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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 24, 2018 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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morning commute. plus, an emergency landing at sfo: we hearing from passengers onboard the flight this morning. and hu s bearing on a crash shuts down roads in richmond it may impact your commute. >> an emergency landing from sfo. we're hearing from passengers on the flight. >> and hurricane lane is bearing down on hawaii. we're tracking the storm. good morning, it is friday,
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august 24th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's check weather and traffic. again, it's foggy but at least it's friday. >> foggy friday. yes, it will be a smoky afternoon. keep that in mind. go outside now. this is a better time healthier for the lungs. oklahoma at 59. concord 61 degrees. and this afternoon, temperatures will stay a little below average so that's good news. it won't be hot and hazy. it will be comfortable and hazy as far as temperatures are concerned. coating the bay area with cloud coverage this morning and visibility is dropping in some spots. it's lower today than yesterday down to 3 miles at cot. the roads could be damp because of the low-lying cloud coverage. overall we have an onshore breeze again and that's going
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to keep our afternoon highs below average. we are looking at 5 to 10 degrees below normal for today. calm conditions in the north bay right now. about 9 miles per hour wind in berkeley at sfo and downtown san francisco. jaclyn. >> damp roads also some slow roads. we have westbound 4 seeing delays now due to this accident. we are tracking it westbound. it's blocking one lane. it's near san marco boulevard. the backup is beyond railroad. the drive time showing delays 31 minutes out of antioch to 680. along 4 to the eastshore freeway you will be on the brakes as you make your way through richmond. we have an accident that has shut down richmond parkway at san pablo avenue. and that's tying traffic up on the surface streets and 80. seeing a lot of commuters this
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morning. continue on i-80 and then take hilltop over to richmond parkway and connect with 580. but give yourself some extra time. it's going to be busy. we'll see commuters, as well. at the bay bridge toll plaza in the yellow, metering lights on, 16 minutes from the maze into san francisco. back to you guys. developing now, an intersection in contra costa county is closed after a fatal accident. emily turner reports from richmond. >> reporter: at the richmond parkway and san pablo avenue evidence that jaclyn was just talking about, it is a real mess. it is shut down now. it will likely be shut down through the morning commute. you can see why. a car chase came to a deadly end when the car ran into and got wedged under the semi. investigators are on scene.
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one suspect is in custody, another one is dead. the car chase began in contra costa county just after midnight last night. now, officials have not yet said what started it. but they are currently investigating. speeds broke about 100 miles an hour and when the pursuit came here to the intersection, the suspects basically drove into and under the semi. the truck didn't stop immediately and dragged the car out of the intersection and right now again one suspect is dead, another in custody. now, back out here live, i can tell you that a tow truck just pulled up so hopefully they will be in the process of clearing the scene. it will be hours yet before this intersection is back open. behind me you can see how backed up traffic is. so as jaclyn said, avoid this intersection at all costs if you can help it because it is certainly going to impact your morning commute. reporting live from richmond, emily turner, kpix 5. a united airlines flight leaving for the bay area for singapore is forced to turn around and make an emergency
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landing at sfo this morning. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at sfo with reaction from passengers. >> reporter: right as this plane was taking off last night, it hit a flock of birds and there was some damage to the plane. they had to return here to sfo. here's a look at the short flight path that this united airlines flight took after this strike circling the coast, dumping fuel and then heading back to sfo where it landed safely at about 1:30 this morning taxiing to the gate on its own after a roughly one hour and 20-minute flight. the passengers were let out and rescheduled on flights leaving later today. and most of the passengers seemed calm. >> to be perfectly honest, it wasn't the mood on the -- the mood on the flight was not of an emergency flight. so it was handled pretty well. but yeah, apparently it was an emergency landing.
