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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 1, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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president trump's lawyer in the ongoing russia probably. >> and it is game day. we are live inside oracle arena as the warriors prepare to take on the pelicans in game 2. the big question, will steph curry come off the bench tonight. >> it is tuesday, may 1st. first, theetra tech continue to battle claims they allowed radioactive material to be dumped at landfall else throughout the state. >> ann mcavic is in the newsroom with more on this legal fight. >> now awe new $27 billion lawsuit is in play. this is all in response to a warning from the environmental protection agency. it says that the soil samples the company used to test for radioactive condition tam nation may be fake. this new lawsuit is against navy contractor tetra it can, which is in charge of clearing land in san francisco. well, the epa says that up to 97% of the soil that was shipped from that site needs to be tested for
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radiation. and now the south says people who lived there face, quote, "generational threats of cancer and other incurablable illnesses related to document fraud. the allegations of malfeasance do not stop on that side of the bay. that's near pittsburgh, where some of the materials from hunters point landfall else were taken. a group of people that live near the landfall have asked for the site to be shut down, and today the contra costa board of supervisors is calling for an update on the investigation into that site. >> i immediately got on the phone and started making phone calls to be assured there was no immediate risk: and, you know, overwhelmed like everyone else. this is not what you want to hear. >> with oar fully confident that a scientific -- independent resampling analysis will prove that the claims against us are false.
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>> that's tetra tech engineer who says the company will pay for another round of testing and for a third-party independent analysis of their work. some of the soil from hunters point was taken to kirby cannon in morgan hill, all certified as nonhazardous by tetra tech. this morning, a small earthquake rattled unincorporated contra costa county. the magnitude 2.6 quake hit roughly 3 miles north of the diablo area. no injuries or damage had been reported. >> but, boy, three days in the east bay of multiple quakes. >> some shaking going on. >> the usga said it's not a precursor to the big one, we always think about that. right now, you know, bart usually will be running behind when we have some seismic activity. but right now, all bart trains running on time. 49 trains in service. if you would like to use bart and avoid those busy roadways, it's a great day so
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far. and train number 3 off to a great start, muni and caltrain running with no delays. let's take it to where we have some delays in yellow. over at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, and that traffic starting to back up to the foot of the maze, though it's really not quite there yet. that is the go ahead news there. your ride along 580, your approach over toward the maze, just outside of 24, still moving right at the limit. and the east shore freeway starting to get a little crowded. we are in the yellow. but this is 80 at ashby. you can still see quite bit of space between those vehicles. that traffic is moving. and right now, your travel times in the yellow for 580, 37 and portions of highway 4. that is a check of your traffic. let's check in with net taxer on the forecast. >> i'm loving what the skies are doing over mount vaca. never the same. here's a look at partly cloudy skies out. there look at this bright glow as we wait for the sunrise the next 10 minutes or.
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temperatures in the 40s because of those clear skies. 42 degrees in santa rosa now. 50 for san francisco, livermore 46. let's show you what's happening for the state. we do have this low that's still bringing us some moisture down across parts of sacramento, parts of the sierra. for us, we're basically getting more clear skies out there as this moves out further east. but in the meantime, look at this. snow coming down on this may 1st for parts of highway 50. truckee had a little bit of light flurries as well. the overall picture, more of the moisture is hanging east of us. homewood, this is the camera. saw some snow flurries coming down. there's a bit of fresh powder. not much. maybe an inch or 2 across those high elevation else. we'll talk about the warm up in just a bit. oakland police are investigating a double homicide on the east side. happened near 89th and international outside a cash for gold store last night. police say the shooter is still on the loose now. the last pieces of evidence have been collected from the gosha warehouse, the
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building in oakland where 36 people died from a fire on december 2nd, 2016. workers loaded mostly electrical components from what's left of the gosha into large containers. all will be used as evidence during the wrongful death lawsuits relating to the deadly inferno. now that the evidence is out, they want to move forward with tearing the building down. the city is talking about what should come next. >> it would be the perfect location to create a public remembrance and museum and school. . >> a few nonprofit groups have expressed interest in big the property to create a public memorial or art museum and gallery. none of those plans, however, can move forward for at least a year until the wrongful death lawsuits are mostly resolved. a high-rise tower in sao pablo, brazil has collapsed. a -- it spread to a nearby structure. locals say the building was a
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former federal police facility, and it was only inhabilitated by squaters. at least one person was killed. no word on the cause just yet. supporters of a san jose father plan to rally outside the san francisco ice headquarters this average. fernando padillo will check in with the agency after being released from custody last month. ice agents arrested the undocumented immigrant in october, and detained him until a judge granted a removal older. however, supporters worry ice could decide to detain kail again today at his check in. it is may 1st, which is also international workers day, and may day rallies will be held across the bay area and around the world today. sandra osbourne is live in san jose to explain. >> reporter: here in san jose, also in other big cities, like san francisco and oakland, they saw marches and rallies last year. and today many people are gearing up to see the same thing. go ahead and take a look at some video of last year's international workers day event.
