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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  May 13, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for the public to file complaints against oakland police.. details ahead in a live report.. a new app will make it easier for the public to file complaints against oakland police. details and a live report. and b.a.r.t. writers -- riders feeling safe? >> and is a new commute worth it if it means getting to work quicker? we will look at a new ballot measure. it is 6:00 a.m. happy mother's day. >> good morning. i'm melissa caen. let's start off with a look at the forecast from a mother herself. >> good morning everyone and happy mother's day. a bit of a cool mother's day
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forecast today as you can see. socked in over the bay. yesterday, we had clear skies. at this hour, it is gray. low clouds. temperatures on the cool side. below average for this time of the year. right now, 50s, concord. 56, oakland. 56, san francisco. 55, san jose. 52, santa rosa. we will likely keep some clouds around the coast for most of the day. we will probably get some sunshine for folks inland and on the east bay -- on the eastern side of the bay. certainly on the east bay and southbay. warming into the mid-70s for the warmest spots inland. mid-60s around the bay. upper 50s along the coast. visibility, not talking about dense fog but certainly low clouds. you can see they have made their way far inland. we are looking at fairfield, napa, concord and santa rosa
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seeing low clouds and gray skies. the future test shows the clouds pull back to the coast later today. we make it picks of sunshine in san francisco. they will likely keep clouds around for portions of the north bay coast. and they don't stay in the pacific for long. we see them roll back in later this evening. the full forecast coming up in a bit. back over to you. the city of oakland is introducing a new phone app aimed at making it easier for people to make comments and complaints about the police department. jessica florez is live in oakland to explain how it works. good morning jessica. >> reporter: good morning and happy mother's day. this is a new app rolling out that the city of oakland is hoping makes officers more accountable to the public. and it makes it easier for citizens to track police complaints. of course this all comes after the infamous sex abuse scandal in oakland involving several officers. a new police chief was brought in.
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police chief ann kirkpatrick was brought in to clean up the mess. a report showed that opd botched up investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct. kirkpatrick has vowed perform -- reform. but this app is coming from the community police review agency and this is where you can find the app on the portal. you cannot find it on the app store. the city says the app makes it easier to track complaints from beginning to end. and it showed outcome including any new training. so this app can be found on the portal i was mentioning. you basically have to put in your name and address. what happened and what was your complaint. you can also upload any pictures or videos. this is a central place where opd and the city can track complaints from beginning to end. live from oakland, jessica florez, kpix5. a firefighter -- firefighters in vallejo had a busy afternoon yesterday trying to contain this five alarm
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fire. it happened on cassidy street. it started in the backyard and quickly spread to the home and destroyed it. nobody was hurt but three other homes sustained minor damage after a nearby street caught fire incident numbers flying through the neighborhood. >> meanwhile, in san jose, a big effort was under way to stop constructive fires before they start. yesterday, smoke alarms were installed at the magic sands mobile home park. we were on hand for the event. >> there was no cost to homeowners to get them installed. >> i came back here to help them. >> last year, he donated $5 million to help victims of the coyote creek flood. the san jose fire department will manage the new program. >> president trump is signaling that he wants to
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open negotiations with california about fuel efficiency and tailpipe emissions. mr. trump met with executives from 10 car companies this week. the automakers that support easing the rules but they also want to make sure they can still sell the same cars nationwide. but since california is able to set its own standards, the president told the transportation secretary mep administrator to export talks with with california. the goal is to create a single fuel economy standard. politicians from both sides of the aisle continue to voice support for u.s. senator john mccain. the arizona republican sender was diagnosed with brain cancer. he opposes president trump's nominee for cia director. while discussing that at a recent white house staff meeting, kelly sadler, assistant to president trump, reportedly said "it doesn't matter because mccain is dying anyway." the white house has not denied the comment and also has not apologized.'s their huckabee sanders confirmed that sadler is still employed at the white house. >> it is a pretty disgusting thing to say.
