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tv   KPIX 5 News at 430AM  CBS  August 20, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning this august 20th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. back to work for you r a long vacation. >> it was, and i savored every moment of it. >> i stalked your facebook feed a little bit. it's going to be a cool morning and we are in the middle of a cooling trend. right now 63 degrees in concord, oakland 59, 56 livermore, and 49 degrees for santa rosa. the temperatures will begin to climb and we'll tell you how warm we're going to get coming up in a few minutes. jaclyn? we have a car fire along 680 southbound right now, right as you're approaching westbound 237. so you could see lightsnd fire definitely a visual distraction. no backup just yet. we'll keep an eye on that and
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let you know how it's looking. bay bridge toll plaza, definitely seeing the backup this monday morning. back to reality here, 11 minutes after you're past the pay gates into san francisco. back to you. shocking video this morning showing reckless drivers doing donuts on the bay bridge. joe vazquez tells us it was just one of several dangerous displays across the bay area. >> reporter: the show started at 10:45 a.m. these souped up cars took up all the westbound bay bridge to drive in circles. one eventually crashed.
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>> that driver was arrested for reckless driving and excessive speed. >> reporter: sometimes multiple cars performed stunts side by side, sometimes daredevils dangling out of the car doors. you can see the marks burned into the pavement here at 106th and macarthur. witnesses say more than 20 cars were involved here. police broke this one up as well. proponents of the side shows say they are just having fun on a sunday. what do you say to that? >> it's a bit selfish. you know, while you may be having fun, you're endangering thousands of other people just trying to get to ey're going. we have seen the crashes and seen bystanders killed, struck from vehicl.
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you never know what can happen. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix. >> one car was impounded and one driver was cited for not having a license. new video of a sacramento police officer slamming into a teenager with his patrol car. video shows the officer accelerating when he makes a hard turn, hitting the 16-year- old. sacramento police say the officer lost control of his car while trying to turn and stop at the same time. the reported speed was 27 miles an hour. the incident happened last month and video shows the aftermath as sacramento police form a riot line while angry crowds gathered, saying it was excessive force. >> if somebody isn't doing what they want them to do, then they attellthe family says the teena
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suffered a broken back and hired an attorney. >> the department acknowledges this was bad police work. >> the police chief of sacramento released this statement, saying they will make sure the training and officers' adherence to that training is as solid as can be. happening today, a fundraiser for the family of fallen chp officer kirk grist, killed this month when a pickup truck struck him during a traffic stop. investigators say the pickup truck driver, 36-year-old sean walker, was using his cell phone at the time. today dutch brothers coffee will donate $1 from every drink sold to the officer's family. >> when this happened, it hit close to home.
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he was a customer at our custthe opportunity to lso givg contribute to the family. the man who won a settlement against monsanto will tell his story to cbs this morning. a jury awarded lee johnson $289 million after the former school grounds keeper argued the key chemical in the weed killer roundup contributed to his terminal cancer. the lawsuit was never about the money, he says. >> makes you really understand that i have a responsibility now to not just sit on this, to really be a part of the whole struggle and the whole situation that's going on out there. no matter what, we have people thinking already about what am i eating, drinking, what am i doing. hopefully the conversation will
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continue and people become smarter. gives you that extra push, like you can't just die for nothing. >> the company plans to appeal the verdict. you can see that entire interview ahead on cbs this morning following our broadcast at 7:00 a.m. 4:36 right now. let's check the weather, kind of a warm one this weekend. >> it was but we are dipping back down. we have monday-style weather. it's foggy out there, some patchy fog and some drizzle out there. still in the 40s in the north bay, 49 in santa rosa, 53 in pacifica, 58 in san josi and fairfield, concord 63 degrees right now. visibility is what we'll look at for the roadways. looking good at sfo, about 5 and a half miles half moon bay, issues in livermore as well
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with 5 miles there. mostly in the north bay, it's mostly smoke in santa rosa coming down from the mendocino complex. petaluma gap, only about 4 mileg this morning, maybe a little drizzle. highs today, 80s in the north bay, high 80s inland. we'll hit 80s in the south bay but the coolest we'll see is pacifica with 59 degrees. thanks, emily. we are tracking a slow start for drivers making their way through tracy this morning. take a look at westbound 205, 32 minutes westbound from i-5 heading over towards 580. so if you know someone who
