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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 20, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the overdose of opiates and he was taken out on a stretcher and put into an ambulance and taken to a hospital. paramedics then headed back in. so there's the possibility there have been more than four issues today. we are waiting to talk to san francisco parks and recreation, though, on that whole situation. we're expecting to hear from them hopefully in the next hour, but in the meantime other than those things sfpd said they didn't have any incidents. they didn't make any arrests inside the park which is in and of itself good news. it's an all day party that builds to this fever pitch at 4:20 p.m. >> three, two, one. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: people come from all over like charles and his dog nimsy who hitchhiked three weeks to get here from washington. why is it so important to be here for 4 crash 20? >> i mean just -- for 4/20? >> i mean just all the people around me sharing this same vibe, same experience, seeing
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that it's like communal, you know, community. >> reporter: he wanted to be part of the first san francisco 4/20 with legalized recreational marijuana. so why are you here this year? >> just nosey, nosey, wanted to see what it's all about. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: last year brought 15,000 people to hippie hill. this year the park expects more. so their partners, the haight street vendors, stepped up the infrastructure this year. more than a mile of fencing makes the perimeter and the gate. more than 83 porta-potties dot the park and surrounding neighborhoods and 60 private security guards keep watch over it all. >> actually we had an incredible turnout and that was on a thursday. today is a friday. so it's getting a lot bigger. >> reporter: this is the second year the city has partnered with alex and the haight street vendors to add control to an unsanctioned event. the park service says it worked well last year with no incidents and hopes that trend will continue this year.
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>> good friday and beautiful weather and beautiful golden gate park with the beautiful rec and park employees, it's going to be a great event. >> reporter: back out here live from chopper 5 you can see the crowds are starting to disperse. they stopped the music on the stage at 5:00 as well as shutting down the gates. at 6 p.m. we're told a group of volunteers will be here to pick up the trash. i cannot begin to explain to you how much trash there is. we'll be looking into that at 6:00 and also trying to get with san francisco parks and recreation about the four medical transports that happened today. golden gate park, emily turner, kpix5. details on a very unusual crime ring, a group of people smuggling succulents, yeah, plants, busted in northern california. wildlife detectives from several agencies made three separate arrests along the north coast in mendocino and humboldt counties. kpix5's len ramirez on how rare
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and native plants were pulled up from the soil and then shipped overseas. >> reporter: it was an international smuggling ring trafficking not in guns or drugs, but native california succulent plants called dudlias. >> pretty unusual case for us, a case we have not really seen before in terms of the scale and the type of poaching involved. >> reporter: california department of fish and wildlife busted up the ring in mendocino and humboldt counties where the plants were being ripped out of the ground by the thousands from coastal bluffs and then shipped to china and korea to be sold on the black market for 40 to $50 each. investigators were tipped off when the smugglers tried to send packages overseas by u.s. mail. >> there was a number of cases where just the sheer volume of shipping out of the post offices were starting to draw the attention of some of the people who worked at the post office plus individuals who were literally standing in line and noticing something was odd.
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>> reporter: he says dirt was often spilling out of the shipping boxes like this one seized during the bust. two korean nationals and one chinese national were arrested and face poaching and smuggling charges. some of the plants are in the hands of california's foremost expert on the succulents at uc santa cruz. >> they're stripping whole cliffs of these and shipping them off. these came from humboldt county. they're also being collected in mendocino county and it looks like people are stripping them from big sur area and parts of southern california, also. president bush mccabe said people -- >> reporter: mccabe said people in asia value the plants for their unique color characteristics as well as their shape resembling the lotus flower. wildlife officers went back to the cliffs to replant thousands of the plants that were seized putting one of california's most beautiful native plants back where it belongs. in santa cruz, len ramirez,
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kpix5. >> the most recent bust happened on april 4th with a raid on a cabin in humboldt county. wildlife officials found about 1,000 plants scatters on the floor. after three years of planning drivers are finally getting some relief through one of the north bay's busiest bottlenecks. kpix5 photojournalist chris pellini is headed east bound on the richmond san rafael bridge where the long awaited third lane is now open for business. local dignitaries cut the ribbon this morning on the $27 million project. the lane runs from sir francis drake to richmond parkway open daily from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. when eastbound traffic is typically at its peak. digital signs will let drivers know when the lane is in use with a green arrow or a red x. back live now we have kpix5 photojournalist chris pellini on the phone hands free, of course, as he heads eastbound across the bridge. busy friday afternoon.
