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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 7, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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headed to oracle for tonight's 530 tipoff. >> we had to go all the way around and through. >> and all the confusion, too. >> everyone was like, where do we go? which way do we go? >> it was a little -- gary fisher. >> the police have not released the suspect's name or any information on a motor. service resumed about an hour ago. developing news out of mendocino county. authorities have recovered the body that may be one of the three children and went missing along a crash on the coastline. suv plunged off the cliff on highway 101 last week. sheriff's deputies say they found what appears to be a girl's body or near the town of westport. they have not released her name or age. the bodies of the children's adopted parents and three other siblings have already been recovered. but, two kids are still missing. authorities have said evidence from the suv indicates the trash was delivered. we have just learned that
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the pilot who died in a small plane crash in petaluma was a member of the civil air patrol. colonel carl morrison had served in the civilian organization since 2006. but, he was flying privately at the time of the trash. he was heading home to san diego county after a business trip, when his plane went down in a ring been shortly after takeoff from the petaluma airport early yesterday evening. it was raining heavily at the time, but the exact cause of the crash is still unclear. that big spring storm has moved on. but, it left plenty of damage behind. to popular recreation spots in marin are off-limits tonight. >>reporter: stinson beach is a little harder to get to today. in part because of road conditions. but also because, one of the main parking lots collapsed overnight because of this storm. this is what is left of the north parking lot at stinson beach. you can see where the asphalt is marked for parking spaces, and then suddenly, falls off
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the cliff. locals say it has been eroding for some time. >> before, it was just a little stream here. now, it looks like a mini stinson niagara falls.>> it got eroded last night with all the rain that fell. we lost about 150 feet of asphalt here. >>reporter: the fire she says if you can make it to the town, you are welcome to come and surf and enjoy the beach. although the park is accessible, it will technically be close, because this parking lot and another one have major storm damage. >> it will be a major repair. we are looking at sometime before we get back to normal. >> maybe days? >> they be weeks or even months.>>reporter: road crews along the panoramic highways that lead to stinson beach have had their hands full cleaning out and shoring up small rockslides. the road is open to traffic. as for the mayor was nearby,
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this park is closed. a small mudslide is partially blocking one of the roadways, and we are told, some trees were knocked down during the storm. the national park service says this red with forest will not be reopening until further notice. employees say that folks who prepaid the eight doll mac. reservation will be refunded. the parking lot you are looking at, the same thing happened during a big rate a few years ago. it took just this side of forever to get it repaired, and just months before it is working again. it's just a guess.'s as we look toward mount diablo, there are a few buildups out there. as for the rain that caused all of these problems, that is about all that's left. there is a little bit of snow out there around donner. a few buildups over the sierra, and some over the diablo range in the bay area, but that's all she wrote. but boy, what it left behind. some of the storm totals. sausalito, more than 5 inches of rain. mill valley, half a foot of rain. all falling pretty much in 30 hours. at the fire department in oakland, -- ben loman in the
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santa cruz mountains, more than 4 inches. sonoma county, more than 7 inches of rain. on the other hand, the forecast for tomorrow, we will get a chance to dry out. but not for long. more rain on the way. we will cover that on the forecast in a few minutes. a close call in one neighborhood as a storm bailed through. jackie ward continues coverage from mill valley. for a big tree left a big mess behind.>>reporter: around 6:30 saturday morning, the people who live on bigelow avenue valley near hillside and lincoln avenue were woke up by a loud, unnerving noise. >> i heard a very loud boom. it had been raining persistently throughout yesterday and today. it sounded like lightning.'s>>reporter: john mala lives one street over. ever since the wine country wildfires, he's a little more aware of what could go wrong during major storms. john called 911 when he thought he saw sparks caused by the tree falling on power lines. >> i'm more sensitized to the
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risks, as well. we live in a beautiful area. at the same time, there are some risks being in more of a wilderness setting. >>reporter: the homeowner, who was not home when this happen. he says he estimated this blue spruce was 50 feet tall and 100 years old. >> less than 100 years, they come down pick no one got hurt. nothing was damaged. feel lucky. >>reporter: for the people who passed by this tree on a regular basis, they say are -- they are a little sad to see it come down pick some call it a local landmark. >> walking by or writing by the area, there are a number of large trees as well. this one certainly would be one that would stand out. >>reporter: the power was expected to be restored within a matter of hours. and, tree removal crews hope to have this out of here by the end of the day. in mill valley, jackie ward, kpix 5. by the south in the santa cruz mountains, the driver of this roadside assistance truck needed some assistance himself that he was helping to change a flat tire this morning, when another car rear-ended his
