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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  May 9, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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enters day 3. a live report on the impact it's having on bay area hospitals. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, may 9th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. time now 6:00. let's start with traffic and weather. neda has your forecast coming up in just a bit but first, the lady dressed in orange today. >> yes. i wore may caltrans my caltrans original. you will see flashing lights and lane closures. we are tracking accidents slowing things down. we'll begin on 680 southbound direction. we have the usual crowds starting to develop as you head south from 580 and as you make your way down towards 84. it's 15 minutes, a little south of there at andrade road an accident blocking one lane. speeds slowing down along that stretch. 880 is getting very massy. this is in that southbound direction and an accident near "a" street, that's actually blocking that off-ramp there right now. so folks trying to get down into hayward, definitely
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hitting those brakes. here's a live look at 880 just south of 238. and you can see those travel times starting to grow. over along the eastshore freeway, things are still looking as if they are moving. we are getting first reports of a crash at the toll plaza. that's not good. we'll take a closer look at that and your travel times in your next travel report. we are just five minutes away from the official sunrise so let's get a view of this. mount vaca nice glow over the low cloud coverage. if you are flying out of sfo or oakland airport you may run into some troubles, delays because of the low clouds. definitely fog is out there this morning. that marine layer we are dealing with it because of these west winds, pushing in a lot of the marine layer far out east, places like concord and livermore waking up to that. right along the coast it's foggy and drizzly and then most locations around the bay area today will be cooler because of that ocean influence. and then winds shift on
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friday. that's going to bring warmer weather. we'll have an offshore wind event though and high wind watch to tell you about. here's visibility for now. one mile down at half moon bay. sfo down to 8. san jose down about a mile to nine. and then petaluma 5. look at that less than two miles for santa rosa. so it's going to be an issue. i'll let you know when it's expected to burn off and what it means for your temperatures coming up. this is expected to be the final full day of a strike by thousands of employees in the university of california system. kpix 5's jackie ward is live in san francisco with more. >> reporter: the largest uc employee union is saying that this is the biggest strike in uc history. don't be fooled. it may be quiet now. but the strike is still ready to go and very much alive. so so far, tens of thousands of workers have been striking this week including registered nurses at uc's five major medical structures including here on parnassus plus 10
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student health centers. they will picket again this morning. that's about 29,000 nurses, pharmacists and radiologies from across the uc system. they say they are out here after a year of stalled contract talks and are supporting other contract workers, too. this strike is being led by service workers of all kinds including food services. one cook from a dining hall at uc-davis says besides more money, he and his colleagues say there are gender and race inequality issues going on and they want uc to outsource less. >> we are trying to let the uc recognize some of the problems. >> reporter: senator harris is showing her support for the strike by boycotting cal's commencement in which she was expected to speak. she tweeted earlier this week saying:
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officials have offered a 3% raise and they cannot afford more, a 20% raise demand. jackie ward, kpix 5. the candidates for california governor touched on a wide range of issues last night in their first face-off in the bay area. >> kpix 5's anne makovec joins us now to show us some of the highlights. >> reporter: it was a good debate. 90 minutes. got through a lot of issues and it was mainly civil. each candidate generally sticking to the party platform and one of the hottest topics was immigration. the republicans agreeing to building a wall and the democrats firmly against it. >> it's not about grandmothers being pulled out of their homes. this is about ms-13 or other people who have committed crimes being held by law enforcement and law enforcement is not allowed to contact i.c.e. that's wrong. >> the fact of the matter is, these people are contributing
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to the economy. we ought to work with them. we ought to -- um -- um celebrate them and their work. >> reporter: california's underfunded pension system was debated which they agreed needed to be changed. high-speed rail democrats for it, republicans for it. gas tax support along party lines. it became heated with respect to donald trump. >> all gavin does on social media is take aim at president trump to take away from the failures of california. >> the president of the united states leaves me just jaw- dropping all the time. i have never seen a racist misogynist lead this nation as this man has. >> they debated healthcare, taxes and immigration was a hot topic. newsom who is the current front-runner refused to be part of the post-debate press
