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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 3, 2018 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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is coming up next. . >> have a great day, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, august 3rd, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." a failing dam in central virginia threatens to cover a city of 80,000 people. we're in lynchburg where some people are evacuating and others may only get minutes to escape. >> the nation's most powerful security leaders issue a stark new warning about moscow interfering in u.s. elections. hours later, president trump defended his summit with vladimir putin and slammed the russia investigation as a hoax. >> apple makes history as the first trillion company in the
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wehearm ol founder who sold his so% apple stake for just 800 bucks. it would be worth $100 billion today. >> and drake takes the challenge to another level in a new video released overnight. plus, the comedian who started t the online dance craze issues a plea to kids trying to go value. >> first, we begin with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> holy cow. the front yard is a river. >> floodwaters threaten millions in the east. >> flash flood watches across the eastern seaboard. >> in virginia, several areas have been evacuated due to fears of a massive dam collapse. >> national security officials sounding the alarm current russian election meddling. >> we're doing everything we can. >> no, i do not feel that the media is the enemy. >> president trump says they asked my daughter whether or not
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the media is the enemy of the people. she correctly said >> the fake, fake disgusting news. am betteramber alert. >> abducted from an airport. >> this is a serious incident. >> the maker of the madden nfl video game apoll iz. ing after editing out colin kaepernick's name from a song. >> all that -- >> inferno at a gas station in new mexico. >> you can feel the heat. >> and all that matters -- >> scientists discovered a new shape. it's called the skuoid. >> a twisted prism. twisted prism, also my favorite metal band. >> on "cbs this morning." >> apple just became the first american public company to reach $1 trillion in value. >> i saw this headline on my iphone. i read the full story on my mac book. i used excel on my ipad and blew it up, it seems unlikely apple
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is making so much money. i was listening to my air pods and my apple watch told me i had a meeting so i guess we'll never know. we'll never know how they made the money. >> presented by toyota. let's go places. >> that is so true. you know when you have multiple devices from a company that cost more than $500 each -- >> apple with us everywhere. >> it's apple's world, we're just living in it. welcome to "cbs this morning" on this friday. anthony mason and alex wagner here, wrapping up the week with us. it's been a good week. >> it has. happy friday. >> happy friday. more than 24 million people in 11 states are under flood threat this morning as dangerous storms move up the east coast. flash flood watches and warnings stretch from georgia to vermont. tornados were spotted from virginia all the way yesterday.
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>> evacuationings acuations arer some of lynchburg, virginia's 80,000 residents due to fears a dam could breach. the area received 6 inches of rain in just a few hours. chip reid is in lynchburg with the dramatic flood threat, chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning. take a look behind me. you see that police car and the hill behind it, about 200 yards down that hill is a dam. behind that dam is a reservoir. college lake. it has about 225 million gallons of water behind it. the worst case scenario, if that dam does breach, officials are worried it might, is that water would go surging downhill into lynchburg and it could drown that city, at least parts of it, in 17 feet of water in about seven minutes. a roaring torrent of water gushed out of the college lake damn thursday. flooding nearby blackwater creek. and forcing the evacuation of more than 120 homes. >> that's about as high as i've ever seen it. >> reporter: floodwaters spilled
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into nearby neighborhoods, turning parks into ponds and chewing up roads. drivers were stranded. in stranding water. and rescue boats went door to door, evacuating families late into the night. >> latest count, they've gotten about 10 people out, so -- and they're still getting some more folks out. >> reporter: about 55 miles north in charlottesville, a tornado with wind speeds reaching 70 mile always hour ripped up trees and damaged a high school. and in north carolina, heavy rain flooded streets in charlotte and caused this sinkhole to appear near greensboro, where saturated soil toppleled trd trees on to power. >> my whole backyard, flooded so bad. when the water did come down. i saw fish in my driveway. >> reporter: more bad news, there is more rain in the forecast here, which means those poor people down in lynchburg who have already been evacuated might have to wait at least 24 hours to get back into their
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homes and that assumed that the dam doesn't breach, alex. >> wow, dangerous dramatic situation down there, thanks, chip. severe weather in new jersey sent beyonce and jay z concert goers scrambling as parts of new york city were under a tornado warning. the evacuation happened just as the couple was taking the stage last night at metlife stadium. cell phone video shows people leaving their seats. some were wearing ponchos for the rain. the concert resumed after about an hour's delay. president trump held a rally with supporters last night in pennsylvania and said nothing about the administration's vow to protect this year's election from russian ddling. top national security officials laid out their strategy yesterday. saying they were acting on the president's orders. weijia jiang is near the new jersey golf club where mr. trump is starting a ten-day vacation. weij weijia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah. the trump administration's display followed a period of tension between president trump and his intelligence community
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because he sided with vladimir putin in helsinki. but this morning, he faces new questions about why, for his part, it's as though this new show of force against russia hadn't happened. >> they wanted me to walk up and go like this. >> reporter: president trump once again defended his summit with vladimir putin and slammed the russia investigation during a campaign rally in pennsylvania. he did not bring up moscow's ongoing interference in u.s. elections. even though just hours earlier -- >> the president has made it very clear i think what his priority is. >> reporter: the president's national security chiefs delivered a full-court press to address what they called a pervasive campaign by russia to weaken and divide the united states. >> we acknowledge the threat is real, it is continuing and we're doing everything we can to have a legitimate selection.
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>> our democracy is in the cross hairs. >> reporter: fbi director christopher wray laid out many methods of attack they have uncovered. >> manipulating news stories, spreading disinformation, leveraging economic resources and escalating divisive issues. >> reporter: secretary of defense james mattis says his department is taking active measures to protect election security, including monitoring our adversaries. the head of the u.s. cyber command said they are prepared to take action too. >> i won't discuss the specifics except to say that our forces are well trained, ready and very capable. >> reporter: the ranking democrat on the senate intelligence committee said he was finally glad to see that the white house is doing something about election security. but quickly added, if only it was backedp bomng ident has said or done. just a short time ago, the white house wanted to stress it is important to the president even though he did not mention the briefing at his rally.
