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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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let's start with a live look outside on this wednesday morning. traffic not bad in the east bay at this time. and sfo, foggy start near the airport. >> oh-oh! you know what that means. >> could be delays. always good idea to call ahead. >> check with your airlines. most likely, the foggy start is going to be trouble for flyers and drivers. here's a look at coit tower this morning. your headlines today do include foggy start and then drizzly, as well. you will have to clear off the mist off the windshields with the windshield wipers. today will be the coolest day of the week. even inland don't expect too much of an increase in your temperatures. they will be definitely about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. the wind direction is going to shift and that makes all the difference. so friday into saturday, warmer weather is on the way.
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we get an offshore breeze. right now all of this is because of that onshore breeze. look at the west direction. 21-mile-per-hour sustained winds now at sfo. that just picked up. so feeling that breeze definitely at the airport. and that's going to impact them, as well. and then vallejo 10-mile-per- hour winds, fairfield 18. antioch 13. now, we have two systems to the north and south of us that are basically causing these winds to come right through the bay area causing the half moon bay to be down to a mile visibility. petaluma 3-mile visibility. right now, we are tracking a hot spot in antioch at the bridge. we have a crash that resulted in a car fire. emergency crews are on the scene. you can see the slowdowns developing in the opposite commute direction. but for many folks trying to
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get into rio vista or walnut grove or just get over to lodi, this is the route they take. so this is definitely going to impact a lot of drivers this morning until they can clear the lanes. we'll let you know when that happens. there's been no estimated time given yet. westbound you're good to go. over at the bay bridge toll plaza it's busy we are in the yellow heading into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. new this morning, a few scary moments for one caltrans worker along highway 24. according to the chp, a car pulled over with a flat tire near the caldecott tunnel around 2 a.m. a caltrans tow truck driver approached and try to help but the other driver became angry and pulled a handgun and fired a few shots into the air before leaving the scene. the chp briefly shut down the area and a short time ago officers went to the home of the suspect and arrested him.
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no word on the charges. all new homes built in california may soon be required to pay for solar panels. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: fremont already does this. we are in front of a new build right now that will have solar panels for new homes and new low-rise apartments. well, california may be following fremont's footsteps with their own requirements. today, state regulators are meeting and they are expected to approve a set of rules that will require new homes and low- rise apartments built after january 2020 to have solar panels. the california energy commission is to reduce greenhouse gases and could save homeowners on energy costs in the long run. the commission says the money saved on energy would total $16,000 but you have to stay
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in your home for 30 years to see savings. and it will cost homeowners about $10,000 more up front. >> it's one of the few things you can invest in, in a home that actually you recoup. >> reporter: now, this does also apply to multi-family homes. those are three stories or less. now, new regulations must be approved by a california building standards commission so it's not automatic. if it were to be approved, this would take effect in 2020. live in fremont, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. in hawaii, lava continues to pour onto the streets. two new cracks have opened emitting toxic gas into hard hit neighborhoods. nearly 2,000 people on the big island have already been evacuated since the kilauea volcano erupted last week. now remaining residents have been told to get out immediately. law enforcement is going door
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to door. molten lava has destroyed 36 buildings and 14 cracks have opened. >> it's just a rapidly evolving situation. things are changing quickly. this has been the concern all along about this type of eruption. it's not over. things change quickly. >> and here's a look inside one of the volcano's craters. the usgs's helicopter captured this amazing video showing the lava and the poisonous gas. experts say that gas is mixing with water vapor. they say it can damage lungs trigger headaches and cause breathing problems and is especially dangerous for people with respiratory problems. it can be present for weeks and winds will spread it for hundreds of miles. iran is furious with president trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the nuclear deal. [ screaming ] >> reporter: overnight, some
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lawmakers set a paper american flag on fire in parliament chanting death to america. president rouhani warned that his country will restart its nuclear activities within weeks. it came hours after president trump declared he had definitive proof that iran violated the 2015 agreement. u.s. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle voiced concern. >> i think by getting out of the iran deal that he moves us backwards, not forwards. >> i obviously hope the president decides a way to stay in. >> the u.s. will now reimpose sanctions against iran. the leaders of some european countries expressed concerns. they may still work with iran to save some deal. special counsel robert mueller is reportedly looking into half a million dollars in payments to president trump's personal attorney. cnn reports michael cohen was paid by a company controlled by a russian businessman with ties to vladimir putin.