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did you notice a difference? it looks like smooth sailing. >> reporter: i think that i'm dreaming here because i've never seen traffic move so quickly. i think it's working because i'm going the speed limit right now. everyone is moving at the speed 50 miles an hour. so i think this is amazing. >> all right, chris, thank you. obviously there's a little bit of a delay, but it looks like so far, so good, smooth sailing on the third lane of the san rafael bridge. thank you, chris. the sfpd ramping up arrests on car burglaries. in a five-day period this month police made several auto burglary arrests throughout san francisco and here are some of the suspects, 11 people in custody tonight, one juvenile also arrested in the crackdown. this increased commitment to stopping car b >> it's an example of the chief's new strategy to combat auto burglaries in san francisco and that's a multi-
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pronged approach. one is just high visibility uniformed patrol officers out there, but we also have plain clothes officers doing surveillance. >> this increased commitment to stopping car break-ins comes after a report that showed a historic high just last year, more than 3,100 reported indents. berkeley police are looking for the suspect who sexually assaulted a teenage girl at gunpoint. officers say the high school aged girl was walking alone on addison street around 11:00 yesterday morning. she reported a man grabbed her from behind and pressed a gun to her side. he then walked her to the side yard of a home and sexually assaulted her. the suspect was wearing a black hooded sweat shirt. police are canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance video. ghost ship warehouse fire... ahead of his trial a judge is refusing to release a key suspect in the ghost ship warehouse fire ahead of his trial. derick almena and max harris each face three dozen counts of involuntary manslaughter from the fire that killed 36 people
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in oakland in december, 2016. almena's attorney argued he is not a flight risk and should be released on his own recognizance, but today a judge denied the motion saying almena could not be counted on to show up later. bail will stay at $750,000. that means almena is likely to stay behind bars until a trial starts mid-july. the judge has postponed a similar bail hearing for harris. eals a controversial statue in front of san francisco city hall will get to stay. the board of appeals unanimously voted wednesday to overturn an earlier decision to remove the early days sculpture which depicts a native american at the feet of a spanish cowboy and catholic missionary. the city's art commission wanted that removed, but the board cited the 1st amendment as a reason for its protection. judge aaron persky is speaking out the first time
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about the recall attempt against him in santa clara county. recall backers accuse persky of showing too much leniency in sexual assault cases. they are especially upset about the six month sentence for former stanford swimmer brock turner. now persky tells the mercury news he supports meaningful change to improve how such cases are handled, but ousting him won't achieve that. he says, "the passion is authentic. the end is justified. let's increase sexual assault reporting. let's do criminal justice reform where it's smart to do so, but when you take this opportunity and you steer it in the direction that they've steered it, that's where there's a problem and it's not just a problem for me." persky said the recall attempt threatens judicial independence. the vote happens june 5th. wells fargo bank on the hook with federal investigators for $1 billion for abuses tied to its auto lending and mortgage businesses. last summer wells fargo admitted that hundreds of
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thousands of customers were sold car insurance that they didn't need or even want and some mortgage borrowers were also charged unfair fees. the fine is the harshest action yet taken by the trump administration against any wall street bank. action against gun violence. across the rally against wells fargo was part of a nationwide i do of action against gun violence -- day of action against gun violence. across the country students walked out in support of stricter gun laws. >> no more guns! >> students in ft. lauderdale marched to city hall with their message urging gun control to keep schools salve and in phoenix the message was spotted from the skies. students walked onto their field and formed the letters sos. in the bay area students at skyline high school in oakland headed to their football field for the national school walkout. chopper 5 was overhead as they sat on the field protesting gun violence. at san francisco city hall authorities lined the steps to keep the demonstration
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peaceful. some student held signs. others sat quietly in front of the building. instead of walking out of class students at american high school in fremont held a walk- in. they rallied alongside parents and teachers calling for stricter gun control. they say the next step is getting people to the polls to vote in leaders who will change laws. school >> because we're so young like people think that we don't have a voice and our voice doesn't matter, but i think by doing this stuff we are saying that it does matter and we are the future. >> ahead of the walkouts today there was another school shooting to add to the growing list. police say a student shot a classmate in the ankle at forest high school in ocala, florida. the shooter was taken into custody. it is the 20th school shooting so far this year. coming up the faa taking emergency action, the immediate safety checks after that southwest airlines engine failure. >> and the search off the bay area coastline for a plane wreck with a famous survivor,
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the crash that could have killed a young clint eastwood. >> plus a deep dive and the sea creatures that have found a temporary home at uc berkeley. a-a has ordere >> it is the spring weekend that you have been waiting for. coming up, how warm we get in parts of the bay area, not everywhere, how long sunshine sticks around and are there any rain chances popping up in our april seven-day forecast? we'll have it for you next.
