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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 2, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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out sight. looks okay in oakland. we'll have traffic and weather coming up. >> looks scary! >> like a scene from a movie. not scary in the skies today. the moon is almost full. the clouds will be clearing out burning off this afternoon. here's a live look from mount vaca. you can see that moon loud and clear and no clouds to disrupt that view. over in san jose a little bit of cloud coverage out there this morning. temperatures in san jose at 53. santa rosa down to 43 now. so if you step outside it may be brisk. 49 in livermore. oakland 53 degrees. now, through san francisco, right now, noticing a bit of wind picking up and some of this marine layer that's around the coast. the wind helping push it inland a little more. so you will see cloud coverage in livermore as well but the
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futurecast showing a lot of this will burn off in the next few hours. when you head out you will see gray skies but by 10, 11 a.m., it will head back over the waters and then you will have sunshine. so sunny day today and clouds return again overnight. so that's a may gray typical conditions for you. temperatures also very typical today. they are going to be normal where they should be so that's good news. we have visibility impacted at half moon bay down to five. petaluma 7. santa rosa just dropped down to 1.7-mile visibility so that's something drivers will need to know about out the door. >> drivers need to know to stay away from 80 this morning at least for a little longer. this is interstate 80 at highway 4 so your ride through hercules and pinole definitely slow due to caltrans doing some overnight roadwork various lanes closed. they were supposed to be wrapped up by 5 a.m. as you can see, they are still
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out there. we still have a big backup. it stretches beyond cummings skyway. in fact, it's stretching all the way onto the carquinez bridge. so just to go from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza is clocking in over an hour and a half. travel times don't go back 99 minutes so the math is wrong on that. it's about 90 minutes right now so things are definitely slow. you're going to want to avoid 80 until all those lanes re- open. then you can expect residual delays to last for quite some time. this may ruin the 80 commute for the morning ride. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no backup, no delays. smooth sailing into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. 7 states are now suing the trump administration claiming it has failed to end the daca program which helps illegal immigrants who were brought to
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the country as children. kpix 5's jackie ward joins to us explain what's behind this legal action. reporter: good morning. it's a renewed sense of action against daca. a group of states wants the federal government to stop issuing and renewing daca permit. the attorney general of texas is leading the charge and has the support of alabama, arkansas, louisiana, nebraska, south carolina and west virginia. this lawsuit could add even more confusion to the already complicated case for the justice department. it would potentially conflict with rulings made in three separate rulings across the country that have blocked the end of daca. texas attorney general ken paxton says the way the law stands now sets a dangerous precedent for the future. >> it invites future presidents to ignore the law, ignore the will of the people, and set their own policies on the second amendment, privacy rights, drug laws or any other important issues debated in congress. >> reporter: just last week, a federal judge overruled the white house's efforts to dump
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daca. it was a ruling that got delayed for 90 days in order to allow the trump administration to better explain its case to end the program. the daca program protects about 700,000 immigrants brought to the country illegally as children from being deported. now there's a chance this case may go to the supreme court. president trump's legal team may be preparing to take a stand against special counsel robert mueller. as hena doba reports, the two sides are sparring over potential questioning in the russia investigation. reporter: president trump's former attorney john dowd says special counsel robert mueller may try to force the president to testify under oath. mr. trump's lawyers have been in talks with the special counsel's office about a possible sit-down interview with the president. last night dowd said that mueller's team raised the idea of a subpoena during a meeting in early march. this comes after the "new york times" published a list of 40 questions that mueller's investigators want to ask mr. trump. in a tweet, the president
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called the leak disgraceful. but the press secretary later refused to comment. >> i'm not going to get into the back and forth on matters involving the special counsel. >> reporter: meantime, the justice department official who oversees mueller said outsiders won't be allowed to influence the investigation. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein spoke after some congressional republicans drafted articles of impeachment against him. >> i think they should understand by now that the department of justice is not going to be extorted. >> reporter: even if a grand jury subpoena were issued, president trump could still refuse to answer questions by invoking his fifth amendment rights against self- incrimination. hena doba, cbs news, new york. president trump's lawyers say they haven't decided if they will advise him to agree to an interview with mueller's team. get ready for more pain at the pump. gas prices are on the rise again as we approach the summer months. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with more. reporter: prices here 4:09 for a gallon of regular gas in
