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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  May 18, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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tonight: the string of bay area attacks... and the specific targ now at 11:00, thrown to the grounds and robbed. tonight, the string of bay area attacks and the specific target of these brutal bandits. good evening i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm elizabeth cook. kpix 5 is live in fremont where
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gold chains are becoming a magnet for crime. >> reporter: there have been six attacks in the last two weeks, and one of the most recent was actually caught on a neighbor's surveillance camera. you can see the suspect walking toward the victim. all of the sudden he slams her to the ground, rips off her gold neckless, and -- necklace and runs away. the victim gets up, appearing to be okay. >> it was pretty frightening to see this. >> reporter: liz lives across the the street from where the attack took place, only a few hundred treat from olivera elementary school. >> we've been here for years, and this is the first time anything like this happened, and in broad daylight right across the street. >> reporter: she says it appears the suspect was trying to find a victim. minutes before the attack you can see the same man following a different woman who was pushing a baby stroller, but he turned around when she crossed
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the street. >> it's tritenning to know -- frightening to know it's been going on in other neighborhoods locally. >> reporter: the most recent attack was just yesterday near patterson elementary school school. police believe the same suspect is behind at least two of the robberies. >> happening next to our homes and schools, that's scary. >> reporter: police say they believe the man is in his 20s or early 30s. if you do recognize the man in the video, police want to hear from you. some police officers at cal could be fired for what they were allegedly doing on patrol. six uc berkeley officers were caught regularly sitting inside a closed campus library after reporting they were out patrolling other buildings. they've been on paid leave since october. they are waiting for a decision in their final appeal hearing. a cal spokesperson says quote because police officer
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personnel matters are confidential, we cannot discuss any particulars of any individual case. speaking generally we expect all of our officers to be out working as assigned. a former student is coming forward tonight.. with disturbing claims against a he says he a former student is coming forward tonight with disturbing claims against a high school teacher. she says he stalked her, and that's not all. until two days ago the teacher was also a santa clara city councilman. maria medina has more. >> reporter: yes, he resigned as a council member and suspended his campaign for county supervisor, but his alleged victims want to know why he remains a teacher here. >> he needs to be nowhere around kids. he's, he's a sexual predator. >> reporter: savanna was a senior who she had dominic coserta as a teacher. >> i wouldn't let him touch me. >> reporter: and that's when she claims he began to stalk
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her, calling her repeatedly. >> he started being mean and that's when hesitaterred, you know, calling me all the time, leave -- he started, you know, calling me all the time and leaving my voice mails. >> reporter: he allegedly showed up at her work if she missed school and even came to her home. >> he came to my house asking why i wasn't answering his phone calls, why i was being so rude or why wouldn't i talk to him, and i started screaming at him to leave. >> reporter: savanna says she wasn't the best student, and that's what she says the teacher used as his defense to school staff and her parents. did you think that was just a teacher who cared about his student missing class? >> oh, god, no, it wasn't that at all. >> reporter: tuesday night she was among money who hoped to face him at the santa clara city council meeting, but hours before and more than a week after the first allegations surfaced he has resigned as council member. >> why is he still teaching?
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>> reporter: it's the first time she spoke publicly after she filed two complaints against him her senior year. >> it was hard. my parents cannot believe me at first, and that was hard. >> reporter: did anything get resolved? >> no, nothing. >> reporter: and he remains a teacher there. >> someone has to be held accountable. it can't just be him because people have allowed him to do that. they've known about it. >> reporter: and a district spokesperson would only confirm coserta is still employed here. they did just announce a sexual harassment task force. maria medina, kpix 5. a state assemblywoman and outspoken member of the me too movement plans to return to work monday after being cleared of sexual misconduct allegations. la county democrat christina garcia has been on voluntary
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leave since a former worker claimed she sexually harassed him. >> she reached for my crotch. >> the assembly rules committee said today an outside investigation found no evidence to substantiate the claims. in a statement the assemblywoman said quote i look forward to returning to work and getting back to the business of representing my constituents. the accuser no longer works for the legislature and plans to appeal. an explosive eruption from hawaii's kilauea volcano sent a close of ash 30,000 miles into the sky. >> yes, time pse video captured this eruption. it only lasted a few minutes and follows two weeks of
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volcanic activity, and hawaii's officials are warning there could be larger and more violent explosions to come. >> reporter: you could hear the booms. eruptions from the volcano's summit. it shot ash and smoke 30,000 feet into the air today. time lapse cameras at the observatory caught the latest eruption that had officials warning residents to shelter in place. you could see ash and gas spewing from the summit. a cbs reporter took a helicopter tour over the sobering view yesterday. this crater was first formed after one of kiluaea's most violent explosives in 1959. >>you have sulfur dioxide coming up, and the crater goes down for probably a mile.