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anthony. >> weijia, thanks. president trump repeated his criticism of the press during last night's rally after downplaying a statement by ivanka trump that disagreed with him. the president tweeted yesterday, quote, they asked my daughter eye varveg ka whether or not the media is the enemy of the people. she correctly said no. it is the fake news which is the large percentage of the media that is the enemy of the people. paula reid is at the white house with the difference of opinion, paula, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. ivanka trump's rare public disagreement with her father comes about a week after she closed her personal fashion line. and then this interview. she underscored how difficult it is to provide private counsel to her own father and said his response to the border crisis was a low point for her. >> i am very vehemently against family separation. >> reporter: ivanka trump said her opposition to her father's zero tolerance immigration
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policy, which led to more than 2,500 children being taken from their parents earlier this year as they tried to cross the southern border illegally, was personal. >> i am a daughter of an immigrant. my mother grew up in communist czech republic. but we are a country of laws. >> reporter: as the policy sparked national controversy, the first daughter remained publicly silent. but she reportedly had lobbied her father to end it in private. >> ivanka feels very strongly. >> reporter: the president announced the change in june. >> the enemy. the enemy of the people i call him. >> reporter: she also disagreed with her father's take on the press. >> no, i do not feel that the media's the enemy of the people. >> reporter: the president's eldest daughter became the only senior administration official to publicly say that she did not share the president's view. press secretary sarah sanders backed mr. trump on the issue. >> repeatedly the media resorts to personal attacks without any contact other than to incite anger.
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>> it is my great honor to introduce a leader who truly believes in the people of this country. >> reporter: it's rare for the first daughter to publicly contradict her father. but she told gayle king that she's not shy about giving him her opinion. >> where i disagree with my father, he knows it. >> reporter: here in washington, a lot of people see these comments along with the fact that she closed her fashion brand as an indication that she's settling in here and could be here for the long haul. alex. >> paula, thank you. a former worker for an immigrant shelter in arizona is charged with 11 sex offenses aft her was accuse e after he was accused of molesting boys in his care. the allegations against levian pacheco. the alleged abuse took place over a year at a shelter run by southwest key near phoenix. don dahler show us how the organization has faced other incidents of alleged abuse. >> reporter: southwest key is the largest organization the u.s. government contracts to
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house immigrant children. it has eight shelters in arizona alone. it's now coming under intense scrutiny for repeated incidents of sexual abuse happening to young immigrant children in their care at several shelters. >> one of the boys decided to speak up about what had happened to him. and then it was kind of a snowfall where another boy, the roommate, spoke up. it also happened to him. >> reporter: michael grabell is one of the reporters who uncovered the detail alils of a. pacheco, who is hiv positive, is accused of engaging in sexual actings with boys. all the children were between 15 and 17 years old. >> it's very common for victims of abuse to not come forward, to be afraid to come forward. especially in this population, there's this fear if you come
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forward and report abuse, it might affect your immigration case. >> reporter: another worker, fernando negrete was fired after allegedly molesting a 14-year-old immigrant girl at a facility in phoenix. in a statement, southwest key said we educate every minor in our care of their right to be free from abuse. any employee accused of abuse is immediately suspended and law enforcement called. >> i think the best way to describe them is to be more like a summer camp. >> reporter: following backlash over the trump administration's child separation policy, officials defended the use of detention facilities as safe spaces. >> these shelters were never intended to be long-term group homes. we've heard from various officials, various psychologists that the longer the kidsters are she kidsters are she s ars are in t more time inappropriate relationships develop. >> reporter: they have removed all kids from the kokopelli
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shelter and appropriate action is taken. pacheco's attorney did not respond to us, but in an e-mail said we are looking forward to . he has pleaded not guilty and will be in court later this month. >> very disturbing. >> deeply disturbing story about a deeply disturbing issue. thank you, don. virginia state police say a 12-year-old girl who was abducted at reagan national airport is believed to be in extreme danger. jinjing ma was visiting the u.s. from china. it took eight hours for police to issue an am better alert. jan crawford is at reagan national airport. >> reporter: we had a press briefing and they said she is still missing, they're still looking for her. she was here with a tour group. heading to the west coast. when she said at the ticket counter she had to go to the bathroom. the group went on to security and that's where they noticed that she was missing. >> we are working every theory. >> reporter: police say this surveillance photo showed
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jinjing ma minutes after she was abducted on thursday. investigators say that's her on the right, her abductor on the left. >> right now, what we believe is there's one male suspect and one female suspect. the clothing is something of interest to us. >> reporter: huchler says the abductor helped jinging change clothes before they left through the arrivals level. they got into a white infinity suv with new york license plates before driving off. >> jinging was approached by a couple in new york city while the tour group was sightseeing. we're in the process of trying to determine the identity of these individuals but it does appear that they are connected to the incident here. >> reporter: shortly before ma disappeared, police say another surveillance photo showed jinging's abductor arriving at the airport with a male suspect. saying jinging may have gone with her abductor willingly. >> our assessment is there does
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not appear to be any threat to the greater community, however, jinging is still considered a critical missing juvenile and we'll continue to track down leads until we know she's safe. >> reporter: investigators say they believe a couple approached the group while they were sightseeing on the profit tpert the world trade center and they may well be connected to this disappearance. the fbi, the national center for missing exploited children are all involved and they're trying to reach her grandfather in china. >> i hope they find her. all right, jan, thanks. cbs chairman and ceo leslie moonves did not address his future with the company in a teleconference with investors. but moonves predicted long-term success for cbs in his first public remarks since multiple women came forward in the new yorker article accusing him of sexual misconduct. anna werner is tracking the fallout. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, anthony. as leslie moonves spoke about the company's quarterly earnings, there was no mention of the accusations against him. his lawyers apparently advised hito scs the issue.
