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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 14, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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superior court judge quentin kopp. he alleges donald trump, jr. is taking the american people for a ride waving taxpayer money by traveling to india on -- wasting taxpayer money by traveling to india on business bringing secret service with him. >> they're tricksters in my book doing it under the guise of meeting on an issue of the state. >> it dominated the news cycle when donald trump, jr. traveled to india to meet with dignitaries and promote the trump hotel brand. that's when kopp filed a freedom of information request hoping to learn how much money was spent to protect donald trump, jr. >> he seems he has a good argument on getting the information. >> kpix5 political reporter melissa caen who is a lawyer says kopp is likely to get
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those numbers, but connecting it to wasted taxpayer money may prove challenging. >> the truth is donald trump, jr. is entitled to that detail and it's not clear that that secret service protection is what contributed to business success in india. >> reporter: the children of all sitting presidents are entitled to secret service detail, but in the past they've been children. kopp argues donald trump, jr. is using this as a loophole that's proving lucrative for the trump brand. >> even though children of a president are entitled to secret service protection, junior is not a child. >> judge kopp said this is likely the first of many lawsuits. next he plans to ask the trump family to pay taxpayers back for public money used on this and other international trips. >> thanks, susie. new at 6:00 a bay area man gets a surprise phone call from the director of the dmv. she tells him his new license
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is on its way. kpix5's maria medina so the intervention from the top to expedite one man's real id driver's license. maria? >> reporter: well, roy mize has been driving without a driver's license for months and had no idea the dmv had made a mistake. so he e-mailed the agency and got a call right away from the director. >> i was really surprised. >> reporter: roy mize hoped for a response but never expected it would come from the head of dmv. >> two hours later i had a phone call from the director of the dmv. >> reporter: jean shiamoto was on the end of the line after reading roy's e-mail. for the first time in more than 15 years he was turned away, his driver's license expired and surprisingly the new real id that everyone must have to fly by 2020 was no good to nasa. >> he said they couldn't accept that and said they have been
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directed not to accept real ids without a suppntcation. >> reporter: the thing is roy did apply for a new real id driver's license and the dmv did send him a real id, but it was just an id, not a driver's license. roy thinks the mistake probably happened because dmv workers were still learning how to process the new federally required ids. >> nobody was really sure what real id was back in january. >> reporter: at dmv? >> at the dmv and as a citizen. >> reporter: in fact, the dmv is blaming unreasonable wait times at its offices on the new id applications. last week the director asked for $26 million on top of millions that had already gone to hire more staff. four days later she was on the phone with roy personally admitting to him they'd made a mistake and would correct it as soon as possible. >> this morning about 10:00 i got a special delivery of a temporary driver's license. >> reporter: and to help expedite those long lines at
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dmv offices, the dmv is in process of hiring hundreds of workers. they've also expanded their saturday hours and they're opening some offices earlier during the week. >> i just can't imagine the director of the dmv regularly picks up the phone and calls customers. so is the call because of all the complaints, the long wait times? >> reporter: yeah. so we asked for an on camera interview. she said she was too busy, but she did say sometimes she gets e-mails from customers and she'll forward them to other dmv workers, but occasionally she will pick up the phone and e-mail customers directly. so don't be surprised if you get a call from the director if you complain. >> at least she wasn't too busy for roy. it's a familiar sight for bay area drivers, long lines of cars stuck in gridlock, but a bay area mayor said the traffic problems are exaggerated. kiet do is in palo alto with the backlash and the apology. >> reporter: yes. the mayor says this comes with
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the territory of being a mayor. people are very quick to jump on you and point out your mistakes. she said palo alto is the kind of community where they can get through something and learn from it at the same time. it's been years and pam has still not solved -- palo alto has still not solved its traffic problem. getting off and on the freeway during commute hours is a major headache, so many citizens were puzzled when during a city council meeting july 30th the mayor said this and people in the room started to scoff. >> i think some of our reports of traffic are really exaggerated, the same with -- please. we've listened so politely to you. listen to us in return. >> reporter: the mayor went on suggesting people look for different ways to get to their destination. >> but i think if you're willing to try alternate routes, not go your normal route, i think you'll find that the traffic is not as overwhelming as you might think. >> reporter: do you wish you could take back those words on july 30th?