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>> reporter: it looks vastly different than two weeks ago according to the veteran tour pilot. >> compared to what it used to look like, this is insane. it used to be flat up here. >> reporter: leilani estates also looks incredibly fissure. this is before the eruptions, and now it looks like this. you can see the lava bubbling up, and a lot of brown, which is because sulfur gas is killing the vegetation as the air moves the toxic gas toward the ocean. scientists say the declining lava levels contributed to several more earthquakes yesterday and caused cracking on a main highway on the southside of the highway that cuts right through volcanos national park. >> hawaii's governor told his national guard to be on stand by to do search and rescues if necessary and told potential tourists to come saying the rest of the state continues to be open for business, and the eruption site is in a small
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portion of the island. betty yu, kpix 5. tonight firefighters believe illegal fireworks may have sparked this brush fire in san jose this afternoon. it broke out around 4:30 along capitol expressway near coyote creek. it burned 71 acres and got right up to some houses before firefighters finally put it out. no structures were damaged. a judge decided tonight whether 49er reuben foster should stand for allegedly beating his girlfriend. today in court she said she made it all court. she ignored reporter questions after her testimony in san jose today. she first told police foster beat her up in february at a home they shared, but she broke down today saying she made the story up because she was angry after foster broke up with her.
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she said quote i wanted to be extra, i wanted him to go down. one legal analyst in the courtroom says this testimony puts the case against foster on life support. >> mr. foster plays on defense, but his defense team went on offense in this cross- examination of the accuser, and it couldn't have gone any better, so now i think the da's office will go back and evaluate how to play this out, should we just go after the firearms charge and live the domestic have a -- leave the domestic violence charge out of it. >> the girlfriend also admitted that in 2011 she was put in jail for trying to frame another ex-boyfriend for domestic violence in louisiana. tonight oakland police are looking for the shooter that sent terrified children running for cover as he opened fire near their school playground. kpix's da lin shows us a surveillance camera near parker
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elementary caught a glimpse of the gunman and the get away car. >> reporter: after school, broad daylight, and kids playing, then gunshots followed by the piercing sounds of kids screaming. a home surveillance camera captured the frightening ordeal yesterday across the street from parker elementary in east oakland. it happened just before 5:00. a newer model mercedes pulled up, and a man in a hoodie got out of the car. a man walked up to the apartment complex and fired three shots. he's running back with a gun in his hands, and you can tell the teachers telling the kids let's go. >> let's go! let's go! >> the gun fire wasn't aimed at the campus thankfully, but this is an incident that alarmed a lot of people. there were kids in the yard, people started returning into
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the building, we locked down the school immediately. >> reporter: neighbors say the housing crisis may have overshadowed oakland's crime problem in recent years, but it's still a big issue. the same camera captured another shooting across from the school back in august. oakland police say no one was hurt in the latest shooting. it's hard to make out the license plate, but investigators have the video and are looking for the car and the suspects. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. spotted the police are staying tight lipped tonight about a double homicide in san jose. a driver spotted the bodies of a man and woman shot to death along sierra road late last night. friends say the woman was 24 and known as mugsy. tonight there's a makeshift memorial at the scene. so far police have not identified any suspects or a possible motive. n quentin.. sentenced to die for the brutal
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for decades a man named kevin cooper has been sitting in san quentin sentenced to die for the murders of four people. >> but did he actually commit the crimes? dave brian has more for the push for a dna death row test. >> reporter: the murders of doug and peggy ryan, their 10- year-old daughter, and her 11- year-old friend. they were killed with a hatchet and at least two other weapons. only the ryan's 8-year-old son joshua survived the attack. he thought three men carried out the attack, but only ken cooper was arrested -- kevin cooper was arrested. he had escaped from a minimum security prison and was hiding in a house next door. he claimed he was innocent, but a bloody shoe print led to his conviction. >> somebody discovered the print in the crime lab, but no