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pickup. no one was hurt. meantime in los gatos, the -- reservoir is nearly full, but not overflowing. the santa clara valley water district says, it's reservoirs are just over 40% for right now. an, will the rain has stopped, the rent -- runoff continues. that will likely put the newly repaired spillway at the dam to its prospectus. the department of water resources say they may have to use it within a week. they will let the water flow over the main spillway, once the lake level reaches 830 feet. right now, it is at 793 feet. february 2017, a catastrophic failure of the main spillway forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. ever since then, state officials have been working on ways to better handle aggressive water flow. also keeping a close eye on the rising water in reno tonight. you can see just how close the truckee river is to reaching some of those bridges downtown. rivers expected to crest at some point tonight. but, don't major flooding is expected. but, look what's happening
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at yosemite. the floodwaters from the merced river poured over the roads in the valley today. park officials were expecting. they close the valley to visitors yesterday afternoon. >> as soon as the storm passes, we will get part crews out there and start assessing systems, our power systems, our sewer system. make sure that things are operational. we will reopen the valley as soon as we can >> that could happen as soon as tomorrow. in the meantime, the rest of yosemite national park is still open. new at 6. the bay area is thinking of taking the fence to court to get peace and quiet. >>reporter: people are really upset. it is really significant , a noticeable change. >>reporter: the city of palo alto appears to be inching closer to filing a lawsuit against the faa it out airplane noise. the city council say affair -- face-to-face meeting with
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federal regulators in washington dc last month was a disaster. >> we met with the faa in march of seven -- 2017. we had a very productive meeting where they seemed very interested in the changing their approach to thinking about noise and how it impacts communities. when we met with them this year in 2018, there seemed to be a complete change of heart. >>reporter: in november 2014, the faa rolled out its nexgen program. it was supposed to modernize the aging air traffic control system. but for people on the ground, it created a whole new set of problems. planes were funneled into a narrow flightpath in and out of major airports. like a superhighway in the sky. and, neighbors complained bitterly of nonstop plains and nonstop noise overhead. >> i am particularly conscious of it at night. >>reporter: palo alto would not be the first city to file suit. phoenix, orange county, and georgetown are all battling the faa in federal court. the city council will discuss its legal options in closed session monday. >> litigation should never be a first option. but, like i said, we're not taking anything off the table. >>reporter: a spokesperson for
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the faa says the agency is implementing dozens of recommendations from bay area communities. they write, the faa is committed to working commit liability collaboratively with communities to address a wide range of noise concerns. >> it's not clear how the city council will vote on monday. but there's a feeling that frustrations are growing. at the same time, option short of a lawsuit appear to be shrinking. in -- in palo alto, devon feely. a police framed him for murder. tonight, he's a millionaire. still to come, the jury award against the city of san francisco. that bart passenger says this guy is smoking crack on the train. on 5, we asked the agency what are they doing to stop it? >> you could say, this guy found a silver lining in the storm.
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for murder. the jury has awarded a san francisco man $10 million. in damages, after finding that police framed him for murder. jamaal truelove spent 6 years
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in prison for a 2007 killing at a public housing complex, before a state appeals court overturned that conviction. he was later acquitted in a second trial. according to the chronicle, the oakland jury unanimously decided that the two lead investigators on the case fabricated evidence against him. and, withheld other evidence that might have helped him. those officers are now retired. the city is on the hook for the payout. longtime bart writer says a passenger took out a pipe and smoked crack. just a few feet away from her. she caught it all on camera. only on number five -- 5, -- asked bart about what it is doing about illegal drugs on it strange? >> i looked up, and saw someone holding a crack pipe, and smoking out of it. >> kelly tilton said she took out her cell phone and recorded this passenger, allegedly doing drugs. she says that she is fed up
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with what she claims is the constant, illegal activity on bart.>> i have seen someone shooting up. i have seen someone jump onto the train holding a vodka bottle and a knife. >>reporter: kelly has taken part from wallet creek to see if it is five days a week for work for the last seven years. she says, she is frustrated with what she says is parts lack of response.>> i have kind of had it at this point, because, it is something that reoccurs over and over and over again. i decided to record it today.>>reporter: the video is very brazen. it's shocking to see someone just do drugs so open and public on a train.>>reporter: bart spokesperson says they are looking into whether anyone called 911 to report the man. kelly says she did not, because she has complained before. she says, she never gets a response. >> i don't feel like it's my responsibility as a bart writer to have to police for them.
