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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 30, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. "cbs this morning" is next. have a great day, everyone! good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, august 30th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." 24 senators will join john mccain's family and thousands of others in arizona to say good-bye. before mccain makes his final trip to washington. we'll talk to senator lindsey graham about his final conversation with his longtime friend. only on "cbs this morning," the air force veteran sent to prison for leaking a d document about russian election hacking speaks out from behind bars. reality winner will take to us about the leak she now calls a mistake. detroit shuts off the water supply to all public schools
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because of concerns about lead contaminati contamination. and the icy debate over the thermostat. we look at the science behind why the sexes can't agree on where to set the temperature. but we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> don mcgahn's a really good guy. a lot of affection for don. >> president trump announces the exit of the white house top lawyer. >> his departure comes after it was reported that he was cooperating extensively with robert mueller's russia investigation. >> mourners paying their respects to late senator john mccain. >> the war hero lying in state at the arizona state capital. >> we're grateful for his life and for his sacrifice. >> he understood the dog whistle he was blowing. >> claims he used racially offensive language. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up. >> three of the five suspects arrested for child abuse after a raid on a new mexico compound
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have been released from jail. >> an uber driver in florida shot and killed a man who was pursuing him. >> authorities are calling it a classic stand your ground case. >> the message is clear, don't mess with an uber driver. > . >> a former police officer sentenced for the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager. >> all that -- ♪ you say >> prince harry with a tune from "hamilton." >> all that matters. >> when red star belgrade qualified, the fans goes up to one of the players, taking the jersey right off of him and proceeded to hide it in his shorts. >> fortunately he left the rest of the clothes on. >> i love you. do you love me too? >> a dog who hates cuddles going viral. >> i think he loves me. >> after getting a hug from hs owner. >> those eyes. >> i got this on camera.
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>> welcome to "cbs this morning." ga gayle king is off so adriana diaz is with us. as you wake up in the west, arizona is set to say good-bye to senator john mccain before his final trip to washington. thousands of people waited outside the state capitol to view mccain's casket and pay his respects to their family. >> 24 current and 4 retired senators plan to attend a memorial service this morning. the speakers include former vice president joe biden. nancy cordes is outside the north phoenix baptist church where the service will be held. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this church was chosen in part because it can accommodate thousands of people. in fact, so many people lined up yesterday at the arizona state capital to see mccain lying in state that four of his children actually went back to the capitol late last night to thank them.
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> really y feel likike he di good job trying to work across the aisle and i really appreciated that. >> okay, well, he's my dad so -- >> oh, really? >> reporter: jack, james, doug and sidney mccain, in mourning themselves, shook hands and spoke with well wishers who never met their father. 12,000 people stood in line to say good-bye to john mccain well into the night. constituents who saw him as more than just a politician. >> actually -- >> reporter: vietnamese americans showed up in force to honor the former p.o.w. he came with a group of 100 from california. >> we praised him, that this is a hero, he said no, i'm not a hero. i'm in the company of heroes. >> reporter: earlier in the day, an intimate ceremony for the family and close colleagues after the casket was escorted to the capitol. >> imagining arizona without john mccain is like picturing an arizona without the grand canyon. it's just not natural.
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>> we ask for an added measure of thy spirit to be with john's sweet family who have sacrificed so much for so long in sharing their loving husband and father with us. >> today, the tears will be mixed with laughter as the straigt-talking senator is eulogized by close friends like local latino activist tommy espinoza. what was the source of your bond? >> you know, you get around john mccain, he was always thinking, you know, on top of things. and that energy i loved, you know, when i was around him. >> reporter: one of mccain's friends told me he might have to share a couple of inappropriate anecdotes today because that's what mccain would have wanted. and of course vice president joe biden is not known, on, for holding back either. >> there are no inappropriate anecdotes today, nancy, thanks
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so much. senator lindsey graham shared a close friendship with john mccain from the senate, gn trails and nearly 50 overseas trips to war zones. their bond was a rarity in a rancorous congress. we spoke to senator graham about john mccain's legacy, the white house counsel and the mueller investigation. >> if you back in the senate could pass some legislation, not to honor him but -- what would you try to get passed? >> immigration. it meant a lot to john to fix a broken immigration system. the president can do this. he is a deal maker. but the people around him, not so much. >> people would say the real disconnect between your effort to try to work with the president and your friendship with john mccain is people say all the praise that's being heaped on john mccain does not apply to the president. >> i am going to do everything i can to help president trump and when he's wrong, i will say so. it bothered me greatly when the president says things about john mccain. it pisses me off to no end and i
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let the president know it. the way he's handled the passing of john was disturbing. finally got it right. i am not going to give up on the idea of working with this president. the best way i could honor john mccain is help my country. >> did you call the president and tell him to bring the flag back down to half-staff? >> no, but i called some people around him. >> what did the president learn from john mccain? >> what i would tell the president, a lot of people you think are treating you unfairly. but you're going to have to be a big man in a big office. john mccain was a big man. worthy of a big country, mr. president. you need to be the big man that the presidency requires. >> some people worry that getting rid of mcgahn means fewer people around him are reminding him of the con stastrs of the presidency. >> as long as i am around, i will remind him of how this game
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plays. i understand the process well. here's what i'll tell the president. there's no scenario where you can end this investigation, the mueller investigation, through some political intrigue, and survive. that's the end of you. the only person in america that can clear donald trump is mueller. >> do you think he'd fire attorney general sessions today if he could? >> i think he wants an attorney he can have a working relationship with, and to those in my business who say you're stuck with jeff sessions. i like jeff sessions. but how smart do you have to be to understand this is not working. >> let me ask you about the investigation. you said that at the end of the day, if there is collusion between the trump campaign and the russians, that will be it for me. anything else will be just noise. >> yes. >> you said you have faith in mueller. >> i do. >> if mueller finds something else and it's not collusion? >> i think he'll act on it. i say this as a half of a joke. to collude, you come up with a
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plan and stick with it. trump's not good at that. >> lindsey graham recognizes an investigation may start here and ultimately be cause for -- >> oh, 100%. >> so that could be possible? >> we'll see what he finds, absolutely. >> we'll have more of our interview with senator lindsey graham in our next hour. ahead, he'll take us inside their unique friendship and their final moments together. new york governor cuomo and his opponent cynthia nixon traded a string of barbs in their only debate last night. repeatedly disagreeing on policy and also exchanged personal insults. the debate got especially heated during the discussion of campaign finance laws. >> to change the campaign finance laws, you need something called the new york state legislature to pass it. you don't snap your fingers as governor and it happens -- >> that will never happen if you empower the idc and give the republicans control of the senate -- >> can you stop interrupting? >> if you'll stop lying, i'll
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stop interrupting -- >> wow. cuomo also said he will not run for president in 2020 if he's re-elected in november. that makes me want to go back and watch the whole thing. >> absolutely. >> another senior trump administration official, white house counsel don mcgahn, will soon be leaving. the announcement came less than two weeks after the news that mcgahn met with special counsel robert mueller three times. but sources say mcgahn had talked about resigning for months. president trump says he'll leave after the senate confirmation hearings for supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. florida's republican nominee for governor is under fire for a remark that democrats describe as racially charged. congressman desantos said voters would monkey up the success if they elect his opponent tallahassee mayor andrew gullum.
