in four out of five toys that were studies, bodily fluid, contaminants and soap water can contribute to the growth of bacteria and lead to eye, ear and intestinal infections. >> ewh. >> but the buckys are so cute. ♪ rubber ducky, you're the one." >> adriana diaz reports how the march for our lives did not end in washington. >> reporter: we're in rural wisconsin where these students
7:52 am
are marching 50 miles to keep the national spotlight on gun reform, ending in the hometown of house speaker paul ryanian. they're demanding he step up with new gun legislation. their story coming up on "cbs this morning." i want the most out of my health and life. so i trust nature made vitamins. because they were the first to be verified by usp for quality and purity standards. and because i recommend them as a pharmacist. nature made, the #1 pharmacist recommended vitamin and supplement brand.
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7:56 am
the vallejo police department will be filed by the family of a man shot and killed by police. ronell foster was shot last good morning, it's 7:56. i'm kenny choi. this afternoon a lawsuit against the vallejo police department will be filed by the family of a man shot and killed by police. ronell foster was shot last month. police say that the officer shot foster in self-defense after being called to the area for a domestic violence dispute. today three men arrested for a deadly crime spree in the north bay will face a judge to enter pleas. the three men face robbery and attempted murder charges, and a fourth suspect jonathan jackson is awaysing a competency hearing. raffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. a fuel tanker truck and
7:58 am
another vehicle crashed on the benicia bridge southbound. currently, fire crews are on the scene. they have the far left lane blocked and partially blocking the far right lane. so traffic getting by in the middle lanes. you're looking at about close to 40 minutes heading southbound from interstate 80 down towards marina vista. and traffic is starting to back up onto 780 as well beyond 5th street there so we are tracking slowdowns in that area. also, a full highway closure of 29 in both directions between yolano drive and 37 expected to be open by 8 p.m. tonight. here's a look at the clear skies across san francisco now. a little bit of a haze in some of the marin headlands areas but right now look at our temperatures. 53 in san francisco. 52 for you in san jose and this afternoon, it's going to feel pretty nice out there especially around the bay. upper 60s, mid-70s for mountain view, fremont a little warmer. we could even reach the low 80s in many locations. we have clear skies for all of california.
7:59 am
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♪ fly is right. good morning to our viewers in the west. wednesday, march 28th 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." stormy daniels' lawyer asks permission to question the president under oath. kendra scott one of america's richest self-made women. she tells us how other women helped put her business in the billion dollar league. here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. stormy daniels is now trying to force president trump to answer questions under oath. >> avenatti argues that the agreement his client signed was actually part of an effort to impact the elections. >> the spokesman for michael cohen called this a reckless use
8:01 am
of the legal system to continue to inflate michael avenatti's ego. >> mr. schwartz is a hack straight out of central casting. kim jong-un planning to host a summit with south korea and president trump. he has not met with chinese president xi jinping before that could have been considered a snub. >> the sacramento police department asked the california department of justice to oversee its investigation but that seems to have done little to ease the city's tension. >> calls mount for zuckerberg to answer for the controversies it appears the private ceo isn't opting out. an uber driver in san francisco got his car stuck when he tries to drive down the staircase. look at that. i mean it's weird. it always works if the movies. i mean you thought it was hard making conversation with an uber driver on a normal trip. sir, how long have you been working?
8:02 am
>> don't try this at home. i'm gayle king with norah o'donnell and anthony mason. john is off today. stormy daniels' lawyer is asking a judge to let him question president trump and his personal attorney, that's michael cohen, under oath. daniels is trying to get out of a nondisclosure agreement signed 11 days before the 2016 election. . she claims mr. trump had sex with her back in 2006. the white house says that the president denies that ever happened. >> in a motion filed overnight, michael avenatti asked for expedited discovery and a jury to decide if that nondisclosure agreement is valid. he wants to interview the president and cohen for nor tha >> the motion includes several questions about cohen's $130,000 payment to daniels, including, quote, whether mr. trump knew about the hush agreement, the scope of his participation or involvement, and whether it was made with mr. trump's own money.