7:17 am
to some people's surprise, analysts didn't ask. it was business as usual as cbs' top executive arrived for work ahead of the earnings call. >> cbs turned in another very strong quarter. >> reporter: before leslie moonves spoke, the company made clear he wouldn't be answering questions about the allegations against him. >> in light of pending litigation and other matters and on the advice of counsel, the scope of today's call and any questions will be limited to the quarterly results of the company. >> reporter: that drew some comments from observers. >> nada about those misconduct allegations. >> i think obviously some people of course wanted to hear some comments on these allegations of sexual harassment. >> reporter: the cbs board has hired two external law firms to conduct a full investigation of the allegations in recent press reports about moonves, cbs news and cultural issues at all levels of cbs. that, in response to a new yorker article, in which six women alleged sexual harassment. in the article, moonves denied
7:18 am
recall the in commented on an additional case in which a woman told police he sexually assaulted her multiple times in the 1980s. no charges were filed as the statutes of limitations had run out. but some are speaking to defend moonves. >> i was shocked knowing him as well as i do. >> reporter: suzanne fickinger worked for moonves when several of the accusers claimed the incidents occurred. she's one of four former assistants who told cbs news they were not aware of any misconduct. >> i personally never saw or heard anything inappropriate and i worked more closely with him than probably anyone else in his entire career. >> reporter: a separate law firm is conducting an independent review of cbs news which began gationfirinfrlov sex sc rw is expected t up this month, alex.
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>> thanks, anna. the parents of a missing university of iowa student believe their daughter is alive and being held against her will. ahead, the unusual plea from mollie tibbett's m good friday morning to you. after areas of low clouds and fog to start the day we will see that son and hades -- sunshine and hades heading into the day. a high of 86 0 in napa and 67 0 in san francisco. a bit cooler for the weekend saturday is a little cooler and cooler sunday, warming up heading into next week with highs inland in the mid to upper 90s by thursday.
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one of apple's founders sold a piece of the company for just 800 bucks in the 1970s. long before it hit $1 trillion market value yesterday. >> ahead, why he's happy with that decision, even though it
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cost him a long-term profit of $100 billion. >> ouch. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota, let's go places. ...and super-low apr financing. maybe that's why they go so fast. [wind blowing; chains rattling] ok. that's got to be a record. right now at toyota's national clearance event, you can get incredible deals on the last of the 2018s. offers end september 4th. to learn more about all our great deals, visit save on the last of the 2018s. come in today! toyota. let's go places.
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i'm relentless. and my doctor and i choose to treat my mbc with verzenio. be relentless. ask your doctor about everyday verzenio. ahead, three thing use should know this morning including hundreds getting sick
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at mcdonald's. where the contaminated good morning. in lake county new mandatory evacuation orders went out yesterday as the river fire continues to burn. the fire has scorched or than 41,000 acres and is 50% contained. police and concord have identified this man terrence boyd dixon as the suspect in a homicide last week there is now a warrant for his arrest. a large turnout is expected today for the funeral of neil wilson who was stabbed to death at the a fair bart station. the service is open to the public in east oakland. stay with us a look at traffic and weather in just a moment.
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good morning. we are
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tracking a slow ride for folks making their way through the south bay along the 280. here is a live look at the 101 we are in the yellow near north first street so we have some slowdowns as we are getting closer to 37. as you are approaching woodside there is a lane blocked and speeds are starting to dip below 30 miles per hour and i do expect delays along that stretch. let's check on your forecast. temperatures today will be slightly warmer compared to yesterday and much cooler for the weekend. 92 0 in concorde and low to mid 90s inland today and upper 60s for the bay and 50s along the coast. cooler for the weekend and the heat ramps back up next week in the mid to upper 90s in some locations by thursday.
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♪ i want to see your face ♪ i want to get better better better ♪ video games are getting harder and harder. thankfully, people are insane. >> "the wall street journal" reports parents are hiring coaches to tutor their children in the popular combat survival video game fort night. parents say they want to improve their kid's skills for prize in all honesty, i'm worried the more overbearing parents become about playing video games, the more parekids are go to rebel. >> no homework until you play your video game. you get back to the console right this my roof.
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>> that's so good. that's so reverse psychology actually works. hire a video game tutor and you might end up with a cardiac surgeon. i'll try it at home. welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things you should know this morning. dhs secretary kift kristin neal headinguerto rico today. a report published in the journal of the american medical association found more than 1,100 people were killed in the hurricane and its aftermath. earlier this year, a harvard university study suggested more than 4,600 people died. a parasite outbreak linked to mcdonald's salads is growing larger thi morning. the fda says more than 100 additional people have become sick. there are now nearly 400 confirmed cases across 15 states.
7:32 am
at least 16 people have been hospitalized. health officials traced the contaminated salad to a california-based supplier that has now been removed from restaurants. this morning marks a new era in american spaceflight. nasa will name the first astronauts assigned to boeing and space x's new spacecraft. the new commercial crew program will allow astronauts to fly from the u.s. to the international space station in american spaceships. this hasn't happened since 2011. the u.s. currently relies on russian rockets to take astronauts to the station. nasa hopes to launch the first piloted flight next year. law enforcement in iowa is giving an update this morning on the effort to find mollie tibbetts. the university of iowa sophomore was last seen on july 18th on run. a $172,000 reward is being offered now for information leading to tibbetts' safe return. adriana diaz shows us the emotional plea from tibbett's
7:33 am
mother. >> reporter: mollie tibbett's mother believes she may have been abducted. she even said a kidnapper could claim the reward money after setting tibbetts free. >> every day i feel mollie's presence with me, mollie's lending me her strength. every day, every night. >> reporter: mollie tibbetts' mother, laura calderwood, believes her daughter is still alive and possibly being held captive. >> it is our greatest hope if someone has her, they will just release her, and claim that money that we have raised for her freedom. >> reporter: tibbetts' father, rob, begged the public to send tips which can be done anonymously through crime stoppers. >> this is a fight for our daughter. we are told very little by the authorities for very good reason. they don't need to share information with someone who might be implicated in this. >> reporter: on thursday, investigators went back to an area they previously searched near brooklyn, iowa, where the 20-year-old vanished more than
7:34 am
two weeks ago. wayne, who lives near the search area, told the local station he was questioned for two hours by investigators. yesterday, police ruled that out a possible sighting of tibbetts at a missouri truck stop. police in iowa also questioned a man spotted taking photos of female joggers from his car. >> a lot of sex offenses, they just don't happen. there is a period of surveillance. there's no indication there was criminal misconduct but we still have not cleared the individual. >> reporter: so far, there have been no suspects or arrests in the disappearance of the university of iowa sophomore. >> everybody has a mollie in their life. >> reporter: her boyfriend dalton jack was the last person to hear from tibbetts. he was working a construction job 100 miles away the night she disappeared. >> imagine if this was you, somebody had taken your mollie. wouldn't you want to help, wouldn't you want her back, how would you feel. just do the right thing and let her go. >> reporter: iowa court
7:35 am
documents show the man questioned by investigators was given two years probation for a felony stalking charge in 2014. cbs news has reached out to chiny but we haven't heard back. up to 40 investigators, including from the fbi, are working mollie's case and they've followed up already on more than 200 leads. >> wow. they're going to find her. i have hope that they do. >> i hope so. the u.s. air force academy has a new policy to encourage cadets to report sexual assaults. this is following our cbs news investigation that revealed troubling patterns on how those reports were handled. cbs news obtained a memo outlining the policy. it says victims should not be punished for what is k as collateral misconduct violations such as underage drinking. some victims had said they were afraid to come forward for fear of facing penalties. in our investigation, a cadet said she was blamed for her assault because she was underage
7:36 am
and drinking alcohol. the academy's former top official told us the academy often downplayed or ignored allegations. cbs news is nominated for two emmys for that reporting. you can see now the air force academy is making some real changes in response to some of the stuff we reported. >> great, great, good to see. this morning, apple traopen trading with the first u.s. company with a market value of $1 trillion. jim jill schlesinger is here to look at the milestone. there she is. >> what's that in her hand? >> we'll also hear from an original investor who says he was right to tell his 10% stake in apple for $800 that would be worth $100 billion today. if you're on the go, subscribe to our "cbs this morning" podcast available on apple's podcast app or wherever you like to download your podcasts. get the day's top stories and what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes.
