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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  August 2, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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roadcast center inaugust 2nd. new york city, i'm meg oliver. captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, august 2nd, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." manhunt. houston police say this is the suspect wanted for gunning down a prominent doctor as he biked to work. we're hearing from survivors of the aeromexico plane crash and video shows the moment of impact. and out of the ashes, how a dog managed to survive greece's deadly wildfire. good morning from studio 57
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headquarters in new york. i'm considered armed and dangerous. laura podesta has more on this. good morning, laura. >> good morning, don. this is a crime that was two decades into it. the man was harboring a grudge against a doctor that turned deadly. nearly two weeks ago dr. he biked t wor inas he was a prominent cardiologist who once treatedormer
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>> police warned pappas should be considered armed and dangerous.
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dr. hausknecht gained national renowned 18 years ago after treating former president george h.w. bush of an irregular heartbeat after complaining of lightheadedne lightheadedness. don? we're learning more about the crash. there were more than 100 people on the plane after taking off. they described rapidly debilitating weather including pounding hail. the two flight recorders have been recover appearndre to be in perfect shape. chris martinez has our report. >> reporter: passengers could be heard coughing, crying, and hyperventilating after escaping a downed aeromexico jetliner after talking off on tuesday. >> it was so much smoke like you couldn't smoke, you couldn't see anything. truly i thought that was like the end of it. >> reporter: ashley garcia
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captured the drama on her cellphone. she and 102 people made it out of the wreckage alive, but many werelo inre gushing from their face and kids got actual burns. i know the pilot was in worse condition because he was the one trying to help people. >> reporter: alberto herrera sads when he boarded the sny b >> all of a sudden the plane started hailing. the higher up the plane went, the heavier the hail got and the more wind got to us. >> reporter: mexican officials say the control tower reported the embraer jetliner descended abruptly after takeoff due to a severe gust of wind. the left wing hit the ground and stopped more than 300 feet from the runway. it remains upright allowing the exit slides to deploy.
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>> i think the pilot was wrong. he shouldn't have taken off. >> reporter: mexican officia ls say it's too soon to comment on the cause of the crash. the ntsb is investigating. chris martinez, cbs news. the white house said president trump was not giving an order when he called on attorney general jeff sessions to end robert mueller's russia investigation to end right now. he was just fighting back. but the president's tweet raised more questions about possible obstruction of justice. meanwhile the white house and mueller are negotiating a possible white house interview. major garrett has more on that. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah sanders says president trump wants the special counsel investigation to end because it's corrupt. >> the president is not obstructing. he's fighting back. the president is stating his opinion. >> so do those tweets count as interference, sir? >> reporter: the president ignored questions about a seriel of anxiety about the robert of t
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mueller probe into the 2016 russian interference election. this is a terrible situation and attorney general jeff sessions should stop this witch hunt right now, mr. trump wrote. mr. mueller is totally conflicted. >> i have recused myself in the matters of the deal with the trump campaign ep bte of au thde deputy attorney general rod rosenstein has overseen mueller's probe, which began over a year ago. but the president has authority to shut down an investigation he believes is illegitimate. >> if he believes it, why has he allowed it? >> once again, he's allowed it to play out, but he thinks it should come to an end. >> reporter: any questioning of mr. trump has dragged on fur months. >> they gave us a proposal. we respond. they took ten days to get back with us. and now we're in the process of
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respondsing to that proposal. >> negotiations continue but largely for the sake of appearances. it's still highly unlikely the two sides will meet. as one adviser said, i will lay myself in from of the train to stop the presi deterview by robert mueller. major garrett,nt cbs new fs, th whm ite housbee. the president is also tweeting about paul manafort's trial, which enters its third day this morning. manafort was charged with bank fraud and tax evasion by mueller. in this trial, manafort doesn't face any election-related charges. president trump tweeted that manafort worked for him for a very short time and that these old charges have nothing to do with collusion. at the trial prosecutors argue manafort hid millions of useolt fundses to pay for a lavish lifestyle. isis says it's responsfor t.
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two europeans were also used.ibe the american ckie oud neaha thn border. their friends are devastated. >> they were such an example of an intentional life and a principled life and had so much love to give. >> a video posted on an isis-linked website shows five men pledging allegiance to the group. tajikistan officials say suspected terrorists have been killed. in california, tens of thousand os people remain under evacuation orders as firefighters battle more than two dozen devastating fires. the state has already spent more than one quarter of its annual million. the largest fire is in the redding area. it's destroyed 1,058 home and other buildings. there are six deaths, but there may be more casualties.