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conference. he also skipped several previous debates and you heard the attack that he faced about his affair at the top of the hour. his response coming up in less than 30 minutes. >> thank you. hours after president trump walked away from the iran nuclear deal that country's news agency called him the troublemaker. and iranian president hassan rouhani warned that his country could restart its nuclear program within weeks. . iranians chanted death to america. >> to allow them to reach the brink of a nuclear breakout. >> mr. trump declared he had no definitive proof that iran violated the 2015 agreement aimed at freezing the country's nuclear ambitions. but he produced no evidence. the u.s. will impose sanctions against iran. the leaders of the united kingdom, france and germany, who urged the u.s. to stay in
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the deal, issued a joint statement that expressed regret and concern about the decision. many lawmakers are wondering how the president's decision on iran will impact talks with north korea over its nuclear program. senator dianne feinstein said: agreement we led the world in negotiating." right now, secretary of state mike pompeo is heading home from north korea.. president trump says the three u-s detainees are returning with him, and appear to be in good health. right now secretary of state mike pompeo is heading home from north korea. the three u.s. detainees are returning with him in good health. pompeo also discussed the upcoming summit between president trump and kim jong- un. president trump says that the date and place are set. but that information is secret. gena haskell is pushing ahead with the confirmation process to become the cia director. she met with senators on capitol hill ahead of what's expected to be tough a tough
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hearing today. the white house didn't deny reports she is considering withdrawing her nomination because of concerns about the confirmation process. >> she wants to do everything she can to make sure the integrity of the cia remains intact, isn't unnecessarily attacked. >> haskell's confirmation is facing some doubt because of her connection to torture such as water boarding. back in california, santa clarita is the latest city voting to support a federal lawsuit against the state over its sanctuary law. >> back in march, los alamitos in orange county was the first to pass an ordinance exempting it from sb54. then the orange county board of supervisors voted to support the federal lawsuit against california. some groups are urging placer county to take a vote on the issue, as well. the state law restricts local and state police agencies from working with i.c.e. on immigration enforcement.
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>> there's about 25 ways that they are limited in communicating with the federal government. >> they are mimicking the words of donald trump calling them rapists, criminals, drug dealers, when in fact illegal immigrants contribute to our economy. >> the placer county board of supervisors plans to discuss this issue later this month. now to a case of highlighted immigration in california. the jose inez garcia zarate trial. he was acquitted of the murder of pleasanton native kate steinle this year. but zarate is still facing charges. two counts of being an ex- felon in possession of a firearm and an undocumented person in charge of a gun. a judge now says he is skeptical of zarate's claim that the charge is vindictive. time now 6:09. when bart riders can expect a second batch of new train cars on the tracks. >> reporter: and we are tracking a new accident along 101. if you are making your way through the south bay, traffic
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appears to be flowing freely in both directions along this stretch we'll take a closer look at the crash and the backup. >> a lot of people waking up to gray conditions out there. we have low clouds messing with your drive but we are also having cooler weather today. more coming up. >> and california regulators may soon be requiring builders to install solar panels on new homes. i'll have the details coming up.
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the state estimated it would bank 175 million dollars from taxes by the end of june the sale of legal recreational pot isn't bringing in cash into california. the state estimated it would bank $175 million in taxes by the end of june but estimates showed just $34 million came in between january and march. tax collections are expected
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to pick up significantly. but it's unlikely that california will get $175 million by midyear. today officials will vote on a new statewide effort to combat climate change. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: good morning. fremont has a mandate to have solar panels on all new buildings, new apartments, new homes, and now state regulators may be following in fremont's not steps. here at the warm springs bart station you can see this development behind mere required to have solar panels. regulators are expected to vote on that requirement for new houses and low-rise apartments build after january 2020. the california energy commission, they say the goal is to reduce greenhouse gases. it could save homeowners on energy costs in the long run. the money saved on energy bills would total $16,000. but would you have to stay in your home for -- but you would have to stay in your home for
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30 years to see the savings and it will cost $10,000 more up front. >> electric generation uses a lot of water. electricity generation causes air pollution. if we can displace that, that's good. >> reporter: it applies to single family and multi-family homes of three stories or less. if approved, it still has to go through the california building standards commission and they would have to approve it. it would go into effect, if passed, in 2020. jessica flores, kpix 5. bart's second set of new railcars will be up and running by next week. that's after gaining approval from the state public utilities commission. the new railcars have three doors on each side. they feature wider aisles and fewer seats. they also have signs that display the name of the next station. very useful. we are talking about bart. how's it going?
