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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 28, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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turned out to be somewhere else. >> reporter: scott started sounding the alarm on this months ago. he also called police asking for a wellness check. police say they performed three separate wellness checks, but since no one answered the door and circumstances didn't appear suspicious they didn't request a search warrant or ever go inside. >> we don't just break down doors every time someone reports that someone is missing. >> reporter: but you had family and neighbors saying over and over again at that time that they thought he was dead. >> i don't have information that said that they thought that he was dead, just that there was people that were coming and going and they hadn't seen him. >> reporter: it wasn't until a crime scene clean-up truck arrived in front of brian's home that police finally went in. >> if we hadn't said anything, would it have just been ignored all this time? the police didn't seem to take much interest at first. >> reporter: reporters asked police that very question. if neighbors hadn't been so persistent, would they have found the body by now? >> we might not, that's correct. that's where you usually rely
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on family or someone to let you into the place. >> reporter: police did arrest two persons of interest for financial crimes, identity theft and homicide, but the d.a. discharged the case pending further investigation, so they had to let at least one of them go. the other one's being held currently in alameda county and police are waiting for the medical examiner to identify the body. >> susie, you first learned about this missing individual several weeks ago and asked the police about it. what did they tell you back then? >> reporter: well, that's right, ken. the neighbors who have been so concerned about brian egg's well-being reached out to us and then we reached out to police on august 6th and said is there any investigation going on? is there a missing persons case open? they told us no. they told us today on august 7th, one day later, they opened
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an investigation. >> interesting. susie steimle reporting live from san francisco, thank you. oakland police are promising a crackdown after four homicides in the past 48 hours. here's a map showing the string of deadly shootings. the first three happened on sunday. the most recent happened yesterday afternoon on 72nd avenue. >> i was able to meet with some community members and i recognized their frustration. i also recognized their fear and i promised them that we would respond. we take it very seriously and we plan to work as hard as we can to bring those responsible for this violence to justice. >> police are still investigating the cases. they say some involve drugs, but none appear to be gang- related. san jose city leaders are considering dueling measures to try to solve the homeless housing crisis. a week after deciding to not turn the old city hall into a shelter, there's a push to open existing county facilities to the homeless. kpix5's len ramirez explains
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how that would work. >> reporter: with santa clara county's homeless problem among the worst in the nation, a new idea to help solve it. >> what we're really talking about is how do we share assets. >> reporter: supervisor cindy chavez unveiled a plan to partner with the county school districts to build low income and homeless housing on their unused acres of land. >> housing is such a crisis in our community that it's all of our responsibility. >> reporter: school districts are some of the biggest land owners in the county, some of it still vacant like this lot behind the east side union district office. two week ago chavez met with several school districts to begin talks and today the board of supervisors pushed an exploratory measure ahead. funding would come through voter approved measure a. >> they have a number of families in their schools that have homeless children that are attending their schools today. this is not an outside population. this is part of their communities. >> reporter: but even with county assistance and funding and streamlining the process new projects would take years to complete. homeless advocates say the crisis is happening now and that's why they're trying to
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leverage existing county properties. about a dozen people urged the county to allow private philanthropists to turn this vacant city hall annex building into homeless housing. the county wants it torn down for a temporary parking lot and eventual redevelopment. >> the difference is the city hall annex doesn't cost the county anything. it is being funded privately, whereas the other projects will cost the county and city money. >> reporter: the county board delayed a final decision on the annex for two weeks. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. president trump suggests google search results are rigged after he googled himself this morning and didn't like what he saw. kpix5's anne makovec on his not so subtle threat directed towards the mountain view company. >> well, if you google search trump news at this point, you'll see a lot of reports on exactly what we're talking about now, the president accusing google of censorship and now talk of possible federal regulation.