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travels this stretch or you do, give yourself extra time there. it will be a slow ride. and we have slowdowns on 580, sluggish heading through the altamont pass. things clear up by the time you get into livermore, 26 minutes between 205 and 680. this is a car fire, southbound 680 at olivers are boulevard. back to you. in san bernardino, the family of a man detained by ice has hired an attorney. the gas station security camera shows a pregnant woman moments after agents picked up her husband for residing in the country illegally. she drove herself to the hospital after the incident and then ice issued a statement saying they picked up joel lara because he's wanted on homicide charges in mexico. the family's attorney says ice got the wrong e's never even ha
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ticket, she inheld pending a removal order. president trump unleashing more tweets slamming the press and russia investigation, after word that a white house legal expert volunteered to be interviewed by the special counsel. >> reporter: president trump appeared defensive, insisting he allowed the white house counsel to be interviewed by the special counsel because quote, i have nothing to hide. he calls the russia probe disgusting and robert mueller conflicted. >> they are down to desperation time. they have to write a report and they don't have a single bit of evidence. >> reporter: the president's lawyer rudy giuliani is still negotiating terms of an interview between the president and special counsel. >> i'm not have him
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rushed. >> reporter: he fears the president's be used against him. >> who do you think mueller is going to select? one of his best friends, comey, or the president? >> reporter: president's dismissal of comey led to the probe. >> if it means going to court, i will do that. >> reporter: brennan is exploring legal options because he believes the president's intent is to silence critics. >> it was a clear signal to others, if you cross him or speak out against him, he'll use whatever tools he might have to punish you. >> reporter: james clapper is among more than 70 intel officials backing brennan. >> the common denominator in
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all this is concern about the jeopardy or threats to our institutions and values. >> reporter: clapper's clearance could soon trump. on sunday, senator rand paul suggested brennan's security clearance be revoked, and the president agreed. the proposed five year pilot program... allows a new kind of conservatorship. it's for homeless people who are unable to take care of themselves. it would allow the county to place the proposed five-year program allows homeless people unable to take care of themselves to be placed in housing with treatment, even if they don't want to go. the bill is sponsored by senator scott weiner. >> conserve tourships take away civil liberties. >> there are people who are
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a heroic rescue.... after a man and woman's truck plunges into the ocean in long beach. good samaritans jumped into the any video captures a rescue after a truck plunges into the ocean in long beach. good samaritans jumped into the water before first responders arrived. they pulled the man, woman and couple's dog from the windows. luckily everyone is okay. investigators are trying to find out how the truck got there in the first place. mystery in the east bay. authorities have found an unfull of ashes left behind at
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a hayward intersection. >> reporter: they were found near main street just outside downtown hayward. so far investigators have not been able to figure out who they belong to. >> those are the remains of whoever that person was, father, daughter,. >> reporter: but the department is determined to go the extra mile, relying on the power of social media to get the message out. >> this day and age the way the police are being judged by the community, it's kind of hard for them. i can imagine who they go through each day. going to extra too mile to try and solve this for somebody,
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it's great for the community. an air quality advisor is being extended through tuesday across the bay area. today marks our ninth spare the air alert of the year, as wind continues to blow wildfire smoke our way. that combined with hot temperatures is a perfect recipe for unhealthy air. >> knock down the outdoor activities, sports, lawn nowing in the late afternoon hours, things like that. >> officials are encouraging people to use public transportation or car pool on their way to work. we already have issues this morning with visibility thanks to the mendocino complex fires
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out there. right now 59 degrees in oakland, santa rosa 59 degrees, and san francisco 56 degrees. this low pressure system is what we have to thank for the cooler temperatures. the high pressure system is what made things nice and warm, and that's now out of the way. this is taking its place here, bringing with it a stronger onshore flow. we'll have cooler weather the next couple days. air quality forecast, it's not technically a spare the air day. this is thanks to the mendocino complex smoke getting into the east and north bay. we have hazy sunshine inland, fog lingering around the coast and bay, clearing out for most of us by the afternoon hours. highs will be at or below average, meaning we are not
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much warmer than the 80s. cooler temperatures tomorrow, and coolest day on tuesday before they start to rebound on the backside of that. baseball fans, a's first pitch is 7:05, 63 degrees and cool and cloudy and breezy, so bring that jacket. highs today, 58 for half moon bay, 74 mountain view, 66 in hayward. these are the warmest we'll see around the bay area. right around the bay, a mix of 60s and 70s, 66 berkeley and warmer the farther north you go, 80 for santa rosa. overall for the day, top temperatures include 96 ukiah and this is all where they are fighting the fires too. looking at the seven-day forecast, warmer today, but cooler than yesterday and