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you're watching "cbs this morning."
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♪ i don't have nothing on my
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mind ♪ ♪ nothing on my mind apple has hit an extraordinary milestone. the first $1 trillion publicly traded corporation in american history. the company was valued at $1.68 trillion. but who's counting? >> we need a better screen. >> when wall streetnames of the apple founders. but you might not know ronald wayne. wayne is one of apple's original founders who sold his 10% stake in the 1970s after just 12 days for $800. today, those same shares would be worth $100 billion. >> did you have any doubt that apple would be a successful company? >> none. it was the right product at the right time. >> so why did you sell out? >> my passion wasn't a computer in the first place, it was slot machines. i also knew that i was standing
7:42 am
in the shadow of giants. and as a result, i knew i was never going to have a product of my own to develop. >> you can see more of john blackstone's interview with ronald wayne tonight on "the cbs evening news" with jeff glor. i'm interested in knowing more. >> if he just kept ten shares even. >> i don't understand why he had to sell the whole thing. just keep a couple. they'll be worth $50 billion in a couple decades. anyway. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger is with us. jill, good morning. >> good morning. >> 13-digit value mark. can they keep this up? >> well, i guess that they can keep it up for as long as the market is there. they've got great products. one thing that really has happened that's different under tim cook than his predecessor steve jobs. he has been a much more involved ceo with the financial management of this company. buying back shares.ingvian alsoy
7:43 am
apple. when they don't have a killer product. they haven't had a killer product since 2007 when the iphone was released. but i'd never bet against april well all due respect to that man mr. wayne. >> let's talk about how and why apple has such a large market cap. >> the market value of bank of america, boeing, at&t, walt disney, volkswagen and ford combined is about equal to that of apple. is it a good thing for a company to be that big? >> sometimes when you get so big, you lose some creativity. that was some kind of a rap when tim cook took over in 2011. how are they going to move forward? but i also point out this is a trend in technology stocks specifically and the broader market. we refer to something called the fang stocks. it's facebook, apple, amazon, tf google parent aim alphabet. those stocks account for about
7:44 am
half of the s&p 500 index's gains for the year, so this is a domination of technology, and within tech, huge firms can continue to dominate. >> is that an artificial high though if it's just five companies keeping the market where it is? >> it's not artificial, the numbers are the numbers. we know if those companies stumble, we could see a big reaction across the whole market. >> at its peek, you go to the last giant in this country, which was gm, they had 600,000 employees. apple has 120,000. what does that tell us about where we are? >> i think it tell us that service and product developers are finding much cheaper ways to put their goods out to the marketplace. and incrementally, all that money that actually is saved on labor falls to the bottom line. so who gets that money? shareholders. so we talk about the difference between shareholders getting value and labhe stick. doesn't mean apple doesn't have a lot of well-paid people. up next, the other headlines, including the
7:45 am
discovery of a suspected russia spi spy working inside the embassy in moscow. plus, the red t good friday morning to you. we are looking at temperatures that will be a little warmer compared to yesterday with hazy sunshine and highs in the low 90s. we are looking at 77 0 and mountain view. your 7-day forecast shows low to mid 90s inland today and upper 60s along the coast and a little cooler for the weekend then we warm back up heading into next week. have a great day. why shop kohl's thke >> announcer: this portion of "chi this portion of cbs this morning sponsored by kohl's. even our biggest national brands! the more you shop, the more kohl's cash you'll get with no limits! kohl's cash - only at kohl's!