8:03 am
another source linked to mr. trump or from cohen. cohen has said he paid daniels out of his own pocket. his attorney called the motion a reckless use of the legal system and politically motivated. we asked the white house for comment, but have not heard back. >> cbs news legal analyst rikki klieman is with us. good morning. >> good morning. >> how likely do you think it is a judge will grant the motion for the expedited discovery? >> i think that expedited discovery is the bigger question than whether or not ultimately the president gets deposed because i think the president may well get deposed at some point. expedited discovery, the question is why do we need it so fast? is there something happening out there that we have to know this within 120 days, which is what you might usually think of. he has been asking, he says he wants 21 days for each deposition. very short notice. 90 days he wants the entire thing to go to a jury trial.
8:04 am
that is not happening that fast. by why can't it last six months or one year. >> a judge could say that's fine. >> what do you think of this motion on its face and how did we get here that we're now in a conversation about the president of the united states being deposed? what do you think of the motion first. >> first of all the amended complaint, it's been a long time since monday when we talked about the original complaint, the amended complaint filed on monday afternoon followed by this filing in the early morning hours, these are stellar filings. they are based in fact, they are based in law, they are based in precedent. if a judge in the federal court, the judge that has this case, goes through this particular amended complaint and the memorandum and sees what the president is, i have to give you this one, the restatement of contracts, that's the basic rules of all of contract law, the first example that is given about voiding a contract is that
8:05 am
a candidate for political office who has previously written some letters and taken a contrary position and then wants someone else wants to publish these letters and the candidate goes to pay for them to stop them from being published, that's the example that bargain is illegal. >> how did we get here? could this have been avoided? >> yes. >> how? >> i lay all of this at the feet of michael cohen, from the very beginning. >> bad lawyering? >> bad lawyering and bad fixing. michael colen is no michael clayton -- >> the movie character who was very good. >> very, very good. george clooney. >> but it was a bad fix when you first start. when you go in terms of the lawyering, once he starts making public statements and he does allegedly defame her by not knowing if the first statement is truth or false he gives michael avenatti an avenue to get a jury trial which wasn't there before and damages.
8:06 am
so now, michael avenatti who has an end game, he has damages he's looking for for stormy daniels. he wasn't looking for that before. >> could michael cohen dissolve the nda to prevent a deposition and trial? >> i think what michael cohen would have to do is settle this case. now, the easiest way -- you can't just dissolve it and say i didn't mean it, it doesn't matter, and stormy daniels gives back the money which she has offered to at you have to do now is have a settlement which what is you asked him in the last hour and he had the right answer. which is -- >> on monday i asked whether the president being deposed in 60 days could happen. you said it was an exaggeration what do you think. >> i think it's an exaggeration only on the timing. you're going to a hearing on april 30th and then going to be motions and then there's going to be another hearing. i'm going to get passed my 60 days. >> thanks very much.