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manuel bojorquez, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. accused desantis. but he says his comments were simply misunderstood. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda. >> reporter: that comment by ron desantis came in response to his opponent gillum, florida's first black gubernatorial nominee. on fox news, he used language this morning that some label as racist. do you think his comments were racist? >> i'll just say, i've been in politics a long time. i've seen these kinds of ploys and tactics before. i do think it is beneath the intelligence of floridians. >> reporter: gillum links desantis' language to his most high-profile supporter. >> everybody needs to support
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desantis. >> reporter: president donald trump. >> i believe the residents of this state will send a message that we reject that kind of hatr hatred. >> reporter: the president did not address desantis' controversial comments. >> the candidate you endorsed said it's not time to monkey around with the economy down in florida. >> no, i didn't hear it -- >> -- a racist comment -- >> i didn't hear that. >> reporter: gillum is an outspoken progressive. >> elect this man as the next governor of this state. >> reporter: and was endorsed by vermont senator bernie sanders. des desantis said his comments were about that, gillum's politics. >> it has zero to do with race. it has everything to do with whether we want florida to continue to go in a good direction, building off this success, or turn to left wing socialist policy. >> reporter: our request to interview desantis was declined but his campaign said any attempts to characterize those comments as racist was, quote,
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absurd. there are 68 days until voters here head to the polls. >> all right, manuel, thank you. a texas jury working late into the night gave a white former police officer 15 years in prison for the killing of an unarmed black teenager. the sentencing of roy oliver came one day after he was convicted of murder. edwards and four other unarmed teens drove away from a party last year. the jury could have handed down a life sentence. >> we're thankful for the verdict that we received. although we wanted more years. this is a state. we can get some kind of closure. so we're thankful. >> murder convictions for police involved in on-duty shootings are very rare. since 2005, just one other officer was convicted out of 93 prosecuted. oliver will be eligible for parole after 7 1/2 years. a florida uber driver who
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claimed self-defense in a new stand your ground controversy will not face charges for the deadly shooting of another driver. releasing the dash cam video from the confrontation tuesday morning. approached the car apparently and threatened the driver before he was shot. to tony dokoupil. >> reporter: he thought his girlfriend was in the uber when he forced it off the road. calling it a classic case of stand your ground. >> this is a justifiable homicide all day long. >> reporter: the county sheriff says the evidence shows the uber driver acted in self-defense. jason boek stopped in front of westlake, got out of his truck and pulled out a cell phone like a handgun as he approached the car. >> i say something. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: westlake called 911 as he tried to revive boek.
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>> he ran me off the road, jumped out of his vehicle. i couldn't get away. he came towards me. shouting he's got a pistol. reached for his waistband. i'm applying pressure to the wound. he's faintly breathing. >> reporter: police say it all started at a bar in dundee about 45 miles south of orlando. boek and his estranged girlfriend were drinking here when they got into a fight. boek left but was still watching the bar from a truck he borrowed from a friend. police say mazzarella was texting with boek while also helping the bartender get an intoxicated customer into an uber. what police say boek did not know that the driver was armed with a legal concealed handgun. >> here's a message for the hot heads of the community. don't do that stuff. good people carry guns. and they will shoot you a lot.
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graveyard dead. >> reporter: the sheriff may have a point there. this of course is not the first controversial stand your ground incident in florida. earlier this month, the man was charged with manslaughter after police initially declined to charge him in a parking lot shooting. and there is of course the trayvon martin case. the unarmed 17-year-old was shot and killed in 2012 by george zimmerman who was acquitted. >> sheriff really speaking the truth there about trying to warn people about this. >> some florida wisdom there. temperatures are soaring in the northeast again today. after a day of historic and deadly hot weather. heat advisories are in effect from new york to massachusetts. temperatures could feel higher than 90 again today and thousands of people in boston lost power yesterday. as the city hit a record-breaking high of 98 degrees. on new york's long island, an 11-year-old girl was pulled unconscious from a parked car and later died at a hospital.
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in philadelphia, a high school teacher was reportedly hospitalized and numerous students got heat-related illnesses. in the west, heat is a major concern for crews battling wildfires. meteorologist danielle niles of our boston station wbz has the forecast. danielle, good morning. >> good morning, everyone. red flag war good morning, everyone. we have low humidity today and it really gusty wind that is going to feel these critical fire conditions out west. meanwhile, the heat index value is going to be in the mid-90s. st eat in the southern plains as well. there is some relief open the
7:18 am
way for the northeast especially. will feel nice tomorrow. a welcome change with highs in the 70s from boston to new york city, down through buffalo. 80s in d.c. and it is bigger change will be a drop in the humidity which will make a significant difference. although the heat does come back in for the second half of the holiday weekend into labor day. big ridge of high pressure looks like highs will top out 90-plus for much of next week. >> danielle, thank you. harmful levels of copper and lead have been detected in the drinking water at detroit public schools. ahead, we're going to take you to detroit to see how the city is scrambling to address the problem before the first d good morning. it is starting off a bit great out there today. you should see plenty of sunshine and comfortable weather this afternoon. it is very similar to what we had yesterday. 69 in oakland, 77 in san jose,
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and 5 to 10 degrees below average all across the bay area. tomorrow things will start to warm up. this weekend through labor day, we will be in the low 90s.
