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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on the left a shot of downtown san jose. we'll have the full forecast coming up. first this morning, funeral services for stephon clark will be held today in sacramento. police shot and killed the 22- year-old earlier this month in his grandmother's backyard. he was unarmed and his death sparked protests. jessica flores is live in sacramento this morning with the latest. reporter: the funeral was moved to this church in south sacramento to accommodate the crowds expected to show up. and al sharpton will be delivering the eulogy after what's been an intense week here at this state's capital. and police are gearing up for possibly more protests after that unarmed 22-year-old was killed by police this month. that happened on march 18th. police did release the body camera video. sacramento police officers
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shot and killed clark in his grandmother's backyard. police say that officers thought he was holding a gun. but it turns out he was holding a cell phone. now, sacramento police say they pursued clark after getting a call of someone smashing car windows, then followed clark to his grandmother's backyard. the family wants the two officers involved charged and protests have erupted around the city. in the streets and at the sacramento city council meeting earlier this week, clark's brother took over the meeting. protestors temporarily shut down interstate 5 and blocked the entrance to two sacramento kings games. players expressed support for the clark family wearing warmup shirts with his name on it and putting out an ad asking for accountability. meanwhile, sacramento police are bracing for possibly more protests following the funeral. .
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>> he and it shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: attorney general xavier becerra says his officers will conduct oversight into the police shooting investigation. meanwhile, hundreds are expected in south sacramento. the funeral is open to the public. it begins at 11 a.m. reporting live in sacramento, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. clark's death has sparked demonstrations across the country. in new york city last night, hundreds of people marched from columbus circle to times square calling for justice. at least 11 people were detained during the demonstrations. palo alto police are trying to track down a man who sexually assaulted a teenaged girl at gunpoint yesterday afternoon along the jogging path near arista dare row and deer creek roads. katie nielsen reports from palo alto. reporter: this morning, palo alto police will be continuing that investigation. they are trying to figure out a suspect in the case. the teenaged victim was
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jogging and a man pulled her into the bushes, put a gun to her head, sexually assaulted her and ran off. palo alto police say the teenager gave them a description of her attacker. >> the victim described the suspect as a male in his 30s, possibly filipino of origin, about 5'10." he was wearing a black sweatshirt with a bear logo like the animal bear on the front. so fortunately in palo alto, we're blessed with a very low violent crime rate so something like this is extremely unusual. >> reporter: police say the victim was able to flag down a passing car for help. she was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. investigators will be looking at surveillance video today from a nearby industrial park to see if those cameras were able to capture anything that could help with that investigation. and they are also asking for anyone in the public who might have seen anything yesterday to call the police department.
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live in palo alto, katie nielsen, kpix 5. 4 minutes after 5:00 now. another gorgeous spring day on tap. >> it's warm. it's going to be warm. it's already warm right now. so no need to put on even a sweat they are morning if you walk your dog. it feels comfortable out there. clear skies. here's the headlines. record heat today. today is the warmest day of the week so if you thought yesterday was hot, just wait, this afternoon will feel pretty warm. slight cooling happening this weekend, some clouds roll in and above average through the weekend and no rain in sight until late next week. here's look at the south bay now. clear conditions there. look at the temperatures. san jose you're already at 55. san francisco 55. oakland 52. now, we want to show you this, though. because some of the warmest spots would be in the hills. oakland hills right now, 64. the hills just east of windsor 67 degrees. berkeley, 66 degrees. so alum rock also in the 60s.
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a lot of this warmer air is above 2,000 feet in elevation. and it's all going to sink down across the bay area this morning. so we'll get that warming pretty quickly so expect temperatures this afternoon about 15 degrees above average. now, we are tracking speeds in the green for drivers heading along 580. you're taking a live look near tassajara. and those taillights making their way westbound so 26 minutes between 205 and 680. the dublin-pleasanton interchange there. your ride continues to look good into castro valley. heading out of antioch, westbound 4, smooth sailing all the way over to 680 looking at about 12 minutes. we are seeing a few slowdowns northbound of 680 but no reports of any crashes. richmond parkway is seeing a few brake lights as well but no reports of any incidents going on along that stretch. we'll keep a close eye on that. if you heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we are seeing -- we saw a couple of cars on the shoulder. we still see one with some flashing lights.