8:07 am
president trump says he plans to keep maximum sanctions on north korea ahead of a possible meeting with its leader kim jong-un. kim just returned from a secret trip to beijing where he met with chinese president xi jinping. this morning president trump said xi looks forward to their possible meeting. kim's trip was his first outside of north korea since he took power in 2011. china and north korea say they were reaffirming their friendship. north korea said korea wrote a letter to xi calling it my first successful visit to our friendly neighbor. wisconsin high school students marching for gun reform are expected to finish a 50 mile journey this morning. the 40 students began a march in madison and finish in janesville where house speaker paul ryan lives. students will hold a rally to pressure congress to take action on gun control after the parkland school shooting. adriana diaz is in janesville with their goals. good morning. >> good morning. the students will arrive at this janesville park in a few hours
8:08 am
for the rally. they chose it because they will have to cross that bridge by foot to get her, reminiscent of martin luther king's march from selma. the students coming here because they want speaker ryan to act. >> paul ryan, do you hear us? we're screaming, we're crying. >> reporter: student voices reverberated through wisconsin's usually serene farm land tuesday. >> mile 40. >> mile 40. rhonda randall. >> reporter: at every mile, they honored a victim of gun violence. we met them on the final stretch of their 50-mile march. >> how do you think dozens of young people marching in a very rural area, i don't see a house, so no one is hearing you right now, how do you think that translates into action. >> people can hear us from every corner of the country and that's the power of social media. >> reporter: the destination is janesville, the hometown of house speaker paul ryan. >> he has more influence over how people vote, why people
8:09 am
vote. we have the unique opportunity of being in his home state. >> reporter: speaker ryan is overseas and in a statement his office said he respects those expressing their views. after the stoneman douglas high school shooting last month ryan oversaw the passage of legislation making background checks more comprehensive. >> it's a step in the right direction is what i go with. it's a very small step. >> reporter: the students want a ban on civilian owned military-style weapons and bump stocks, a four-day waiting period and background checks for gun purchases and to raise the buying age to 21. the broad gun reform may be difficult. in a pugh report the nra counted nearly 400 pro gun bills enacted in states since 2013. do you know what you're up against here. >> we do. the politicians, the nra, they're powerful people. but it's not just the nra, it's a lot of americans who feel it's important to protect gun rights. >> we're not saying that we are right. we're not saying we're the only opinion that matters. what we're asking for is a seat at the table. >> reporter: the nra didn't respond to our request for
8:10 am
comment about the students' proposals. we asked the marchers what's next and they're calling for students in every state to hold their own 50-mile marches. >> adriana diaz, thanks. if you hail a car from ride sharing app lyftp the company's president could pick you up. john zimmer is in our green room. his thoughts on driverless cars at lyft and other companies after the deadly crash involving
8:11 am
8:12 am
jewelry designer kendra scott is higher on forbes list of self-made women higher than donna karan or beyonce. how a group of women she called the super seven helped her build a billion dollar business with 75 stores. you're watching "cbs this morning." stores. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪
8:13 am
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for stelara®.
8:16 am
the president of ridesharing company lyft says the deadly crash in arizona of a
8:17 am
self-driving uber could have been prevented. uber has now decided to stop testing its driverless cars in california. uber tests are also suspended in arizona. lyft's market share is growing its 2017 revenue crossed the billion-dollar threshold. the company says that's up 168% since the end of to 16. john zimmer, welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> any pause about your own self-driving vehicles after the uber decision? >> i think everybody should take pause after what happened in arizona but it's important to zoom out and understand why companies are doing this and the fact is 35,000 people every year are killed in a car accident. and the ultimate goal is to bring that to zero. >> are you noticing that there's more of an increase in lyft mentions? before, john, it used to be uber, uber, uber. now i see it's uber and lyft in
8:18 am
the same conversation, i see more cultural references to uber and lift on tv shows. i'm wondering what's working. i for one am glad you got rid of the pink moustaches a long tyke ago, but what's working? >> i think what's working is the way we treat people, whether our drivers or riders. my background is hospitality. to me it's a service industry. >> welkt to hotel school. >> not technology. >> right. one of my first jobs was a phone operator in a hotel and i saw the obvious important of taking care of people, to provide great service and i think that's what's really paying off. >> you actually walk the walk. we say we always send a very nice car to pick up our guests and we said we're going to send you a car and you said, nope, i'm going to take a lyft. i like to get there on my own.