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south -- $4.09 for a gallon of regular gas in south san francisco. this could be the most expensive driving season according to gas experts since 2014. let's take a look at the average prices right now in california. the average is $3.62 up 12 cents from just a month ago. san francisco averaged $3.74. oakland $3.64. and in san jose, $3.65. it has some drivers rethinking their driving habits. >> it's a loss to me in the summer because gas is so high. >> reporter: petroleum analysts say the increase in prices is in part because of the trade conflict with china and fears over military uprisings in syria. the surge is also being traced back to opec, the organization of petroleum exporting countries, and its decision in 2016 to cut down on oil production. so it is also a simple case of
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supply and demand. live in south san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> how does the state's new gas tax come into play here? >> reporter: that's making things worse. gas taxes went up 12 cents a galas november. so as we see the prices rise, it is in part due to that and, of course, there is a ballot measure right now that we're likely going to see this november that would repeal that gas tax. the more drivers see prices like this, the more likely they could be to vote for that repeal. back to you. >> thank you, anne makovec. video of a laptop computer theft could potentially help berkeley police find a suspect. it happened monday outside cafe strada on college avenue. jake olshan who shot the video says the young man with the laptop tried to flee but two men grabbed him in hopes of giving him to police. as the thief dropped the laptop, another man punched him. >> comes in and said let go of
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him. >> let him go! let him go! [ punch ] >> let him go!! >> the kid who caught the person who stole the laptop was not willing to let go of him until that guy punched him. >> berkeley police say that the second man was the getaway driver. time now 5:08. a wild scene on the streets of paris as may day demonstrations spiral out of control. >> reporter: today a major groundbreaking for a luxury high-rise apartment near the macarthur bart station. what does this mean for affordable housing? we'll have the details coming up. >> get ready for clouds along the coast. but after those clouds burn off expect a warm afternoon. >> and a rough start for your wednesday morning commute for commuters long i-80. what's going on, how far do those brake lights stretch? find out coming up.
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burned homes, businesses and vacation cabins in central arizona. the 11-thousand acre fire has investigators believe that an illegal campfire sparked a wildfire that's burned homes, businesses and vacation cabins in central arizona.
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the 11,000-acre fire has been burning north of payson since friday forcing the evacuation of several communities in the area. and fire officials have been hesitant to estimate the number of buildings that have been destroyed. but according to the "arizona republic," officials estimated in a public meeting on monday that 20 to 30 structures were damaged or destroyed. mass demonstrators smashed windows and torched cars marring peaceful may day rallies in france. french police say that far left anarchist groups hijacked a rally against president macron's labor reforms. officers used tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd. four people were injured including a police officer. the day ended with more than 100 arrests. here in the bay area, oakland is adopting a plan to reduce plastic waste and it might only be step one. the city council has approved a measure requiring customers at restaurants and other food facilities to ask for plastic
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straws. the council also asked the city administrator to drop a plan within 6 months to put the same requirement on containers, utensils and other disposal food products. oakland will be home to a new transit village. the groundbreaking is in a few hours. jessica flores is live there with details on the new project. reporter: kenny, we're near the macarthur bart station and this will be part of the macarthur transit village project. there's actually going to be a major high-rise right here in this empty parking lot. it's eight acres here and that's going to be the site of a luxury apartment building. now, the building has about 400 unions in it. the bottom floor will be businesses. the 24-story tower is 260 feet high, three times taller than any other structure around the station. this particular area is zoned for just 90-foot buildings. city council approved the project last year, made on exception for the developer after the developer agreed to reserve about 10% of the units
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for affordable housing. now, this project is all about that bigger effort we have been talking about, bart's plan to bring more affordable housing near transit centers. and later today, city officials will be here for the groundbreak at 10 a.m. jessica flores, kpix 5. 5:14. let's check traffic. we have had some problems very early this morning. >> we have. we keep getting incidents that are coming in. it's a busy start to wednesday morning. this is a live look at an accident just off of the oregon expressway from 101. a car hit a pole. and so emergency crews are on the scene. this is not blocking any lanes and this is right on that off- ramp there. but definitely, causing some problems and it's going to be a little while before they get all that removed. they will need a tow truck. that car doesn't look driveable. so expect some minor slowdowns especially trying to exit on