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that's according to the attorney for stormy daniels. that money was deposited in the same account used to pay his client to keep quiet about her alleged affair with mr. trump. turning to the first face- off in the bay area for the race for governor the debate got personal for some candidates. anne makovec joins us now to show us the highlights from last night's event. it was contentious. >> a couple of times. but in general, it was pretty tame especially when compared to presidential debates. reporter: there were a couple of tense moments including talk of two of the candidates, gavin newsom and antonio villaraigosa who both admitted to affairs. >> if you can't trust gavin with his best friend's wife, how can you trust him with your state? >> it's hard with with respect to -- to hear from mr. allen, who is a supporter of president trump, talk about the issue of sexual harassment. >> reporter: besides that each candidate was mostly sticking
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to the party platform. they talked about healthcare, taxes and immigration. a hot topic, the "dreamers" and california's sanctuary state law. >> it's not about grandmothers being pulled out of their homes. this is about ms-13 or other people who have committed crimes being held by law enforcement and law enforcement is not allowed to contact i.c.e. that's wrong. >> fact of the matter, immigrants commit less crime than the native born according to national academy of sciences. the fact of the matter is, these people are contributing to the economy. we ought to work with them. we ought to celebrate them and their work. >> reporter: california's underfunded pension system was also on the table which all of the candidates agreed needed to be changed. high-speed rail, the democrats were supporting it with conditions. republicans vowing to stop t and the state's gas tax which could be repealed in november. again support for and against it was along party lines. gavin newsom who is the
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current front-runner refused to be part of post-debate press conference and skipped several previous debates and is not likely to participate in any more before the june primary. >> we could see two democrats facing off in november. >> the top two system. it makes things interesting. a chose between one of two evils. but we have seen a lot of early polls that predicted we would see the race between newsom and villaraigosa in november but republican john cox has done very well in recent polls. time now 5:09. for the first time, the bay area judge facing a recall election addresses the effort to remove him from the bench. >> reporter: tens of thousands of workers for the uc system are expected to strike for the third and final day. we are live from ucsf
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parnassus. >> we are waking up to tough driving conditions out there with fog hanging around. what this means for afternoon temperatures and i have a high wind watch to tell you about. >> we have fog advisory to tell you about and an update on the crash along 160. coming up.
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campaign against him. the recall is on the ballot in santa ty, for next m judge aaron persky spoke tubly for the first time about the recall campaign against him. the recall is on the ballot now in santa clara county for next month's election. those behind the recall efforts say that judge persky was too lenient when he gave former stanford university swimmer brock turner a six- month jail sentence in a sexual assault case. judge persky said in general, judges should not have to be concerned about public opinions about their decisions. >> i think judicial rerecalls should be reserved for misconduct by a judge or incompetence. >> turner was released after three months for good behavior but register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. judge persky is not able to comment in public about the case. this is the third final day of striking by university
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of california workers. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from san francisco. reporter: the largest employee union for uc is calling this the biggest strike in uc history. it may be quiet and dark here now, but the strike is still very much alive. registered nurses from uc's major medical centers including here on parnassus, plus ten student health centers, will be picket again this morning. that's about 29,000 nurses, pharmacists and radiologists from across the uc system. they say they are out here after a year of stalled contract talks and are supporting other contract workers unions, too. this strike is being led by service workers of all kinds including food services, one cook from a dining hall at u.c.-davis saying besides more money, they want uc to outsource less. >> we are trying to let uc recognize our problems and not ignore them.