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the focus locally has been not only for workers rights and unions, but also immigrant rights. >> workers rights is not its own single issue. it's in tandem with all these other issues. it's connected to immigrant justice. >> reporter: this year's events come during a tough political environment. a lawsuit claims states such as california, protecting undocumented immigrants are unconstitutional. and aisles raids in the bay area have made headlines nationwide this year. u.s. immigration and calls tops enforcement agents have arrested more than 150 people in the greater san francisco bay area this year, who they say were in violation of federal immigration legal cause. now, those rallies and marches are planned all over the bay area today. just a couple to name here. in san francisco, there's a rally planned on city hall steps at noon. that's for union and immigrant rights. in mountain view a rally is planned at rain stork park community center. that's at 4:30 this afternoon. here in the south bay, there will be people meeting at roosevelt park. that's about a mile away from
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where we are now. they have a march planned for 5:00 this afternoon, which ends at the steps here on city hall. live in san jose, sandra osbourne, kpix 5. right now the caravan of migrants that arrived from central america this weekend are standing firm. they are huddled near the u.s. border awaiting a chance to apply for asylum. officials have started processing some of the central american migrants. so far eight have been allowed through special counsel robert mueller is giving a list of almost four dozen questions to president trump's lawyers. >> they're part of mueller's ongoing russian probe. officials are looking into how rub sha influenced the 2016 presidential election and whether trump obstructed justice. ''the new york times" reported it obtained the questions, which are mostly open-ended. topics of the questions included trump's firing of fbi director james comey, his treatment of attorney general jeff sessions, and ties to russians offering dirt on hillary clinton. a new poll shows 88% of
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democrats believe the mueller probe should continue wherever it leads, while 40% of republicans in the state want it shut down. this morning, president trump is facing another lawsuit. porn star stormy daniels is suing him for defamation. daniels claims she had an affair with the president back in 2006 and that she was threatened by a man in 2011 to keep quiet. earlier this month, on twitter, trump called a forensic sketch of the man a total con job, and said he was nonexiles tent. the white house denies the affair between daniels and president trump. amid sexual harassment allegations, political contributions state senator tony mendoza are falling short. >> it was based on testimony from six woman. mentaldosa resigned under the threat of expulsion from colleagues, but denied any wrongdoing. new document else he filed with the state show that
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his support is dropping. five other candidates for the 32nd district senate seat in the june 9th election have raised more than mendoza. as the raiders work to kick off a 2020 season in las vegas, loyal financials in oakland are saying, "not so fast," and are urging the city to take action. oakland city council members and representatives of forever oakland, and "we stand with oakland" will meet today at noon on the steps of city hall. they're fighting to keep the colors and raider name here in oakland. warriors fans are getting humid for the much anticipated return of their two- time mvp. of course that's steph curry. else listed as probable for tonight's game. it's game 2 versus the pelican else. jessica flores is live in oakland with more. and i want one of those t shirts behind you, jessica. >> reporter: we'll see if we can get one for you, michelle. there are a couple free t shirts here. all the financials who come tonight do get these free t shirts over here, these
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strength in numbers shirts. all the seats have them on. they already have prepared for tonight's game. financials are anticipating seeing steph curry return to the court. he's been out since late march, and that is where they're hoping to see tonight. he is declared probable, but they won't make that a definitely confirmation until just before the game. it is game 2 of the western conference semifinals. the warriors are seeking a spot in the finals for the fourth year in a row. now, curry has been sidelined since march 3rd, nursing a knee jury. but steve kerr said it looks like curry will be ready, become in the line up. curry practiced with teammates on sunday. >> can't wait to see him out there. you know, especially knowing steph, i know it's been killing him. he eels great. i know he's been dying to get out there. and he eels as ready at ever. >> reporter: and san francisco city hall is also lit up for tonight. blue and gold there.