8:19 am
you also drive. people send in an order and you drive. why do you do that? >> it's critical we get involved in the experience. every near year i drive a lyft. >> what do you learn? >> i learn the challenges of being a driver, i understand better the passenger experience from a different perspective. >> why is lyft better than uber? >> lyft is market. why isn't uber or lyft profitable yet? >> the focus is on growth. we spend more money on cars than we do on food but we use our car only 4% of the time. so we're going after that really
8:20 am
large -- >> you and your cofounder logan green, you're pushing for the end of personal car ownership in major cities by 2025? >> i believe it will make financial sense for someone to own a vehicle in major cities by 2025. >> it won't make sense. >> it won't make financial sense. you spend $5,000 a year in owning and operating a vehicle and you use the car 4% to 5%. that does not make sense. we can give you the equivalent of o a $5,000 tax credit back to every household if we improve the efficiencefficiency. >> that's a hard sell for me. suppose you want to run to the store for a second and you have to wait. but you're raising an interesting point. you and logan green are known as the good guys in the business. i think something that struck me interesting is you all recently ordered an internal audit last a self-imposed internal audit.
8:21 am
why did you do that? >> we did an internal audit around equal pay. for me this is obvious. >> what's obvious? >> that if someone's going the same work, they should be paid the same. and we didn't want our team members wi members, our employees to take our word for it. we wanted a third party to show it. >> did you find there was .the 6% discrepancy, likely from some type of unconscious bias or different opinions. and we addressed those. >> john z-pimer, thanks for being here we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. before you toss out any mail you might want to take a closer look ahead. who's sending out $100 check. u.s. sailors are on a chilly mission. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:22 am
8:23 am
♪ talk about a ice breaker.
8:24 am
new video shows a u.s. navy submarine breaking through u.s. ice. it surfaced last week during an exercise in the sea near alaska. it reportedly broke through near a foot of ice. it's one of u.s. submarines taking part in the ice experience drill. >> the five week training helps sailors prepare for missions in the arctic. >> i love watching that. it's really cool. have you ever been out in the water and one comes out. >> never seen that. >> it's amazing. >> and you lived in connecticut. i never saw one come up. >> very cool. pope francis will celebrate his 6th easter mass this sunday. can you believe easter is sunday? he faces opposition from conservative catholics. ahead his new thought provoking book on the future of the church. your local news is coming right up.
8:25 am
the v-t-a and bart have until april fifth... to reach agreement on a tunnel plan, for trains to run under downtown san eive good morning. i'm michelle griego. the vta and bart have until april 5th to reach an agreement on the tunnel plan for trains to run under downtown san jose. the deadline is to receive federal grants funding for phase 2 of bart's extension to the city. phase 1 to the berryessa area is scheduled to start carrying passengers next year. gasoline could reach $4 a gallon in the bay area later this spring. some analysts say it's a combination of facttors including higher demand and a switch to the pricier summer blend of gas. there is also california's recent gas tax increase to fund the road maintenance. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. 8:27. and we are tracking a major injury crash and this is along 680 an earlier crash no longer blocking lanes involving a fuel tank and another vehicle southbound. you can see how slow traffic is going across the benicia bridge right now southbound. 30 minutes from 80 to marina vista. traffic is backed up along 780 as well due to this incident. and you can see that backup stretches well beyond lake herman. we'll take it further north where we're tracking a new
8:28 am
crash along eastbound 12 approaching interstate 80. it is blocking the road at this time. so traffic backed up along 12 and 29 shut down in both directions between yolano and highway 37. it will re-open by 8 p.m. the golden gate bridge showing some haze, valley locations may notice some of that but clear at the beaches. visibility not impacted along the coast. it's a little haze forming. san francisco 54. 51 in livermore. 53 in concord and oakland. cooler in santa rosa at 47. santa rosa was 82 yesterday. today it's going to be slightly warmer than that. most likely above 82 today. 81 in napa. vallejo 80. 74 in oakland. 69 degrees in san francisco. those are the afternoon highs. here's a look at that visibility map.
8:29 am
warm and dry through the next seven days. i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls.
8:30 am
together, we're building a better california. grtd. we've been waiting forever. >> it's a boy. this is one of the most unique and dangerous parties you'll ever see. a louisiana family employed an alligator to reveal the gender of their baby. they put a watermelon in the alligator's mouth. when he chomped down, it broke open and blue cake came out.
