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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 27, 2018 12:00pm-12:29pm PDT

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weaving your own shoes...rgy by out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. breaking news, in e paur ju etirin >> his retirement giving president trump the chance to
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make a second appointment to the supreme court. in this letter to the trump administration, justice kennedy notified his retirement is effective july 31. that is about a week before his 82nd birthday. the stanford alumni disappointed by president reagan in 1988. he has long been considered the pivotable -- swing vote. he tended to vote more with the conservatives but also sided with the liberal justice on issues like abortion and same- sex marriages. >> he's a man i've known for a long time and a ha spected for a long time. he's been a great justice of the supreme court. he is a man who has displayed great vision and tremendous vision. and tremendous heart and he will be missed but he will be retiring. we will begin our search for a
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new justice of the united ♪ states supreme court that will begin immediately. and hopefully we will pick someone who will be as ♪ outstanding. i just want to thank justice kennedy for the years of tremendous service. >> sally: it is the morning, and he's a very spectacular man. we forgot to go to bed. >> wyatt: [ chuckles ] a spectacular man. you mean, we forgot to sleep. this will shift the court >> sally: this is not a bed. sharply to the right with the >> wyatt: very true. presidents appointment. point taken. last year he nominated justice >> sally: and you still respect me this morning? neil gorsuch. >> wyatt: didn't i respect you brett cavanaugh is the leading last night? i was a perfect gentleman, up cabinet. until... candidate. he wants worked as a law clerk for justice kennedy. >> the announcement came just hours after the supreme court dealt a setback to labor unions . the justices struck down a law that forced nonunion workers to
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pay fees that go to collective bargaining. the court ruled mandatory union dues violated first amendment rights. that overturns a 40-year-old court precedent. jackie ward talk to union members to see how they feel about the union ruling. >> we were prepared for this type of ruling. as far as what we plan to do, we're going to stay strong and united. >> reporter: she works for the san francisco housing authority and has been a member of the union for more than 27 years. she says there's a misconception that union dues are used for political causes. she tells me that is not with the money goes towards. >> they are used for representation and negotiating. they are not used to have membipinrsr:this impacts public sector union members like firefighters, teachers and
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nurses. members in sacramento say they will stand by the union despite what they call, a fast -- frustrating ruling. >> we condemn the supreme court decision backed by billionaires and corporate elites. another attempt by the rich and powerful to take away working people's freedom to stand together and negotiate a fair return number work with good wages. decent benefits, and a chance to retire with dignity. >> reporter: the california senator says special interests have been rigging the situation gets the working class for too long. someone who is pleased is president trump, on twitter he wrote the supreme ruleãcourt rules in favor of union workers who are able to support a candidate of his or her choice without having those who control the union deciding for them. big loss for the coffers of the democrats. members we spoke to says this
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ruling only can -- recommit their cost to their union. jackie ward kpix 5 news. this ruling affects 5 million government employees in 24 states and washington dc. firefighters in lake county trying to get a handle on the pawnee fire according to hellfire, flames help burn nearly 13,000 acres and containment is that 25%. the fire has destroyed 22 structures and 600 more are considered threatened. 2700 firefighters are on the front lines. containment is slow but progressing. mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for the entire spring valley community. less than an hour from now officials will debate on a potential new site to hold undocumented immigrants. the concorde city council will discuss whether to transform the former naval weapons center
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into a detention center for immigrants. it would hold up to 47ã47,000 detainees. the navy hasn't confirmed. a congressman who represents the area has a lot of questions about the plan. >> we would like to know what the plans are. does it happen in 60 days, six months, how long will they be there and how you provide the infrastructure? what is the impact? >> the mayor said the bases a superfund site and its polluted and parts are uninhabitable with no running water or sewage. a deral judge in san diego says the families of immigrants must be reunited within 30 days. we have more. >> reporter: it's a preliminary injunction issued in the southern district of california by jsaw brought. which says the government is blocked from carrying out any future family separations.
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the order says parents cannot be deported before being reunited with their children. under the present system, the judge writes, migrant children are not accounted for with the same efficiency and accuracy as property. that cannot satisfy the requirements of due process. >> we don't want any children separated from their parents any longer than necessary under the law. >> reporter: hours before the order, president trump secretary of health and human service told congress the government would not return children to parents who are being held in custody. >> if the parent remains in detention, unfortunately, under rules that ard.reporterhe's ref the floor is agreement that says immigrant children cannot be held in detention for more than 20 days. hhs says there are currently 2047 children still separated from their parents. that is 6 less than the number
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the government gave us last week. >> we have been consistently over 4200 apprehensions. >> reporter: it was over a week ago the president signed the policy that stop the separation of families but gave no indication on how they will be reunited. along the mexico border, in mission, texas. lanes arlye sh baon ckthe 5:20 am, a man was killed when he was ejected from his car and then ran over after another vehicle we ended -- rear-ended his chevy tahoe. >> speed was a factor in the collision. is always very important to be a little more patient. >> traffic was backed up for miles as the chp shut down lanes for about an hour. it's not clear if drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash. struck the southern california campground for a uc berkeley
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alumni were shot and killed is closed indefinitely. detectives are reviewing real -- other recent unsolved shootings apart. >> the campground area malibu state park is off limits to the public until further notice. investigators are sifting for any clues into the mystery shooting of tristan who was camping with his daughters when he was shot about 445 a.m. friday morning. >> marion o'toole is director of the forensic science program . while law enforcement is releasing little invested -- information, she says detectives are likely searching for clues higrnd an the attempt what type of weapon was used in the shooting and if the weapon was somehow connected to other shootings, especially ones that took place in the park. >> reporter: investigators confirmed there were three
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other shooting incidents in the area. one just four days before this man was shot. those are under review as part of the current homicide investigation. sheriff's lieutenant told us of a shooting on monday morning as well. the department will not confirm the date. beaudet's brother tells our los angeles affiliate that there were two holes in the tent but it's unclear if they were bulletholes. >> is too speculative to see what they represent. the offender has to be worried this was in a very busy location and he cannot be sure who heard or saw him or what sent he left behind. coming up we -- the patriarch behind one of the most legendary families entertainment has passed away. we look at the life of joe
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jackson. struck dramatic moments on a jet blue flight. a false m the plane. we have lingering clouds across san francisco. we will see a big shift in our weather from cool and cloudy today to heat, dry heat. i'll have more coming up.