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do you regret saying them? >> i think whenever you have said something that becomes such a hot button, you wish you had said it differently. >> reporter: in the following two weeks the mayor received dozens of e-mails and phone calls, some calling for her resignation, others calling her woefully ignorant. yesterday she apologized. >> i made an apology. i said i certainly misunderstood how incredibly impacted the traffic was in certain parts of town. so i made it and i stand by it. >> reporter: apology accepted? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because anyone can make a mistake. >> reporter: john gizlan is a member of the crescent park neighborhood association and sees some of the worst traffic by right by his home on middle neil road. he said after downplaying the -- middlefield road. he said after downplaying the traffic and then saying sorry, the expectations are high. do you think it's water under the bridge? >> yes and no. i think people expect her to step up now and work on real
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solutions. >> reporter: so the mayor says this whole incident has reenergized the debate on traffic. so she is holding a community meeting october 22nd at city hall at 7 p.m. focused specifically just on traffic. live in palo alto, kiet do, kpix5. at the state capitol today a coalition of utility and labor organizations tried to convince lawmakers and the public utilities need protection from wildfire liability. >> what we're dealing with here in the state of california, if a tree falls in the forest and hits a power line through no fault of anyone's, the utilities are now the insurers of all their loss. >> pg&e could be on the hook for nearly $10 billion in losses from the wine country wildfires. a cal fire investigation in june blamed the utilities' equipment failures for sparking dozens of those fires in napa and sonoma counties in october. the largest wildfire in state history claimed the life of a utah firefighter. the mendocino complex is made
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up of the river and ranch fires. combined they've consumed more than 460 square miles. today authorities identified the fallen firefighter as battalion chief matthew burchett. the 42-year-old from draper, utah, came to northern california to battle an active area of the ranch fire in lake county. that's where we find kpix5's emily turner. emily? >> reporter: you can see part of the fire that claimed this most recent life on the ridge behind me. it makes this year in california one of the most deadly for firefighters in the last 10 years. as you can see, there are still miles of fire line yet unchecked. it is the largest fire in state history and the fight to contain it drags now into the third itt, dry and windy. the weather isn't the only struggle for firefighters. >> this firefight has been a challenge since day one. it seemed like every day it kept getting harder and harder and kept growing and growing. one of the big components of
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this is we've had people that have been here for a considerable amount of time. >> reporter: now in addition to fatigue, firefighters in the mendocino complex fires are mourning. yesterday battalion chief matt burchett from utah died when a tree fell on him. >> he trained and kept safe hundreds of wildland firefighters. he got firefighters out of situations that were quite grave. he was amazingly skilled. >> reporter: but the terrain along the fire front is treacherous, steep and heavily wooded and took the fifth life of a firefighter on the lines of a california blaze so far this year. firefighters struggled just to get access to some areas not to mention get ahead of the flames. >> with this type of erratic fire behavior that we're seeing, it really has been quite challenging. >> reporter: a challenge that's familiar to lake county. more than half the county has
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burned since 2012. that trend will continue, the biggest of the fires making up the mendocino complex only 68% contained. tonight mandatory evacuations remain in place for many and the fight against the flames continues. >> these men are american heroes. they go out. they literally stand in the fire to help other people. i don't know how you get better than that. >> reporter: what you can't see behind me hidden behind those trees on that hill back there, all of the men and women who are there trying to make these containment lines, trying to drive the fire down there towards the river, trying to get even just one more person to containment because that at this point is a victory. live in lake county, emily turner, kpix5. in shasta county firefighters from menlo park are helping capable the carr fi the crews from e broke out fou ago. it's burned about 320 square miles and is 65% contained. this evening yosemite
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valley is back open after being closed nearly three weeks. the park shut down to visitors on july 25th because of the ferguson fire nearby. officials say tourists can still expect to see some of that smoke. the fire has burned more than 150 square miles. it is 86% contained. accused of smuggling thousands of secrets to china and ordered on pay tens of millions of dollars in damages, how a silicon valley engineer is fighting back. >> maybe it's a sign of the times, why this piece of peninsula history is coming down for good. >> i thought the food was pretty on point. >> the dishes and history earning this oakland restaurant a top spot on bon appetit's top 10 list.
