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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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now at 11:00, breaking news. at least two people killed tonight in a terrible crash on a bay area freeway. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. this happened about 90 minutes ago on northbound 880 at stevenson boulevard in fremont. now this is video that we just got in from the scene. you can see debris is scattered across all lanes. several cars are crushed. tonight chp is confirming at least two people were killed, others have been taken to the hospital. at least six vehicles were involved in the wreck. all lanes of northbound 880 are shutdown for right now and the chp says the freeway could be closed for a while and to avoid the area. also tonight a father of ten accused of torturing his children is speaking out behind bars. he says they have it all wrong.
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kpix 5 katie nielsen is live in fairfield for us tonight. katie? >> reporter: liz, this is the house where fairfield police say nine of the children were tortured by their father. those children range in age from four months to 12 years old. >> i am not an animal, and i am not a torturer or a monster. >> reporter: john allen defended himself today in this jailhouse interview, saying he did not torture his children. >> i didn't do what they said i did. they had a normal life. like i gave my everything to these children, my everything. >> reporter: prosecutors say allen tortured the children and caused cruel and extreme pain and suffering for a purpose. >> the children said they had abuse, resulting in burns, bruising, injuries consistent with being shot by a pellet or
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bb gun. >> reporter: allen says the mother forced to lie about the abuse, all to collect extra money from the state. >> saying how much money she will get from section eight house, how she'll be able to live in the best neighborhood. have thousands of dollars a month for food stamps. >> my mom was just calling the police here and there making all these allegations, but they didn't even give us a fair chance. >> reporter: the investigation began on march 1 when the children's mother, 31-year-old ayna rogers was charged with ten counts of child endangerment based on living conditions inside their fairfield house. she allowed us inside yesterday, showing us the one room where all ten children slept. their play room and this upstairs bathroom, which appear to have feces all over the house. >> we were trying to give them the best life that they could, and we never felt like we were
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doing anything wrong. i love you. >> reporter: the children's mother is going to be back in court first thing tomorrow morning where she'll be facing nine additional counts of felony child abuse. she's actually here at the house right now along with the children's uncle. when i knocked earlier, he said the family has no comment on the pending charges. live in fairfield, katie nielsen, kpix 5. breaking news in southern california where a packaged bomber may be on the loose. the associated press report believes the fed reported a deadly explosion at a medical office was intentional. it happened this afternoon in orange county. the blast blew a hole in the front of the building. investigators believe it came from a package. surveillance cameras caught these images from inside the building. you can see the ceiling collapsed and framed pictures were falling off the wall. children from a nearby preschool were evacuated. firefighters held their hands while others pushed out babies and cribs. officials say no children were
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hurt. but one woman was killed in the blast and three others are injured. >> police searching for the suspect in a terrifying armed robbery in san francisco. they had a pretty good lead to go on tonight. joe vazquez shows us the doorbell camera at the victim's apartment as they saw it all. >> reporter: a couple embraces and says good night to a friend. then as you can see in the surveillance video, their saturday night out takes a terrifying turn. >> you're going to hit the wall. you're going to -- get against the wall, this wall here, don't turn around. >> reporter: the victim said they wanted to talk about it on kpix, but they don't want their names used for safety reasons. >> they told us to lie down on the ground in front of our house and took cash and jewelry and purses. >> take out your wallet. if i tell you again, i'm going to shoot you in your head. take out your wallet, take off
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your ring. and you, give me your purse. >> this is a lucky break in the sense that i was not expecting the camera to click on. >> reporter: the victim is hoping the video will lead to an arrest, urging everyone to invest in a security camera. >> the benefit is that people will know if they commit crimes like this. if there is a good chance. >> reporter: the robber took off in a dark suv. the video quality is so good, police are hoping it leads to an arrest right away. joe vazquez, kpix 5. five suspects are tied to an identity theft ring in the south bay. police say these suspects stole mail from about 30 victims throughout san jose, milpitas, and santa clara. police arrested them at the hilton garden inn in cupertino on saturday night as they investigated an unauthorized reservation there. they also recovered a gun, drugs, electronic card readers, and credit cards. a bomb shell ruling tonight on the state's assisted suicide law. kpix 5 andrea nakano is here
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with details. >> reporter: a judge overturned california's controversial end- of-life option act. he did it on a technicality, putting hundreds of terminally ill patients in limbo tonight. >> reporter: brittany maynard became the face of the law back in 2014, all so she could legally end her life. she had a brain tumor and was only given months to live. with no control over her cancer, she wanted control over her death. >> the options that brittany has is not choosing between continuing to live or die. the only option available to a terminally ill individual is between two different methods of dying. one is gentle, the other is struggling. >> reporter: after brittany died, california passed a law to allow patients with less than six months to live to request end of life drugs from their doctors. it's estimated that more than
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100 people have legally ended their lives. today a superior court judge in riverside county overturned the law on a technicality ruling state lawmakers passed it during a special session that was suppose to address health care. >> we have always had very strong public policies against suicide. i don't believe we should carve out an exception in this case. i certainly don't think again the state should facilitate suicides. >> reporter: brittany has been gone for almost four years. now her husband, dan, wants to give other terminally-ill patients the ability to focus on living their final days instead of worrying about how they're going to die. >> everything with what they were pursuing just to have this peace of mind, to know that they have taken a little bit of control back from the cancer or whatever their ailment is, the fact that it has been taken from them, that's what really are tears me up.
