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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  July 17, 2018 3:12am-3:59am PDT

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for the world. >> i would say strength and i'm looking for peace. peace all over the world. we are also looking not to be ripped off as a nation. >> who are is your biggest competitor or foe right now? >> we have a lot of foes. the european union is a foe what they do to us in trade. you wouldn't think of the european union, but they are a
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foe. russia is a foe in certain respects. china is economically a foe. that doesn't mean they are bad, but they are competitors. they want to do well and we are doing well. we have the best employment numbers we have ever had. hispanic numbers are the lowest in women. women the lowest in 66 years. >> a lot of people might be surprised to hear you list the european union as a foe. >> the eu is very difficult. maybe the thing that is most difficult, both of my parents were born in eu sectors, okay? my mother was scotland and my father was germany. i love those countries. i respect the leaders of those countries, but in a trade sense, they have really taken advantage of us. many of those countries are in nato and not paying their bills.
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>> what do you see as america's role globally? >> we are perceived as a much stronger nation now than two years ago. two years ago we were apologizing for everything and not doing certain things we should have been doing. the trade deals were a disaster and we are going to make them very successful and fair for our country and others. we were in so many different ways in such bad shape. north korea, you look at us now compared to two years ago. two years ago they were testing nuclear all over the place and shooting missiles and shooting rockets and shooting all sorts of things. >> has kim jong un moved quickly enough after the summit? >> it depends on what. he moved quickly on the hostages. he got the hostages before i went and paid nothing. i think it was a smart move on his behalf. it was a sign of good will. i think this has been going on
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for many, many decades. i'm in no real rush. whatever it takes, it takes. in the meantime, things are happening behind the scenes. >> just this weekend, the u.s. and north korean officials met to discuss repatriating the remains of those killed in the coreekorean war. >> they promised remains would come back. >> they are in the process of doing it. it doesn't go quickly. it's a complicated process. they are in the process. we are sending a two-star general over there shortly to meet one of their two-star generals to work on some kind of a process. remains are complicated. some of the remains they don't know if they are remains. i know one thing, they would like to do it if they can. >> when you have a chance to reflect on weekends like this since it is the first time as president, what does it do?
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>> i had a great and as good as it was, i like my current life better. i like it because i'm doing something for the american people. we are really helping this country -- it's make america great again. that's been the theme and what the whole thing is. we are making ourselves respected again. we are much more respected as a country. >> we will continue our conversation with the president on wednesday with a follow-up interview. his first after returning home from the summit in helsinki. a remarkable story of survival after
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a 23-year-old woman from oregon survived being stranded for a week on a rocky remote beach in california. here's tony. >> angela hernandez is batter and bruised in a hospital bed, but her spirit is unbr. ang is g young woman. she had the will to survive. >> driving on southern california along the big sur t line, shewerved tovoid hitting pnged the r and tohece below. onac, she
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recounted the first moments trapped in the car with a brain hemorrhage, six broken bones and a collapsed lung. i found a multitool and started hitting the driver's side window and eventually able to break out of my car and jump into the ocean. i swam to the shore. heavy fog and no cell service kept rescue teams from finding her. she survived only on water. >> she found what i believe was a radiator pose and she found what was a natural spring coming out of the cliff in the area. she used that radiator hose to collect the water from the natural spring. fill rescueds later she was and chelsea moore spotted the wreckage of her jeep. >> we turned around and angela was there and looked like hell. she was a fighter and had the will to survive. most people wouldn't have lasted that long. >> although still in the
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hospital she is more than upbeat. she is laughing with family and reflecting on the accident. she wrote life is incredible. that's an under statement. >> hard to believe. just amazing. still ahead here tonight, why amazon was not quite ready for prime day. ♪ ♪ you said you're not like me, ♪ you never drop to your knees, ♪ ♪ look into the sky for a momentary high, ♪ ♪ you never even tried till it's time to say goodbye, bye ♪ ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ geico motorc, de mother...nature! ♪ everybody fights for a little bit of light, i believe. ♪ nothing smells greater than the great outdoors...
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>> tourists got too close to kilauea as lava and rocks shot through the roof of their boat. one had a broken leg and others were burned. kilauea has been erupting since may. lava consumed more than 700 homes. >> protests were planned in chicago following violent confrontations with the police on saturday. sundays took to the streets after an officer fatally shot a black man. the chicago pd quickly released body cam footage and shows the man reaching for a gun holstered at his waist. amazon's prime day had a shaky start today. many shoppers were told something went wrong on our end. it is unclear how widespread the outage was. they had trouble in spain where 1,000 thousand workers chose prime day to go on strike. a walk out is planned in germany tomorrow. up next here, a woman on a mission to reunite a family and
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their long lost photos.
