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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 21, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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now at noon: the first lady makes an unannounced visit to the texas border.. for a first-hand look at the immigration crisis. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. and i'm neda iranpour... in for michelle griego. ys hife'sfirsakes an unanced fit the gration isis. good afternoon. >> president trump says hisstng
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his mind and -- about separating families at the border. now congress is taking up at two different immigration bills to try to find a permanent solution to this problem. >> reporter: they were errors -- was supposed to be a compromise vote today in the house, but that has been postponed. meantime, protesters are pushing for change. protests on capitol hill as congress prepares to vote on two immigration bills, a hard- line proposal that cuts immigration across the board and a compromise plan backed g >> i do believe we are advancing really good ideas today with the votes we are having. and i think these are the seeds that will be planted for an ultimate solution.>> reporter: a democratic congresswoman described how her parents came from guatemala when she was just a child. >> i was not put in a freezing
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cell. my parents had no choice. >> reporter: but the president blames democrats. >> they are extremist, open border democrats. it is a big con job. in the meantime, people are suffering because in democrats. >> reporter: melania trump visited the border to visit a nonprofit taking care of immigrants any border patrol processing facility. president trump signed an executive order on wednesday temporarily ending the separation of families at the border, but it will only last 20 days. back as congress less than three weeks to find a permanent solution. >> i think the president is trying to address the issue on the border in a compassionate way and try to do what he can from the executive standpoint. but it has to be addressed legislatively. >> reporter: it may also be up
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to congress to find a fix for the children already separated at the border. the executive order by the president does not apply to the 2300 children already taken from their parents. melania trump visited a facility in texas with 55 children. one of the questions she asked people there is how often do the children get to speak with their families, and she was told twice a week. in the past half hour we have learned the justice department formally asked a federal department to change the rules on families caught at the border. mayors across the country calling for the immediate reification for families who may have been separated. members of the u.s. conference of mayors have gathered in texas, one of the locations were immigrant children are being held in massive tents. the nevada mayor is also representing the bay area. >> as a father and as a mayor i am proud to stand here in this bipartisan group. because it is our job to solve
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problems and make peoples lives better. and these coral policies that have been put in place do neither. >> the mayors are hoping to to tour the facility, and the superintendent of the school district has described the camp as a mini prison. a bay area billboard defaced and the message aimed at ice -- i.c.e.>> reporter: the billboards is as -- at the busy macarthur maze. activists say they changed it to send a message to president trump. the sign said we make junk disappear yesterday, and overnight it says this, we make kids disappear i.c.e. >> i think it is a powerful political statement. >> reporter: the statement comes from the activists our collective in the client, the same group behind the naked trump statue that popped up in san francisco.
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they wanted to protest the zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. >> it is a travesty going on right now. it is terrible. we need to do something. >> reporter: even though this is vandalism, the folks waiting for the bus near the sign say they appreciate the message. >> it is a good message. >> i think ultimately we have to be concerned about children first before we are concerned about a lot of other external issues. they are children and did not do anything to deserve to be separated from their parents. >> reporter: clear channel workers plan to remove the vandalize design. now that president trump has signed that executive order ending family separations at the border, it is still unclear when the thousands of children who have already been taken from their parents will be reunited with their families. >> we reached out to clear channel for,, and it says it is
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aware the vandalism and working to repair, replace or remove that ad today. pg&e is preparing to pay at least $2.5 million for the wine country wildfires. earlier this month, a calfire report traced many of the deadly california fires last fall to pg&e powerlines. the utility says it expects to be held liable for much of the damage, so it says it will record the $2.5 million charge in the current quarter to cover the expected losses. the total liability could end up being much higher. jury selection underway in a case that pits a bay area main against the chemical giant company monsanto. >> -- man against the chemical giant monsanto. >> reporter: it is all about the popular chemical spray roundup. this case was put on the fast track because the plaintiff only has two years to live. the plaintiff, 46-year-old lee