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>> you know -- >> any delays? >> good news is bart is running on time so far. we have 56 cars and trains in service. mass transit may be the way you want to go this morning because the roads are foggy and slow. we have a couple of accidents tying things up a bit. so for those heading through to gilroy, 101, starts to get slow in the usual areas between tennant and cochran. it's about 12 minutes. speeds under 20 miles per hour. then things pick up and then you're slow again because we're tracking a new accident on 101 near tully and it's blocking at least one lane. speeds under 20 miles per hour so that's going to impact your travel time. a hit-and-run crash on 280 and 87, slowdowns building along 87, no lanes blocked. 880, "a" street off-ramp
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blocked. 22 minutes down towards 84. you know, a moment ago you could see the top of the clouds but now it's so thick you can't see it. this would be the transamerica pyramid camera and you can see the moisture on the lens. here's a view of the ocean beach view and it's also a little misty near -- the closer to the water you go. golden gate bridge this morning, so yes, that marine layer is in full effect. wind speeds pretty strong right now. downtown san francisco just started picking up west wind at 21 miles per hour sustained winds so gusts stronger. sfo 18. half moon bay 14. it's that west wind sending clouds far out east. we are dealing with it in fairfield. napa up to 16 miles per hour. just over the bay bridge look how dark and gloomy it looks. the good news is it kept our temperatures from dropping too much. 58 degrees right now in san francisco. normally we wake up to the low
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50s. so upper 50s for most areas. san jose in fact you are at 60 degrees. temperatures are not going to rise very much for the afternoon highs. we are looking at coastal conditions a few degrees warmer later on today and inland areas also a little cooler air. half moon bay half mile visibility there. eight miles for sfo. petaluma 5. look at santa rosa just dropped down to a third mile visibility. that will be tough to drive through today. here's a look at your afternoon highs. 63 for san francisco. that's it. 67 in oakland. 75 in fairfield. so going from the low 80s for inland areas to the 70s. sunset tonight at 807. sunrise tomorrow 604. here's why we are getting that west wind. we are basically in the middle of two systems here. the low and the high. and it's basically created a kind of wind alley so we are getting a stronger ocean influence. this low to the north will dip down into nevada. and that's going to increase our offshore winds.
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friday and saturday a high wind watch for the north bay hills. apple's iphone x plus will be the same size as the 8 plus. according to a new report, the iphone x will be thicker because of its rear camera. the new device is expected to sell for a starting price of $1,000. google is working on technology that uses artificial intelligence to call businesses and make appointments and reservations for you. it's called google duplex. [ phone rings ] >> how can i help you? >> hi, i'm calling to book a woman's haircut for a client on may 3rd. >> sure. give me one second. >> mm-hm. [ laughter ] >> all right. google's ceo played that demo at the annual developers conference in mountain view. the technology is still in development. it will be rolled out as an experiment in the coming weeks. yahoo is testing an invite-only group messaging
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app that's called squirrel and is focused on friend, family and work groups. users can invite people with a link to join the chat. i'm dennis o'donnell at oracle. two teams down, two more to go. and what do the warriors think about the houston rockets? their reaction coming up. it's not just any streaming.
