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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  March 29, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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making. one amazing story. we will be back in 30 minutes. captioning sponsored by cbs >> #01: a tense night in sacramento. the unarmed black man killed by police is laid to rest today. >> say his name. >> stephen clark. >> #01: also tonight >> glor: new video captures a volunteer officers involved in a controversial shooting in south carolina. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> glor: russian retaliation. dozens of u.s. diplomats kicked out, following american actions. the search for answers after an s.u.v. carrying two moms and their kids plunges off a cliff. why a california judge now says coffee has to carry a cancer warning label. >> i called her yesterday. look at her ratings! >> glor: the return of a pro- trump "roseanne" scores big. >> what's up, deplorable?
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>> glor: and steve hartman, the shady email came from joel in liberia. ben in utah decided to track him down. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: this is our western edition. we are going to begin tonight sacramento is a city on edge tonight following the emotional funeral for a young man shot repeatedly by police officers who mistook his phone for a gun. jamie yuccas is at the golden one center, home of the n.b.a. kings, where extra security is on hand before the game tonight. jamie. man shot they are dining so by winding their way through new security nerves and through police forces. the security is in place after protesters shut down two previous games. all of this is happening after a full day of mourning. >> people are worth saving. >> in a memorial service that in a memorial service that was somber, uplifting--
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nd i am... louder! >> reporter: and at times chaotic. >> the clark family will never ..e. , reporter: members and clergy, including the reverend al sharpton, eulogized 22-year-old stephon clark. >> this is about justice. leis is about standing with people with courage. >> what do we want? >> justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> reporter: it's been nearly amo weeks of unrest in sacramento since the shooting death of clark. >> show me your hands! gun, gun, gun! ( gunshots ) >> reporter: an unarmed black man by two police officers. the officers were responding to complaints of someone breaking car windows. they chased clark into a backyard that turned out to be his grandmother's. >> he had almost as many bullets put into him as years that he had on earth. >> reporter: the interfaith service highlighted community frustrations that clark was shot 20 times, and when backup arrived, officers muted their body cameras. >> stephon clark! >> reporter: since clark's death there, have been daily protests,
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which in recent days have grown louder. those protests have shut down cro sacramento kings games this week. to make sure it doesn't happen a third time, the team's brought in these six-foot-tall fences, steel barricades and metal detectors. while the sacramento shooting remains under investigation, an analysis by the "washington post" found that out of the 253 fatalities this year from police shootings, eight have been s armed. >> this is not a sacramento fight anymore. this is a national fight. stephon has woke up the nation. been at the district attorney's office just a few blocks away. we know that they are on the move, but we are not exactly sure where they are going. in the past they have come here, but we are awaiting to see if that happens tonight. >> glor: jamie, thank you. tension between russia and the west is tension between russia and the west, perhaps the worst since the cold war. russia today ordered 60 american diplomats out of the country, with the expulsion of more westerners to come.
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this was a response to an expulsion of russian diplomats from two dozen western countries, more than 150 so far. charlie d'agata is in moscow with more on this tonight. charlie. >> reporter: good evening. tonight, u.s. ambassador john huntsman was summoned to the s.reign ministry to be read the riot act on u.s. diplomats here. foreign minister sergei lavrov didn't mince his words. le u.s. diplomats have seven days to leave russia. that's an exact match of the number of russian diplomats expelled by the u.s. on monday. the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg will also be closed. lavrov warned it won't end there. the tit-for-tat compulsions come after a russian double agent and his daughter was poisoned by a erlitary-grade nerve agent in england. the deadly chemical set off panic and was internationally condemned. the agent novichok was developed by russia in the 1980s. in all, 28 countries in west
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iave expelled 150 russian inplomats since the attack. in an interview before tonight's expulsions, u.s. ambassador john huntsman said the nerve agent attack can't go unpunished. >> the message that is being sent is you cannot use a military-grade nerve agent on the streets of salisbury against a british citizen and his daughter without a response. >> reporter: but foreign ministry spokeswoman maria zakharova said there's no proof russia was to blame for the attack and compared it to misleading information she said the west used to justify the nvasion of iraq. >> nobody asked for some additional materials on weapon of mass destruction, which saddam hussein was accused of having and using. nobody asked for more evidence. they just trusted united states and great britain, and they were betrayed.