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no reports of any accidents. but that may start to slow things down. we'll track that for you and more coming up but right now you got about 11 minutes into san francisco. back to you guys. in the north bay, a sanctioned drag race was deadly last night. a driver hit a wall at sonoma raceway. the sheriff's office says that he was going more than 100 miles an hour. it happened just after 6:00 during the sonoma drags and drifts program. about 300 vehicles hit the track each week for the wednesday night drag race. they all have to pass inspection beforehand. this is video of the aftermath at the top of the screen, you can see emergency vehicles at the wreck. the driver was a 75-year-old from napa. he was driving a 1976 ford pinto. raceway officials say that he veered left and hit the wall just after crossing the finish line. and this is video from the race's earlier in the day. we are told that last night's death was the first on-track death in the 30-year history of the program. it was l to give people a
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legal controlled environment in which to race their vehicles. the san francisco fire department is defending its plan of attack after it came under scrutiny for how it handled a recent fire. yesterday, the deputy chief of operations explained to fire commissioners how firefighters do their jobs, if possible they fight fires from the interior first. the strategy was called into question after a four-alarm fire on union street earlier this month. board of supervisors member aaron peskin criticized the fire chief on the scene and later apologized. deputy chief mark gonzalez fired back. >> are you asking him to resign? >> you know, as a member of the public, the way he acted at that fire, that's what i think he should do. >> reporter: and as a member of the san francisco fire department? >> i'm going to keep my professional etiquette. >> reporter: commissioners recognized the work of the firefighters who battled the fire. president trump fired a
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member of the capital. secretary of veterans affairs dr. david shulkin. laura podesta has nominated his doctor to fill the position. >> reporter: dr. david shulkin secretary of veterans affairs is no longer holding the job according to a tweet wednesday from the president which read in part, i'm thankful for dr. david shulkin's service to our country and to our great veterans. white house dr. rear admiral ronny jackson will replace shulkin as head of the va. >> the president's overall health is excellent. >> reporter: jackson is a naval officer who served as white house physician for the past 3 presidents. former va head shulkin came under fire after an inspector general report in february found that he used taxpayer money to purchase his wife's plane ticket to europe last summer and improperly accepted tickets to a wimbledon tennis match. he paid back the more than $4,000 after it became public. >> i made the decision to reimburse the treasury to
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follow the ig recommendations and i'm committed to doing what we have to do to focus on veterans and make this better. >> reporter: following the recent departures of national security adviser mcmaster and secretary of state rex tillerson, shulkin is the 8th member of the trump administration to depart since the beginning of this calendar year. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> today the president will visit richfield, ohio. the purpose of this trip to promote the rebuilding of the nation's roads and bridges. it will be the president's first public appearance since sunday, when "60 minutes" aired an interview with porn star stormy daniels who alleges that she had an affair with mr. trump in 2006. nine minutes after 5:00. stinking sewage at dodger stadium. will it be ready to host the giants on major league baseball's opening day? >> reporter: i don't see any sewage here at the coliseum. so that is good news because today is not only opening day, it's also the athletics' home
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opener. we'll take you live to the field next. >> dodgers sewage, yeah. we are going to talk about your baseball forecast, yes, it's baseball weather, that's for sure. we are going to see some clear skies out there. i'll talk about how warm the afternoon is going to get. >> and so far, so good. the roads checking in problem- free but we are tracking some mass transit delays. we'll have all the details coming up. ♪ you don't just want easy.