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>> reporter: senator harris is showing her support for the strike by boycotting cal's commencement in which she was expected to speak. she tweeted in part: . if we are going to live up to our ideals as a nation, it's critical we focus on economic equality and economic justice. one key is making sure everyone has access to a good job, with fair wages." officials from uc say that their workers are already paid at or above market rate and they just can't afford the almost 20% raise they are demanding. jackie ward, kpix 5. time now 5:15. let's check traffic. >> we have been tracking this accident and we do have a correction to make. earlier we were getting reports that this crash involving the car fire that had shut down all lanes on 160 at the antioch bridge is actually at the three mile slough bridge so this is north of the antioch bridge before
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highway 12 in the southbound direction. there's delays building in both directions and chp has shut down the southbound direction of 160. so anyone trying to get into antioch or further is going to have to use another way. 680 or take 12 all the way over to 5 and then connect with 4 and head all the way back but that's going to be a big delay. i would just stay on 12 and connect with 680 or 80. right now, we are tracking a pretty smooth ride westbound 4. over along 580, we have the usual delays as you can see building along 205 and 580 heading through the altamont pass. 31 minutes for drivers towards 680. and we are seeing the big crowds already developing along 880 just south of 238. so as you make your way through san lorenzo, you will just be in good company heading on down into hayward. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, more and more folks lining up trying to get across that bridge. we are in the yellow. no metering lights just yet
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but we are tracking a 12- minute ride into san francisco. check out what's going on right over the bay bridge. a little break in the clouds but also low-lying marine layer is hanging right over the water, over a lot of our local bridges and even as far as the east bay this morning. so you're waking up to drizzle through san jose. visibility for now not impacted but what's going on in san jose is 60 degrees this morning. normally you're in the low 50s. so it didn't get much cooler overnight because of the clouds. 50s and 60s in the area right now. in san jose, drivers not impacted by visibility. half moon bay down to a mile. sfo down to 5-mile visibility. and petaluma it's down to 3. so throughout the marin area, north bay, you'll definitely notice that. low-lying cloud coverage and
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it's going to stick around for a while this morning. a lot of times it doesn't show the cloud coverage that really does happen but through noon you'll see it along the coast. it will take a while to burn off and returning again tonight sticking around for your drive tomorrow morning. here's what's happening. we have this low to the north. and also a high pressure system down to the south so that ridge and the low together combine and it allows for those west winds to really get intense and all that's doing is bringing us the ocean air over to us. so that's why we are noticing a little drizzle and mist and why we are getting west winds. stronger in the east bay hills. napa 13-mile-per-hour winds. that picked up a little bit. overall by friday to saturday,
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our wind will completely shift directions. we are going to start to get an offshore wind. a high wind watch friday evening into saturday morning so something to keep in mind. gusts up to 60 miles an hour possible for the north and east bay hills. so make plans. it will be warmer on friday into saturday. today though temperatures cool and pretty normal for where they should be around the bay. cooler than average for san jose and concord. here's the seven-day forecast. but he's probably not proud of it. ly bad perform trending now, a major league pitcher has set a new mlb record but he is probably not too proud of it. >> the historically bad performance for orioles starter dylan bundy who allowed four home runs in the 1st inning failing to get an
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out before being pulled from the mound. that's a first in the mlb, by the way. the royals won the game 15-7. also trending, the cannes film festival is under way in the south of france. actress cate blanchett heads the jury this year. she says gender issues are front and center but will not impact the judging. >> would i like to see more women in competition? absolutely. do i expect and hope that that's going to happen in the future? i hope so. >> the cannes film festival continues through may 19th. i'm dennis o'donnell at oracle. two teams down, two more to go. and what do the warriors think about the houston rockets? their reaction coming up.
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led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
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it seems like all season long, that nba and their fans have been wondering about a matchup between the houston rockets and the golden state warriors in the westerns conference finals. i can tell you this morning that date is officially set. draymond green was a monster last night, trying to get inside information on the pelicans. he didn't need it. final minute of the first half, tied at 54, kevin durant knocks down the three.