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>>reporter: -- they say that have stepped up police patrols in the last year and are trying to respond to the drug use edits stations and trains. >> our arrest number showing. our arrests have spiked. they are up 40% year-over-year. >> i have not seen an increased police presence whatsoever. >>reporter: still, kelly sees drug use that art stations and trains every day. the spokesperson also says, passengers can notify police using their app. but, one reviewer wrote, i reported massive amounts of drug use with video. i got no response. kelly says, enough is enough. and, more needs to be done. speech -- >>reporter: would you say you feel safe about? >> no. i do not. >>reporter: and the bart spokesperson says all the cameras at stations and the platforms are monitored, but not the ones onboard trains. she says, all those cameras are working, but they are simply recording. in walnut creek, lori medina. kpix five. >> they have forwarded the
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video to police to try to identify the passenger. >> man was trespassing on the tracks when he was hit and killed in palo alto this morning. it happened about 10:15th at the california avenue station. there were about 600 people on board the northbound train at the time. no passengers were hurt. trains did have to single track to the area for about three hours. in service now is back to normal. a portion of the great highway in san francisco is still shut down tonight due to flooding. the southbound lanes closest to the ocean will be closed until further notice. some roads in golden gate park are covered with standing water. park rangers say the rain and wind over the last couple of days brought down a few tree limbs., there appears to be no major damage inside the park. in the north day, we saw plenty of drivers taking their chances on the flooded streets. these cars have water up to their bumpers. some made it through, others had to wait for help. one driver in sonoma county got it from this guy. this mercedes was trying to cross a flooded stretch of the
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road. when it ended up dead in the water. a good th his lifted pickup truck. no word on whether the mercedes driver actually bought him that beer. i thought it said will tovar beats. i thought, what does he want these for? >> he wants a beer. as we look at the golden gate ridge right now, we have got fairweather cumulus clouds but that's about it. increasing sunshine on tap for tomorrow. life looks good. storm totals, sausalito, more than a 5 inches in 30 hours. in mill valley, and six inches of rain. oakland, more than 4 inches. ben loman in the santa cruz mountains got a little more than san francisco did. and, occidental, hope -- home of the stationhouse cafi, more than 7 inches of rain.>> there is fso -- sfo, they had 200 flights canceled.
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san jose and oakland didn't really have problems but sfo sure did. it's okay today. concord has 60s. we are all in the 60s at this hour. except san francisco, down to 59. over the past 24 hours, almost 4 inches in oakland. 1/3 in livermore can't be right. 1.5 inches in fremont. san jose, 1.06 inches. sfo had two inches. san francisco, 3. santa rosa, more than 3 inches of rain. canfield and marin county. 3 inches. >> here's how it looks. that low pressure is moving up to the pacific northwest, which will get rain and wind, as the low that produced all of this that tapped into that pineapple connection north of the hawaiian islands, all the way into the bay area, that low will finally move ashore, and leave a week ridge of high pressure behind. look at this offshore flow that developed later in the day. is tomorrow morning. 6 am. some clouds around. that should all move offshore as the day moves on. and leave us with severely
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clear conditions. plenty of sunshine for tomorrow. looking good. here's what we are expecting. moon and clouds tonight. dense fog last night. some again tonight. sunny and want tomorrow. next chance of rain is coming in by midweek. nothing like what we saw. we will have a few showers around. a chance for tuesday. late wednesday into thursday. it won't amount to much.'s rock 'n roll half marathon. it looks pretty good picardy seven degrees tomorrow morning. in san francisco, but perhaps you are in the mood for gay load parries old team. san francisco giants. the old spitfire, gaylord perry . the dodgers are taking on the giants tomorrow at one: oh 5 pm. sunny and brisk. 63 degrees. overnight lows will be mostly in the mid-40s tonight. sunup on sunday about 645. the numbers tomorrow will be in the 60s with severely sunny skies. in palo alto, 67. santa clara the same. on the east bay, the numbers in the east -- upper 60s. 66 at livermore. in the north day, the numbers
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will be in the mid-60s. a little bit cooler for -- 65 at lake port and clearlake. extended forecast. tomorrow is nice. monday, more cards. same for tuesday. chance of a few showers around. late wednesday, a little disturbance comes through. late wednesday through early thursday, not big rainmakers, either one of them. more of the april showers variety. friday and saturday clearing up. and warming up. a little more ahead. but, just a little bit. thank you so much. we will talk about an out of this world vacation pick the bay area startup that's planning to open the first ever hotel in space. how you could get on board. coming up in sports. the giants back on the field after the rain postponed friday nights a fair. tiger struggled to climb up the leaderboard while the leader tries to pull away from the pack. we will be right back. oh my gosh, sorry.