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regular season action... baseball is officially back today. a's fans will get their first chance to see the new squad in regular season action. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at the oakland coliseum this morning and jackie, this is the earliest opening day in mlb history. reporter: it is. so that's pretty exciting. that much sooner for the boys of summer to return. we are excited to be here at the coliseum this morning. not a bad place to have your morning coffee. look at the field, it's all ready to go. looking beautiful already. we have a lot of grounds and maintenance crews here. it's opening day at the a's home opener and today is the first of a three-game series against the los angeles angels. the a's opened up last season
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with the angels as well, but that's the only similarity to last season. a's fans will be okay with. the team finished last place in the division in 2017. and for the third year that row, didn't make the play- offs. but it's a new season. it's a fresh slate and the a's are making it very clear that they want to stay at the coliseum for many years to come. this week, the team has had their eye to the future and wants to pay about $136 million for the 120-acre site of the coliseum. >> i think the key message is that we're committed to oakland. >> i think it's wonderful. that's what i have been wishing for because this is their home. >> yeah. >> and i have been an a's fan forever since they started and yeah, i'm just really thrilled. i hope it works out. >> reporter: not everyone is as gung about the idea, though. the oakland city council president says the offer is far too low. but it's what the team has come to after their dreams of a downtown oakland park were crushed by opposition. so oakland mayor schaaf says this proposal is both great news for the oakland a's and great news for the city of
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oakland and did you know that this is the 50th year the a's have been in oakland? lots to celebrate today. we'll see what happens in the future for where they play and where their home stadium is. from the coliseum, jackie ward, kpix 5. jaclyn you're going to the game? >> i'm pumped. it's going to be nice weather and a great day for the game. say hi if you see me! right now, we're tracking problems. we had some slowdowns on westbound 205 and 580. that's to be expected. but we are tracking a crash and it has the southbound direction of byron closed as you are approaching grant line. and it looks like there's some oil that was spilled in the lanes due to this accident so they are waiting for some crews to come out with some absorbent. this could be shut down for a while. there's a backup developing. steer clear of byron this
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morning until they get that lane reopened. 680 travel times moffett boulevard off-ramp from northbound 101 not an accident, looks like a car broke down but just a heads up in the area, that ramp is closed. you may have to use a different exit until chp clears it. the eastshore freeway, smooth sailing westbound out of hercules to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing a lot of activity at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have that car with his flashers on and looks like it's just over on the shoulder not slowing anyone down. we are just seeing big delays in the lanes approaching the toll plaza there. 12 minutes heading into san
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francisco. we have ten-minute delays heading into san francisco on bart and train 521 capitol corridor left the station 30 minutes late. so do expect delays if you are planning on picking someone up. here's a look at the forecast for the a's and angels. at first pitch sunny, warm, 79 degrees and it will get warmer during the game. this is a waxing gibbous moon. it has six more percent to go to become a full moon on march 31st. so just in the next couple of days this will be full. but right now it's giving us a great view this morning kicking off the day with that. that's looking nice. here's another nice view of the golden gate bridge at this hour. look at this. 55 degrees in san francisco right now. 55 in san jose. a lot of the hills just east
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of the bay are actually in the 60s right now. we should be in the 60s this afternoon but we are already in the 60s at higher elevations in many locations. that warmer air is going to sink and we'll start to notice our afternoon highs in the 80s for many spots. 15 to 18 degrees above average for thursday. here's the neighborhoods at the beaches. 70s around the bay today. mill valley 79. through the north bay wine country st. helena 85 degrees. here are three things to remember for this thursday. so 15 to 18 degrees above average for the hottest day of the week, today. the ridge of high pressure we have been talking about is definitely staying strong today right over california.
