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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 17, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm michelle griego. good morning, it's thursday. >> friday is just right around the corner. >> it is. >> closer to the weekend. >> oh, yeah. can't wait. it's going to be a good- looking day today. we'll have more sunshine so that's good and temperatures will be warmer. let's give you a live look at san jose. south bay waking up to clear skies. we have a marine layer at the coast but the sun will come out sooner. the marine layer will burn off a little sooner than yesterday. warm through saturday. interstate 80 at highway 4, we are tracking an accident on the connector ramp. from 4 to 80. this is a rollover crash. no lanes blocked. but you may see some flashing
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lights, visual hazard as you make your way through that stretch. speeds at the limit through hercules. we also have some roadwork. it looks like like a couple of lanes are closed until 5 a.m. this morning. really not slowing you down at this point. we are still in the green. 14 minutes over to the bay bridge toll plaza where we are tracking a bit of a backup in those cash lanes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. a man charged in a deadly crash in fremont is scheduled to appear in court today. three people died after being ejected from an suv on tuesday night on 880 near stevenson boulevard in fremont. 14-year-old christie lemus, her 9-year-old sister brooke and 39-year-old noelle johnson were killed. officers say 21-year-old dang tran made an abrupt lane change triggered the deadly chain of events. investigators say he was stoned. >> this person decided to drive under the influence and changed their lives forever.
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>> he will be in court this afternoon for arraignment. 10 children each water boarded hit with crossbows and more according to police. joe vazquez reports on the disturbing new allegations. against a father in fairfield and why the children's mother is now behind bars. >> reporter: ina rogers showed up to court hoping to stay out of jail. but new court documents presented shocking new details that will make her continued freedom very difficult. prosecutors revealed today her 10 children had been subjected to water boarding, a form of torture, and claimed the children were hit with crossbows and bbs, kicked and punched. >> the children described incidents of intentional abuse resulting in puncture wounds, burns, bruising, injuries consistent with being shot with a pellet or bb gun. >> reporter: the records also accuse the children's father of hitting the children with sticks and bats and pouring scalding water on them and dissuading them from talking to authorities. earlier this week, rogers
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allowed cameras inside her home. 10 children ages 4 months to 12 years old slept in one room. police say the children were living in squalor. rogers claims police made this mess and that she is innocent. >> why would i ever have a house full of children that were abused or allow them to be abused? i love my children. >> reporter: rogers now faces 10 counts of child abuse and neglect. her husband, jonathan allen, faces 7 counts of felony torture and nine counts of felony abuse. >> i didn't do what they said i did. >> reporter: in a jailhouse interview, allen says it's not true what the police are saying. he claims his children lived a normal life. >> i am not an animal. i'm not a torturer and i am not a monster. >> reporter: jonathan allen's bail is more than $5 million. the judge told ina rogers he was setting her bail at nearly half a million dollars. joe vazquez, kpix 5. the judge says rogers may not be a danger to the public at large but the charges made
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clear she is a danger to the children. a three-alarm fire burned four motorhomes and boat in martinez last night also causing propane tanks to explode. the fire started around 6:30 at a storage facility on franklin canyon road. firefighters say that no one was injured. >> the good news is, the fire was limited to this storage yard, the neighboring structures not affected. >> crews contained the fire about an hour later and there's no word yet on how it started. all right. it is 4:34. it's very early but you're going to get a forecast now. >> yes. a little bit of sunshine always good news. we are going to see our temperatures to start a warming trend, a short one, just about three days but hey, it's something. today we are starting to see a little bit clearer conditions out there. so not as thick of a marine layer this morning. a great view of coit tower
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this morning because it is roof camera looking towards that direction. and then the golden gate bridge @0=qas foggy. lear there, as well. so visibilities doing just fine this morning and our temperatures are all right. these are normal conditions but %&/slightly warmer to start off the day. 56 degrees in san francisco. 51 in san jose. santa rosa now in the 40s because it is a little clearer over in the north bay. oakland at t f55 pand concord a 55 degrees, as well. so the wind speeds, that's still an issue. it's causing the marine layer we are noticing west winds at sfo now up znóto 13. nine downtown san francisco. but calm in oakland. calm all across the north bay. that's why the clouds haven't been kicked in over here. we are seeing them further to the south, south of the golden gate bridge, redwood city that's where those clouds are hanging around as well as livermore. so it's pushed this direction but nice and clear for you in concord, fairfield and santa rosa this morning. so let's check in on that visibility. it looks good.