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." here's a look at some of this morning's headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" reports the trump administration is putting the burden on the aclu to find deported children separated from children. the justice department says the aclu should use its considerable resources, advocacy groups and government information to locate children. 559 are still in government
7:50 am
custody. 429 parents are outside of the u.s. the state department has made contact with foreign governments to try to help with these reunions. britain's "guardian" says a suspected russian spy was found working aet the u.s. embassy in moscow. she had reportedly been working there for more than a decade. she allegedly had been hired by the secret service. she was given confidential information including the schedule of the president and vice president. she was dismissed last summer. they said foreign service officials have never been placed in a situation to obtain secret or classified information. the "los angeles times" reports a california man charged with stabbing a former high school classmate to death in january now faces a hate crime sentencing enhancement. glen jacobs, the wwe
7:51 am
wrestler known as cane will be the new mayor of knox county, tennessee. there's your new mayor. when he's not in the ring,
7:52 am
jacobs a conservative republican also runs an insurance and real estate company. he handling defeated his democratic opponent in yesterday's election. he won't rule out a special wrestling appearance in the future. fans went nuts. ahead, he tries a shiggy challenge, plus a safety warning from a man who starltded it ought online. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well-being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meitit b strikes q. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor
7:53 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
today in san francisco: a new navigation center for the today in san francisco a new navigation center for the homeless -- located near the on ramp from onto highway 101. park crews will be doing some track maintenance work tomorrow and on sunday, trains will not be running through west oakland and 19th street stations or west oakland and lake merritt stations. starting tomorrow saturday hours at the dmv will be added to 60 locations with expanded services beginning last month but only every other weekend. all services except during driving tests will be offered. we will have an update on traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. eral it is a light day out
7:58 am
on the roadways, here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. as you head into san francisco you may be tapping the brakes and we are getting reports of a new crash 80 at fremont, we can't see it in this shot but it is involving a motorcycle and another vehicle blocking the middle lanes so expect delays if you are heading into san francisco. we are starting off the day with areas of low clouds and fog and as we head into the afternoon we will have hazy sunshine. we are looking at highs that will be slightly warmer compared to yesterday afternoon. 72 0 for oakland and low to mid 90s inland and 50s along the coast, a little cooler for the weekend and we are heating back up as we head through next week. have a great weekend.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, august 3rd, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." ahead, a potential dam break could send 17 feet of water surging into virginia city. plus, the pollution that's dangerous for animals and bad for business on florida's gulf coast. >> and a doctor takes action against three colleagues over unnecessary heart operations. alex ferrer featuring tonight's "whistleblower." but first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. more thanflood as thorm moving up e east cst. the worst-case scenario if that dam does breach, it could drown that city in 17 feet of water.
8:01 am
the trump administration display follows a period of tension between president trump and his intelligence community. ivanka trump's rare disagreement with her father came about a week after the closing of her fashion line. sexual abuse happening to young immigrant children in their care. >> just had a press briefing with law enforcement officials, and they say she is still missing. she went missing while she was with a tour group. his lawyers apparently advised him not to discuss the issue and analysts didn't ask. >> tsa is considering eliminating screening at more than 150 small airports across the country. >> we could save $115 million a year. >> the lakers paid more than that for lebron james. that doesn't seem like enough. i don't like going through the line either, but i don't want to have to rely on the employees at cinnabon to keep their eyes
8:02 am
open. i'm norah o'donnell with alex wagner and anthony mason. john and gayle are enjoying some time off. the national weather service warns a dam at risk of failure could send a 17-foot wall of water into a virginia city affecting 20,000 people. it filled college lake beyond capacity. now, that forced the evacuation of more than 100 homes. >> crews are assessing any structural damage to the dam. rain subsided overnight but more is forecast today. flood watches and warnings are in effect from georgia to vermont as severe weather continues to menace the east coast right into the weekend. this morning the white house insists president trump wants to protect voters from russian interference. he didn't discuss it at the rally last night. the president told supporters in wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, it was a hoax. his top intelligence leaders warned a few hours earlier the threat of russian meddling is real. it was the most recent
8:03 am
example of the president and administration officials giving conflicting messages. >> in helsinki, i had a great meeting with putin. we discussed everything. now we're being hindered by the russian hoax. it's a hoax. >> we continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by russia to try to weaken and divide the united states. >> this is a threat we need to take extremely seriously. >> earlier this week the president and secretary of state mike pompeo had different views on demanding preconditions to meet with iran. >> no preconditions, no. they want to meet. any time they want. any time they want. it's good for the country. good for them, good for us, and good for the world. no preconditions. >> the iranians demonstrate the commitment to make fundamental changes in how they treat their own people, reduce their malign
8:04 am
behavior, agree that it's worthwhile to enter an agreement that actually prevents elimination and the president is prepared to sit down and have a conversation with him. >> pompeo told the senate committee last week the president set as clear agenda on foreign policy. >> the worst outbreak in years of toxic algae known as red tide is killing thousands of sea creatures in southwest florida and harming the tourism business. red tide occurs naturally each season. this year's season is in its ninth month and a second pollution is coming from nearby lakes like lake okeechobee and is making problem worse. manuel bojorquez is on sanibel island, florida. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know the old saying, there's plenty of fish in the sea. unfortunately on sanibel island, there's plenty of dead ones along the beach. take a look here. the tide has gone out and left
8:05 am
behind thousands of dead fish. even this big eel, this is a stinky and unsightly mess. the sandy stretch of florida's gulf coast looks picturesque, but beach side, the view isn't so pleasant. red tide is killing thousands of fish, eel, and other sea creatures. since november, some 400 critically ill sea turtles have died or been stranded. dr. heather barron is treating four times the normal number of red tide cases this season. >> it just can't even describe what it's like to go out on the beach to do a rescue and just to be surrounded by all these critically endangered animals. >> reporter: red tide is a naturally occurring algae that turns harmful in high concentrations. it usually forms ten miles out but winds and currents can caret onshore. in humans, it may cause eye,
8:06 am
nose, and throat irritation, and coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. >> everybody's coughing. i work at a jet ski stand and i don't get any more business, man. >> have you ever seen it this bad? >> no. i've seen bad ones but never this bad. >> reporter: ozzie fischer is a second generation charter boat captain. >> it's hard to breathe around here. it really stinks. >> oh, water is our lifeline. if you lose this, there won't be anything here. >> reporter: we're at historic lighthouse point here on sanibel and typically by this time of day, you'd have loads of tourists enjoying their morning coffee or morning stroll. right now it's just a few hearty souls. tourism is a $3 billion a year industry in this county. the economic hit is not known.
8:07 am
some have shut down out of concern for their employees' health. >> it's a sad, sad story. thanks, manny. hip-hop star drake is responding to the "in my feelings" dance challenge that he we are going to see that hazy sunshine as we head through the afternoon with high temperatures running a little warmer compared to yesterday. a high of 86 0 in napa and 67 0 in san francisco. it will be a bit cooler for the weekend so saturday will be a little cooler and a little cooler sunday and warming up as we head through next week with highs inland in the mid to upper 90s by thursday. ♪
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ drake takes the "in my feelings" challenge to the next level in a new music video recorded overnight. he pokes fun at shiggy behind the dance craze and now shiggy is addressing the popular sensation. shiggy born as shaquille mitchell posted a video of himself dancing to the "in my feelings" song. millions have tweeted about that very challenge. >> but as we tweeted last week, some are taking the challenge to extremes. government safety experts warn dancers not to jump out of moving cars to participate. an iowa teenager was in intensive care with a fractured skull after failed attempt. shiggy tells cbs news he never expected people to get hurt in his challenge.