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convicted leaker and former nsa contractor reality winner is telling her story for the first time only on "cbs this morning." >> ahead in an interview from her georgia jail, how she deeply regrets leaking that document and how she believes the russia investigation has vindicated her. >> you're watching "cbs this morning." why lenscrafters? personalized service is why. clarifye, no other eye exam is more precise is why. and becausste? your style is why. lenscrafters is why. book an eye exam today.
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♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present. coming up -- three things you should know this morning, including how the u.s. open is chairjing its shirt policy for women and players after a truly ruling prompted claims of sexism. and tomorrow, first on "cbs this morning" we'll talk with
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wendy sherman about her key role in negotiating the iran nuclear deal, and where the agreement stands now. your local news is next. northbound 680 at alum rock are back open.. after a reported freeway shooting. witnesses shot victim good morning.: 26. in san jose, all lanes are back open report freeway shooting safe and sound the gunshot at a 7-eleven parking lot. he is reportedly in stable condition. in pleasant hill, several cars were crushed as a tree toppled over shortly after midnight. no injuries are reported. demonstrators are planning to rally at san jose city hall planning to protest.
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updates are up-to-date on your favorite platforms including our website, will
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880 is taking a hit the road 238, 43 minute drive. give yourself a few extra minutes. >> we do have clouds out there this morning. i know yesterday will watching the sunrise in, but today it is a little cloudy over the golden gate bridge. 62 degrees in san francisco, 63 in livermore. look at the layer extending through fairfield and beyond. your temperatures, eventually things will warm up nicely.
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♪ welcome back to "cbs this morning." here are three things y should know. education secretary betsy devos reportedly plans to issue new campus sexual misconduct rules that strengthen the rights of students accused of harassment or assault. "the new york times" obtained the documents which for the first time legally define sexual harassment on campuses. the policies lessen colleges and universities' liability for off-campus incidents. they also encourage schools to provide more support for victims. the cdc says one person died from a salmonella outbreak
7:31 am
linked to kosher chicken. it has sicken 17 people in four states since last september. health officials traced the outbreak to raw chicken samples from two facilities. one of them processes empire kosher chicken which several people reported eating. the usda issued a public health alert for the raw chicken products. the u.s. tennis association will now allow female players to change shirts on the court after controversy erupted around its previous policy. a chair umpire penalized a french player cornet tuesday for turning her shirt around at the u.s. open because it was on backwards. many call it a sexist double standard since men are allowed to change their shirts on the court and just sit there with their shirts off. she did it very quickly but the usta said it regrets the decision. reality winner leaked a secret report on russian election hacking to the media and will now serve more than five years in prison. that's the longest sentence ever imposed for this kind of
7:32 am
violation. the former nsa contractor and air force linguist has been held in a georgia jail since last june and is awaiting transfer to a federal prison after her sentencing last week. the document winner leaked to the intercept was the first time the public learned the russian government tried to infiltrate state election systems in 2016. >> she is the first person to be sentenced under the espionage act since the trump administration took office. only on "cbs this morning," reality is calling us now from the lincoln county jail in georgia for her first television interview. per her plea agreement she cannot answer any questions about classified material or her motivation for leaking the document. joining us at the table is her mother, billie winner-davis. good morning, and thank you for joining us. reality, thank you for joining us on the phone as you there are in jail. let me ask you this because it was the document that you leaked that really brought everyone's
7:33 am
attention to this idea about the russians trying to infiltrate and attack our state voting systems, which at the time was not common knowledge. what has it been like to see the russia investigation unfold from behind bars? >> it's been a little vindicating, but also frustrating. i know that had i been out and allowed some kind of opinion about it, i would be doing my due diligence as a citizen, contacting my senators. but as it is i've just been behind bars kind of a spectator. and kind of a sounding box to other people's opinions when i call people. they are so frustrated or the mail i get. people are just venting to me about the state of the country. >> you leaked these documents to the intercept. and the editor in chief betsy reed has said this about you. instead of being recognized as a
7:34 am
conscious-driven whistleblower whose disclosure helped protect u.s. elections, winner was prosecuted with vicious resolve. why do you think the government is making an example out of you? >> well, it was mid-2017, and i was the first one. however, as of friday, you know, even our commander in chief, president trump, has kind of come out and said, wait a minute. this is really unfair. there's this double standard here. and for that i can't thank him enough because for 16 months, those words so unfair were actually not allowed by either myself or my team or my family to really say out in the public. so i just can't thank him enough for finally saying what everybody has been thinking for 16 months. >> do you believe you now have the support of president trump? >> i don't like to assume
7:35 am
anything as to what's going on in his head, but the small potatoes was a breath of fresh air. it reminded me of me and my own family. we try to make a joke ouft of everything. we laugh every single day. and he really gave a whole sense of humor to the whole thing because it is quite bizarre. >> reality, you said you feel vindicated by what's happened in the russia investigation, but you've also said this was a mistake. was this mistake worth it? >> you know what i've learned in my time here is that you can disagree with someone until you're blue in the face. you can talk all you want but what matters is how you treat the person next to you. kind sentence an art that can be practiced any time and anywhere. and what you do in your community, no matter how small it is, if you help just one person that day, you change the whole world. so i just wish that that's where my mind-set had been two years ago. >> i know after you arrested, you said you didn't think about
7:36 am
the consequences of what you did. now that you know the consequences, do you regret leaking those documents? >> yes, deeply. >> all right. well, reality winner, i know this has been your first television interview and joining us from inside jail. we thank you so much for spending your time with us. i know now they cut off the time so thank you and hope to talk to you soon. >> all right, cool. have fun, mom. love you. >> joining us now is reality's mother billie. i know you get to speak with your daughter every day. but let me just ask you to hear what she has been accused of, espionage, treason against her own country. that's been difficult. >> that has been. that's been something that from the beginning, i was fighting. and i didn't want for her to be convicted or to plead guilty of espionage. espionage implies that you are a
7:37 am
traitor, that you are a spy, and that is absolutely not anything that she did. >> you don't believe she's a villain. you believe she's a patriot because she was the first to really raise awareness about what the russian intelligence unit was trying to do towards influencing our election system? >> i do. i do believe that. i believe that the information that she leaked should have been released. i don't understand why our intelligence community didn't release it to us. i don't understand why they didn't warn the states that were at risk. >> do you think the size of her sentencing is meant to send a message to anybody else who would do this? >> i know it is because the prosecution said it in their sentencing memo. they said it there in the courtroom last thursday, and the judge also then repeated it. nobody thinks that reality winner is at risk of doing anything again, but they needed to send a message. they needed her sentence to be a deterrent. >> all right. billie winner-davis, thank you so much for joining us.