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so if you're passing that, you might see that. and also around oakland, they have banners all over the county courthouse, city hall there, flags flying high for the warriors. this whole place tonight, dove nation will got ready for game 2 tonight. i do want to mention one thing: fans can also vote tonight for this community care else award. kevin durant is up for it, and you basically just have to go to facebook, twitter, or instagram, and hashtag community assist or hashtag kevin during rant, and he's nominated for the award because he's pledged more than $13 million toward charity, helping kids go to college, all kinds of things. if you do come to tonight's game and vote, you get one of these cute pins. that's something to keep in mind. for the first 5,000 fans tonight, you also get a limited edition poster. we'll send it become to you,
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guys. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. >> out of all the free gifts, jessica, thanks so much. time is 6:12. when drivers could soon have to pay more for commutes across bay area bridges. >> you'll definitely be paying some time behind the wheel along interstate 80. we are tracking a new accident that's blocking and lane, and out's certainly slowing things down. find out those travel times coming up. >> and we have snowfall a chance for afternoon thunderstorms. but also a warming trend is about to begin. i'll explain. >> plus in our it can report, the user data twitter is revealing -- research. that's the same company linked to a facebook scandal.
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we need to help more tocalifornians get ahead.d, that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets
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and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california. it.. if it means getting to work quicker.. that's the choice commuters are faced with as they consider a june ballot measure that would raise bridge tolls to pay for
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transportation projects.. th they consider a june ballot presidential your that would raise bridge tolls to pay for transportation projects. the measure calls for a $1 increase on all bay area bridges except the golden gate bridge starting in 2019. it would go up another dollar per year until 2022. the east mated $4 and a half billion raised over 25 years would actually fund more than 30 projects from the marin sonoma narrows to more of those new bumper cars. san francisco is expected to impose new regulations on electric scooters. they've become a big problem with riders, leaving them scattered on streets and sidewalks when they're done. the board of directors will vote at 1 this and to establish a 24-month pilot program. let's get a check on traffic with jacqueline. hey, there. >> hey, there. interstate 80, not a fun ride this morning. we are tracking a new accident, and it's definitely causing some slow downs. this is a motorcycle crash along westbound 80 right
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near pinol valley road. this is at highway 4. starting to see more of those break lights as those cars are making their way westbound. you can see speeds dip just below 40 miles per hour as you're approaching highway 4. once you get past that crash, it's still a bit sluggish as you head on into richmond. do be prepared for those delays starting to build. a little over20 minutes, making your way along the east shore freeway. we're tracking a big back up over at the bay bridge toll plaza. at least it looks like one. it's stretching toward the foot of the maze, but our travel time just went back down into the green. it's about a 15-minute ride heading into san francisco. that is a check of your traffic. let's check in with net taxer on the forecast. >> about 30 minutes ago, there's more snowfall coming down across lake tahoe. now it's starting to wrap up a bit. we may continue to see a chance of showers and snowfall throughout the afternoon hours. we also have a chance of thunderstorms for us this afternoon. look at the rain that's coming down. some pretty heavy lines coming through sacramento. for most of the bay area, it's
