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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 30, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

5:00 am arrested in his own classroom. police s we care about it happening. you don't think it's going to happen in your school. >> a south bay teacher arrested in class with a loaded gun at school. a tree comes down on cars in the east bay overnight. >> and the memorials honoring john mccain as hundreds reflect. first we are following breaking news. it's thursday, august 30th. i'm michelle griego.
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>> i'm kenny choi. right now, down in san jose, all lanes of northbound 680 at alum rock are blocked due to police activity. witnesses saying that there's been a freeway shooting. police and firefighters found the gunshot victim at a 7- eleven parking lot the victim reportedly in stable condition. our katie nielsen is going to the scene and will have a live report later in this newscast. and gianna is tracking the backup it is causing. >> it is causing major delays of course. it's a very busy place in the morning commute 680 northbound. so completely shut down as you work your way through the south bay. a lot of the closure is between jackson and berryessa and again, this is due to police activity. use north capitol to berryessa is a good choice. you can also use 880. traffic is backed up beyond 101 so it's starting to affect traffic past 101 so that's going to cause some there's through there. use 880 as an alternate great
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in both directions no delays. much better choice instead of northbound 680. 680 shut down around capitol expressway. if you want to take north 880 out of the south bay into oakland, everything is good. towards the bay bridge, no delays right now. everything is clear with free- flowing conditions out of oakland into san francisco. that's an easy ride. 580 this morning we are seeing delays here through the altamont pass. one of our hot spots now 28 minutes so an extra 8 to 10 minutes for your drive time. good news west 80 the eastshore freeway no delays now. loveridge to 880, 12 minutes. looking good there morning. so far the forecast is looking nice out there. we are not seeing too much of an obstruction on our cameras so that's great news. "salesforce tower" camera looking towards the north there is the golden gate bridge off in the distance. normally we don't get that view. yesterday we saw it and today we are seeing it again which
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is a sign that weather will be very similar to yesterday. that's also good news because a lot of people are saying how much they loved the weather yesterday with sunny clear afternoon skies and temperatures not too hot or cold. today patchy clouds. temperatures like yesterday in the 60s and 70s this afternoon. we'll start to watch up tomorrow. you visibility 8 to 10 miles, good news, no fog disrupting the commute. it was a rude awakening this morning in a pleasant hill neighborhood as part of a huge tree came crashing down on some cars. anne makovec is live in pleasant hill. reporter: we can't
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overstate this when you say tree damaging cars because look at this tree we're talking about here. this is part of a huge oak tree, a heritage oak tree about 350 years old. it came down overnight and look at the damage it did. this is two of seven vehicles that it damaged after breaking off from its trunk. you can see part of its trunk still standing there by this house. so there is some concern about the stability of the rest of the tree as it stands. this is at hardy circle in pleasant hill. some of the branches hit a car across the street including one car that was pushed into this driveway. so major damage to these seven vehicles. this happened at about 12:30 this morning. they said it just sounded like the crack of a baseball bat. but times about 100. so it woke up a lot of people
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here. the difficulty with the heritage oak tree is they are protected by the city. so you have to get the city's permission in order to trim them. the homeowner here says that she did do so. in fact, she had an a arborist check it every year. she is going to miss her tree but in the meantime two of her vehicles are totaled. we'll hear from her coming up in the next half-hour. right now live in pleasant hill, anne makevoc, kpix 5. a san jose teacher is arrested in his own classroom. police say that he had a loaded gun at school. he is also accused in a road rage incident back in february. tactical units showed up at chaboya middle school yesterday and arrested him. parents and children say that charles so is a new 8th grade language teacher at the middle school. the school district spokesman says that so will not be back in the classroom anytime soon. >> we're appalled. i mean, it's -- it's disgraceful that any teacher
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would think that that's appropriate. >> a spokesman for the evergreen school district says that so passed background and fingerprint checks. parents say that the district should be held accountable. new twist this morning in the mystery of a missing san francisco man. police now say a purchase at a used car lot led to a suspect's arrest. 65-year-old brian egg went missing in june. two weeks ago, police found his headless body decomposing in a fish tank. police say lance silva is a suspect. they say he purchased a car using egg's debit card around the time he went missing. >> he told me he was brian egg and he -- his id and all the documentations were done as brian egg. >> police say silva could also be linked to a crime scene cleaning van that was called to egg's home right before the body was found. no word yet if the suspect will be charged. an east bay bart station is reopened this morning after a man was found dead in the bathroom. police shut down the bay fair station in san leandro around