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we are going to keep dry through the weekend. may have clouds saturday challenge down on sunday. here's a look at that ridge of high pressure. moisture from canada not dipping down. we'll get a break as the high pressure retreats saturday and sunday and we'll have clouds and lower temperatures. obama.. is leaving the world of politics to start a career at netflix. trending now, the national security adviser under former president barack obama is leaving the world of politics to start a career at netflix. the company announced yesterday that susan rice has joined its board of directors. she is making the move after a long career in government. she also worked as a u.n. ambassador and a special assistant to president bill
5:20 am
clinton. rice seems to be following in one of her former boss' footsteps. president obama and former first lady michelle obama are reportedly discussing a production partnership with netflix. the streaming service has some 118 million subscribers across the globe. the giants open their 2018 regular season down at dodger stadium today and if there's a little aroma in the air, you will have to pardon the 56- year-old ballpark. this was the scene at wednesday night's game, raw sewage seeping up from a broken pipe. it spilled on the field and into the stands and canceled some preseason games. stadium officials worked to fix the problem. they are confident it will be clean for the opening day game this afternoon. when most expecting couples throw a gender reveal party they use a cake or confetti but one louisiana couple decided to carry out a jaw-dropping stunt instead. >> ah!! >> it's a boy! the baby's
5:21 am
father put a hollowed out watermelon into that alligator's mouth. when it snapped its jaws, blew jell-o gushed out. don't -- blue jell-o gushed out. don't try it at home. the parents are both professional alligator wranglers. video has been viewed nearly 7 million times. hey, good morning, everybody. you thought it was all about the ncaa final four, thought maybe college basketball season was over for the bay area schools? think again! hey, and on this day of major league baseball's opening day, for this player, playing in the bay area is really a home run.
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available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. good morning, everybody. i know it's opening day for the major leagues. but college basketball up top. the season is going to be a little longer for the usf men. not since the bill russell-led team in 1956 have the dons been this close to a national championship. ncaa tournament sanctioned college basketball invitational up for grabs. north texas. frankry ferrari shook a man and hit. scored 10 points. dons down 2 at the half in
5:25 am
game two in the best of three series. north texas steal the bucket. ryan part of a 16-3 run. north texas won 69-55. winner-take-all, game three on friday at the court. oakland, the a's host the angels a rare 1 p.m. season opener for the a's as this has special meaning for new outfielder stephen piscati. out of amador valley, in pleasanton, later stanford, had been with the cardinals but last season his mother was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder, als. so in order for steve to be closer to his mother, the cardinals traded him to oakland in the off season. >> it's one of those things you have to deal with. it's been a really great off season to be home and be around. we did some fun things. we went on a cruise to hawaii and soaked it all up and
5:26 am
taking it day by day. >> so i'll see some you have at the ballpark later on today. the giants at 4 p.m. start at the dodgers. boy, giants face the dodgers ten times over the course of the next month! we'll be back with moving picture highlights later on today. see you later. palo alto police are asking for help identifying the man they say attacked a high school aged teenager yesterday afternoon. that story coming up. >> reporter: tensions running high in sacramento. the funeral for stephon clarks man shot and killed stephon clark later today. details coming up.
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a comunity in mourning: the emotion and anger... surrounding the funeral of an the funeral of an unarmed man...
5:30 am
shot and killed by police. a teenage jogger... sexually assaulted on a bay area trail. the se a community in mourning. the emotion and anger and the funeral of an unarmed man shot and killed by police. >> a teen jogger sexually assaulted on a bay area trail. this morning the search for her attacker. >> and clearing skies out there as you get a great shot of the almost full moon this morning. warm weather record-breaking heat this afternoon, it's already warming up. i'll have your full forecast. >> and traffic is light in both directions over at the golden gate bridge. nice and easy start for the thursday morning commute. but different story over at the bay bridge toll plaza. those metering lights is on. that backup is growing. it continues to stretch towards the foot of the maze. coming up, we'll take a closer look at the travel times heading into san francisco. good morning, it is thursday, march 29th. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. a chance to grieve in
5:31 am