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clear. this is the view from the truckee airport. look at those low clouds hanging over the tops of the mountains there. this view showing dry conditions. they didn't get much measurable snow by any means. over in homewood they got maybe 1 to 2 inches. here's what's happening now. we are getting clearing of the skies across the bay area this morning. the official sunrise happened just a few minutes ago. right now in san francisco, we're at 50 degrees. san jose 49. santa rosa cooler. temperatures in the low 40s. here's that sunrise time,? the at 8:00 this will today. get ready for that. future cast showing we're going to see continued clearing of our skies. by 0, 4:00 this afternoon, we may notice a chance of thunderstorms. there's going to be a little instability in the air between 3 and 6:00 p.m., until about sunset time. that's when we could see that chance of thunderstorms. other than that, though, just a marine layer will return overnight, early tomorrow morning. your temperatures today, warmer than yesterday. we're above average. 67 for the high in san francisco. expected to reach 70 degrees. high temperatures in other neighborhoods today
6:20 am
staying above average for most of ums. 79vallejo. further east, 80 degrees in fairfield. check out napa, santa rosa, temperatures in the 8 0s. this is moving east. then we ore going to see this. this ridge of high pressure will bring us surge, warm weather, 80s by the time we get to the weekend. michelle? >> neta, thank you. twitter is revealing that it sold user data access to a cambridge analytica linked research. . a twitter spokesperson says that data collected was already public. cambridge analytica obtained millions of facebook users' information without their consent. ceo mark zuckerberg testified about the issue last month. he is expected to address the issue today during the company's s8 developers conference. this morning, wall street is bracing for the
6:21 am
release of apple's quarterly earnings. the company is expected to announce over a $100 billion giveaway to share holders. some analysts are still concerned about apple's sales. some say apple missed the mark with its $999 iphone 10. there were two thrillers in the bay area last night, one at at&t, one here at the sap center in game 2. we'll drop the puck coming up. >>
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we were able to redefine and recontour her chin, her neck. it just took, you know, the years back, i think. >> all right. and i know now how people around the world love the elite team. >> we're able to offer a variety of different procedures all time, tailoring
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customizing in a treatment plan. with offer everything from later liposuction, to cool sculpting, fat reduction. we have something for everyone. >> and the best part is the natural results. that's big deal. jimny garafolo was one to open san jose's dressing room door. he put on the teal jersey, gave some phils pounds, and martin jobs and company
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took the ice. how was it? >> it was awesome. we ore going to win the w tonight. >> garafolo continued the party this week with joe staley and the rest of the offensive line. jonathan marchione scores the 2nd of 3 unanswered for the golden knights on a one- time beauty,vander capable rifled one past mark andre flurry. vegas's lead down to just 1. the sharks were down to their final 2 minutes. there was a scrum in front of the net. he flames it in to tie the game at, and force overtime for the 2nd straight game. logan cue picture came controls to ending it, but and dry flurry made the save of the night, and they played on. william carl son got a breakaway. sniperred one past jones. and vegas wins 4-3 to take a 2- 1 series lead. baseball, give you the bad news first. joe pan nick had surgery to
6:26 am
repair a torn ligament in his left thumb for analogiry he suffered on friday. he counsel out 6 weeks. meanwhile, an orange full moon, framed by palm trees at the ballpark last night, which means something has to happen good for the giants, right? this will work. numb humley, a single in the 9th inning against the padres. the giants rally with 2 outside, and they win 6-5. a lot of people gave the giants up for dead, but they have come back, and come back strong. that's what the sharks are going to have to do on wednesday night in game 4. meanwhile, the warriors and the pelican else get it on for game 2 only at oracle. that's where i'll be. and i'll see you tomorrow morning with a wrap up of the warriors pelicans. kpix 5. time now 6:26. just weeks after a deadly engine explosion on a southwest flight, the crew who helped land the plane safely gets a well deserved
6:27 am
honor. >> the high-profile meeting with the president. >> plus the three bay area cities log to put a stop to the data they share with ice.
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we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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another northern californian california is jumping into the sanctuary estate immigration debate. >> israel is accusing iran of operating a secret government facility.
