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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 30, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> reporter: with that republicans delivered some 900,000 signatures in order to qualify an initiative for the november ballot aimed at repealing the state's new 12- cent a gallon gas tax. >> with the greatest number of signatures ever submitted for a citizens initiative the. >> reporter: white it might not be the most signatures ever collected -- while it might not be the most signatures ever collected, pops do show rolling -- polls do show rolling back the tax is popular, but it would lose money for several transit projects including here in the bay area. >> it includes freight projects to help the port of oakland. it's a significant amount of money and projects in the bay area including extending and rehabilitating b.a.r.t. >> reporter: and money to unclog interstate 580 and 101 as well. lawmakers initially felt that people just wouldn't notice the hike given the price of gas, but as east bay gas retailer dave heinz tells us, prices started going up and up. >> about 40 cents i would say.
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it's going up pretty steadily two, three cents at a time. >> reporter: dave said that the new hike is just a part of overall gas taxes that we all pay. >> when you combine state, federal, local, all the different fees it's about $1 and you're getting taxed on top of tax. so it's a little over $1 when you add it all up. >> reporter: as for the voters? >> a lot of families are in a tight financial bind and consequently, a 12-cent tax could impact them greatly. >> depending on whether it's going to be used for something good. >> reporter: now early polling shows that over 50% of californerare ready to vote for the repeal. even in the bay area it's a split decision on this. so the transit officials, the elected officials, the legislature, the contractors and everybody else that stands to benefit from this are going to have a sales job ahead of them between now and november.
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>> let's talk about november for a second, phil. how does something like the gas tax play into the governor's race and also the tight congressional races across the state? >> reporter: the feeling is something like this will bring out the more conservative vote, those people concerned about wallet issues like republicans and in tight congressional races more republican turnout could help them. that's what they hope to see in the governor's race as well. so yes, veronica, all things are political in this state and gas included, probably at the top of the list. in dublin, phil matier, kpix5. back to you. >> thank you. crude oil prices are at their highest levels in more than three years and the price at the pump is likely to keep climbing into the summer. already in the bay area it's well over$3.50 a gallon. drivers filling up in san francisco are seeing an average of 3.73. in oakland and san jose the price is 3.63 compared to a national average of 2.81. a c-h- ng a
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a developing story near fairfield, a scary collision this afternoon on i-80. a chp officer was conducting a traffic stop and was rear- ended. the officer was on the right shoulder when that white mitsubishi slammed into the patrol car. the investigation. the officer suffered moderate injuries. three people in the white car had major injuries and three lanes have been closed for the investigation. two seperate i new at 6:00 oakland police are cracking down on sideshows. officers impounded vehicles at two separate incidents over the weekend. kpix5's juliette goodrich in oakland with more on the coordinated effort by law enforcement. juliette? >> reporter: allen, three law enforcement agencies combining forces and we saw the visual effects this weekend when we saw dozens of cars impounded after two sideshows yesterday afternoon, but i also wanted to find out what lures these participants? why do they come back when they know it's illegal? nats it's an illegal one ... pping up its task forces to sideshows, so what is it that
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draws the drivers and crowds in? >> i got the baddest car. let me swing it. .. nats cars. more than 25 cof the >> reporter: but what's turned into an informal weekend pastime is an illegal one and law enforcement is stepping up its task forces to control the reckless driving in the streets. e warm summer mon ant somewhere we c >> you know, you got all these cops coming out here in the hood trying to arrest everybody. >> reporter: this sideshow happening yesterday on a sunday afternoon on 100th boulevard and macarthur boulevard. oakland police quickly responded to the scene to break up the crowds and now this. impounding sideshow cars, more than 25 of them taken to local tow yards. more than 100 citations were written. this is video of another sideshow going on just a few block away. this one was at bancroft avenue and richie street. sideshow enthusiasts say just give us a safe venue. >> instead of like trying to arrest everybody and trying to
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take everybody's car, like we're just doing something. you know what i mean? have something where everybody as a community from california can come in. >> reporter: but oakland police, alameda county sheriff's deputies and the chp have combined forces on the ground and in the air to deter a dangerous weekend pastime that moves from one city to the other and seems to heat up in the warm summer months. participants we talked to say they'd like to see a legal venue. a lot of them have tossed out the idea of an open lot right next to the oakland coliseum, but until that happens these sideshows are illegal and these task forces say they'll be out on the weekend in force impounding cars, ticketing people and possibly arresting them if there's any illegal activity. in oakland, juliette goodrich, kpix5. caltrans maintenance workers want protections for clearing out homeless camps. now their union has actually filed a grievance against the department saying workers aren't equipped to deal with the sometimes dangerous