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we have a ridge of high pressure that's going to bring temperatures up today and then even higher tomorrow and on saturday. and right now, we are qrlñ seeing a lot of slow &swspeeds our sensors according to our maps here. we have westbound 580 seeing speeds down to 13 miles an hour transitioning from 205. busy through the altamont ( urpke a wind advisory as the steering wheel. 29 minutes to the dublin- pleasanton interchange. eastbound 580 opposite commute direction, we áñhave some roadwork. it looks like caltrans has at least one lane closed and that will run ufeç6:00 this morning. so that's between groveway and palo verdes. and we are seeing speeds around 30 miles per@!mhour. that's your cruising speed through that stretch. then things pick up again. that rollover crash westbound 4 to westbound 80 not blocking
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lanes. we are seeing some slowdowns in that opposite commute direction of interstate 80. we are going to take a closer look into that in the ÷next traffic report. president trump is calling some undocumented immigrants animals. >> we have people coming into the country or trying to come in. we're stopping a lot of 'em. the country. you wouldn't believe how bad these people are. these aren't people. these are animals. >> the rofpresident sat down at the ko2white house yesterday /n some california lawmakers who support his battle against the state's sanctuary law. most were republicans from southern california. this response from dianne feinstein: ident admits he made a payment to his personal la michael cohen. reporter mola lenghi has details for the first time the president admits that he made lawyer michael cohen. reporter mola lenghi has >> reporter: epresident trump's repayment to michael cohen was
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listed as a footnote on his ÷ form. the document released by the office of government ethics wednesday revealed mr. trump is then personal attorney in 2017 for xñ expenses incurred in 2016. the value was listed as between $100,000 and $250,000. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment? >> no. >> reporter: while the form did not list a specific reason confirmed he used $130,000 of his own money before the election to pay adult film star stormy daniels to keep quiet about an affair she claimed she had with mr. trump. >> it's not campaign money. >> reporter: rudy giuliani told fox news the #vzpresident paid cohen back. president 3wtrump's disclosure is raising new questions about why he failed to mention his debt to cohen on ethics forms he filed last year. along with the form, the oge sent a letter to deputy
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attorney general rod .the '7óupda in case it was, quote, relevant to any inquiries the justice department may be pursuing. >> to @g"ethat means that the office of government ethics believes there's a potential crime here and it really should be investigated. >> reporter: cohen himself is under federal investigation and last month fbi agents raided his home edgand offices new york. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. =] z%9ues to receive w3millions of dollar in income from his properties including mar-a-largo in florida. time now is 4:39. the san francisco dream house raffle happens every year. but in the last decade, no homes have been claimed. we'll have more on the contest that could be too good to be true.
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legal action against a couple. the world. according to the new 2018 bi the bay area makes hf%the t three for having the most billionaires in the world. according to the new 2018 billionaire census, new york holds the 2g-number one spot.
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round out the top 3 with 74 billionaires. that's 14 more than last year. still, the bay area is not affordable for most home ers according to the california association of realtors. just 23% of households can afford a median priced home. so who wouldn't want to win a $ñmulti-million o-vkdolla home? that's the top prize of the san francisco dream house raffle held every year. but susie steimle looked at the fine print and found out that that prize could really be just a dream. >> reporter: the house is spectacular, a six-bedroom pacific heitzman heights mansion worth more than $10 million the top prize in this year's san francisco dream house raffle and in a real estate-starved city, winning would be a dream come true. g=be like to !solive in a house like this? >> a dream. >> reporter: the yearly contest -/athat costs $150 a
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ticket is a benefit for the nonprofit yerba buena center for the arts. homes form a gallery of real estate in áothe city's priciestl neighborhoods. how many of them have been given away? we checked. in 10 years of dream house raffles, not one dream house has been given away. >> the raffle ought to give away the prize that's most heavily advertised and promoted. >> reporter: daniel is founder of the watchdog group, charity watch. watch. dre raffles, the contest rules have a lot of caveats. >> it's clearly misleading unless somebody has pored over the fine print and unfortunately people, you know, @/are not doing 1ágthat. >> reporter: yerba buena says on its website, 65,000 tickets must be sold in order for a xgg house to be awarded but we have learned in 10 years, wo#th ticket threshold has only been