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like the one that blew apart at 32- thousand feet in this week's t on southwest the faa has ordered immediate safety checks on hundreds of jet engines like the one that blew apart at 32,000 feet in this week's deadly accident on southwest. the agency is requiring ultrasound inspections within 20 days on older 737 engines with fan blades that have made more than 30,000 flights.
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investigators think metal fatigue caused tuesday's fatal engine failure on southwest. the plane had been inspected two days before, but the fatigue crack may have been too small to see with the naked eye. the search is on for a plane that landed off the bay area coastline that had actor and director clint eastwood aboard long before he was a big movie star. the crash made the front page of the marin independent journal back in september of 1951. eastwood was an army private at the time, just 21 years old. now the navy plane he was on went down in rough seas near point reyes. like a hollywood movie, he and the pilot had to abandon the plane and use life rafts to get to safety. a search for that plane is called the hunt for eastwood's ad1 skyraider led by underwater
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explorer walt holm. he said he's doing it because he believes eastwood's story has a lot of human interest. caltrans is spending another $100,000 to clean up the highways. the emergency funds will double what cal trans had planned to spend. it will go towards hiring more maintenance workers and usual social service agencies. the pilot program could eventually extend across the bay area. open arms. eight of them, in fac scientists at cal are preparing to welcome prospective students with open arms, eight of them, in fact. kpix5's mary lee on the octopus ambassador that will be at tomorrow's open house to greet budding marine biologists. >> this little creature just like was right here in front of my mask and they're pretty translucent. so you kind of have to like -- i don't think i would have saw it this far away, but it was so close to my face and i just saw it and i was like wow. >> reporter: it's a special
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snapshot of the sea. you're looking at dozens of incredible sea creatures from the monterey kelp forest. researchers at uc berkeley collected more than 100 marine life animals using a special permit. normally this is something you could only experience if you were deep in the sea. >> i love being underwater. i would rather be underwater than on land. and being able to share that with someone who has never gone snorkeling or hasn't put on a scuba tank, the colors, the animals, it's just so exciting. >> reporter: on one of their latest dives they found something they've never seen before, an octopus with 2,000 eggs that will hatch in two to three weeks. >> and i took my knife and i pried open the shell just a little bit like this just to have it open slightly and i saw suckers on an arm and i knew right away. >> you can't talk underwater how excited you are, but there's bubbles everywhere.
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we're kind of like oh! >> reporter: these sea creatures will be on display for everyone to see at cal day, uc berkeley's annual open house. researchers say they love sharing their passion for marine life with young kids. >> and we have kids that come year after year. i actually see them growing up and we have some of the individuals that are at cal day from previous years are now in our invertebrate 0ology class this semester. >> reporter: you can get up close and personal with some of these amazing sea creatures this saturday at cal day here at uc berkeley. they'll have a special touch tank in the courtyard of the valley life sciences building. at uc berkeley, i'm mary lee, kpix5. >> the mama octopus will be released back into the sea with her babies. i hope you're excited for the weekend because not only is it the weekend, it's going to be just about the nicest weather weekend we have had in
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half a year, if not more, not hot, not cold. pick your temperature from 60 to 85 degrees. we've got you covered. today we go from 58 to 77. 77 is concord, inland away from the ocean influence, 58 san francisco, san jose 71, overnight tonight 40s and 43 degrees in santa rosa, fremont 48, fairfield 46, radar completely clear and it stays that way a while. let's bring it down to fremont for the weekend, what a nice weekend it will be, sunshine, warm tomorrow, 75. sunday it's 1 degree warmer, 76 degrees, both weekend days with chilly mornings and mild to warm afternoons. here's why. it's a big strong ridge of high pressure centered to our south. if it were centered to our north, we'd be talking about 70s or 80s all the way to the beach. the ridge is centered to our south. we get a light onshore flow. that's why the coast will stay in the 60s, but inland areas will warm up to the 80s.