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invasion in san jose this weekend. they are here for silicon valley comic con. appropriately, the event is a celebration of comics and computers. guests dressed up in their favorite costumes, checked out the vendors, and even met some celebrities. >> why are we here today? this is pure fine. but, it is still an opportunity to do this and have fun. and not be a nurse, but be someone else. >> silicon valley comic con runs through tomorrow at the san jose convention center. trebek did you read a comic book when you were a kid? >> i did not.>> not really. >> is at a guy thing? >> yeah. i just watched ballgames. >> nostalgia dominated the pre- masters storylines with the resurgence of tiger woods and phil nickerson this year. >> nostalgia is being bumped for reality. raindrops early turned to gray
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skies, and very playable conditions, unless you are phil mickelson. he went on his shot attempt from the woods, right here. rolling off. he shot a 74. while many moved up, phil moved out. the spaniard, john long was charging up the leaderboard. chipped in for an eagle on the 8th. he is four shots behind patrick three. read was to clear of the field until mcelroy got to the eight. the spot where rom chipped in for an eagle, and mcelroy knocks one into. he ties read at 9 under. but, reid was not comfortable sharing the spotlight. he birdied the eight. then -- right into the cup for a birdie. stretched it to a 3 shot league. read dropped one on 12, but on par five, after going for the green. the guys got some swagger. that's a makeable eagle. reed went to college nearby. he knows this course. 13 under after dropping the eagle. he goes 4 clear of the field.
6:24 pm
and, 15 toll. he had almost 270 yards to the hole here. going for the green, into, read came up short. because the ground was wet, it did not roll into the crate. that ended up being a massive break because his pitch was a thing of beauty. a couple of hops and it rose in for a second eagle. on the back night. a 5 shortly. read bogeyed 16. mcelroy at this point on 18 for birdie and it dropped. that cuts reads lead to a manageable 3 shots going into the final day. read and mcelroy will be paired together in the final group tomorrow. reed will be trying for his first career major while a green jacket would give rory a career grand slam. i am really excited to go out there tomorrow, and show everyone what i have got. show patrick reed but i have got. the pressure is on him tomorrow.>> rory said earlier that he thought all the pressure was on you tomorrow. do you agree with that?>> i am leading. i mean, i guess so. by the same time, he's trying
6:25 pm
to go for the grand slam. so. he can put it either way.>> it's a regular-season finale for the sharks tonight, who have a lot to play for. a win over the and a soda, would secure a home ice advantage for the first round. but, the sharks have not been able to beat the wild off- season. very brave giants fan here sitting amongst the dodger blew at at&t park this afternoon. in the 6th inning, tied at three. brandon belts it off the bricks. it gets by point allowing -- to get the giants a lead. in the 7th inning, chase utley leads off the inning with a home run off sam dyson. that tied the game at 4. we are in the bottom of the 9th inning, the giants ever runner on second. this one might go into extras. last night in anaheim, the angels -- the third straight game, and for games as a designated hitter. -- is hitting 389 with seven rbi.
