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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 17, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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trying to get now at 11:00, a bay area uber driver behind bars, accused of sexually abusing a woman trying to get home, please say it was an easy down. i am elizabeth cook, mi and ken bastida. -- >> i am ken bastida.
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sexually assaulting a woman in san mateo, maria medina spoke to union city police, who say their suspect was a legitimate uber employee, but was off duty when he targeted his victim.>> a pretty brazen crime. >> reporter: this man, kevin barillas-saballas, kidnapped and threatened and sexually assaulted a woman last month, but finding him would take detectives weeks. >> he is a uber driver, but at the time, he was not working. >> reporter: they were drinking in san francisco beey ordered an uber. he wasn't working, but he was driving around with his uber sign displayed.>> she was picked up by the suspect in sepsis go, brought home to union city, where the sexual assault occurred.>> reporter: stephen mendez says that because he wasn't working, they
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had very few leads to figure out his identity. >> we got an arrest warrant, and he was subsequently arrested in south san francisco.>> reporter: isn't the only agency warning rideshare customers to be vigilant. police released a sketch of this man who posed as a rideshare driver, took a woman to an area then sexually assaulted her on tuesday. >> i get angry that occurs, my wife and i, my family, my daughter uses uber a lot. >> reporter: they take this extremely seriously, with detectives working around the clock until they tracked on the suspect. they hope to get justice. >> they are doing the right thing, they're trying to get home, they are not trying to go out and cause problems, then you have suspects who perpetrate sexual crimes against the victims.>> reporter: uber released a statement, saying that what police described as disturbing, we took immediate action and remove the driver
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from the app as soon as we learned about this incident and will work with can -- continue to work with police. we want the community to take a look a that's take a good look at the suspect because they want to know if there any other victims. the defendants in the ghost ship warehouse fire are due back tomorrow without the possibility of a plea deal, they are facing trial on 36 counts of piece of involuntary manslaughter. after the da, nancy o'malley, wrote a letter to the judge saying she was taking all offers off the table. she wrote, the grief of the families, the pain and shock of the community, is as strong and deep today as it was in december 2016, these lives were lost at the hands of the two defendants. judge james kramer rejected a joint plea-bargain, saying that they failed to express sufficient remorse. attorneys for both men seek to change of venue, they say they
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will get a fair trial, because they publicly admitted guilt under the earlier deal. all evacuation orders have been lifted since a fire erupted, a tree burst into flames there, just beyond the back fence of a house. and what appeared to be the homeowner taking aim at the flames with a garden hose. for a while, they were threatening about a dozen homes on the western edge of town, the winds were light fortunately, allowing for a full-scale air attack on the area. >> no wind is definitely a benefit, fire doesn't do good with when, especially when it is warmer, low relative humidity. we were able to get a quick, get into those areas. >> it burned about 13 acres, no word on how it got started. more about the science behind the deadly flames that killed a reading firefighter at the carr
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fire, 37-year-old jeremy stope died late last month, when the fast-moving flames swept over him and seconds. it turned out to be the most intense tornado ever recorded in california. >> the actual vortexes right here. the whole column, the region is rotating. >> reporter: an incredible sight, even for fire researchers like craig clement, who have seen fire tornadoes before.>> you can see the winds right here, the circulation is here.>> reporter: this clearly shows the carr fire flames moving in opposite directions, forming a vortex, the base of the tornado was 1000 feet, the size of three football fields, with winds 165, some of the worst in california history. p temperatures of 2700 degrees. the aftermath captured by kpix
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5 cameras. >> this is not the first time, and not the last? >> the fire tornado is a meteorological phenomenon >> reporter: he says the fires may not be caused by climate change, but it may be creating more fuel, creating worse conditions. but technology is improving, and might be able to save lives, detecting fire tornadoes in the earliest stages. >> you can't predict it, but you could monitor fires with remote sensing technology.>> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. the man arrested in a crash that killed a chp officer and another driver is on bail, 36-year-old sean walker of rockland, was speeding and distracted by his cell phone, he faces 2 counts of vehicular manslaughter, set to be arraigned last month. the officer had pulled over
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jamie manwell on interstate 80 in fairfield, when walker allegedly slammed into both of them. a chp officer in oakland took us on a ride along where we got to see firsthand the kind of's -- kind of unsafe behavior they frequently phase. we saw van crossing over five lanes of traffic. a couple of other drivers were using their cell phones.>> a lot of times, when we have a traffic collision, a common causes someone looking at their cell phone, looking down, not seeing traffic coming to a stop in front of them. >> it is especially dangerous for them conducting traffic stops. a memorial service at a procession for the officer is planned for tomorrow, it begins at 11 am at the father's house church in vacaville. aretha franklin starr at the hollywood walk of fame is filled with flowers as fans paid their respects to the