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so. >> reporter: no injuries rethe passengers or the crew. united had staffers here checking out the plane for damage because these birds hit both the nose of the plane and the windows as well asthe wings. so they are making sure that this plane is going to be safe to fly. live at sfo, anne makevoc, kpix 5. we are following breaking news out of southern california. this is a live look near hawthorne where a tanker is on fire. this is on the 105 freeway. we are told at least two tankers are involved. only one is on fire. and at this time, emergency crews are on the scene. it's not yet clear if there are any injuries. but this is expected to cause a major traffic backup this morning. right now, hurricane lane is getting close to the hawaiian islands. kpix 5's neda iranpour is tracking the storm and its path. >> right now, it is a category 3 hurricane so definitely noticing very strong wind gusts still at this hourn't t a
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after the weekd. right to 15 miper ur and moving slowly. so you rastbright, brhtth's the occurring across those islands right now and oahu, maui, honolulu, all dealing with it. the big island definitely saw a lot of rain. it's going to be downgraded. the eye could still make land fall by later this afternoon or early tomorrow morning. but then it's going to make a sharp turn towardshere why. the overall wind stream direction, you can see that here. it's mainly coming in from the east to the west. and that's going to help push that hurricane away from the islands. unfortunately, still going to the north a little bit. look at all of that moisture. this is heavy rain. they have already seen well over 30 inches on the big island. as laura podesta reports, residents and tourists are bracing themselves for the impact of hurricane lane. reporter: as hurricane lane churned toward hawaii a state of emergency was declared across the state.
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on the big island nearly two feet of rain had fallen in just 24 hours. and the slow-moving storm was still far offshore. rivers and lakes were inundated and overflowed. one resident hoped this would be the worst of it. >> i have seen it get pretty raging before. i don't feel like, um --i still feel like we're going to be blessed and, like, we're going to be okay. >> reporter: but as lane approached the island, authorities said the coming deluge had the potential to be catastrophic. >> they are extremely concerned about the potentials for inland flooding, landslides occurring and damage to the transportation communications infrastructure. >> reporter: once a category 5 monster, it's already been downgraded and is expected to further weaken in the days to come although it will still pack hurricane strength winds. it's also not expected to strike the island directly. unlike people on the mainland, most hawaiians have no choice but to stay where they are and ride it out. laura podesta,cbs news, new york. airlines are cancerling
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flights as conditions deteriorate. united won't be flying in or out of maui or honolulu today. other airlines are expected to do the same. all major carriers are also waiving rebooking fees for hawaii-bound flights. and you can see stay with kpix 5 for updates as hurricane lane hits the islands and track the storm on our website, happening today, state lawmakers will be asking some tough questions to verizon about why it slowed down data speed for bay area firefighters during an emergency. santa clara county fire chief tony boden said his crews finding the mendocino complex fires had their internet speeds slowed down. the carrier suggested that it upgrade to more expensive data plans when alerted to it. verizon called it a customer support mistake. santa clara county fire and todaassemblycommittehearing. sp hooa
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five months after the deadly confrontation. 32-year-old joshua was killed by four officers back in march after they found him sleeping in an alley. someone called 911 because they thought needed medical help. arriving officers saw was unconscious but also had a gun. according to police, something happened that convinced officers he posed an immediate threat so they opened fire killing him. his friends spoke out at an oakland police commission meeting last night. >> just think about that. that someone called to get help for someone who needed it and it resulted in his death. >> oakland police said they are not ready to release any more details, body cam video or any other evidence because the case is still open. attorney general jeff sessions' time on the job could be limited if a recent interview by president trump is any indication. now he is firing back against the president's attacks on twittered. in a statement, sessions said: his words come in response to an interview president trump gave
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this week where he said sessions quote "never took co partment. his words come in response to an interview president trump gave this week on fox news where he said sessions, quote, never took control of the justice department. some republican lawmakers believe that sessions won't be on the job much longer. >> after the election, i think there will be some serious discussions about a new attorney general. >> other lawmakers worry that if sessions goes, that could pave the way for a domino effect of firings undermining the credibility of the justice department. time now 6:12. a homeless man is stabbed and his attacker is on the loose. who police are looking for this morning. >> and we're talking about a gray kind of day. it's going to start off cloudy and then a bit hazy. i'll have your full forecast and it's almost the weekend! coming up. >> yes, we like friday. "friday light" conditions, not so much. we are starting to see delays building on some of our bay area roads and an intersection remains shut down. i'll have the details coming up. if i never get off this island, tell my family i love...
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saving people money on car insurance. bart police are looking for a man who may be linked to a stabbing in fremont- let's check traffic and our look at mass transit. >> well, right now, we have bart running on time. we have about 45 trains in service. smart train is running 20 minutes behind due to some maintenance. so do anticipate delays if you are heading through the north bay. and just a reminder, bart will be -- will not be running trains between west oakland and 19th street stations this weekend. saturday and sunday, no train service between those stations. ac transit will be providing bus service though for free. but this will add a good 10 or 15 minutes on to your trip.