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. it is tuesday, may 1st. >> and i'm michelle griego. ann mackovic is in the newsroom with reactions from both sides. >> and now a $27 billion lawsuit could be announced this average. it's in response to a move by the environmental protection agency, which says the soil samples the company used to test for radioactive contamination may be fake. navy contractor, theetra tech was in charge of clearing land at hunters point in san francisco, and the company is now being accused of document fraud. the epa says that up to 97% of the soil that was shipped from the site needs to be tested for radiation. and now the suit says people who live there face, quote, "generational threats of cancer and other
6:32 am
incurablable illnesses. the allegations of mall fees answer don't stop there. a lot of questions swirling about the safety of the el canner canyon landfall in contracosta county. that's near pittsburgh where some of the materials were taken. a group of people who live near the landfall have asked for the site double shut down. today the contra costa board of supervisors is calling for an update on an investigation into that site. >> i don't take it lightly. i mean, when we look at people that may be at risk -- >> it's unfortunate that the false allegations that have been brought against us may result in unnecessary delays in the redevelopment process. >> that is a tetra tech engineer who says the company will pay for another round of testing and third-party independent analysis of their work. some of it soil from hunters point was also taken to kirby canyon and morgan hill, all certified as nonhazardous by, theetra tech. the city of santa rosa worked to make it easier for homeowners to rebuild after
6:33 am
the october wildfires by streamlining the permit process. they waved fees, and they even offered temporaryly housing to residents with nowhere to go. the city is considering streamlining the housing process for the next three years. the goal is the same: make it easier to build housing in the city. but critics say the temporary ordinance could change santa rosa forever. the time now, it is 6:33 as we head outside to take a look at some of the light traffic coming in from marin county into san francisco on the right. and a beautiful spectacular shot of the sunrise and clouds from our mountain back- up cam. it's going to be a little warm today. temperatures are warming um. it's a little brisk. we have the clearing of the clouds. that's allowing for the cooler air to hang low. we are seeing sierra snowfall, which has been known to happen in may. here's a look at the skies over the bay. some clouds out there further east you go. and then, right around the bay, looks like the marine layer is hanging around.
6:34 am
0 degrees in san francisco, san jose 49, santa rosa 42. concord, you're at 51 degrees. wind speeds a lot calmer than yesterday. yesterday we had gusts 20, 25 miles per hour along the coast line. throughout the day today, you'll maybe notice a breeze through fairfield, ant i don't care. but a lot of this is simmering down for you. here's a look at the overall picture. we could see a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. sierra snowfall also coming down at the moment. jacqueline? along 680, we have now a traffic alert in effect for drivers heading in that sold direction. apparently there were some bags of concrete that was dropped in the roadway, and you can see that speeds are definitely slowing down, into the red. as slow as 11 per hour. a 1-minute ride down to highway 24. chp has shut down 1 of those lanes, and plans to keep that closed until they can get all of that cleaned up. they don't want all of that dust spreading everywhere, making it difficult for drivers to see. here's just past the san, and you can see traffic doing just final.
6:35 am
this is heading into walnut creek. as you make your way over to 24, that is moving right at the limit. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it over to you, kenny. the sheriff's office is asking for help in constructing a time line for the period that the suspected golden state killer was present in that county. joseph deangelo of citrus heights was arrested after a dna profile on genealogy web site matched genetic evidence from crimes, according to authorities. the golden state killer, also known as the east area rapist -- the original night stalker is suspected of committing 12 homicides, 51 rames, and dozens of break ins between 1974 and 1986. santa barbara investigators believe that the suspect was in santa barbara county between 1978 and 1986. he is believed to have been in that area, ranging from santa maria in the north to carpenteria to the south. today richmond city leaders would consider an ordinance that would prevent
6:36 am
the city's investment tends to going to data broker companies that share personal information with aisles. that also includes companies that plan to participate in the trump administration eels extreme vetting program. the city of berkeley will also review a similar ordinance at a meeting later today, and oakland's city council today will vote toen act the surveillance trance partner say ordinance into law. a northern california county is jumping into the sanctuary state immigration debate. >> supervisors are expected to vote on a proposal that sides with the federal government this morning. the proposed resolution clarifies that the county's policies comply with federal immigration. it also requests that the federal government provide local governments with full- cost reimbursement for any assistance requested by ice agents. on that topic, today is international workers day or may day, and rally else or marchs are planned across the bay area today. sandra osbourne is live at san jose city hall this
6:37 am
