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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  August 5, 2018 8:30am-9:00am PDT

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captioning sponsored by cbs this is ""face the nation". sunday august 5 president trump is georging his ten-day vacation doing what he loves most, campaigning >> record years, whoever has it's white house, that already tends to lose the mid terms. if the democrats get in, they're going to raise your taxes, you're going to have people pouring across the border. >> brennan: in terms of what's going on behind the scenes, to prepare, the president's message is less clear, last week a democratic presentation from top national security leaders under scored the administration's determination to keep the
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russians from interfering. >> we acknowledge the threat. it is real. it is continuing. >> our democracy itself is in the cross hairs >> you need to take extremely seriously >> we're not going to accept the meddling >> but the warning was undermined by the president himself hours later >> we're being hindered by the hoax. >> brennan:. last night, the president appeared to be back on message and expand it >> we got to stop meddling from attacking us, russia is there, china is there, we're go doing . >> brennan: talk from white house counselor kellyanne conway. plus the top democrat adam
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schiff. plus political analyze on all the news coming up on ""face the nation". ♪ . ♪ . . >> brennan: good morning, we begin this morning with counselor to the president, kellyanne conway who joins us from her home in inform. kellyanne, good to have you with us. >> thank you, z3zmargaret. . >> brennan: the president and his national security team made statements that to most people sounded very different in the characterization of what russia did and is doing now and we just played the clips how unequivocal the language was from the national security team. why isn't the president echoing the same and amplifying that same message? >> margaret, it was the president's idea to have his
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national security team go to the podium in the white house press briefing room to go and share with the country and indeed the world that russia meddled in the 2016 selection, active cyber security, cyber war fare war fair by north korea, china japan certainly russia and this president want to make very clear he was not the president me 2016 when evidence of russian interference and meddling in our democracy in 2016 was presented to that president and his security team and bury because they wanted the other person to win and thought she would. this president is not burying it. i was in that briefing with the president the friday before i was there to witness first hand when the president directed his national security team to go and tell everyone what's happening. i think also earlier last week, you saw secretary of homeland security kiersten nielson and vice president mike pence in new
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york hosting a cyber security conference where they made very clear cyber and election security were important priorities. the number one topic this calendar year by the main steam media on television is, in fact, russia. and the election. and yet, when the president said russian hoax, he's not talking about meddling, he's been clear, like he was clear in ohio thanks for playing the clip. when he says russia hoax, he means the investigation and some others on tv under oath wanting to suggest somehow the russia wrestling and we know that the judge in the manafort trial specifically instructed folks to not mention russia, trump or collusion. and trump. . >> brennan: i hear you and the message from the podium was very
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clear. which is why the question is why is the red not drawing the more clear distinction to what you just drew which was the difference between his election and the validity of it and questions around it and facts as presented by the national security team. ? the national security advisor today said russia was the principal violator in 2016 and their activity now puts them in the lead. not north korea, not china. >> he was making point about the cyber war fare across the world but in terms of meddling, there's no question. director ray, secretary nielson be director coats and they work for the president who asked them to go and share with everyone what he had heard unclassified the friday before. i was there. i went to repeat that and saw last night in ohio you talk it was them talking about russian meddling and when he talks about the hoax, he's talking about the
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fantasy that somehow the campaign that i successfully managed for your the successful part of the campaign was in co hoots. not in moscow, the president has every right to wonder why where there seems to have been the various activity, folks don't want to investigate, they don't want to investigate the loser, the number four at the department of justice's wife working with the people at gps, and they steal dossier, and against former minority leader harry reid and his potential action there, we know that christopher steal talked about the trump, president trump initially a conversation with the trump after president trump was elected. so yes, there is talking about the loser and people, and lead candidate has not been
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investigated. >> brennan: we'll talk about that with some people handling the investigation there. but i do want to ask you since i know you speak to the president, can you clarify some of his statements in past 24 hours particularly on twitter? he's not the only president to have an adversarial relationship with the press but language seems to have escalated today saying that the fake news media caused war and they're very dangerous, and sick. what wars have journalists started? >> margaret, i believe the president's entire point is this we do have a news media to includes some reporters, this should not be a broad a brush. i said that before, his daughter said it last week. i know he believes it's not all. that's why he said refers to those who aren't always telling the truth. and the emotion over information. who are talking more about their own egos than do and interviews, i was at the rally with the