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oregon expressway. they may have to shut down some lanes. we'll update you on that incident. we are also tracking delays along 80 and that has been a mess this morning. it continues to be very, very slow. caltrans had some overnight roadwork that has already just destroyed the eastshore freeway morning commute. right now, this is right at highway 4. that's where the various lane closures begin down to richmond parkway. caltrans is scheduled to have it wrapped up by 5:00 but they are still out there. it looks like they are trying to wrap up but that backup is beyond cullings skyway, beyond the carquinez bridge -- beyond cummings skyway, beyond the carquinez bridge and now closer to 780. right now, your travel time about 2 hours just to go from the carquinez bridge to the
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maze. that's not a pretty sight. so if you can hold off until they wrap up with all the roadwork and those residual delays disappear, which i don't know if they will exactly for the morning commute, this may have just really started -- it was a rough start, but hold off if you can until traffic starts moving. at the bay bridge toll plaza speeds in the green, light conditions. easy ride into san francisco. it was windy last night. west winds pushed the clouds east. but over mount vaca it's clear. so we get a great view of the waning gibbous moon. it's not every morning when we get to wake up early and see this. so it is quite a cool sight on this wednesday morning. happy wednesday to all of you. here's the golden gate bridge. so low clouds not necessarily
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impacting the drivers or the roadways or the bridges at this hour. you may see some marine layer this morning. 51 degrees in san francisco right now. 49 livermore. oakland 53 concord 54. here's that visibility map. half moon bay still down to 5 miles. but clear everywhere else. in oakland 14-mile per hour sustained winds. fairfield also windy in the valleys. high temperatures close to average today, a little above average, similar to yesterday. mid- to upper 60s around the bay. and then inland areas mid-60s closer to 80 degrees in some spots. 76 in campbell. 77 in morgan hill.
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74 in san jose 71 in fremont. 69 in union city. over in the east bay temperatures around upper 70s to the low 80s. so it's going to feel pretty comfortable and sunny later on this afternoon. marine layer will burn off. 60s and 70s in the area. this ridge of high pressure will bring us morning fog and sunny afternoons. may gray weather is here. that low that brought us sierra snow yesterday dipped on south and further out east. so that's where southern california, arizona, nevada, they are dealing with some of the moisture from this low. you can see it all kind of wrapping around here and then of course colorado, utah, they are also dealing with plenty of precipitation. but look at most of northern california, staying nice and dry through this afternoon. a ridge of high pressure on friday will bring us warmer weather, sunshine, saturday as well and then look what
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happens on sunday. we have a little trough that's going to dip in. it will bring our temperatures down just slightly so you can see that in that seven-day forecast. temperatures on the rise through saturday and then dropping off ever so slightly and then warming again on monday. michelle? trending now, kanye west is making headlines again. this time, for comments he made about slavery. >> you hear about slavery for 400 years? for 400 years? that sounds like a choice. >> there's facts and real world, real life consequence behind everything that you just said. the rest of us in society have to deal with these threats to our lives! we have to deal with the marginalization that's come from the 400 years of slavery that you said for our people was a choice! >> so kanye made these comments on tmz and a staffer hit back at him. social media is hitting back.
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if slavery was a choice hashtag. the star of the crown will finally get her fair share after being paid less than her male co-stars. actress claire foy plays queen elizabeth ii. the producers of the show revealed in march that she was making less than the actor who plays prince philip. foy will now get $275,000 in back pay. in case you need another reason to get a pet, a new study finds pet-free city dwellers might be at higher risk of mental illness than people with pets growing up. researchers at the university of colorado say the bacteria and microorganisms that pets carry strengthen people's immune systems and make them more resilience to stress and mental health problems. so get a pet. a game recognizing game at last night's warriors victory
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against the pelicans. steph curry made his 2018 play- off debut last night. he only played 27 minutes but finished with 28 points. after the game, giants legend barry bonds gave him a big hug and he came on the court and bowed to the warriors star. that's cool. this is his first game back since march 23rd. we'll have sports after this.
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good morning from oracle. one of the strengths of the golden state warriors the last four years has been their depth. last night they got to bring a two-time mvp off the bench. steph curry in the first. new orleans up 7, curry pulls up from berkeley, nails the three, 12 points in the first half. final seconds of the half he misses, klay thompson hit the three at the buzzer. golden state 58-55 at the half. 4th quarter warriors up 3. andre iguodala with the steal gets fouled. misses the dunk, but the ball goes up and in. you know it's your night. 104-98. under two minutes left, a 10- point game. curry another three and that's the dagger. he finished with 28 points in 27 minutes.