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it's busy. drive times are still in the green. an earlier crash and they cleared the road but a backup well beyond railroad heading into anzo westbound 4 is already seeing big delays for the friday morning commute. 23 minutes towards 680. richmond parkway is shut down. more on that in the next traffic report. neda has the forecast. all right. "salesforce tower" camera, oh, it's socked in. yeah, look at that. clouds sitting right there at the very top. and at least you can see some
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of the lights across downtown san francisco. yesterday was so much clearer. we had higher elevation clouds but today not so much. look at this. it's sitting right there at the very top of the camera. this would be from the transamerica pyramid looking towards "salesforce tower." and it's gray. starting off with a gray day but this afternoon will be ending with gray conditions because of smoke. 59 in oakland. right now is your chance. it may be uncomfortable for folks. sunset tonight at 7:50 p.m. so this is the marine layer that we're watching right now. it burned off yesterday. all the smoke coming in from the mendocino complex fire, fires burning in the pacific northwest and canada, that's what's impacting us so once the clouds burn off, we'll still notice that visibility will be low. our eyes may burn a bit.
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here's a look now at visibility three miles in half moon bay. 5 at petaluma. six in santa rosa. our quality current conditions unhealthy for all groups. unhealthy for sensitive groups for kids and seniors. we have a another "spare the air" day moderate to unhealthy this afternoon. we have an onshore breeze but west wind usually cleans our air up but what we notice is the fires that are burning up in canada. yesterday west wind pushed smoke over the bay area. so that's what we'll get again. smoke over the ocean so temperatures will be cool and it will be more uncomfortable for you.
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74 in palo alto. 72 in mountain view. fremont 71. looking at the east bay temperatures upper 70s low 80s right around the bay in the 60s tomorrow slight warmup and sunday a different cooldown so there's a trough to the north that will dip through. look what happens next week. instead of the 80s for the hottest inland locations, you will be until the 70s. bart police are looking for a man who may be linked to a stabbing in fremont. the agency released surveillance images of a person of interest. a homeless man was stabbed around 2 a.m. yesterday outside the warm springs station. the victim is expected to survive. the raiders and 9ers made surprising cuts yesterday. who got one-way tickets out of town? we'll tell you. and the a's had a run thrown out at home last night.
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no place like home. unfortunately, trevor cahill doesn't have the ruby slippers. the a's pitcher has an earned run average of 0.85 at the coliseum and 7.11 on the road. that's tony 80 years old looking more like 60 and he can relate to that man! khris davis home run major league-leading 39th. a's with the early lead. cahill though struggled again on the road. garver falls into the gap. twins took the lead. 6-4 the final. oakland falls 1.5 behind the idle astros in the west. did jacob degrom have what it takes to beat the giants? there's your answer. madison bumgarner ripped one down the left field line. slater scores. 2-0 giants. here's the thing about bumgarner at citi field. he has a 0.99 e.r.a. in new york. giants win 3-1 and if you live in fantasyland, they are still 9 games out. wthe erdrobi meu?t
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the 2017 second round pick played in only five games in his rookie season. and lions. now, harold along with colin kaepernick and eric reid were the first players to kneel for the national anthem. all three are now gone. now, harold is the only one with a job. reid is unemployed. and, of course, colin kaepernick still looking for a job. that is the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. i'll see you tomorrow, kickoff at 1:30 on "the big 5", colts and 49ers. have a great weekend. reporter ad libs r of words: an emergency landing at sfo this morning. hear from passengers on board that flight. >> and we have just learned
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it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. hurricane lane is bearing down on hawaii... we're tracking the storm this morning president trump is facing off it his attorney general jeff sessions. >> hurricane lane is bearing down on hawaii this morning. we're tracking the storm. >> good morning, it is friday, august 24th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:29. we are going to get a look at this weather here and then also what's going on in hawaii. >> we're tracking hurricane lane category 3. we have gray conditions to start off this friday and this afternoon it will be gray. here's a live look at the
6:30 am
