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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  July 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ captioning sponsored by cbs captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the cbs evening news this tuesday, expanding wildfires here and abroad. scores killed in greece, now sections of yosemite national park are shut down. plus: lost and found-- an evening news story helps reunite a family with their long-lost of photos. but first the headlines in 60 seconds. >> reporter: deadly wildfires in greece, wind-whipped rain spreading through seaside resorts near athens. >> reporter: the mounting death toll has left this country stunned. >> reporter: more than 26 million people along the eastern seaboard are under a flash flood watch. a there is no relief in sight. the rain is expected to last for days. >> reporter: pepperidge farm is recalling four varieties of goldfish crackers. >> the crackers may be
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contaminated with salmonella, and the same reason cited this week for a recall of ritz crackers. >> reporter: los angeles police say the woman who died during a shoot-out at trader joe's on ofturday was killed by an officer's bullet. >> i believe it's what they needed to do in order to defend the people of los angeles. >> singer demi lovato rushed to the hospital for an apparent drug overdose. h she's been open about her battles with addiction. >> in march she said she was oflebrating six years of sobriety. >> heading overseas to the tour de france. >> racing up this mountain. oh, goodness gracious! he went into the corner completely off line. it was a spectacular crash, but we now know he's okay. ♪ come together >> paul mccartney reenacting his hmous walk yesterday that he and the other beatles made for the cover of "abbey road" nearly 49 years ago. >> wow. >> reporter: this time he was wearing sandals. he's so damn cool, he can do whatever he wants. >> glor: and this is our western edition.
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good evening, i'm jeff glor, and we're going to begin tonight with heat, fires and flooding. about one in five americans dealing with a heat wave that is feeding fires in the west, or flooding in the east. the areas in dark red are where the flood threat is in tonight. in the west you also see where heat advisories are up. one fire has now chased tourists out of a section of yosemite national park, and that is where we start tonight with dean reynolds. >> reporter: after nearly two weeks of battling the ferocious ferguson fire, authorities had a dire warning for people in nearby yosemite national park. >> get yourself out of here if you can. >> reporter: the main road into a section of the park where visitors can view landmarks such as el capitan and half dome will be closed for several days, while more than 3,000 fighters try to get a handle on this wildfire. it's already burned more than 57 square miles in steep, rugged terrain. the massive plumes of smoke can be seen from space. the brutal combination of fire and scorching heat has been especially challenging for
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firefighters. >> we need to make sure we look out for each other so we don't get things like heatstroke or heat fatigue. >> reporter: today, parts of the southwest accustomed to hot summers were overcome by near- record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures-- 116 in phoenix. 120 in palm springs. 105 in riverside, california, where there have been six heat- related deaths since july 7. these selected closures are hepected to last at least through sunday and they include all hotels, campgrounds, and visitor services. and this, jeff, comes at the height of the summer tourist season. >> glor: scary to hear about in ldis vacation season. dean reynolds, thank you so e ch. .e move now to the flooding in tse east. some parts of the northeast and the mid-atlantic have seen as much as a foot of rain already, with more to come. demarco morgan is in central pennsylvania tonight. >> reporter: jeff, good evening. it is day four of rain and flash flooding here in central pennsylvania. just take a look at this bridge right here that's being tested
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by these heavy floodwaters, just one of the many road closures that we have been seeing as a result of creeks and rivers weerflowing. a flood watch remains here through tomorrow evening as torrential rainfall continues. a similar scene is unfolding throughout the northeast and r d-atlantic as millions from south carolina to new york are threatened by flash floods. and in baltimore, severe weather caused road closures as floodwaters lapped streets. rs charlotte, north carolina, emergency crews rescued occupants from a local business after a creek spilled over its banks. and authorities are still searching for the 19-year-old woman swept away by floodwaters last night. and they're also warning residents in this area to watch the water levels as they 'ructuate because they are still dangerous. jeff. >> glor: indeed, they are. all right, demarco, thank you. a disaster is unfolding in greece tonight. the death toll from wildfires there has hit 74. e 's likely to go higher. the two biggest fires are just outside athens, and seth doane is there.