morning with a look at what to expect. sandra? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, kenny. yeah, international workers day is normally known as a day of civil protest, where people focus on workers' rights and the right to a fair wage. but in recent years, the focus has also been expanding to include immigration. go ahead and take a look at some of the video of events last year, as people marched in rallies through the bay area in san jose, san francisco, and in oakland. some san jose businesses even closed last year, as employees went on strike. now, this all comes during a tough political climate in came due to the recent ice raids, where more than 150 undocumented immigrants were arrested in the greater bay area, making national headline else. this also comes after the u.s. government filed a lawsuit against california, claiming sanctuary state guide lines protecting undocumented immigrants are unconstitutional. now, some groups today will be focused, again, on workers right else, union rights, the right to strike, the right to fair wages. here in the south bay, there is a rally planned for
6:38 am
4:00 this afternoon. it's starting at roosevelt park. they plan to march a mile to get here to the steps of city hall where that rally continues. live in san jose, andras bourne, kpix 5. president trump is examining israeli intelligence that claims iran covered up a secret nuclear weapons program. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said his government captured tens of toss of documents, while it told the world it only sought civilian nuclear power. the development is likely to play a role in there the president withdraws from the 2015 iran nuclear deal on may 12th:. a stand off at the mexican border is at the top of washington's agenda this morning, as a group of at least 150 latin america are seeking asylum into the-ups. president trump does not appear to be moved by their pleas. for more developments, we turn to our washington insider, mark standelo. >> why has this group of
6:39 am
immigrants attracted so much attention? >> reporter: because the pictures of these folks perfectly encams late, puts a human face on the different ways people look at immigration. people who are there, supporters look at this group of folks who -- mothers, children who have walked for 3,000 miles from the guatemalan border, seeking safety and refuge and mitt call asylum in the united states. the other side has looked at these people and said there are gang members among them. we have legal cause preventing them from coming to united states, trying to take advantage of our asylum legal cause to sneak into the united states. if you look at those pictures, two different views of the exact same image. >> any indication the poll are breaking along traditional party line? >> reporter: michelle, they have for a long time. what's different now is -- republicans tend to want
6:40 am
stronger boarders. democrats tend to want to make more undocumented immigrants citizens. what's different is the harsh tone from republicans, which has come along with president trump. i remember, almost 18 years ago now, george w. bush and governor of texas campaigned for the presidency. people say, "what are you going to do about all them illegal aliens." and he used to turn to those crowds and say, "don't you think for a second family values stop south of the rio grand?" why do those people want to come to united states? because they love their children. they want to feed their children. while, indeed, it may be that republicans tend to favor harsher immigration legal cause, they haven't always been as critical of the motives of the immigrants. >> your whopper of the week, who is it this time? >> so washington was at its silliest, kenny on sunday night. saturday night, at the white house correspondents dinner when comedian michelle wolf gave what was somewhat of a profanity-laced
6:41 am
insult-ridden attackton the trump administration, here's where the insincerity comes in. conservatives are complaining she was overly critical of trump. this is a man who has labeled women as pigs and volleyballs, and said much worse things we can't even say on tv. label realsmeanwhile, said she had every first upped. . right to say what she wants. . >> all right. mark sandelo for us with all his insight from washington, d.c., mark, thank you. after being sidelined for weeks, staff curry is expected to make his debut tonight. jessica flores is live at oracle arena, which is expected to be a packed house for tonit's game 2 between the warriors and the pelicans. hey, jessica. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. that's right. we're beginning give you an exclusive look now into oracle arena, because we're the only ones here with
6:42 am
the cleaning crew. they are preparing for tonight's game 2 of the semi finals, western conference semi finals. the warriors are seeking a spot in the finals for the 4th year in a row. curry has been sidelined since march 3rd, nursing a knee injury. but steve kerr said it looks like curry will be become in the line up. curry timessed with teammates on sunday. >> aside from that window up there, i had one eye on the game tape and one eyeton the staff. i had a good vantage point. i talked to them afterwards, and came out well, and feeling good today. >> reporter: fans are ready for him tonight as well. san francisco city hall is all lit up in blue and gold, and back out here live, if you aren't coming to the game tonight, this is what you'll be treated to as well, some strength in numbers t shirts, and everybody gets these rally towels.
6:43 am
the first 5,000 fans get a limit edition poster. if you are wondering, there are some tickets still available. want to sit in the front? it's going to cost you $5,000. how about those nosebleeds? you can get that for a hundred bucks. reporting live here at oracle arena, i'm cress to flores. >> nosebleeds are final, jess a. we're not picky. all right. we'll see you. time now is 6:43. just as the fcc's new net neutrality rules take effect, there is a new push in washington to roll them back. >> plus how many companies have a applied for driverless car permits in kept >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the big board. the dow is about 147 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks.