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the patriarch of one of the most famous families in entertainment has lost his battle with cancer. daniel nottingham has more on the life of joe jackson.
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>> natasha svoboda >> reporter: the jackson five performance on the ed sullivan show was there rise to fame and fortune. joe jackson was the man behind the group. the patriarch was born in fountain hills, arkansas in 1920. his family settled in indiana where he pursued a boxing career. after marrying katherine jackson in 1949, they had 10 children together. joe gave up boxing and started the blues band. the group broke up after they didn't get a record deal. >> >> reporter: he made it big with his kids in music. who went on to become some of the biggest pop stars in the world. jackson had a tumultuous relationship with his children. several accused him of physical and emotional abuse. joe was by michael side during his child molestation trial. when michael died of a drug
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overdose in 2009, joe was cut out of his will. in a 2013 interview, the patriarch said he didn'tet being hard on his kids. >> i'm glad i was tough because look what i came out with. i came out with kids that everyone loved all over the world. >> reporter: he struggled with health issues suffering from at least two strokes. he was 89 years old. daniel nottingham, cbs news. passengers on a jet blue flight were terrified when armed officers stormed the plane in new york. >> there were concerns the plane have been hijacked. was a false alarm. this was the theme -- the scene at the airport. after air traffic control lost contact with the pilots, it was an equipment failure but it triggered the massive police response. >> i thought we were going to die. they were pointing the guns at
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us. everyone is texting famies and ground. people weren't running away. >> the plane return to the gate as a new crew was assigned and they did eventually get to los angeles. the faa is investigating. >> that is scary. let's get a check on whether with neda. >> we are seeing a break in the cloud cover. the shadows of the clouds and the sunshine trying to get through the cloud cover. that is the tower camera looking is. right now we are noticing clouds are lifting just above the top of the tower. they were hovering low for most of the morning. the golden gate bridge hovering right here through marin and the coastline. 50 to 6 degrees in san francisco -- san francisco, livermore is warming up. concord 74.
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overall we do have a bit of a west wind. bringing cooler air. the colder ocean wa low to the north and the ridg vic and. a few degrees below average for sepsis compared inland areas impacted but what's going on around the water as well. pacifica 59, 74 in redwood city, 81 in livermore. 79 in santa rosa. today feeling cooler than yesterday. by the end of the week, get ready for the entire weather pattern to shift. ridge of high pressure in the pacific walk come closer to california. we were go from west to now a north wind. that will bring us the heat and low humidity. aten ised ay dry through sunday. by the national weather service, friday, saturday, sunday, fire weather watch in
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effect. it includes tehama and lake counties where fires are burning. solano and sacramento counties. that includes alejo, fairfield, wind gusts 35 miles per hour and humidity down to 10%. not much recovery overnight. three things to remember, on shore breeze bringing in the cooler air, tomorrow will be similar that hot and dry for friday, saturday and sunday. an increase in fire danger. sunset tonight at 8:35 pm. sunrise at 5:49. you can see the rise in the temperatures. it will stay hot into early next week. not much relief insight. dry heat will be here. >> we will watch out for that. let's check on the big board right now. the dell is down. 126 points. it has been an up and down day on wall street.
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lots of world cup action today. germany has been eliminated from the tournament. they lost 2-0 to south korea. world cup fans gathered to watch mexico take on sweden. chopper 5 was above the stadium were fans were glued to the videoboard to watch the match. sweden beat mexico 3-0. mexico moves on due to its opening victories. how distracting is your cars entertainment system? new research shows which ones are safest. struck we invite their pet lovers to send us your pictures about their health and well- being. we will have our pet experts talk to you here at noon.
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comes with a navigation system.. or makes calls for you while driving. w research finds it's a luxury to have a car that comes with a navigation system or mixed telephone calls while driving. >> new research finds they are more distracting for drivers. drivers are less distracted when using apple carp lake or android autoabout five seconds faster and program navigation 15 seconds faster. >> i would recommend the driver
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program those navigation systems before they start to drive.ghso th vehicl ithoesn mean you should it's safe. >> drivers who take their eyes off the road for more than two seconds double the risk of a crash. we'll be right back.
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struct time for our tip of the day here is fresh grocer tony. >> >> reporter: in the summertime yellow beans with a salad is
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beautiful. storage is very important because otherwise the texture may be rough and that's not good. you want to make sure they are nice and yellow can you buy them a little bit of green is okay. just a little bit. but stay away from the brown marks. these beans are quickly. they could faster than the green beans. they break down much more. there's more moisture in a yellow wax being picked if you saw they -- if you sauti them together, do the green beans first and the yellow beans after. when you bring them home, store them in your refrigerator and not for too long because they start to break down. yellow waxd, it's a beautiful thing. on tony your fresh grocer. eat right and stay healthy. the white house secretary kicked out of the red hen
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restaurant in virginia. a totally unrelated red hen eatery in napa is facing backlash we will have that and much more at 5. >> all right. dois -- do it for us here at kpix 5 news at noon. >> we will be back here again nice and early. your next news pat -- newscast here at kpix is that 5:00 .
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