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after more than a week, the carr fire is only 35% contained. the cbs portland of directors announced it has retained two lawmakers to lead a full investigation of sexual misconduct allegations by ceo les moonves. he'll have no role in the investigation. mary jo white and former federal prosecutor nancy kestonbaum will lead the probe. in an article published in the "new yorker," six women accuse moonves of harassment. moonves could address the issue this afternoon during a teleconference on morning earnings. coming up on the "morning news," ohio state investigation, why coach urban meyer has been put on leash. and an opportunity for a homeless man who became an internet sensation. this is the "cbs morning news." leash. and an opportuni for a homeless man who became annan ter net sensation. this is the "cbs morning news." it looks like jonathan on a date with his wife. ♪ la-di-la-di.
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internet sensation lands a job, and an investigation involved ohio state's coach. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the columbus dispatch" poreoh state football head coach u placed onrb m adm hinisertrativ. the school is investigating claims that myer's wife knew about allegations against zack smith. smith was fired last week. smith's ex-wife said she told myer's wife about the abuse in 2015 and she believes myer knew about it at the time. myer claims he didn't know about the abuse allegations. "variety" reports spotify deleted several episodes of alex jones for violating its hate speech policy. jones is the founder of conspiracy wars con spir rift heimed c mas tesa hook was ahoax.
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last week the y suspended some f his ability to post content. "honolulu star-advertiser" reports on the return of the remains of casualties from the korean war. in an emotional ceremony at pearl harbor yesterday morning, 55 caskets were escorted by soldiers back onto american soil. vice president mike pence spoke at the service saying our boys are returning home. it was reached during a summit between president trump and kim jong-un. his tore yapss -- historians an scientists will try to identify the remains. the "san francisco chronicle" said dianne feinstein once had a chinese spy connection she didn't know about. it was her driver. she was alerted five years ago the bay area driver was being investigated for spying for
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china. the fbi revealed he hadn't revealed any classified he was fired. and "the tampa bay times" has an update on a homeless man who was videotaped as he was being shaved by a tallahassee police officer. he started working at mcdonald's. the interview of phil march getting shaved before higgs job interview began last week. he told officer tony martin he applied for a job at mcdonald's, but he needed help shaving off his beard. still ahead, elaborate plan. thieves who stole some of sweden's jewels made a lakeside getaway. [wind blowing; chains rattling] ok. that's got to be a record. right now at toyota's national ib on the last of the 2018s. offers end september 4th. to learn more about all our great deals, visit save on the last of the 2018s. come in today! toyota. let's go places.
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here's look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. police in sweden are looking for the daring thieves who stole 17th century royal jewels from a cathedral in broad daylight. they broke into a glass case on tuesday that held the regalia of king karl and his wife queen kristina. they broke off with two jewel encrusted crowns and an orb. they hopped on a bicycle that was waiting by a nearby lake. on the "cbs moneywatch," raising the stakes in the tariff war, and the federal reseven holds steady.
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diane king hall at the new york stock exchange has more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, don. the federal reserve is leaving the change for now. following its latest policy meeting officials suggest officials will keep raising rates as long as the economy stays healthy. the central bank noted the labor market continues to strengthen, and the fed has reached the target of 2% a year. they expect to raise rates again in september. that will be the third interest rate this year. here on wall street apple soared nearly 6%, its biggest gain in nearly a year and a half after ped 20% chiarongicphe onerthleem but stocks ultntimately finishet mixed. the dow lost 81 points. the s&p 500 fell nearly 3 points, while the nasdaq added
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nearly 35 points. there's a 15% jump on the 10% tax proposed last month. china has refused to meet u.s. demands and imposed retaliatory tariffs on u.s. goods. china says it will retaliate if the u.s. boosts its tariff rate. electric carmaker tesla lost more than $717 million last quarter, its biggest loss ever. but wall street was expecting worse and stockmarket has been higher after hours in trading. ceo elon musk said on a conference call he expected tesla to post net profits in future quarters and expects to produce up to 55 model 3s in the third quarter, an increase of at least 75% from the first quarter. and top brass at ihop say the fake name change boosted sales.
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earlier in june they announced they would replace the "p" in its name with a "b" for burgers. it turned out to be a plan. it became unclear whether it was true. it turned out to be a business outside of breakfast. >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. diane, thanks. >> all right. thank you. still to come, wildfire survivor. animal rescuers discover a surprise in the aftermath of a fire devastating greece. surprise after the devastating fire in greece. if you're on park street in reno, nevada, the high winds of the washoe zephyr could damage your siding. and that's very different than living on park ave in sheboygan, wisconsin, where ice dams could cause water damage. but no matter what park you live on, one of 10,000 local allstate agents knows yours. now that you know the truth, are you in good hands? the world is full of different hair.
