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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  March 28, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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for the driver in a hit and run. 5 people were hurt... and are now in the hospital. breaking right now, san francisco police are looking for the drive in a hit-and- run. five people were and are now in the hospital. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego.
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it happened around 10:30 in the dogpatch neighborhood. jackie ward is live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: the police have you stationed a block away from the scene right now. we can't see much from the ground level, but from chopper 5, you can see that the scene is pretty active. so a lot of police officers here, even it appears to be blood on the sidewalk possibly. this is the area around 24th and illinois in the dogpatch neighborhood of san francisco and it's blocked off from traffic. it started off as a fight between people in a van and people on the street. there was playful banter and then someone got out of the van holding an axe and went after the men. the men then took their belts off, started attacking the man holding the axe, they were able to take the axe away, chasing the man back into the van. >> the guy in the van got out
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of the vanto pick up something off the ground. then they started arguing. there was turf discussions, my turf. just crazy. the guys on the street were sort of messing around and then it got escalated and all of a sudden -- >> reporter: once the man was back in the van, the driver got his vehicle up on the sidewalk and floored it all while hitting some of the men. so we are still awaiting police to confirm some details for us to answer some questions about what they know about what happened and this ongoing investigation. that press conference should be happening momentarily. from san francisco, jackie ward, kpix 5. new at noon a first look of the driver who police say crashed into a dropoff area outside oakland international airport, juan pablo, arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle without a license and felony reckless driving.
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the suv careened out of control and slammed into pedestrians outside terminal one. four people were hurt. the crash forced authorities to close access to terminals 1 and 2 and backed up traffic for hours. two undocumented immigrants in the bay area are suing the trump administration. they say they are being detained in richmond unlawfully. jessica flores has the details on the class action lawsuit just filed. >> reporter: the two mexican citizens have been locked up at this detention center in richmond for more than six months. they are seeking asylum but have been denied bond hearings and the attorneys say the two men are stuck in legal limbo. the aclu filed a class action lawsuit going after the federal government including attorney general jeff sessions, the department of justice and homeland security saying the federal government is violating due process rights for potentially hundreds of detained immigrants. the lawsuit rests on the case
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of esteban gonzalez and jose sanchez. both undocumented immigrants were arrested in the east bay last fall. they are seeking asylum status to avoid deportation. the aclu says the department of homeland security determined that both men have reasonable fear of torture or persecution if returned to mexico. but their attorneys say the government has unlawfully denied them a bond hearing. lisa knox is one of the attorneys. >> my clients are just seeking the right to have a bond hearing to have the opportunity to ask a judge to release them on bond and to fight their cases from outside of detention. >> reporter: both men have u.s. citizen children and the lawsuit says they are the primary providers for their families. >> they were breadwinners for their families. they were source of emotional and care taking support for their families and their families have now been without that for six months. >> reporter: i reached out to the department of justice. they have no comment. from richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. happening today, a wake
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will be held for stephon clark, a 22-year-old unarmed black man father of two killed by sacramento police last week. >> stephon clark! stefan! >> last night, chaos erupted inside sacramento city hall. stephon clark's brother came in chanted his name and jumped on the desk and was joined by others. >> the police got my brother killed. he shows no emotion at all. >> this is not just about the death of stephon clark. we recognize there have been other lives lost who also drive your grief and passion for change. you will be heard. >> the city council was forced to end early for safety concerns after protestors rushed through security and crowded the lobby. the day of demonstrations comes after the state attorney general announced his office is joining the investigation into stephon clark's death. in just minutes, a lawsuit against the city of vallejo and its police department will be filed by the family of a
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man shot and killed by police. ronell foster was a father of two. the shooting happened last month and authorities say that the officer shot foster in self-defense after being called to the area for a domestic violence dispute. the department also added that the officer involved deployed his taser before using his gun but it didn't work. john burris represents the family. an announcement on the lawsuit will be held at vallejo city hall at 1:00. president trump is staying silent after stormy daniels gave a "60 minutes" interview. weijia jang reports, president trump may soon have to testify. >> reporter: the lawyer for stormy daniels is now trying to force president trump to answer questions under oath. >> we want to know the truth about what the president knew, when he knew it and what he did about it. >> reporter: daniels' attorney michael avenatti appeared on "cbs this morning" hours after filing a motion seeking a