6:26 pm
he won't be in the lineup tonight. he is getting the night off before he starts tomorrow's game against oakland on the mount. and, the earthquakes visiting philadelphia in the rocky statue, 64th minute of this one. and is a leading. -- heads and the goal. past andrew tarbell. ended in a 1-1 drop your quakes are windless in their last three matches. >> the warriors back in action tonight after what hedge coat -- head coach call the lack of effort against the pacers on thursday night. you cannot tell by looking at them, but the clippers faced a must win game against the nuggets. denver a 5. to millsap for the alley up, and a 7 point leap. 3rd quarter, a 10 point game. barton knocks down the 3 here. barton led the nuggets with 31. n, denver shot 61% to win 134- 115. and eliminate the clippers from playoff contention. the wind pulls denver into
6:27 pm
a tie with minnesota for the final playoff spot in the western conference. the timberwolves hold the tiebreaker. in oklahoma city is currently 7, which means that the first round series might be against the warriors and the oklahoma city thunder. that would be a good one. i know he was home watching the masters today. >> it was a good one. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour. morning across canada tonight after a tragic bus crash killed more than a dozen members of a junior hockey team. plus, hundreds of u.s. troops are being deployed tonight to our own border. and, that is just the start of what the president plans to send. need a grand piano? how about a human hamster wheel? san francisco's armory is having a one-of-a-kind garage sale this weekend.
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three people were hurt in a stabbing at the oakland coliseum bart station this afternoon. the incident shut down traffic through the station for two hours.. ahead of the warr our top stories tonight, three people were hurt in a stabbing at the oakland coliseum bart station this afternoon. traffic was shut down to the station for two hours, just ahead of the warriors gain. police say a suspect is in custody, but at this point, they are not releasing a name or any details on what led up to the attack picketing storm damage has shut down two popular parks in marin county. this is the north parking lot for stinson beach. it is completely wiped out. you can see a waterfall where the used to be parking spots. nearby mirror was also closed. prepaid parking reservations will be refunded. no word on when those spots will reopen. authorities in mendocino county have recovered a body that may be one of the children who went missing after a crash along the coast. you remember the family of 8
6:31 pm
who was inside the f -- suv when it punched off highway one last month. six bodies have been recovered. two children are still missing. canada is in mourning tonight after a bus crash killed at least 15 members of a junior hockey team. the team was headed to a playoff game when a truck slammed into the yesterday. reporter nikki batiste has the latest. reject these are the young faces of the canadian junior hockey team devastated by a national tragedy. emergency crews rushed to the scene, after a semi truck collided with the humbolt broncos team bus into stale saskatchewan. the teams two dozen players ranging in age from 16 to 20 years old, coaches, and the bus drivers were all on board. royal canadian mounted police say 15 people were killed, and 14 others were injured. in a hockey loving nation, humbolt's small community of 6000 is reeling. >> there is shock and disbelief going on. thinking about how the community is going to handle this. >>reporter: family, friends, and supporters of the team have
6:32 pm
taken refuge at a local church, waiting for news of loved ones. matteo carboni is the reverend. >> this is a good thing that people come together. in a time of knee. they don't stay at home. when they are feeling isolated and alone.>>reporter: humbolt mayor says justin trudeau offered his support. >> this is truly a dark moment for our city, and our community. and our province. we are a small town, and, we are overwhelmed with the condolences we have received. >>reporter: a go fund me page for the team has raised more than $1 million. the website even stopped working at one point. of vigil is being planned to honor the victims. the cause of this tragedy is not known. nikki batiste, cbs news, new
6:33 pm
york. the philadelphia flyers held a moment of silence for the crash victims before today's game against the rangers. in a statement this afternoon, san jose sharks gm, doug wilson said, many of us grew up playing hockey, bus trips to games were part of an almost daily experience. as a parent, it is devastating to imagine what the families are going through. the heavy hearts and minds of all of us in the sharks organization will be with those tragic loss. we are wishing for a speedy recovery for all of those injured or affected. tonight, police in germany are looking for answers after a van rammed into a group of people in the city of muenster. three people die. dozens more were hurt . cbs reporter laura podesta explains, it comes exactly one year after a similar attack in another country.>>reporter: police and emergency vehicles swarmed the historic downtown area of the german city of muenster. saturday afternoon, a van crashed into a crowd in front of the popular bar. three people, including the driver, are dead. dozens are injured. >> this witness said he heard a
6:34 pm
loud bang, screaming, and then police arrived. authorities say the man behind the wheel of the van shot and killed himself while still in the vehicle. police raided the suspects home, looking for evidence. he is a german citizen, and as of now, do not believe he had terrorist ties. this police spokesman said the investigation is ongoing. saturday's incident comes exactly one year after this truck attack in stockholm, that killed five people. it also evokes memories of the december 2016 truck attack in berlin, that killed 12. and that attack, a man with islamic links plowed into a christmas market. police have urged people in muenster to stay inside their homes, and avoid the scene. for -- laura podesta, cbs news. six of the injured are in severe condition. police in muenster lined up at
6:35 pm
a nearby hospital to donate blood. hundreds of texas national guard troops are on their way to the u.s./mexico border tonight. the planning teams are being deployed to five sectors this weekend to provide support to border patrol agents. earlier today, the president tweeted, we are sealing up our southern border. the people of our great country want safety and security. the dems have been a disaster on this very important issue. reporter ashley koran tells us, this first wave of troops is just the beginning.>>reporter: troops are moving into position on the u.s. border with mexico on saturday. this is the first wave of what could be as many as 4000 troops, deployed there over the next several months. texas national guard planning teams are being deployed to five sectors along the texas/mexico border. one other southwestern state, arizona, has also announced its national guard plans to send troops to the border next week. >> this deployment has begun with the movement of equipment and troops.