8:31 am
you look like you don't approve. >> i don't know. it's like, hi, this is your dad who doesn't have a left arm anymore. sorry, he lost it. >> he lost it the day we revealed. >> he entered the world with a whole big headline. welcome back to "cbs this morning." people with one arm do very well, norah. a study finds nearly 1 million people are out of the work-force because of their opioid addiction in 2015. the loss of those employees and their productivity cost the economy an estimated $702 billion between 1999 and 2015. "usa today" reports on a bill in utah that will let kids free range for the first time. starting on may 8th kids will be able to play outside legally without adult supervision. there is no age limit but it says children left alone should display maturity and good judgment. the state senator who sponsored the bill says, quote, it's not
8:32 am
neglect if you let your child experience childhood. a state utah trooper says everything went to black when he was hit by a car and was sent into the air. dash cam video shows a car skidding on the highway. the sergeant was walking to help another driver when he was hit from behind. oh, my goodness. >> knocked the wind out of me. i was gasping for breath. i was right up zbends a car. i remember thinking to myself, i've been hit. >> he said he didn't know he had been hit that hard. he broke four ribs and a shoulder blade. he says he gives the driver who hit him. >> he said it was a teenage drive earnd he didn't want him to live with that for the rest of his life. a coupon company is randomly placing $100 checks in specially
8:33 am
marked envelopes. it's time to celebrate their 100th anniversary. normally i toss them in the travel i'm going to open my bad boy. >> i'm sure i got one in my mailbox today. >> i'll start looking. >> i'll take you out to lunch. >> i'd like that. pope francis will wash the feet of 12 inmate s at the prison. it led to backlash from conservatives because women and muslims were included. it's one of many actions by francis that have raised concerns among conservative catholics. >> dozens of theologians and others accuse the pope of heresy when he created the don't called "the joy of love." "new york times" believes in the controversy -- delves into the controversy of that document and its impact in his new book "to
8:34 am
change the church "pope francis and the future of catholicism." it's published by simon & schuster, a division of cbs. >> i think it risks ultimately aspects of catholicism that are essential to the church's claim to be the one true church that connects itself all the way back to jesus himself. one of the most interesting things is throughout the worldly pomps and popes getting in wars and being worldly and causing trouble it's also one of the place where you find some of the strongest words of jesus still lived out. jesus says you must eat my body
8:35 am
and drink my blood and the catholic church says that's exactly what you do. in the same way it's the last institution that makes any kind of claim that marriage is indisso u snoobl why punish them and not allow them to have communion? >> first of all, you're not being punished by not being allowed to take communion if you're divorced. the church doesn't exclude people who are divorced from communion. it colludes people who are remarried without having an annulment of marriage. my parents and grand grandparents are both divorced. like most people i live in a world where families are broken, family structures are complicated and so on. i would. want to live in a world where the church was running marriage tribunals for everyone and sort of imposing its rules and civil laws but what the church says now in this culture where divorce is common and remarriage
8:36 am
is rampant we're going to say, you know, second marriages, if you can't get an annulment -- by the way, before pope francis came along, annulments were fairly merciful. what you have under francis is a step toward the kind of -- you know, the church's teachings become potential. >> let's talk more about pope francis. >> you say you became a catholic when you were a teenager and you're very happy about that decision but you talk about the pope, you say he's the most powerful person in the church but what are his powers really and is he bringing people back? you call him a media phenomenon. but is he bringing lapsed people back into the church? >> right. in addition to being catholic i'm a journalist as punishment for my sins. even if you think i'm too harsh and unforgiving on the quest for divorce and marriage, i think the understand lying story is a fascinating one. you're right.