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9:15 last night. bart officials telling us that they found a man unconscious with drug paraphernalia next to him. this comes as the agency has come under fire recently for its open drug use across stations. officials say they are beefing up patrols to help with the problem. demonstrators plan a noon rally today at san jose city hall to protest the resignation of independent police auditor aaron who resigned last week after criticism from the police officer's association. union leaders questioned his fairness accusing him of anti- police bias. organizers of today's rally believe the man was unfairly ousted. the protestors will reportedly include families of people who were killed during the confrontations with police. today a memorial service will be held in phoenix for late senator john mccain. as john schiumo reports, his family and friends and colleagues will pay tribute to him. reporter: late into the evening, senator john mccain's children thanked those who
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came to the arizona state capital to pay their respects to their father. >> this is so incredible that you are all here. really is. i really appreciate it. >> reporter: throughout the day, thousands of people from around the world waited in 105- degree heat to say a final good-bye. >> so respectful to be in the presence of someone that served our country for 30 years, which is amazing. >> reporter: on what would have been his 82nd birthday, cindy mccain, his wife, and his seven children gathered for an emotional private service. >> imagining arizona without john mccain is like picturing an arizona without the grand canyon. >> reporter: today a public memorial service will be held for mccain where former vice president joe biden will pay tribute. >> some of the dear friends i have are on the other side of the aisle. my beloved friend joe biden. he and i, we used to fight! but we were friends. and when it came time to settle something, because we were of goodwill, we could get
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it settled and resolved. >> reporter: also speaking is arizona cardinals wide receiver larry fitzgerald. >> i had a wonderful relationship with him and his family for quite a while and he has been a wonderful mentor to me. i can't tell you how honored i am to be able to, you know, go up there and say a few words about a man that everybody loves and respects. >> reporter: after the service, mccain's body will be taken to washington for a viewing at the u.s. capitol. john schiumo, cbs news. >> there will be a service at the washington national cathedral on saturday and then he will be buried at the u.s. naval academy in annapolis, maryland. the race for the governorship of florida is heating up. republican ron desantis won the republican nomination. now he is facing backlash for what he said about his democratic opponent, andrew gillum. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state.
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>> gillum is the first black to win a major party nomination to be florida's governor. desantis was an underdog and won the nomination because of president trump's endorsement. the president hadn't heard the comment be defended desantis. >> he is an extreme talent and he will make a fantastic governor of florida. so i think ron is -- he is extraordinary in so many different ways. i haven't heard that at all, no. >> president trump played a big role in arizona's republican primary to fill senator jeff flake's seat. in the end, congresswoman martha mcsally won. she will now face off against democrat kyrsten sinema with the winner becoming arizona's first female senator. three defendants arrested for child neglect in the new mexico compound case have been released. this comes after a judge dismissed charges against them because they were not given a preliminary hearing within the 10-day time frame required by law. one of the judges called it a complete failure on the part of prosecutors. >> i don't know whether they are overworked, they don't
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have enough people at their office. i don't see the district attorney here or the chief deputy district attorney. but it is disturbing to me that the district attorney would put this court in that kind of a situation. >> 11 children were found starving and living in filth. the body of a 3-year-old boy was discovered on the compound a short time later. the only charges that remain are against that boy's father and his partner. it is 5:11. in hawaii, a rescue mission takes a deadly turn. >> plus, record wildfires across the state blasting soot into the atmosphere. >> and nasa now embarking on the next generation in space. the tesla of the sky that could soon take a mission to the moon. >> today's looking pretty nice out there. already starting off with clouds that are just high enough, not to cause visibility issues. and we are going to talk about your afternoon highs.
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>> we have a traffic alert northbound 680 completely shut down in the south bay. i'll tell you where and how to get around it when we come back.