5:25 am
and the warriors win 121-116 to take a 2-0 series lead. >> six man rule? >> not at all. i'll be back. i should be soon but it's good to be back on the floor. thank god for health. game i love, great teammates, and big win for us. >> talk about what steph brought to the team tonight? >> there were times when we were stagnant. we missed him and i was happy we were able to go 5-1 in his absence, but it's great to have him back. baseball, this young lady probably making her first appearance at at&t. giants and padres, tied at 2, top of the 9th. but then! eric hosmer goes deep off strickland and san diego wins 3-2. more bad news for the giants, they placed johnny cueto on the disabled list with right elbow inflammation. the a's were in seattle. they lost that game. that's three straight losses for the a's. as for streaks, the warriors have won 14 straight play-off
5:26 am
games here at oracle. the nba record is 15. this series now moves on to new orleans on friday night. at oracle, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. the battle over daca continues this morning. texas and six other states are making an aggressive move to end it threatening a lawsuit that would add complications to an already complex issue. >> reporter: and get ready to pay up at the pump. we're talking prices well above $4 a gallon and rising. the reasons coming up next. ♪you've got a friend in me
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the victim's fiancee watched on in horror. and a major victory for hts in californi a bay area man is charged in the deadly shooting of his waworker as the victim's
5:30 am
er rceiganhes tc e inho d calif could have a big effect on bay area tech companies. >> may gray along the coastline. but inland areas, get ready for a warmup. >> and we are starting to see improvement for i-80. we are still seeing some delays though. we'll take a look at the travel times coming up. good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, may 2nd. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. it is a new legal twist over daca a program to help immigrants who were brought to the country illegal as children. jackie ward explains why states are taking legal action against the trump administration. reporter: 7 states altogether. texas is leading the way but it has the support from alabama, arkansas, louisiana, nebraska, south carolina and west virginia. the lawsuit may be what it takes for the issue to face the supreme court as it challenges the lawfulness of daca. it claims that the creation of daca in 2012 violated the constitution and federal law. because of that, the lawsuit calls on the federal
5:31 am
government to stop issuing an renewing daca permits. it's a program that protects 700,000 immigrants from being deported. those against the lawsuit say that our country needs to be more welcoming. >> regardless of what religion you believe, regardless of what your citizenship status, regardless of what language you speak, you have a right to be here. you're part of our community. you're part of this country. >> reporter: given the trump administration's stance on daca, a big question this morning is what the justice nowa dome will in court or allow someone else to defend it? last week a federal judge overruled the white house efforts to get rid of daca. >> thank you. president trump's former doctor says that three trump associates raided his office and took the president's medical records. dr. harold bornstein told nbc news it happened days after he revealed that the president takes a hair loss drug. the white house disputes that. it was a raid and says that the handover of records is standard when the president changes doctors.
5:32 am
bornstein also said a later on then candidate trump's health was dictated by trump himself. the 2015 letter raised eyebrows for language that strikingly is similar to the president's speaking style including the claim that president trump would be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency. it is 5:32 right now. let's check weather. >> so we have a little bit of coastal cloud coverage, may gray weather. but it may be a little gray when you wake up and daylight hits. other than that sunny skies for this afternoon. and warmer weather. so san jose getting gray and cloudy but temperatures are going to warm up pretty nicely. very similar to yesterday's conditions. and those clouds as you see right here the "salesforce tower" not low enough to obstruct the view so you can see the top of the tower. that's always a good sign. that means we don't have low cloud coverage and fog messing with drivers this morning. clouds to start, a warm afternoon in store and similar to yesterday. friday and saturday
5:33 am
temperatures will rise a little bit compared to the normal conditions that we'll be experiencing. here's a view as we start to get a bit of daylight. you can see clearing and then some clouds over on the east side of the bay bridge. but a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge this morning. pretty calm along the waters. it's a little bit of a breeze in some valley spots. 51 degrees for san francisco. 49 in livermore. oakland at 53. so let's show you those wind speeds at this hour. half moon bay 5. sfo 8. hayward 7. these are sustained winds, gusts a little stronger. concord 14. fairfield 15. so the east bay his breezy. visibility fine in most locations, clear at sfo, hopefully the clouds won't mess with flights coming in and out. half moon bay visibility down to five. three miles for santa rosa. petaluma at 8. so it should be okay for drivers as far as the cloud coverage is concerned. then later on you will want sunglasses because it will be warm and sunny this afternoon. right now, we are keeping