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>> ohio's republican governor john kasich called the reported comments outrageous. former vice president joe biden says the decency of the white house has hit "rock-bottom." >> meanwhile, the white house is dealing with another controversial comment from rudy giuliani. he told the huffington post that the president denied the proposed merger of at&t and time warner. the official word from the white house is that the justice department denied the merger. governor brown unveiled his last ever budget. despite almost $9 billion in surplus, he says the state should not below it. the governor says he crafted the plan with a looming recession in mind. now the question is, what to do with 8.8 meg billion dollars of extra cash. the governor says he wants to save two thirds of it because the constitution -- in case the economy takes a downward turn. >> as isaac newton once
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observed, what goes up must come down. this is time to save for the future. not to make pricey promises we cannot keep. i said it before and i will say it again. let's not blow it now. >> brown's plan calls for almost $360 million to address homelessness. after last year's raging fire season, $100 million will go to fire prevention. schools and community colleges would continue to receive the largest share with $2.8 billion and a boost to current levels. and trying to convince bay area voters to vote for them. a former los angeles mayor for governor. >> polls show he has his work cut out for him. on a recent kpix5 survey, they showed who was in the lead. both men are struggling outside of their home turf. new some has 15% support in the
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greater los angeles area. the former mayor has 5% support are likely voters in the area. >> so phil matier and i asked willie brown where to go from here. >> over the next 21 days, will be inundated with commercials. i am told that's -- that he is $20 million left to spend. >> we are benefiting right here. them coming. >> he does not appear to be moving up in the polls after this debate. the republicans are still searching. >> if they switch the target, the target has to be -- the guy occupying number two. no matter what happens, nobody can win in the primary. all you want to do is get yourself into the runoff. that is what he needs to do. he needs to get himself into the runoff. >> gavin newsom is running
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adds where he is putting himself against cox for the ultimate race talking about the record on guns. why would he do that? >> he is trying to help cox. that helps cox with what is happening with antonio. cox has almost no money. if his name is constantly elevated -- even under attack from gavin newsom, that helps cox. >> and the reason gavin engaged the republicans so much during the debate was that he didn't want to engage his fellow democrats. the last thing gavin newsom wants is to be running against a fellow democrat who could pitch as being more moderate. so he was trying to elevate the republicans and appear as the standard bearer for cops. >> and he said as much when he was asked about whether or not the top two primary system is a good one. he said i would like to run against republican. >> just like the old days. the standard process and america lets democracy, for a
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long time the party versus party. you might represent the democrats but you don't have two democrats running against each other. my friend arnold schwarzenegger came up with the idea of eliminating the partisanship. >> and instead he got west coast wrestling. >> i don't think you can totally eliminate that partisanship. >> it is sort of fascinating that ultimately his end game is to run against a republican versus another democrat. >> i feel like he has a -- he feels like he has a better chance of winning where the enthusiasm is. when you are a republican running, you have a built-in sealing of about 30-35% based on independence and registered republican voters. i think those are odds that lieutenant governor new some would be much more interested in. people in one area say
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their health -- say that their health is being put at risk. phil matier sits down with a b.a.r.t. director. next.
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risk. a group protested yesterday in front of "santos engineering," on the city's west side. they say the company has ignored court orders to stop operations. the city has sued santos engineering for a number of violations... some folks in an oakland neighborhood say that a debris hauling company is putting their health at risk. a group of protesters yesterday, in front of santos engineering on the west side say the company has ignored court orders to stop operations. the city has sued santos engineering for a number of violations including polluting the air. they claim the business used a large fan to deliberately blow toxic dust into a neighborhood. >> we are just trying to get them out of the neighborhood. he is poisoning the neighborhood. >> the area is covered with dust. so we stay inside for a reason, so we don't get sick. >> the city is asking the court to give it permission to shut the business down. a familiar scene on public transit. drug use with fellow travelers just feet away.