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the accidental discovery of a timef mees t seily w made them. in tyrone, georgia, you will find among other things, kristi is on her weekly hunt for hidden
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treasure. >> it was on this bottom shelf. >> the vintage projector was a way to view her family's old slides. >> i looked at it and see family pictures. >> you were not expecting to find slides in there. >> not at all. >> when she looked at them, the slides started to tell a story. there were the girls. >> they seem to like each other. >> they are smiling in almost all the pictures. >> and the woman dress to thes. >> she looked so glamorous with the red gloves and shoes and i love these pictures. i feel like i know this family at this point. >> she believes they may have ailitar are pictured with white friends in an era of racial division. >>on
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together and taking pictures of one another. she posted the them on facebook and the post has been shared more than 1,000 times. >> i heard from people all over the world with this point. >> so far it points to the early 60s and it has one word. kansas. the smiling faces remain a myste mystery. >> i hope i get the family moment to hand them over. cbs news, tyrone, georgia. >> that is the overnight news and let's check back for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the boadcast center in new york city.
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good evening. we will begin here with that extraordinary one on one in helsinki, finland today between president trump and russian president vladimir putin. standing before a worldwide audience after president trump accepted putin's denial that russia interfered in the election. the director dan coates said russia did meddle. in advance of the summit, we asked him about his relationship with >> president bush said that he saw into his soul. i think he came to regret that. you said putin toyed with thing
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different? >> i met him two times, two and a half times. most of you people were there when i met him. i think that i may have a very good relationship and i think i may have a very bad relationship with him. i have no idea. >> we will have much more of that interview in just a moment, but first cbs's nora o'donnell is leading for held sink. quite a day. >> quite a day, indeed. good evening. this summit was one for the history books. president trump's refusal to challenge the russians drew widespread condemn nation from members of his own party and administration. the summit that might have been about ended with president putin giving president trump a soccer ballha >> getting along with russia is
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a good thing, not a bad thing. >> after meeting with vladimir putin for two hours, a first for an american president, another first. president trump appeared to side with putin on russian interference in the 2016 election. >> i have great confidence in my intelligence people, but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today. >> all 17 intelligence agencies concluded that the russian government directed cyber ax ta attacks and the president's own director dan coates. >> all i can do i ask the president. dan coates came to me and others and said they think it's russia. i have president putin just saying it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be.
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>> that wonderment not only conflicts with his own administration, but overlooks the special counsel indictment of 12 russian intelligence officers for hacking. the most detailed and kremlin-focused account yet. he appeared taken with the suggestion with security pitfalls that russia's intelligence could assist the special counsel russia probe. >> here offered to have the people working on the case come and work with their investigators with respect to the 12 people. that's an incredible offer. >> putin said the u.s. could help apprehend americans. a startling turn that drew bipa clinton pre cont deny solution with russians and dismissed suggestions that
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russian interference gave him an edge over hillary clinton. >> putin who ordered the election meddling and said he wanted mr. trump to win. he said the u.s.-russia relations were at an all time low and blames the special investigation. >> the probe is a disaster for our country. it kept us apart. it's kept us separated. >> and major joining me now, with the president flying home, is there an effort to clean up or back track these comments? >> there is a concerted effort to get the president and the words of one senior official to fix this and fix it quickly by doing two things. say the president believes u.s. intelligence over vladimir putin and quash as fast as possible any sense that the united states would cooperate with russian
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intelligence on the mueller probe or anything else. those two things are hanging out there. they have compromised the president's ability. these officials believe to communicate what america stands for and reassure our ally that is what they have given us is valued by this administration. >> thank you and so jeff, sounds like you have a lot to ask the president when you sit down with him again on wednesday. >> we do. nora and major, thanks to both of you from helsinki. democrats and many republicans were sharply critical of what happened today. margaret brennan has more reaction on this. >> the intelligence community has assembled an unparalleled amount of evidence. >> president trump's acceptance of vladimir putin's denials did not sit well. john mccain said it was one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president in memory.