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that's why pantene, the world's #1 conditioner brand, has conditioners for every hair type. from air-light foam for fine hair, to nourishing 3 minute miracle for thick and curly. and the moisture-infusing gold series collection. giving more women great hair days - every day. pantene. world's number one... conditioner brand. police say a grocery store incident -- later turned deadly. a new fire is burning in mendocino county-- we're following this latest fire fight and the effort to get the flames under control. and senator dianne feinstein says she's mortified - after learning her driver -- was a spy for the chinese government. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. federal health officials are warning consumers about more than two dozen types of beef, pork, a pou salad and wrap salad at major grocery store
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chains. they may be contaminated with a parasite. they were sold by trader joe's, kroger's, and walmart. they have sell by date ranging from july 18 and august 23 and have established numbers 9985 or p 9985. consumers are urged to throw the products away. they issued new rules yesterday allowing insurance companies to offer plans that last up to 12 months. that's up from three months. and the new plans can be renewed for up to three years. the new shorterm plans cost less, but they don't have to cover pre-existing conditions. critics say they don't provide enough coverage. and a miraculous story of survival from the devastating wildfires that raged through greece. animal rescuers discovered a dog alive inside a brick oven. the 4-year-old white poodle cross managed to survive by ng engulfed the surrounding town.
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our top stories this morning. houston place say the man accused of killing one of former president george h.w. bush's doctors was out for revenge. a manhunt is out for george joseph pappas. he's considered armed and dangerous. his mother died on the operating table more than 20 years ago. and the flight boxes from the crash has been recovered. peopleere all survived after the plane was taking off. investigators say it's too early to speculate on the cause of
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the crash, but passengers descried rapidly deteriorating weather. the state of pennsylvania is investigating sexual abuse of children by priests in six catholic diocese. the diocese of harrisburg has idenozofens priests and others accused offiedti abuse. nikki battiste has more. >> i express profound sorrow, and i apologize to the survivors of child sex abuse. >> reporter: harrisburg bishop ronald gainer's apology comes as the catholic church is once again under fire. >> we take seriously both mine and the diocese's obligation to prevent such abuse from occurring. >> reporter: they released 71 names of clergy accuse of sexual abuse of minors in harrisburg going back to 1990. this move comes before the anticipated releasof grand jury investigation expected to name more than 300 priests accused of being sexual predators in six of the pennsylvania's eight
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catholic dioceses. 66-year-old sarah tell tells the grand jury she was first sexually abused by james mchales 12 , and ither continued for 20 years. >> i was just a happy-go-lucky kid. all of a sudden he started lying down with me at night. it started off with touching and went to intercourse. >> reporter: like so many other cases it fell out of the statute of limitations, but somei sayey. >> what does this grand jury report mean to you? >> it means everything. i went and testified in front of the grand jury. so there was 30 people sitting in front of me. i testified for like two hours. and they believed me. >> reporter: there have been two arrests so far. one priest has pled guilty. the other is awaiting trial this fall on criminal charges. but most of these cases fall
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outside of pennsylvania's statute of limitations. nikki battiste, cbs news, lid pennsylvania. coming up first on "cbs this morning," a new push for paid family leave. senator marco rubio talks about a bill he's introducing today. and trevor noah joins us at the table with his new book, president trump possible twitter library. and in the new series "a more perfect union," a new mother who finds help and support from strangers. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday. thanks for watching. i'm don dahler. i'm don dahler. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --
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it's thursday, august 2 i'm melissa caen good morning. it is thursday, august 2. you are taking a live look out. just pick a plact even tell tha bryoidge, but it is.
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we see a few cars. you see all the fog near san francisco. good morning. >> the time now is 4:29. >> we can call this foggest. carl tweeted that it is his favorite month. here is a look over the bay bridge. this is our kpix5 route camera. you can at least see the water. hey, there is that, the light shining on the water. morning headlines include cloudy by the coast again. we are going to have that for the next few days. hot and smoky inland. we are not getting that muchve o news for firefighters. temperatures will be moving down. i will talk about why that's going to happen. >> thank you. we have some road work that we will take to noe south road. osed ane is cl wiuntil ndsoabout 7:00 am. that's not causing


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