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golden state led by three going into the half. 3rd quarter, durant with the steal, ahead with steph curry gives it back to durant with the dunk. warriors up. curry makes it 81-60. golden state started the quarter on a 25-4 run. curry led the warriors with 28 points. draymond green knocks down the jump shot, finishing with one assist shy of a triple-double and the warriors win 113-104 advancing to the western conference finals for the fourth straight year. the rockets' chris paul one win away from reaching his first conference final. under three minutes left against the jazz. paul with three as the shot clock is fired. cw3 scored 41. houston won 112-104 to set up that matchup with the warriors beginning in houston on
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monday. >> destined to meet up with houston in the series? >> i felt like the whole year the trajectory they were on and the pace we were playing with and i'm sure nba fans will be excited for this matchup. >> they have made it known that their team is built to beat us. kind of their like you said the you want to call it. it's been a year now. time to play. >> unusual territory for the golden state warriors beginning a play-off series on the road. quick baseball note. houston next door to me beat the a's 4-2 and the philadelphia phillies beat the giants by an identical score of 4-2. reporting from oracle, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. here's the play of the day to the diamond we go. seattle taking on toronto. the mariners' james paxton on the verge of a no-hitter in the ninth. the blue jays josh donaldson, the potential final out. >> donaldson a couple of feet
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in the grave already to seeger, the pick, the throw, paxton has done it. it's a no-hitter! >> cool paxton is from british columbia and the first canadian pitcher to pitch a make league no-hitter in his home country. seattle winning 5-0. the candidates who are vying to become california's next governor faced off in a debate last night. coming up, some of the highs and lows of the evening. >> reporter: california regulators may soon require builders to install solar panels on new homes. i'll have the details coming right up. it's not just any streaming.
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i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs.
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california values senator dianne feinstein ♪ ♪ hi! leaving a career to follow a calling takes courage. a personalized financial strategy can give you confidence to take the next step. hi guys! aw yeah! see how access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. today to reduce the supply of assault-style weapons nationwide... and why a new study says oakland
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public schools are losing out on tens of millions of dollars every year... gun control advocates will try to reduce assault weapons nationwide. >> why a new study says oakland public schools are losing out on tens of millions of dollars every year. >> we have those coastal clouds affecting a lot of the bay area this morning. what this means for your temperatures. >> and it's getting busy out there. the metering lights, they're on. the backup is stretching. how far does it stretch and how long will it take you to get through the mess? we'll tell you about it coming up. good morning. it's wednesday, may 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. today officials will vote on a new statewide effort to combat greenhouse gas emissions. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: they are hoping to combat greenhouse gas emissions bee requiring new homes and apartments to install -- by requiring new homes and apartments to install solar packages. in fremont they already require new buildings to have
5:31 am
solar panels. and the state may soon be following fremont's footsteps. regulators are meeting today to vote on that measure and they are expected to approve requiring new apartments and houses to have solar panels by january 2020. it could reduce greenhouse gases and may save money in the long run. the energy saved would total $16,000 but it would take 30 areas to recoup the cost. it will cost homeowners about $10,000 more up front. >> in the long run it will pay for itself. >> reporter: these new regulations must still be approved by the california building standards commission and if the rules go through today, they still have to -- they won't go into effect
5:32 am
until 2020. reporting live here in fremont, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. the confirmation hearing gets under way this morning for the nominee for the cia. gena haskell is under connection for her connection to cia tactics that some call torture. she will promise that techniques like water boarding and sleep deprivation will not be used if she becomes cia director. the man haskell hopes to replace is in north korea this morning. secretary of state mike pompeo is there to plan a summit between president trump and north korean leader kim jong- un. according to a south korean official, pompeo is expected to return to the u.s. with three detainees accused of hostile acts or espionage against the north. north korea has only released one american detainee during the trump administration. and that was otto warmbier who came back to the u.s. in a
5:33 am
vegetative state and died days later. time now 5:32. we saw that marine layer coming in yesterday. the fog is hanging around. cloudy and foggy today. >> reporter: temperatures will be cooler today for all of the bay area. here's a look at your headlines: west winds contributing to cool winds. the ocean air is impacting us today. we'll see a shift in the wind direction from on shore to offshore. that's going to lead to us warmer conditions on friday.