7:38 am
we appreciate it. >> thank you. parents in detroit are outraged over lead contamination that's forced all the city's public schools to cut off drinking water. >> all summer long, the grass stayed cut. why you didn't make sure the water stayed clean? >> frustrating? >> yes. >> ahead, what school officials are trying to do to ease parents' fears. if you're on the go, subscribe to our cbs this morning podcast available wherever you'd like to download your podcasts. hear the day's top stories and what's happening in your world in less than 20 minutes. you're watching "cbs this morning." with deer and stuff. at a-a-r-p, we're all about hikes, bikes... swims... and... whatever this is... because we're here to help you become your healthiest self. it's why we offer health tips for your body... ...and your brain.
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♪ drinking water is being shut off in all of detroit's public schools after testing revealed harmful levels of copper and lead in multiple buildings. water quality issues have now been detected in 34 schools, nearly one-third of the district. demarco morgan is in detroit where one mother is demanding answers about how this happened and why parents weren't notified
7:43 am
sooner. demarco, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. new tests revealed this week reveal the gafshrvey academy bed me reveals the water is not safe to drink. the first day of school starts next tuesday. >> i haven't been notified, and i live literally a block away from the school. >> reporter: once her daughter paris arrives at her first day of kindergarten next week, none of the water fountains or faucets will be working because the water is contaminated. >> what about drinking that water? >> yes. >> how do they prepare lunch? how do the lunch aides wash their hands? >> reporter: it's unclear how long children have been drinking the tainted water. the culprit appears to be aging metal pipes inside the school itself. >> all summer long the grass stayed cut. why you didn't make sure the
7:44 am
water stayed clean? >> it frustrates you? >> yes. >> reporter: nikolai ordered tests on every drinking fountain and faucet. high levels of lead and/or copper were found in 16 schools, 18 more tested positive for contaminants in 2016. as a precaution, he shut off the water at every school affecting more than 47,000 students. bottled water is being provided. >> there's been a lack of investment within the detroit public school systems. so this has built up over time. >> reporter: councilwoman chef ee chefsheffield says many of the schools are in her district. >> they are in deplorable conditions. we've had reports of mold and mice and roaches running through our schools. we have to make sure that we are allocating the appropriate funding to address these needs and finally really put our children first. >> reporter: the utilities company that supplies the
7:45 am
drinking water says the tainted water problems do not go beyond detroit's public schools. they say the water is safe because it's tested hourly and it's safe to drink and that residents should not worry about widespread contamination similar to what happened in flint, michigan. norah? >> demarco, thanks. you covered this story. >> in flint, that was manmade. a switch made to save money and that led to lead contamination there. the government says the contamination is gone, residents don't feel that way and everybody is still buying bottled water in flint. detroit it looks like that has to do with aging pipes. they were cutting the grass. who was watching the pipes? >> yeah. >> when the government says the water is safe to drink, people must just think -- >> they roll their eyes and they say, okay, sure. >> i just -- it's such a huge problem as we've documented on this show. you've done great reporting. we cannot have our children exposed to this. it leads to life-long developmental problems. it's a big issue. as children head back to
7:46 am
school, doctors are urging parents to put an eye exam on their to-do list. on today's morning round, the top eye doctor shows us how to look after your kids' eye health. how a conflict over scallops led british and french fishermen to ram each other's boats. tasty, but we have higher clouds to start out the day, but this afternoon, you should see the sunshine and pretty comfortable temperatures. it is 62 degrees in pacifica. yes, there is a game going on today, the chargers and the niners. the game will be as little -- a little breezy today. temperatures will rise this weekend. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places.
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7:51 am
u.s. state department says in some cases those seeking passports are being asked to provide additional documents to prove they were born in the u.s. i don't know what else you can provide other than a birth certificate but, okay. >> the albuquerque journal reports outrage is growing after child abuse charges were dropped against the suspects. three suspects are scheduling a preliminary hearing. the two others remain behind bars. one was allegedly training the children to commit school shootings. they pleaded not guilty to charges of child abuse leading to death. >> our partners report france and the uk are trying to provide more clashes between fishermen. nearly 40 french boats confronted an estimated five english vessels in the english channel near normandy. the french say the british are depleting scallop stocks. the boats collided and rocks were thrown. international rules say english
7:52 am
boats can fish at any time but the others must wait until october. "the wall street journal" reports airplane bathrooms are getting smaller. a reporter measured older bathrooms and found they were about 3 to 34 inches wide at chest level. newer bathrooms were 26 inches wide and didn't think we'd notice. that's about 20% smaller. the airline industry says smaller bathrooms mean more leg room or more seats. >> that's tight. >> when it gets hot outside, men and women argue over the temperature inside. how their longstanding argument just got political. standing argument over temperature just got political. like zero percent financing for sixty months on the built ford tough f-150. so hurry and save big on ford, america's best-selling brand. get zero percent financing for sixty months plus twenty-eight hundred bonus cash on a 2018 f-150 xlt equipped with 2.7 liter ecoboost.