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conditions including human waste, needles and weapons. rity... they say they are not given the right protective gear, the vaccinations or training. caltrans issued a statement saying safety is a top priority and it will carefully review the grievance. the case against san francisco 49er reuben foster might be stalled over a key piece of evidence. prosecutors asked for more time to review a video that surfaced at a hearing today. it reportedly shows the woman who accused foster of punching her in a road rage fight with a woman two days earlier. the alleged victim recanted her claims against the star linebacker last week and now the case might hinge on that video. >> what is the more likely scenario is how the accuser sustained her injuries. was it this preexisting fight or was it at the hands of reuben foster? so this video is going to become the centerpiece of this litigation. >> for now foster faces domestic violence and weapons charges. both sides are due back in court next week. an east bay community has
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been shaken by its first homicide in three years. a man was found shot just feet from the ohlone greenway in albany just before noon yesterday. he died later at the hospital. the walking and running trail was closed for about 24 hours while police investigated. n the greenway is concenred about the still runners and cyclists who frequent the area are stunned. one mother who walks her kids to school on the greenway is concerned about the still unidentified victim. >> i've seen people on benches and kind of wondering was it them or -- because most of the people that are on benches around here, they're there every day. >> albany police are asking anyone who might have seen something or know something to give them a call. this evening we're getting a closer look at the man who escaped from a minimum security jail in santa rosa. he's 22-year-old mark schwartz. deputies say he was halfway through a four-day sentence when he made a break for it. the suspect scaled the razor wire fence around the north
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county detention facility on friday night. at six: authorities found him wet and bleeding in a creek nearby. he is now facing new charges for felony escape. new at 6:00 we're getting answers on a mystery submarine that turned up in the east bay. crews pulled the vessel out of the emeryville marina yesterday with no one inside. kpix5's mary lee is there now with this strange story. mary? >> reporter: that's right, veronica. that mystery submarine was pulled out and rescued at this boat ramp and everyone says it was a first to see a submarine here. dn't help that you know? track the home owd! everyon abandoned ship or should we say abandoned sub? crews held this yellow -- hauled this yellow submarine out of the water here at emeryville marina. >> it was this big toy. it was every little boy's dream. if you're a beatles fan, you were singing the song. you couldn't help it, you know. >> reporter: the homemade sub drew a huge crowd.
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everyone who saw it had so many questions. they called it a marina mystery. >> everyone is like wow, i've never seen one of those before. whose is it? where was it? how did it get there? >> reporter: with a captain america shield hatch and bright yellow paint people called it everything from a superhero sub to a cute cartoon minion. >> i bet this was real. >> we get a lot of yellow submarine references. >> like the minions. >> i like the minion one. i definitely see the minion. >> reporter: we were able to track down the owner of this unique submarine. it belongs to a marine scientist who now has to figure out how to haul her sub out of this oakland towing yard. >> my submarine is in submarine jail. i'm trying to get it back. it's actually a logistical nightmare. >> reporter: shanise said it's pretty obvious someone stole it and tried to use it. >> they had turned a handful of
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the valves on. so they were definitely trying to operate it. really funny. i really wish there was film evidence of this happening. >> reporter: when they found this submarine, it was halfway full of water and the hatch was broken. it will take about $5,000 to fix everything and considering she only spent $4,000 to buy it, but she says it's her first sub manner. she loves it and it's worth -- submarine. she loves it and it's worth it. in oakland, i'm mary lee, kpix5. a wave of violent crime on san jose streets and now police say they busted the crew behind them, the bulk of them? teenagers. what makes them so dangerous. >> these aren't daredevils dangling from the golden gate bridge. the high wire inspection that's never been done before. >> hundreds of dollars for a dress you only wear once? bay area high schoolers build an app to help teens save money on prom. >> prom season around here typically means it's not raining on the radar. it's prom season, but mother
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nature has things confused because the radar is pretty active and it's snowing again in the sierra. i'll explain why and how it actually impacts our weather here coming up. unearthed at the calaveras dam site, a treasure trove of fossils. >> they even discovered a brand- new whale species. >> proof that the bay area was once under water millions of years ago. now sciences have one shot to collect them. -- scientists have one shot to collect them. >> the dam is being collected. everything is covered in concrete or being excavated out. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more.