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you can see an uncapped syringe filled with liquid sitting on this man's lap as he is on the m train in san francisco. a kpix5 staffer actually snapped these photos. he said all three men appeared to be high and out of it. the scene on b.a.r.t. is similar. >> here is phil matier with more on what b.a.r.t. is doing to clean up the mess. >> joining us to talk more about the situation is the b.a.r.t. director who represents san francisco and the civic center. we aired some pretty disturbing video of people -- of people openly shooting up right in the b.a.r.t. station civic center. >> yes. this is what it looks like. >> what are we going to do about it? >> the mayor brought us together this week. to me, it is about leadership accountability and leadership. he has to demonstrate about
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being mayor. he has to say, let's sit down and figure out what is going to happen. accountability is about the fact that -- if the cops are working upstairs, they are moving it downstairs. the reality is, if we -- until we deal with this, people are going to go use the heroin right away and they go to the station. it is about resources. everybody in the civic center -- the district attorney, everybody knows that unless you steal $940 or more, you will not get prosecuted. >> we are talking about increasing police patrols in the station. teaming up with san francisco police and b.a.r.t. police. >> you have people patrolling it. if they came across somebody shooting up -- under current law, simple possession of drugs
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is a citation misdemeanor. possession of paraphernalia is. and being under the influence is. you would basically be handing out tickets. >> the city got a grant for $6 million for a program called lee in seattle. they divert people to low-level drug activities and treatment. nobody is talking about this grant anymore. >> we have grants and we have programs. >> i admire your work at b.a.r.t. but we have grants and programs for people like this. if they don't want to do it, it doesn't happen. it is all voluntary, right? >> we have a community justice center. some of this stuff is actionable -- right now there is not coordination. they are and two different worlds. >> you and i know that if you cite somebody, they go to court. they say, do want to go to a diversion program or jail?
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your lawyer will probably say, take the jail route and you will be out in three days. if you go diversion, your six months in and you will have to be tested all the time. so why do a? >> for 10 years, there has been a community justice center at the civic center. what is different is you go in for a misdemeanor or above and you go in and there are services there. the judge sees you every week. there is a new judge -- and he says, you are doing this or that. coming -- come back and show me you got treatment. until we start housing people -- even people addicted should be housed -- numeral. >> let's get back to b.a.r.t. >> sorry. >> you have been working hard to clean up the stations. you feel you are getting it done? >> yes. >> now you want fixed posts. you have cleaners everyday. the idea is to have people moving all the time. why hasn't it worked so far? >> it is a 10 minute situation. it can be clear and then all
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the sudden, five or 10 other people just bought drugs upstairs and they come down and they will use it. i think fixed post -- a consistent presence of officers there. rightly -- the health department -- i think barbara garcia is a great public official but why do we have dozens of mentally ill people in that station? the resource is a $2 billion public health department. that is why i am saying, let's do this all together. >> back to b.a.r.t. -- for years, this has been a problem creeping up for years. the directors tended to turn a blind eye to it. they said, that is society. it sometimes comes on the commuter system. what changed? >> for me -- i am 70 that has worked with homelessness. i talk to people all the time. the reality is that she is affecting the bottom line. a 4% reduction in the b.a.r.t. ridership on evenings and weekends will blow a huge hole in the budget.
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we could be in a tough situation. i have been there. the general manager -- she has stepped up. the reality is, we cannot reality -- we cannot operate the system if we are losing riders. and the riders have other options. >> thank you for joining us this morning. the pressing problems on what to do about the civic center. >> name your location. thank you for joining us. let's take a look outside for the weather. we are looking at some gray skies over the bay this morning. definitely a different perspective than what we saw yesterday. yesterday -- warmer temperatures. clear skies. now we are socked in. temperatures in the 50s areawide. 56, oakland. 56, san francisco. 55, san jose. santa rosa, 52. starting off with gray skies.
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low clouds have moved inland. they will pull back to the coast later today before filling back in. we have the onshore flow. the marine cold air keeping temperatures below average. we have an area of low pressure to the east. it will likely spark thundershowers in the afternoon over the sierra. back here, cool and breezy. cloudy along the coast. inland locations will see sunshine as we make our way through the day. cooler and breezy. the warmest temperatures will be in the mid-70s. here is a look at the highs below average for this time of year. low 70s, the south bay. oakland, 64. all the temperatures are below
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average for this time of the year. santa clara, 71. 72, san jose. upper 50s for half moon bay and pacifica. warmest locations, east bay temperatures struggling to get to the mid-70s for antioch, brentwood and pittsburgh. 70, can occur -- concord. 70, walnut creek. mother's day, low to mid-60s. we will likely see breezy conditions. and morning drizzle with low clouds. 61, san francisco. 58, daly city. near 70, sonoma and napa. 70, santa rosa. up north, a little warmer for lakeport. 73, clearlake. the extended forecast shows temperaturesstaying cool through at least midweek. take a look at temperatures struggling to hit 70 degrees by wednesday and thursday. it does look like we will rebound heading into next weekend. hello everybody. got a minute? won't take long. bringing sports the way we do it.