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reported death linked to hurricane lane
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officials say 30- year-old josh bradbury was in his best friend's backyard tuesday, when they not a man died in hawaii saving a dog from a stream. it's the first death linked to hurricane lane. 30-year-old josh bradbury was in a backyard on tuesday when he saw a dog in distress across a flooded stream. his friend says is that the dog jumped in and bradbury took action. >> he jumped in the stream. i ran through the bushes and i saw josh -- josh pretty much push the puppy towards me. >> the dog was saved. bradbury's body was discovered a few hours later. his father said his son wouldn't hesitate to help someone or something in need. it has been more than a month since the massive mendocino complex fire tore through several northern california counties. and now we have learned there is a way they could have been prevented. according to the u.s. forest service, controlled burns that
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begin before wildfires could prevent them from spreading. the ranch fire ukiah is 94% contained. the river fire is fully contained. nasa released this showing wildfire smoke across the continent. nasa says breathing in the soot shown in the image is harmful to both people and animals. and it can even contribute to global warming. >> does not feel good. >> it doesn't. >> it's a widespread amount of smoke. we could see hazy skies today. we are in the good to moderate range for air quality. the north bay may look hazy later on. let's show what you it looks like later on. this is a view to the west over ocean beach giving us a view of san francisco and sutro tower. this is a view of the bay bridge, as well. what a gorgeous start to the day. it's nice when you get all the
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angles from our four cameras. this one shining right on at&t park. a game tomorrow should be good. here's what's going on across san francisco. very clear conditions for us with clouds above the tower which is why we have nice views across all our cameras around the bay area. 65 degrees in concord. oakland 65. san francisco 62. these are warmer numbers than yesterday. we do show some cloud coverage out there on our satellite/radar. it's up high so no visibility problems this morning. southwest wind not too breezy even in typically windy spots, fairfield calm this morning. clouds through 9 a.m. and bricking up in san jose where you will see more sun. then through noon, 2:00, sunshine for all. should be really good-looking in the afternoon today. things are going to start to
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warm up by tomorrow. but today, enjoy what we have because we are going to be slightly below normal which puts us in the 60s, 70s, around the water 70s, 65 for san francisco, oakland around 70 degrees. so a few degrees below normal for most of us. and concord 9 degrees below average. closer look at some of the neighborhoods around town: here's the seven-day forecast. 90s by this holiday weekend. my advice to everyone out there if you are going out of the south bay northbound avoid 680 with a traffic alert. northbound 680 right between jackson and berryessa all lanes completely shut down. this is due to police activity and ongoing investigations from a shooting that happened early this morning. we have a news crew heading to
5:19 am
the scene. we'll have more on that coming up. your best alternate is 880, no delays there. we had some delays beyond 101 on northbound 680 so very slow there. so use 880. that's a great alternate right now to avoid all those stop and go conditions on northbound 680. right now from 280 to brokaw, only four to five minutes. just north of there, heading into san leandro into hayward, traffic moving nicely northbound side 880 and not bad if you are working your way into oakland. if you are heading to the bay bridge right now metering lights are off, no delays traffic clear out of oakland into san francisco. easy commute about 11 minutes from the maze to get into the city. let's check the eastshore freeway. traffic moving nicely. light westbound 80 from 4 to the maze about 15 minutes. right now no accidents or incidents reported along the eastshore freeway. if you want to use mass transit, everything is on time. nasa is experimenting with electric planes anticipating the agency's return to the
5:20 am
moon. the work is being done in kern county in southern california. the final version of the x57 plane is expected to take flight in 2021. the hope is to get the commercial industry on board. >> we are not going to repeat apollo again. it's not going to be flags and footprints and when we come home we never go back. >> the plan is being designed to produce zero in-flight emissions. a new study could help children develop a type of immunity to a peanut allergy. the university of south florida has started a peanut protein treatment called ar101. it's mixed with applesauce to make the taste more tolerable for kids. a 7-year-old boy has been taking it for two years and now doctors say all his symptoms are gone. >> this means that his body understands how to protect itself from the peanut.
5:21 am
>> the earlier you start the treatment the better. >> the community doesn't mean children can freely enjoy food with peanuts, but if it's accidentally consumed, kids won't get really sick. two big games, a's trying to take care of business in houston and with a sweep, could the giants get back into the race? we're up next. ♪[ music ] this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the new sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now, from $899, during sleep number's 'biggest sale of the year'. it senses your movement, and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it even helps with this.