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♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. is now behind bars... accused in a series of carjackings.. robberies.. an this evening san jose police say that a violent gang
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is now behind bars accused in a series of carjackings, robberies and burglaries. kpix5's maria medina reports most of those suspects are juveniles. maria? >> reporter: yeah. you know, police arrested a gang of adults and juveniles back in january and they say evidence in those alleged crimes actually led them to even more suspects. so last week san jose police say they arrested eight new suspects. eight suspects were already in custody from the january sting operation. they are now facing more charges as police have connected them to more crimes. of those 16 suspects 11 of them are juveniles responsible for a series of violent crimes in san jose that went on for months. now police say the gang is accused of seven robberies, six carjackings, 10 burglaries, assault with a deadly weapon and various other weapon offenses. the group would commit many crimes in a short amount of time by stealing a car and using it to find a victim for a robbery or burglary and they
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didn't target just one area of san jose. >> that was one of the things that was very challenging for the detectives. these crimes occurred all over the city of san jose and they were also crimes that we arrested them for that occurred outside the city of san jose and outside the county of santa clara. so they are very mobile. >> reporter: in january police arrested a dozen people allegedly behind the same violent crimes. they recovered laptops, tablets and weapons. again, police say that evidence led to more arrests of those gang members last week. now the youngest teen in this case, just 15 years old, and the lieutenant of the robbery unit says he has noticed more and more teens behind these types of crimes. life in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. the upper reaches of the golden gate bridge crawling with inspection crews, workers dangling from the tower and cables in a heart stopping display of steely nerves. nothing routine about the work underway this week. kpix5's emily turner says it's part of a first of its kind
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inspection. may look more >> reporter: they may look more like trapeze artists or stunt devils, but these daredevils are actually inspectors. our work plan for the painters, iron workers and other maintaenece staf eek, inspector >> how can i put this? i feel a little crazy. i can't imagine doing that for a day job. >> reporter: but a day job it is and an important one. >> the work that is done here helps us set a path for what comes in the years ahead. so depending on what these inspectors find, we will be looking at the work plan for our painers, iron workers and other maintenance staff. >> reporter: for the next week inspectors will climb up and dangle off the golden gate bridge looking at every rivet and every seam. >> federal regulations have changed. they now require what's called an arm's length? on some of the more delicate parts of the bridge. so while engineers are up there doing that they figure they might as well look at the entirety of the bridge and make sure that's safe at arm's length as well. >> reporter: to make sure the inspectors are saw of, they
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have a team of -- safe, they have a team of 12. six do the inspecting while the other half handles the rigging. there's scaffolding along the walkway below to make sure the people are safe. it's the first time this has happened at the golden gate bridge and moving forward it will happen every two years. >> this is a sight you haven't seen before. these people are there legitimately. however, we'd ask you to take a quick look and keep moving. you don't want to be the cause of a traffic collision or congestion. >> reporter: on the golden gate bridge, emily turner, kpix5. a sailboat that ran aground in pacifica will soon be moved to sausalito. the crew of four said the engine failed saturday night and the 33-foot vessel drifted onto shore near lindomar beach. the crew was headed for san diego. the boat will be towed to marin for repairs estimated to be in the thousands of dollars. crews in concord are still working on demolishing that apartment complex that burned last week.