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deposition of no greater than two hours with mr. trump and his personal attorney, michael cohen. he wants to determine if the president had a role in the $130,000 payment from mr. cohen to stormy daniels, 11 days before the presidential election. >> when we get to the bottom of this, we're going to prove to the american people that they have been told a bucket of lies. >> reporter: the porn star claims she and mr. trump had sex once in 2006. >> and you had sex with him? >> yes. >> reporter: the motion alleges the payment to silent daniels was to hen ensure mr. trump won the 2016 election. avenatti says that violates the election campaign act for the purpose of influencing an election for federal office. if you give an in-kind contribution, that has to be reported. none of this has been reported anywhere. >> reporter: michael cohen's lawyer says they deny the
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payment was related to the election and says the motion is politically motivated. >> it's a reckless use of the legal system. >> reporter: president trump has consistently denied daniels' claims. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. north korean leader kim jong-un visited the chinese president in beijing ahead of a planned meeting with president trump in the future. the meeting is the first for kim outside of his country since become the leader in 2011. china has been north korea's best trading partner for decades but that relationship has been strained with china agreeing with the u.s. for sanctions against them in retaliation for the nuclear program. >> both china and north korea needed this meeting. what's clearly happening is that kim jong-un is engaging in a diplomatic flurry of meetings to make sure he knows what everyone is doing and that he shored up his relationship with china. >> this morning, the president tweeted out saying: possibility. now there is a good
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chance that kim jong un will do what is right for his people and for humanity." new at noon - energy secreta k perry has just w up a 3 t to the bay area. he hel hall today and an questions on renewable ix five's new at noon, energy secretary rick perry has just wrapped up a three-day visit to the bay area. he held a town hall meeting today and answered questions on renewable energy. anne makovec reports from menlo park. >> reporter: u.s. energy secretary rick perry only took two questions from the audience at his town hall meeting. one was on renewable energy. >> this world is going to use fossil fuels. i mean, wish and hope all we might that we could just go to completely renewables, but the world is going to burn fossil fuels. how do we do it in the cleanest way possible? >> reporter: the other question was on environmental regulations, a tough question to answer. >> we have to take care of our
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environment, whether it's our economic environment, the one we breathe, whatever it is. government has to take care of that. can you do it in a way that is economically feasible? >> reporter: before his town hall meeting, he toured the stanford linear accelerator center, one of 17 national labs under his department's direction. we got these pictures from the stanford lab. media wasn't allowed on the tour or to ask any questions at the meeting. a professor in attendance said it was clear the secretary respects what they do here. >> a lot of us are working on pure science and pure research. i hope his kind words were reflective of his respect for that as well. >> reporter: secretary perry also toured labs in livermore and berkeley while in the bay area. in menlo park, anne makevoc, kpix 5. coming up, some major changes coming to facebook in the wake of a massive data breach. the new privacy features just announced.
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>> plus, first lady michelle obama visits the bay area. the discussion she is hosting tonight in oakland. >> and what a beautiful day we have out there. some areas noticing a little bit of pollution, a slight haze. temperature-wise, we have looking good and above average. but today not even the warmest day yet.
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another in israel. authorities say a german plane collided with israeli plane this morning. video sh new video this afternoon of two planes crashing into one another in israel. authorities say that a german plane collided with an israeli plane this morning. the video showing the tail end of one of the planes slicing
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open. the crash caused major damage to both airplanes. no one was hurt. former first lady michelle obama will be in the bay area tonight. she is hosting a question-and- answer style discussion at oracle arena in oakland. she is expected to discuss "let's move" initiative, to address the challenge of childhood obesity and her let girls learn project. this afternoon, facebook is announcing what it calls a major overhaul to its privacy features. the changes make it easier to block apps from accessing user data and make privacy tools easier to find. reporter laura podesta has the details. >> reporter: facebook is under intense scrutiny about how it handles user information and today the company announced some changes. the tech giant is consolidating privacy tools onto a single page and allowing users to choose which apps can access their data. the idea is to make it easier to navigate the security settings. the company says the updates have been in the works for some time, but that the events
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of the past several days underscore their importance. >> this doesn't change any of the data that facebook is actually collecting. >> reporter: kurt wagner is a senior editor at recode. he believes the real sign of change at facebook is its ceo's behavior. >> this is like a bigger moment than we have seen in the past from some of these tech companies. mark zuckerberg may not testify in front of congress but these are real consequences of what's going on. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg has said he is willing to appear before congress to explain how a british consulting firm got a hold of data from 50 million facebook users, information that was allegedly used to influence voters in the 2016 presidential election. until now, tech ceos have generally sent lawyers or deputies to testify before congress. but lawmakers are demanding zuckerberg appear in person. >> i would like to see mr. zuckerberg not his lawyer, mr. zuckerberg, in the flesh. >> reporter: since the scandal broke, facebook's stock has