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lindsey graham said it was a sign of weakness. house speaker paul ryan said the president must appreciate that russia is not our ally. newt gingrich called it the most serious mistake of his presidency. he said he privately raised the issue to not back up the intelligence committee led by dan coates drew a sharp rebuke by bob corker. >> the president's comments made us look as a nation more like a push over and i was disappointed in that. >> democrat mark warner is helping to lead the senate intelligence into russian meddling. >> if mr. trump wouldn't stand with american and western institutions and stand with his own community assessment in public, who know what is he might have agreed to in private. >> while republican congressman trey gowdy helped lead the house investigation, issued this statement saying russia is not
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our friend. russia attempted to undermine the fundamentials of our democracy. he is rarping th inin ining tha meddling in the 2018 election. he seemed skeptical about another red flag raised by the national intelligence. >> digital infrastructure is literally under attack. nearly two decades later, i'm here to say the warning lights are blinking red. >> do you agree with that? >> i don't know, i have to look. i have a lot of respect for dan. that's where he is and what he does. again, we are working on it very hard. hard. thebsightwi
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welcome back to the overnight news. president trump wrapped up his seven-day, three-nation trip to europe with a summit meeting with vladimir putin. president trump refused to criticize russia in any way between the two countries. instead he blamed u.s. foolishness and stupidity. negotiating with putin can be challenging even for seasoned diplomats. dry? who tnlymer took a look.nne vladimir putin is a modern day czar. he walks and talks like a man in
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absolute control. he was train as a kgb agent and it's in his dna to view the united states as an adversardve. he's the opposite of political correct. his tactics include mind games. he once took his dog to a meeting with angela merkel to a meeting when she is afraid of them. he was late to a meeting with president obama. during his regular ethic ask the president call in shows. trappings of power at almost any cost. he brazenly stood center stage at the russian olympics while russian athletes were doping on a huge scale. the man president trump is sitting down with also has a black belt in judo.
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opponents say he is nimble and ruthless. john is a former cia officer stationed in moscow. >> he is going to look for subtle signals and vulnerabilities that he can take advantage of in a meeting. the one on is the best opportunity for that. >> vladimir putin once said the collapse of the so far soviet union was the greatest in the 21st century. everything is about reversing that collapse. in short, making russia great again. >> closer to home, especially in you live in northern california is the battle over beach access. john black stone has one conflict outside santa cruz. >> this patch of sand nicknamed privates beach is a coastline equivalent of a gated community. >> you put tup here and there you go. >> the key costs $100 a year.
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>> all of the money raised is dedicated to the maintenance and improvements of this park. >> an attorney and surfer represents the recreation district that has been charging an annual fee since at latest 1963. >> $100 seems like a lot. >> the best comparison is an parks pass. that's over $200. >> the key is worth it. >> it's important to have a family friendly place to go that is well kept and maintained. >> under california law, the entire california coast up to the mean high tide line must be open to the public. >> the beach belongs to everybody. >> pat is an enforcement supervisor for the california coastal commission. >> a large part is that make sure the beach is accessible. >> the homeowners said we use the money to take care of the beach. what's wrong with that? >> the problem is that it falls
3:44 am
disproportionally on people who can least afford to pay it. >>. >> the district agreed to let everyone on the beach for free, but that's not enough for the coastal commission. they want to end the fee for good and lower the barrier from feet to six feet. the california coastal commission is drawing a line in the sand because this is not the only one in the state and is challenging public access. near san francisco, the silicon valley billionaire wants to lock the only road to martins beach who runs through his property. there has been outrage between the coastal commission and wealthy homeowners at holster ranch beach only accessible by sea. >> we're fight these fights up and down the coast in many locations, big and small. >> with more than 1200 miles of scenic california coastline, that's a lot of real estate worth fighting over. john black stone, santa cruz.
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>> we are back in two minutes. you are watching cbs overnight news. any object. any surface. if you've got a life you gotta swiffer
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the rock band the killers is on a world tour. they are playing in europe and by the end of the month they will be doing shows in new york city. christine johnson sat down with the band before they hit the road. >> it's a little hard to know what to make of brandon flowers. back stage, he looks like his nerves are going to get the best of him. >> brandon, you seemed very intense before the show. >> it's not a normal thing to face 70,000 people like that. i never just feel totally at ease. >> then he steps into the spotlight in front of his band, the killers. >> performing their signature hit, he sounds like mr. confidence. one measuree song's
3:49 am
success, it has been watched on you tube more than 280 million times. >> i'm a glorified elvis impersonator. that's where all of us are. >> you don't mean that. i have seen you on stage. you don't look like elvis. >> i'm trying. i'm doing my best. >> if you are not familiar with the killers, their hit list has 24 million albums sold worldwide and they hail from las vegas. they are so closely tied to the region, you might have heard them in this nevada tourism video. ♪ brandon floweight seem like an unlikely ambassador from sin city. he is perfectly content playing back up for his son, gunnar. >> who saw who 50?