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president trump is preparing to
6:47 am
meet with the crew. many of the passengers onboard have called captain tammie jo shults, one of the first women to become a navy fighter pilot, a hero. many of the passengers on board have called captain teammy jo shultz one of the best women to become a navy pilot. the ntsb is investigating the engine failure. democrats in the senate are pushing back against the fcc's new net neutrality rules. back in december, the fcc repealed rules enacted by the obama administration. those rules required internet service providers to treat all online content the same, meaning they can't deliberately speed up or slow down traffic from specific web site else. now democrats are gathering cig curls to force a vote to overturn the fcc's repeal: a possib clash over facebook data practices has the cofounder of a popular messaging app stepping away. and investors are keeping a close eye on interest rates. >> joining us is jason brooks. good morning.
6:48 am
>> good morning, michelle. good morning, kenny. j,n kum is leaving facebook, announcing on facebook monday that decision, although not disclosing the reasons. ''the wall street journal" said it's likely because kum is opposed to facebook placing advertising on what'sapp, something facebook will be doing later this year for the first time. brian actin left over similar objections last year. while kum and actin may object to facebook ads on what'sapp, they didn't mind selling whatsapp for $22 billion. investors worried about interest rates. that is sending the stock market lower. the dow dropping over 140 points. nasdaq down by 13, s and p lower by 7 points. michelle and connie, back to you. joy son, thank you. >> thank you. the dmv has offered permits to test driverless cars on public roads for the
6:49 am
last month. so far only two have turned in their application. a dmv spokesperson said they haven't issued any permits, and officials say the first company didn't complete their application. the second application is still under review. all right. time now, it is 6:49. a lot of people getting ready to go to work. let's get a check of the morning commute. >> yes. we are tracking a big problem along 680. we have 2 lanes shut down now in the southbound direction as you're approaching treat due to some cement bags dropped in the roadway. this is a live look. this is highway 4, and we're starting to see the slow downs in that westbound direction on the left side of your screen. highlights moving westbound. your travel time 31 minutes out of about i don't care toward 680. here is where the traffic alert is, at shreet boulevard. a 7-minute ride to go from willow pass down to highway 24. here's a live look at just past where that incident is, and, sew traffic does start to pick up a bit as you are headed into walnut creek. but it's going to be a slow ride just getting there.
6:50 am
no problems as you head on over towards 580. the 580 approach still moving well. over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we're in the yellows. a 15-minute ride heading into san francisco. let's check in with ned on the forecast. >> over at san jose coming off the big sharks game yesterday,, of course,. and this morning, partly cloudy sky. so we are noticing a few clouds, but also the clear skies making way for cooler air out there. check out this view over at mount vaca. we did see some sun raise just poking right through there. sunrise happened officially at 6:13. 0 degrees in san francisco, cooler in the north bay, 42 for you in santa rosa, livermore at 46. we are dealing with some 40s out there this morning. taking a look at the overall view, some moisture coming through. parts of sacramento, south stockton area, also some sierra snowfall still lingering there near kirkwood. a lot of that, though, has settled down a bit.
6:51 am
these the skies over truckee. it's all associated with what's going on way out east in nevada, utah, bringing in a chance for average thunderstorms for us. and continued snow flurries across the area. here's that future cams. most likely we'll see the sun right around your lunch break. going to feel pretty go ahead out there. by 3, 4:00 this afternoon, we may notice some green popping up. afternoon thunderstorm possibility for sacramento valley as well. and then possibly around the diablo range. once the sunsets at 8:00 p.m., that chance is going to be gorgeous. the unsettled air will settle. temperaturewise, we are going to be above average. going to be warmer than yesterday by about 10 degrees for some inland spots, 67 for the high in san francisco. oakland expected to hit 70. overall, the further out east you go, that's where the warm air is. 79. all through wine country, temperatures also in the low 8 0s. once this low moves out further east, it's going to make room for this ridge. that ridge is going to bring us
6:52 am
warmer weather, sun. get readyer for it. it's going to feel pretty comfortable, especially as we get to the end of the week. friday, saturday, sunday, this is going to be our story. get ready for good-looking weekend. you can continue with whatever outdoor plans you have. the area that won't see much of a change would be the combs. marine layer will be lingering, bringing cloud cover. temperatures going to stay in the low 60s the next 10 days. around the bay, temperatures rising from the upper 60s to the low 70s by the weekend. low 80s for inland a.m. and that's a look at your forecast. the stretch of highway 1 and big sur is set to reopen in mid-assignment. heavy rain last year triggered the massive mudslide in may. even now there is no access for drivers heading up the coast from l.a. crews are now building a quarter mile of new roadway and embankments. questions about radioactive material on soil on both sides of the bay. coming up, the new lawsuit
6:53 am
about to be announced. iders. i he >> plus newly revealed allegations against more than 100uber drivers.