8:11 am
>> the shiggy challenge started with me doing the dance outside in the street with my friends but it got escalated to a the message to the kids doing challenges is to be safe, stay in a safe area and do the dance. you don't have to get outside of your car or a moving car or anything involving a moving car. you can do this anywhere. so, kids, be safe. >> shiggy called the response to the dance craze crazy and overwhelming. ♪ are you ridin' are you ridin' ♪ >> there's been a lot of practicing. >> just do it from the desk. >> i'm slowly mastering it. >> by next week. >> she's on vacation. >> slowly. >> i'm slowly mastering it. key word. well done. like that. there's lot more news ahead. a kentucky doctor started noticing some of his new
8:12 am
patients had undergone unnecessary heart procedures. ahead, the cbs series "whistleblower" shows the cardiologist's decision to expose fellow doctors. and how social media is filters is being tied to a jump in plastic surgery among millennial's. plus a british artist who transformed 28,000 square feet of a british hotel to tens of thousands of hand sewn groceries. cute. you're watching "cbs this morning." >> that's a lot of sewing. toyos national clearance event, we've got the last of the 2018s... ...and super-low apr financing. maybe that's why they go so fast. [wind blowing; chains rattling] ok. that's got to be a record. right now at toyota's national clearance event, you can get incredible deals on the last of the 2018s. offers end september 4th. to learn more about all our great deals, visit
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8:15 am
of psoriatic arthritis. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. without talking to your rheumatologist you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? you fi tm r less. ess.d ls n at ross. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. a kentucky cardiologist raised concerns when he learned his new parent -- new patients
8:17 am
had heart surgeries they didn't need. in a plea view of tonight's cbs series "whistleblower" alex fehr rare learned why jones had to expose a fellow group of doctors. >> i saw many patients who underwent unnecessary heart procedures. coronary stint procedures, major implantation. >> what would you do if something just feels wrong? >> i was concerned they were being done for financial gain. >> for 35 years cardiologist michael jones had been keeping hearts healthy in lexington, kentucky. >> i get to help people while i'm having fun, so it's the best job in the world. >> but in 2010 a group of patients starting streaming into dr. jones' office who seemed different. >> they were coming for help. what is this, doctor jones. i had treatment for my chest pain.
8:18 am
i still have chest pain. what's happening? what's the matter? >> most patients were treated at the same hospital, st. joseph in kentucky now run as kentucky one health. >> when they're sick and frightened, the place to go in their area is a hospital that's what? named after a saint. >> they trusted. >> what's not to trust about it. >> the turning point for dr. jones came the day he walked into his examination room and met a great grandmother and retired nurse's assistant named delthimar renfro. >> she had a stack of papers in her lap. she said i don't know how i'm going to pay these bills. and i'm afraid i'm going to lose my house. my chest is still hurting. and, doctor jones, i don't think i can pay you. >> dr. jones discovered that
8:19 am
delthimar was treated at the same hospital. >> she had stents in two vessels that weren't necessary. >> they weren't necessary. >> then during the procedure, she had a heart attack. >> she had a heart attack as a result of the stent procedure she didn't need. for the first time in my life i was ashamed of my profession. how could anybody do this to this sweet kind trusting little lady. >> lives were on the line. what on earth was gong on at st. joseph-london hospital? whatever it was, it had to stop, and dr. jones knew he was the one to do it. >> at that time honestly i felt i was the last man standing. >> jones and two colleagues filed a federal whistle-blower lawsuit naming the hospital and three cardiologists.
8:20 am
it was a procedure that took three years before it's conclusion. the hospital maintains it alerted federal authorities weeks before the whistle-blowers filed suit and says it has gone above and beyond to fix the problems of the past. alex ferrer is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> thanks for coming on. how did dr. alex jones eventually get to the bottom of what was happening at the hospital? >> he started to see patients coming in. he thought, maybe a difference in judgment. a doctor missed this. how could he make this mistake. then there was another, then there was another. then it became so many he realized it wasn't a coincidence. he checked with his partner and she said absolutely not. i had the same issue with my patients from the same hospital and the same cardiologists and they didn't need it. >> is there any reason why this area was targeted? >> this area here in kentucky are considered coronary valley
8:21 am
because of the diet. there's a high incidence of obesity and cardiology problem, so cardiology is a booming business and a very profitable business for hospitals and physicians. these are people who are very often rural and poor and he says medically unsophisticated. when a doctor tells you you need this procedure or you could die, they don't question it. they do it. >> and it's really troubling stuff, alex. >> you can see the full story, on cbs's "whistle blower," plus the woman who first exposed wells fargo's banking scandal. watch it at 9:00, 8:00 p.m. central right here on cs. this man seemed to be asking for trouble. ahead, dramatic video captures what happened when he taunted a bison. you're watching "cbs this morning." a bison. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:22 am
8:23 am
dramatic cellphone video shows a man apparently taunting
8:24 am
a bison at yellowstone national park. bison was clearly not amused. >> oh, god. >> that's just not a good thing. >> and charged at him. luckily the man wasn't hurt. the incident happened as the bison was crossing the road in the park on tuesday. yellowstone officials say the unidentified man's actions were reckless, dangerous and illegal. >> don't taunt a bison. >> don't poke a bear. >> why did the bison cross the road? never mind. a summer vacation from exercise could mean trouble for your long-term health. our dr. david agus is in our toyota green room. yes, get your body moving. >> the shiggy challenge right there, sort of. all right. ahead, how adding some extra step if it's dad dance
8:25 am
good morning it is a 25. the biggest concern for firefighters this weekend was the weather and now red flag warnings are in effect for multiple counties in northern california. in shasta county crews will use drones to assess the damage in redding after the carr fire tore through the area with more than 1000 homes destroyed so far . a popular camp near yosemite will stay closed an extra week because of the ferguson fire. the camp is scheduled to reopen august 12. stay with us traffic and weather in just a moment. sit
8:26 am
and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit
8:27 am
we have major delays heading into san francisco due to a motorcycle accident on the bay bridge. this is in the westbound direction just before the fremont street exit this is on the oakland side and traffic is crawling in that westbound direction making its way towards that exit. right now three lanes are blocked and you are looking at just under an hour going from the maze into san francisco. this is the first time we have seen a backup of traffic on the a bridge toll plaza all morning long. you can certainly expect to slowdowns to continue. emergency crews have closed the fremont street on ramp so fire crews can access that crash. we will continue to monitor this
8:28 am
. i want to talk about fire weather conditions we have a red flag warning in effect through tomorrow due to the dry winds so we have a high fire danger for code -- locations near the carr fire and winds will be up to 35 miles per hour with relative humidity at about 20% which means extreme fire danger conditions out there so we will be watching that closely for you. we are looking at some areas of morning fog and clouds this morning. this afternoon hazy sunshine with cooling by the weekend. 61 0 and pacifica and 92 0 in concord. have a great weekend.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ >> let's get moving into action. that is a good message this let's get moving into action. that's a good message this morning. welcome back to "cbs this morning." time to show you this morning's headlines. the wall street post reports the mall chain brookstone is closing its 102 stores. it's famous for its massage chairs and quirky gadgets and it's a great place to visit for father's day. >> we can fall asleep there. >> the business has struggled as more americans shop on the internet. ill sterate online and at airports. there's a new phenomenon of snapchat dysmorphia. that's when teenagers seek cosmetic surgery to look like their filtered selfies.