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ad reporter: tonight, the u.s. tiate department said russia had no justification in kicking out u.s. diplomats, saying it would only lead to further isolation. jeff. >> glor: charlie d'agata in moscow. thank you. a story brewing in a california court could affect everyone in the state who drinks coffee. a judge today ordered coffee companies must carry a cancer warning label, but does science support the law? here's jim axelrod. >> reporter: the judge's ruling will require coffee roasters, distributors, and retailers, like starbucks, to include on their products a label that the beverage can cause cancer. at the center of a lawsuit is a state law requiring warnings on chwide range of chemicals that can cause cancer. one of those chemicals acrylamide, a carcinogen produced in the roasting bean process. and found in coffee. >> that's the major reason coffee turns brown. >> reporter: the judge in los hegeles today said starbucks and other coffee sellers failed to
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show the threat from acrylamide was significant. >> i believe in transparency, but at the same time, when you put a bold declaration-- "x" cay cause cancer"-- when there isn't data, that causes panic. >> reporter: the national coffee association told cbs news the lawsuit confuses consumers. st far as the science goes, research suggests coffee may lower the risk of diabetes and liver disease, and has even been linked to a longer life span. researchers said more study is needed on a possible acrylamide and cancer link. right now, jeff, it's only theoretical. >> glor: it's curious to think why a judge would rule on this. but more to come on this. thanks. the lawyer representing stormy daniels will not be allowed to question president trump under oath. a federal judge denied the request today on procedural grounds. daniels is suing to be released from a nondisclosure agreement so she can talk more about the affair she claims she had with mr. trump.
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the president confirmed today that he phoned actress roseanne barr, a vocal trump supporter, to congratulate her on the titurn of her sitcom, now a big ratings hit and a major topic of conversation. here's bianna golodryga. >> unbelievable-- over 18 million people. and it was about us! >> reporter: in ohio today, the ratings-focused president trump 3owered praise for a reboot this week of 30-year-old sitcom "roseanne," including a call to the comedian. sa it was just a friendly ownversation about working and, you know, television and ratings. >> reporter: loud, proud, and wildly popular, the connor family seemed to pick up right where it left off. the revival drew more viewers than the finale did 21 years ago and has kicked off a national conversation. >> how could you have voted for him, roseanne! >> reporter: in 1988, roseanne barr, and her tv family steam lelled into prime time
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television. portraying working class americans struggling to make ends meet. >> i don't know, could i have mme money? >> reporter: today, the connors still struggle financially, but with a few differences, including a grandchild exploring gender identity, and perhaps the show's biggest theme is the nation's current political divide. >> why don't you get that fixed eath the new health care all you suckers got promised. >> it works good enough to kick your ass, snowflake. >> reporter: everything is a target from health care to the "me too" movement to fake news. and the show played well in trump country. the highest ratings were in states trump carried in the election. >> that's always been roseanne's hallmark is to deal with a lot of these different issues. >> reporter: "roseanne" isn't ple first sitcom to play off social issues. licl992, vice president dan quayle publicly rebuked fictional journalist murphy brown for being a signal mother. >> it doubt it has contributed
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all that much to the breakdown of western civilization. >> glor: interesting to add "roseanne" is not the only politically charged show getting a reboot. >> reporter: "murphy brown" will be relaunching here on cbs in the fall. maybe we'll see more new shows eommissioned that cover some of mme more socially divisive issues that country faces. >> glor: bianna, thank you very much. good to have you here. officials in south carolina are investigating a shooting last weekend in the city of florence. body camera video shows a state constable, an unpaid volunteer officer, firing at a car the police had pulled over. the driver, who was black, refused to get out, and backed into police car before taking off. the constable, who is white, fired about eight shots. the other officers did not fire. the driver was wounded and could face charges. a podcast may help clear a man convicted of a murder he says he didn't commit. today a maryland appeals court
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ordered a new trial in the case. chip reid has details on this. >> reporter: 36-year-old adnan syed has spent half of his life behind bars for the strangling death of his ex-girlfriend, a crime he insists he did not commit. >> reporter: now, unless today's ruling is overturned, syed will get a chance to prove that he's innocent in a new trial. rdat makes this story extraordinary is that this turn of events is due largely to the awrk of a radio journalist, nnrah koenig, whose award- winning reports on her podcast, "serial," questioned whether syed received a fair trial. >> reporter: episodes of "serial" have reportedly been >> reporter: episodes of "serial" have reportedly been downloaded more than 175 million times, turning the syed case into a global sensation.