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this morning president trump tweeted, "google search results for trump news shows only the reporting of fake news media. they have it rigged so that almost all stories and news is bad. republican, conservative and fair media is shut out. illegal? 96% of results on trump news are from national left wing media. google and others are suppressing voices of conservatives and hiding information and news that is good. this is a very source situation. will be addressed." >> google's system is designed to get you to trust it and to get you the most relevant information as possible as quickly as possible. >> reporter: cnet executive editor ian sheer says it's results depend on your browser's history. we tested out one of our kpix5 computers to see the results. no prior information went into the search and the results were similar, a variety of mainstream news outlets latest
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reports on president trump. >> so by its nature it's very secretive. we don't know the programming behind google. we just know the broad brush strokes how it works. so a lot of people worry what is actually going on here? >> reporter: google sent us a statement saying in part, "search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results toward any political ideology. we continually work to improve google search and we never rank search results to manipulate political sentiment." the president's chief economic advisor now says the administration is thinking of regulating google. >> we're just going to do some investigation and analysis. that's what we do. >> reporter: is there any ed that they actually are yen -- evidence that they actually are censoring internet search results? >> we're looking into it. >> reporter: sheer said that's not likely. >> the government is very behind the curve. so they have a lot to think about before they can even think about regulating. >> reporter: executives from google, facebook and twitter
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will be testifying on interference and censorship. the owner of the company that makes 3d presented guns says that he is selling them anyway -- printed guns says that he is selling them anyway despite a court order. >> anybody who wants these files is going to get them. that began this morning. >> that's cody wilson, founder of texas-based defense distributed and he argues it's a 1st amendment issue, but the courts say it's about safety and keeping the untraceable guns out of criminals' hands. our allen martin is in the newsroom with more on the blueprint backlash. >> it's been years of legal battles for that company, but in june the trump administration settled allowing the blueprints to be posted online in august. however, 19 states and the district of columbia sued and a judge issued a restraining order. amid the backlash president trump tweeted, "i am looking into 3d plastic guns being sold to the public. already spoke to nra, doesn't seem to make much sense."
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just yesterday a federal judge extended the ban on blueprint distribution agreeing that the plastic guns pose a security risk, but today the company's founder called the ruling "hysterical." >> i'm happy now at this point to become the itunes of downloadable guns if i can't be the master. >> cody wilson argues the judge's order was only stopping his company from giving those blueprints away for free. he says anyone who wants the files will be able to buy them. >> free exchange of these ideas will never be interrupted and now people can participate on my website. it's not just me selling the files. i'm inviting the public to sell their own files and share in the profit making with me. >> california was one of the states that sued to block the blue prints. wilson said he will challenge the ban in federal appeals court here in san francisco. a strange story happening now, an unexploded mine is floating in the waters off washington state's puget sound.
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the coastguard and navy bomb technicians are working to retrieve the thing and crews spotted it floating in the water this afternoon. the coastguard has a 1,500-yard safety zone around that ordnance. officials are not saying how it ended up in the water, whether it's live oren, but the mine was found a few -- or not, but the mine was found a few miles south of naval base kitsap and a testing range. senator mccain will lie instate at the arizona state capitol tomorrow on what would have been his 82nd birthday. it will be the beginning of several days of tributes. he will then lie instate in the u.s. capitol rotunda on friday and be eulogized at a service at the national cathedral on saturday. people from around the country are in detroit to say good-bye to the queen of soul. cbs reporter kenneth craig is in aretha franklin's hometown with how her music touched so many lives.
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>> reporter: music filled the air as thousands of fans stood in line to pay their respects and celebrate the legacy of aretha franklin. sir diego brazil flew from miami to be here. he said the queen of soul's music gave him hope. >> her music literally saved my life in 1997 when i was contemplating suicide. >> reporter: fans like la tanya mcintyre started lining up yesterday afternoon outside the charles h. wright museum of african american history in detroit for franklin's public viewing. she came all the way from las vegas. >> they do it for iphones, jordans, you know. why not the queen of soul? >> reporter: impromptu dance parties broke out as franklin's songs played on radios. the doors here will be open for 12 hours both today and tomorrow, part of a four-day celebration honoring franklin's life and legacy in her hometown. >> she didn't forget where she
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came from and i love a person like that. >> reporter: free tickets for a tribute concert thursday night sold out within minutes. at least 19 artists have been tapped to perform during her funeral friday including faith hill, stevie wonder and jennifer hudson. speakers include former president bill clinton, an all- star good-bye to a superstar whose career spanned six decades. kenneth craig, cbs news, detroit. women and their children... some new questions tonight in a cliff crash mystery. >> coming up two women and their children drive off a mendocino cliff. now police have searched their home. what investigators were surprised they didn't find. >> plus a convenient combo, self-driving meets grocery delivery. >> and united unveils a popular new destination. now you can fly directly from the north bay to denver.