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coming back. the giants what has it been like in pennsylvania. looking for win number one there.
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i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer
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and here is a hero's welcome. what has it been like as a child these days? take a look at this. six straight. this 111 inning start but walker got a walkoff. the yankees beat the a's. can they respond. later on on sunday. >> the championship pga -- tiger woods shot a 30 on the front nine. finished seven under 65. jumped up from 68, to nine. and shooting a four. at 19 underpar. leading by seven. somehow, this ball was scored by san jose earthquake.
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what an assessed. the? win 3-1 in minnesota. the second win of the year. that is sports at this hour. have a good one! . see you around. nearly 6000 people graduated from uc berkeley yesterday after attending the commencement ceremony. yesterday's celebration did have controversy. u.s. senator harris decided earlier in the week not to deliver the commencement speech because of a labor dispute between the uc system and a major employee's union, replacing her with the campus of chancellor. students siding with harris and the union turned their back as the chancellor spoke. >> it is such a big day. kind of sad. >> i really respect her decision to not speak because -- it says a lot that she is
6:27 am
for these workers and wants to stick up for low-wage workers so they can have a living wage. >> negotiations between the union and the university continue. union leaders are calling for higher wages and what the university to address what they call gender and racial inequality. drivers everywhere are dealing with pain at the pump. in california, gas prices are up about 50 cents compared to last year. and a 20 cents jump happened in the last month. in the bay area, the average price is $3.69 in san jose. oakland, $3.69. and san francisco, $3.79. aaa says we can expect another 20 cents increase in the coming weeks. experts say the increases are due to the a lot from the iran nuclear deal and the political turmoil in venezuela. and a new volcanic vent
6:28 am
that opened up in hawaii. and a new volcanic eruption in california and why scientists say another eruption could be closer than you think. two mayoral candidates in san francisco are forming an unusual partnership. you are watching kpix5 news this morning.
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morning. happy mother's day the time is _ _. i'm melissa caen. good morning, i'm devin fehely.. a new phone app could make it easier for the public to make comments and complaints about
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oakland police. welcome back to kpix5 this morning. happy mother's day. the time is 6:30 a.m. i'm melissa caen. >> a new phone app could make it easier for the public to make comments and complaints about the oakland police department. >> we are live at opd headquarters to explain. >> reporter: this new app -- the whole goal is to make it one seamless process for folks to put in complaints to opd and to also keep the officers accountable. of course this all comes after the sex misconduct scandal here in oakland involving several opd officers. there were several reforms put through. they brought in a new police chief, anne kirkpatrick to clean up the mess. a report found opd botched the investigation amid allegations
6:32 am
of sexual misconduct against several officers involving a teenage sex worker. kirkpatrick has filed reforms. the new oakland police chief says that she wants to reform this. >> the entire command staff that i have as of today -- from my own personal assessment, i have confidence in. >> reporter: here is where you can get the app. it is located on the community police review agency portal. the city says it makes it easier to track complaints from beginning to end. it also shows outcome. so if there is any new training or policy that comes out of one of these complaints, the app will actually track that. you cannot get it from the apple store but you can get it from the portal on the community police review agency portal coming from the city of oakland. with your name and address. you have to write what happened. you can also upload video or pictures on this app. live in oakland, kpix5. it is time for a check of
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the forecast. a bit of a cloudy mother's day. >> yeah. a little gray and cool. especially along the coast. we will likely see some sunshine this afternoon inland. and peaks of sun around the bay. for the most part, temperatures are much cooler. we have increased the marine layer. we increased the onshore flow. gray skies to start this mother's day. for mother's day brunch, you might want to grab a sweater. 57, concord. 56, oakland. livermore, 51. 56, san francisco. 52, santa rosa. taking a look at the forecast, morning clouds and cool along the coast. 59 there. around the bay, mid-60s and partly cloudy by this afternoon. a similar story. mid-70s for the warmest spot inland. we have to keep some clouds around throughout the day. it will feel cool. the futurecast tells the story. stockton -- and well into the