5:34 am
you can tell where it's thicker right along the beaches as it tends to be so along highway 1 anyone whose commute takes you through marin headlands most likely that's where you'll be dealing with it a lot and the golden gate bridge and it has been working its way past that to the bay bridge as well so you will see a lot of this just right around the water. but, yes, those west winds pushing it further inland. it's kept our temperatures from dropping too much. 61 in concord now. 61 in san jose. 58 degrees in san francisco. jaclyn, good morning. good morning. and good morning, everyone. it's a good reminder if you are driving through that fog refrain from using your high beams. you can use your fog lights but not high beams that make it difficult to see. a couple of problems, the bay bridge not so much a problem as we have just have the
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metering lights on. the backup grew starting to stretch towards the foot of the maze. we're tracking a travel time along the eastshore freeway that remains in the green about 15 minutes out of hercules. an earlier stalled vehicle now an accident this is westbound 580 at grant line. and you can see that backup stretches through the tracy triangle area along westbound 205 and portions of 580. 34 minutes between 205 heading through the altamont pass over towards 680. so your commute definitely getting busy and crowded out there. please be safe. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. this just in. president trump just tweeted that secretary of state mike pompeo is heading back to the u.s. with the three american detainees we mentioned just a few minutes ago. in other news, california lawmakers and victims of gun violence are gathering at the capital today. they will be introducing a new bill that would cut off state pension investments in
5:36 am
companies that sell assault weapons that are banned in the state. the legislation would require the nation's two largest pension funds to use a three- step process to leverage retailers to stop selling california-banned weapons. state treasurer john chiang running for governor is one of the coauthors of the bill. the front-runner in the race for california governor made his first appearance at a debate last night. it was the first gubernatorial debate held in the bay area. anne makovec joins us with more. >> reporter: it was a good debate. i watched the whole 90 minutes last night. there were some fireworks most of the jabs exchanged aimed at the front-runner lieutenant governor gavin newsom. >> former mayor now lieutenant governor takes credit for the healthcare in san francisco and the early childhood. but guess what, those were both tom ammiano initiatives. and tom ammiano is endorsing me. >> he tweets and he talks but we need people who actually come up with concrete plans. >> besides that each candidate
5:37 am
was mostly singing to his party's platform. they debated healthcare, taxes, immigration, including the sanctuary state laws and what should be done with immigrants brought here i will really as children. >> our ability to -- i will always stand for values. >> we must enforce federal immigration law and as your next governor, we'll do that. immigration is a federal issue defined by the u.s. constitution. >> reporter: the under funded pension system was also on the table which all candidates agreed needed to be changed. high-speed rail the democrats were supporting it with conditions. the republicans vowed to stop it and the state's gas tax which could be repealed in november again. support for and against it was along party lines. yes, early on it was predicted that we would see a race between newsom and villaraigosa in november. but republican john cox has done well in polls and travis allen came out swinging last
5:38 am
night making a name for himself. >> he did. >> this is the first time we have seen all the candidates together, right? >> yeah. we have seen lieutenant governor gavin newsom skip several debates in the past and likely in the future. delaine eastin wasn't invited. newsom by the way declined to be part of the post-debate press conference. meanwhile, president trump lent his support and volisted. patrick morrissey of west virginia will try to unseat joe manchin. and in ohio the republican won the ability to challenge the democrat. and vice president's brother won in indiana. tuesday night's wins will probably avert losses in the fall. oakland school district could spend money better than charter schools cost the
5:39 am
district more than $57 million a year money that could go toward counseling, libraries and reducing class sizes. the research was led by university of oregon professor. there could be more corn in your gas. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" reports. >> reporter: good morning. stocks went higher late yesterday. the dow rose two points, the nasdaq was up a point. job openings hit a high in march according to the labor department openings spiked by 472,000 during the month. that's highest since the government started tracking numbers in 2000. but hiring fell slightly suggesting employers are having a hard time finding qualified employees. drivers may soon be able to buy gas with 15% ethanol year round. the environmental protection agency currently bans the blend because of concerns it contributes to smog on hot days. president trump and republican
5:40 am
senators announced their intention to lift the ban on tuesday. have you decided what you want your next car to be? some americans want to go electric. 20% of motorists say the next one will be electric. one reason for the rise in there, the fear of finding an electric station to charge up is dwindling. >> recently i went camping why yosemite and i saw a tesla being towed away from the campsite. guess they didn't have a charging station there. >> wow. >> something to think about. >> wow. >> yeah. >> all right. >> diane, wendy's has a new deal for one of its most popular items? tell us about it. >> reporter: all right. so break open your piggy bank or get together some loose change because wendy's has cut the price of a small frosty to just 50 cents. that's instead of the use $1. the deal is for a limited time and applies to chocolate and vanilla flavors. >> those are delicious. thank you, diane king hall. >> is it bat to bad to want
5:41 am
one soar? >> get two, 50 cents each! a bay area bakery is getting international recognition. we'll introduce you to the chef who took home one of the food world's biggest awards. >> reporter: and we're waiting for uc workers to show up here at ucsf parnassus for the third and final day of their strike.