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tomorrow we bottom out in the low 80s inland. still staying in the high 50s along the coast, pretty much all weak around the bay. temperatures rebound by the second half of the week, and it's a nice sunny rest of the afternoon. sounds good. if you're heading out in the north bay, 101 you could see cones with caltrans overnight road work in place. right now we are seeing that between 128 and old redwood highway. at least one lane is closed till about 7:00 a.m. in the southbound direction. seeing a few slowdowns around 33 miles an hour. we'll take it further south, 101 near wilford, traffic doing just fine in both directions, no delays and lots of open space out there. definitely an easy commute for the start of your monday morning. live lock at the golden gate bridge, few cars heading into
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san francisco. no delays to report, no problems and all lanes are nd-se definitely getting a little busy this monday ride, but overall still in good shape, moving right at the limit. back to you. thank you. a motel legend is reflecting back on her memories of aretha franklin. betty yu asked her what it was like to grow up with the queen of soul. >> reporter: legend mary looks like of the supremes has been entertaining fans since the 1960s. before she hit the stage in san francisco, one of her oldest friends, aretha franklin, wasn't far from her mind. >> now people know how important a is and how it touches so many people. you know, aretha would tell tou
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lot of people. it's sad to see someone like that go, but she's left such a legacy. >> reporter: franklin died thursday at the age of 76 after a long battle with cancer. wilson and franklin grew up together before they were stars. >> our family went to her father's church when i was young. the first group i was in was with her younger sister in the fifth grade. >> reporter: wilson says she's been getting calls from people around the world about the passing of the queen of soul. >> when god gave out soul, he definitely put aretha franklin as the queen. >> reporter: wilson is lending her voice to the help is on the way gala, benefiting hiv services and meals on wheels.
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they also help struggling young people. >> youth, because i'm a grandma. i have ten grandchildren. yeah, ten grandchildren, three of my own and one adopted. >> reporter: she hopes to leave a lasting impression. >> i love what i do. aretha loved what she did. when we're up on stage, we're in heaven. if that inspires someone else to do what you feel inside, you need to do that. >> reporter: she last saw aretha franklin last year and knew the queen of soul was sick at the time, but she says she still sang her heart out. betty yu, kpix. coming up, what elon musk is saying to critics about
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open letter from the founder of the take a look at i-80 at carlson, in the yellow, 20 minutes hercules to the maze. look at the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, in the yellow heading into san francisco. michelle? elon musk is responding to a letter from the huffington post urging him to change his
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workaholic lifestyle. at 2:30 a.m. yesterday, the ceo tweeted that ford and tesla were the only american companies to avoid bankruptcy. the letter asked him to be more aligned with the science around how humans are more effective. last week he admitted to working up to 120 hours a week. a new exhibit showcases one of hollywood's biggest icons, and the buzz is building for the 2018 video music awards in your eye on entertainment. >> reporter: cardi b will open in new york tonight with ten nominations including video, song and artist of the year. scarlett johansson is the new
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queen of hollywood, the highest paid s with $40.5 million in earnings, bumping emma stone from the a new exhibit features marilyn monroe's signature costumes from her films, photographs and scripts with handwritten notes featured in the essentially marilyn exhibit in l.a. it's free to the public and runs through september. that's your eye on entertainment. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> reporter: it's back to school for a lot of kids in san francisco, but the city may be doing them a disservice by not helping them get to school on time. and the new evacuation orders for communities near the mendocino complex wildfires. well well well, what have we here?
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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a former bay area school groundskeeper dying of cancer opens up it's an extra push, like you can't just die for nothing. >> a former bay area school grounds keeper dying of cancer opening up about the landmark case against monsanto. and flames rage on, forcing new evacuation orders in northern california. and the potential muni delays as many head back to the classroom. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's begin with a peek outside, taking a look at some of the traffic in oakland, not looking too bad. most of the cameras are fogged in. it is places we could even see
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little drizzle. currently 61 in concord, san josi 55, finally in


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