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they are close to being done and will soon have a better idea when willow pass road and concord boulevard can reopen. those roads have been close for 3 blocks in both directions since the fire broke out early tuesday. the stretch of highway one in the flames caused $55 million in damage. investigators are still looking into the cause of the fire. the stretch of highway 1 in big sur blocked for nearly a year set to reopen in mid- september. heavy rain last year triggered the massive mud creek slide in may. even now there's no access for drivers heading up the coast from l.a. crews are now building a 1/4 mile of new roadway and embankments. a 3.3 magnitude earthquake rattled some contra costa county neighborhoods this morning just before 5 a.m. northeast of alamo. the same area had a cluster of three small quakes yesterday. a couple of those registered a magnitude of 3.0. paul, it was warm enough here, but it's going to get better, i guess. >> i like that, warm enough, a
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good euphemism for a chilly day. we're still below average in san francisco and half moon bay with a high of 60. it will warm up this week likely getting above normal next thursday and friday. fremont, your high 63. i showed you this earlier, snow in the sierra. notice the north to south movement of some of these showers and a few of them are impacting you in napa county. it has rained off and on a few hours in and around beautiful st. helena and yountville and calistoga. it hasn't made it to downtown napa yet, but it could be this evening. why that's happening? the same low pressure area that missed us last week is close enough now that we're on the western flank of things. remember, things go counterclockwise around an area of low pressure. that's why showers bubbling up are being pushed into the south. that same north to south flow tomorrow will warm us up by limiting the flow from the ocean, which would be a west to east wind. so we'll see milder weather
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coming up tomorrow. it also means less fog which we've had a lot the last three or four nights. mainly clear and cool overnight, mid-40s in the north bay, napa and vallejo 46. a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow without the morning fog and with the north wind. watch what it does for the north bay of each particular part of the bay area has a flow of air that will really warm you up. in santa rosa and napa it's a north to south wind which you get tomorrow. so by far you're the warmest spot, napa 80 work santa rosa 80, 72, though, in -- napa neat 2, santa rosa 80, 72, though, in concord. in san francisco not much change. you'll stay in the 60s. as for rainfall, you saw the showers up in napa county. that's it. dry weather pattern will be with us for a while. tomorrow the warmest inland spots make it to the low 80s, but then an onshore flow
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returns starting wednesday, more normal weather, 70s to low 80s inland, mid- to upper 60s in the bay that. will last all weekend. we are getting milder and it begins tomorrow. that's your forecast. >> thank you, paul. i like it. it's one of the most unusual jobs on b.a.r.t., why employees are getting paid to ride elevators all day. >> reporter: i'm dennis o'donnell live in san jose. the sharks and golden knights, game three tonight. i've got news on the warriors and a big rumor surrounding jimmy g. straight ahead from san jose.
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shifts to san jose... so what kind hello, everybody, from san jose. the sharks rebounded in game two to win in double overtime. so the series shifts here to the s. a.p. center for game three tonight. what does the head coach pete
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deboer think about game three? >> i'm sure they're going to clean some things up. it should be a good game. it's a long series. they're going to push back tonight. it should be a good game. i would hope we, you know, bring the same level of intensity. so it should be a great game. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of good games there, but it will be tough to top saturday night's game, too. san jose fell behind 2-0 but rallied back to win in double overtime. it's tough to top deboer's preview, but here is the sharks play-by-play man randy hahn. what momentum carries over to the sharks in game three? >> no. 1, you're at home. so i think there's some advantage starting in front of the home crowd and the familiarity of being here and having had playoff success here in round 1. i don't know that there's a whole lot of carry jove from how game two ended, -- carryover from how game two ended, but i would expect it to be chippy, physical, edgy and
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the guys might be cranky because they'll be tired. they played almost five periods of hockey in game two and that's exhausting. >> reporter: evander kane won't be tired. >> no. hey, and the guys won without him, so now he wants to do his share. >> reporter: yeah. evander kane had been suspended from game two. joe thornton also itching to get back on the ice, getting closer and closer to recovering from that knee injury. meanwhile the warriors set to do some lineup shuffling of their own for game two against the pelicans tomorrow night. steph curry is listed now as probable and will not be under any minute restriction. he has not played since march 24th. curry practiced again today under the very watchful eye of head coach steve kerr. >> from that window up there i had one eye on the game tape and one eye on steph. i had a good vantage point. he came out of it. i talked to him afterwards. he came out well and feeling