sacramento this morning. funeral services for stephon clark, shot and killed this month sparking nationwide protests. jessica flores reports from sacramento with more on the services. good morning. reporter: good morning, anne. that's right. the funeral was moved here to the church in south sacramento to accommodate the crowds expected to show up. the activist al sharpton will be delivering the eulogy after what's been an intense couple of days of protests and outrage over the shooting of the unarmed man. now, it all happened on march 18th. that's when police shot and killed stephon clark about 20 times in his grandmother's backyard. now, police did release body cam video and in it you can hear police yell, gun! and then a few moments later, shoot those rounds at clark. police said they thought he had a gun but it was a cell phone. sacramento police say they pursued clark after getting a call of someone smashing car windows, then followed clark into his grandmother's
5:32 am
property. the family wants the officers charged and protests have erupted around the city in the streets and the sacramento city council meeting, where earlier this week clark's brother took over the meeting. protestors shut down interstate 5 and they blocked entrances to two sacramento kings games. players expressed support for clark wearing warmup shirts with the name on it and putting out an ad asking for accountability. police are bracing for more protests after the funeral. >> people want to be heard and we have to give them that opportunity. >> reporter: attorney general xavier becerra says his office will conduct an oversight investigation into the police shooting. hundreds of people are expected here, it's open to the public, the funeral starting at 11 a.m. jessica flores, kpix 5. the white house now weighing in on the police shooting in the wake of
5:33 am
stephon clark's death. >> certainly, a terrible incident. this is something that is a local matter and that's something that we feel should be left up to the local authorities at this point in time. >> that's white house press secretary sarah sanders. she saidio sotings are not something for the federal government to weigh in on. police are determined to find an armed man who sexually assaulted a teenaged girl in palo alto. the attack was reported yesterday afternoon along a jogging path near arastradero and deer creek roads. katie nielsen has more. reporter: this morning, palo alto police will be continuing their investigation trying to figure out who it was that assaulted that high school aged girl. the teenaged victim says she was jogging not far from the tesla plant when a man pulled her off the trail into some bushes, put a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her, then ran off. police say the suspect is a man in his 30s, 5'10", wearing a black sweatshirt with a bear
5:34 am
logo on the front. >> if we are able to develop a sketch with the victim or if we're able to locate any surveillance footage that would be usable for public, we'll put that out right away. >> reporter: investigators said they will also be looking at surveillance video from an industrial park nearby. they will also be talking with the victim again trying to get any additional details that will help lead them to a suspect. and they're also asking for the public's help. if anyone saw anything near that area about 2:00 yesterday afternoon, they are asking them to call the palo alto police department. live in palo alto, katie nielsen, kpix 5. this morning, eight family members are believed to be dead after an suv plunged off a 100-foot cliff in mendocino county. that crash happened on highway 1 along the mendocino coast last week. authorities have recovered the bodies of three children and their two parents. the search-and-rescue crews
5:35 am
are still looking for the other three siblings. authorities say they found no skid marks near the scene, which indicates no attempt to brake. family moved to washington state less than a year ago. there, authorities say that child welfare officials recently visited the home and neighbors say one of the children kept coming over and asking for food. he is one of the missing and you may remember him. take a look at this photo of the child that went viral back in 2014 after he hugged a police officer during a rally in portland, oregon following the ferguson protests. in 2011, one of the parents was convicted of domestic assault against a 6-year-old daughter, all six of the children adopted. one person is dead, four others injured, after they were hit by a van in san francisco. it happened yesterday near 24th and illinois streets. witnesses say the van driver appeared to be speaking calmly with the group of men. but then got angry and pulled out an axe. the group wrestled the axe away from the driver who then
5:36 am
escalated the situation. >> the guy started to walk away and he took the van around and he drove it up on the sidewalk full pedal to the metal. >> police say they later arrested the driver of the van. time now 5:36. i picked up my daughter yesterday from school. she was wearing pants. i said, aren't you hot? she said yeah, mommy forgot it's going to be hot. tomorrow is going to be even warmer. she said how do you know? well, neda has these forecasts computers and she was mesmerized. she loves you. >> okay. >> we need to do a little weather lesson. so what's happening for avery and everyone that's watching, we have high pressure. it's warm and it's sunny out there. it will be sunny out there. already, we are feeling that warmth. here's a look at the waxing gibbous moon. it's expected to be a full moon by sunday, march 31st. so in two days from now it's going to be lovely, excuse me, saturday would be march 31st.