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east bay. as a make our way through the next few hours, clouds will pull back to the coast. then we get some sunshine around the bay. however, the clouds move back in later this afternoon. and if you are looking for something to do, the alameda spring festival going on. low 70s there. the full forecast coming up. developing now out of hawaii, after more than a week of volcanic activity, president trump has declared a major disaster on the big island. the eruptions have released high levels of sulfur dioxide and other gases into the air. scientists say these toxic fumes can mix with moisture causing volcanic smog and acid rain. >> it will be trouble breathing or burning of lungs. >> a new volcanic vent opened up yesterday spewing more lava and toxic fumes. scientists worry that more
6:35 am
eruptions could be on the horizon. scientists are also keeping a close eye on potential trouble spots in california. that is because there are about 20 volcanoes in the golden state. the most dangerous ones are located in northern california. the usgs has been working with state leaders for years to monitor those areas with plans in place in case anything were to happen. especially at mammoth mountain. >> that is really the best thing that can be done. there is no stopping the volcanic eruptions when they start. >> volcanoes are like earthquakes. they could go at any time. like mount shasta, which erupted about every hundred years. the upside is that volcanoes would at least give us some seismic warnings for weeks before they ultimately blow. meanwhile, alaska airlines is slashing ticket prices for flights between the bay area and the big island. you can now get a round trip four under $300. that as well away from the volcanic activity on the eastern side. a pair of rivals in the san francisco mayor's race have
6:36 am
teamed up. mark leno and jane kim released a joint ad making -- urging voters to make them the top two picks. the idea is to boost both of their chances against candidates like the board of supervisors president and former acting mayor london breed. >> this is more than just about us winning. it is about us winning the city back. regardless of which one of us is there, we would like to see one of us there. >> ape camp -- a camp brushed aside the news saying, what is the news here? this strategy was announced to the world a long time ago. we asked former san francisco mayor willie brown what he thinks of the duo. >> the first time that this process has been admitted as a means by which you can tagteam -- the guy or girl at the top -- that is what is happening with
6:37 am
those two. they cannot beat london breed one on one so they are teaming up, almost like in the schoolyard. when i was a little kid, i was never again have to beat anybody. so i always tagged up with somebody else to go after my enemy. >> i think they are trying to replicate what happened in oakland years ago. when a series of votes got jean quan over the finish line. i think that is what they are trying to do here. >> and she was number three. she was number three. she was not even number two. >> speaking of the number one in san francisco, that is london breed. you are supporting supervisor london breed. but she is still in between 30%- 35% in the polls. she is not surging big time either. so she needs to get over the top. >> she needs a runoff between herself and the person who is number two. that is what she needs. unfortunately, that is not the way it works. so she has to literally embrace -- i suppose who?
6:38 am
angela alioto. how do you do that? >> [ joking ] >> i will be moderating a debate among the candidates for san francisco tomorrow night. the event is sold out. the event starts at 6:30 and you can watch that on the facebook pages of kpix5 or the website. angela alioto is targeting the city's sanctuary law. she is planning to collect signatures for a november ballot and measure that was stripped-down some protections for undocumented immigrants. the proposal would let police report undocumented immigrants to ice agents if the person was booked into the county jail. in a statement angela alioto said "the existing sanctuary city ordinance is a magnet for felons across america to come to the safe shores of our city. it makes san francisco a more
6:39 am
violent and unsafe city." north korea claims its main nuclear testing site will be dismantled between may 23rd and 25th. in the u.s., president trump posted here is -- posted his response on twitter "thank you. a very smart and gracious gesture." >> north korea says it plans to invite journalists to inspect the process. the announcement comes days after the white house revealed that june 12th will be the date that president trump and the north korean leader kim jong-un will meet for a one-day summit in singapore. still to come, the bridge toll proposal. we lay out the benefits for bay area drivers.