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undisputed queen of soul. >> [ singing ] respect, what it means to me.>> she passed away at the age of 76, in a career spanning more than six decades, 18 grammies, sold more than 75 million albums, and named the greatest singer of all time by rolling stone magazine. she saying for the pope and three presidents, president trump offered his condolences from the white house. >> she has brought joy to millions of lives, her extraordinary legacy will thrive and inspire many generations to come. >> in 2015, she brought president obama to tears during the kenny's desk the kennedy center honors, he tweeted, aretha defined the american experience, and her voices we
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could feel our history, our power and pain, darkness and light, our quest for redemption and our hard-won respect. made the queen of soul rest in eternal peace. fellow singer barbara streisand shared this picture, saying it was difficult to conceive a world without her. john legend said she was the greatest vocalist he ever knew. and willie mays said i've known aretha since my early days new york. we used to joke around. she was something. i just want to say to her family that i truly admired her as a senior and as a woman, i am sorry we have lost her. goodbye my friend. we spoke with a bay area producer who had a privilege of calling the legendary singer a colleague and a friend. >> reporter: hanging inside said refills studios, some of his greatest treasures, the
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gold records he produced with the queen of soul, aretha franklin.>> [ singing ] baby here i am, by the railroad tracks.>> reporter: meeting her in 1984, she sing his lyrics, based off one conversation with her. >> i knew she was brilliant, but i didn't know she was that great.>> reporter: he worked with her on freeway of love, playing drums for her final performance in december at the elton john aids benefit. he says her ability to capture an audience was unparalleled. >> the feeling of love come to life. she would go to the piano and sing bridge over troubled water, very touching. and then she wanted to dance on freeway of love, she had it all going on, i was really impressed to play with her live. >> reporter: the indelible mark corn of maaness bay area e t
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was home to a honda dealership, in 1971, it was the fillmore west, playing host to one of her most memorable performances. in the bill graham venue, she had ray charles, pulling him out of the crowd and onto stage. for a 9 minute rendition of spirit in the dark, a show rolling stone magazine called one of the 50 greatest concerts in the past 50 years. the list can't contain the queen. >> there is no chart to judge her, you can't judge the universe, there is no way to fathom what she has been given. >> reporter: he says aretha would want people to be dancing and singing. in her honor. >> we love her, we keep her wis,g heaven, the body dies, her
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emotion, and her ability to make us feel good is ever with me.>> reporter: kpix 5. dozens of bikers swarm a bay area roadway, pulling extreme stunts, a family, the middle describes their frightening encounter. taking your life in your hands just to get to the beach, the new solutions proposed for this treacherous bay area crossing. a sneak peek at a one-of-a- kind exhibit opening in the bay area, the art gallery the nature of a virus is to change. move. mutate.
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two recent robberies. the first at a cvr last month. when the clerk won't hand over the cash.. the suspect grabs the register.. smashes it to the floor, and then takes the money and runs. he is also wanted for another robbery at a tlittle caesar's pizza. the he takes the money, and takes off. he is also wanted for another robbery, at a little caesars pizza. the luck has run out. a alleged ring of lottery thieves, up and down the peninsula, busted a trio of suspects they say were stealing scratchers tickets from closed convenience stores early in the morning. investigators say they then drove to san jose and san francisco to catch the winning -- cash the winning tickets. josi soda mayor wanted on
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burglary and conspiracy charges. taking over a san jose roadway, motorcyclists popped wheelies and not in their window. the video of their frightening encounter.>> i was hoping that nothing was going to happen that was bad. >> reporter: for janet smith and her husband, it wasn't a typical drive. >> a motorcycle past is, there it goes. and another one. and another one. my husband said there were between 30 and 50.>> reporter: they seemed to swarm around everywhere doing dunson wheelies, and knocked on her husband's window. -- doing wheelies. >> you are in our way, slow down, he said i was your first. i don't know where else to go. to the right and left them behind us.>> reporter: she recorded the cell phone video, fearing that someone was going to get hurt.>> it was scary for
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a couple of old people. >> reporter: they are usually more interested in showing off to their friends and youtube followers, the dangers they pose are usually to themselves. their antics can trigger emotions in other drivers, such as road rage. four years ago, bikers surrounded a road -- a suv, the bikers chased the driver took them out and beat him, that flashed through her mind. >> you just don't know. >> what should people do in that situation? >> call 911. >> reporter: reports of similar biker incidents have been on erd never speed or bi or callout -- they should callout the license plates. >> it is better to do that while you are contacting us.>> reporter: stunt riding is dangerous and illegal, they can
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get a few of them, which can lead to other arrests. the chp says that you can get a reckless driving ticket for popping wheelies, or riding a motorcycle without your hands. making a dangerous stretch of highway one safer for beachgoers, a dirt parking lot across the highway to get to the cove, between pacifica and montero, a birds eye view of the crossing, you can see the people running across highway one, like a real-life game of frog or, this family with small kids, they were lucky to have cars stopped for them as they came around the curb. >> you can't see the cars from that we are that way. they are going so fast. they sneak up on you. you can't see which way.>> a half road by half road, go across the street halfway, and look again can't do it again.>> san mateo county transportation