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the giants haven't given up hope quite yet. but the fans evidently have. check out the crowd at a close must-win game at at&t. top of the 4th, giants down 2- 0. rodriguez hung a curve ball to sousa. slater came up empty. one run scores. rodriguez didn't have his fastball last night lasted just five innings and he gave up three runs. still, though, the giants had a shot. tying run on base in the 8th. but joe panik called out on strikes. giants four-game win streak is over. 3-1 the final. even more bad news. the giants placed steven dugger on disabled list. his season is probably over. so say hello to an old friend, gregor blanco back in the big leagues. this little guy not in school yet got to check out the astros and a's in a huge series finale. houston had a lead but not
5:25 am
anymore, piscotty, a's lead 3- 3-2. game tied at 4 in the 9th inning. tyler white with an 0-2 pitch from familia. and he ended the game. astros win 5-4. so instead of leaving houston just a half game out, the a's are 2.5 back and host seattle today. serena williams taking on karina witoff in the second round of the open. she dominated and she will meet sister venus in the third round. it's the earliest sibling meet in a major in 20 years. don't forget the 49ers and the chargers today at levi's stadium. i'll be there. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. and as dennis just mentioned, the 49ers' last preseason game against the chargers is at levi's stadium. kickoff set for 7 p.m. coverage starts right here on kpix 5 after our 6:00 newscast. here's the play of the day
5:26 am
from major league baseball. white sox and yankees in the bronx. >> right field and deep, leaping, see ya! he makes the play. >> nice catch. chicago's garcia with a fine catch at the wall robbing walker of a home run. white sox win, 4-1. in our next half-hour, some breaking news. all lanes of a bay area freeway shut down right now after shots are fired. >> reporter: a huge oak tree comes trashing down on more than half a dozen cars in a quiet suburban neighborhood. we'll show you the mess this left behind next. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪
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still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it. part of that freeway is shut down. overnight: a large tree slams into park cars i shots fired on a bay area freeway. right now, part of that freeway is shut down. >> a large treatment slammed into park cars overnight in the east bay leaving behind a mess. >> plus, a search under way to find two women who went missing in the bay area. it is thursday, august 30th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. first we start with that breaking news in san jose. northbound 680 at alum rock is shut down at this hour. witnesses telling us that police found the shooting
5:31 am
victim off the freeway at a 7- eleven parking lot nearby. he is reportedly in stable condition. the chp saying that it is conducting a search of the freeway right now for physical evidence. it is unclear how long they will keep the northbound lanes shut down. our katie nielsen is heading to the scene right now and she will have a live report later in this newscast. because of that shutdown it is causing major delays for commuters this morning. >> it sure is. it's still early but again as that morning commute heats up it is going to be busy. a big backup. shut down between jackson and berryessa northbound680 until further notice. northbound 101 getting busy. so tough ride out of the south bay right now. in the meantime, use 880.
5:32 am
paseo grande, extra volume so keep that in mind on 880. but still clear all the way into oakland. if you are heading towards the bay bridge right now, metering lights ron. you can see traffic is backed up not quite to the maze yet but it is building. 17 minutes now for your drive time. so slow there. elsewhere westbound 80 at ashby if you are taking the eastshore freeway this morning, traffic actually not too bad. we are seeing some light conditions here. no major delays westbound highway 4 to the macarthur maze. that will only take but 15 minutes right now. so pretty easy here on the eastshore freeway. skip the roads and use mass transit. everything is on time. loveridge to 680 no delays as
5:33 am
of yet. one of our hot spots through the altamont pass we are seeing slow conditions as folks go through there from 205 to 680. 28 minutes. so almost 30 minutes to work your way through there. here's your forecast with neda. thank you so much, gianna. and good morning, hey, we made it to thursday! and it's going to be a really nice day out there. if you like sunshine, you like the 70s, overall comfortable. here's a look right now at the south bay. just some high clouds. that's all we have this morning. so that's good news. patchy clouds this morning. so a little cooler than normal. the warmup begins tomorrow. so tomorrow will be closer to normal. this weekend will be above average. so that's what we'll be dealing with for the next few days for today, visibility fine even at sfo. san francisco temperature-wise 62 warmer to start off the day compared to yesterday. san jose 63. concord at 65 degrees. the low to mid-60s makes for a comfortable morning walk if
5:34 am
that's what you like to do if dog wants you to take him out. here's our satellite/radar. you are seeing a little marine layer out there. air quality today once the cloud coverage burns off in the good to moderate range. this morning in pleasant hill a tree crashed down heavily damaging several vehicles parked on the street. anne makovec joins us live where city crews will start removing the debris this morning. reporter: rip, emma. this is where she is right now. emma is a oak tree that was over 300 years old. and a big chunk of her fell overnight here on hardy circle. look at the damage here. you're looking at two vehicles of seven that were crushed by the branches of this huge oak tree overnight. it happened at about 12:30 a.m. and we spoke with the homeowner here who has been
5:35 am
watching this tree. she has had arborists come out see she was very surprised at what happened. >> it just made a sudden crack like someone hit a baseball with a wooden bat. that kind of sound. and then a big slam. we heard it hit the ground. so really the cars. it was surreal. when we came out, we couldn't tell what it hit, what happened. >> reporter: two of her vehicles were totaled and now you're looking at the other side of the street right now where other cars were crushed. in fact, one was sent careening into this yard here that you can see. so a huge mess over here. and again, she said that she had been keeping an eye on this tree but there are strict city rules when it comes to trimming heritage oaks. so she is going to be having to deal with that in addition to her crushed cars. live in pleasant hill, anne makevoc, kpix 5.