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stole company secrets... and took them to china. chen worked a former silicon valley engineer plans to appeal a verdict that he stole company secrets and took them to china. ganji chen worked at l.e.d. in san jose from 2005 to 2015. the company makes l.e.d. lighting for cars, cell phones and other display products. lumi l.e.d.s claims when chen left, he took their technology to his new employer in china. a jury agreed and awarded chen's former employer $66
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million. his lawyer says the technology was not proprietary and they will appeal. other bay area headlines, in san jose these two men face an additional murder charge. police jimmy trong lu and his roommate madison wong shot lu's parents in may. the motive? investigators say lu hoped to collect his inheritance. his father died at the scene. his mother recently lost her life. in oakland police say one of their vehicles was stolen around 1:45 this morning near 74th and garfield. it was found 11 minutes later 3 miles away near tompkins and vail avenues. no one was inside. no arrest has been made yet. we've just learned the name of the oakland police officer critically injured in a car crash. 22-year-old jordan windgate graduated from the police academy in may of 2017. he's also the son of a department lieutenant. windgate was injured after crashing into a car and then slamming into a semi while answering a call at the port of oakland early yesterday.
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firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get him out of his patrol car. no one else was hurt. a mother making an annual plea to find her son's killer, paulette brown returned to grove and baker streets where her teenage son died 12 years ago today. aubrey abrakasa was headed to work at the rec center when someone shot him 20 times. brown hopes putting a face to this statistic will spark some leads for police. >> maybe these crimes will stop if the perpetrators see their victims that they've murdered. they're still walking the street living their life like nothing ever happened and we're still in pain and in trauma. >> there's a $250,000 reward for information about aubrey's murder. new at 6:00 a piece of history is being erased from the landscape. for decades the ampex sign has been a landmark along highway 101 in redwood city, kpix5's len raz on will tak place. reporter: thampesi
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redwood city is old, faded and literally making its last stand. its block letters were placed into storage and the whole steel structure will soon be taken down to make room for a new satellite campus for stanford. >> it should be definitely saved because it's part of history. >> reporter: james gabbert once worked at ampex before he went on to start bay area radio and tv stations. >> it was so much a part of my history in broadcasting and i think basically the world. it changed video for the world. >> my voice has actually been -- >> reporter: ampex was founded in 1944. the company produced the first audiotape recorders enabling musical programs to be recorded in high fidelity and played back later. in the 1950s it pioneered videotape that changed the way people watched tv programming, news and sports. >> when they come up with the videotape recorder, it was a major revolution and then in sports for the first time
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instant replay. >> reporter: it was the way tv news was recorded for decades. in the 1990s videotape slowly gave way to digital. here at channel 5 archival footage is still stored on thousands of video tapes. the sign has been here for decades. it once marked the headquarters for ampex which was located right here. the company has since moved to hayward, but its proximity to 101 the bayshore made it one of silicon valley's first highly visible hi-tech landmarks. >> ampex stood for alexander amponiotoff, the founder. >> reporter: the sign had been protected in several land deals over the year, but it was deemed nonhistorical. stanford said it tried to find a home for it among local historical groups, so far no takers. in redwood city, len ramirez, kpix5. >> i think i still have some old radio air check on reel to reel ampex tapes, shows how old
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i am. kids in college are saying hey, what's that? they used to put audio and video on a physical thing that's not stored in the computer. it was the coldest day of the summer today in the bay area. >> i like it. >> i have not heard one person complain yet at least online. we're looking at temperatures today which were not that warm. 78 doesn't sound cold but by far the coolest afternoon so far this summer in concord, morgan hill 86, 73 for san rafael today, 72 in san jose, fremont not hitting 70 and san francisco 63, 73 the official high in livermore this afternoon, coolest day since before summer began june 9th, 66 days ago. still some thunderstorms bubbling up in and around lake tahoe, more toward reno and carson city than anything else bypassing the lake, but there's some activity if you are heading up toward the sierra and the air quality up there continues to be a mess. our ridge of high pressure which kept us warm is temporarily off to the east