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president in pennsylvania on thursday. i walked around and talked to people in the crowd. they're so excited about what they see in terms of progress and prosperity. some members of the press tend to cover the parts of the rally that were about the press. but most of the people here the major part, which is about the people and progress and prosperity. you're a serious reporter, you worked your way to the anchor state as ""face the nation" the idea that share an industry with the "new york times" opinion writer who had racist tweets a couple short years ago, cancel white people, burn as quickly, really terrible. and politico going to the rally referring to trump supporters as quote, garbage people, if you. >> brennan: i know you're sensitive. hem s i kn' to this, can't you understand the difference though when the
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president escalates that there's actually at times physical danger potentially, that there's a risk here, that the president may want to change that, rhetoric >> the president wants people to give information, news they can use, there's a growing swarth of reporters most of who i feel like i have a decent relationship with that are sitting in the press briefing room who have contracts on cable tv where they say things on twitter they would not get away with in print, it would not pass the most anti-trump at his desk and those standards are much journalists. >> talking about this two straight years now since the campaign i think the temperature needs to be down overall. . >> brennan: you don't believe that journalists do with other people >> i said some journalists are
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enemy of the news you can use and i think that most of it sends a omission, not co mission meaning why wouldn't more reporters, margaret cover the vice president read receiving the remains of our fallen in north korea? why less than a minute on one of major cable stations? why? and i got to tell you i don't mention journalists by name. but i'm much more interested in the work of al alex accosta and jim, presiding over. . >> brennan: we have to leave it here unfortunately. kellyanne but i do want to get to some over the other topics with our next guest. we'll bring in california adam schiff the top democrat who joins us from portland oregon. congressman schiff some elevations or lack thereof were
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just laid out by caitlin from the white house, i want to give you a chance to respond to criticism that she leveled in terms of congressional investigations. >> i believe it was brought up to distract from the president's comments and as you pointed out. margaret, president didn't extinguish between allegations of conspiracy again his campaign and the broad aer problem of russia continuing to interfere in our elections. as coats said this week, russian efforts are pervasive including the social media campaign to divide us that will can't to the election, we see that the russians are again trying to essentially hack election campaigns. only element we have not seen to date is director ray said, is the hacking of voter registration databases or voter equipment, but as our intelligence chief said, that's just one key stroke away. and probably the biggest thing that the president could do is
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confront moscow to establish some kind of deter ent the that the opposite matter is being sent, i think this was delivered in helsinki as long as the russians interfere on donald trump oh's side, vladimir putin can count on the president to never call him out and that leave us all too vulnerable. >> brennan: before we go further, i want to draw a distinction we've been saying some of the facts can get muddled here in the president's language, i want to make sure we're being precise. can you agree that there has been no evidence of collusion coordination or conspiracy that has been presented thus far between the trump campaign and russia? >> no, i don't agree with that at all. i think there's plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight. now, that's a different statement than saying that there's proof beyond a reasonable doubt of a criminal conspiracy. bob mueller will have to determine that, but of course. >> brennan: you acknowledge that the fbi has not presented it
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thus far? this is what the white house is arguing here, that the president is drawing a distinction. that he is saying when he says hoax and witchhunt he means one thing and that is not really trying to dis associate himself from what his national security team says. >> first of all, we haven't seen what bob mueller has produced in terms of evidence yet. in terms of fbi proof, they're not going to present proof to the congress, we're doing our own investigation and we revealed evidence that certainly goes to the issue of conspiracy and collusion. a lot of which is now public. but i do think that the president continues to cast doubt on whether he accepts the fundamental conclusion that russia intervened, whether there was a conspiracy or not. he continues to raise questions about it, indeed, his attempt to retract his statement in helsinki he doesn't see why the russians would intervene, that goes well beyond allegationses of conspiracy, so if the president himself who's created this very muddled message, and the issue i believe for us in
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the what message is putin hearing? is he hearing message we heard from coats and ray and others in the press conference in the white house? or hearing the message of the president of the united states and i fear that the message that the kremlin cares most about is what they hear from donald trump and that is still one of denial and cover for the russians >> is the dnc better prepared for these november races tan they were in 2016? >> i'm sure the dnc is better prepared. and i would imagine the rnc is better prepared and the states are better prepared but there's still a great deal more work to do and i think the states still don't have the resources they need. sadly we did have a vote in congress on additional funding for the states and that was voter down by the gop. but yes, they certainly have taken steps and i will say this, one thing that encourages me, the administration was finally having inner agency tax task
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force meetings every week to make our government agencies are talking to each other, but the fact that we had to learn about russian efforts to hack campaign, >> you're talking microsoft, i also want to ask you about what special counsel disclosed in the feel, he mentioned that there were congressional candidates, at least one of them, who is requesting help from goosefer, who has been linked to the russian meddling effort. do you have any idea who that is or currently in congress >> i can only talk about the public reporting and certainly there was a lot of public reporting about russian hacking involving florida candidates for congress, and florida incumbent.