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johnson, has non-hodgkin's lymphoma. he worked for the unified school district as a groundskeeper, you should -- regularly using roundup on the job. of4000eopl ross oagist monsto sang roundup gave thnoem w ca and did not warn of the risks. >> at no point did they ever worn mr. johnson or any consumer for that matter that its products can cause cancer. the ruling california is simple, the rule is, if you know or suspect your product can cause cancer, then you must either warn or pay.>> reporter: also on trial in this case, the main chemical in roundup and the conflicting studies about its hazards. the epa says it likely does not cause cancer. the state of california says it is carcinogenic. representatives for monsanto continue to defend its safety
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today. >> all that evidence will show why monsanto sold that product, continues to sell that product, and it does not cause cancer. >> reporter: the court is now in the process of whittling down the jury pool of 125 people. the trial is set to start next week. it could last through mid august. -- >> the head of intel is out of a job because of a prior relationship with another employee. ceo brian krzanich has retired. in a statement, intel says he had a past consensual relationship with another intel worker, and that is a violation of company policy which forbids managers from fraternizing with employees. he joined the company back in 1982. in san francisco tonight, police will hold a community meeting to update neighbors on a violent incident in niue valley earlier this month. a mom attacked while holding her baby . it happened at the intersection of 28th and sanchez on june 3. the suspect is still on the loose. the meeting will start tonight
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at 6:30 pm. there is a timeline from the board of supervisors president to mayor of san francisco. she says she plans to resign from her duties on the board next week. she will remain board president through the board meeting next tuesday and after that supervisors will elect their next president. she is set to be sworn in as the next mayor on july 11. the bay area is gearing up for the big pride parade on sunday. the festivities kicking off today with the media day and a number of other parties in the city tonight. the theme this year is generations of strength, honoring activists of the past and the future. it is also lgbt night at at&t park for the giants. ticketholders for the game tonight will get the special edition backpack. we are a proud sponsor of the 20 team pride parade. we will have lots of music and live streaming coverage beginning sunday morning at 10:30 am. rainbows all over.
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we can't wait to see you out there. if you're planning to buy any gear, you might want to check where it comes from. there was a private collection released last month by h&m, but some of the items are manufactured in countries like bangladesh and turkey where there are no laws to protect the lgbt community. this bay area community guerrilla approved that humans could interact with primates. a look at the life of koko. it is clear now with beautiful conditions out there. we will have your full forecast coming up.
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this morning. the tires caught fire after a crash along 880 near maritime street... just after 6:00. no word on any injuries... or the cause of the collision. this morning, we learned... the beloved bay area gorilla-- koko -- di smoke pouring out of a tractor- trailer near the port of oakland this morning. the tires caught fire after a crash along 880 near maritime street just after 6 o'clock. no word on any injuries or the cause of the collision. this morning we learned in the beloved bay area guerrilla koko die -- gorilla koko died in her sleep. she was able to communicate with sign language. she started working with stanford university in 1974, and their the gorilla project was formed. koko even had a pet kitten, teaching us about the emotional life of guerrillas. in 2001 koko became fast friends with robin williams.
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koko seem to remember the comedian from a movie. in this video they are making faces at each other with koko even trying on his glasses. she kept signing to have him tickle her. she died two days a morning -- tuesday morning at the age of 46. a man has been charged with killing rapper xxxtentacion. . the rapper was ambushed on monday as he was driving a south florida. his attorney says the 20-year- old rapper had visited a bank shortly before the shooting and may have withdrawn a large amount of cash to buy a motorcycle. today marks the beginning of summer, and what is a better to wait to welcome the decision, -- to welcome the new season, a bit of yoga. this morning a big crowd gathered at times square in new york city to mark the first day of summer by celebrating international yoga day. many yoga enthusiasts got there flexon by enjoying free yoga
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classes. none stay. -- nameste. it is the first day of summer. that means we get the longest amount of daylight hours, to be exact for san francisco, 14 hours 47 minutes. that is the amount of daylight we get. now that the clouds and burned off, we actually get to see the sunshine. here is a look at san jose, clear conditions. ocean beach it is clear. temperatures in san francisco up to 62. cooler in oakland, 59. concord already reaching 77. temperatures warming up, especially inland. we do have a slight westwind, 20 miles per hour. through redwood city already noticing a north wind coming through. e s from getting too hot, but it is called in concord -- calm 90s i