cliff house camera towards ocean beach. this is where all the morning marine layer comes from, of course, from the coastline and it's being pushed really far inland this morning. very similar to yesterday's conditions. so we are starting off cloudy then hazy skies to end our day. so it's going to be another smoky one out there. cooler than average temperatures though. at least that heat and haze that combination definitely makes for uncomfortable conditions. we won't have that today. satellite-radar showing we do have that very extensive cloud coverage all across northern california. you see how it got pushed beyond san francisco and fairfield and into the central valley today. and, yes, it's hovering over the coast. the coast may not get a break from the clouds at all. an onshore breeze will keep us cool this afternoon. west winds at sfo at 5. 8 in downtown san francisco. breezier in fairfield and through the delta. that's a current look at your conditions. back to you. in contra costa county a fatal accident shut down a major intersection. kpix 5's emily turner joins us
6:31 am
live from richmond to whatup tos eporter: yeaichelle. is oroughfarerich avenue. it's shut down now likely to be shut down through the entirety of the morning commute. and i'm going to move out of the way so you can see why. clearly, intense investigation going on right there. we just learned that the accident is the result of a car chase that started in rodeo when suspects, two suspects in that black car, threw a gun out of the car. deputies saw it, tried to pull them over. that's when the suspects fled. the suspects refused to stop instead leading deputies on a car chase. they came to the deadly end that you saw when the car ran into an essentially wedged under the semi. the investigators are on scene. we have learned one suspect is in custody amazingly able to walk away. another suspect is dead. we're told that the suspect who is in custody told officers he ducked and that's why he survived. speeds broke 100 miles an
6:32 am
hour. they drove under the semi after running a red light. the truck didn't stop immediately dragging the car out of the intersection. again, one suspect dead, another one amazingly able to walk away. use 580 to connect with the richmond/san rafael bridge. starting to see those delays building. so anyone who is traveling or trying to get over there, you will not be able to use richmond parkway this morning or at least that stretch. so continue on i-80 and then you can exit at hilltop and then you can take hilltop right over to richmond parkway and then get back over to 580. give yourself some extra time at there was definitely a backup on the surface streets. speeds under 10 miles per hour a lot of folks just turning around and heading back over
6:33 am
to i-80. that's going to starting to see some slowdowns as you head out of hercules down into richmond. it's right around 47 miles an hour. so a little sluggish. no friday like conditions there. it's not causing delays for folks into san francisco this morning. a united airlines flight heading to singapore turned around and made an emergency landing at sfo a few hours ago. kpix 5's anne makovec reports from the airport. passengers are getting ready to board some new flights later. >> reporter: that jet packed aroundidnight here from sfo. and they had to turn around and come back with all these people but they should be
6:34 am
going to singapore. here's a flight path the united airlines flight took after that bird strike circling the coast dumping fuel and heading back to sfo so it landed safely at around 1:30 this morning. 1 hour and 20 minutes. the passengers were let out of the plane and rescheduled on flights leaving this morning. >> apparently a flock of births hit the nose of the plane. they mentioned the engines could be involved one or both. >> reporter: no injuries reported from either the passengers nor the flight crew. united staffers came and checked out the plane right when it got back. they haven't given us word yet
6:35 am
on exactly how much damage was done. anne makovec, kpix 5. today hurricane lane is going to move close to or over parts of hawaii's other main islands. and for more on the powerful storm, let's check in with neda. >> we are tracking it closely. it's already done a lot of damage caused a lot of flooding across hawaii. it's about 155 miles southwest of kailua kona. and this is what's going to happen. it's going to start to downgrade as it gets closer to the island. you see that cone of concern there. it does place it possibly on some of the islands there where maui is, a category 1 this afternoon or tomorrow morning. so of course we are going to watch this very closely. look at the spaghetti plots. some of it has the storm moving over oahu and some have
6:36 am