6:26 pm
good today. >> feel like a fan. i can't wait to see him out there, you know, especially knowing steph. i know it's been killing him. he's great holding his emotion, but i know he's been dying to get out there and he looks ready as ever. called up ove bad news for the giants. joe panik will miss at least six weeks after undergoing thumb surgery earlier today. alan hanson has been called up over the weekend and will start at second base for the giants tonight. now i hear a rumor that jimmy garoppolo will be in the building in about 20 minutes and he's going to open the door for the san jose sharks as they come out onto the ice for game three. great times in the bay area. warriors and playoffs. i'll be here all night, reports on the 10:00 and 11:00. live from s.a.p. center, dennis o'donnell, kpix5. back to you. >> you bet. playoff fever. >> thank you. coming up in our next half hour shots fired inside a bay
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area bowling alley, cell phone video capturing the chaos as people run for cover, the gunman still on the loose. >> and an immigration showdown, a caravan of central americans blocked at the border, the president says they aren't welcome. >> they're part of the beauty of the wine country, but hundreds of trees burned in the wildfires getting cut down, what's being done to minimize the damage.
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to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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you're watching kpix5 news. w video shows [ gunshots ] hat sent our top story at 6:30, gunfire erupts inside a bay area bowling alley. new video shows the terrifying moment that sent people, including children, running. it happened over the weekend at classic bowling center in daly city. this evening police are looking for that shooter. kpix5's susie steimle has the video ha shows what led up to the gun -- that shows what led up to the gunfire. [ yelling ] death shooting >> reporter: it started with a verbal fight. patrons can be heard swearing at each other at the classic bowling center in daly city saturday night. next you can clearly see someone being punched in the face. immediately after three shots are fired from what police say
6:31 pm
is a handgun. witnesses including the man who took this cell phone video then run to the bathroom to take cover. this was a near death shooting. the suspect is still at large. >> there was an altercation that happened. this person we believe was part of that altercation. so i believe it was targeted in that sense. >> reporter: police say one man is currently in critical condition at san francisco general hospital after suffering those gunshot wounds. sergeant ron harrison says a shooting here is unusual. >> we have responded there on, you know, fights or drunken patrons, stuff like that, but this is a rare occurrence that has happened. that's why it's taken our full attention. >> reporter: classic bowling center was open today, though owners would not comment on the incident. police are asking anyone who took videos that night or saw anything to come forward. >> please contact the daly city police department, let us know if you have any information or if you actually took a video while you were inside of the establishment. we would be very interested in
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talking with you. >> the man who shot the video in that story did not want to go on camera today because the shooter is still at large, but he did tell us that this bowling center is popular with families and that children were present during the shooting start night. in the newsroom, susie steimle, kpix5. back to our developing story near fairfield, the clean- up continues on that nasty crash along i-80. a chp officer conducting a traffic stop was rear-ended. it happened this afternoon when a white mitsubishi slammed into the patrol car. the officer was rushed to the hospital with moderate injuries. three people in the mitsubishi had major injuries and you can see here traffic is just squeezing by trying to get around the mess. two right lanes are closed and traffic on east bound 80 has been backed up for miles. take a look at this, new video this evening of the damage left behind after a car slams into an old navy store in santa rosa. the vehicle made it completely inside knocking over piles of
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clothing. it happened just after 4:30. crews had to hoist the vehicle out of there. one person inside the store was hit but is expected to be okay. no word yet what caused the crash. more arrests in san francisco's effort to curb car break-ins. officers were serving warrants after a series of burglaries dating back to january, then connecting them to two more last month. police say they were all tied to these two men, 18-year-old samuel minor and 24-year-old adrian landers, both charged with multiple counts of burglary and possession of stolen property. police say landers is also one of the guys involved in this incident near alamo square in february. a plain clothes officer and burglary suspect was backed over by another suspect during a car burglary. the officer suffered serious injuries. two different scenes played out along the u.s./mexico border. vice president mike pence toured a construction site for a new barrier and 100 miles away a caravan of immigrants waited to find out whether they will be allowed to seek asylum.