3:50 am
>> we saw each other, but i would have been too shy to talk to her. >> he and his wife have three boys. >> she came up and gave me her phone number. >> you still have the piece of paper? >> this is the actual paper. >> here kept the phone number so i kept the paper. >> if they seem like an unusually clean cut rock 'n' roll couple, it may be due to their faith. >> i saw a video you did for your church. >> was it call i'm a mormon? i'm a mormon. i don't go to church because i have nothing to do on sundays. i really believe it. >> my name is brandon flower, a father, a husband, and i'm a mormon. >> i don't know what my would be like without it. i think i would have been a casually of rock 'n' roll. >> it saved you? >> for sure.
3:51 am
>> the glitz and great of vegas. >> we definitely are not shy about where we are from. i still get a rush from it. >> that are rush from the vegas strip is something thats and his drummer experienced early on. >> my mom worked as caesar's as a cocktail restaurant. >> the service industry is how a lot of our family make their living. >> it's how they got their first jobs. >> i worked in a restaurant and i was a food runner. i drove a cab. >> this was the first place we performed. >> where was the stage? >> the 2002 performance was in a small coffee shop oust vegas strip. >> it probably lasted about 10 minutes, but it felt like an eterni
3:52 am
eternity. >> when you left there, wa were you saying? >> i was open to looking for another singer. i didn't think i was going to do it again. what the hell are these guys doing? what is this? >> we played for just about every major label in the u.s. and none were picking up on us. he said i didn't have enough sex appeal. >> the killers had an ace in the hole. that song, mr. bright side. the guitarist came up with a riff that is instantly recognizable. >> i had a cool cord that i was picking and i said where do i go with this? >> did you know? >> no. >> come on.
3:53 am
>> i would get goose bumps performing it, but i didn't know it would become what it's become. >> mr. bright side skyrocketed up the charts. the killers became headliners. as they toured the world, they say they never forgot their roots. >> my mom cleaned hotel rooms. i wouldn't trash a hotel room. >> as they sold out stadiums, they were hanging out with their idols. paul mccartney, elton john, bono. >> you are still star struck even though you play it cool and pretend like it's normal. >> i idolize those people. for me to have the same job as them is difficult for me. it took me years and years to put the boots on and then go on the stage and say this is who i am and what i'm doing.
3:54 am
>> consider what he did when he was composing for the killers's new release and found he had a case of writer's block. >> you are stuck? >> can't do it without name dropping. i e-mailed bono. i name drop. in the subject i put that and poured my heart out and i thought i was in a slump. his answer was have all the songs been written a fantastic song title. >> it debuted at number one. >> the first shows these days, brandon flowers appears full of self confidence if not outright
3:55 am
swagger. elvis himself
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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we end this half hour with a firefighter's farewell. joe was the first chief on the scene of the world trade center attacks on september 11th, 2001. retire.w the last ochie we skebo the7 years. >> i saw the planes crash. i saw the first plane aim for the buildings -- i was going to largest fire of my life. >> you talked to your brother
3:58 am
that day? >> i did. i remember my brother reporting in to me. he got there early on in the situation. as he came in, he didn't say anything. we looked at each other and the concern is we both would be okay. then i gave him the orders to go up and evacuate the building and rescue those that couldn't get out. as he turned away and grabbed his firefighters, that was the last time i shaw my brother, kevin. >> when did you realize he was gone? of both towers. i couldn't reach him on the radio. the chances of survival was slim. >> and your service since then has been dedicated in large part to his memory. ?
3:59 am
>> to his memory and to the memory of the 343 firefighters and other rescue workers and all those that were lost that day. when i think back on it, i think about turning traumatic memories into hope so that others may live and to make a difference in people's lives. >> do you still talk to him? what do you say? >> what i say to him is it's all about sailing. wow. we used to sail up and down jamaica bay just like this. that was nice. >> now you get to do it again. >> i get to do it again. >> retirement. >> what's better than that? >> that's the overnight news. for some of you the news continues and for others check back for the morning news and cbs this morning from the broadcast center in new york city.
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it's tuesday, july 17th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." president trump is back on american soil and facing criticism from both republicans and democrats for siding with russia after a summit. >> a single, ominous question now hangs over the white house -- what could possibly cause president trump to put the interests of russia over those of the united states?


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