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>> reporter: the fast-moving flames quickly consumed homes and buildings fueled by 50-mile- per-hour wind gusts. some tried to escape on highways, only to be surrounded by walls of fire. aerial video reveals burned out neighborhoods and singed land. this man, searching for whatever he could find, near where his k.fe was killed, was still in shock. >> i took my baby and ran towards the sea. while my... my wife, i didn't know what happened. ithink she burned herself here. >> reporter: in the coastal town of marte, a popular tourist destination, the charred remains of victims were recovered. you can see the ground here is still smoldering. this is where one of the most horrifying scenes unfolded. a group of people were running for safety and they made it this unred this cliff tte reveby flame anderut rescuers were shocked to find
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the bodies of 25 people. the position of those bodies showed that they were hugging akch other when they died. some who did make it to the sea described disorienting scenes. nikos stavrinidis tried to swim away from the shore. "it's horrible to see the person next to you drowning and not be priv to help him," he said. ree coast guard and private boats rescued more than 700 people who had fled to beaches or right into the water. workers are sifting through wreckage, looking for more victims and in some cases, removing debris. jeff, fires are still burning and the fear is, if the winds pick up, it could spread those flames. >> glor: horrible scenes. seth doane in greece. thank you. the los angeles police department released new images today of a gun battle between police and a shooting suspect. they also confirmed an officer's bullet killed a store manager. here's mireya villarreal.
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>> reporter: video released today shows suspect gene atkins hiking los angeles police on a high-speed chase with a 17-year- old female hostage in his car. he had allegedly shot his meandmother seven times. a crashes and continues to shoot... ( gunfire ) he runs inside a trader joe's market. police cam footage shows officers instantly shooting back. >> reporter: 27-year-old store manager melyda corado stepped into the cross-fire and was hit by an officer's bullet. atkins continued his attack, .olding more than 30 hostages inside. >> i believe it's what they needed to do in order to defend the people of los angeles. place yourself in these two young officers' position and ask yourself what you would have done. siat is the worst, worst
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decision that any officer ever otshes to have to make. our duty to protect the public is sworn. >> reporter: officers tried to save corado at the scene but it has too late. some employees made a harrowing escape down a ladder. other hostages were eventually set free. atkins surrendered after a byree-hour standoff. people continue to come by here leaving their flowers and notes to support this growing memorial. the officers, their actions are still under investigation. the suspect, he is now facing more than 30 charges, including murder and more than $18 million bond. jeff. >> reporter: mireya, thank you very much. ive president's daughter, ivanka, announced today she is shutting down her fashion line so she can focus on her role as a presidential adviser. with more on this story here's edn crawford. >> i'm focused on our business. >> reporter: in the spring of 2016, her father in the middle mp a heated presidential campaign, ivanka trump was a
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powerful c.e.o. in her own right. her clothing label, known for affordable fashion targeting nuung, professional women had $100-million in annual sales and she told cbs' norah o'donnell ngat she saw as her biggest challenge. >> we live in a very fast-paced world and i have very formidable competitors. >> reporter: but today she closed up shop, saying in a eablement, "my focus for the ireseeable future will be the work i am doing here in washington." as her father grew increasingly controversial, the name of the label became more than a fashion statement. there were calls for boycotts. in early 2017, nordstrom was the first of several stores to drop her label. that prompted an angry tweet enom the president who wrote, "ivanka has been treated so unfairly by nordstrom." the public pitch by adviser kellyanne conway sparked ethics complaints. >> go buy ivanka's stuff is what i would tell you. i hate shopping and i'm going to reporter: ivanka trum stepped away from her business
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and became a formal white house adviser. michael stone is a branding expert. >> once donald trump became mpesident, the brand became very much associated with the trump name, and to a majority of american women who disapprove of the trump presidency, it became a toxic brand. a reporter: as more department stores abandoned the label, the d mpany earlier this year started going straight to consumers and was offering discounts for sales online. as for the department stores that still carry the brand, car'll continue to sell their existing inventories as the company winds down. jeff. >> glor: okay jan, thanks very much. first lady melania trump visited a children's hospital in nashville today. she played with some of the he chi there weing, social media use, and the opioid crisis. the trump administration today announced emergency aid for edrmers affected by tariffs the white house has pushed for. here's weijia jiang.