6:34 pm
>> kpix5 political reporter melissa caen is here with more on both stories. melissa? >> for the second straight day the migrants are stuck on the mexican side of the border near san diego. about 50 camped overnight on a sidewalk near the crossing. they are farther of a group of about 2 -- part of a group of about 200 from central american countries. they spent a month traveling the length of mexico, but now u.s. custom and border officials say the processing facility has reached capacity, so the migrants must wait. many want to apply for protection because of violence in their home countries. >> there's a reason we have the statue of liberty. we are a country that goes to war to protect the human rights of others. >> president trump has been tracking the caravan saying the migrants will not be allowed to enter the u.s. he tweeted today that the groupenl fyp r isborder." at the same time vice president pence was in c alexico in
6:35 pm
ventura county. he told officials it's not just about a wall but changing immigration laws as well. >> i want to assure you that president trump and i are absolutely committed to seeing to the construction of a border wall, but also reforming our immigration laws in ways that will remove the incentive that is too often exploited by transnational organizations and human smugglers. >> the fence that is now being constructed is 2 miles long and it's meant to replace one that has stood more than 20 years. pence claimed illegal crossings have gone down in the imperial valley region by 40% in the past 12 months. melissa caen, kpix5. we are just learning the white house will delay a decision on steel and aluminum tariffs for another 30 days. this covers the european union and other u.s. allies. the administration will extend exemptions allowing the countries to continue exporting
6:36 pm
metals to the u.s. without being subjected to a 25% tariff on steel and 10% tariff on aluminum. it gives the u.s. and exempted nations more time to work out deals to help reduce trade imbalances. first the data scandal, now a new concern for facebook, an employee accused of using his access to cyber stalk women. >> you could say this job has its ups and downs, the b.a.r.t. workers just hired to be on elevator watch.
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[drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. [trumpet playing] some make you move to jazz, funk and bounce. some of our stories aren't quite as straightforward. blocked by the saints! [crowd roaring] while others prove that great things can happen... even on a monday night. cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause] the agency is spending 600
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thousand dollars to hire people to ride the elevators at the civic center it's probably one of the most unusual jobs at b.a.r.t. the agency is spending $600,000 to hire people to ride the elevators at the civic center and powell street stations. it's a six month pilot program in an effort to keep the elevators clean and safe after years of complaints. >> urinate on the elevators and then shooting drugs and smoking. it's just ridiculous. >> we know that a lot needs to
6:39 pm
happen. we know that you communicate rider frustration and things that are unacceptable and so hopefully today is a step in the right direction. >> the attendants will be trained on deescalation tactics and have a radio in case of trouble. a facebook employee is accused of using his access at work to stalk women online. the claims were made on twitter by jackie stokes, founder of cyber security consulting firm spyglass security. stokes says the allegation came from a source but did not release any other details. facebook says it is now investigating. the co-founder of what's app is stepping down and cutting ties with parent company facebook. he also plans to leave his position on facebook's board. in a post on facebook january coom said he'll -- jan coom said he'll be cheering what's app on from the outside and take some time off to collect porsches and play ultimate frisbee. he has clashed with the
6:40 pm
strategy in facebook's attempts to weaken facebook encryption. he sold what's app for $14 billion in 2014. at the time he promised to work on protection of user data. a high stakes patent fight over the right to gene technology known as crisper devised by a uc berkeley biologist and then the broad institute at harvard. the scientific break-through has the potential to cure genetic disorders. >> to date i think we have tried it out 45,000 times in 22 labs in 61 countries. >> reporter: what are they doing with it? >> they are using it to do everything. it's really a swiss army knife. >> the uc says the patents issued to the broad institute interfere with its patent
6:41 pm
application which was filed six months earlier. t-mobile and sprint hope to join forces to better compete against verizon and at&t. if the $26.5 billion merger goes through, t-mobile would become the nation's second largest wireless carrier. the impact on consumers is still unclear. t-mobile customers could see savings as operations consolidate, but some analysts worry less competition could lead to higher prices for everyone. another cost of the devastating wine country wildfires, hundreds of damaged trees have to come down, the efforts to save what's left of the landscape. >> there's a thunderstorm right now north of sacramento and there are still showers in st. helena and also yountville. we take a live look outside where it's getting hazy over the golden gate, beautiful view nonetheless. your forecast where we will finally shake the chill, find out when next.