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allowing these two area of low pressures to sit off the coastline. low clouds and fog are returning overnight tonight and it's in the process of beginning. overnight lows in the 50s, fremont 57, napa 54, san francisco 56. we stay on the cooler side of average for about two more days. tomorrow's highs a lot of 70s, fremont 73, mountain view 74, vallejo 75, san jose 78, back to the 80s concord, livermore, fairfield, 82 napa, 80 santa rosa. then we warm up again and this cool weather is a distant memory by friday where the mid- 90s return inland, 70s near the bay. if you want to cool off for two months straight we have not been warmer than 65 at the beach. that will continue through the weekend. back to you. >> paul, thanks. police say she got behind the wheel and led them on a 90- mile an hour chase, how the hot pursuit for a stolen ambulance came to an end. >> coming up in sports we have
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an update on two injuries as the giants get set for game two versus the dodgers. >> and while almost everything is going right for the a's on the field players are speaking out about the lack of attendance in the stands. we'll be right back.
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they've won 16 or their last 19 home games. the oakland a's have the fourth best record in baseball. they've won 16 of their last 19 home games and with the combination of grounded veterans and young stars the green and gold have been a team to watch, but the a's are still struggling to pack the stands. last night's win increased oakland's lead to 2 1/2 games over seattle in the wildcard race and pulled the a's to within two games of houston in the a.l. west and that monday game with huge playoff implications only drew a crowd of 10,400 to the coliseum. with games this week against the mariners and astros this
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weekend, matt chapman made a plea for more fans to show up and watch the team that has been playing some pretty amazing baseball. >> i just want to use this time also to just encourage people in oakland to come out, man. all the fans and support we could get, we really appreciate it. tonight we're fighting till the very end against the mariners and i just wish we could get some more people out here, man. we're fun to watch and we really want our fans to come out and support us. it would be great. >> even the winning pitcher from last night sean manaea tweeted after the win, "oakland, we can't do this without you. come and watch the kids play. you won't regret it." to the giants brandon belt has been activated coming back from a knee injury. meanwhile it looks like brandon crawford will avoid the dl. bochy hopes to have him available as a pinch hitter tonight against the dodgers if he passes the concussion protocol test. khalil mack is still
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holding out, but the raiders get a very familiar face back to the offensive line. veteran donald penn is back to the team returning to practice today the first time since injuring his foot last december, but with first round pick colton miller now lining up at left tackle oakland is trying penn out on the right side, something he says is going to take a little getting used to. >> one time i was standing by khalil in the huddle and said my bad, over here, little things like that and one time i had to switch real fast. i've been doing it for so long. it's tough. i don't know if it's going to be permanent or not, but like i told you earlier, we got a good thing going here. i want to help us win. i'm not playing too much longer. i just want to win. fresh off his first nba championship and guaranteed contract for next season, quinn cook decided to splurge on his biggest fan this past weekend at his maryland home. cook surprised his mom janet with a brand-new car and i mentioned it earlier, but he
6:26 pm
lost his about 10s ago. so it's really been special for him and his mom to have that relationship. >> you know she appreciated it no matter what the car was, but it was a nice car. >> it doesn't matter what the gift was i think. he's a good guy. coming up in our next half hour highway disaster in italy, a bridge collapses, cars plunge hundreds of feet to the ground below, the dramatic rescues. >> a crazed crying low life and a dog, the president rips a former aide on twitter. the white house is reacting to the outburst. >> police say a woman takes a wild joyride in a stolen ambulance, the chase caught on camera.