6:36 pm
this initial phase of deployment will include command and control, coordination cells, and operational planning as requested. >>reporter: notifications for selected national guard troops will be mailed out saturday. ordering them to report as early as next week. defense secretary, james mattis, signed that order late on friday, authorizing the mission that was first announced by president trump. >> until we can have a will and proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with the military.>>reporter: the order comes as a caravan a central american migrants, seeking asylum, those closer to the united states to mexico. ashley koran, kpix 5. >> sending national guard troops to the mexican border is not unprecedented. president obama and president george w. bush did as well. though, the most were criticized as not very cost- effective. hundreds of cards damaged in hurricane harvey have -- i have been sitting in this massive lot. since this storm. insurance company consider them a total loss, but look at that.
6:37 pm
many of them still have some life left. they are being shipped overseas to africa, asia, and the middle east. because, it is often cheaper to repair cars and other countries. many of those cars could end up being back on the road. others will be scrapped or used for parts. a flood of insurance claims, too. we will following the storm in louisiana. haley so hard in shreveport, it set off car loans. tonight, the world's largest cruise ship is headed to see what the whole lot of passengers. about 6000 total. the symphony of the seas embarked on its maiden voyage from barcelona headed for france and italy. it is known as the world's most insta grandma bull crews. the symphony carries about 2000 staff members, and weighs over 200,000 tons. it may not be the biggest cruise ship, but some might say it is the scariest. the queen mary's most haunted suite will soon be open for guests after being closed for 30 years. reporter chris herrera takes us inside.
6:38 pm
>>reporter: the queen mary, long known for its paranormal activity, and if these walls could talk- >> many stories and legends revolve around this room.>>reporter: legend says room three 40 has a checkered past. >> while she was still sailing, there is a story that a man was found dead in his cabin. >>reporter: she sailed from 1936 to 1967, before resting at the port of long beach, becoming a hotel. one guest claims the sheets were pulled off the bed. >> she sat up and saw a man standing at the foot of her bed. >>reporter: others said the bathroom door closed by itself. but, that is not all. >> in the early years of the hotel, when this room was being used, passengers also recorded water going on and off, lights turning on and off. >>reporter: the final encounter, the story is, the housekeeper came in and put fresh sheets on the bed. she went in the hall to get clean towels. when she came back, the sheets
6:39 pm
had been pulled from the bed and were laying in a pile on the floor. nobody else was around.>>reporter: it was the mid-1980s. that's when this room was closed to guests. until now. >> every day i walk the ship, i see a guest and they won't be 340. >> now, it is two rooms combined into one sweeper >> it will, some amenities that are not in any other statement, such as some ouija boards and tarot cards. >>reporter: and, for the right price, you can stay her overnight, if you dare. i'm sure it's books for halloween. that was craig herrera reporting. room rates for that haunted cabin starts at $500 per night. still to come, this is not your grandmother's estate sale. the eclectic items you can pick up at the san francisco armory this weekend. people in one bay area city say -- a sweetest superstore. while opponents a new ikea would be a nightmare to put together.