5:42 am
5:43 am
a strike... by thousands of university of california good morning. morning fog at sfo. so most likely there will be delays on flights departures and arrivals. we'll have your full forecast coming up. a strike by thousands of university of california work workers is now in the home stretch. jackie ward joins us live from san francisco with more.
5:44 am
>> reporter: that's still to be dead. i spoke to campus police when i got here this morning. they are not sure exactly when the strike will pick back up this morning. but everything is ready to go. gates are up along parnassus and things will start shortly. so tense of thousands of uc workers have been striking on various campuses this week. today will be the third and final day and that's welcome news for some students. while there are students who support the workers, they admit they have had to have their schedules adjusted over the last few days. students are worried they won't get buses and dining halls have shortened their hours. >> i have to make sure i don't lose track of time and miss those time slots because otherwise i'll have to go off campus to buy food. >> reporter: workers have been picketing since monday saying they are fed up after a year of contract talks that aren't leading to the result they want. uc is proposing a 3% raise while they say the unions want
5:45 am
an almost 20% raise over the next three years. those who have been out here for the past few days have the support of senator kamala harris. she has canceled her speaking engagement for the cal commencement. from ucsf parnassus, jackie ward, kpix 5. i have a sweet tooth and especially very early in the morning. so we're in good luck. >> definitely. you could have headed to a bay area bakery if you have a sweet tooth that just got a big honor. b patisserie, it won james beard award for best outstanding baker. the chef relieved a standing ovation as she walked into work yesterday. our cameras were there. wick a james beard award is like an oscar. >> -- winning a james beard award is like an oscar. >> you get into this profession, you're like, james beard, one day. i can't believe we got it. >> the pastry chef and her team start baking at 4 a.m.
5:46 am
making two to three thousand pastries a day. the key ingredient she says is butter. 1,000 pounds of it per week. i have been there. they have this thing called the queen amman. it's a chocolate croissant. one of the best things i have ever tasted. >> oh, man. >> sounds good. >> you know what's cool? they wake up when we wake up. >> everything is better with butter! >> it's only 10 minutes from here. >> party on! >> you can get us some on a break? >> okay. volunteering. >> wow. >> we vote you. >> and a coffee. let's hit the road right now. we are tracking a couple of problems. this is a look at your north bay drive. 101 near petaluma boulevard north. an accident closer to petaluma
5:47 am
boulevard south but everything is okay in the area. usual crowds on highway 37 for folks making their way from 80 to 101. speeds in the yellow, 32- minute commute. an accident on 780 cleared to the shoulder causing slowdowns for people going towards i-80 near cedar street. so just expect a few delays if you are heading in that direction. eastshore freeway getting a little busy out there. our travel times still in the green. but they are up to 16 minutes from hercules to the bay bridge toll plaza. and the richmond/san rafael bridge bridge, good over to 101. bay bridge toll plaza different story. the metering lights are on, the backup continues to grow and stretch onto the eastshore freeway and your 580 approach. let's check in with neda on the forecast. i know we were about to send kenny off to b
5:48 am
patisserie, so wait for the fog to burn off. temperatures right now actually didn't drop too much overnight. 58 degrees for san francisco. 57 livermore. 61 in concord. right around the water, temperatures are not going to be rising very much more by this afternoon. it will be chilly near the coast or around the bay. sfo west winds not helping. 21 miles per hour. so that is why we're seeing those clouds really get pushed far out towards the east bay. west wind at 13. still blowing strong. and same with antioch. novato calm. west winds in san rafael at 6. calm in santa rosa. visibility is down. closer to sunrise, that's when you will start to notice it a lot of low-lying clouds out
5:49 am
there. half moon bay down to one mile. sfo down to five. petaluma down to 4. santa rosa now at 9. overall look how far east the clouds are concord, livermore, fairfield, santa rosa, san jose, everyone waking up to gray conditions. sunrise happening this morning at 6:05. sunset at 8:07. after sunrise it's going to take a while before it burns off probably noontime or so. that's when this futurecast model is showing you may see that sunshine most likely for inland locations but around the coast, it's probably going to stay gray especially right around the golden gate bridge. that's what happened yesterday. and it's getting worse out there today. we'll see that marine layer arrive again tonight and early tomorrow morning. but then after that we are going to get a big change in our forecast. we have the low up here now and that's going to eventually dip down towards nevada. when that happens, instead of this ocean influence, we are going to get a dry offshore influence and that's going to send our wind direction in a different way and that's going to lead to drier weather and
5:50 am
warmer weather. for now we are staying cool because of mother nature's air- conditioning the ocean, that's what the winds are doing to us. here's the futurecast. foggy at the coast. winds will change direction on friday. then we have a high wind watch in effect because of it. friday evening through saturday morning gusts up to 60 miles per hour. let's show you what that means for temperatures. so today will be the coolest day of the week. temperatures in the 60s, right around the bay 70s for inland areas. tomorrow we are going to start to warm up again into the 80s and then friday, saturday, mid- 80s expected with that offshore wind and causing warmer conditions but then the winds will be calm in time for mother's day. that's a look at your forecast. time now 5:50. the chinese government is issuing a threat to u.s.-based airlines. what has beijing so upset?