5:37 am
satellite and radar, clear conditions, just a few thin clouds across california. here's the golden gate bridge. look how beautiful that is. temperatures at this hour 56 degrees in san francisco. normally we are in the upper 40s at this early hour. but that's not the case. temperatures already pretty warm for most of us in the 50s. then some areas even in the 60s right now especially the hills east of san jose. let me show you some of the current temperatures. look how warm it is in the hills by berkeley. 66 degrees oakland hills 64. the hills east of windsor 67. so higher elevations at this hour are in the 60s. and that heat is going to drop in. we are going to definitely have record-breaking conditions. yesterday we broke a record at sfo that reached 77 degrees breaking a record set in 1986. today, our temperatures will certainly be on the rise. here's a look at your highs for today. low to mid-80s. 70s and 80s in the area today. i'll have more details coming up. right now, we're tracking
5:38 am
a new crash near the dublin- pleasanton interchange. you can see these flashing lights on our camera here down at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. that's a crash that looks like it's possibly blocking one of those lanes. we will keep a close eye on that. right now, not seeing a significant delay. of course, that's the opposite commute direction eastbound 580 approaching six six. the westbound direction in the yellow just under 30 minutes for "super commuters" making their way between 205 and 680. we are also getting reports of an accident out near grant line road along 580. so we don't have too many details on that one but we are -- we do know that the southbound direction of byron is currently blocked due to an earlier crash. that's right at west grant line and that was involving a farm tractor and a vehicle. it left quite a bit of oil in the road. and so what they are waiting for crews to bring out some absorbent to re-open the lane. 580 approach over towards the maze looking okay. but there's the backup. it has reached the foot of the
5:39 am
maze and you are looking at some slow speeds heading into san francisco in the yellow 22 minutes, metering lights are on. back to you guys. [ pause ] >> we are tracking speeds in the yellow heading into san francisco. we continue to see slowdowns across the golden gate bridge, minor delays there, though. it's just getting a little crowded for your thursday morning commute. san mateo bridge, everyone is still on their best driving behavior. that is a check of your traffic. let's send it back to you guys. thank you. a new flock of wheels just hit the bay area. electric scooters that you can rent from a company called bird. check it out. about 200 of these scooters are popping up all over san francisco and in san jose. price tag to ride one dollar for the first minute and 15 cents for each minute thereafter. bird dropped off the scooters this weekend, but city leaders in san jose say they had no idea these things were coming
5:40 am
until right before they got there. while they encourage other modes of transportation, rather than a car, they still need to work on regulations. >> we see it as a good thing in some respects but we also want to make sure that we create the right regulatory environment to make sure they're operated safely. >> the company picks up the scooters each night to charge them. bird is in talks with cities to pledge a dollar a scooter each day to go towards safety campaigns. the new york auto show opens to the public tomorrow. beyond the cool concept cars, what trends will affect car buyers this year? cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us now with a preview of the show. so jill, what brands or models are expected to break through this year? >> reporter: suvs and trucks have propelled auto sales over the past few years. consumers are going to once again focus on the new or enhanced models of these brands, the
5:41 am
there will be fresh versions of the cadillac xt4 and the lincoln navigator. i know these big vehicles, they have made improvements on fuel efficiency. but, they still do hurt when you fill up at the pump. and that's with gas prices relatively affordable. for those who are looking for a better deal on price and gas costs, stick to the sedans or compacts. nissan altima and the new hatchback toyota corolla is putting out. >> those are a little more gas efficient. all right, jill. what about the verdict? do you buy or lease? i kind of have a feeling i know what you're going to say. >> reporter: it's so boring. you know that buying a used car is usually the best deal. do you that with cash. but let's look aapples to apples. you would buy a car with a car loan. so buy with a car loan means that you're probably going to get monthly payments. but over the long term, it
5:42 am
almost always ends up being cheaper. that's because at the end of the term, you end up owning it outright and then you can go for years without making payments. when the lease ends most consumers sign up for a new one. but if you prefer to have a new car every few years or you drive limited miles and want to have the most current safety equipment, a lease may be good for you. you know, has a bunch of great calculators. i can highly recommend them. you can compare buying, leasing and overall affordability. happy driving. >> thank you. 5:42. an improvement project aimed at a better view. coming up next, the million- dollar face-lift coming to yosemite. >> reporter: plus, we are hanging out along the third baseline inside the oakland a's coliseum. we'll tell you what's so special about this season coming up.