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in san jose 82. 77 mountain view. santa rosa 88. 20 degrees cooler in san francisco with temperatures right around normal, upper 60s and low 70s. we are looking at friday through sunday with excessive heat. a couple of ridges of high pressure. there is an excessive heat watch for northern california. in the bay area, the heat will be on for us as well. triple digits for many locations. look at these warnings also in effect for southern california and nevada, arizona. this has extended beyond fairfield and sacramento valley. the hillalthe way to the coast it looks like now
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heat related illnesses are possible. limit your time in the sun, drink plenty of water, use sunblock. check your air-conditioners today and make sure they work. the alameda county fair will be one sunny and 100 degrees in pleasanton this weekend. the heat will last through sunday. we do have a sonoma raceway going on, 90 degrees for that. and the pride parade, thankfully for the morning hours when the parade starts, 74. the afternoon high for san francisco 70 a. so mostly sunny for that. wear your sunblock. here is the seven-day forecast. temperatures staying in the triple digits inland all the way through sunday. next week it will cool right back down. just the next few days that we have to prepare for more than summerlike temperatures. >> triple digits. >> we are -- this morning the supreme court ruled that states can force online shoppers to
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pay sales tax. under the previous law, businesses did not have to collect those taxes each year to out-of-state retailers and the ruling today overturns that. still ahead, we will introduce you to the jefferson award winners. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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fundraising program. kpix 5's sharon chin introduces us to the san francisco couple.. who've made thousands of them to computers.. welcome back. in the jefferson awards, making tacos it's the meat of their unique fundraising program. >> a san francisco couple have made thousands of them to help schools by computers, musical instruments and more. >> reporter: you're not just shelling out money for tacos if you eat at san francisco bay talk delicious -- tacolicious, the owners donate money to public schools every monday during the school year. part of a trongly that public good community. >> reporter: the couple started the school project in 2012 after one of their sons needed pencils and kleenex donations for his san francisco classroom. the school is facing a $100,000
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deficit. >> i am thinking to myself, how many cars are going to have to wash her cookies we have to sell to raise $100,000. for today there -- >> reporter: today they partner with 54 public schools. they have given away $1 million. >> -- the project is funded a variety of school needs including ipads any mariotti band and programs in agriculture and chinese opera. everett middle school has received more than $20,000 over four years. >> -- the principal says it is helping pay for electives like art. >> it is an amazing gift. they are -- a model for a community business. i am so thankful. >> -- >> reporter: the couple also fund scholarships. this year $15,000 for a low income student. >> the big picture is that you are touching all these people.
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>> it just feels good. it feels right. >> reporter: for the school project that benefits public schools and students, the jefferson award in the bay area this week goes to sarah and joe. >> as the business grows, they say the goal is to raise $1 million each year for the schools. they plan to start a college fund for employees and their families. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online. we will be right back.
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big cherries in the market. what can i tell you. these are big cherries. you buy a bag of these and sometimes you don't -- they don't make it all the way home because you eat them in the car. storage is important for big cherries because otherwise they will taste bitter. look at the back carefully. the darker the red, the better they will be. green stems attached, very important. when you bring them home, simply store them in the refrigerator right away. store them for a few days, but not long. never wash them before you store them. always watch them before you enjoy them. big cherries in the market. not much to say about them. they are big cherries. they are good. always remember to eat fresh
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and stay healthy. some bay area construction workers filing suit, alleging racism at their worksite. we will tell you about the tax they say they endured at the hands of colleagues. that story and much more tonight at 5 o'clock. the first day of summer. you have big plans. >> i am going camping up in the mountains. it will be hot, though. having today. -- have a good day.
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♪ >> steffy: no, don't you say that to me. my baby, your grandchild, is asleep in the other room. you are out of your mind. >> bill: no. i've never been more in my right mind. >> steffy: you are so selfish. i have not slept, bill. i have a child. you know, liam and i are getting married. it's happening. and there's nothing you can do to come between us. >> bill: you'll be married soon enough. but you'll be marrying me. >> hope: so... you and steffy are getting married soon? >> liam: i know that's not what you want to hear. i'm sorry. i wish there was something i could say to make it easier. >> hope: oh, stop.


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