it moving south of the hawaiian islands which we hope for. widespread damage is occurring because it's such a massive storm. the heavy wind and rain have caused problems already. mudslides and flooding a continued possibility. so far 31 inches of rain on the big island at some of the weather stations there and wind gusts at 67 miles per hour. because of hurricane lane, all hawaiian islands are now under a state of emergency. the storm has already caused power outages and flooding and landslides. up to 20 inches of rain fell on parts of the big island in just a 24-hour period. and more rain continues to fall. >> hurricane lane is still a dangerous and powerful storm. and so we are asking all of our residents statewide to pay attention. listen to the updates and the forecast. >> landing slides blocked some roads. hawaii and other airlines canceled flights to and from
6:37 am
hawaii. >> united airlines won't be flying in or out of maui or honolulu today. united added two flights from honolulu to the san francisco airport yesterday to help people get out. all major carriers are waiving rebooking fees for hawaii flights. the storm is having an impact on ocean traffic to hawaii. one cargo ship left the port of oakland currently parked in the pacific waiting for the storm to pass. stay with us for updates as hurricane lane hits the islands and track the storm on our website, attorney general jeff sessions's time on the job could be limited if a recent interview by president trump is any indication. cbs news' laura podesta has the responses from sessions and republican lawmakers. reporter: attorney general jeff sessions is firing back against the president saying in a statement, i took control of the department of justice the day i was sworn in. and, the doj will not be improperly influenced by political considerations. his words come in response to this interview on fox news. >> jeff sessions, never took control of the justice department and, um, it's a
6:38 am
sort of an incredible thing. >> reporter: president trump said his loyalty to sessions fell off shortly after sessions took the job and announced he was stepping away from the russia investigation. >> he took the job and then he said, i'm going to recuse myself. i said, what kind of a man is this? >> reporter: some republican lawmakers like senator lindsey graham says trump's words makes it clear sessions won't be on the job much longer. >> after the election, i think there will be some serious discussions about a new attorney general. >> reporter: which other republicans say is not a good idea. >> i think it would be a mistake. and i don't think it would be good for the country. >> reporter: other lawmakers added that if sessions goes, it could pave the way for a domino effect of firings undermining the credibility of the u.s. justice system. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. >> democrats are calling for a delay easuemcourt nee l
6:39 am
reen canced their meetings with the judge yesterday while others kept their appointments with him. they include dick durbin of illinois who says that the senate judiciary committee still needs to see three years of documents from kavanaugh's work in the bush white house. >> i think it should be postponed at least until this documentation is produced. >> if confirmed, kavanaugh could potentially have a role in determining the legal fate of the president who nominated him. senate minority leader charles schumer says that he is concerned about kavanaugh's previous position that a president cannot be indicted. time now is 6:39. our air quality is taking a beating due to the wildfires burning in and around the state. >> plus, verizon will answer to reports that it impacted the mendocino complex fire fight. >> the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board here. you can see the dow is up about 76 points. this is not a bed.
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hot water for it's practices in hungary. and lyft gets political. wendy gillette is at the new this morning, in moneywatch, microsoft is in hot water for its practices in hungary and lyft gets political. wendy gillette reports from the new york stock exchange. microsoft is reportedly under investigation for possible bribery and corruption in hungary. according to a report in the "wall street journal," the tech giant is being scrutinized for its practice of selling discounted software to middlemen. those intermediaries then sold those products to government agencies at nearly their full price. the justice department is said to be looking into whether those middlemen used the difference to pay bribes and kickbacks to government officials.
6:44 am
>> reporter: lyft is going to offer half price rides to polling stations on election day. lyft will distribute promo codes to riders through a partnership with groups like and starbucks is going to pay some workers to go work somewhere else. a new pilot program at the coffee chain allows employees to spend half their time at a local nonprofit. they will work only 20 hours a week at starbucks, but will be paid for all 40 hours. 36 employees are now in the six-month program. and that's your "cbsmoneywatch" report the for more, go to wendy gillette, at the new york stock exchange. let's check traffic. you're taking a look at the bay bridge. we are seeing something we don't normally see. >> take a look at the bay bridge. there's no backup.