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it seems like all season long, that nba and their fans have been wondering about a matchup between the houston rockets and the golden state warriors in the westerns conference finals. i can tell you this morning that date is officially set. draymond green was a monster last night, trying to get inside information on the pelicans. he didn't need it. final minute of the first half, tied at 54, kevin durant knocks down the three. golden state led by three going into the half. 3rd quarter, durant with the steal, ahead with steph curry
6:24 am
gives it back to durant with the dunk. warriors up. curry makes it 81-60. 64-56. later in the quarter, curry pulls up from hayward to make it 81-60! golden state started the quarter on a 25-4 run. curry led the warriors with 28 points. under two minutes left down to a seven-point lead. draymond green knocks down the jump shot, finishing with one assist shy of a triple-double and the warriors win 113-104 advancing to the western conference finals for the fourth straight year. the rockets' chris paul one win away from reaching his first conference final. under three minutes left against the jazz. paul with three as the shot clock is fired. cp3 scored 41. houston won 112-104 to set up that matchup with the warriors beginning in houston on monday. >> destined to meet up with houston in the series?
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>> i felt like the whole year the trajectory they were on and the pace we were playing with and i'm sure nba fans will be excited for this matchup. >> they have made it known that their team is built to beat us. kind of their like you said their obsession or whatever you want to call it. it's been a year now. time to play. >> unusual territory for the golden state warriors beginning a play-off series on the road. quick baseball note. houston next door to me beat the a's 4-2 and the philadelphia phillies beat the giants by an identical score of 4-2. reporting from oracle, dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. go le and toronto. the mariners' james paxton was on here's the play of the day to the diamond we go. seattle taking on toronto. the mariners' james paxton on the verge of a no-hitter in the ninth. the blue jays josh donaldson, the potential final out. >> donaldson a couple of feet in the grave already to seeger, the pick, the throw, paxton has done it.
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it's a no-hitter! >> cool paxton is from british columbia and the first canadian pitcher to pitch a make league no-hitter in his home country. seattle winning 5-0. lava. hawaii in a state of emergency as dozens of homes are being destroyed by lava. the new concerns as many pack up and leave because of the volcano. >> plus a new bombshell involving stormy daniels and that hush money. >> and word is, san francisco's police chief may be looking to take a job with the lapd. it's not just any streaming.
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it's "watch what you want on the fastest internet" streaming. it's "live sports so you never miss a goal" streaming. it's "dvr shows because you'll never know when you'll need it" streaming. it's streaming from xfinity that makes your life... simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet for $40 a month for 2 full years when you sign up for tv. plus, get 3x the speed of at&t and directv. click, call or visit a store today.
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stunned. we're all stunned. >> what we're learning about the woman whose dna test helped investigators track down the suspected golden state killer. >> the american people deserve to know where this money went. >> stormy daniels's lawyer reveals a new bombshell about the money president trump's lawyer michael cohen used to keep his client quiet. >> a wave of eruptions on hawaii's big island. the new cracks sweeping hot lava and toxic gas a many evacuate. but first, we start with the feisty and fiery face-off in the bay area in the race for governor. it's wednesday, may 9th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. the debate turned personal for a couple of the candidates. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: the debate was relatively civil but there were some tense moments including talk of two of the
6:31 am
candidates' gavin newsom and antonio villaraigosa who have admitted to extramarital affairs. >> if you can't trust gavin with his best friend's wife, how can you trust him with your state? >> it's hard to hear from mr. allen talk about the issue of sexual harassment, when he supports our president. >> besides, the candidates sticked to party platforms. they debated healthcare, taxes, immigration. a hot topic, the "dreamers" and california's sanctuary state laws. >> so i want to make sure that we enforce and create a state that supports our immigrants. i will defend sanctuary states. i'm not going to let president trump win on defunding the state of california. i'm going to protect the "dreamers" including the one on staff. >> i certainly believe in state's rights but when federal law is given primacy as this is in this case, federal law should govern! and the first rule of federal law is to protect the borders. >> both republicans on stage say that they support the concept of a border wall.