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one saw it at the scene. >> reporter: 17 years ago the state agreed to do new tests on evidence in cooper's case on a hair, a stained shirt found near the scene, and cigarette butts dropped in the ryan's stolen station wagon, but at the time results did not clear cooper. >> this case is absolutely at the top of the list in terms of the most corrupt, botched, wrongfully handled cases that i've ever seen. >> reporter: former fbi special agent in charge thomas r. parker believes san bernardino sheriff's personnel planted some evidence and disregarded other evidence in order to get a false conviction of kevin cooper, and parker is not alone. >> he's on death row because the san bernardino sheriff's department framed him. >> you don't expect this in california. >> reporter: now a new york times columnist is raising the
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question too, was kevin cooper framed for murder? and in a piece released author questions ew york times why governor jerry brown and senator kamala harris haven't signed off on allowing new advanced dna tests to be taken at the expense of cooper's defense team. ion -- remains under review. >> the governor's office said tonight that cooper's clemency conviction remains under investigation. and a school bus in new jersey flipped on its side after it slammed into a dump truck. two people died, a student and teacher. the crash happened on interstate 80 in mt. olive this morning. >> there were 38 students and 7 adults on the bus including the driver. a total of 43 people of that 45 were injured and transported to
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area hospitals for treatment. belts. imag >> the exact cause of the crash is under investigation. authorities say the school bus did have seat belts. imagine what it would feel like to sit in a bus for three plus hours four a 14 -- for a 14-mile ride. then imagine what it's like for a disabled person who's not able to fully understand exactly what's going on. juliette goodrich followed one special needs passenger to school in the east bay and back for two months with a gps tracking device. you'll be spiced at what -- surprised at what she discovered. >> reporter: like clockwork each morning gina makes breakfast for her special needs brother jonathan, and like clockwork every day he heads out the door at 7:30 a.m. to catch the bus to school. east bay transit operate it is service to get him to ca hooly
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a.m. it's usually a one-hour trip in the morning, but the ride home at 2:30 is a different story. >> we expect it to have some delay in it, just not so much that he is left on the bus for three hours and 15 minutes. >> reporter: that's what happened one day recently. when he got off the bus, how was he? >> he was crying and really upset. he didn't say what had happened because he doesn't have the vocabulary to say that, but he was incontinent on the bus which never happens. >> reporter: that was one of the worst days, but on many others jonathan's home late. >> there's been times where once it's beyond 4:00 we say where's jonathan? >> reporter: so just how much time is jonathan spending on the bus is this we put this tracker in his backpack to find out. for two months we followed him back and forth to school. on average the ride home took about an hour and a half, but seven times it took longer and
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three times it took more than two hours. we noticed on many of the late days the bus took long detours down to hayward and west. >> that doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: tonya ones a special needs program -- runs a special needs program for people throughout the day. >> that's not like just an occasional thing, that's unacceptable to make anybody do, but especially someone that's disabled. >> we have standards we strive to meet each and every day. >> reporter: jay is the manager of the private company that runs the system for bart and ac transit. these are people who have disabilities and can't speak up or may not be able to be in charge of their faculties at times, um, what do you do about that? >> we try to do whatever we can to make sure the ride is safe and prompt and comfortable as possible.
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>> reporter: tonya says that's laughable from her perspective. >> we've complained to them, and families have complained, and it's not gotten better in the four years i've been here. >> reporter: so what about jonathan? >> three hours and 15 minutes seems like an incredibly long time. >> i will agree with you on that, and i have concerned about that drive. we have traffic and road closures due to construction. i'll make adjustments and make sure jonathan gets to and from his location as well as we can. >> reporter: back in oakland just hours after our interview, jonathan's transit bus got him home in record time, less than an hour. gina is grateful but can't forget all the others with special needs. >> is he the only one that is happening to? is it happening to other people with no one no advocate for them it's unacceptable and needs to be adepressed head on -- addressed head on.