8:31 am
a new article in the american medical journal says photo editing technology is changing their beauty perception and could call into question self-esteem. "usa today" reports france has banned cat calling. according to a newly passed bill, a person who makes personal or sexual comments will be fined from $104 to $868. for gender based harassment, that includes behavior that's degrading, humiliating, or offensive. the new rules take effect in september. and "the new york times" reports your body may not thank you from taking break from exercise. there are two new studies from the university of liverpool and mcmaster university among others. they monitored active people who abruptly started sitting more. this caused their blood sugar levels to rise, insulin
8:32 am
sensitivity to decrease and weight to increase. the undesirable metabolic changes did not fully reverse. our dr. david agus is here this morning. you might have seen him dancing in the green room. >> we noticed. >> although i can't get the image of anthony in that massage chair out of my mind. >> i can't either. it's soothing. >> does age factor into whether you bounce back? after you have an exercise break? i feel like we all take a break because of work, illness, something. >> no question about it. in older studies it shows college students who it was done on without go from 10,000 to 1,000 steps and you saw all the changes happening in the body. insulin insensitivity, metabolic changes, and in two to three days, they would go back to where they were. but in this city over the age of 65. they didn't.
8:33 am
they were still where they were when they were sedentary. so age does matter. >> as you get older, it's better to exercise every day. >> well, everybody should, but, yes, as you get older, taking a break as real ramifications not just for two weeks, but many, many weeks afterwards. >> less than a quarter of us are getting the exercise we should. >> yes. we're not moving enough. >> what is the right kind of exercise when we talk about going back to the gym? >> our bodies were designed to move. movement is key. it changes our muscles. our limb -- our lymphatics have no muscle os in the wall. it's movement over time. five to ten minutes every hour, try to do ten to 15 minute as day where your heart rate gets 50% higher from where it starts but that's kind of the minimum. but, really, do it every day, movement over time is critical. >> we're not talking necessarily intense exercise. we're talking movement? >> movement over time.
8:34 am
walking makes you live longer, as simple as that. our bodies, when somebody upstairs designed and engineered our bodies, movement was necessary. when the sugar goes up, that changes your blood vessels, raises your risk of heart disease, stroke, all those other things so the key is life is a marathon. every day you need to build something into it. so really the take-home is movement over time. the movement is to take 10 to 15 minutes a day to get your heart rate up. the take-home, do something uncomfortable. >> climb the stairs. >> climb the stairs. do yoga. i don't like it, but it works. >> my girlfriends are in town from san antonio, texas. we worked out for 90 minutes. my trainer said be careful you have the ability to move. >> it's so inspiring. it reminds you you should do it every day. but again that question alex was
8:35 am
asking, how about the intensity level? is it okay to walk with a friend or do you have to run, lift weights, resistance, all that stuff? >> i love that. norah with her fist. boxing. >> we learned boxing is good for preventing parkinson's. >> yes. >> yes, intensity is key. even as you get older, do a brief intense workout, there are clear benefits to it. our bodies were designed to move during the day but that h cardi and brain wise. thin is part of the brain involved in memory. you want to remember names of people, exercise and get out there. >> we'll be doing the show standing the recollect of the way. >> exactly. doing the shiggy. you might not want to eat the groceries you see in a new los angeles supermarket. that's because the products are made of felt. it's the brainchild of lucy sparrow who transformed 2,800
8:36 am
square feet of the standard hotel with hand sewn groceries. jamie yuccas explains how lucy sparrow is really selling the familiar comforts of home. >> reporter: customers are crowding the aisles at sparrow mart where everything from pizza to soap is made with hand sewn felt. >> it harkens back to school and your craft products. i take it to an extreme. >> there's sushi and soda. >> artist lucy sparrow spent a year painting anem ts hibit is hands on and every piece is up for grabs. >> reporter: the fact that it promotes happiness and the sense of excitement that you wouldn't necessarily have in oi art shows. and it's so inclusive, it
8:37 am
includes people that wouldn't necessarily go to galleries. >> reporter: sparrow is clearly obsessed with felt. she lives and works outside in london. she calls her office a felt cave. >> i did a kickstarter campaign to fund my first big show. >> reporter: her first show a corner shop created a frenzy on instagram and the art world took notice. >> for 200 pounds you can get lucky charms and felt. >> reporter: in 2017, sparrow built a bodega. it sold out. this customer has her eye on the campbell soup creation, with a price tag of $10,000. >> i think the imagery reminds me of andy warhol, the pop art of the '60s, something i identify with and my childhood. >> reporter: her felt fantasy
8:38 am
land is a celebration of brands connecting people with life experiences. >> it's a little more unusual than everyone else. i want to make real life out of felt. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," jamie yuccas, los angeles. >> that's very cool but that's a lot of sewing. >> a lot of carpal tunnel stitching. john dickerson reflects on how summer camp is a proving ground for both their kids and parents. >> this is about more than summer escapades, this is the essential element of being parents. if we want our kids to be independent, we have to teach them to leave us.