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the swedish retailer wants to build a mega-store on land near interstate 580 and hacienda drive. but kpix five's da lin yone in town ikea is working on a plan to assemble a massive new store in dublin. the swedish retailer wants to build a megastore on interstate -- in hacienda drive. not everyone in town is buying into this. a lot of people are saying that they don't want to have that ikea in this area. supporters say it might be a good thing. now, let's hear the story.>>reporter: ikea owns this 27 acre lot. a prime piece of real estate in the heart of dublin, just off of 580. they want to build a 340,000 square-foot store. that would be bigger than the ones in emeryville and palo alto. they held an open house today, to update people about the proposed changes, like moving the large surface parking lot to an underground lot. taking out a hotel, and adding more open space. they plan to have about 92,000
6:43 pm
square feet of retail space as well. but, opponents say the latest changes can't change the biggest problem. traffic. >> during rush hour, for me, it's a nightmare. >> it seems like it will add chaos. >>reporter: dublin is one of the fastest growing cities in the state. some believe and ikea would gridlock the city. >> ikea -- additional traffic from the region. >>reporter: ikea representative say they have done a lot of studies, and changes to minimize the traffic impact. >> we open at 10 am. so, the customers flowing into ikea would not start until most people are already aware. >>reporter: ikea says it would create hundreds of jobs, and bring in millions of tax dollars to the city, and alameda county. >> we have lived in dublin for 44 years. we have had to watch the growth. no matter what, we are going to have something there. let's have something that is well-planned. >>reporter: the dublin mayor
6:44 pm
has not publicly taken aside. the city council will likely make a decision this year. >> i am keeping an open mind until the end. but, the site i am going to take us the side of the residence. >> given the side of the opposition, one option is to put it on the ballot and let voters decide that they want and ikea. i am donlon, kpix 5. it has happened again take this time the best buy. the electronics giant just announced that it was hit the same data breach that targeted sears and delta airlines. the three companies all use the same third-party firm to provide online customer service. the firm blames it on a so- called, illegal intrusion in the fall of last year. best buy says only a small fraction of its customers might have been affected. two there's a -- there's him -- there is a rash of measles cases. a health officer says it all started when someone caught the disease overseas. >> they had traveled to europe.
6:45 pm
and after they got back, they developed measles. i think it's an important reminder that measles is still out there. especially in other countries. other continents. europe, asia, africa.>> none of the people who got sick had been vaccinated. >> and, a happy birthday to governor jerry brown. he turns 80 today. his press office got a jump on the celebration yesterday, tweeting out this old newspaper clipping from his first time around in office, when he turned 40, and had lots of hair. the treat -- tweet reads, if 40 was a landmark birth day for jerry brown, what does that make 80? happy early birthday. brown was born in san francisco on april 7, 1938. he is currently serving his fourth and last term as governor. want to see 16 sunsets in
6:46 pm
one day? the bay area start up, launching the world's first space hotel. and, the astronomical price tag. stayed there. back on earth, we are finally going to dry out, but not for long. as we look at a beautiful finished for saturday. the forecast for sunday is coming up.
6:47 pm
6:48 pm
for the astronomical price of 10-million dollars: you can new at 6, talk about a room with a few. for the astronomical price of $10 million.
6:49 pm
you could buy a two bedroom home in palo alto pick you can also be among the first to book a hotel room and space. san mateo start up, oh ryan spann, just announced that it is announcing the world's first luxury space hotel pick the aurora station will carry 4 guests and 2 crew members on a 12 day trip, 200 miles i pick you might remember the pan- american airlines when the astronauts landed on the moon. also said they would be flying people to the moon. that has not happened yet. in this case, the hotel orbits the earth every 90 minutes, giving guest the chance to watch the sunrise 16 times a day. they plant open for business in 2022. the rooms will be filling up fast. they are already taking deposits. meanwhile, the astronomers of tomorrow were busy learning about space in berkeley today. the berkeley public library is expanding its stem programming. stem stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. the library received a generous grant that is celebrating by offering classes for all ages. guests can chat with scientists
6:50 pm
and get hands-on with science kits. >> when you come to the library , and you see all these tables, talking about science and rockets and landing. it exposes kids to where they wouldn't have gotten this before? --. >> the free event kicked off this afternoon and continues to april 14. we had a really unusual round of rain move into the bay area on thursday and friday, and finally exit the region by 8:00 this morning. but, man, when it lasted, it was a record setter. san francisco picked up as much rain in 24 hours as it usually does for the entire month of april. in fact, more. doppler shows hardly any left. a little snow at the upper elevations of the sierra. but, not much. reaching the lower elevations. a few buildups over the diablo rain. that's about it. but, the storm total succeeded number five inches in sausalito. half a foot of rain in mill valley. at the fire station in oakland, -- 4.25. use -- in sonoma county, which
6:51 pm
at 7.3 inches of rain in about 30 hours. as we look toward sfo, which had scores and scores and scores of flights canceled, many delayed, today looking okay. concord, 63 degrees. oakland, 61. san francisco, 60. san jose, 64 degrees. the temperatures didn't call much. this was not the typical cold front. instead, a lot of subtropical moisture. san jose, more than 1 inch pick my mother was complaining about the fact that they were not getting much, in terms of rain fell. i said relax, it will come in. it did, finally. but, even your mother is a critic. .89 in livermore port. more than two inches of rain in san francisco. ready much the same in santa rosa. more than 3 inches of rain. in concord, 1.84. 2.5 for napa.