8:37 am
he's the most powerful person in the church, an absolute monarch, and yet his powers are supposed to be tightly sir come scribed. he's not supposed to change things his predecessor taught going back 2,000 years. so a lot of the drama of the francis pontificate, bishops and theologians arguing with each others, cardinals challenging the pope, we reflect what happens, a fascinating thing, when a pope sets out to push the limits of his office. >> you say pope under francis is like president under trump. >> i want to be clear. i'm not drying any kind of moral comparison between the holy father and president trump. the comparison is more the role in their institutions. both have entered institutions that have major credibility problems that are creeking and straining under pressures of ma
8:38 am
disturbancety and they both have sort of faxctions that see a lot of the tepgss, a lot of the institutional tensions are similar even as, again, they're very different figures personally. but they both speak to this moment in the west generally where there's this sense that all of our institutions, governmental, religious, and so on aren't working particularly well. so there are openings for populists, for reformers. the question is whether those reforms actually deliver what they're trying to promise. >> you've raised a lot of interesting questions in the book. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> the book is on sale wherever you like to buy your books. kendra scott started her billion-dollar business by taking handmade jewelry door to door. >> the first store i went into, i did get told no. i had to drive to another car and get my courage to go back in and try again. >> do you believe every no can be turned into a yes?
8:39 am
>> if you look at the word no in the mirror, it's on. so i think it's game on. >> game on, miss kendra. ahead, how she took $500 and turned her business idea into the successful empire it is get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. ross has the must-have styles and brands for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings...
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that is a perfect song for this story. jewelry designer kendra scott believes she's living the american dream, why? listen to this. she's a college dropout who became an entrepreneur. when she started a business in her home, scott just hoped to break even. 16 years later, that business is worth $1 billion. where stores offer unique experiences to customer, she encourages them to interact with them. pick it up, try it on and you can even customize your own jewelry pieces. we spoke with the 44-year-old mom of three in austin about how she became one of the wealthiest businesswomen in the country. >> forbes put out a list of america's richest list, donna karan, taylor swift, kendra scott and you rank higher than all of those women. how does that feel? >> are you sure that couldn't be an error? this is my sanctuary. >> there's no mistaken her
8:44 am
tremendous success. >> this is where we design all of the product. >> her billion dollars company started 16 years ago with only $500 that she used to make jewelry after a spare bedroom in her home. >> did you have any training in jewelry making? >> so no. there was some beach shops, local beach shops if you can believe it and i would go and take a few little beading classes. there was a community college i took a class in and i really wanted to learn. >> what you learned in the class is you start doing it? >> when i was pregnant with my first son, i made a little collection and i was like, this is not half bad. i think people would like this. so when he was three months old i put him in a baby carrier and i took my collection in a tea box and i have that wooden tea box still. all the little boxes and i went store to store in austin. >> what's your pitch? >> i remember before the first store i actually was in the car and i'll never forget that moment because i was scared to go in. i was afraid to get turned away,
8:45 am
afraid to get told no. the first store i went in to i did get told no. i had to get my courage to go back in and try again. >> do you believe every no can be turned into a yes? >> if you look at the word no in the mirror it's on. it's game on. >> it's persistence that would turn her business idea in into a company. she assembled a small team of women including her mother that she called the super seven. she caught the attention of nordstrom. all while still working out of that bedroom. >> they called and they after they received the order and they had an issue, we need to speak with your shipping and receiving department, so i'm, sure, of course. hold one moment, please. i'm like, mom, nordstrom, they need shipping and receiving. she gets up and do it, this is janet, shipping and receiving for kendra scott. mom, she's amazing. >> that's great. >> i think it is amazing. >> as her business grew, so did
8:46 am
her family but shortly after having her second son, kendra became a single mom. it was a challenge she met with motivation. so how old were your sons then when you got divorced? >> one and three. >> so they were babies. >> yes. >> are you really feeling i have to make this a success? >> 100%. what's your decision at that time? >> it was really hard because people would say you just need to go get an angel investor, and i'm like where do they hang out? how do you find one of these magical angels. i think for us a pivotal moment was after the recession hit because i was running our business just doing wholesale. i wasn't selling our own retail direct to customer and when the recession hit, so many businesses had trouble and i knew that if i didn't change my business model we would lose our business. >> so it's you and your core girls. >> yes. >> and you say what? >> retail stores are closing
8:47 am
everywhere and i'm saying, i want to open our own retail store, i want our own new york showroom. >> was it go big or go home? >> yes. it may not work and we may not have jobs when this is over, but if you're willing to try to do something radical with me, it could work. >> it worked all right. today kendra scott has 74 retail stores all around the country and one in london. the super seven, yep, they're still here. it's a work environment kendra has striefd to make unique. >> we give this to our amazing kendra scott family members. >> there are lots of perks for the company's 2,000 employees. 98% of which are women. working on everything from product design to sales. >> can i see the green? >> absolutely. >> how can there be that much women and is it -- how is the work environment?