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
take a look at these beautiful conditions at mount vaca. you have to get up high before you see blue skies this morning. we are dealing with the thick
5:54 am
marine layer. it will make our temperatures cooler than yesterday. 60s around the water and only low to mid-70s for a lot of those inland areas. coolest day of the week. expect delays along 880. a new accident near "a" street. you can see all of those brake lights. coming up at 6:00, we'll track your travel times along this stretch as well as 680 where we're tracking a new accident. that's causing delays, as well. china has a beef with u.s. airlines that fly in their country. airlines got a letter from china last month ordering them to refer to hong kong, taiwan an macaw and macau as part of china, not separate countries. they are threatening sanctions. white house press secretary sarah sanders accused china of trying to impose its political views on u.s. citizens and private companies.
5:55 am
it was an interesting flight for passengers on a delta airlines flight from detroit. they had to use emergency exits to deplane on a runway in denver last night. smoke was detected in the cabin after the plane landed and it was taxiing to the terminal. >> the flight attendants were very quick and efficient in evacuating us. >> there are no reports of major injuries. delta says there was no fire on board but it's unclear what caused the smoke. the danville community is remembering a 15-year-old student who drowned in his high school's swimming pool yesterday. it happened at san ramon valley high school just before 2 p.m. yesterday. a teacher pulled the student out of the deepened of the pool and performed cpr until paramedics arrived. the student was pronounced dead at the hospital. grief counselors will be available at the campus for students today. oakland city officials have started removing a homeless encampment that has
5:56 am
grown over five years in west oakland under a highway. it affects 100 people who are there. the city will make temporary housing structures for 40 people and the removal is expected to take more than a month. 4 minutes before 6:00 now. and a big debate in the race for california governor happened last night. coming up, some of the highlights and lowlights. >> plus, the green rush is on in california. the new numbers show the state isn't cashing in.
5:57 am
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led california's fight ofor clean, renewable energy.or he cleaned up pollution at the port of l.a. and created more good-paying jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
5:59 am
because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. the first face- off in the bay area in the race for governor..... if you can't trust gavin with his best friend's wife, how can you trust him with your state? >> the first face-off in the bay area in the race for governor. the sharp attacks one candidate in particular faced over his past political "affairs." >> another city votes to join a federal lawsuit against the state over its sanctuary policies. >> and a uc employee strike
6:00 am
enters day 3. a live report on the impact it's having on bay area hospitals. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, may 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. time now 6:00. let's start with traffic and weather. neda has your forecast coming up in just a bit but first, the lady dressed in orange today. >> yes. i wore may caltrans my caltrans original. you will see flashing lights and lane closures. we are tracking accidents slowing things down. we'll begin on 680 southbound direction. we have the usual crowds starting to develop as you head south from 580 and as you make your way down towards 84. it's 15 minutes, a little south of there at andrade road an accident blocking one lane. speeds slowing down along that stretch. 880 is getting very massy. this is in that southbound direction and an accident near "a" street, that's actually blocking that off-ramp there right now. in folks trying to get down


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