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bee court said today it ordered a new trial because of a deficient performance by syed's trial attorney, and that her failure to call an important alibi witness to testify prejudiced syed's defense. koenig's podcast played a crucial role in locating that alibi witness. >> "serial" was enormously helpful. >> reporter: justice brown is syed's attorney on appeal. >> "serial" has also helped build this groundswell of support for us and for adnan, lyd for the case, and that has really fueled these efforts and e lowed to us keep fighting on the way that we have. >> reporter: maryland's attorney general refused to say today if he will appeal, but if he does, it could be months before syed finds out if he really will get a new trial. jeff. >> glor: chip reid, thank you. coming up next on the cbs evening news, a tragedy and a .ustery. o y did an s.u.v. carrying a family go off a cliff? and later steve hartman on the trail of a spammer. spammer.
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>> glor: police in northern california are searching for afswers after an s.u.v. went off a cliff. three children are missing, including a boy you may recognize from a famous photo. their adoptive parents and at least three other siblings are dead. here's mireya villarreal. >> reporter: today, a special accident investigation team is using drones to figure out how the harts' s.u.v. plunged off this 100-foot ocean overlook, and look for the three remaining children still missing in these choppy waters. the county sheriff says the ndrents' bodies were found in the front seats. three of the children's bodies were found along the shoreline. >> i can tell you it was a very confusing scene because there were no skid marks. >> reporter: the hart family lived just outside portland. you may remember a picture of one of the kids, devonte, hugging a portland police officer in 2014 during a protest against the ferguson police shooting.
5:46 pm
his parents championed social justice issues. but neighbors bruce and dana aukalb saw something different. p their daughter telling us, "please, please, please, "" e gging us not to make her go anck, they're abusing her. ind devonte coming here and telling us he's being starved to death. >> reporter: the dekalbs say recent cries for help from the hart children caused them to icll child protective services ist friday. >> i was trying to help them, protect them. and... this is the result. >> reporter: sarah hart pled sailty back in 2011 in minnesota to domestic assault after bruises were found on both the sck and stomach of one of her children. we've also confirmed c.p.s. case workers went by the family's home three times in last week to try and check on the children. jeff. >> glor: maria villarreal, thank you. when we come back, the mail the parkland high school gunman is laceiving.
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>> glor: attorney general jeff sessions today declined to appoint a second special counsel, this one to investigate ofpublican claims of f.b.i. misconduct. at issue-- whether the bureau followed the law when it applied for a surveillance warrant on carter page, who worked for the umump campaign. ssssions says the matter is being investigated by utah's top federal prosecutor. nikolas cruz had few friends before he killed 17 people at his former high school last month, but he's been getting piles of mail, we've learned, at broward county jail. many are from teenaged girls asking that he write back. and $800 has been deposited into his commissary account. jail officials have not allowed cruz to see any of the letters. folks go on safari in east africa to get close to wildlife- - maybe not this close. that is a cheetah in the backseat. britton hayes of seattle listened to his guide's advice-- stay calm, and whatever do you, do not look the cheetah in the
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>> glor: ever get one of those emails from a stranger offering a business deal that begins with you sending him money? you could delete it, or you could take the road less traveled and see where it leads. here's steve hartman. >> reporter: no one likes internet scammers, but here in ogden, utah, we found a guy with a most profound distaste. just wait until you hear how 33- onar-old ben taylor responded to one random message which read:
5:55 pm