5:34 am
a close eye on i-80. this is all due to caltrans. they had some overnight roadwork. in fact, they were doing some paving where they had various lanes closed and this is a look at the backup. this is i-80 right near highway 29 sonoma boulevard. the closures didn't begin until highway 4. so that stretches beyond cummings skyway beyond the carquinez bridge and all the way to 29. give yourself some extra time. now, i have some good news. caltrans opened all the lanes but there are residual delays for folks going to hercules. 80 at 4, you can see that the trthe freeway. we still see quite a few brake lights on the stretch. over 2 hours -- just under two hours if you are making your way from 4 to the maze. but it is a very slow ride. once you get past that it's
5:35 am
sluggish but things start to pick up. so heads up at the eastshore freeway. give yourself some extra time. back to you. thank you. police say a man's obsession with his coworker's fiancee sparked a deadly shooting in daly city. last wednesday, mark mangaccat picked up his fiancee after work at sfo. police say kevin prasad and donovan rivera followed them. a gunman opened fire on the couple just as they pulled into their driveway. mangaccat was killed. he and his fiancee both worked with prasad at covenant aviation security screening passengers at sfo. >> somehow, mr. prasad has in his mind that the way i can get this woman to want to have a relationship with me is to kill her partner in life, the father of her child. that's businesses say thinking. that is, um, thinking that bears no logical sense. however, it guided him and it ended the life of an innocent
5:36 am
man. >> the couple had been friends with prasad since 2014. investigators say he had brought up the possibility of a relationship before but the fiancee had brushed it off. prasad and his accomplice rivera are now in the san mateo county jail. you might want to put that summer road trip on hold. gas prices are going up. anne makovec reports. reporter: crude oil prices are at the highest level in four years and you can see the results here. gas prices$4.09 for regular at this station in san francisco -- gas prices are $4.09 for regular at this station in san francisco, 40 cents higher than last year. let's check the average numbers. in california, the average price for a gallon of regular is $3.62. that's up 12 cents from a
5:37 am
month ago. san francisco is up to $3.74. oakland $3.64. san jose $3.65. petroleum analysts say the increase in prices is an art because of the trade conflict with china and fears over military uprising in syria. the surge also being traced back to opec and its decision in 2016 to cut production. in many cases, it's supply and demand. >> there's some troubling refineries in the state, couple of them down for scheduled maintenance. when they come back online, we'll have more gas coming in. >> reporter: he says there's a good chance that production in the u.s. will bounce back by summer. of course, something that's really adding to the pain at the pump here in california our new gas tax that went into effect in november adding 12 cents a gallon. so without that we would be below the $4 mark here. but that's not the case.
5:38 am
live in south san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a new supreme court ruling could transform uber, lyft and other key players in the so- called gig economy. a recent study found about 12.5 million people were considered independent contractors in 2016. that's about 8.4% of the u.s. workforce. the california supreme court ruled to limit businesses from classifying workers as independent contractors. the ruling could increase protections and benefits to thousands of workers including ridesharing drivers, high-tech workers and truck drivers. >> employers can hire independent contractors and pay them less than the minimum wage and often they do. that's a reason that employers will misclassify workers as independent contractors. under this decision, it will be much harder for them to do that. >> employee status changes will not happen overnight. but a flood of class action lawsuits against employers is expected.
5:39 am
looks like the maple syrup and honey industries are in a sticky situation. diane king hall reports. >> reporter: good morning. stocks closed mixed yesterday. the dow was down 64. nasdaq was up 64. federal reserve meets today. having hit its 2% target for inflation, they will leave the benchmark lending rate unchanged. maple syrup and honey makers are in a fight with the food and drug administration. a new rule will require the bottles to say they contain added sugars but that's inaccurate, according to producers. tesla is slapped with a $2 billion lawsuit accused of patent and design infringement. a company says tesla's semi infringes on its intellectual property. they accuse them of willfully copying patents to make its electric truck. >> we hear that anyone looking for a summer internship could
5:40 am
have a chance to take a month long vacation. they could travel and get paid. what's that all about? >> reporter: all right. so take out your pen and take notes from. now to may 20th. days inn is taking job applications for someone to document experiences of free paid adventures. applicants have to be aspiring photographers. at the end the intern gets $10,000. >> that is what you call a summer job. can we apply? i know a few pretty good photographers at our station. >> aspiring photographers, i say, go for it. >> go for it. of diane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch," thank you. 5:40. a man in an rv leads california police on a 100- mile chase with his two children along for the ride.