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reached twice. in both cases the winners opted for the alternative cash prize. i mean, it was totally unexpected. >> shirley won the top prize in the 2015 dream v%kraffle. no home was awarded that year. the ticket threshold wasn't reached but shirley is happy with the big cash prize she received. >> i was fine zk7with it. i like to win whatever it is. >> reporter: a tax lawyer says claiming the house if it were awarded would be expensive. >> $3.9 million worth of taxes just at the federal level. >> reporter: the winner must pay all taxes and fees associated with closing on a house, on a $10.5 @cmillion property in san francisco that would be -- >> about 53% of the value fr/o the property. >> reporter: in other words, more than $5.5 million. the real winner of yerba
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buena's raffle might be a former watsonville schoolteacher turned contest consultant. she helped run one of the nation's very first dream house raffles in marin county. ?o he 1á$ñdid respond to our questions or our request for an interview. but irs records show yerba buena paid him and rg6his consulting company more than $5 million between 2009 and 2015. and zavy has other clients, as well. charities paid him $11 million to run their dream house contests between 2016 and 2015. all told, he has taken home nearly $17 million from dream house giveaways. yerba buena declined our request for an interview saying by email his fees are justified because the raffle t
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million in vital revenue since b 2009. it's allowed the @> it's getting a reasonable return for the charity. >> reporter: there are plenty ú s 2300 in all. but borechoff says perception is ñ$#important. he says never giving away a house in this dream house raffle could come back to haunt the charity. >> charities participate in a raffle where they heavily advertise the prize and don't give it away, it taints the charity. >> reporter: it could also >> reporter: it could also dim sales if people realized this dream may never come true. susie steimle, kpix 5. fá >> and yerba buena says that it is considering publishing a ticket sales tally in the future so jthat entrants can see if winning the home is a possibility. >> always have to read the fine print. >> i was just going to say that. >> zo%it's important to kodo no
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matter what you're@iadoing on < anything. yes. i read the fine print when it comes to the forecast. >> we know you do. >> i want to give you a forecast again so today we are warmer out there. already seeing some areas that are dealing with clear conditions. here we are. san francisco you can see those lights of downtown and it looks good out there. we are noticing %qña little bit of clouds but not as much, not as thick as what we have been seeing over the past several mornings. in fact, golden gate bridge nice clear out there, as well. so visibility is doing just fine this morning. here's a look at our 1e temperatures. in santa rosa it will be cooler in the 40s. 51 in san jose. san francisco 56. livermore 53 degrees. oakland in the mid-50s. now, our winds adding to a little bit of that cooler air. at sfo í'3it's up to 13-mile-pe- hour sustained winds but calm fremont, mountain view. just fine this morning. concord, antioch not feeling that breeze that you have been seeing the past few days so that low that brought us the afternoon thunderstorms for fairfield and through
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sacramento valley and the sierra has now moved out further east so now all we're seeing is basically the end -- the tail end of that low. so that's why the marine layer s intense today. marine layer we'll see more of that ne. temperatures still below average but slightly. so we are getting there. a little closer to normal. here's the afternoon highs. t- overall comfortable but a few more degrees will bring us back to normal. we'll get there on friday [çand saturday. here's where the low is, further east over nevada. still a chance for rg6afternoon thunderstorms for the sierra for the next ;ój7few days so that's going to remain in the forecast because of what's swirling around there. but over here, this is where we are seeing a ridge of high pressure. iis going to contribute to nice weather for friday and saturday. love it when the weekend turns out l5nice and warm and sunny and that's what you b.will see for the first half of your weekend but then this low right here is going to start to get closer and closer to
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us. so when it comes in from the gulf of alaska that leads to cooler air and, yes, a chance of rain on monday and tuesday next week. we are íluñgoing 8 from the upp next week. looks like a nice weekend ahead of us. right now, we are tracking some slow speeds for drivers on some of our "bay area majors" but not v'r÷in santa ro things éare looking good on 101 right near highway 12. novato so okay in both directions near ignacio. you can see speeds are in the green. we'll take it to highway 37 e are checking in problem-free near lakeville heading over from interstate %qñ 80 to 101. here's a different perspective of the richmond/san rafael bridgevsj. no problems sto repo chp is e/9on the scene at