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>> california attorney general javier basera -- becerra disagrees with the ruling. dominic caserta has a problem tonight after giving up his seat and bid for supervisor. he's now defending his day job as a teacher. kpix 5 maria medina on the new accusations from former students. maria? >> reporter: well get this. even the vice mayor says she does not want her teen daughter anywhere near him. we'll get to that in just a minute. tonight the former student spoke out. in each one of them, they want to know how he's able to keep his job as a teacher. >> he screamed at me, called me disgusting and despicable. >> reporter: a former high school student described dominic's alleged quick temper and bullying. >> he told me i did not deserve to be in his classroom, that i should be kicked out and given
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a zero in his classroom. >> he even showed up in my house over the weekend. he would always call me on my cellphone, he called me non- stop and leave voice mail after voice mail. >> reporter: despite her complaints to santa clara high school staff nearly a decade ago, he continues to teach there. >> and why is he still teaching? he has no place. he's a sexual predator. >> reporter: but as they stood up to publicly tell their story, one man was clearly absent. hours before the city council meeting where the mayor planned to ask for his resignation, he stepped down from the city council seat, and suspended his run for supervisor. in a statement he wrote, "i have been a celebrated teacher for 20 years at santa clara high school. the allegations against me are false in every sense of the word. yet i have been tried and convicted in the court of public opinion without due process." >> he's not the victim here. >> reporter: one of his nine alleged victims who recently
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filed a police report says his resignation letter is far from enough. >> he should finally admit what he did to me and to other students. >> reporter: caserta may have not faced his alleged victims tonight, but it was not enough to silence them. >> he always managed to take my voice away from mement >> i also commend you for your courage. it's not easy for anyone especially young adults or minors to stand up to people in positions of power. >> reporter: and going back to the vice mayor, she said during tonight's city council meeting, that her daughter is actually a student at santa clara high. she reached out to school leaders asking them that her daughter not have caserta as a teacher next year. live in santa clara, maria medina, kpix 5. >> caserta is not the only critic under fire tonight. critics are going after former city council member over a 2014 sexual harassment claim.
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the local firefighters unioncalled both men unfit to serve. the complaints came from his former campaign manager who later settled with the city. north korea is threatening to cancel its peace summit with president trump. at the white house today, the president ignored shouted questions about north korea's warning. the country state-run news agency says north korea will never accept economic assistance from the united states in exchange for unilaterally giving up its nuclear program. on top of that, north korea abruptly canceled talks with south korea today calling joint exercises between south korea and the u.s. provocative military disturbances. >> they are exercises that are legal, they are planned well, well in advance. >> reporter: now despite the new threats, the state
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departmentsays president trump is still planning to meet with kim kim jong-un next month. betty yu reports a red warning is now in effect on the big island of hawaii as they brace for a major eruption. >> reporter: fountains of lava are shooting out of this new fissure on the big island. these blue flames is a sign that toxic gas is being released into the air. at least 20 fissures pierced through the soil since the kilauea volcano started erupting may 3. tonight the usgs says at any time the activity may become even more explosive, producing ballistic projectiles near the vent. >> every day it's another situation. you can come up, you can go down. so we are monitoring it the best way that we can. >> reporter: this morning the large plume of smoke poured out of the volcano, rising more than two miles above the
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ground. >> an explosion in regards to the ash, so we are monitoring. >> reporter: the river of lava is rolling towards the pacific. it now stretches for two miles. >> at this time it will be about two miles away from highway 137 and it is traveling at 100 yards per hour. that measurement was taken this morning, so it could have gone faster or slowed down. it's in a narrow flow currently. >> state officials say the lava has already destroyed dozens of structures, and there is no sign of things slowing down any time soon. betty yu, kpix 5. tonight more bay area cities are taking aim at plastic drinking straws. oakland just approved new legislation that limits their use in restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. earlier today in san francisco, city leaders announced a new proposal to ban plastic straws from being handed out. they say huge amounts of plastic and single-use food containers are ending up in
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landfills and oceans. >> straws suck, and we are no longer going to allow plastic straws here in san francisco. >> we need to reduce what's unnecessary. we need to reuse what we can, and recycle things at the end of life. >> alameda and berkeley have also recently approved a ban or limit on straws. you've probably done this a thousand times, reached the back of the cooler at the supermarket to buy the milk with the latest expiration date. well buyer beware. kpix 5 julie watts found out those milk dates may be misleading. >> reporter: you might call alex snell a milk connoisseur. he's a cancer survivor and drinks a lot of milk to settle his stomach. but lately he says the milk he buys has been spoiling way too early. >> the first time it happened to me, it expired ten days before the expiration date. >> reporter: at first he