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the trees could be a safety hazard if they are left stan napa county has started cutting down hundreds of trees damaged in last fall's wildfires. the trees could be a safety hazard if they're left standing. kpix5's john ramos says officials are trying to exercise care in deciding which trees must go.
6:45 pm
ctor "from a >> reporter: six months ago the nunn fire raged in the hills northwest of napa. today the county took a final step to wrapping up repairs to its infrastructure. >> from a public works standpoint we are actually getting to the end of the immediate concerns from the fire. this is the last group of trees that we need to deal with. >> reporter: these trees along dry creek road with the red xs have been judged by an arborist to be dead or dying and pose a threat to motorists if and when they should fall. so this afternoon a tree cutting crew set out to finish the process that the nunn fire began. lots of blackened dead trees were felled immediately after the fires to clear the county's rural roads, but trees are the reason people love this area. so public works told its arborist to be careful in selecting which ones to remove.
6:46 pm
>> so the arborist created this list for us. they went out once and they went back a couple months later to double check to make sure we were only removing the smallest number of trees that we could. >> reporter: the list includes 340 trees countywide and it will take up to four months to remove them all. just in case, the county even sent a wildlife expert out to make sure no birds are nesting in the now bare branches. >> we haven't found any yet. if we do, what we would do is wait until the nest vacates until the birds fly away. then we would deal with the tree after. >> reporter: in napa county, john ramos, kpix5. >> drivers can expect delays throughout the county from now through the end of august. actress molly ringwald has publicly thanked southwest airlines for saving her father's life. she said the airline made an emergency landing for her father as he experienced a
6:47 pm
health scare midflight. ringwald tweeted in part, " because of their speed and professionalism my father's life was saved." a new look at what the future home of the golden state warriors is going to look like, fresh renderings of the chase center now being built in san francisco. the images include a gate house designed to welcome fans on third street and separate the arena from the surrounding neighborhood. the renderings also show two office buildings, each 11 stories high. the chase center is projected to open in the fall of 2019. the bay area is home to another champion. this time the game is chess. 26-year-old sam shanklin of olindo won the u.s. chess championship this weekend. he's ranked 45th in the world but still managed to win by outscoring three of the best players on the planet. >> probably the most important game of my life and i'm glad i came through. i won the u.s. championship and it feels amazing. i've waited for this moment for about as long as i can
6:48 pm
remember. >> shanklin's prize for the championship? $50,000. california lawmakers are looking to learn more about great white sharks. a bill before the assembly would provide $4 million in funding for research. the money would be used not only to monitor the great white, but also to study ways to improve beach safety. researchers are already studying the increasing populations and want to learn more about what makes them tick. in the meantime a whale spotted by chopper 5 earlier today was breaking the surface close to the golden gate bridge. we couldn't quite make out what kind of whale, but they're always fun to spot. >> one of the extra benefits of living here. >> there are many benefits. yeah, that is one of them. we have dancing through monterey bay through the golden gate. tomorrow we begin warming up, san francisco 56. maybe the whale wanted to cool
6:49 pm
off. santa rosa, the warm spot at 67, concord 66. we have baseball tonight. it's the padres in town, sd versus sf, first pitch is 7:15, breezy and chilly. we took three out of four from the dodgers. let's keep the winning streak going tonight. overnight tonight clear skies, no fog, chillier night. fremont 47, napa 46, santa rosa 44 and mountain view and san jose dropping to the 40s. we've got a few showers. they are leaving napa county and beginning to stretch more towards sonoma county. they'll lose their intensity working their way north to south before drying out in st. held lien a, likely seeing showers now -- st. helena, likely seeing showers now around yountville and perhaps working down toward highway 12 before the shower dissipates by 7:00 or 7:30. the thunderstorm has died out north of sacramento, but just a sign things are still kind of unstable. for the month of april this has been very wet, 61% wet are than average in livermore, -- wetter