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5:45 am
afternoon. kpix 5s jackie ward is live at the oakland coliseum... where a's fans are hoping this will year. baseball fans, the wait is open. the a's home opener will be this afternoon. jackie ward live at the oakland coliseum where a's fans are hoping this might finally be their year. jackie. reporter: no kidding, anne. our assignment editor tweeted out earlier that as of right now every team is in first place including the a's. that's good news there. first pitch at 1:05 and the parking lot opens at 8 a.m. the coliseum is ready to welcome back its loyal fans. ground crews are here this morning. this means it will be one big party here all day long. it's the 50th year that the a's have been in oakland and they are hoping it's better than last season. they haven't in the play-offs
5:46 am
since 2014. so the last few years have been all about rebuilding. maybe this will be the year they bounce back. they are making it clear that they want to stay at the coliseum for many years and seasons to come. this week the team has its eye to the future wanting to pay $136 million for the 120-acre site of the coliseum. >> let's go, oakland, chant, you can't beat it. i would say hang in. it's been up and down over the years but we are at a point now we are at a defining moment for the organization in oakland and we are going to need their support for us to be successful. >> reporter: oakland city council president larry reid remains skeptical about this deal, says the offer is too low in his opinion. but it's what the team has come up with after their dreams of a downtown oakland park were crushed by opposition. so coming up in the next half- hour, i'll be interviewing someone from the a's organization. they will be telling house they are celebrating the 50th anniversary of being right
5:47 am
here in oakland. at the coliseum, jackie ward, kpix 5. so there's definitely going to be some traffic heading to oakland if you are here in the city best way is probably to take bart >> absolutely. and right now, bart is running on time. we were tracking some earlier problems out of west oakland, some earlier police activity. that is back on schedule. we are tracking no delays. no delays on 880. we have the warriors playing this evening at 7:30. so 880 is definitely going to be the freeway to avoid if you are heading to even one of the events because it will be crowded. right now speeds in the green looking okay. if you are planning on using mass transit this morning, again ace and muni are on time. we are still dealing with some residual delays due to some signal problems with capitol corridor out of sacramento into davis train 521 the
5:48 am
problem train this morning. to the north bay 101 right near highway 12. in and out of santa rosa not a problem. we haven't seen a big backup develop just yet on highway 37. this is near lakeville but it's getting crowded out there. you will be in good company heading there. and the richmond/san rafael bridge, no delays heading westbound. those headlights making their way over towards sir francis drake boulevard in marina bay parkway, about 7 minutes. now, the bay bridge toll plaza, that's a different story. we are seeing big delays due to the metering lights that have been activated. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. okay. i'm loving this shot so as long as we have the moon in our mount vaca camera showing, i'm going to show it to you. the beautiful moon, waiting for the full moon happening on saturday. let's show you the headlines. nice clear conditions out there, so we get a great view. we are also seeing a ridge of high pressure really taking hold of california which will bring us record-breaking heat for many inland neighborhoods
5:49 am
today. so be prepared. we'll not notice any cooling until this weekend. especially easter sunday temperatures will drop. but even by then, we are still above average by a few degrees and there's no rain in our forecast. so that is what our weather is looking like. so get ready for that today because you're going to want to grab your sunglasses and your water because it's going to be very warm out there. here's a look at our current conditions. 53 in concord. 52 in oakland. pretty warm for this hour and a lot of the hills at 2,000 feet and above are in the 60s right now. so we are noticing warmer air for those locations and right around sunrise which is 6:59 this morning, a lot of that heat will really start to pick up. so you will see that heat settling in pretty quickly as we get some of the warmer air at the higher elevations to dip down. now, today's the hottest day of the week as i said so record-breaking conditions for many spots all because of this ridge of high pressure. eventually it will retreat and once it does, that's when we get some clouds to come through. that's not going to happen until this coming weekend.