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>> making tremendous progress, ioey're all coming. >> reporter: president trump touted his administration's tariff-heavy trade policy during a speech to veterans in kansas city, but around the same time in washington, the u.s. department of agriculture introduced a $12-billion plan to help farmers who are feeling minancial pain from china's retaliatory tariffs. the proposal includes direct payments to farmers, purchasing excess crops, and building new export markets. >> and the farmers will be the biggest beneficiary. wa applause ) watch. we're opening up markets. you watch what's going to leppen. just be a little patient. >> reporter: in june, the president announced tariffs on chinese goods. >> we have to, because we've been treated very unfairly. >> reporter: beijing responded with tariffs on american sooducts, including pork and soybeans, purposefully targeting americans in rural areas, a key trump constituency. roybean prices hit a ten-year low earlier this month.
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nebraska republican senator ben sasse is a frequent trump critic thd represents many farmers miking the brunt of the impact. >> what the administration is offering them instead is $12 billion of gold-plated crutches. that's not what anybody wants. >> reporter: sasse is among a growing list of republicans rejecting the president's trade lllicies, and this morning's tweet calling tariffs "the greatest." >> at no point have i heard a farmer or rancher say, "you know what we want? we want more bailouts." we want more welfare. what they want is less trade war. >> reporter: we expect more trade tension tomorrow when president trump meets with the president of the european union, ngich he has called a foe when it comes to trade. senator sass cautioned the stministration against acting sike everybody the u.s. does business with should be treated like an enemy. jeff. >> glor: weijia, thank you. the ongoing violence in nicaragua could soon become thi.
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hundreds have been killed since protest began in nicaragua in april. protesters are demanding president daniel ortega step down. now many see leaving the country as their only option. manuel bojorquez remains the only network correspondent inside nicaragua. >> reporter: antigovernment protesters say they were attacked last night outside managua in the city of jinotega, adbarrage of bullets that left three dead. police insist they were fired upon first. it's the latest painful reminder that the turmoil here continues. after these confrontations, many of the protesters say they're being threatened and forced to flee their towns. we're about to meet one young man who has been hiding out in a safe house. he goes by sombra, or shadow. so your family stayed behind, but because you participated in hee protests they're receiving atreats. >> si. >> reporter: he says paramilitary forces local to president daniel ortega have killed dozens of his classmates.
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the government denies any involvement. but josefa meza wonders who else would have murdered her son, jonathan. this is the last photo of him tefore he was shot. her other son has now fled the country. she fears living in her own home. you fear visiting his grave because someone might be there to hurt you? >> si. >> reporter: josefa told us she is now, too, considering leaving hee country. and with an economy battered by turmoil, with job losses estimated in the hundreds of thousands, there is concern the low number of nicaraguans looking for asylum in the u.s. could climb. jeff. >> glor: great work. manny bojorquez, thank you very much. coming up here on the cbs evening news, why some varieties of goldfish are being recalled. and singer demi lovato rush to the hospital. coming up next here on the cbs
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ine cracker, not including the original. some may be tainted with salmonella. details from jericka duncan. >> reporter: grocery stores across the country are removing several flavors of the popular kids snack, goldfish. whey powder used to season the crackers may contain salmonella, according to pepperidge farm, which recalled four flavors. >> my young ones devoured a half a bag of goldfish today. so, it's kind of unnerving. >> reporter: this follows yesterday's recall of ritz crackers. there have been no confirmed illnesses connected to either, but they join a growing list of owoducts recently pulled, and there have been outbreaks linked to raw turkey, pasta and melon. experts say salmonella, which comes from the bacteria of animal intestines, can live in almost any type of food, not just produce and meat. fochel lustgarten is a food safety expert at weill cornell and new york presbyterian. sometimes the whey itself can carry salmonella?