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tumbled wiping out more than $100 billion in market value. podesta, cbs news, new york. >> the facebook data leak has triggered and investigation from the federal trade commission which is now looking into the company's privacy practices. let's check the markets. it's up 38 points. >> the temperatures are also up. >> there's a little breeze, very minimal. but you can see a little bit of activity there. look at the clear skies. it's beautiful. let's show you some other of our live cameras to give you a glimpse of how gorgeous it is. look how nice the golden gate bridge looks now. definitely that haze is clearing up. we had moderate air quality in the area but there's an onshore brief helping cool
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things off at the coast and people are hitting the beaches today. 60s and 70s in the area. temperatures will continue to rise. northeast winds in pleasanton and also west-southwest wind in hayward. so the west winds are helping cool things off a little bit. but it's mostly coming out of the north and there's a sign of west wind in oakland there at 8 miles per hour. variable in all different directions at this hour. napa 7-mile-per-hour winds there, sustained winds. and we are going to continue to see the effects of this ridge of high pressure. so here's your futurecast. nothing but clear skies today and tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. sunset happening at 7:29. you will get a good view of that because it's so clear outside. sunrise at 6:59. now, that satellite and radar showing that high pressure is just off the coast but it is going to hover right over our state by tomorrow and that will bring us temperatures even warmer than today. all of the rain heading
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further up north. it's moving from hawaii up to canada because of that ridge of high pressure just being so large and in charge. our high temperatures today are going to be in the upper 70s, low 80s for los gatos, morgan hill, 77 in milpitas and across the east bay, look at this, upper 70s low 80s there, as well. 82 in fairfield. 77 for you in san ramon, dublin 77. so hopefully that breeze will help keep things feeling cooler. look at the coast. that's a difference, temperatures in the 60s. and then napa, sonoma, wine country in the low 80s and up further north, st. helena could reach the mid-80s. so expecting to break some records by tomorrow as our temperatures rise even more. so tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. that high pressure will get on top of california. then we'll stay dry through the weekend. here's the tahoe report.
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resorts will probably be open until memorial day because of the deep base. >> i think it's cool to ski in your sweatshirt. >> exactly. >> yeah. a stray puppy loves a leg and now he has a new home in the bay area. the 9-month-old was brought to the peninsula humane society last month. a police officer found the dog injured on the side of the road. vets had to amputate his leg in order to save his life. the spca officials say the playful three-legged pup would make a loving addition to anyone's home. coming up, new headway this afternoon on birth control for men. researchers say it could be revolutionary! the results of a new study.
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country that's struggling to make progress. the centers fo prevention say hiv rates are declining across the u.s. but there's still one part of the country that's struggling to make progress. the centers for disease control and prevention says the epicenter of the nation's hiv crisis has shifted to the south. a new report finds of the nearly 40,000 cases diagnosed each year, more than 50% are in the southern states. for decades, researchers have been trying to develop a birth control pill for men. and now they may finally be
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making headway. the proposed pill reduces hormone levels including testosterone, responsible for sperm production, of course, without any major side effects. the study is trying to find a more effective dosage but more research needs to be done before a pill hits the market. we'll be right back. i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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their ell, today's tip of the day is going to be is with strawberries. now, in a few months there's going to be a lot of local
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grown strawberries in the market and prices will come down but right now they are coming from florida, some from mexico and some not too much from california. coming in pretty good. you have to select them and store them right. otherwise, forget it. they won't taste good whatsoever. make sure they're nice and red, small green shoulders because once they get picked they don't get sweeter, they just get riper so that green isn't going to turn red. check the container, make sure it's free from water so there are no decayed strawberries. store them in the refrigerator. never wash them before you store them but always before you enjoy them. one thing about these strawberries, 100% of the vitamin c required for the day. they are beautiful. 'm tony tantillo, y our fresh grocer. nd always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. that's a beautiful strawberry. a lot of people are wondering what they can do now to keep their information private on social media. today at 5:00, we go step by step and show you how to view the apps that are connected to
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your facebook profiles. the results may surprise you. >> oh, boy. that's going to be a good one to watch. good advice there. all right. you have some good advice, too, right? get outside? >> enjoy the sun. >> oh, yeah. hopefully you brought your tennis shoes and you can take a walk or jog afterwards. >> sounds good. that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. we're done. >> yeah, our next newscast is at 5:00. hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon.
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