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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  August 30, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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more from levis stadium in 30 minutes. coming up tonight at 6:00, we will be live at levi stadium. >> reporter: that is right, th the harbor creek ruling. evening news" for this thursday, breaking news tonight. a greyhound bus crash on a new mexico interstate. there are multiple fatalities. and friends and family celebrate the life of john mccain as the an senator leaves arizona for the last time. but first the headlines in 60 seconds. >> a really nasty crash in new mexico. >> state police confirm there are several casualties. >> the crash involves a bus and a semi-truck. >> debris all over the highway. >> celebrating the life of late senator john mccain. >> the republican senator was memorialized by a close friend from across the aisle. >> i always thought of john as a heother. >> the california man has been accused of making threats against "boston globe" employees. and now he's facing charges.
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d it happened after the "globe" asked other newspapers to publish a response to president trump calling journalists the ememy of the people. >> the justice department formally siding with a group of students who claim harvard university unfairly discriminates against asian american applicants. >> in chicago several people are hurt after an explosion at a water treatment plant caused the roof to collapse. >> firefighters rescued two people. >> it took a lot of training, a lot of exercises, and they did a phenomenal job. >> houston, we have a problem. >> crews repaired a pressure leak on the international space station. >> certainly a loss of pressure is a big deal. >> a golden retriever is certainly earning her keep. >> she's caring for five different species. >> at the beijing wildlife park, two siberian tigers, one white tir,wo spo hyenaand an african lion see the puppy as mom. >> dickerson: this is our western edition. good evening. jeff glor is off. i'm john dickerson. we begin tonight with a deadly collision on an interstate highway in new mexico. a tractor-trailer truck hit a
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greyhound bus head-on. the bus was carrying nearly 50 people from albuquerque to phoenix, many in the hospital tonight. mireya villarreal has the latest. >> reporter: this was the horrific scene sprawled out over i-40 near the arizona border. the greyhound bus front ripped off, debris scattered across the highway. emergency crews desperately trying to reach victims. >> oh, god. >> reporter: new mexico state police confirm at least four deaths. the bus was carrying 49 passengers, heading to phoenix, arizona. bystanders tried to help victims climb out of bus windows and covered children with blankets beside the highway. nearly all on board were transferred to local hospitals. investigators believe the tractor-trailer blew a tire before crossing the median and hitting the bus head on. the 18 wheeler lost most of its haul while one car was left a mangled mess. the victims are the first
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priority here but, john, we've also confirmed the national transportation safety board launched a go team and will work with local troopers on this investigation. >> dickerson: mireya villarreal, thank you, >> dickerson: mireya villarrreal. thanks, mireya. senator john mccain left arizona today for the last time. mccain got an emotional farewell in arizona from some closest friends. nancy cordes was there. >> my name is joe biden. ( laughter ) i'm a democrat. ( laughter ) and i love john mccain. >> reporter: in a church filled with thousands of mourners, the former vice president described a bipartisan bond forged 40 goars ago when a newly released p.o.w. began accompanying a aung senator biden on diplomatic trips. >> we were both cockeyed optimists and really believe there is not a single thing beyond the capacity of this country.
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>> reporter: he wasn't the only one to recount a seemingly unlikely friendship with mccain. >> i'm black. he was white. ( laughter ) i'm young. he wasn't so young. >> reporter: larry fitzgerald is a star wide receiver for the arizona cardinals. >> what made senator mccain so s ecial was that he cared about the substance of my heart more frohan where i came from. >> reporter: tommy espinoza is a local latino activist who met the republican lawmaker in the 1980s. >> john says, "i want you to speak on my behalf at the republican convention." ( laughter ) i said, "senator, i want to remind you, i'm a democrat." ( laughter ) >> reporter: there were readings by two of mccain's seven children. >> ecclesiastics chapter three, verses 1-2. >> i have fought the good fight.