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open after a freewa this is a kpix5 morning update. >> all lanes of northbound 680 back open after a freeway shooting early this morning in san jose. the chp had to shut down that stretch of the roadway just after 3. so far, no arrests, and no motives. a san jose teacher is arrested in his own classroom. police are saying yet a loaded gun at school. he is also accused in a road rage incident back in february. the largest wildfire in state history is almost out.
7:57 am
the mendocino complex fire is now 93% contained. we will have news updates throughout the day here and on our website,
7:58 am
let's get you updated on this trouble spot walnut creek northbound. southbound, we did have a brief traffic alert. all lanes are now open. traffic is still a little slow. we are seeing delays to highway 24. that is about a 20 minute drive this morning. taking a look at 580, a 33 minute drive time and want to get to the bridge, you have delays with the metering lights on. north 880 in oakland is also biddy. our skies are a little more greater yesterday. we definitely got a treat with the sunrise yesterday. this afternoon will be a treat. temperatures are going to be a little comfortable. 65 in concorde, 64 in livermore
7:59 am
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in the west. it's thursday august 30th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." up ahead, senator talks about john mccain and tells us what he wants for his tribute. but first, here's the eye opener at 8:00. arizona is set to say good buy to senator john mccain. thousands lined up to see the casket. lined up to see john mccain
8:01 am
lying in state. children went back to thank them. >> accused of making racist dog whistles. they are demanding apology. they say his comments were misunderstood. >> some people worry that getting rid of mcgahn means fewer people around him reminding him constraints of the presidency. >> there is no scenario where you can end this investigation, mueller investigation, through political intrying and survive. sheriff's office said jason thought his girlfriend was inside the uber when he tried to force it off the road and the deadly shooting. mid-90s for the east coast. new study claims no amount of alcohol is good for you. yeah, yeah. in response, americans said do we look like we want what's good for us. seriously. do we look like we care?
8:02 am
i'm norah o'donnell with john dickerson. so good to have you here. >> good to be here. >> gayle enjoying some time off. heat advisories in place from new jersey to massachusetts. expected mid-90s on the east coast. >> it could feel like 96 in philadelphia where schools will ends early. some let them go early due to the heat. summer relief this weekend, but record heat could return next week. >> oh, joy. 24 u.s. senators plan to attend this morning memorial service in phoenix for senator john mccain. senator biden will give one of the eulogies. an estimated 12,000 people lined up to view the casket at arizona stated capital.
8:03 am
lindsey graham offered an emotional testament. their unique relationship that spanned more than two decades. talked about the pain of losing his friend. more surprising moments of their life and their last moments together. >> we heard a lot about senator mccain this he can would. what's something people would be surprised to learn about john mccain? >> how kind he was. >> how did that fan fmanifest i? >> paying amount of attention when you needed it the most. that he could be a handful and rip your head off but incredibly kind just by picking up the phone, making sure that you knew he was there for you. >> what would he say if he was calling you now? >> buck up. knock that crap off. . you are embarrassing yourself.
8:04 am
>> do you still have the ininstinct to take out your phone and call him? >> yeah, literally i almost picked up my phone and called him. so i don't know who you talk in your life and share things with your hopes and dreams and business activities, it was john for me. >> if you can't talk to him, what are you hearing him say in your head? >> steady. keep pushing. be careful. but steady. stay involved. don't give up. >> did you get a chance to say good b good-bye to him? >> yeah, i did. and i walked in and he smiled and held my hand but really didn't say anything. and friday was a bad day, but something told me to go. i was planning to go this week. and i found the hole in my schedule and said i need to go. >> what did you tell him when you said good-bye to him.
8:05 am
>> you did good. you ex-seatceeded every expecta your dad did for you. you did right by your country and friends. and i'm better for having met you and he squeezed very hard. >> you traveled all over the world together. >> yeah, every place no one else wanted to go. >> you were never anywhere very long. >> this man, john mccain, had more energy than ten men. the doctor told me in sidney that he had eight times the tolerance for pain of the average person. but he had a schedule that would literally kill you. but he was curious. >> last question. we were sitting in the russell senator office building. should it be john mccain office building? >> i don't know. named the capital after the guy in d.c. i want to see what the family thinks. but the cap business center, he hated that place. turned out to be marvelous. first thing you saw was the life of john mccain? what if it was the john mccain
8:06 am
visitor center? that would be good. that would be educational moment for young people to see john mccain existed and men and women that made truly great. so it would annoy the hell out of him so it would be my way of getting back at him. >> senator graham. >> thank you. >> he went the range of emotions yesterday. thinking about john mccain and those final times holding his hand and that when he said that he still reaches for his phone to call him, they would call each other constantly all day long. >> you know, lindsey graham has been very supportive of president trump. and we know mccain was not close with president trump. did that cause a rift between them? >> we talked about that, yes. there was a lot of clashes. and his argument is what did john mccain? he made up with george bush and barack obama. but in the end he made up. he said that's my job, even though i disagree with the
8:07 am
president, and he talked about all the president's flaws, but he said john mccain message was you need to serve your country by working with the president. there are some people that believe that serving john mccain's memory means keeping up constant resistance against the president. >> interesting. and if your child is consistenting or tilting their head, it could be a sign of vision problem. we'll get top advice from an eye doctor and how to make sure your kids can see clearly. i know we need that advice in
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
♪ ♪ in in today's morning rounds why doctors are urging park entsz to make eye exams a priority. they say 25% of children already wear or need glasses by the time they enter kindergarten. doctors now recommend that parents have the eyes of their school age children checked every year. the doctor in mount sinai in new york. good morning. >> good morning. >> what can doctors detect from babies so young? and is it true that babies can only see black and white when they are a few months old? >> right. when the baby rs born visual system is still immature. so they can see light and color, like red and black and white, and that kind of thing, but they won't make out fine details.