5:41 am
>> reporter: and a major groundbreaking for an apartment high-rise near the macarthur bart station. but what does this mean for affordable housing in oakland? we'll have details coming up.
5:42 am
5:43 am
in just a few hours: a groundbreaking ceremony for a checking out our mount vaca camera, we're waiting for that sunrise. still less than 30 minutes away. but it provides a glow for us nonetheless. we have a few clouds hanging around the coastline. i'll have your full forecast coming up. in just a few hours a groundbreaking ceremony for a new transit village in oakland gets you had way. kpix 5's jessica flores reports. reporter: reporter: kenny, we're right near the macarthur bart station turquoise way and this is where a high-rise will be built in this empty 8-acre lot that's right now basically dirt, a dirt parking lot. it will turn into that apartment high-rise and this luxury building will feature
5:44 am
about 400 units. take a look at the renderings. the bottom floor will be businesses. the 24-story tower is three times taller than any other structure around the station. this particular area in oakland is zoned for just 90- foot buildings. the city council approved the project last year, granting the developer an exemption because the developer agreed to reserve about 10% of the units for affordable housing. now, this is really all part of bart's pushing to bring affordable housing near bart stations. later today at 10 a.m., city officials will meet with the developer here for that groundbreaking. reporting live in oakland, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a chase through l.a. ends in bakersfield. police say a paroled sex offender evaded officers in a motorhome with his 11-month- old daughter and 3-year-old
5:45 am
son still inside. the suspect has been identified as 46-year-old stephen houk from oregon. he is on the loose and armed. he is wanted for child abduction and weapons violations. it was not a pleasant ride for some visitors in japan got stuck on a roller coaster got stuck. riders were hang there is for two hours. >> oh, no. >> before rescuers finally managed to get them down. no one was hurt. the park blames a faulty motor part for the incident. >> upside-down for two hours? >> two hours. >> fun two hours. >> all the blood rushing to your head? >> you learn to be patient. >> and hope you don't have to use the bathroom. >> upside-down roller coaster? >> would you go back there if that happened to you? >> that was quite a ride. >> i love roller coasters. i think i'd go back. >> oh, man. we have quite a ride for some drivers on the morning
5:46 am
commute right now. this is not looking good. okay, this is 80 at 4. caltrans had overnight roadwork that caused a big backup right in this area. but just when they picked up the lane closures, we had an accident in that backup. very slow speeds, over an hour from the carquinez bridge to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a motorcycle crash near pinole valley road and it is blocking at least one lane. that rider is down, some injuries. this is not going to help those travel times. so give yourself some extra time if you are traveling the eastshore freeway this morning. it is likely going to be very slow for quite some time. these residual delays will be sticking around. so the backup stretches beyond cummings skyway, beyond the carquinez bridge, and it is pretty slow as you are approaching highway 29 sonoma boulevard there along 80. so it is definitely a tough
5:47 am
ride this morning. we are starting to see a backup develop along westbound 4 before you transition on to 80 and then richmond parkway getting pretty busy but once you get past that accident, right near pinole valley road, things start to pick up. so there is some relief for drivers heading along 80 but you have to get through that slowdown. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are still looking pretty -- great, in fact! we are seeing just a few cars backed up in some of those lanes. lots of space between the cars. definitely much better than your eastshore freeway ride. 12 minutes into san francisco. we are starting to get a little more daylight out there so you can see some clouds over the golden gate bridge and then also doing some interesting things. we have clear skies over parts of the bay. it won't mess with drivers. clouds to the east, as well.
5:48 am
44 in santa rosa. temperatures in the 50s especially the north bay valleys. 53 in oakland. afternoon temperatures will feel comfortable out there. we are going to get more sunshine, as well. visibility right now impacted a little bit at half moon bay because of the clouds. santa rosa down to three. petaluma 8. most other locations high clouds. that satellite/radar showing that a lot of it got pushed by the west winds, the marine layer pushing inland so that's why we'll notice it burn off quickly in the next few hours. so winds oakland 14-mile-per- hour sustained southwest berkeley at 8, southwest winds in concord up to 14. fairfield 15. napa 9. so calm in parts of the north bay. if you are heading to the game today, 12:45 first pitch, padres versus the giants, and
5:49 am
it will be clearing skies and sunshine. a little breeze through at&t park 63 degrees so not bad baseball weather. temperatures close to average now. a degree or two above for parts of san francisco and oakland, temperatures around the bay in the mid- to upper 60s. inland areas mid- to upper 70s for most areas. 76 in campbell and los gatos. 68 in los altos. cooler there. redwood city at 70. along the coastline temperatures in pacifica 60s. 75 for concord. 80 in antioch. brentwood 81 degrees. and around the bay temperatures in the mid-60s for sausalito and berkeley, richmond also kentfield a little warmer at 74. and then further up north we go 77 in cloverdale and lakeport. and we are not necessarily dealing with this ridge of high pressure yet but it is getting close. and it's going to continue to provide us with morning fog around the coastline. those clouds hang around the beaches, may gray is what it is. then by the afternoon sunny. friday and saturday we'll have warmer temperatures.