to which ben, insincerely responded, "how i can help?" >> i just wanted to go down his rabbit hole and see what were the tricks they use to get people? >> reporter: and there's no way you could have guessed where that rabbit hole was going to go. >> there's no way i could have guessed. >> reporter: the journey began when joel in africa proposed a business partnership. he asked ben to mail used electronics to this address in new jersey. >> i looked it up on google earth-- there were broken down cars all over the place. >> reporter: ben wasn't falling for that. instead, he proposed a different partnership. he lied to joel, told him he owned a photography business and could use some pretty pictures. >> so how about a sunset? how a nice, liberian sunset? >> reporter: and what, you were going to pay him for the urctures? >> sure, if i liked it. >> reporter: you're just trying to keep him busy so he doesn't rip off somebody else. >> i figured the more time of theirs i could waste, the less time they had to rip other
5:56 pm
people off. >> reporter: he sent two sunset photos, we think. >> there's a sun in there. >> reporter: turns out scenic photography wasn't exactly joel's strong suit. that could be a pupil. not that it mattered. >> i told him, "hey, this is great." >> reporter: you told him this is great. >> i told him it's a good job but you need a little bit better of a camera. >> so he spent 60 bucks to buy and send him a shiny new one. that has gone beyond wasting his time. now you're wasting your time? >> i'm investing my money, my family thinks i'm crazy because i'm interacting with this guy in liberia. >> reporter: but joel didn't think it was crazy at all. he wrote: and eventually, joel did get and eventually, joel did get better. >> yeah, these are actually pretty good. >> reporter: which posed a big problem. >> when he put in the work, i thought, oh, no. now i've got to figure out a way to compensate joel for these
5:57 pm
pictures or i'm going to be the scammer. well, the final copies are in. >> reporter: so ben took to youtube to sail booklet he made using the pictures. 's called it "by-d. grace of god" a phrase borrowed from ael's messages. te plan was to sell a few dozen copies to friends and family, ptil sales exploded. >> people from around the world, in places i never even heard of, were buying joel's book. .> reporter: soon they raised $1,000. ben told joel he could have half, and the rest? well, joel would get that, too, but with a catch. 500 told him he had to donate that $500 to charity. and so with that intent in mind, ben wired the money. nt this point, you need to know, $500 is like a year's salary in liberia. so, really, it's kind of ridiculous to expect an unemployed, impoverished hustler to just give all that money away. oud the fact is he never thought he would. until another batch of pictures arrived.
5:58 pm
there were book bags, notebooks. he cleaned out the market, esnted a cab to haul the loot, and blessed five schools with abundance. adel, seen here with a crown inadvertently overhead, turned out to be more savior than e ammer. >> he came through. >> reporter: you were wrong about him. >> he showed me that there was a different side to him. and so here we are. >> reporter: here we are, at the beginning of an unlikely partnership, forged from doubt and distrust, but destined to change the world. >> hey! i know you! >> reporter: and bring it a whole lot closer together. >> joel! >> yeah. >> how you doing, man? >> reporter: the rest of the story tomorrow. >> happy to see you. >> reporter: for now, i'm steve rertman, soon to be reporting from monrovia, liberia. >> glor: oh, my goodness. that is the cbs evening news. i'm jeff glor. n e news continues now with demarco morgan on cbsn.
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bay area vintners say they'll take a huge hi kpix5 begins with a sobering threat to california's wine industry. they area vineyards say they will take a huge hit if there is a trade war with china. china has a fast-growing wine market.>> our reporter spoke to a winemaker and they are bracing for the flow -- for the blow in sales. >> reporter: it could have a big impact for places like this. the ridge been years in the santa cruz mountains. >> we go once sometimes twice per year's -- sometimes twice per year to go to china. >> this small to medium-sized then your husband exporting wine to china. they got a big boost. >> when the president obama was in office he had dinner for the
6:00 pm
president of china. they selected us for the dinner. there was a huge interest. >> it's all part of the explosion in u.s. wine exports to china. according to the wine institute in the last 10 years the amount of u.s. wine sold to china has quadrupled. in 2017 u.s. wine exports to china taiwan, hong kong, or worth $210 million. 10% more than the year before. >> over the last 5-7 years we've seen steady growth. >> reporter: in response to the president's new tariffs on chinese steel and aluminum, china is threatening to increase tariffs on certain u.s. imports. >> basically the wind is twice as expensive in china as it is


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