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you're watching kpix5 news. genoa... a port city in northwestern italy screams of oh, god in italian as a highway bridge collapses, the disaster happened today in genoa, a port ty northwestern during a storm around midday local time sending dozens of vehicles onto an industrial area below of 26 people are confirmed dead and more than a dozen are hurt. reporter tina kraus says rescue
6:30 pm
crews are still combing through the tangle of steel and concrete. >> reporter: at least 11 people have been pulled alive from the wreckage of the mirror ran did i morandi bridge according to -- morandi bridge. 35 vehicles plummeted 250 feet below. now hundreds of rescue workers with sniffer dogs are searching through the ruins looking for survivors and recovering victims. cell phone video captured the tail end of the collapse which took place during a sudden and powerful storm. from the air you can see several cars and trucks that were able to stop short before hurtling over the edge. this man says he was standing underneath the bridge when it started to come down. he says shock waves sent him
6:31 pm
flying into a wall. he doesn't remember much else. he walked away with minor injuries. traffic on the bridge may have been heavier than normal due to a summer holiday when most italians head to the beaches or mountains. the highway is a major connector between italy and france. engineers are now checking the structural integrity of the parts of the bridge still standing and have evacuated people who live and work below. tina kraus, cbs news. >> now that bridge was built with reinforced concrete back in the 1960s. tonight a civil engineering society in italy is calling for a new plan to replace bridges that have outlived their working life span. police in great britain are calling a crash near the country's parliament a suspected act of terror. [ sirens ] >> ambulances and armed police arrived within minutes today during london's morning rush hour. they arrested a 29-year-old man who they believe acted alone.
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three people were hurt, but are expected to survive. security footage captured the incident. a car plowed into cyclists, then jumped a median into oncoming traffic and slammed into a security barrier at parliament. this was the latest of several attacks in london. in march, 2017 a man mowed down pedestrians on the westminster bridge killing four and stabbed a police officer to death on the parliament grounds. months later a van hit walkers on the london bridge. three men jumped out and started stabbing people killing eight. police say the man under arrest is not cooperating with investigators. they say since today's crash appeared to be a deliberate act at a national landmark, they suspect terror was the motive. former trump aide omarosa manigault newman's new book unhinged hits shelves today, but as reporter nicole killian tells us, she's coming under fire for secretly taping conversations between her and
6:33 pm
her colleagues. >> reporter: president trump is fighting back against allegations of racism made by former white house advisor omarosa manigault newman. in her new book unhinged omarosa writes there at trump campaign was aware of the existence of a tape where mr. trump allegedly used the n word while taping the apprentice. >> there's a lot of corruption that went on both in the campaign and in the white house and i'm going to blow the whistle on all of it. >> reporter: in a recording obtained by cbs news from october, 2016 omarosa discusses the alleged tape with lynn patton, an assistant to eric trump and former trump campaign spokeswoman katrina pierson. >> he goes how do you think i should handle it and i told him exactly what you just said, omarosa, which is well, it depends on what scenario you're talking about and he said well, why don't you just go ahead and put it to bed. he said it. he's embarrassed. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah sanders denied the allegations and criticized
6:34 pm
the secret taping of private conversations. >> this has absolutely nothing to do with race and everything to do with the president calling out someone's lack of integrity. >> reporter: the trump campaign filed an arbitration action claiming omarosa broke her 2016 confidentiality agreement. >> i think that the best play for omarosa would have been to take credit for a lot of the great things that donald trump has done for this country including for african americans. >> reporter: in a series of tweets tuesday the president referred to his former aide as a crazed crying low life and a dog. >> is this any way for a president to talk about any american, let alone somebody that he hired and made the highest ranking african american woman to serve in his white house? >> i think the president is certainly voicing his frustration with the fact that this person has shown a complete lack of integrity. >> reporter: nicole killian, cbs news, the white house. >> congresswoman jackie speier