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authority once to at a traffic light that would be activated by pedestrians, but there is a petition to stop it, some say pedestrian underpass is a safer solution. they start -- they hope to start the construction of the light next year. elon musk is talking about the most difficult and painful year of his career. he told the new york times that friends are worried about his health, as he works 120 hours per week and uses ambien, after he announced he plans to take tesla private and has funding secured. he said the tweet was an attempt at transparency. referring to a potential investment by saudi arabia's government that is not a done deal. tesla is looking for a second- in-command to take the pressure off the ceo, but there is no active search to the best of his knowledge. tech giant adobe is
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planning a new tower, filing plans to build a 18 story office tower, it would have a bridge, connected to its current headquarters. 3000 adobe employees could work in the new tower. the project has already been approved. a first of its kind art gallery in the bay area, a celebration of the creativity of black women, beginning with the founder and carrying through the artwork. a sneak peek. >> reporter: tucked away through the main thorough what -- thoroughfare, a place where condos are displacing culture, a new art gallery unlike any other. in the bay area or the country. >> a great celebration. >> reporter: name for the owner ring -- owner and curator, it is by and for black women, believed to be the only one of its kind. >> it is particularly good to
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hold the space in the district, to have a space that exclusively and unapologetically celebrates the stories and lives in creative force of black women and women of the african diaspora. >> reporter: we took a sneak peek at the first exhibit, riot babies, born amid the uprisings and unrest of late 60s detroit, her hometown. >> there is a particular kind of personality that sprung from that.>> reporter: more than 50 years later, the work of the riot babies and their children on these walls, an in tibbett fueled by politics and pride, and, she says, unexpected reflections of black joy. >> so much of it is portraiture, this adoration and love, that is being put onto the canvas. that these women are having this love affair. >> with the passing of aretha franklin, what does it mean for
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us? >> reporter: coinciding with news of the death of aretha franklin, another detroit artist, that they carry with them. >> this is actually righteous glee, that says, you know what, we black women, we are particularly brilliant. particularly creative. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. almost at the weekend, friday, the weekend, but we can look forward to it?>> why not? temperatures rising tomorrow, and into the weekend, friday evening, let's celebrate. tgif, moderate air-quality tomorrow, an increase in the haze of the bay area, no spare the air alert, but close. san francisco is foggy, evidenced by the tower cam, santa rosa 55, livermore 63, concorde 66. mountain view 57, fairfield 58,
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nohe low 50in those will become 40s, saying hello to september over the next couple of weeks. the high pressure ridge is like we would expect, over western arizona, and southern california, the same spot it was for about a month, we could go to about five weeks ago, expect the same whether. hot inland, 30 or 40 degrees cooler near the water, the onshore flow, right on the coast, we will see that return, and then continue into next week. low clouds and fog near the water, with warming will continue, most of it inland, air-quality worst, hazy sunshine, tomorrow and through the weekend. concorde back up to 93, but san francisco is staying in the midst xts. san jose 2 degrees above average, sunnyvale, san mateo, 78, half moon bay, 61.
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antioch 93, pleasant hill 94, and the beach in marin county, 60s, inland, san rafael, 84, oakland 73, cloverdale, well into the 90s. the extended forecast, saturday, every day of the next several, highs in the 80s, low 90s, at a minimum, closer near the bay, highs in the 60s and 70s, and the mid to upper 50s, for highs at the beach. tgif is tomorrow, more news in a minute. while other burger places serve the same old stuff, i'm the only one that has the bowls
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the school is footing the bill -- for the a wild one, medical students at nyu are getting their careers off to a healthy start. >> the school is footing the bill for their education. the school says the offer is meant to attract aspiring physicians who might otherwise
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he scared away by the prospect of six-figure student loans, not a totally free ride, medical students will need to come up with the cash for room and board, about $30,000 per year. a throwback thursday, you have to see to believe. the numbers, 1185, -- 11 and 85, and
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worst of i rek rodriguez.
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the fallout from the fight keeps falling, the dodgers, giant brawl, the guy got the worst of it, was giants pitcher rodriguez, apparently suffered a grade 1 strain of his right hamstring, and has been placed on the 10 day disabled list, at no point in this video does he appear to favor his right leg, at this critical juncture of the season, not good news. and puig was suspended two games. the u.s. amateur, pebble beach, a great local story, south san francisco's player, ranked number 73, a junior at stanford, competing in his first u.s. amateur, advancing to the quarterfinals with a birdie on the 18th hole, he never led until the final hole, that's the only one that counts. 49er defense coordinator,
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when the 49ers take on the texas, -- texans, he pursued his dream of becoming a football coach. >> after the houston texans, five dollars per hour, i thought i hit the bonanza, jack pot. the equivalent of $25,000 a year, that's with the pace was, and i thought i was the richest kid in the world. i had a job i loved, making whatever money i was making, i coul't have been wbursdig shingt. throwing to tight end vernon davis, one of the best quarterback and tight end combinations in san francisco, together again in washington, alex was 4 for
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