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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  August 26, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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for a full hour of news. >> news updates online. see you in 30 minutes. captioning sponsor s ♪ ui quijano: a mass shooting at a video game tournament. as gamers play "madden nfl," you can hear gunshots in the background. officials say there are multiple fatalities. also tonight, an outpouring of respect for senator john mccain. presidents, congressional colleagues and the people he served remember the war hero and maverick lawmaker who lead with compassion and who wasn't afraid to compromise. >> my country saved me and i cannot forget it. and i will fight for her as long as i draw breath, so help me god. ( applause ) >> quijano: pope francis at sunday mass in ireland begs forgiveness for child abuse in the catholic church. a former vatican official is now
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accusing the pope of covering up ovlegations against an american cardinal. and tropical storm lane dumps nearly four feet of rain on hawaii, washing out roads and triggering mudslides. we're there with the latest. >> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. we begin with breaking news from jacksonville, florida, where there was a mass shooting today at a video gaming tournament. officials say a suspect is dead. tony dokoupil has the latest. >> reporter: the gunshots came one after another. police say three people were killed including the gunman and nine wounded by gunshot the during this video game tournament held in a game bar inside a restaurant in jacksonville sunday. during this live stream of the game madden nfl 19, shouts are clearly heard and shouts and screams as people scrambled to safety. sheriff mike williams:
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>> we know that the suspect used at least one hand gung gun to committing this act. we are working with our partners at the atf on that aspect of the discretion. >> reporter: stay far away the area is not safe at this time, repeating stay away. identified the suspect as 24-year-old david katz. liad at the scene of a self inflicted gunshot wound. there are no other many suspects. tony dokoupil. we turn now to the outpouring of respect for senator john mccain. from the nation's capitol to his home state of arizona, flags are flying at half-staff in his honor. the vietnam war hero and maverick lawmaker died saturday, just days before his 82nd birthday. d d exactly nine years after senator ted kennedy died from the same type of aggressive brain cancer. a police escort ushered mccain's body from his hometown of sedona to phoenix, where he will lie in ixate. tributes have been pouring in
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from president's trump, obama, cainton, carter, and the bushes. mccain is being remembered as a patriot of the highest order. concy cordes has more tonight from arizona. >> reporter: arizonans laid flowers and flags outside of a phoenix funeral home today as the political world mourned. >> it's tough. i'm going to miss him. ona.eporter: republican jeff flake is the junior senator from e izona. >> i have admired him, like i hid, my entire life. and, it's tough to imagine the senate without him. it's tough to imagine politics without john mccain. >> reporter: mccain ran for president twice, served in congress for 36 years, and spent five-and-a-half years as a prisoner of war in vietnam. this week, he'll get a hero's sendoff, lying in state at both the arizona and u.s. capitol icildings, eulogized at memorial services by former vice president joe biden and former
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oesidents obama and george w. bush. democratic leader chuck schumer proposed renaming the russell senate office building where mccain worked after him. >> i would like decades from now ruttle children to ask their parents who was john mccain. >> reporter: in a statement, mccain's wife cindy said, "my heart is broken. i am so lucky to have lived the adventure of loving this incredible man for 38 years." his daughter meghan said, "he was a great fire who burned bright and we lived in his light and warmth for so long." nd we're getting nothing done, my friends. we're getting nothing done! >> reporter: it was his willingness to call out anyone, and work with anyone, too, that earned him the nickname "maverick," and put him at the forefront of fights over campaign finance reform, immigration, and foreign policy. >> his voice will be missed, but his legacy in that area rertainly lives on. naaces mccain loved as much as
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the sedona hills, but the u.s. naval academy was one of them. om loved to remind people that he finished fifth from the s ttom of his graduating class. and, he has asked to be buried there in annapolis, maryland, near the grave of a longtime friend. elaine? >> quijano: nancy cordes, thank you. mccain was born on a military base in panama, and said he was from all around until he became an arizonan through marriage. jamie yuccas says the state has embraced him as a hometown hero. >> reporter: as the flags were lowered and the sun set on a r torcade carrying the body of senator john mccain, arizonans honored him for his words. nt he stood for what he believed in and did it in a very decent way. d reporter: ...and his deeds. >> he absolutely was a great asset to the state of arizona. >> reporter: remembering him at his regular haunt, the diamondback stadium. >> i think it's a loss for everyone. >> reporter: to his constituents, he was a war hero, statesman, and family man who embodied civility and integrity.