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mendocino county cliff. the two moth more questions about the family killed when their suv plunged off a mendocino county cliff, the two mothers and their six adopted children disappeared in march. police believe that jennifer hart intentionally drove their suv off highway 1 with her family inside. we're now getting details from a search of the hart's home in washington state. investigators say it didn't appear that any children ever lived there. the rooms were not personalized and there wasn't much kids' clothing or toys. >> where they live, what part of the house they lived in, what sort of regimen or what was going on behind the house, there were several of those type of questions that came up because it wasn't what you would term, you know, a house that had kids in it or didn't
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appear that way. >> investigators removed a laptop and ipad from the house. the ipad was handed over to the fbi, but it's unclear if they found anything on it. no suicide note was located in the home. >> nothing that jumps right out as far as a motive. there was nothing that -- there was no notes. there was no journals. there was no -- anything that would indicate why they would do that. >> the bodies of two of the children, 15-year-old devonte and 16-year-old hannah have not been recovered. a pair of girls' shoes were found near the crash site in may, but dna tests were inconclusive. in san mateo county a 17- year-old high school senior died in a crash. blake boterini left for high school early monday morning. the chp said his truck went off skyline boulevard and hit a tree and fell about 45 feet down an embankment. officers say drugs and alcohol
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were not factors in the crash. blake's school remembers him as a kind and caring young man. bay area police are investigating another apple store robbery. walnut creek police say four people ripped several iphones and macbooks from security tethers and ran out with the merchandise. the suspects got away in a black mercedes suv. no weapons were involved and no customers were hurt. the thieves got away with about $30,000 worth of merchandise. police did not say if the theft is connected with last week's apple store robbery in marin county. other bay area headlines tonight, the alameda police teamed up with san mateo county sheriffs to catch a wanted burglary suspect. a 45-year-old man was found in a parking lot. inside his car they found burglary tools and a red mask with devil horns. there it is. a driver was injured this morning when his big rig loaded with lumber overturned in menlo park. the truck overturned at a construction site for an
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apartment complex carrying hundreds of pounds of lumber and rolled into an underground parking area. the driver sustained back and shoulder injuries. new at 5:00 this bright green and yellow car could change the way you get your groceries. kpix5's maria medina is live in san jose with how one silicon valley startup is getting food to your door like never before. maria? >> reporter: we were eventually going to head this way. now you can get your groceries delivered by a self-driving car and the company had its first delivery just yesterday. >> this is what they're going to see. >> reporter: welcome to the future of grocery slopping. >> there is a lidar on top. >> reporter: food delivered to your doorstep in a self-driving car. >> the future goal is that you get anything you want any time you want and you don't need to wait in traffic. >> reporter: meet the chief operating officer at auto x, the company behind the bright
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green autonomous car that she says is safer than a tesla in self-driving mode because of auto x's high resolution cameras and lidar. >> you can see things that are smaller, small kids, small dogs and because of high resolution, you can see further. >> reporter: which is important because auto x will deliver groceries through neighborhoods. customers will order through the app and get their food she says within 15 minutes. >> then it will be in this cooler. >> reporter: but that's not all. jewell says for those who want to feel and choose their own food such as produce, the car will have a mobile store in the back seat. >> the mobile store in the back seat will automatically open. >> reporter: but you'll have to wait to shop for groceries without actually going to the store. auto x is testing out the service first in north san jose, then expanding every few weeks, not just in the bay area, but jewell hopes to other states as well. so how is this different and how is this better than uber eats or door dock? >> one thing is with the self-
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driving car we can operate in longer hours. if you want midnight snacks for your midterm exam, you can call a self-driving car. the second thing is the cost. >> reporter: auto x's delivery fee will be just under $3. right now its competitors are about $5. live in san jose, maria medina, kpix5 news. this evening a consultant is expected to recommend major changes to downtown los altos. rmm design wants to turn downtown parking lots into theaters and hotels. they home to add community living rooms with dining, play structures, ping pong tables, beer gardens , bochy ball and more and a new parking garage. this is one of the final presentations of the downtown vision plan that started in 2016. united airlines is adding daily flights from santa rosa to denver. sonoma county has been trying to add this route for more than
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a decade now. airport officials hope the addition will attract more travelers from the midwest and east coast destinations since denver is a major hub for united. the nonstop flights will have midday arrival and departure times. the first flight will take off for denver in march of next year. follow. meanwhile jetblue is raising its baggage fees to an industry high. experts say the move may prompt other airlines to follow. the carrier will now charge $30 for the first checked bag and 40 for the second. that's an increase of $5 for every piece of luggage. other airlines charge $25 for the first bag, 35 for the second. jetblue is also raising its prices for changing and cancelling a ticket. if you want really warm weather, you'll have to get on a plane and fly somewhere else because it's not here in the bay area right now. 15 degrees below average again despite the sunshine. it's sunny at the golden gate. what's going on? how long does it last?