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and of course, this is great concern in terms of the med terms, not only have to they had the trip two years ago, we tried to get the republican campaign committee to agree that if a foreign power intervened as they did in 2016 that we would reject it neither party would exploit it, we weren't able to get the agreement from the gop in 2016, we really need to develop that kind of national consensus, both parties have to agree not to exploit it and i believe one of the chief impediments is the president of the united states. >> brennan: you have been traveling, and getting more than three and a half million so far, when you were speaking across the country do you talk about the russian probe and do you advise those running for office to be speaking about it publicly? >> i don't advise people running
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for office or around the country to focus on the russian investigation, i urge them to focus on what they're going to do to put bread on the table, the constituents have healthcare. i have questions about it. and the overarching points i try to make is what the russians did was not in isolation, the russians yes they intervened had a preferred candidate but they were interfering in europe and elsewhere a long time. and it's part of a global attack on the very idea of liberal democracy. and comes with a time where we see a real rise of auto crats and american needs to be the champions. this is much bigger than the last election or the next election, there was a real risk to the very idea of liberal democracy right now in the world. . >> brennan: does it give you pause when you hear allegations that this is viewed as a witchhunt? when you are campaigning, and fund-raising, does it give you
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pause to speak about this probe risk of giving fodder to that argument >> i certainly think feel publicly responsibility as i had on television as well as when i do if private to try to inform the public about what russian is doing, the risk it poses to our democracy, but also, margaret, i frankly talk a lot more about the risk to our democracy from this administration in a lot of what you talked about with kellyanne conaway, we're seeing the most comprehensive attack on the freedom of the press in memory. the justice department to denigrate the judiciary, i talk a lot more on the campaign trail about the threat to our democracy from within than anything that the russians are capable of doing. >> brennan: thank you for joining us, we'll be back in a moment with former secretary of
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education under president obama arne duncan, get his take what's working and what's not working when it comes to america's schools. democrat
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democrat. >> brennan: back with arne duncan the author of a new book, how schools work coming out this week. >> thanks for having me. . >> brennan: it was interesting reading this you find out more oh about personally as welly i don't think anyone few you played professional basketball. it's not so much about how school work but really an indictment of how there's notic this book about the education system and you say the education system runs on lies. what do you mean by that >> that's a to couple. we say we value education. but we never vote on education. never hold politicians accountable localing state or
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national level to getting better results higher graduationing more people graduating from college. we say we value teachers but we don't pay teacherses support them, mentor them way they need to incredibly important tough complex work. maybe the toughest is that we say we value kids and raise a generation of young people teens who have been raised on mass shootings and gun violence and that simply doesn't happen in other nations. i don't look at what people say, i look at actions and policies i look at their budgets. and our values don't reflect that we care about education, teacher or that we truly care about keeping our children safe and free of fear. >> brennan: do you feel you made a dent >> we had successes and failures but on the success side we put more than a billion in high quality early childhood educationings which is the bestd more than 300,000 teacher's jobs around the country when the
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economy was in tough stop. we put 40 billion dollars into grant to make college more affordable. things we're very proud of but this is not a mission accomplishment moment, i feel a huge censor of urgency we have to get better faster, as a nation, we're not top ten if anything. >> brennan: i want to ask you before we go further about where we are now to ask you about your own performance because the department of education had a report looking at school improvement grants. programs you helped oversee and funneled, you said a byron i think it's 7 billion in the whole program. the report i want to read you found overall across all grade implementing any school improvement grants funded model had no significant impact on math or reading test scores, high school graduation or college inappropriate. >> vesting in our lowest
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performing schools, i don't want to leave any kid behind and say they can't make it. as a nation, we had more than 2000 drop-outses two years back now less than 800. >> brennan: sounds like a fail grade from the department of education >> they will get better faster it was a short period of time, our high school graduation rate are a all-time high. there's many things that go into that, we got a long, long way to go and see high school graduation rates all-time high and many fewer students going to drop out factories those are things we feel good about. . >> brennan: i'll talk to you more on other side of thek but we have to take one, we'll talk more about your new book, how schools work, we'll be back with more of our conversation in a moment.
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gunsho . . >> brennan: next sunday marks i resulted in a death in charlottesville.
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on ""face the nation" we'll take a special look at the state of race relation also in a divided america with virginia senator tim kane and the more of charlottesville among other guests, we hope you'll join us then and we'll be back in a moment. nic
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nick nikuyah walker .
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. >> brennan: right back with a lot more ""face the nation" and our discussion about schools. former secretary of education arne duncan and our political panel. stay with us. landler, reid, sanchez, seung
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