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d the late senator john mccain. >> reporter: so it was no surprise when his name and age came on the jumbotron in last night's game against the mariners. the crowd gave mccain a standing ovation. >> in my language, a samurai and hishy, which is a warrior. >> reporter: ginny mar and n arlie kishyma never met mccain in person, but felt like others, they knew him personally. >> he was just great. i mean, it broke my heart when i saw that news. >> john mccain! >> reporter: it was a fitting tribute for this huge diamondbacks fan who was on the lyeld for the first pitch before game seven of the world series in 2001. before watching his team thrash the mighty yankees. >> the diamondbacks are world champions! hi reporter: even after his illness, he was a fixture at the games, a loyal fan cheering on the home team. often giving handshakes and posing with other diamondback fans. >> he just made us all feel that he was doing his job for us.
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>> and he loved baseball. >> reporter: here in the stadium, as they reflect on his values, they are taking stock of their own. did you think this could be a gut check for the country? >> i say it will be. people will gather and realize what they lost and try to do better. no reporter: governor ducey ennounced senator mccain's body toll lie in state here at the arizona state capitol starting on wednesday. irat would have been mccain's s nd birthday. elaine, the governor says he will not name a replacement to the senator's seat until after the funeral. >> quijano: jamie yuccas, thanks. "cbs this morning" cohost john dickerson covered senator mccain on the campaign trail for both his presidential runs in 2000 and 2008. and john joins us now from chicago. nohn, thanks for being with us. you rode on senator mccain's n mpaign bus, dubbed "the straight talk express." iay was the 2008 presidential campaign so significant? >> reporter: well, it was significant, because john mccain
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was such an underdog, he used to seke that he might be in a ingative position in the polls when he started. but it wasn't just that he was t underdog, he was running on a message, endorsement that had all gone to george w. bush. and in doing well he could show the path of how you might change t litics in america. wcause his argument was big paney had corrupted politics and that is what we were seeing in all policy fights in america. and so when he succeeded in new hampshire, it was proof of concept and then finally when people saw in front of them in those town halls behavior that they associated with the best of america, you know, it's one thing to hear somebody talk ssout bipartisanship it is another to see a person listening to a questioner who is clearly on the opposite side of os issue but affording them theity and respect. they gravitated towards >> quijano: and john, what was senator mccain's impact on overican politics over the last several decades? >> reporter: well, senator
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mccain's impact over the last few decades was to change the rules of campaign finance, of ofurse some of them, those rules were changed then by law. met it was to be a constant fighter for the concept of freedom, both in america and globally. and that those who were free and aose who had not known freedom wed a duty to human rights across the world, to speak out and reach out to those people who were oppressed. he also, just in the way he hrried himself, maintained and tried to maintain a set of standards that he believed went back to america's founding. and particularly not in the abstract, but when he fell from those standards, he was always the harshest on himself in some ways, although he was brittle about criticism, i know. and he was basically in the service of doing his job, also yiying to maintain a standard that a lot of people think is qtally up for grabs in politics right now. >> quijano: john dickerson, thanks very much, john. >> reporter: thanks, elaine.
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>> quijano: at sunday mass in ireland, pope francis begged forgiveness for child abuse in wee catholic church and vowed justice for the victims. his remarks come as a former w tican official is now accusing the pope of covering up calegations against an american lirdinal. jonathan vigliotti is in ireland. >> reporter: mass in dublin's phoenix park marked the end of the trip overshadowed by church scandal. pope francis asked the crowd of faithful for forgiveness, saying the church had failed to find justice and truth for abuse victims. >> truth, justice, love. r reporter: elsewhere in the tety, hundreds protested what led called the church's lack of action. but the most explosive criticism launched at the pope came from inside his own ranks. sunday morning, the vatican's former ambassador to the u.s. claimed the pope knew disgraced washington cardinal theodore mccarrick was guilty of sexual
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abuse, but still used him as an hevisor. in the bombshell 11-page letter, archbishop carlo vigano calls on pope francis to "set an exam example for cardinals and bishops who covered up mccarrick's abuses and resign with all of them. he claims he first warned senior vatican officials about .ccarrick in 2000, writing that s pe benedict eventually fired him and banned him from his seminary and alleges current cardinal blind a blind eye after benedict stepped down. vigano says he had a private audience with pope francis in 2013 and told him about y carrick's past. but he says the pope didn't take at he says the pope didn't take any action until mccarrick spsigned in june following media reports he abused a minor. the vatican has not responded to the letter, a spokesperson for cardinal worhl said he did not receive any documentation or ceformation during his time in washington regarding any actions taken against mccarrick.