5:36 am
right now, a search across california for a missing mother and daughter who were vacationing in the bay area from canada. audrey and emily rodrigue were going to camp. they were seen at a hotel in burlingame. they had plans to go to pescadero but never got there. audrey's boyfriend reported her missing. the next day they had reservations at a campground in the humboldt county community of orleans near the oregon border. staff said they saw them and they were fine. the san mateo county sheriff is asking for anyone who has seen the two or their rental car to call police 911. a fugitive wanted in a deadly drag-racing case is behind bars. police are reviewing where he has been for nine years. investigators say shannon fox was drag-racing in 2009 when he crashed and hit another car killing a 6-year-old girl. authorities say fox fled and crossed the mexican border
5:37 am
soon after the crash. he eventually made it to guatemala. the fbi tracked him down and authorities worked for years to extradite him. >> we all know that justice delayed is justice denied. so the officers, investigators, worked tirelessly to bring this man to justice. and i thank them. >> fox was booked into san mateo county jail tuesday on $500,000 bail. he faces three felony charges and up to 12 years in prison. white house counsel don mcgahn will leave sometime in the coming weeks. the president confirming the news on twitter writing: including supreme court justice neil gorsuch... and now nominee kavanaugh. sources close to >> mcgahn has played a key role in shaping the president's conservative judiciary picks including supreme court justices. sources close to mcgahn tell cbs news that he was surprised by the tweet. now, there's speculation that the president was upset with
5:38 am
mcgahn's voluntary 30 hour interview with special counsel robert mueller. mcgahn was involved in discussions that could be key if mueller's team finds an obstruction of justice case against president trump. federal prosecutors are asking a judge for more time to decide whether to retry president trump's former campaign chairman paul manafort for the remaining 10 counts of tax and bank fraud. the government's decision was originally due yesterday but prosecutors are now asking for that deadline to be extended to one week claiming need to collect more information before making a decision. this month marks one year since hurricane harvey caused an estimated $125 billion in damage to a wide area of texas and louisiana. the time to get insurance coverage is before a disaster. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us with a refresher. what do we need to know about property insurance?
5:39 am
>> reporter: most policies cover structural and water damage but just in limited circumstances. for example, when a falling tree knocks a hole in a roof or a window and rain falls inside, yes, that's covered. but damage that results from rising water is not usually covered. only those who live in a designated flood zone and purchase insurance through the federal government's national flood insurance program are covered. and that coverage is up to $250,000 to rebuild or repair your home. $100,000 for damaged belongings. i should note that for other so-called acts of god, you guys would be interested like in this one in the bay area, earthquakes or sinkholes, you may be able to purchase a rider to a standard policy but, of course, it costs money. >> good to note that, jill. so how should we compare insurance coverage? is it actually recommended to buy these kinds of policies online? >> reporter: i think that absolutely you should do your research online. just know that prices vary by state and size of your
5:40 am
dwelling. and coverage is based on the cost to rebuild the house not the current market value. again, you're in an area where the current market value is probably much greater than the actual cost to rebuilt so you have to keep that in mind. it's absolutely fine to purchase that coverage online. but remember, you know, it's a little harder if you have to make a claim. once you secure it, take photos of the contents in your house. it can serve as a before picture in the event you need to make a claim. >> sounds good. jill schlesinger from new york city with a lot of useful information this morning. jill, thank you so much. 5:40 right now. a california man under arrest for posing as a doctor even diagnosing and treating children. >> plus severe weather in the midwest spawning a tornado and leaving one state under water.