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westbound 4 to interstate 80 ÷previous crash. no lanes blocked but the car flipped on the roof so moving it back to the road. it went down an bglembankment. so far still in the green along the -eastshore freeway. 4:50. police are trying to track down a idog owner after a serious attack in a bay area park. >> a bay area family is blaming a pizza shop for getting them sick with e. coli. iq4
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in the nationwide e. coli outbreak happy thursday morning. we'll be slightly below average by a few degrees but temperatures ñare warmer than
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yesterday. you will see more of that sunshine so 72 degrees in morgan hill. not bad. 70 for san jose. cupertino 68. palo alto 69. temperatures in o-vthe low 70s the east bay for most areas. fairfield 73. pittsburg 71. so these temperatures are warmer because of a ridge of high apressure. it's going to be closer so ven warmer and same with saturday. around the bay, 60s. and then 70s further north. that's your afternoon temperatures. right now, chp on the (a scene of a new crash that we're tracking in san leandro. this is on the 98th avenue on- ramp to northbound 880. it's not blocking pgaany lanes. but you again will see some flashing lights. they are waiting for a 3leñtow. other than that, your speeds are at the limit $kalong 880. a vallejo family says they got fjesick in the nationwide e coli outbreak in a local pizza shop. a 27-year-old woman, her younger sister and her
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daughter claim to have gotten sick after eating a chicken caesar salad fkuat papa murphy' in american canyon last month. their attorney, who is also representing more than 80 cases, says i think growers, processors, regulators and consumers need to decide if mass produced romaine lettuce can be produced safely at all. the e. coli outbreak was linked to lettuce out of yuma, arizona. court the cdc, 172 people -- according to the cdc, 172 people in 32 states goxaksick. one person edied in california. the fda says the htju8srgated x lettuce $]o now !w/passed its 2- day shelf life and it's unlikely that that lettuce is not being served today. police are trying to track down two dogs and their owner after another dog and four people were attacked at a san francisco park. more now from kpix 5's betty yu. >> reporter: san francisco police need your help finding the owner of ntwo pit bulls whoá
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they say walked away after kkrh dog caused several injuries here at dolores park in the off-leash area. this is a 4photo sfpd shared of the man they need your help identifying. police say just before noon ÷&o sunday, these two pit bulls attacked another dog named bloom. bloom looks similar to this dog pictured here. bloom had puncture wounds to back. four adults with bloom ÷úclgot bite wounds to their hands trying to separate the dogs. sfpd says the suspect then ãhçhed his pit bull and left the zo%scene without giving his name or any information regarding his dog's vaccination record. the photo was snapped before he took off. >> makes me sick, just heart sick. because pit bulls are such a misunderstood breed anyway. but on the other hand, as the owner of a pit, i -- you have to be responsible. >> reporter: mary does 'f,çnot
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unleash her pit bull violet even in the designated unleashed area. >> when she gets in a park like this she just takes off and runs like a -- like a gazelle. and y-that makes me very nervou 3isn't fenced in. >> reporter: this woman takes her small dog to dolores park vn several times a week. she didn't recognize the man. >> is it going to stop me 3w?ár coming here? ot. but if i saw somebody with fairly aggressive dogs, i'd probably leave. >> reporter: ambulances and paramedics arrived xlon scene and treated the four victims. most of them are from southern california. rushed to hospitals. bloom, the dog, was m/otreated for her wounds by a veterinarian. 2ov0ñ"prg san fra kpix 5. a police mugshot's website is in trouble with .the law for charging suspects a fee have their photos oktaken down. california attorney general
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xavier becerra filed charges against saying they post mugshots online and charged a fee for +wxthem to be taken çó f?pge+down even if u-á were ñ-dismissed. >> let's be clear. what does is simple ,"and sheer exploitation no other way to put it. plain and simple. cyber exploitation. >> the office says that the suspects collected at least $64,000 ÷in removal fees from 175 californians and nearly $2.5 million nationally. coming up, the mayor's cure to part of the problem we see every day íron the streets, people openly shooting up drugs. we'll tell you what it is. 2íñ
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you know at the heart of what mayor villaraigosa is doing today, he's fighting to make this country more equal and more just. president obama called him one of america's finest mayors. he's more prepared to get things done. antonio for governor.
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brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor. and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live lo ide... good morning, everyone. it is thursday, may 17th.
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i'm michelle griego. >> and good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. traffic on 880 in oakland. the nimitz not looking bad. and a live @


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