6:32 am
california's underfunded pension system was also on the table which all needed it to be changed. high-speed rail supported by the democrats, republicans against it. and the gas tax support and against it was along party lines. gavin newsom who is the current front-runner refused to be part of the post-debate press conference and skipped several previous debates and probably won't take part in any before june's primary. >> thank you. san francisco voters will also be choosing their next mayor in the june 5th primary. but acting mayor mark farrell who replaced the late mayor ed lee in january is expected to stay in office for at least five weeks after the election. sources say after the election, he is hoping to take an international trip as mayor possibly to ireland and germany. the top candidates in the mayoral race include san francisco supervisors london breed and jane kim. former state senator mark leno and former supervisor angela
6:33 am
alioto. the transition to a new mayor could take longer if the results are close and there is a call for a recount. the police chief of san francisco is reportedly one of three finalists to lead the police department in california's largest city. bill scott is no stranger to the los angeles police department spending 27 years in l.a. before taking the job as chief in san francisco. a strike by university of california workers is now in its final hours. kpix 5's jackie ward joins us live from san francisco with the latest on the labor dispute. jackie. >> reporter: michelle, it's louder and busier than just about a half-hour ago. strikers actually showed up an hour earlier than expected. you can see that there's quite a crowd here already probably about 50 or 60 people. they are ready to go for their third and final day on the picket lines. tens of thousands of uc workers have been striking on various campuses and today will be the third and final day and that's welcome news
6:34 am
for students. some students support the workers, they admit they have had to adjust their schedules the last few days. dining halls have short hours and students worry they won't get buses. workers have been picketing since monday saying they are fed up after a year of contract talks that are not leading to the results they demand. uc proposes a 3% raise. the units want almost 20% over three years. so this is obviously the point of the third day of their striking here. gavin newsom is expected to attend a rally that starts at noon but then the strike will continue and end at 6:00 tonight. from ucsf parnassus, jackie ward, kpix 5. thank you. time now is 6:34. as we take a live look outside, a couple of beauty shots on the left we have a shot of san jose as the sun comes up and on the right, cloudy and foggy conditions at the golden gate bridge. can't even see the international orange that color on the bridge but we
6:35 am
have bright orange right here. >> yeah. i'm representing. >> way to go, jaclyn. >> in studio. >> we'll bring your brightness for ya. but no sunshine in sight for the golden gate bridge. probably not at all today because we have a stubborn marine layer. in fact, yesterday the golden gate bridge was kind of coated all day, as well. so this is going to impact your temperatures today. we are going to get that onshore breeze, that coastal influence. here's a look now in san francisco. yes, covered in low clouds. the sun trying to be seen but you have to go way up high to get a view of that. but yes, there's a little moisture in the clouds, as well. so you may have to use the windshield wipers a bit. expect some delays at the airport, as well. check those flights. here's a look at the top of the "salesforce" tower but down below that's where the clouds are covering things up and temperature-wise, temperatures didn't drop too much overnight so right now we are in the 50s for oakland and san francisco. 59 in san jose. santa rosa at 50 degrees. so it's the west wind, that marine layer, i'll talk more
6:36 am
about that in a bit. and we continue to track accident. this happened about 4:30 this morning along highway 160 north of the antioch bridge so it's before highway 12 before you get into rio vista. the crash occurred in the southbound direction near three-mile slough bridge and shut down the southbound direction. right now, chp on the scene. they are allowing one-way traffic control but you can see it's just backing up in both directions. we were seeing big delays on 12 as well and folks use this 160 to get in and out of antioch and between rio vista and antioch, heading over top story. 5 connecting in lodi. -- heading over to i-5 connecting in lodi. to avoid that, stick to 80, 680 or you will have to drive out 4 to connect with 5 but it's definitely going to impact your ride. no time for re-opening the