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thought it was a fluke. >> it started to curdle. then he says it happened a third time and a fourth. >> yes, it smells like cheese. that's gross. >> reporter: and so we decided to investigate. putting his milk to the test. our first stop, his neighborhood lucky's, where we stocked up on sunnyside farms, alex's brand. then we bought the same sunnyside farm's brand at a different supermarket, not hill foods. we also picked up a control milk there, different brand, same store, packing each gallon into a cooler of ice. we delivered the samples to labs to be tested. >> okay, guys. >> reporter: meanwhile back at the station, we recruited newsroom staffers for three blind taste tests. >> we're going to have you test it today. in about a week from now and in about two weeks from now. >> reporter: round one, the day we bought the milk. all three milks smelled and tasted equally fresh. >> it tastes like whole milk. >> it's drinkable, but i wouldn't call it fresh. >> reporter: the sunnyside farms from alex's lucky's was
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already getting bad reviews nine days before the date stamp. >> yeah, i would be on the edge of throwing it out. >> reporter: and so was the sunnyside farms from knob hill. still eight days from its date stamped. >> that wasn't doesn't taste good. >> reporter: but the clover brand got the best review. it was stamped the very next day. >> it doesn't taste quite as fresh as it did a week ago. but it still tastes fine. >> but our round three taste test was the clincher. >> number three expired seven days ago. number two expires tomorrow. and number one expires in two days. >> one of these smells funny. >> reporter: sunnyside was already deemed unfit to drink. >> it looks like something i would find in my brother's college fridge. >> reporter: as was the sunnyside farm from knob hill, which still had one day to go. >> there are floaties in here. oh. i can already tell this is not
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awesome. that's nasty. once again the clover brand from the same store now one week passed its date stamp was unanimously voted the best of the bunch. >> are you surprised the expired milk is fresher than the non-expired milk? >> yeah, definitely. >> the ones that are dated farthest out should be the freshest. it should be a consistent thing. >> reporter: but it turns out that the not necessarily -- that's not necessarily the case. the sell by dates are voluntary. dairy processers can set these dates as far ahead as they want. in this case the milk had a best buy date, the date by which you should drink it, while clover had a sell by date, the date stores are suppose to stop selling it. >> the sell by date is the typical one that is on there. >> reporter: dr. phillip tong is with the california creamery association, and says the sell
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by date is the industry's voluntary standard. >> it tells the retailer that product should be sold at the store by that date. typically milk will still be good if kept cold five to seven days after that sell by date. >> reporter: that would explain why our clover milk still tasted good one week after the sell by date. >> it tastes like milk. >> reporter: why you might expect sunnyside farms to start souring. >> you owe me for this. >> reporter: when it comes to dates, we really walked away with, these dates don't mean anything. >> i mean i still think it provides the consumers with some bad information, at least for me. >> reporter: as for our lab test, all three were well below the legal limit. >> those counts don't count all bacteria unfortunately. >> reporter: there must have been some bacteria in our milk to cause it to spoil even though the lab didn't find anything. >> that's right. >> reporter: back in dublin, alex is sticking with the smell
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test. >> i'm spending money here and having to pour it down the drink. >> reporter: switching to another brand. julie watts, kpix 5. >> sunnyside farms was quick to conduct an internal investigation of their processing plant in fairfield when we alerted them, but told us everything checked out fine. they also told us they're in the process of converting to a sell by date. we posted their statement and a statement from clover on our website, do you have questions about best buy dates? ask julie watts directly in her read it ama. that's ask me anything. it's tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. is it going to be better by tomorrow? >> i don't know, i had to smell some milk when i'm finished with this. it's going to get warmer towards the weekend, but it's not going to be warm tomorrow. what a beautiful view. look at that awesome sky. our photographer captured this over the bay bridge earlier
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this evening. lots of clouds and chill in the air. take a look at your overnight lows, which will drop down to the upper 40s. oakland 54 for you. san jose 54. concord 52 degrees. cloudy, foggy cool pattern. you've lived it the past couple of days. i'm here to tell you it continues for the next two. an isolated shower is possible there. east bay hills oral it morning, the low pressure area passes by. not warmer, but milder, they will move through on friday through sunday. we have been chilly because the low pressure area off to the west has been feeding in a pretty robust onshore flow. now the low itself is heading in here. that's why tomorrow morning we'll feature widespread clouds in that tiny shower chance. we are just simply socked in at 6:00 tomorrow morning. then we're not seeing that much clearing in the evening. we're seeing sunshine everywhere for the past couple of days. tomorrow we don't even get that. tomorrow we'll see clouds, mostly throughout the entire day. clouding back up on thursday. but as that low moves out,