5:41 am
5:42 am
and is now facing some very *real charges. police say: former u-c irvine student arya ouskouian a fake doctor is under arrest in southern california and facing charges. police say that former uc-
5:43 am
irvine student -- impersonated a doctor even gave a medical diagnosis to a patient in a consulting room on the uci campus. investigators say that he also pretended to be a doctor at the children's hospital of orange county. >> that's scary. if someone tried to treat my kids and they weren't a doctor, that's bad news. >> the suspect was arrested obtuse. he is charged with a felony count and eight misdemeanor counts. polk county, florida say it appears to be a case of "stand your ground." a uber driver fatally shot a man tuesday... after he was cut off and th sheriff's investigators in polk county, florida, say it appears to be a case of stand your ground. an uber driver fatally shot a man tuesday after he was
5:44 am
cutted off and threatened on a rural road. investigators say the man who was shot mistakenly said his girlfriend was in the car. a former texas police officer sentenced after murdering an unarmed black teenager. john schiumo reports he is also facing a fine. reporter: roy oliver will spend the flex 15 years in prison for murdering -- the next 15 years in prison for murdering 15-year-old jordan edwards. >> they gave a year for his age. >> reporter: you don't think that was enough? >> no, absolutely not. >> reporter: a former texas police officer learned his fate wednesday. edwards' family members felt the prison sentence was too lenient. prosecutors wanted a minimum of 60 years. >> what would you have been happy with? >> 25 to 30 or more. he actually gets a life again after his 10 years and that's not enough because jordan can't see life again. >> reporter: the guilty verdict marked a rare murder conviction for a shooting involving an on-duty officer.
5:45 am
in april 2017, oliver fired five shots into a car the teen was riding in after responding to a call about a loud party. oliver claimed the car was heading towards his partner but body cam video showed it driving away. as part of the sentencing, roy oliver was also fined $10,000. john schiumo, cbs news. >> oliver's attorneys said he would be eligible for parole after 7.5 years. the weather continues to cause problems in the midwest. on the left, record floodwaters are pushing through communities along the kickaopoo river in wisconsin. a tornado in michigan, large chunks of homes blown away. the rain subsided in both states. now it's a waiting game as the crews assess damage until the floodwaters subside. >> the rain is moving to the south now. they are getting a break across the mid questions. i want to show you what's
5:46 am
going on with the storm and the tropics. you can see rain and the tornado that brought down the heavy flooding. gulf states seeing rain as the system moves from the midwest down to the south also let's take you to the west coast. things are calmer here. we don't have any rain in the forecast. we have a low to the north keeping our temperatures from getting too hot. then eventually it will warm up. hurricane norman picked up speed and it's moving west. this is hurricane miriam that's smaller with lower winds. hurricane norman we are keeping an eye on. winds now up to 110 miles per hour.