6:35 pm
took to twitter to criticize the president saying, "it is nothing less than disgusting that potus called omarosa a dog. she's been a confidante 15 years and learned all she knows from him. he has sullied the office, congress must admonish him." a woman is under arrest after police say she stole an ambulance and went on a joyride. here's how investigators say she was able to pull it off. >> reporter: a woman in handcuffs on the freeway, the ambulance she's accused of stealing wrecked. stockton police say 34-year-old natasha scott stole it from this tightly secured stockton hospital. witnesses say it took her seconds to jump in for a 10 minute joyride. it was after 6:00 monday evening. paramedics were off helping their patient. when they returned, their ambulance was gone. first responders say it happens cars and trucks. nces, police there are almost monthly report of thieves driving off in emergency vehicles, but ems
6:36 pm
experts say no single agency tracks how many are stolen nationwide. so is there an industrywide standard to prevent such thefts? the simple answer is no, but the reason is much more difficult. >> the last thing you want to do is create regulation or policy that is so limiting that your personnel can't use that good judgment as necessary. >> reporter: rick jones is an ems ambulance -- is with ems ambulance and says strict policies aren't always the answer. >> an absolute prohibition of you shall never leave your ambulance with your keys in it or never leave it running for any amount of seconds could actually haveproblems on the other side that are not anticipated. >> reporter: he says it's up to individual companies to determine whether the keys should be left in or out of an ambulance. in this case norcal ambulance officials say with stockton's relentless heat on blast paramedics left the keys in the
6:37 pm
ignition to keep the air running and the ambulance cool enough for patients. safety over security? it's a judgment call. joyride or not. fortunately no one was hurt in the crash and paramedics say the suspect didn't get a chance to make it back here to the back of the ambulance to take any drugs. in stockton tonight, lemor abrams, kpix5. bay area students fight for fashion justice, how they fought their school's dress code and won. >> he dove off the tower bridge to save lives and died in the process. decades later this unnamed heroes remains are identified, the emotional reunion with family. oh!
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or if you are allergic to ozempic®. stop taking ozempic® and get medical help right away if you get a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, itching, rash, or trouble breathing. serious side effects may happen, including pancreatitis. tell your doctor if you have diabetic retinopathy or vision changes. taking ozempic® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase the risk for low blood sugar. common side effects are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and constipation. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may worsen kidney problems. i discovered the potential with ozempic®. ♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ (vo) ask your healthcare provider if ozempic® is right for you. there will be fewer dress code restrictions. k-p-i-x 5 reporter juliette goodrich tells u with the new school year here students in alameda find there will be fewer dress code restrictions. >> kpix5 reporter juliette goodrich tells us how some student fought for fashion justice and won. >> reporter: come monday abby rose will be able to wear her
6:40 pm
favorite ripped jeans on the first day of school and won't be sent home. you basically were tired of getting called in for your outfits. >> yeah. they used to pull me out of class, too, which that's not okay. >> reporter: but she found her voice with a group of other students who spent two years trying to get the school dress code revised. what was that like speaking before the district? >> it was crazy, but it was a real eye opening experience. >> reporter: and the district listened. >> a number of other school districts across the country are making similar changes to their dress code policy. it's a movement that's sweeping across the country now. >> reporter: alameda unified middle and high school students are now allowed to wear hats indoors, sports of any length, spaghetti strap tank tops and yes, ripped jeans. >> if you want jeans that are not ripped, it's like really expensive. >> reporter: but students are not allowed to wear clothing displaying violence, pornographic images, illegal activity or have visible underwear, bathing suits and certain headgear.