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we'll see more sunshine by thursday afternoon. we'll be chilly for the next couple of days. why are we talking about milder weather? we still have the flow from the ocean, but it won't be as strong because of this building ridge of high pressure. it's not going to be too terribly close to warm us up, but cutting into the chill just a little bit, getting our temperatures back to average. that'll begin on friday. tomorrow wednesday, chilly. 8 degrees below average in concord. only 68 for a high. morgan hill 68. pretty cloudy day. you stay cloudy at 58 degrees. danville 56 tomorrow. fairfield 69 degrees, upper 60s for livermore and brentwood. only 63, breezy chilly degrees in mill valley. alameda 65, sonoma 66, a lot of 60s tomorrow. thursday a few degrees milder, but not much. the milder weather will be on friday and saturday, but still cool near the water. next week, why not? let's do it again. another low pressure area. more clouds, more cooler weather, and even the chance
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for some showers. what's going on? rainy season is suppose to be over, suppose to be warming up. this bizarre weather here. >> the milk is going sour before the date. >> the dogs, cats, sleeping together. it is just not going to work out. >> i can't even ask what's next. >> very cool. >> volcanos. tonight, it's a brand new herd at a bay area zoo.
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marshall tuck will change that. in california, 3 million kids can't read at grade level. tuck turned around struggling schools, raising graduation rates over 60%. marshall tuck for state superintendent. marshall tuck.
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. tesla just set a guinness world record.. for towing an airplane. check it out - s- u-v.. tonight tesla set a world record for towing an airplane. check it out. the electric suv was towing a
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3,000 pound jet. it can typically tow 5,500 pounds, wow. tonight a baby bison and family are settling into their new home at the oakland zoo. >> yes, take a look at this. we spotted the newborn running around with its family today. no word on what they might have named it at the zoo or the gender. the herd was brought in for the new california trail expansion. that is set to open at the oakland zoo later this summer. >> there are only about 20,000 across the country that have purebred genetics. >> got to keep the herd healthy. turns out four of those bison are pregnant. >> that bison you just saw we were told were having
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contractions. >> really? >> might have to update this story tomorrow. >> yes, that's right. there's one on the way. >> she called the little guy pablo. >> really? >> oh no. >> where is this going, dennis? >> well the giants had a chance to get above .500 tonight. pablo had something to do with it. a great moment in boston tonight if you waited out the rain delay to see it. we're up next.
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midnight oil in boston..but if t was worth th as and red sox set through a one hour, 42-minute rein delay in a game -- rain delay
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in a game burning the wait in boston. in his first at bat like a hollywood movie script, headed out of the ballpark over the monster across home plate. placed his hand over his heart. great stuff. as led 3-2. in the 8th inning, mark had a pitch down the left field line. not sure how he did that. khris davis scores, matt chapman is bhoind him. as win 5-3. they win back-to- back season series against boston for the first time since 1987 and '88. pablo pinch hitting with the bags, juiced against cincinnati, down 3-1. he went down and got that pitch. when crawford is across the game, it's tied up at three. kelby tomlinson playing 2nd base until further notice comes out with a huge base hit, giants win 5-3. that was a big hit. san francisco now one game over
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.500. so much for the so-called epic series. warriors blew out the rockets in game one and completely turned the tables on houston's home court advantage. >> kind of get used to starting at oracle every series, understanding what the home crowd is going to be like all that. for us to play the way we did, we are standing two or three pretty serious runs that they made. and ended up getting that win, that was big. i think we could feed off of that momentum carried over into game two. the eastern conference finals, lebron james and the cavs looking to rebound from horrible game one. third quarter, celtics are up by one. smith misses the shot. terry rosier comes down with it, off to the races, slows it down. james with 42 points, but it's not enough. james harden and the rockets, they win 107-94. you know, lebron, he's not enough for one man and harden is not enough for the rockets,
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game two tomorrow night. we'll be right back. ♪you've got a friend in me. ♪you've got a friend in me. ♪you've got troubles...i've got 'em too...♪ ♪there isn't anything i wouldn't do for you...♪
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late show with stephen colbert is next. >> good night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> a new report details the near-nightly gab-fest between donald trump and sean hannity. ( phone ringing ) ( laughter )


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