6:54 am
6:55 am
south l.a. is very medically underserved. when the old hospital closed people in the community lived with untreated health problems for years. so, with the county's help we built a new hospital from the ground up and having citi as an early investor worked as a signal to others to invest. with citi's help we built a wonderful maternity ward and we were able to purchase an mri machine. we've made it possible for the people who live here to lead healthier lives and that's invaluable. ♪
6:56 am
on *both a new 27 billion dollar lawsuit is set to be announced this following the latest concerns about radioactive materials on both sides of the bay. a new $27 billion lawsuit is set to be announced this afternoon. the defendant navy contract tetra tech, which was in charge of clearing radiated land at hunter's point in san francisco. the environmental protection agency says the soil samples the company used to test for radioactive contamination may be fake, and that up to 97% of the soil that was shipped from the site needs to be tested for radiation. the lawsuit is from people who lived near that site. on the other side of the bay,
6:57 am
questions about the safety of the keller canyon landfall in contra costa county in pittsburgh. that is where system of the materials from hunters point landfall else were taken. today the contra costa board of supervisors is calling for an update on the investigation into that site. the company standing by its work. >> we believe that any concerns created by false claims can be addressed actually resampling and analyzing the areas in question. >> that is a tetra tech engineer, who says the company will pay for another round of testing and for a third-party independent analysis. some of the soil was taken to kirby canyon in morgan hill. thank you. it is 6:5. time for your final five. an effort to speed up the rebuilding effort in wine country. >> santa rosa is considering streamlining the housing process for the next three years. the goal is to make it easier to build housing in the city. but critics say the temporary ordinance could change santa rosa forever. oakland police investigating a double homicide
6:58 am
on the east side. it happened near 89th and international outside the cash for gold store last night. police say the shooter is still on the loose now. disturbing allegations against ride share company uber. a cnn investigation found at least 103 drivers in 20 major cities have been accused of sexually assaulting or abusing riders in the last four years. cambridge analytica obtained users' information without their consent. mark zuckerberg testified about the issue last month. he is expected to address the issue again today during the company's f-8 developers conference in san jose. robert mueller giving a list of four dozen questions to president trump's lawyers. they are part of mueller's ongoing russian probably. . , you know,. we are tracking a rollover
6:59 am
crash. this is along northbound 17 at moscatos. you can see speeds haven't started to slow just yet. but along 280, we're tracking another rollover crash. that's slowing things down. and we've got speeds that are dipping right around 15 per hour along 280. do give yourself extra time. a little bit of moisture still hanging in the air, especially east of us as this low moves out further east. what we are seeing, partly cloudy skies. look at that cool sun trying to be seen through the cloud cover. unfortunately, i have to show you current temperature. it won't cover that. 47 in livermore, 43 santa rosa. starting out cool. san jose, partly cloudy skies there, and your headlines, cool to start. 10 degrees warmer this afternoon. >> okay. sounds good. >> and the sun looks good. but you know what looks good? inside, all of that blue and gold. take a look. inside oracle arena tonight. >> yeah. game 2 of the warriors trying to continue their
7:00 am
play-off success. thank you for watching. your next local update, 7:26. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, may 1st, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." as president trump waives the future of the iran nuclear deal, israel says secret files prove iran lied about nuclear weapons research. the former secretary of state condoleezza rice is in studio 57 with her reaction. the "new york times" revealed questions robert muellerments to ask the president focusing on ties to russia. a cbs news investigation reveals how a program run by fema is failing flood victims and benefits private insurance companies. jeff glor has


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