5:50 am
for today, though plenty of sunshine and baseball season is here and it's going to be baseball weather. temperatures will be 15 to 16 degrees above average. so if you thought yesterday was warm, just brace yourself. today's going to be warmer. look at the afternoon highs. 81 degrees in milpitas. temperatures also in the low to mid-80s for some spots. around the bay upper 70s today. mill valley 79. the beaches nice cooler temperatures in the upper 60s 60s. the futurecast showing nothing but clear conditions all day today. friday a few thin clouds might come through. saturday that's when a few more clouds will start to enter our forecast area. that's when there was cool by sunday. so over to the seven-day forecast. dry for the next seven days. we'll see a dip in the temperatures sunday and monday
5:51 am
and tuesday of next week closer to normal. that's the forecast. yosemite is getting a multi-million dollar face- lift. the trails at bridle veil fall and other spots will be rebuilt. visitors should have a better view of the 620-foot waterfall once the work is done. yosemite conservancy will spend $12.5 million this year on three dozen restoration projects. one of the biggest desert festivals may be five months away but the first round of tickets are already sold out. we're talking about "burning man." more than 25,000 tickets to 2018's "burning man" were snapped up in just a half-hour yesterday. festival organizers launched the main sail, those tickets cost $425 not including taxes, fees and vehicle passes. and if you want to go and you haven't got one yet, you will have another chance next month but the price at that point, $1,200. time now 5:51. this nasa spacecraft is expected to get closer to the
5:52 am
sun than any other in history. the burning questions scientists hope it will answer.
5:53 am
5:54 am
580 at the altamont pass,
5:55 am
prepare for delays. we are tracking a new accident blocking two lanes. westbound 580 yproach greenville road, travel time likely to climb. we are in the yellow 30 minutes between 205 and 680. for the first time, we are getting a look at the spacecraft that will soon be on its way to the sun. nasa expected to come within 3.7 million miles of our nearest star. that may seem far but consider this. planet earth is almost 100 million miles away from the sun. the parker solar probe is set to travel closer to the sun than any other in history. and researchers hope to gain more information on solar wind which helps predict space weather. >> putting different texts that we actually did all over the country together, we can show that the heat shield actually will work and perform like we think it will at the sun. >> nasa plans to launch the probe at the end of july. exciting news this morning. california now has a new deputy first dog. she is really cute. meet calle, the newest
5:56 am
addition to governor brown's family. she is a bordoodle, a poodle and border collie. she is two months old. the previous dog joined the family in 2015. time now 5:56. another member of president trump's cabinet is out of a job this morning. who will replace the secretary of veterans affairs and what this means for the future of the va. >> reporter: emotions boiling over here in sacramento. the city preparing for the funeral of stephon clark. i'll have the details coming up. ions in sacramento--
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
more than a week after the deadly police shooting of a 22- year-old unarmed black man. the funeral planned for stephon clark, stephon clark! >> tensions rising in sacramento more than a week after the deadly police shooting of a 22-year-old unarmed man. the funeral planned for stephon clark this morning,. >> plus, the support president trump is giving orange county
6:00 am
after its board of supervisors voted to support a lawsuit over california's sanctuary law. >> and it is opening day for the a's. we are live at the ballpark in oakland this morning with a look at what's coming up. good morning, it is thursday, march 29th, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is going to be another warm day around the bay area. but let's start with traffic this morning. we have a mess on 580. >> yes. we are tracking a couple of hot spots in the traffic department. right now delays are building on westbound 580. for those heading out of tracy into livermore, be prepared for a lot of brake lights. two lanes blocked westbound 580 approaching greenville road involving a big rig and another vehicle there. no estimated time as to when the lanes will be cleared. your drive times just shot up into the red. 47 minutes for drivers making their way between 205 and 680. that's a 27-minute delay. give yourself an extra ha


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