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southbound direction. eastshore freeway in the yellow. we have a new accident and that is right near the albany exit keeping things slow blocking a lane. influence this morning, some scary -- new this morning, some scary moments for a caltrans worker on highway 24. a cal pulled over with a flat -- a car pulled over with a flat tire near the caldecott tunnel at 2 a.m. a caltrans tow truck driver approached the person who help. but the other driver became angry according to chp, pulled a gun and fired a few shots into the air before leaving the scene. the chp briefly shut down the area. and about one hour ago, officers went to the suspect's home and arrested him. we are learning more about the dna tests that led investigators to the suspect golden state killer. a woman from idaho says she is a distant cousin of joseph deangelo. she wishes to remain anonymous is an avid genealogist so she sent in her family's dna for testing. the fbi got a hold of that
6:38 am
data and discovered that her father's 12 genetic markers matched the suspect they were looking for. the woman tells the local paper that at first, authorities called her thinking that her father was the killer. >> just absolutely stunned that this would happen to her. >> the golden state killer is linked to a dozen murders and at least 50 rapes in the '70s and '80s across the state. now to capitol hill where the senate intelligence panel is planning to wrap up its russia probe by august. >> the investigation is looking into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. the committee's assessment of whether or not there was any evidence of collusion between president trump's campaign and russia will be a part of the final report. michael avenatti says president trump's personal attorney received hundreds of thousands of dollars from a company linked to a russian oligarch. avenatti said the money could have been used as part of a payment michael cohen made to
6:39 am
avenatti's client stormy daniels. daniels claims mr. trump paid her $130,000 to stay quiet about an alleged affair. new york governor cuomo has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the empire state's former attorney general eric snyderman who resigned yesterday evening amid allegations from four women that he physically abused them. schneidermann implied that his conduct was welcomed or was not as they described. two new volcanic fish use or cracks have opened up on the big island of hawaii. the mayor says the new cracks are emitting poisonous gases and police are now going door to door to get remaining residents out. >> air quality there is well above what we would allow the public to -- we would not make a recommendation for the public to be in the area without -- it way outside of what we would feel comfortable allowing the public to do. >> nearly 2,000 people have already been evacuated since the eruption last week. some residents said they would
6:40 am
wait until the last minute. at least 36 buildings have been destroyed. a total of 14 fissures have opened so far. governor jerry brown has declared this week wildfire awareness week. some people are encouraged to be better prepared for the fire season this year. today officials will be in santa rosa discussing how emergency responders are preparing for year round wildfires. they will educate the public on what they can do to be prepared. and in less than two weeks, the city's fire department will begin conducting weed abatement inspections. and state regulators may soon require builders to install solar panels on new homes. i'll have the details coming up. plus, a look at what may be fueling interest in electric cars. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. as we take a look at the board, the dow is up 35 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs financial reporter jason brooks.
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new net neutrality rules. in december, the f-c-c repealed ru democrats in the u.s. senate are pushing back against the fcc's new net neutrality rules. back in december the fcc repealed rules enacted by president obama's administration. the rules required internet service providers to treat all online content the same meaning they can't deliberately speed up or slow down traffic from specific websites. today democrats plan to turn in signatures to force a vote to overturn the fcc's repeal. and we are going to get some more financial news from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. what's going on? >> reporter: good morning. we have a big deal here in the bay area. 10-year-old mill valley firm glass door is being bought by japan's recruit holdings for
6:45 am
$1.2 billion. glass door well known for its employee reviews of companies as well as job and recruiting services. recruit holding will run glass door as a separate part of its human resources technology division. investors getting a break today on inflation. the government reporting that wholesale side inflation rose at a slower pace in april compared to the prior month a gain of 2.6% year-over-year compared to the 3% gain we saw in march. inflation a key factor for the federal reserve when it comes to future rate increases. stocks are getting a boost this morning from oil companies which are getting some help from rising oil prices after president trump pulled the u.s. out of the iran nuclear deal. right now the dow is up by 50 points. nasdaq up 19. s&p up 8. the price of oil up by a couple of dollars. that will filter down eventually to the gas pump. >> thank you. future homeowners are the
