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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 1, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, may 1st, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." nuclear program cover-up? israel accuses iran of operating a secret government facility. >> i'm here to tell you one thing -- iran lied big time. [ chants ] celebrating the eight. a small group of women and children, part of the migrant caravan, are the first allowed to enter the u.s. to apply for asylum. and dry conditions and
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strong winds fuel an arizona wildfire. the governor has declared a state of emergency as firefighters try to get the so-called tinder fire under control. good morning from the studio 57 at cbs news headquarters here in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. israel says it has conclusive proof iran lied about its past pursue of nuclear weapons. in the words of prime minister benjamin netanyahu, iran lied big time. after signing an international deal in 2015. the white house says the information is consistent with what it's known for a long time. president trump has called the iran nuclear deal the worst ever and is expected to decide on may 12th whether to leave the agreement. hena doba's here in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the iranian nuclear deal, already on thin ice, is even more uncertain.
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netanyahu said the material was taken from a secret government facility he calls iran's atomic archive. >> tonight i'm here to tell you one thing -- iran lied. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu claims to have evidence that iran has lied about the shape and scope of its nuclear program. >> after signing the nuclear deal in 2015, iran intensified its efforts to hide its secret nuclear files. >> reporter: on monday, netanyahu unveiled what he said were thousands of documents taken from iran's atomic archive. he said they proved tehran was developing nuclear weapons even as it said power plants were its own nuclear goal. >> at the very least, the iranians have continued to lie to their own people. >> reporter: secretary of state mike pompeo discussed iran while flying back to the u.s. from the middle east. >> the iranians have consistently taken the position that they've never had a program like this. this will -- this will belie any notion that there wasn't a program like this. >> reporter: the iranian nuclear deal was signed in 2015.
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it lifted sanctions on iran in exchange for allowing its nuclear facilities to be inspected. president trump has until may 12th to recertify it. >> i'm not telling you what i'm doing, but a lot of people think they know. on or before the 12th, we'll make a decision. that doesn't mean we won't negotiate a real agreement. >> reporter: one iranian official described netanyahu's presentation as ridiculous and said the evidence was fabricated. russia and the european union say they're committed to maintaining the deal with iran. anne-marie? >> hena doba here in new york. thank you very much, hena. ahead on "cbs this morning," former secretary of state condoleezza rice gives us her take on the israeli claims about iran's nuclear program. so far no comment from the white house on a report that special counsel robert mueller has given a list of questions to president trump's lawyers as part of the russia investigation. there are almost four dozen questions, according to "the new york times."
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mueller wants to ask the president about a range of issues, many of the questions center on obstruction according to the "times." they also touch on russian meddling and whether the trump campaign coordinated with the kremlin in any way. mueller also wants to know the motivation for firing fbi director james comey. the trump administration postponed a decision on imposing trade tariffs on three key trading partners. the 30-day delay for tariffs on u.s. imports of steel and aluminum affects the european union, canada, and mexico. it continues a temporary exemption already in place. the president announced in march he wants to impose tariffs of 25% on imported steel and 10% on imported aluminum. the white house also reached an agreement with south korea on steel imports. south korea imported the most steel to the u.s. last year. the first group of central american migrants that trekked across mexico seeking asylum in this country is being processed this morning. other members of the so-called
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caravan cheered and pumped their fists when news spread that eight women and children were allowed to across the border. cbs has more. >> reporter: after a month-long trek through central america, nearly 200 migrants have set up this encampment in tijuana, mexico. they're waiting to ask for asylum despite customs and border protection announcing the san ysidro port is at capacity. mira's 1-year-old son and several other children are just recovering from a fever and the flu after traveling through mexico on a train called the beast. she is seeking asylum after two of her family members were killed by gang violence in honduras and as part of an annual caravan that traveled to mexico city to tijuana. you can't live there anymore? >> no. >> reporter: less than a two-hour drive away, vice president mike pence talked about immigration enforcement today. >> we've been watching with
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great interest the advance of the so-called caravan. >> reporter: asylum seekers like miriam are following u.s. law. they have to prove a credible fear of persecution in their home country. if they pass that initial interview, they will likely have to make their case to a judge who decides whether to grant asylum. last year only four applications from this caravan were granted. the group was largely ignored until president trump used them to highlight the immigration debate. >> our immigration laws in this country are a total disaster. they are laughed at all over the world. >> it became public after donald trump kind of like got angry with the caravan. >> reporter: eddie is the director of pueblo sin fronteras, and he says people have little choice but to wait. >> if they go back to their country, the operation will be final because a lot of them will die. >> reporter: a mexican immigration official i spoke with off camera says right now this standoff is causing bigger problems for the u.s. and for mexico. he says this group plans to stay for several days, weeks, months,
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if they have to. right now he says they're not asking for special treatment. they just want to be seen. cbs news, tijuana, mexico. firefighters in north central arizona are hoping rain forecast for later today hopes them knock down a fast-moving wildfire that's eaten up some 14 square miles. the so-called tinder fire started friday south of flagstaff and is being pushed by strong winds. it's estimated about 30 buildings have burned, some 600 residents in nearly a dozen small communities have been evacuated from about 1,000 homes. fire officials say the fire is human caused, but they're not sure exactly what sparked it. now to australia where cardinal george pell, the most senior vatican official charged in the church sex abuse crisis, has been ordered to stand trial. pell is charged with sexually abusing multiple victims decades ago.