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>> here's the deal, east bay transit at only option for people not able to take public transportation. critics say with no competition there's no incentive to provide better service. if you have a comment on this story we'd like to hear from you. e-mail us at kpix 5 investigates. milder today throughout the day area. the on shore flow getting minimized a bit. look at the sun set as viewed from berkeley tonight. this is gorgeous. we've got the low cloud cover behind the city skyline. there's the bay bridge, good looking picture. the marine layer about 2,000 feet thick and gets compressed a bit. and there's another beautiful shot. 54 in oakland tonight. a gorgeous sunset. 54 vallejo. sunrise should be beautiful as well. san jose 54. a lot of events into the heart of may and almost summer. the contra costa fair this
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weekend. warmer day is saturday, 75. the bay to breakers sunday in san francisco, 59 degrees. not bad running weather. we have a low pressure area still causing showers and thunderstorms other the sierra, and that's -- over the sierra, and that's starting to move out. friday and saturday the ridge of high pressure will get close enough just to limit, just to minimize the push from the ocean and that will warm us up five degrees in many locations. morning cloud cover, the north bay may avoid it. by the afternoon sunny except for right along the coastline and sunday a mixture and clouds in the morning but blue sky in the afternoon. next week temperatures going back down. new low pressure area, more showers and storms for the sierra and to the north. highsonly in the 60s for a couple of day next week. tomorrow mild, san jose 71,
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four degrees below normal. dublin 68, some of the warmer spots antioch and pittsburgh in the 70s tomorrow, lake port hitting the low 80s over the next couple of days. mild friday and saturday, cooler and cloudier on sunday. tiny chance of a north bay rain shower monday and tuesday, and we stay below average until this time next week. this is been a month where it's been colder than most of february was. that's how warm february was. >> february when we had no rain. >> no rain in february. february was a weird month. >> thanks paul. this bay area woman is camped out tonight thousands of miles from home all in the name of love. g...
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders
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on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. the royal wedding... prince harry and meghan markle rode to windsor castle today... getting right down to it. two days before the royal wedding now. prince harry, meghan markle, road to windsor castle today. i heard they had tea with charles. >> of course! >> and hiss wife. meanwhile -- and his wife. meanwhile bay area pastry chef is hard at work constructing the cake. the little monday elder flower -- lemon elder flower creation is meant to symbolize spring. and a bay area woman is
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already camped out at the castle for the celebration. >> nancy mccoy flew in from san rafael and has been sleeping on the sidewalk since yesterday saving her prime spot. >> reporter: what was it so important for you to come out here so early? >> i know you have to come early to get a good place, and i wanted to be, um, right where the carriage comes down. i, i considered the long walk, but i decided that this was the better place. >> reporter: it's going to com out right here, the carriage? >> yes. >> reporter: and what are you going to do? >> scream! >> reporter: cbs will have live coverage of the royal wedding this saturday starting at 1:00 in the morning. >> i can't wait! is steph curry playing at 100 percent? kerr breaks it down, and the giants brought the leather, did they it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'.
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at&t park..and the game ended just minutes ago..
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klay thompson not worrying about the ro the giants looking to win at at&t, and the game just ended. klay thompson just worried about the popcorn. bell doubles off the bricks, but the play was reviewed, and ruled a home run. two-run shot tied the game at three. still tied in the 12th inning. trying to get out of the bases loaded jam, but gonzalez deliver it is single, and colorado wins the game. bochi and crawford were tossed, and the rockies win 5-3. the tower in toronto where the jays hosted the a's. bad news the a's struck out 13 times, but they had 14 hits. davis gave oakland the lead. 6th inning, chapman goes second
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deck. two-run shot. he was three for four. just a hit parade tonight in toronto. oakland wins 10-5, and they're back to 500 baseball. the warriors game two loss to the rockets was especially rough for curry. he scored 16, but was just one of eight for three, and many are wondering if he's still feeling the effects from the knee injury. >> reporter: how much is his injury responsible for his performance tonight? >> um, 13.7 percent. sorry. the lady hornets charly rudy scored seven- go and ncs division 1 girl's lacrosse championship, the lady hornets beat oak ridge to win their fourth straight ncs title. vern glenn will have the full story on this budding dynasty
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi will have all the news you need.. to start your day. good night. the late show is next, our next newscast is tomorrow cholula hot sauce is teaming up with jack in the box for the cholula buttery jack. a little hot sauce there... woah. what's happening? jack i'm trying to film this commercial! oh my gosh, sorry. with delicious cholula hot sauce and crispy jalapenos on a signature bun. the new cholula buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family.
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