8:11 am
doctors at birth will check to make sure the child can at least see light. does the child wince to light. that's accrued assessment to vision. then they'll look at the eye ball. and the red reflex, dreaded red eye in photos, that's actually a good sign that the retina is normal and everything in the back of the eye is healthy. >> this happened with my son under the age of 10 a teacher pointed out. so what some of the signs we should be looking for that a child may have trouble seeing? >> sure. obvious things would be eyes that don't stay straight. eyes that shake. eyes that wander. poor fixization and tracking. and things like squinting. when they are squinting, that may be indication they may need glass zbls what impact does it have on learning? >> everything. for me, for example, when i was in third grade started failing spelling tests and teacher notified my parents you might
8:12 am
want to get her vision test. if that didn't happy might be labeled a bad student. and i didn't know i was having a problem because the vision at that time was normal for me. that's when i started wearing glasses. >> i could have used that excuse for my spelling. so at what age should people get their children checked? >> vision screening starts at birth. then around one year going, the pediatricians will check during those well child visits. and certainly by the time the child is about three to five years old, they should have a comprehensive eye exam. because there may be a problem with one eye that you may not be able to detect. so they may be a problem that they need glasses more than one side than the other. they may have a problem in the back of the eye. >> i think, doctor, how many times as parent parent teacher conference, hear their kids aren't doing well on a subject and maybe a lot of the times the answer is vision problems.
8:13 am
>> absolutely. sometimes miss ha alignment of the eye can help the focus. so those do require an eye exam. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good practice when heading back to school. >> thank you. much more news ahead, a fight over the office thermostat. ahead why the sexist can't agree on it the right temperature. plus tennis grates past and present tells us what makes the u.s. open so special as the tournament celebrates 50 years. and our series more perfect union looks at the surprising friends ship between senator john mccain and nfl star larry fitzgerald. you are watching "cbs this morning." "cbs this morning" sponsored by --
8:14 am
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8:18 am
♪ ♪ i get here early every morning so i can get the thermostat. i like it cooler around 66 degrees. i'm more productive. maybe some people don't like it as cold as i do. but i don't care. >> that scene from the office highlights the heated debate over workplace temperatures. new york gubernatorial candidate nixon put that fight in the highlights between last nights debate against cuomo. they asked it be raised to 76 degrees. according to a calling two cold work environments. nikki is here to talk about it. >> we are matching. >> we are. they told us in a statement that he has more important things to
8:19 am
focus on than room temperature. but we found cynthia nixon is not alone in wanting a warmer room. battle over the thermostat seems to be raging in places across the country. >> my opponent lives in the world of fiction. i live in the world of fact. >> there was a chill in the debate hall wednesday night. >> have a whole different set of rules. >> not from the icy exchanges between actress turned gubernatorial candidate cynthia nixon and andrew cuomo. but from the actual temperature. >> they say temperatures are notoriously sexist, requested this be warmed to 76 degrees, but it's only 69 and i have the goose bumps to prove it. >> nixon senior adviser rebecca cats said governor cuomo is known for having brisk temperatures. and they tried to raise the tem.
8:20 am
heated social media with women and men sharing their polar opposite office preferences. >> i keep two jackets here. >> at the public relation firm in new york city we saw an office divided by the thermostat. >> you have summer on one side and winter on the other side. >> while some men use desk fans and sport short sleeves, we found some women bundled up and using space heaters. >> women should know they are not crazy. it's not all in their heads. >> cbs news medical says there is a science behind why women feel colder. >> it has to do with thermal regulation and metabolic rate. >> a 2015 study says most office temperatures 1960s formula that relies on metabolic rate of man. they say men tend to be comfortable in temperature in mid-70s and women mid to high 70s.
8:21 am
>> finding a point in the middle where both can be happy would be ideal situation. >> but for new york politicians that might be easier said than done. >> i think i would be okay with high 60s more or less so we can hit kind of medium. >> we can compromise at a low 73. >> we have our own thermostat battles here at cbs news so we decided to take a look at what the temperature really is in our stud toe. and an according to this, you guys, it's 73 degrees. i don't know, feels colder than that. >> that's nice, actually. it usually is pretty cold here. but thank you, john, you always agree when gayle and i say it's too cold we should turn up the heat. so we appreciate that. >> thank you for noticing. >> i feel like i'm warmed by the glow of original reporting here. >> i love that. >> i'm always in a fleece and blanket when i'm not onset. >> i prefer a mink stole. wrap it around me. >> i think governor cuomo has to
8:22 am
be careful how he responds to that. it can come off as very dismissive. you have to work with other people. and you have to take those into account. >> and when you are freezing you can't perform at your best. >> thank you. >> solved that. thanks. >> prince harry impressed the cast of hamilton and show's creator, ahead, how he hit the righ
8:23 am
i'm april kennedy and i'm an arborist with pg&e in the sierras. since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
8:24 am
♪ the u.s. open is celebrating 50 years of professional tennis history. >> the u.s. open to me in new york city, i'm biased in the greatest city in the world. nothing like the energy here. i've been energized by the crowds for many years. >> ahead, john mcenroe and other
8:25 am
tennis icons tell us what makes the tennis open a special place to compete. your local news is next. this is a kpix5 morning update. >> it is 8:25. in san jose, all lanes of northbound 680 are back open after an early morning freeway shooting. police found the gunshot victim at a 711 parking lot near the freeway. he is reportedly in stable condition. a bill that would limit police use of lethal force will allow officers to use deadly force only in situations to prevent imminent serious injury or death to an officer or another person. a bill is headed to the governor's desk. lawmakers gave the final approval and nod bring the
8:26 am
state one step closer to end the use of fossil fuels. we will have news updates the day on your favorite platform including our website,
8:27 am
good morning. this time around we start at 880 with the accident right at stevenson boulevard on the northbound side. one lane is blocked involving the motorcycle with slope and go conditions as a result from 280 with a 12 minute drive time and an extra seven minutes for your delays through they are.
8:28 am
in the south bay, north 101 is still very slow. there are stop and go conditions that stay sluggish through san jose. this morning, stop and go conditions along the san mateo bridge. you have a lot of bright lights from 882 101. the same goes for a 80 to 101 -- 880 to 101. you see a little bit of pink showing, and that would be the sunlight. other than that, our camera is also showing cloudy conditions. 62 in san francisco, oakland 64, and here is the marine layer. it came through pretty quick and is already burning off for parts of the east bay. livermore, you should see the sun pretty soon. by the lunch hour, things should clear up nicely.