6:46 am
focus of a new statewide effort to combat climate change. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: good morning. we are here at the warm springs bart station in fremont and you can see construction behind me. that will be an apartment building a new neighborhood and here in fremont those new buildings are required to have solar packages. the state may be following fremont's footsteps. today regulators are meeting and expected to vote on the requirement of solar packages on new houses and low-rise apartments built after january 2020. the california energy commission says the goal is to reduce greenhouse gases. it could save homeowners on the energy costs in the long run. the energy commission says the money saved on energy bills would total $16,000. but here's the catch. you would have to stay in your home for 30 years to see those savings and it will cost
6:47 am
homeowners about $10,000 up front. >> it's one of the few things you can invest in, in a home that you actually recoup. >> reporter: now, these rules are ply to multi-family homes of three stories or less, also single-family homes. now, the new regulations must still be approved by the california building standards commission. and if they are all approved, this would all go into effect at 2020. jessica flores, kpix 5. gas prices have gone up nearly 50 cents a gallon in the last year and that may be fueling interest in electric cars. a new aaa study shows that interest is up 15% from last year. 80% saying that a concern for the environment was their top reason. 67% were interested in the lower long term cost of going electric. the cars don't need oil changes and have fewer moving parts. so there's less to fix. still, electric and hybrid sales make up only 3% of overall u.s. car sales.
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>> you have to remember to charge it. >> my phone dies all the time. we have problems on the road this morning. it's been rough. good morning, everyone. if you are on the road, 880, a "sig alert" in effect. this is along southbound 880 right near 23rd avenue. three lanes are blocked. the backup is starting to stretch towards broadway so speeds drop below 10 miles per hour. here's the northbound direction. this is near the coliseum in the yellow. this is typical. likely to get slower as everyone is curious and has to slow down even more and take a look at what's going on, on the other side of the freeway. and in the southbound direction, as you head into hayward, we have a new accident. we already had one earlier at "a" street that shut down the off-ramp. now we are getting reports of another two-car crash on the stretch. so 880 is definitely the hot
6:49 am
spot. we are seeing delays for folks trying to head across the san mateo bridge in the yellow now a little over 25 minutes over to 101. 101 near tully stretching to yerba buena. i did just check over at sfo. yes, about an hour delay for some arriving flights and departures all because of what you're seeing right here. look at that low clouds and fog fog. that's what you'll see at the coast. those people at the water's edge are covered in the marine layer. it's getting heavier every morning. look at the golden gate bridge, can't see it. drivers are going to deal with that so please take your time out there this morning.
6:50 am
50s and 60s in the area right now. we have an ocean influence impacting us even in the east bay today. half moon bay visibility down to a third of a mile. it's going to be tough to drive near there. petaluma less than a mile. santa rosa dropped down to a third of a mile. so all these locations could be pretty dangerous. so keep a distance between you and the car in front of you. west winds in downtown san francisco at 21 miles per hour sustained winds continuous winds out of the west. that's what's pushing that cloud coverage way out east. and that's why a lot of people are waking up to that this morning. vallejo now ten-mile-per-hour winds, napa up to 16. fairfield at 18. a little breezier for some of the east bay hills, as well. here's the afternoon highs today. upper 50s at the coast, temperatures won't go up much.
6:51 am
south bay mid-70s possible east like antioch and pittsburg. 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. low 60s for sausalito and san francisco. cool in mill valley upper 60s. low to mid-70s in the north bay. here's why we are dealing with the west wind and cool coastal conditions because there's a ridge of high pressure to the south. a low system to the north. and basically this creates a wind alley so we are getting that west wind coming through but all of that is going to shift direction. so from the west winds that onshore breeze then we are going to start to see an offshore breeze. look at this system that's going to drop down into nevada and when that gets there, friday into saturday, we are going to start to see our wind direction change and that's what's going to bring us that drier air and also warmer conditions. there's a high wind watch friday night through saturday morning for the north and east bay hills gusts up to 50 miles per hour so take precautions now. here's the seven-day forecast.