5:47 am
mariam is moving north. we'll watch hurricane norman heading for mexico. conditions should be fine for flights coming in and out of town. 62 degrees right now in san francisco. livermore 62. our weather has been nice. yesterday was sunny and beautiful. we have a light wind 5 to 7 miles an hour coming from the west-southwest direction so barely much. sunrise this morning 6:38. and sunset tonight at 7:41. we'll keep an eye out for that sunrise because yesterday was pretty, as well. our futurecast does show we have clouds out there. the marine layer through about 10:00 this morning. and then it will start to retreat back and will burn off by this afternoon. and that's when you'll see that sunshine. it will be back again tonight and again early tomorrow morning. but it doesn't look as thick for tomorrow. afternoon highs low 60s at the beaches. 75 palo alto. upper 70s and low 80s in places like brentwood but other than that, it's really
5:48 am
comfortable around the bay, mid- to upper 60s. 60s to 80s today. tomorrow things heat up. uner 80s. low 90s over the holiday weekend. we expect to see more sunshine this weekend. this weekend, plenty of sunshine and nice weather. on the freeways, we are keeping an eye on a traffic alert that's been going on northbound 680 still shut down out of the south bay this morning due to police activity shut down between jackson and berryessa. we have a news crew headed out to the scene. traffic is reentering 680 at berryessa but you are backed up beyond 101. speeds down to 2 miles an
5:49 am
hour. you have choices. that's a great alternate. 280 to brokaw no problems. four minutes for your drive time. if you get back on at berryessa you'll be fine northbound to 84. northbound 101 out of the south bay starting to see some stop and go conditions. no accidents. this morning, we have learned the new longer muni buses that debuted this summer in san francisco had done a lot more than just carry extra passengers. the "san francisco examiner" reports the 60-foot buses from june have led to less crowding and fewer fights on board the nine r routes during the morning commute. >> a bill to power california with only renewable energy is going to governor brown. california lawmakers gave final approval yesterday bringing the state one step closer to ending the use of fossil fuels. if passed it would require all
5:50 am
retail electricity to be generated from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources by the year 2045. in the wake of a 4.4 earthquake in southern california, a survival shop shows us how it's taking earthquake preparedness to the next level. sos survival products in van nuys has been helping people feel safe for 29 years. the owner says before an earthquake strikes, we should have an evacuation plan and supplies for up to two weeks including the basics like food and water. >> at least a gallon per person per day. >> if you have canned food set aside, make sure you have a manual can opener. >> the store has it all. it has the flashlights, first aid kids, radios and more. dedicated customers say it is a small price to pay for the gift of peace of mind. time now 5:50. the brewing battle over cancer labels on coffee heats up. >> the warning the fda is now sending to california. >> plus, the new recommendations for parents when it comes to car seat safety. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] recommendations for car seats. 1) new information for parents with young children as
5:54 am
wendy gillette reports, experts have updated recommendations for car seats. natasha young is mother to 5-month-old soleil but she is also a certified technician for safe kids worldwide and teaches other parents how to properly install a car seat. she says it's vital to keep young children in a rear- facing seat. >> because it protects them in a crash keeping their head and neck safe. >> reporter: this video shows how a rear-facing seat is better. the american academy of pediatrics is updating its guidelines to reflect that. the group used to recommend rear-facing seats until at least age 2. now the academy wants parents to keep children in rear-facing seats until they reach the maximum height and weight limit even if they are older than 2. >> even if their children are longer than the car seat, they can easily fold the legs up into the car seat and it's safer for their legs.
5:55 am
>> reporter: the new policy also recommends older kids stay forward-facing safety seats and booster seats until they reach the max height and weight recommended by the manufacturer. when it comes to rear-facing seats, young says parents often make the mistake of turning their kids around too soon. >> a lot of times they like to see and entertain their child especially if the child is fussy. >> reporter: she says a little fussiness is better than putting a child at risk of being injured in a crash. wendy gillette, cbs news. there's a new debate about whether coffee in california should carry a warning label because of a chemical linked to cancer. a group filed a lawsuit back in 2010 saying that coffee should have the warning labels. this past march, a judge agreed. but the food and drug administration thinks otherwise. the fda sent a letter to state officials that read in part, although the chemical at high doses is linked to cancer in
5:56 am
animals and coffee contains acrylamide, current science indicates that consuming coffee poses no significant risk of cancer. a decision on the issue is expected by the end of the year. northbound 680 in san jose shut down this morning after an early-morning shooting. we'll have the details coming up. >> and look at this huge mess. a tree hit a half dozen cars overnight in a quiet suburb. we'll show you the mess next.
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5:59 am
mccain -- as memorial services draw mourners from around the world... and congressional lawmakers aren't happy with google ahead of a high- profile hearing next week. good morning. thousands of people mourn john mccain. >> and congressional lawmakers aren't happy with google ahead of a high-profile hearing.
6:00 am
good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. it's thursday, august 30th. a freeway shooting in san jose. >> let's get right to kpix 5's katie nielsen with more. katie. >> reporter: so we're actually up on top of the alum rock overpass above 680. take a look back behind me. these are the northbound lanes. what you don't see are any cars coming through. normally this freeway is very busy with rush hour traffic. all lanes are south down at capitol expressway as police look for evidence in a early- morning freeway shooting. about 3 a.m. san jose police got reports of a shooting victim who was parked at a convenience store. the man told police he was shot while driving northbound 680. chp responded they closed down the freeway at capitol expressway and issued a "sig alert" around 4:30 this morning. now, as we were driving


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