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our hour and a half sunday morning is a trip through time.. back through time.. history.. through power.. through riches.. through fashion.. including princess ian'as fashion story hibit.. ill sh time for a look at what is coming up on cbs sunday
6:43 am
morning. >> in the hour and a half sunday morning, we have a trip through time back through time and through history and power. through riches and fashion, including princess diana's fashion story, which was the name of an exhibit that i got a personal tour of. i would like to show you a clip from that. >> this is the dress the princes were to the white house and where she famously danced with john travolta. it is known as the travolta dress. what is incredible is the skirt. when you see her dancing and it, it makes you realize what a great time they must have been having. >> cbs sunday morning in london with jane pauley is just moments away. so stick around after the newscast. a new mural is up at sfo and splashing the airport for
6:44 am
the colors of san francisco. check this out. it is called "everywhere a color." it is on display at the international terminal. the artist says the 20-foot installation is inspired by everything that makes the city by the bay special. including the fog, goldengate bridge and the farmer's market. now here is phil matier. >> it is called regional measure three on the june ballot. it would raise the tolls on the seven bay area state run bridges by a dollar. then more increases down the line. the golden gate bridge would not be affected but one of those trying to sell the plan is carl gardena with the silicon valley leadership group. first question. why a toll and not some other charge? >> a toll is a user based fee because this is about improvements on or near the bridges or in those areas leading to the bridges. >> you sort of expanded the definition of near. we are talking about projects that are -- while worthwhile,
6:45 am
are miles and miles away. some of them are in sonoma county. some in solano county. some in contra costa county. some in santa clara county. -- and your point is so important. >> saying that they are all worthwhile, let's talk about the 35 improvements that nobody disputes that we need. for those who love the wine country or traveling in marin sonoma -- finally fixing the marin sonoma narrows, decades in the making -- the hourglass, we fixed that. fixing the 101 corridor -- both by improving caltrans, by having $325 million toward the downtown san francisco extension -- as well as $300 million for managing lanes and that and other corridors. these are all improvements that are not only leading to the bridges near the bridges or on the bridges. >> all right. i might contest the nearness of that. but let's say they are all valid. the three you mentioned -- the ones in sonoma and marin
6:46 am
and napa and santa clara -- those will benefit those people there. they will be paid for largely by the bridge commuters. and they tend to come from alameda and contra costa county. the east bay. so why not have those people pay as well? >> the most important priority for alameda county commuters who will be voting on regional measure three is bringing b.a.r.t. to silicon valley -- to set -- to downtown san jose and santa clara. that is the commute they are in. the either want to get on the b.a.r.t. train or they want to get people on the b.a.r.t. train so the 880 and the 680 commutes are better. and don't forget, as you know, there are so many improvements in the 680 corridor, and the 24 connection, that benefit everyone in the region. really leading me to look at
6:47 am
those 35 specific improvements with accountability that will benefit their lives. >> you are a good salesman. i will give you that. i will give you that. hands down. you are doing what we call formatting and politics. you are saying, let's look at what we are going to do. but your not answering how we are going to do it. we picked the toll -- we need a simple majority in nine counties rather than two thirds, which is tough to get, right? >> you can spend time on that if you like. but here is the key point. i will admit something to you, phil matier. and i think you know this about me. because you know i'm cheap. i hate taxes and i hate fees but i hate traffic more. the question we all have to ask ourselves -- whether we use the bridges every day, occasionally or rarely, is, will we get benefits out of
6:48 am
this? is it worth my wallet to speed up my commute and to have more transit options around my commute? we believe that people in the bay area, where congestion is killing our economy and our quality of life, is worth it. >> so what would you say to the person that says, i agree with you on that but let's spread the pain and have everybody pay, rather than just the guys stuck in traffic and the gal stuck in traffic getting over the bridges, having to reach into their wallet and put another dollar this year, $2 next year -- $3 down the line, to help out everybody else? >> you are right. there is a cost to pay. it is 1 dollar in 2019. and then an increase in 2022 and then an increase in 2025. one thing to remember -- as a history lover is important. when the bay bridge opened november 12th, 1936 -- it was a dollar 25 -- $1.25 toll. today, $5. we are getting a deal to improve our commutes on and around the bridges.