8:39 am
you know when you're at ross shopping for backpacks... ...and mom also gets a back-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less.
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...and you suddenly realizes you're really into art? that's yes for less. every trend. every room. on any budget. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, i hope you had a lousy time at that camp because you're not going back. i missed you too much. tial for parents as it is for kids. many american parents go through
8:43 am
this rite of passage every summer. about 15 million kids attend camp in the united states and john dickerson is one of those parents. he's off this week catching up from returning from where? camp. in this week's reporters notebook, he defines the experiences and lessons for both children and their parents when kids go to camp. >> for most of the summer, my interaction of my children has been with interaction with them on my phone. they're away at camp, that proving ground between children and parents. child psychologist michael thompson in his book on kids and camp cites a survey. adults were asked what was your happiest childhood memory. more than 80% said that it was a time when they were at camp when
8:44 am
they were not with their parents. that was true of me at camp, and i'm happy i survived most of meese experiences. when parents aren't around, the kids experience things. they're not looking over their should and there are no dumb questions. we see glimpses of this genuine identity when we watch our kids and they don't know we're watching or we eavesdrop and hear them making claims and testing theories and that's what we wants a parents for our kids, that they create identities that can survive in the world. but then this creates a problem for the parents who show up at the end of the summer with thousands of questions about that experience they saw their kids doing when they sleuthed out their picture on the camp's website. our natural desire to interrogate our children risks ruining the purity of those experiences they had without us. this is about more than summer escapades. this is the essential challenge of parenthood. if we want our kids to be independent, we have to teach them to leave us. it gets hard when they get older.
8:45 am
when they're younger, we can take our hand off the back of the bicycle, but when they get older to really help them on their journey, though we may want to ride with them, we have to let them ride alone. >> it's so hard, though. >> my daughter says, mom, we're like little birds, we're going to fly away soon. >> you have to let them go. >> they have plenty of time. >> they're such a little baby but they grow up so fast. >> wait till they go off to college instead of letting them go for good. >> very nice, john. very nice john. you can hear more of "cbs this morning" on our podcast on amazon's echo devices. >> go to the cbs this morning podcast. >> here is the latest cbs podcast. oh, my gosh. we use alexa? that's awesome. >> we leapt into the 21st
8:46 am
century. no stopping us now. and up next, one of my favorite things, all that matters this week, you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ for many kids, just showing up to school is a challenge. staying through graduation's even harder. so at communities in schools, we do just what our name says. our staff brings a community of resources to meet each student's needs right in their school. doing whatever it takes to keep kids focused, so they see what we see. a bright future. join in at communities in schools dot org
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8:50 am
this week. we hope you have a great weekend. >> just like this one. >> not much left standing. all of these homes are gone. >> this man's story is absolutely heartbreaking. >> rambo, please, you've got to come help us. the fire's at the back door. i said, i'm right by, honey. hold on. i was with them. they're that important to me. >> i honestly have no idea how many survived. >> it's rare to say everybody survived after a crash. >> leslie moonves remains chairman and ceo of cbs. moonves denies or says he dumtd recall many of the details from "the new yorker" article. >> hackers are getting more sophisticated. >> i have no doubt that the russians are behind the effort. >> what makes you comfortable with the effort that people can download guns any time they want
8:51 am
to. >> you can adjust your politics to this reality. you will not ask me to adjust mine. >> how are you doing? >> i haven't said in public until now i've been diagnosed with parkinson's disease. it's like a puzzle. what do i have to do now. i enjoy sofrling puzzles. ♪ time is holding on i'm going to be your number one ♪ ♪ >> i like it when you sing it. >> uh-oh. ♪ uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh >> oh, yeah. that's former president barack obama and first lady michelle obama at jay z and beyonce's concert. >> his hands in the air like h just don't obamacare anymore. >> i think that's true with a lot ofcouples. >> a san antonio aquarium has its shark back in the tank. they stole it and wrapped it in
8:52 am
blanket. >> french kids won't be allowed to have smartphones in schools. but don't worry. they'll still be allowed to smoke cigarettes. >> emmy-nominated show. let's talk about it. >> jon stewart predicted to me, hey, it's not going to happen in your first year, your second year. it will happen in your third year. said what if it doesn't. he said, oh, then you're a failure. >> why do you think in the time of government recession, the government should favor it over austerity. >> what's happening in a recession -- >> "the new york times" columnist tried to explain the ups and downs of global macro economics while holding on for dear life. >> he's doing great. >> don't play lucid if terrified. >> there are ways to make discussions about the economy exciting.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
this is a kpix morning update. good morning. it is 8:55. today in oakland, a funeral service for bart stabbing victim nia wilson at 11 this morning. today in san francisco, a new navigation center for the homeless will open on caltrans property located near an on- ramp from south venice on 2101. tomorrow and sunday, bart crews will be doing track maintenance. trains will not be running through west oakland. stay with us, a look at weather and traffic is in just a moment. you could save energy
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] good morning. a traffic alert remains in effect for drivers on the upper bay bridge. we have a motorcycle accident that currently has three lanes blocked. chp as well as other emergency crews are on scene working to try to clear the activity off of the roadway. right now, we are looking at over an hour and a half for drivers just across the bay bridge into san francisco. if you can avoid the bay bridge at all possible, i highly recommend doing so. here is a live look at traffic crawling up the incline on the oakland side. the backup continues to stretch
8:58 am
beyond the toll plaza here. it is starting to get slow on the 580 approach. let's check in with mary now on the forecast. we are looking at low clouds and fog as you start out the day. your weather headlines and what you can expect are some areas of low clouds and fog. as we go through the day, we are going to see hazy son for most of us with temptress slightly warmer compared to yesterday afternoon and cooler for the weekend. check out our highs today. it is 92 in concorde, 79 in fremont, and 61 in pacifica. the low to mid 90s inland for today in the upper 60s for the bay and a little bit cooler for the weekend. we will want right backup as we head through next week.
8:59 am
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