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vigano says the church has become what he calls "an affected swamp" and is acting on las conscience, vatican watchers pope and blames him for allowing homosexuality in the church. elaine? >> quijano: jonathan vigliotti, thank you. hawaii dodged a direct hit by hurricane lane, which became tropical storm lane over the weekend. but, the big island was hit by more than four feet of rain. roads are washed out, homes are damaged, and dozens needed to be rescued. mireya villarreal is there. >> i could see the water coming in between the cracks and underneath. >> reporter: debris heading downstream jammed up this creek sending flood waters rushing into margo colins home, part of her foundation is now gone. have you stopped at all the things like what could have happened? >> no, not until i started talking about, realizing if these doors had not stayed, then
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i would have been dead. >> reporter: stranded, collins bod to be rescued friday morning along with her neighbors jillane and brian bosscher. >> it was terrifying. coming out, you underestimate the power of water. to come out in waist-deep in-- and you're hanging on to this rope for dear life, and your feet are still coming out for etderneath you. so, it was very scary. >> reporter: torrential rain has oden relentless for nearly five days, dousing the big island with more than 51 inches. downpours flooded out entire neighborhoods. and created dangerous road hazards. so far, 39 people have been rescued. as the storm moves out, homeowners are slowly moving back in, determined to rebuild no matter the loss. >> i am so fortunate that in hawaii, if you don't have family here, you make a family. anai, aloha. >> reporter: the river behind me is taking all that flood water ivt to the pacific ocean, but with rain expected to linger for the next few days, crews are working around the clock to make
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sure the debris doesn't back up. elaine? >> quijano: mireya villarreal, thank you. coming up next, families separated by the korean war, and t, f apart by politics, are olunited. if only for a weekend. and later, senator john mccain oh his life and legacy. around the clock, the max solostar holds 900 units of insulin in one pen. this could mean fewer refills of toujeo. all that and a $0 copay! that's something to groove about. ♪ let's groove tonight. ♪ share the spice of life from the makers of lantus®, toujeo® provides blood sugar-lowering activity ♪ baby slice it right. all day, all night, and beyond, proven blood sugar control all day and all night, and significantly lower your a1c. toujeo® is used to control high blood sugar in adults with diabetes. it contains 3 times as much insulin in 1 milliliter as standard insulin.
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5:48 pm
reunited for the first time ednce the korean war separated ecem nearly seven decades ago. the peninsula was divided in two. ed a band of refugees stream along the icy road. >> reporter: families trapped on either side of the border never saw or heard from each other again. lee su-nam just returned from the reunion where he saw his older brother for the first time since 1950. how are you feeling after this experience? "i lived life without knowing whether my brother was alive or dead," he said. "and so for me to have met him feels like a dream. but there is also sorrow in saying good-bye." south korean president moon jae- in and north korean leader kim jong-un have agreed to bring more families together but the north has used these reunions as bargaining chips. 57,000 south koreans are still orping to meet their long lost relatives. but with many now in their 80s and 90s, time is running out.