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futurecast, clear through saturday morning. all throughout the day good barbecue weather, maybe some s'mores weather tomorrow night. your weather headlines, it will be the warmest weekend since early february, much cooler at the coast, highs low to mid- 60s. compare that with the low to mid-80s inland. it will be somewhat cooler and cloudier the middle of next week. highs tomorrow very nice, 81 santa rosa, concord, 80 in livermore and san jose. if you're saying that's too warm, go to the beach. pacifica 62. your extended forecast, 1 degree warmer on monday and a few degrees cooler. 70s starting tuesday, the onshore flow and cooler weather will cool the bay down into the 60s. the warmest weather is tomorrow and sunday, sunshine and warm weather. that is your kpix5 forecast. >> paul, thank you. coming up an american princess, why friends of meghan
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♪ ♪ harry and american actress arkle is *less t the highly anticipated wedding of prince harry and meghan markle is less than one month away. we take a close look at the life of the future royal tonight in a cbs news special meghan markle, american princess. here's a preview. >> reporter: the royal stage is set right here at windsor castle. >> buckingham palace proudly announces the engagement of prince harry and meghan markle. >> congratulations! >> it's a wonderful fairytale, someone from a different country, different background marrying into our royal family. >> reporter: when you look at
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meghan markle, how do you complete this sentence, meghan markle is? >> a rock star. >> we first met by a mutual friend. >> it was a blind date. >> reporter: an intimate look at meghan markle from people who know her best and know why a blind date was all it took. >> i was beautifully surprised when i walked into that room and saw her. i said i'm going to have to up my game. >> yeah. she's impossibly stylish and effortlessly so, maybe frustratingly. >> we were meghan's sorority sisters at northwestern. >> she's going to be a princess and i'm driving to costco. >> reporter: her friends were certainly on to something because meghan markle will indeed become her royal highness when she walks down the aisle here in st. george's chapel. meghan markle, she's divorced, biracial, an actress. >> everything that could have gotten you beheaded, you know, 500 years ago, that's why this engagement, this marriage, has
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already brought the monarchy well into the 21st century. >> meghan markle, an american princess, airs tonight at 10:00 followed by the news at 11:00. we'll be right back. hola amigos. for the first time ever, cholua hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box.
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cubicle.. we just talked about fairytales in the last block. we're going to talk about another fairytale for some people. harley-davidson has a one of a kind internship. ken, are you listening?
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>> yeah. >> that will take you out of a cubicle and put you on the open road. interns will be given motorcycles and taught to ride. then they will attend motorcycle events across the country documenting everything through social media. it's called the find your freedom internship and you can apply online. >> i'm going to apply. >> no. disqualified. >> a little milwaukee iron. it would be fun, wouldn't it? >> that would be actually really fun. >> get paid to ride. >> cbs evening news is up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. more on the stunning death of one of the world's most famous deejays. dr. jon lapook will preview a powerful 60 minutes story on alzheimer's and we'll meet a custodian who was also a custodian of our galaxy coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. at 6:00 tonight a showdown
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over sidewalk cracks, a bay area city planted the trees but said homeowners are on the hook for the maintenance coming up at 6:00. y cbs >> glor: breaking news: the f.a.a. orders the inspection of nearly 700 engines worldwide after the deadly southwest explosion. also tonight, north korea said it has suspended missile testing and will close its nuclear testing sites. democrats file suit against the trump campaign, wikileaks, and russia for allegedly conspiring to steal the 2016 election. a c.d.c. warning about romaine lettuce-- if you don't know where it's grown, don't eat it. >> ♪ so wake me up when it's all over ♪ 't glor: a mystery tonight surrounding the sudden death of one of the world's most famous d.j.s. an extraordinary story of devotion: dr. jon lapook ryronicles a couple's decades- long battle against alzheimer's.


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