6:52 pm
it brings us to a bout, remember we were about half average for precipitation? now, we are around 65 to 70% of an average year. it helps.>> sunny and warmer for tomorrow as high pressure begins to reestablish itself over the west coast. done for the rain ellipses we are done with the rain for now. tuesday wednesday and thursday, more clouds. a sprinkler two. even tomorrow, in lake county, maybe a few sprinkles overnight. for the rest of the bay area, patchy dense fog tonight. and, as the day goes on on sunday, look at the offshore flow. it pushes everything out to the ocean. and we go with a beautiful sunday afternoon. temperatures close to average, in the 60s. moon and clouds and fog tonight. sunny and warm tomorrow. the next chance of rain and showers coming in tuesday, wednesday and thursday. maybe a little bit each day. heading out for the rock 'n roll half marathon early tomorrow morning? it will be nice. mostly clear skies, maybe some fog.
6:53 pm
57 degrees. the giants are taking on the los angeles dodgers, i think? yes. are they? we will find out here in a moment. sunday. 1:05 p.m. it pierce -- 65 degrees. 45 degrees in santa rosa. sunrise, six: 45. the forecast ties, very close to average. 63, 68, 69, and 65. all within a degree or right at average temperatures for this time of year. sunshine for the south day. temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. 70s for los gatos. walnut creek, 68 degrees. concord, 68. danville, named after a guy named dan who came out and made money during the gold rush. 68 degrees. in the north bay, things look nice. mid-60s. finally, in lake county, 65. extended forecast, numbers to be in the near 80 degree range by monday. then, the numbers fall, along
6:54 pm
with a little bit of rain on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. friday and saturday, partly cloudy. next weekend looks dry. a little flirtation with a few showers. back to juliet? no. a break. we will be right back. ♪ [ upbeat music ]
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from x-rated items -- to a human hamster wheel: everything must go at the san francisco armory. kpix 5's betty yu shows us what's on sale. it's argu we are going to close that with an estate sale like no other, going on at seven cisco this weekend from x-rated item to a human hamster wheel. everything must go at the san francisco arm early. betty you shows us what is on sale. reject it is arguably the largest, most eccentric and x- rated, everything must go sale in san francisco. spread across 40,000 square feet, inside the storied armory in the mission.>> we called it, when we first saw it, the human hamster wheel. it is six feet tall, made out
6:57 pm
of metal. it goes around and around and around. reject the human hamster wheel is selling for $450. >> it's very unusual. >> this is an antique wheelchair. at least 100 years old. someone adapted a doorhandle. >> these were called griffins. you could classify them as dragons. >>reporter: a century-old couch in need of some tlc is among dozens of furniture pieces from different eras up for sale. there are lots -- there is lots of artwork, gym equipment, and- >> you never know what you are going to find. it's an old beautician's chair. >>reporter: after occupying the fortress for a decade, porn producer is moving out for good. >> it is very unusual. first of all, the size of it. 200,000 square feet, four floors. what we have been doing the past week is emptying out the entire building. and bringing it down here. >>reporter: because, we are talking about there are props. some more explicit than others.
6:58 pm
>> over here, it looks like a 1950s nympho chair. >>reporter: the most expensive item for sale is this kimball grand piano, for $5000. in the basement, we found a chance to own some of san francisco's history. >> who knows how many calls were made from here, and for what reason could.>>reporter: the booth is complete with the phone but -- book. and like -- is ready for its next chapter. betty you. kpix 5. the four days sale started yesterday, and it runs through monday. i know you would love to go through their. >> i could really use a phone both. thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 11:00. >> for news throughout the kneading, we are always at -- online. have a great evening.
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