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the ruling follows a four-week preliminary hearing. pell pleaded not guilty. his lawyers argue the allegations could not be proven and should be dismissed. pell said the finance minister was mishandling cases of clergy abuse when he was promoted. former president george h.w. bush remains in a houston hospital this morning. a spokesman says mr. bush will remain hospitalized to continue to regain strength. he's recovering from an infection that spread to his blood. mr. bush, 93 years old, was admitted april 22nd, the day after the funeral of his wife barbara. coming up on the "cbs morning news," predator alert. mysterious packages sent to young schoolgirls. and pay cut. why the new cdc director asked that his salary be reduced. cdc director asked that his salary be reduced. oh, sorry i'm late, sir.
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thousands of teachers in arizona protested at the state capitol for a third day yesterday. they're demanding higher pay and more funding for education. teachers say the strike will continue until at least tomorrow. lawmakers say they're preparing a budget package to meet some of their demands. the fbi is warning about a predator targeting elementary school girls, and ronny jackson may face new scrutiny. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstand." the "washington post" reports the pentagon will determine whether president trump's former doctor ronny jackson will face an investigation. jackson withdrew his nomination for v.a. secretary last week amid allegations of professional misconduct. he is remaining with the white house medical unit but is not returning to his role as the president's doctor. jackson has denied any wrongdoing. "newsweek" reports on a predator alert. the fbi launched an investigation into more than 50
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mysterious packages sent to girls at elementary schools in alabama. the packages contained food and a letter signed by atur bhuck of santa fe, new mexico. he's claims he's 14 years old, mentally disabled, and a target of bullying. he asks the girls to reply to two e-mail addresses. the fbi says one e-mail account appeared to originate from houston. similar packages were ordered from e-mail addresses for girls in south carolina and virginia. "people" reports ashley judd sued harvey weinstein for blacklisting her after she refused his alleged sexual advances. judd came forward last fall claiming sexual misconduct against weinstein. movie director peter jackson says weinstein warned him 20 years ago that judd was a "nightmare to work with" and should be avoided at all costs. weinstein denies trying to derail judd's career. the "chicago tribune" reports an r. kelly show in chicago on saturday has been canceled amid past allegations of sexual abuse. and the time's up campaign is taking aim at his career.
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it's an outgrowth of the me too movement. it's asking music-sharing sites, record labels, and venues to join the mute r. kelly campaign. kelly's representatives say he's a victim of malicious conspiracy. "time" reports the new head of the centers for disease control requested and will receive a major cut to his record-setting pay. top hiv researcher dr. robert redfield jr. had been set to earn $375,000 year. questions were raised by a senator after the ssociated press reported last week that he was making almost twice his predecessor. redfield's new salary was not disclosed. still ahead, social media clash. why the ceo of what'sapp is parting ways with facebook. enamel stays strong thatt and resilient for a lifetime the more that we can strengthen and re-harden that tooth surface, the whiter their patients' teeth are going to be. dentists are going to really want to recommend
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with big savings on many of our most popular models. offers end june 4th. to find out more about our great deals, visit get your toyota today. toyota. let's go places. here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪ for the first time ever, san francisco's golden gate bridge is getting an up-close inspection, and it's not a job for those afraid of heights. workers are dangling from cables and walking along the bridge's support beams this week to get a
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look at every rivet and seam. new federal regulations call for an arm's length inspection on some of the more delicate parts of the bridge. on the cbs "money watch," the new ceo or rather the ceo of what'sapp leaves facebook, and new oreo cookie flavors hit the shelves. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. we'll start with this. this morning, crude oil prices are sitting around their highest levels in more than three years. that translates to higher prices at the gas pump. according to aaa, the national average for a gallon of regular is now $2.81. last year at this time, it was $2.38. here on wall street, stocks lost some ground yesterday but finished higher with stronger than expected corporate earnings. yesterday the dow tumbled 148 points. the s&p 500 lost 21. the nasdaq fell 53. the ceo of what's app, the free messaging app owned by
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facebook, is leaving the company. he didn't say why he is leaving other than to say it was time to move on. facebook bought what'sapp for $19 million in 2014, but the two have been butting heads over the use of personal information. facebook is currently embroiled in a privacy scandal. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg may have more to say today. and oreo is coming out with three limited edition flavors. they are cherry cola, kettle corn, and pina colada. oreo says those three were chosen because of taste appeal, creativity, and originality. the brand says it will allow the public to vote on its favorite to determine which one becomes a permanent oreo flavor. anne-marie? >> i know some people are purists and don't like oreo to mess with the recipe at all. i'm not one of those people. i will make the investment and will share it with the newsroom. >> man, i'm not ready for these flavors. i'm more of the purist camp. sorry. >> keep an open mind, diane king hall.