5:48 pm
>> whey is a protein associated mth milk, and that was how the salmonella may be present in onis food. ing eporter: the detection, you say, is getting better. >>at does that mean, ultimately? >> the technology we have for identifying potential pathogens in food and understanding where an outbreak started, these g chnologies are increasing and >>tting much better. >> reporter: every year, salmonella causes an estimated it2 million illnesses and 450 deaths in the united states. oe c.d.c. says overall the rember of salmonella outbreaks has remained fairly stable over the last few years. according to the f.d.a., the voluntary recall on the goldfish crackers was done out of an abundance of caution. jeff, as of right now, no one has been sickened. >> glor: and worth mentioning fee original version not affected but still something to look out for. >> reporter: absolutely. >> glor: jericka, thank you very much. still ahead here, a possible ertive after a mass shooting in toronto. after a mass shooting in
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>> glor: in southeast asia, a hydropower dam under construction in southern laos collapsed in torrential rain. hundreds are missing. tre than 6,000 were left homeless, forced to wade to safety. others were trapped under roofs. entire villages were inundated, sny homes swept away. eynadian investigators said today they see no link to terrorism in sunday's mass shooting in toronto, but a source tells cbs news the shooter visited isis websites and may have lived for a time in afghanistan and pakistan. faisal hussein shot and killed two people and wounded 13. he was killed by police. singer and actress demi lovato was reportedly rushed to a los angeles hospital today after being treated for a drug overdose. "entertainment tonight" says lovato is in stable condition. lovato is now 25. the former child star has been ouen about her struggles with addiction and depression. up next here, a story we aired last week leads to the reunion
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don't use if you're allergic to otezla. otezla may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. tell your doctor if these occur. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. other side effects include upper respiratory tract infection and headache. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ♪ otezla. show more of you. >> g >> glor: we told you last week about a woman who bought a slide projector at a thrift store and discovered a collection of family photos inside. she set out to find that family and return their photographic oumories.
5:57 pm
turns out the family was mtching our broadcast. aere's mark strassmann. to reporter: kristie baeumert's $15 vintage slide projector came with a mystery. >> i love these pictures. i feel like i know this family at this point. i really hope that i get that moment to hand them over. >> reporter: minutes after we showed you her story last week, a viewer contacted kristie. >> it is so very nice to meet you. >> oh, so nice! >> reporter: meet 88-year-old theda robertson and her daughters deborah and treva. >> that's your girls? ep yeah, that's my sister and i. >> reporter: kristie showed the robertsons photos of themselves they hadn't seen in 20 years. .> and we were at lake island? >> yes. ar reporter: turns out the robertsons are a military family po have lived around the world, but the family slide projector disappeared years ago. and what was it like to see them maain? >> amazing. ( laughs ) >> reporter: it's the craziest set of circumstances, right? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: and now you've got >> back. >> it just brings back all the
5:58 pm
memories that we had as children. >> she purchased the projector and then found our life's treasure inside. >> and so diligent. i mean, you did not give up until you found us. >> right. >> and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. >> oh, yes. >> yes. >> oh, you're very welcome. >> reporter: is the story you heard today as good as the one you imagined? >> absolutely. and they're just as happy and joyful, and it's such a great story, just the way i thought it epuld be. >> reporter: as for this slide projector that brought them all together... >> can we buy that back from you? >> reporter: it also went home with the robertsons. >> i absolutely want you to have this. >> reporter: mark strassmann, cbs news, tyrone, georgia. >> glor: that is pretty great. and that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. we'll see you tomorrow. have a good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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media access group at wgbh with a bay area city's plea for new police. they're offering big perks.. 25-k if you take the g kpix 5 news begins with a cities plea for new police. they're offering big perks. 20 5k if you take the gig, the problem is they cannot get people to commit. new at six, palo alto police are struggling to hire qualified officers, that is despite offering a big signing bonus. >> with the palo alto police, your part of something bigger -- >> the police department is hiring. >> you are family -- >> despite recruitment efforts, they confess they are struggling to fill one dozen positions. >> we have 13 vacancies, and that represents a substantial portion of the department. >> facing a shortage they
6:00 pm
offered a $25,000 signing bonus for experienced officers. $10,000 for officers who had already gone through an academy. despite the generous incentives , it generated only a few hires and failed to fill the gap. >> the challenge of recruiting here is the cost of living, particularly here on the peninsula it is high even by barry area standards. >> he is in charge of recruitment and says palo alto is competing with other law enforcement agencies. >> we are just one of a dozen or more police departments in the county that are all hiring right now. >> city leaders of that salary increases will attract new recruits. the first hike went into effect this month and is 5% higher. in palo alto, the base salary is now $98,000, that is higher than san francisco, san jose, and san mateo, but still below mountain view and santa clara. >> i used to be an attorney, now i am a palo alto police >>ficer.


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