8:29 am
71 in fremont, now we are going to start warming up ever so slightly by tomorrow. this weekend, temperatures inland are in the low 90s.
8:30 am
prince harry and meghan went to a special performance of hamilton in london benefiting his charity that helps kids affected by hiv in africa. after yesterday's show, he joined creator lin-manuel miranda on stage. >> ladies and gentlemen -- [ cheering and applause ] ♪ ♪
8:31 am
[ singing ] >> that is definitely not going to happen. we did try, but i said no. >> he knows the rest of the lines, i'm thinking. >> yeah. and burned into his heart. that is the great, great, great -- i don't know how many great grandsons. >> for the record, those are all of my favorite things, the royals, hamilton and lynn-manuel. >> a joy for you. >> that is a great idea to have hamilton as a fundraiser for his charity. i'm sure it baz sold out. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." right now it is time to show you the morning headlines. our orlando affiliate wkmg reports nasa is working to contain a small pressure leak on the international space station and they say the leak was discovered last night by flight controllers in houston and moscow. those controllers are trying to locate and contain the leak. a loss of pressure is reportedly one of the most dangerous things
8:32 am
that could happen on board the station. business insider reports amazon and bernie sanders launched into a war of words over worker pay and safety conditions. senator sanders called out amazon while announcing a plan to require companies to pay for the federal assistance that employees receive. he said many employees are forced to rely on taxpayer programs like the food assistance program snap and medicaid. amazon strongly denies the claims, calling them inaccurate and misleading. the houston chronicle reports the mistery woman seen on home security wearing broken restraints on her wrists has been identified as a domestic violence victim. we reported yesterday she rang the home door bell early on friday but left before the homeowner got to the door. authorities say she was living with her boyfriend. he killed himself yesterday. officials say the woman is safe and with family. u.s. today reports patienting are paying as much for childcare as for housing or even college tuition.
8:33 am
annual childcare costs exceed $20,000 in 22 states. patients pay the most in massachusetts. more than $34,000. the college board said the average cost of one year at a public university for an in-state student is $20,770. and the new york times reports on the study suggesting that after exercising people find other opportunities to move less. researchers from the national cancer institute found on exercise days people spend less time doing light activities such as household chores and shopping and spent the same amount of time watching tv. researchers said people who exercise only use half amount of calories per day. and nominations for brett kavanaugh start on tuesday. le be the second appointment to the high court by president trump and solidify the conservative outlook but justices' police cal views haven't always played an important role. a new book titled the most
8:34 am
dangerous branch inside of the supreme court assault on the constitution reports the court has become to politicized and they have talked to justices and 65 law clerks who worked at the court. good morning. >> good morning. >> so when did it start getting so politicized that we'll see on full display on tuesday? >> you could argue a different era of the court in the 20th century, they veered in that direction but i argue in the book that largely over the last 50 or 60 years, after brown versus the board of education and during in the 1960s of the heyday of the war on court. >> and the pollicization is presidents going out on the stump saying pick me so i could pick conservative judges. where did it start. >> in the first instance the responsibility lies with the court. in too much different areas has intervened because it can, not because it should.
8:35 am
so whether it was abortion, in 1974, or bush v gore in 2000 or in gun control or campaign finance or voting rights in the last ten years, by overruling what the political branches have done, they make the stakes higher. >> let's separate the process and go to what made change here. how will brett kavanaugh's appointment change the direction of the supreme court? >> well replacing justice kennedy the court will move toward the right in a lot of areas. but i would argue that rather than him becoming the swing justice as many have said. it will be chief justice roberts. it is truly going to become the roberts court and he is the one to watch in coming years and his regard for the institution and on occasion his desire to pull the cord out of the maelstrom, i think, is the best hope for the court. i'm not especially hopeful but i think he's the best hope.
8:36 am
>> if kavanaugh became the swing vote that would be a failure to trump and they are picking people would will vote in a specific way as where in the past it was up for grabs -- >> correct. it is hard to find another clarence thomas. and i would guess that kavanaugh will not vote as reliably as neil gorsuch. >> in the book you say forget the robes. maybe the job should come with tights and a cape. doesn't sound like a compliment, though. >> i think it is a great gig. justice kennedy being the deciding vote in so many areas, gay rights, some of the voting rights cases, gun control, he ran the country. and if you are running the country, if you are asked to decide these key social and political areas, it is very hard to say no. but justice brando said a century ago, the hardest thing we do is not doing. the court very infrequently choosed to stay out and when it
8:37 am
does like on gerrymandering this past spring, those are the areas to get involved. >> i totally agree with you. what are the next big issues this court will decide? >> they will continue -- there will be abortion cases and same-sex marriage cases but the key area is going to be deregulate what they call the federal administrative state. the agencies the federal government operating under very broad statutes passed by congress have vast discretion and the court for 30 years has deferred to that. i think that's going to stop. gorsuch already has said in writing that he disagrees. kavanaugh on record as disagreeing. it is called chevron difference and take ago part the power of the s.e.c., the epa, osha, i think that is the great grail for conservatives and i think they may be successful. that is more significant in the long run than even abortion. >> david kaplan, fascinating book. thank you so much. >> thanks.
8:38 am
the most dangerous branch goes on sale tuesday. day four of the u.s. open gets underway this morning in new york city as elite tennis players battle for a victory. six times champion serena williams dominated the court, setting up a third round match-up with her older sister venus tomorrow. this year is the 50th anniversary of the tournament in the open era. u.s. open champions past and present tell us in their own words about the challenges and triumphs that distinguish this competition. >> you got to be versatile. you have to be able to adjust to the conditions. it could be rain or humidity, winds. day session or night session. the clouds. the pressure. you have to be tough. >> you have to dig in and find that extra gear when you really need it. >> the will to win. >> it looks too easy, doesn't
8:39 am
it. >> you have to train. ten sis a great microcosm of life. >> mcenroe -- >> with this being the 50th anniversary of the u.s. open, no juan really knows what that means. arthur ash winning the 1968, the very first open here. being the first african-american male to win a major right here in the united states of america, i'll never forget arthur on the court with his dad after the match. >> she's done it. >> winning the 2017 u.s. open is probably the best memory of my life. >> the u.s. open champion. >> the u.s. open is special. so to be there and let alone win is incredible. >> my favorite thing about the u.s. open is the fans.