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and help make more tomorrows possible. entresto, for heart failure. against their drivers... we'll have the troubling details.. police in the south bay say a new type of gang is behind a series of carjackings, robberies and burglaries. and treasure hunters descend on golden gate park -- trying to unlock a decades- old mystery... why park rangers aren't too happy about it... join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's tuesday, may first.
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here's a look at the forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ ♪ a couple of pelicans created a disturbance during pepperdine university's graduation ceremony in malibu, california, on saturday. one bird landed in the crowd before it was tossed back into the air. then it moved close to the stage and snapped its break at an official who tried to grab it. eventually both pelicans were shooed away. doctors have been making
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house calls for decades, but now there is something new. they're visiting patients in their homes to perform cosmetic treatments. you don't have to be wealthy to afford it. danielle nottingham explains. hey, come on in. >> reporter: lisa desai is getting microneedling to help build collagen and prevent wrinkles in the comfort of her dining room in orange county, california. what do you like best about getting this service at home? >> i think just the privacy of being in your own home, as well as having the doctor right here that you can have a conversation, you can ask different questions. >> want you to tell me immediately if it really hurts. >> reporter: she calls on the services of dr. sal nadkarni, a concierge physician and specialist in cosmetic procedures. dr. sal's office is his medical bag. he travels miles to deliver minimally invasive procedures right to his clients' homes. >> botox and fillers. and then i do microneedling, i do some injectables for double
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chin treatments called kybella. >> reporter: a visit from a private doctor can run thousands of dollars. medical spas and physicians are now offering quick procedures at prices comparable to visiting an office, and it's not just for the rich and famous. >> about 20%, 25% of my patients are the hollywood celebrity types. and then about the rest, 75% or so, are just regular, normal patients. >> reporter: justine szendzielorz is from los angeles and says she can get the treatments in her budget and her schedule. >> our time is precious. it's so hard to sit in traffic, get to the office, wait for the doctor to be available. >> reporter: she's done in 10 to 15 minutes and can go about her day. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. coming up only on "cbs this morning," this year's best of broadway. we reveal the nominations for the 72nd annual tony awards. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." with roomba from irobot,
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our top stories this morning -- israel claims it has proof positive that iran lied about its efforts to build nuclear weapons. israel says the evidence comes from seized documents it shared with washington. the u.s. says the evidence is consistent with with what it's known all along. and "the new york times" reports special counsel robert mueller has given president trump's lawyers a list of questions he wants to ask mr. trump. the questions cover possible russian interference in the election, james comey's firing, and other subjects. federal prosecutors are reviewing a request for an independent investigation into a deadly police shooting in savannah, georgia.
4:26 am
20-year-old ricky boyd was killed outside his house. the official explanation has changed several times. mark strassman has more. >> reporter: and then boom? >> boom. he's -- he's shot, he's fallen to the ground. >> reporter: jameillah smiley has seen the body camera video of police shooting her son, 20-year-old ricky boyd, right outside the family's front door in january. >> so horrible to have to watch my child get gunned down. >> reporter: police wanted to question boyd about a recent homicide. minutes later, he was dead. interim police chief mark revenew the day of the shooting -- >> the suspect initiated gunfire toward officers. the officers returned gunfire. >> reporter: hours later, they said boyd had a gun but never mentioned he fired it. state investigators later said it was only a b.b. gun.
4:27 am
did you ever see a gun that he held in that video? >> no, sir. >> reporter: family lawyer william claiborne says this video shows a b.b. pistol lying in a neighbor's yard. the body is here, and how far is it from where the body is found to where the gun is found? >> approximately 43 feet. >> reporter: what explains that? >> there's no explanation for that. >> reporter: we went to savannah police for answers to their shifting account. they declined to talk about any aspect of the case. smiley demanded answers before savannah's city council last week. >> i am prepared to stand here until i get an answer. >> ma'am, the city cannot release the video. the district attorney has asked that it not be released. >> they didn't have to kill my son. they didn't have to kill him. i'm so sorry, but they -- they didn't have to kill him. >> reporter: the local district attorney's office is investigating the case. they told us their final report and a decision whether to press
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charges could be finished by the end of next month. mark strassman, cbs news, savannah. coming up on "cbs this morning," a new study on youth football. new evidence about the dangers of tackling at a young age. plus, a cbs news investigation looks at how taxpayer dollars meant to help flood victims may be lining the pockets of private insurance companies and th we reveal the nominations nor the 72nd annual tony awards. morning," this year's best of broadway we reveal the nominations for the 72nd annual tony awards. that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. ♪
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good morning. it's tuesday, may first. i'm kenny choi. and i'm michelle griego. time is 4-- here's neda iranpour with a check of weather.
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police are inves e in east our engines are revved, ready to go. got to get things done. >> tuesday, you're like, "okay. in the groove." . >> this morning, a little chilly to start off thing. we had some clearing of the cloud coverage, causing some areas double down in the 40s. your afternoon highs, 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. . so far were seeing the usual slow downs. we have a crash. it's not blocking any lanes, but it is definitely causing some delays. . you can see


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