5:50 am
so until friday, we are going to be normal, very consistent with yesterday, as well. and then by friday, saturday, temperatures will jump up a little bit. here's the rain-snow futurecast. this is where you can see that ridge really pushing any kind of moisture around it. so it's not going to allow anything to dip down until sunday. sunday morning this trough will dip into california hovering around the oregon border so not expecting to see any rainfall in our forecast because of it but what we'll see is temperatures saturday inland going from the mid-80s down to the upper 70s. so a slight drop in your temperatures then and then monday, tuesday, look at that, we're rising back up to warm weather. that's your forecast. time now 5:50. the cdc is issuing a warning on bug-borne illnesses. the new data that has experts sounding the alarm. >> a burning high-rise in brazil comes crashing to the ground.
5:51 am
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san francisco city leaders are calling for an independent we'll have a gorgeous sunrise this morning. we have clouds doing all kinds of fun things in the sky. your afternoon highs today 68
5:54 am
in oakland. 71 in fremont. 74 in san jose. not a bad looking wednesday. 80 not good unless you like this shade of red. this is 80 near 4. we had overnight roadwork then we had a motorcycle crash. that's what's causing a big delay. the traffic is backed up beyond the carquinez bridge. it's just under an hour commute for drivers making their way westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. do expect delays to continue throughout much of the morning. san francisco's city leaders are calling for an independent investigation to look into the alleged human rights violations of a filipino peace advocate. the man was taken into custody at sfo while trying to enter the u.s. for a speaking tour last month. customs and border patrol are accused of torturing him during his 28 hours detainment last month. his application to enter the country was denied due to a
5:55 am
visa problem and he was sent home to the philippines. ual is banning more types of animals from the planes after several high-profile animal deaths including a dog that was put in an overhead storage bin. pugs, french bulldogs and other short nosed dogs will not be allowed because of health risks. united consulted with the humane society. the new policy begins june 18. as the weather warms up, experts are warning people about a surge in illnesses that comes from bug bites. the centers for disease control reports infections from mosquitoes, ticks and fleas have more than tripled since 2004 and at least 9 diseases have been reported for the first time in the u.s. >> warmer temperatures can lead to a longer breeding season and that can allow things like ticks and mosquitoes to spread geographically. also, the world is getting smaller and smaller. there's so much traveling. >> diseases carried by mosquitoes like zika also saw
5:56 am
sharp spikes. doctors say to protect yourself, cover up and use insect repellent. at least one person is dead in brazil after a huge building fire. the high-rise in sao paolo collapsed yesterday just about an hour and a half after the fire began. firefighters did manage to evacuate most people from the 26-story building which was once a federal police headquarters. it was abandoned but city officials say 150 squatters had been occupying it. investigators believe that a gas explosion may have sparked the fire. a search continues in case there are more victims or survivors. daca is back in the headlines this morning as some states are proposing a solution. the fix would end the program. >> plus, the evidence that's expected to be released from the investigation into the deadly las vegas shooting.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
signed off on by four pathologists." sacramento police e the official autopsy t following
6:00 am
this is a very thorough and comprehensive report that was signed off on by four pathologists. >> sacramento police released the official autopsy report following the deadly shooting of stephon clark. how it compares to an and pent report. >> plus, the debate over daca heats up. the states that are now suing to try to stop the program that benefits millions of "dreamers." >> and making the president talk. why the special counsel leading the russia investigation could possibly issue a grand jury subpoena for president trump. first, get ready for more pain at the pump as we approach the summer months. i'm michelle griego, it is wednesday, may 2nd. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: prices here at the station in south san francisco $4.09 right now and on the rise. prices are already 40 cents more than they were at this time last year. this could b


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