6:50 pm
than average in livermore, more than double the average rainfall in san francisco and san jose was above average. the cool and breezy weather moves out tonight, milder tomorrow, especially inland. we won't see additional rainfall for the next seven days. here's why. the low pressure area which has impacted us the past couple days was off to our west, then meandered north. now it's off to our north and it's the same system that's bringing rain to sonoma and napa is bringing rain to north dakota, big low, but it's moving out and no longer a weather player starting tomorrow for us. one subtle thing will happen tomorrow that's really going to impact you in sonoma, warmer weather, north to sound wind warming you up in napa, sonoma and mendocino county, but on wednesday the west to east flow, the flow from the ocean, returns and there's the fog along the coastline from monterey bay, from santa cruz north to san francisco the we will be foggy and not as warm
6:51 pm
wednesday. we'll be milder, near average, but the warmest day will be tomorrow because of the north wind. we'll hop above average by a few degrees in concord and oakland, beautiful in campbell, 73 and sunshine, union city 69 did he, 74 in wall mutt -- 69 degrees, 74 in walnut creek, antioch and santa rosa hit 80 tomorrow, sausalito still chilly at 67 degrees and a high of 76 in ukiah tuesday. then the onshore flow, wednesday through the weekend. the coldest weather is now behind us. that's your forecast. >> all right, paul, thank you. coming up, prom, homecoming, the cost of buying all those dresses does add up, but two bay area teenagers found a way to save their peers some money, how they turned a class project into an app. >> coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 could this be the future of emergency response? california researchers are
6:52 pm
developing an autonomous drone ambulance. at time of yea what it does tonight on nightbeat at 10:00 over on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12. here in golden gate park the mad dash to solve a decades old mystery. >> it led us from one place to another until we ended up here. >> tonight at 11:00 why a cult book has people digging all over san francisco. >> all of a sudden a bunch of other requests started coming in. >> the riddle wrapped around this mysterious woman. >> there's a reason why he hasn't been found yet. >> an original report tonight at 11:00 on kpix5 news.
6:53 pm
♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪ when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app,
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to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. you could generate yourat home.rgy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. 2 bay area students found a way to save their peers some money on a dress.
6:55 pm
it is that time of year lots of high schoolers look forward to, prom, and this year two bay area students found way to save their peers some money on a dress. >> kpix5's len ramirez shows us the class project that turned into an app. >> reporter: these two students were partners in a business class at the harker school in san jose when they were struck by the same dilemma. with homecoming dances and proms coming up they needed dresses, but the high cost put the ones they wanted out of reach. >> our counterparts like the theituxes r a mu chpetor cost th an we bought our dresse for. so that really inspired me like i need to go out and do something about this. >> reporter: they decided to make an app for that with both their moms providing guidance and someone hired to help with the coding, they created promel that lets girls buy prom dresses from their peers for a fraction of what they cost new. >> originally it was $230 and whoever wants to rent it can
6:56 pm
rent it for $35. >> reporter: but the idea was such a big hit it outgrew the classroom, hit the app store and has a growing user base of 550. >> getting the e-mail it was published and going on the app store for the first time and seeing our app there, it was amazing. >> reporter: we are right in the middle of prom season and the app is getting a workout. in fact, the ladies just celebrated their open junior prom and guess where they got their dresses from. >> i actually got my dress from the app and so did nishka and we also had i think 10 more people rent from promel. >> reporter: this is how they looked prom night. they say it's not easy running a busy and going to school at the same time, but they say they are getting on the job business training that will help them into their college careers and beyond. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> great idea. >> they look gorgeous, very smart. for news throughout the evening, the latest always >> join us for nightbeat at
6:57 pm
10:00 on kbcw and back here tonight at 11:00.
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