8:48 am
is it katy. we're each other's cheerleaders. that's the environment we instill here. we hire nice people. we hire kind people and when you do that, it's amazing what can happen. >> kids can't get out of the hospital right now so we bring color to them. >> giving back is part of her business model. kendra cares is a program working with hospitals nationwide including dell childrens here in austin. >> if you go in and do a bracelet. >> it's part of our culture of our company. everyone is so proud that they're making a difference and they're so thrilled and excited to be part of something that they're also getting to leave their mark on, it is what i am most proud of and the bigger we've gotten the more we can do. >> what is it that you want people to take away from your story? >> a lot of times in our lives there are things that happen to us that are good and sometimes things happen to us that are bad. we lose sometimes people we love or we go through a divorce or we have these struggles in our life
8:49 am
and i think the lesson that i've learned over this last 16 years is those can be gifts. so i would say in those moments, take a breath and say it's not over. this could be just the beginning. >> and that is how she looks at stuff. you asked a question i was going to tag with because norah just said, did she remarry? yes. she's very happy. now she has three sons. it was one of those love stories where she and her husband locked eyes across a room and fell in love. yesterday was her birthday. the thing that's so great about her jewelry is three generations, teenagers, moms and grandmothers all wear it because we all like it. and she's right. >> it's beautiful and she's quite a businesswoman. >> it's pay great example. >> you can hear more of "cbs this morning" on our podcast. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ you don't just want easy.
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two bay area fathers -- who are undocumented immigrants -- are suing the federal government as part of a class action good morning, it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego. two bay area fathers who were undocumented immigrants are suing the federal government as part of a class action lawsuit. they have been detained at fay silt in richmond for the past -- at a facility in richmond for the past six months. the attorneys say their due process rights have been violated. a crash at oakland international airport that left four people hurt was not terrorism but an accident. the suv's driver a 54-year-old man was arrested for not having a license. starting today, the city of berkeley is lowering the tax rate to 5% for recreational marijuana. berkeley's new tax rate is the lowest in the bay area. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment. stay with us
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8:57. slow at 80, two and 280. an accident is closer to de anza and you can see the slowdown, slow in the northbound direction. we are tracking delays in the south bay. one one shows speeds in the
8:58 am
red over an hour drive to go from earlier to san antonio. a new crash, this is northbound 880 right at alvarado niles, it's on the shoulder. the real slowdown is southbound. and your ride continues to be heavy across the san mateo bridge. nimitz 36 minutes to the maze, 18 minutes into san francisco. let's check in with neda on the forecast. >> the fog is now clearing right off the coast and it's a little less hazy in the marin area. low-lying areas we were seeing some of that haze forming. but it looks like most of that's clear. here's the coast right now. gorgeous conditions out there in ocean beach and our temperatures in san francisco, 54. san jose already up to 57. here's a look at those afternoon highs. get ready for a warm afternoon. 79 in san jose. 78 in livermore. low 80s for concord, vallejo, across the north bay, santa rosa and napa. 82 degrees. we could break records tomorrow. warm through the weekend, cooler on easter sunday. ni ♪you've got a friend in me
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