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things i'll answer for you coming up in a few minutes. >> coming up at 6:00 tonight this bay area kindergartener was supposed to be escorted to an after school program, but he was left behind. so what did he do? he walked more than 2 miles home. his parents want to know how could this happen? their demand for answers.
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think for a second how strong the onshore flow has to be because we have almost full sunshine everywhere throughout the bay area, but temperatures are only in the upper 60s and low 70s. that's a really strong force coming from the ocean and the ocean is running chilly. at 69 degrees in oakland you're tied with santa rosa. 67 in san francisco, only 73 in livermore and concord and san jose. the average is about 87 or 88. baseball tonight, at&t park, hoping to go two in a row again the d-backs, low clouds and cool.
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you should expect that in san francisco, first pitch 61 degrees on the way to 58 in the city tonight for a low, concord and livermore 59, santa rosa tonight 54 and san jose a low of 60 degrees. we will check the air quality every day even if it's good for several because it can take a turn for the worse quickly if the wind changes, not tomorrow, good to moderate air quality throughout the bay area, a lot of blue sky once again. the overall theme is an area of low pressure several hundred miles offshore feeding in a pretty strong onshore flow, but a tiny area of low pressure is working its way down the coastline that enhanced the onshore breeze today. that's why even with afternoon sunshine we were 15 degrees cooler than average. much of the country has been baking all summer. we are one of the very few exceptions, temperatures below average for some of you because we can't get rid of the ocean breeze. it's here tomorrow ocean. the only spot not cloudy will be the santa clara valley. sometimes we get the marine layer shadow where it doesn't spill into santa clara, san
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jose or morgan hill. everybody else cloudy tomorrow morning and even with the sunshine in the afternoon another chilly one tomorrow and we'll do it again thursday with widespread morning cloud cover. cloudy, a little drizzle out there, damp in the morning. that will be everywhere tomorrow morning except for the santa clara valley. we'll keep the cool breeze even when we get the afternoon sunshine. we get less ocean influence starting friday. that's the day we transition to a milder pattern, about 7 degrees warmer starting friday. tomorrow not warm, san jose 77, concord 75, napa 74. only upper 60s for san rafael and san francisco, 64 tomorrow in pacifica. markedly warmer on friday, even near the bay low to mid-70s. once we get warmer but not back to average, that's where we stay, so very comfortable weather with more sunshine friday and through the weekend. that's your forecast. we'll be right back.
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hi ken and liz. up next... tonight on the cbs evening news: [take vonumber:550a] a rare conviction of a cop in a cbs evening news is coming up next. >> john dickerson is here with a preview. >> good evening. tonight on the cbs evening news a rare conviction of a cop in a fatal shooting, a former texas officer was found guilty of murder in the death of an unarmed black teenager. >> a new study shows the true death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria is nearly 3,000. david begnaud is there. >> and i sat down with a former p.o.w. who was imprisoned in vietnam with john mccain. he shares his memories of his
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friend coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> thank you for watching tonight at 5:00. >> al, elizabeth and paul are back in 30 minutes. >> dickerson: on the "cbs evening news" for this tuesday: late today, a texas jury convicts a white former police officer of murder in the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. a new estimate puts the official hurricane maria death toll in puerto rico at nearly 3,000. that's 1,000 more than hurricane itrina. and, i talk to former p.o.w. john fer. the man who was imprisoned in vietnam with john mccain shares his memories of an american hero. but first, the headlines in 60 inconds. >> we the jury unanimously find the defendant guilty. >> a texas jury has found police officer roy oliver guilty of murder in the shooting death of 15-year-old jordan edwards. >> edwards was killed when then- officer olivir


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