6:45 am
westbound 80 at the berkeley curve, that's holding people up with a crash. you can see the flashlights. emergency crews are trying to clear it out. two-car crash. expect slowdowns for your westbound 80 ride. 22 minutes from 4 out of hercules to the maze. still tracking slowdowns through richmond all due to a crash that occurred on the surface streets. richmond parkway at san pablo avenue that remains shut down. so anyone that's trying to get over to the richmond/san rafael bridge and heading off of 80 taking richmond parkway will have to turn around at that point. so stay on i-80. you can always take that down to hilltop. and then hilltop connects with richmond parkway and then head over to the richmond/san rafael bridge. we are definitely seeing the crowds develop. our drive times remain in the green but you can see a little bit of a backup over at the toll plaza there. golden gate bridge, checking in problem-free in both
6:46 am
directions. no delays as you are heading into san francisco. crowded westbound from hayward to foster city. 16 minutes. 580, 880, and 37, all in the yellow. so no signs of red on our "bay area majors" but definitely not "friday light" conditions. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. good morning. a few delays at sfo as well this morning all because of this. the low cloud ceiling that we see that we often definitely see impacts flights coming into town. here's a look at the temperatures. 57 degrees in san francisco. livermore at 58. and concord 61 degrees. your afternoon conditions are going to be pretty cool this afternoon. but we are noticing air quality not so good. so right now, it is unhealthy in fremont and san jose. unhealthy for sensitive groups where you see orange in pacifica, redwood city. moderate in yellow. air quality today moderate to
6:47 am
unhealthy. a "spare the air" alert is issued. we saw haze in the sky yesterday. it looked like fog but it was pollution. here's where it's all coming from. all these fires burning in the pacific northwest and that's the mendocino this smoke got se over the pacific ocean. then we saw a shift in the wind direction. that's what happened yesterday. so we got the onshore breeze and that basically sent the smoke from the ocean right into the bay area putting our air quality the worst in the state of california yesterday. that's what we noticed particulate matter more than 150 which of course prompt that "spare the air" alert. we are going to get the onshore breeze today leading to more smoke in the skies. temperatures also cooling today because of that breeze, as well. so even inland communities are going to be impacted by it. this is what you'll see. below average san francisco 69 is normal. 63 will be our afternoon high today. san jose 77. puts you about 5 degrees below normal. so a lot locations in the 70s and 80s.
6:48 am
it was 90s for many of you earlier. not this week or next week. 80 in concord, 81 livermore, 71 in fremont. 73 in redwood city. temperatures in the north bay mid- to upper 70s. it's going to happen next week. this low will dip south. as that drops, our temperatures will also drop. so on saturday you will see a slight rise in temperatures and then by sunday theyannext e talking even cooler than today. here's a look at your game forecast. the raiders playing the packers. hazy and cool in oakland 63 at 7:30 game time and then temperatures for the giants game, yeah, that's happening today and this weekend, first pitch 7:15 and, yes, breezy and cool in san francisco. 62 degrees. that seven-day forecast now showing a little rise in temperatures on saturday then that dip for next week. but 60s and 70s for the bay area, certainly below average. that's where we'll stay next week. that's your forecast. it is 6:48. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." john dickerson joins us from
6:49 am
new york city. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. happy friday to you. ahead on "cbs this morning," we'll begin with the eye- opener your world in 90 seconds. plus we are on hawaii's big island where the rain came from hurricane lane. more than a foot and a half fell and flooding is expected to get worse. >> also, why the government says a family is it blame for injuries caused by a cyanide trap even though a federal worker placed that trap near the family's home by mistake. and we're there to watch an undercover raid as federal agents bust a marijuana operation in a national forest in california. how the illegal crop created a toxic waste dump. that and more at 7:00. >> thank you. the firefighters battling the mendocino complex fires up north set up a new command post. about 2500 personnel from cal fire are moving into the fairgrounds in orland. there's plenty of space to bring in tents, food and the
6:50 am
other necessities. so far, the fires have burned more than 415,000 acres in mendocino, colusa, glen and lake county. containment is at 74%. >> just because we have the base here, that people in orland don't need to be worried that the fire is coming here. it's just we need a large location to set up the base. >> crews expect to have the mendocino complex fire contained a week from tomorrow. happening today, state lawmakers will be asking some tough questions to verizon about why it slowed down data speed for bay area firefighters during an emergency. santa clara county fire chief says his crews fighting the mendocino complex fire had their internet speeds slowed down. when the department told them about it, the carrier said to upgrade to a more expensive data plan. verizon called it a customer support mistake. santa clara county fire and verizon representatives have been invited to speak at today's assembly committee hearing. governor brown is proposing changes that would make logging rules more lenient in an effort to reduce
6:51 am
wildfire risk. it comes as california deals with one of the worst fire seasons in recent memory. the governor's plan would let landowners cut larger trees and build temporary roads without getting permits. the idea is to thin out some of the state's forests. 6:51. emergency landing at sfo this morning. what investigators say happened. >> reporter: and a major intersection in the east bay shut down, traffic snarled. more coming up. maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes... out of flax. or simply adjust your thermostat. do your thing, with energy upgrade california.