8:40 am
>> i won the junior competition in there in 2004 and that was a huge moment for me. and i loved to have my family there. the biggest tennis stadium we have in the world of tennis, 23,000 people. when the stadium gets filled up in the night session it's quite unique. >> in new york city, i know i'm biased, i'm in the greatest city in the world, but i have to tell you something, there is nothing like the energy here. the lows could be low but there is nothing that could be higher. >> and a fantastic backhand down the line. >> it is such a buzz. it is awesome. >> and she plays -- >> the crowds in new york are rowdy. man, i love it here. >> it is not about us, it is
8:41 am
about the fans. without the fans it is nothing. >> new york is ready for something to happen and when you ignite the fire, they're all-out and i love that about them. >> that was great. >> yeah. >> wish we were there. >> absolutely. nfl superstar larry fitzgerald will speak at the memorial service for john mccain. ahead, the arizona all-pro talked about his admiration for his friend. >> we talked about basketball and football, baseball. what the trade commission talks were going on in thailand -- the dude just do everything and it was really impressive to see that and i walked away from him blown away by how intelligent he was and how in
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ our series "a more perfect union" sames to show what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us. this morning we're sharing the story of one of john mccain's close friendships with larry fitzgerald of the arizona cardinals who is considering one of the nfl's greatest wide receivers. he'll be among those delivering eulogy at mccain's memorial today. there are two men from different generations and backgrounds but as jamie yuccas shows us,
8:46 am
they're both proud americans. >> do you consider john mccain a hero? >> absolutely. i mean, when you look in the dictionary, there is a picture of him. >> reporter: john mccain and larry fitzgerald were friends for more than a decade. but when the two first met, mccain had already been in the senate for almost 20 years. while fitzgerald was an unknown rookie. >> i wasn't like any star by the imagination. just another player. >> there are some people who would say what an unlikely friendship with your two backgrounds, do you feel that way? >> i do. he wanted to know what i was doing with my plans after football and giving me advice on family and leadership and things that -- i didn't necessarily think i needed but he saw that i needed it and he took it upon himself to kind of impart some of that wisdom to me. >> reporter: fitzgerald was so moved by the interest in him he decided to visit vietnam so see
8:47 am
where mccain was held as a prisoner of war for five and a half years. >> it made a profound impact on me. >> what do you remember most about him. >> his charisma and intelligence and he sacrificed himself and his time and self and well being for this country and he's going to be leaving a lasting legacy. >> reporter: they kept in close touch over the years. the senator praised fitzgerald when he introduced him at a mccain forum in 2014. >> one of the enduring heroes and role models without further ado, i would like to introduce you to larry fitzgerald. >> reporter: the senator would often show up at arizona cardinals games. fitzgerald last visited mccain and his wife cindy at their home near sedona in february. >> he never said, oh, man, why is this happening to me, larry. i don't understand why after all of the dedication and sacrifice i've made, why is it me? he never said that. >> what was the lesson you
8:48 am
learned? >> the thing that i took away and res on ates with me is the strength he always showed. the strength of dealing with ordeals of being a p.o.w. or the strength of being graceful in defeat. the strength to overcome and to be classy and a good sport and just be respectful of other people's feelings. >> reporter: over the weekend, fitzgerald joined his teammates in observing a moment of silence. he said he's tremendously humbled that his good friend wanted him to deliver one of today's eulogies. >> i don't think i'm worthy to be up there to be honest with you. i'm really humbled by it. >> is there something within the speech that you're going to present and hope people think about it. >> i think just embrace the differences. there are so many differences between the two of us and it didn't matter. it's about just loving people for who they are and i'm going to do my best to convey that message.
8:49 am
>> for "cbs this morning," jamie youkas, phoenix. mccain had the most unlikely friendship with people. whether it was veterans, athletes. >> and they have stories to tell. about moments that people didn't see and connections that were deep and lasting and that stuck with them even when mccain wasn't around. to end your life with a collection of stories like that, that is something to aspire to. on today's "cbs this morning" podcast, our dr. dr. agus talks with the ceo of oscar health insurance mario walther about how they are using technology and regulations to change the industry. find it on apple podcast app or wherever you like to get your podcast. you're watching "cbs this morning."
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♪ that does it for us. look at the heat. great to be with you. we'll see you tomorrow. >> and be sure to tune
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8:55 am
are back open.. af this is a kpix5 morning update. >> good morning. in san jose, all lanes of northbound 680 are back open after an early morning freeway shooting. police found the gunshot victim by 711 parking lot. the victim is reportedly in stable condition right now. seven cars crushed after a 100 tall tree toppled over shortly after midnight. fortunately, no injuries were reported. demonstrators plan to rally to protest the resignation of an independent police auditor. he was under the pressure and
8:56 am
criticism from the police officer association in san jose. >> our website is we have weather and traffic after this.
8:57 am
good morning from the traffic center. we do have some bart delays. there is a 10 minute delay at the san francisco station is only. east bay trains are moving on time. all lines are on time with a having no delays this morning.
8:58 am
taking a look at some of our bay area bridges, it is not too bad as you work your way onto the golden gate bridge. give yourself a few minutes on the southbound side of 101. it should not be a problem. 12 minutes from marina bay parkway to sir francis drake boulevard. you are busy from that macarthur maze into san francisco. it is pretty great out there from the tower looking towards the south. look at those gloomy skies out there with overcast conditions and high clouds coverage. often the distance, we will see a little bit of sun. it is a little brighter with temperatures at 65 degrees. 62 in san francisco, livermore is already at 65. it will eventually become sunny for you this afternoon. 69 in oakland, 71 in fremont, and 78 in fremont.
8:59 am
-- in livermore. by this weekend, we will be above normal with the low 90s expected for your inland communities.
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