6:41 pm
>> i'm just going to wear cargo shorts, maybe some jeans sometimes. >> reporter: daniel kin na is all set for the first day of middle school, but i reminded him you can't have clothing that displays violence, pornographic images or illegal activity. are you aware of that? >> yeah. i don't think you should be wearing a shirt that says i love drugs or anything ke that. >> it's good that we honor that diversity in dress, but i also think you have to have boundaries. >> reporter: the district says it's proud of its persistent students, but they also make it very clear -- >> there is still a dress code. students still have to wear a top, bottom and shoes. >> reporter: many students say they know about this new dress code that's been revised and they like the change. in alameda, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> students are still expected to dress appropriately when going to school. we'll see how that works.
6:42 pm
how is bay area teen is earning national honors. >> noodle assume, pork chops, the dishes and history earning this okay -- noodle soup, pork chops, t and history earning this restaurant -- chops, the history earning this restaurant a name.
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with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours. monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott
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makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest. this clip from the department of water resources alternates... from the scene in late july of 2017 new video provides before and after views of the oroville dam's main spillway. this video alternates from the scene in late july, 2017 to a year later and the giant rebuilding project is expected to be finished by november 1st. the spillway failed during heavy rains in early 2017 and that contributed to an emergency triggering a major evacuation. a custom $100,000 cello stolen from a hotel room in san diego has been found. john waltz of pasadena brought
6:46 pm
his cello to participate in a festival. he had gone to dinner and when he returned, his cello was gone. he said a man found it friday under a bush and took it home. >> when he got it home, his mother immediately said oh, that cello has been on the news. i literally just burst into tears when i saw it. >> the cello was in perfect condition. so far no arrests have been made. she's the only girl on her little league team and the 13- year-old from petaluma is headed to williamsport, pennsylvania, the home of little league baseball. caylee diaz randall will be awarded the 2018 good sport of the year in a game that is, of course, dominated by boys. her coach said he nominated caylee because of her love for the game. she even showed up to games when she had a broken arm. caylee says she can't wait to fly out east. >> i'm really excited, but i'm really nervous. i think it's going to be like
6:47 pm
-- i think it's going to be really cool. >> she's kind of shy. this season alone she's hit 10 home runs, 10 singles and two doubles. a decades old mystery solved after dna evidence linked an iowa woman to a man who gave his life trying to save people who dove off a sacramento bridge. reporter kelly ryan spoke to his daughter. >> reporter: christine said her search for her father ended here on the tower bridge. coming here was emotional. she spent the last year trying to find her father who left iowa when she was 3 years old. she always wondered where he could be. a few weeks ago she found those answers. the yolo county coroner's office recently identified the remains of a 1987 john doe as james ray miller of iowa. the previously unidentified man had jumped into the sacramento in an attempt to rescue people who drove off the bridge. an intoxicated bridge operator raised the span without turning on the warning lights. two people in the truck
6:48 pm
drowned. according to the yolo county sheriff's office a few days later, another body was recovered, a john doe, but after a birth certificate mix- up an alleged con man who took the ashes identifying john doe was complicated. last year she began searching missing persons and came up with a photo she thought resembled her dad. she submitted dna and it was a match. with the help from the yolo county coroner's office, she was able to claim her father's ashes today in a box with a plaque describing him as a hero. >> it's a good feeling. i'm really happy that they think that way of him. he really left a good impression and that's the dad that i wish everybody could have seen. >> reporter: her only regret is that her grandmother, her father's mother, died two weeks before the dna evidence pointed to her father as the bridge hero. not much oround thwater today, but lothe hi was a chilly change up to 15 degrees cooler than average
6:49 pm