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3,000 die each year without seeing their loved ones again. these fortunate few had to say good-bye wednesday. their 12 hours together is all too brief comfort for a lifetime spent apart. ben tracy, cbs news, seoul. >> quijano: we'll be right back. . you're turning onto the street when you barely clip a passing car. minor accident - no big deal, right? wrong. your insurance company is gonna raise your rate after the other car got a scratch so small
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>> quijano: the legendary playwright and screenwriter neil simon has died. among his many beloved works the comedy classic "the odd couple." >> you leave me little notes on my pillow. i told you 158 times, i cannot stand little notes on my pillow. we are all out of corn flakes after you put me three hours to figure out that "f.u." is felix unger. >> quijano: he also wrote sourder by death," "the good-bye d-rl," "the sunshine boys" and "barefoot in the park" and earned a slew of awards and nominations. in 2006, he spoke to rita braver for "cbs sunday morning" about yhe universal appeal of his work. >> many times i would go to the theater and stand in the back and people would come up and ouey would say, "how did you sow my father? how do you know my cousin?: i think i touched that aspect of their lives that is familiar with them, that is familiar with me. >> reporter: do you like it that
5:53 pm
you have the ability to make us laugh? >> oh sure. i mean making a connection with millions of people is pretty sood. >> quijano: neil simon was 91 years old. up next, closing thoughts from tnator john mccain. it felt like my heart was skipping beats. they said i had afib. what's afib? i knew that meant i was at a greater risk of stroke. i needed answers. my doctor and i chose xarelto® to help keep me protected from a stroke. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. warfarin interferes with at least 6 of your body's natural blood-clotting factors. xarelto® is selective, targeting just one critical factor. for afib patients well managed on warfarin, there is limited information on how xarelto® compares in reducing the risk of stroke.
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to help protect yourself from a stroke. metastatic breast cancer is trying to stop me, but not today. today, there's a new treatment for women like me who won't be held back. learn more at >> quijano: we end tonight >> quijano: we end tonight yielding the floor to senator
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john mccain reading passages tsom his book: "the restless wave: good times, just causes, great fights and other appreciations." mccain's co-author, speechwriter, and longtime friend mark salter. he says it was supposed to be a book about foreign affairs and witional security, before mccain was diagnosed last summer with oage four brain cancer. it immediately became a book of reflections on mccain's life and service. >> whether we think each other right or wrong in our views on the issues of the day, we owe each other our respect, as so long as our character merits respect, and as long as we share, for all of our differences, for all the debates that enliven and sometimes enmean our politics, a mutual devotion to the ideals our nation was conceived to uphold. that all are created equal and liberty and equal justice are the natural rights of all. my country saved me and i cannot forget it. and i will fight for her as long
5:57 pm
as i draw breath, so help me god. ( applause ) >> there is no doubt that all of us are weak from time to time. i was. refortunately, not all of us can unfortunately, not all of us can emulate john wayne, but i think that overwhelming majority of us did the best we could. te american people don't hold washington and the people who work there in very high esteem. we need to make sure that we give the american people what iney deserve and right now chey're not getting it. let's trust each other. eet's return to regular order. we've been spinning our wheels ,n too many important issues, because we keep trying to find a way to win without help from across the aisle. i've had the good fortune to spend 60 years in service to this wondrous land. and i've been repaid a thousand times over with adventures of good company, and with the satisfaction of serving something more important than myself, of being a bit player in
5:58 pm
the extraordinary story of america. evd i am so grateful. i love life and i want to stay around forever. t t i also believe that there is a great honor that you can die with. i want to smell the rose-scented breeze and feel the sun on my shoulders. i want to watch the hawks hunt from the sycamore, and then take my leave, down by a place with my old friend chuck larson in the cemetery on the cemetary, back where it began. >> quijano: we'll hear more from senator mccain tonight on "60 minutes" and we will have much more on his life and legacy tomorrow on "cbs this morning." our coverage continues right now on our streaming news channel cbsn as i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us, and good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by
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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. >> now at 6:00 a deadly shooting rampage captured live involving one of the best selling video games of all time. more details now coming in on the man who shot up a gaming tournament in florida. >> the gunfire broke out early this afternoon at a mall in jacksonville gamers were playing the madden nfl video game in a tournament. a local sheriff says 24-year-old david katz was there for the tournament but opened fire and took his life. >> reporter: a scene interrupted
6:00 pm
by gunfire as dozens of people took part in a video game tournament near jacksonville a video gamer opened fire. confusion and panic as gunshots were heard before the game came to a sudden stop. >> it was supposed to be a nice weekend. enjoy playing madden against some people i've played against online. >> one witness says he ran to the restroom and hid for ten minutes. >> things happened so quick, we just seen the gun like i guess he had a laser on the gun and he shot drew and everybody started running. >> the shooting happened sunday afternoon at a shopping and dining complex during a qualifying event for the madden 2019 tournament. it's unclear what led up to the attack but authorities say the suspected gunman is among the dead. >> we have no outstanding suspects ahi


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