6:52 am
topics discussed during the gubernatornial faceoff last night. 8 minutes now before 7:00. the future of california up for debate. coming up, some of the hot topics discussed during the gubernatorial face-off last night. >> plus, growing uproar in iran after president trump announces the administration's decision to pull the u.s. out of the nuclear deal.
6:53 am
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i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years. dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein
6:55 am
a debate last night *finally included all of the top 6 candidates. much of their divisions: squarely along party lines, including their on p i'm anne makovec. following the races for california governor, the debate last night finally included all of the top six candidates. much of their divisions squarely along party lines including their thoughts on president trump. >> all gavin does on social media is take shots at trump to draw attention away from all the failure of california
6:56 am
democrats in california. >> the president of the united states leaves me just jaw dropping all the time. i have never seen a racist misogynist lead my nation as this man has. >> each candidate mainly sticking to their party's platform. they debated issues like healthcare, taxes and immigration including the "dreamers," and california's sanctuary state laws. also, on the table, high-speed rail. the democrats were supporting it with conditions. the republicans were against it. and the state's gas tax which could be repealed in november again support for and against it along party lines. so gavin newsom who is the current front-runner refused to be part of the post-debate press conference. he also skipped previous debates and probably won't participate in another before the june primary. it is 6:56. time now for your "final 5." this morning, a memorial is growing in danville for a 15- year-old student who drowned in his high school swimming
6:57 am
pool yesterday. it happened at san ramon valley high school just before 2 p.m. yesterday afternoon. grief counselors will be available to talk with students on campus today. this is the third and final full scheduled day of a strike by thousands of university of california workers. this is a live look where dozens of people are on the picket lines outside ucsf hospital. the strike is being led by service workers of all kinds including food services. in hawaii, lava continues to pour onto the streets. two new cracks have opened spewing toxic gas into hard hit neighborhoods. nearly 2,000 supreme already been evacuated since the kilauea volcano erupted last week. state attorney general patrick morrissey has defeated ex-con don blankenship in west virginia's republican senate primary. other key primaries took place in ohio, indiana and north carolina. hours after president trump walked way from the iran
6:58 am
nuclear deal, that country's news agency called him the troublemaker. at parliament, they fired a flag and chanted death to america. secretary of state mike pompeo is heading home from north korea with the three u.s. detainees with him. they appear to be in good health. heads up, a traffic alert remains in effect for drivers along southbound southbound. at 23rd, two lanes blocked due to this accident. the backup stretches beyond broadway towards 980 at this point. do expect delays. in that northbound direction in the red 33 minutes to the maze from 238. san mateo bridge a little struggle heading over westbound to 101. just under 25 minutes. the eastshore freeway just gets slower and slower. 31 minutes over to the maze where we are tracking a big backup and about 25 minutes into san francisco. the key to today is see and be seen especially with the fog over at the golden gate bridge.
6:59 am
there is some sunshine out there. inland areas will probably see sun. a lot of low clouds will burn off. but the golden gate bridge has been stubborn. yesterday it stuck around and it's back again today. so visibility impacted there. here's the visibility map. look how low it is at half moon bay down to a half mile. and then for petaluma and santa rosa it just dropped to zero-mile visibility so if you are driving to the north bay, it's going to be very slow going. please take your time. west winds are causing cool conditions out there. san francisco 21-mile-per-hour sustained winds. it's breezy in napa 15, fairfield 18. today we have the foggy start. drizzly conditions out there. but temperatures won't be that much warmer. 50s and 70s today. don't worry about your hair day. don't stress out about the hair. thanks for watching us and
7:00 am
spending time with us. your next local update is 7:26. have a great day. ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, may 9th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news, president trump says north korea just released three american prisoners. stormy daniels' attorney says a billionaire paid a $500,000 to president trump's personal attorney michael cohen and at&t including novartis are explaining why they paid cohen's hundreds of thousands of dollars. iran'sr


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