inland today because the ocean breeze stretched into your backyard. san jose 69 degrees currently. that is brisk for this time of year. livermore only 69 degrees, concord and santa rosa in the mid-70s and san francisco 62. so it's going to be chilly for the a's game tonight. who cares? it's playofflike baseball. get out and support the a's, first pitch in a few minutes. you might be late if you leave now, but that's okay, breezy and cool, 61 degrees as they try to fend off the mariners for a wildcard spot, oakland 57, livermore 57, redwood city 58. air quality moderate today, a little better tomorrow, good to moderate. you need the unhealthy category for a spare the air day. there's still lots of smoke out there, but it will be elevated. low pressure area is off to our west. the ridge of high pressure is to the east. this pattern will hold about two more days. with the ridge gone and a feed from the ocean that stronger and lower pressure allowing the
6:50 pm
marine layer to be thicker, inland highs will not even be average until friday, but when it warms up, it will warm up quickly and we'll be back into the 90s, but tomorrow wednesday, lots of cloud cover out past fairfield, south into morgan hill and east to livermore and concord also socked in with clouds. we'll get sunshine in the afternoon. that's a sign the onshore flow is pretty robust. we'll hit bottom today but stay cooler than average. next couple days. so widespread fog, low cloud cover tonight, a little warmer tomorrow, but the big jump in temperature comes friday. san jose 4 degrees below average, 78 degrees tomorrow, sunnyvale 77, only 76 in milpitas and chilly at the beach, pacifica 60 degrees, danville 80, pittsburg 85, pleasanton 82, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine for mill valley and san rafael, highs in the 70s, richmond upper 60s, santa rosa 80 degrees,
6:51 pm
clearlake tomorrow 91 degrees. warmer thursday. friday we're back to the low to mid-90s inland, still chilly near the water and the weekend mid- to upper 90s inland with highs returning to 70s near the bay. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. when we come back, celebrating cambodian cuisine, the dishes at this east bay eatery making it one of america's top 10 restaurants. get to the ross shoe event and get the shoes you want...for way less. oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends...
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all for a whole lot less... the ross shoe event. yes for less. best new restaurants. you have plans for dinner? i'm not asking you out? a bay area restaurant is in the top five is one of america's 10 best new restaurants. >> i'm hungry. kpix5 reporter mary lee takes us there. >> not so many people know too much about cambodia or its history. so that's why i wanted to introduce people to the food i grew up eating, the food i fell in love with and still fall in love with. >> reporter: she is proud of her culture and loves sharing her cambodian cuisine with her customers here in oakland's fruitvale. >> once you eat it there's a handful of people that say it's unlike anything they've had. they can't pinpoint what it is. maybe it's the ferment the fish paste we use in a lot of our
6:55 pm
cookings that make it stand apart. >> reporter: her family's story is one of survival to now living the american dream. >> my parents escaped the genocide in cambodia and we settled in refugee camp for maybe about seven years until we were able to call stockton home. >> reporter: she opened up her cambodian restaurant a few months ago, but it's already getting a lot of attention. it just made bon appetit's 2018 hot list for the best new restaurants in the country coming in at no. 5 on the list. bon appetit editors were on cbs this morning talking about knight's restaurant. >> when she was in her 20s, she went back to cambodia where her parents fled from the genocide of the '70s and tasted the food there and was like oh, this is what i grew up eating. i need to cook this food in a restaurant, then came back and opened her spot and now it's on our list of the best restaurants of america. >> when i heard the news about making it to the top 10, i'm overwhelmed, filled with
6:56 pm
gratitude and joy and love and just feeling the support from the community. >> reporter: are you a big foodie and what did you think? >> i would say i'm a foodie, but it's not like i've got a doctorate in food. >> reporter: he has his own food instagram page, rgs munchies and is trying the food here for the first time. >> i thought the food was pretty on point. someone told me on instagram to check this out since i'm coming to oakland today. >> the food is amazing. it's great it's a woman-owned business. >> reporter: in oakland, mary lee, kpix5. >> that looks so good! >> i'll have what he's having. the line will get a lot longer. for news throughout the evening, the latest always, >> join us for nightbeat on kbcw 44 cable 12 and right back here at 11:00. >> have a good night!
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