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? it's 6--- time for your final five... a united flight from san i'm emily turner at the intersection of the richmond parkway and san pablo avenue where this intersection is shut down due to a crash. the fire department has just now gotten on the scene. it will likely be shut down through the morning. we just learned that the
6:55 am
accident is the result of a car chase that started when suspect in rodeo threw a gun out of the car. then there was a car chase with ended when the car ran into and got wedged under a semi. investigators are on scene. one suspect in custody, the other dead. speeds broke about 100 miles an hour when the pursuit came to the intersection here. the suspects ran a red light and drove into and under the semi. the truck didn't stop immediately and dragged the car out of the intersection. one of the suspects right now is dead. amazingly the other one walked away, is in custody. this intersection will remain shut down through the morning commute and traffic is backed up. it's a snarl. in richmond, i'm emily turner, kpix 5. it's 6:55. time now for your "final 5." >> a united flight from san francisco to singapore made an
6:56 am
emergency landing this morning. officials say birds hit the windows and the wings. they said the flight turned around and landed safely at sfo and taxied to the gate on its own. there were no reported injuries. that flight had to be rescheduled. crews are currently inspecting the plane. it is not yet clear if anyone else was hurt. the cause is under investigation. traffic is expected to be impacted throughout the morning commute. hurricane lane is dropping torrential rains flooding low- lying areas and causing landslides in hawaii. some parts of the big island received 20 inches of rain in 4 hours even without a direct hit forecasters warning lane could cause major damage. president trump is facing off with his attorney general jefferson award in a television interview with fox news. the president complained that sessions never took control of the justice department. sessions fired back saying that his department advances the rule of law and will not
6:57 am
be improperly influenced by political considerations. president trump's personal lawyer rudy giuliani now says he and rdon formrump campaign chrm foilty o foreign bank accounts and bank fraud. and no "friday light" conditions along the eastshore freeway. live look 80 at ashby, we had an earlier accident just past powell and that's keeping your drive times in the red out of hercules. about 30 minutes. but no delays over at the toll plaza. that's because everyone is having a difficult time getting past the crash near powell street. so give yourself some extra time. san mateo southbound 101 here's a live look at poplar, we have a crash reported near 3rd reportedly blocking a lane. why the yellow on 580, 880 and 37 in the yellow. just' asmart train 20 minutes
6:58 am
late due to track maintenance. oakland bart will not be running trains between 19th street stations and west oakland stations this weekend saturday and sunday. no trains between those stations. ac transit will be stepping in and providing free buses. but this will add 10 to 15 minutes to your lan accordingly. i want to give you a look at hurricane lane. here's a look at what's going on right now. so the big island is actually getting a little bit of a break a brief break i should say. this of course is sending a lot of rain down to the other islands of maui, oahu, getting dumped on. there's a lot of moisture associated with this category 3 hurricane. so far 31 inches reported at some of the weather stations on the big island. 23 inches, gusts up to 67 miles per hour on the big island. they will see a lot of rainfall.
6:59 am
look at this futurecast. your going to see all that moisture, the system is moving so slowly towards the island that what it's doing is picking up moisture from the warm pacific ocean and just sending it right over the island in the mountainous regions, leading to flooding and mudslides. at home it's gray. 57 in san francisco. san jose 61. santa rosa 56. we have a thick marine layer out there. so right along the coast you may see drizzle. clouds extended to the central valley. once they burn off we'll have hazy skies. so it's going to be smoky today. temperatures feel comfortable. 71 in vallejo. 81 in livermore. 77 in san jose. 68 degrees in oakland. so around 6 to 10 degrees below average all across the bay area today. next week though going to be even cooler. no air quality problems next week. so look forward to . gy again next week most
7:00 am
likely. >> yeah. >> we are nearing the end of fog-est, right? >> and it's friday. awesome! thanks for watching. "cbs this morning" is next. have a wonderful day and weekend. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's friday, august 24th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." floods, landslides and rescues in hawaii this morning as hurricane lane pounds the island. we're covering that and all the major news stories. plus an idaho couple sues the government after their son sets off a cyanide trap behind their house, injuring him and killing their dog. why the government says the family is to blame. we take you on a raid with undercover federal agents as they search for and destroy illegal marijuana crops. see how criminals are creating toxic waste dumps in national forests. and the coach of the super bowl champion philadelphia eagles will be in studio 57.
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doug peterson talks about taking


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