6:49 am
and the areas leading up to the bridges. and a bridge toll is a user based fee to improve traffic. as you know, we have led efforts for sales taxes which we have all paid. we have supported and led efforts for gas tax increases that most of us pay. so it is just a matter of -- how do we finally have that level of funds that we need for the 35 specific improvements that will benefit all of us here in the bay area? >> like i said, a good salesman. it is the june primary. the ballots are out. your probably looking over them and the house. it is regional measure three. read it closely. carefully. thank you for joining us. i hope you have a pleasant ride home. >> let's take a look outside to look at the weather on this mother's day.
6:50 am
it is cool this mother's day. starting off cloudy especially along the coast and around the bay. the clouds have made their way and lent as well. temperature near 57, concord. 56, oakland. 56, san francisco. 55, san jose. 52, santa rosa. the future cost showing that clouds will pull back to the coast later today. getting to the sunshine. they roll back in. the marine layer will deepen getting into the work week. temperatures remain cool for the next several days. we have enhanced the onshore flow. we have breezy conditions along the coast and in the higher elevations. there is an area of low pressure off to the east of the sierra. that will likely spark afternoon thundershowers up there. morning clouds and cool. we remain cool and breezy. warmest temperatures today, mid- 70s. the highs today, below average for this time of year. slightly below average. 70, concord. low 70s, the south bay. san jose, 72.
6:51 am
all the temperatures are below average. palo alto, mountain view, struggling to hit 70 degrees today. upper 50s for half moon bay and pacifica. inland locations, warmer with mid-70s for pittsburgh, antioch, brentwood and fairfield. 70s, san ramon. 71, danville. around the bay, low 60s for berkeley. san francisco as well. mid-50s for sausalito for oakland as well. the one country, 70s for sonoma and napa today. 66, santa rosa. 73, clearlake. 74, cloverdale. what to expect throughout the day. morning clouds, breezy and brisk. temperatures drop anywhere from 5-15 degrees today. certainly cooler than yesterday. no big changes getting into the
6:52 am
work week. moms, grab a sweater or a jacket and go to the san francisco zoo. cloudy and cool there. 50 degrees. admission is free for moms today. happy mother's day. here is extended forecast. temperatures continue to drop. struggling to hit 70 degrees by wednesday and thursday. we will rebound heading into next weekend. we will be right back. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
6:53 am
he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. i thought after sandy hook, where 20 six and seven year olds were slain, this would never happen again. it has happened more than 200 times in 5 years.
6:54 am
dianne feinstein and a new generation are leading the fight to pass a new assault weapons ban. say no to the nra and yes to common-sense gun laws. california values senator dianne feinstein together. but as christin ayers shares with us... during her childhood, today, struggling to keep her family together. >> emberley ramirez gonzales has found an inner strength she never knew she had. >> the tragedy was splashed across the page of newspapers. two tigers blown on a car on the road to los angeles. gonzales was in the car. she was 13 years old.
6:55 am
her 11-year-old sister rosa was thrown from the car. >> rosa and my grandmother both passed away that day. i did not really even understand what death was. i just could not comprehend my sister was gone forever. >> the tragedy and responsibility stuck with kimberly like a shadow, sending her into a spiral. >> it turned me on to drinking at the age of 13. by the time i was 14, i realized i was an alcoholic. i started going to aa meetings. >> wanting to set a good example for her little brothers, she did the one thing that she thought would change her life. a story she shared when she stepped on a stage last month in front of 16,000 people in los angeles. projected onto the stage behind her, a photo of her sister rosa. >> eventually, i applied for a college scholarship, students rising above. i did not expect to get the scholarship. when i did, i was ecstatic. >> with students rising above, kimberly had found her voice. sharing her life story at an
6:56 am
annual conference that celebrates young people fighting for social change. >> they were proud of me. >> she was speaking about the meaning of success. >> help someone, inspire someone. that is what success is. >> words that kimberly is living by, mentoring young women of girls united, the organization she founded as a student and inspiring her younger brothers. pueblo is now a students rising above scholar too. >> i wanted to be like the testament of that, it could happen. >> for students rising above, i'm kristen albert. >>
6:57 am
at the same time that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor. morning" in london with jane pauley is next here on kpix 5.. have a great day. thank you for joining us on this mother's day. >> cbs sunday morning with jane pauley is next. >> have a great mother's day everyone!
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