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thave finished the race. i have kept the faith. >> reporter: and a larger lesson, biden said, about putting principle before politics. >> he could not stand the abuse he power wherever he saw it, in whatever form, in whatever country. te reporter: mccain has now left his beloved arizona for good. 300 national guard members saluting as his casket was loaded onto a government jet bound for washington, d.c., where he will lie in state tomorrow at the u.s. capitol. john? >> dickerson: thank you, nancy. we'll see you in washington swmorrow. an f.b.i. swat team swarmed a house in encino, california, overnight and arrested a man who had allegedly threatened to kill journalists at the "boston globe." prosecutors say he was angry over the paper's editorials protesting president trump's ptacks on the press. nikki battiste is following this. >> reporter: in the early
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morning hours, this california home was under siege. s e focus was 68-year-old robert adain, who prosecutors say made al threatening phone calls to the "boston globe" newsroom. ug a phone call on august 16, chain told a "globe" , ployee, "you're the enemy of the people and we're going to kill every expletive one of you. i'm going to shoot you in the expletive head later today at 4:00." e e call came the same day the soston newspaper published this fu-page editial, appeang to newspapers across the country to condemn president trump's constant attacks on the press. >> because they are the fake, fake, disgusting news. >> reporter: more than 400 newspapers answered the "globe's" call. alex kingsbury is on the paper's l boorial board. >> the president says things like enemies of the people and keen people call "the boston globe" globe"e"e" newsrsroom repepeatie very words. that should be deeplalarming to eveone. >> reporter: in another call six days later, chain said, "as long as you keep attacking the
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president, i will continue to threat, harass, and annoy 'the boston globe'." >> repeporter: c chain's p phons started after a gunman shot and shot and killed five employees at an annapolis newspaper. pcords show chain owned multiple guns, and he purchased a new nine millimeter rifle in may. a family facebook photo shows chain and his son holding guns. tim mcgowan has been their neighbor for nine years. >> i always thought he was a loud, harmless guy, but apparently he talked a little too loud at the wrong people. >> reporter: a statement from the department of justice said chain's arrest should serve as a warning to others that making threats is not a prank, it's a federal crime. john, in the court documents, erere is no indication chain was planning to act on his thrts.>>, making threats is not a prank. thank you. he serves at the pleasure of the president.
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pre president is not always pleased with him, but the president said today he is not about to fire the attorney general-- not just yet. here's paula reid. >> reporter: president trump told bloomberg news that attorney general jeff sessions' isb is safe, at least until after the mid-term elections in november. "i just would love to have him do a great job," the president said. the president has repeatedly cetacked his top law enforcement officer since sessions made this announcement in march of 2017. >> therefore i have recused myself in the matters that deal with the trump campaign. >> reporter: mr. trump also blasted sessions for failing to n rsue republican allegations of anti-trump bias at the justice department. >> jeff sessions never took control of the justice department, and it's sort of an incredible thing. >> reporter: some members of congress have grown resigned to the fact that a change is coming. js news john dickerson spoke n th republican lindsey graham. >> dickerson: do you think the president has cause outside of
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use investigation to fire jeff sessions? >> i think he serves at the pleasure of the president, and i think the removing of jeff sessions is deeper than just a recusal problem. i think the immigration issue about the whole family was poorly handled. zero-tolerance, i don't know d ere that came from, and i think that sort of blind sided the president. >> reporter: sessions fired back stcently saying he took control of the justice department the day he was sworn in and that it t ll not be improperly swayed by political considerations. tonight the justice department had no reaction to the n ident. john? >> dickerson: paula reid. thanks, paula. a woman in texas was sentenced to return to prison today because she voted in the 2016 election. as omar villafranc identification, but her criminal past made voting a crime. >> and she said, put your hands behind your back. we have a warrant for your arrest.
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>> crystal mason still remembers the day she was arrested for wating in the last presidential election. >> my mom kept nagging, go vote, go vote, go vote, go vote. e.said, okay. i did what she said. i went to go vote. >> reporter: the 43-year-old was on supervised release for tax fraud when she cast her ballot. in texas, that's against the law. do you feel that since you served your time and you were out of prison, should you be able to cast a ballot? >> we should. we pay taxes. and that's what i believed. if i had a doubt in any way, i wouldn't have did it. >> reporter: here felons can't vote until they have completed their full sentence. now, mason faces five years in state prison for voter fraud and today was given ten months in federal prison for violating the terms of her supervised release. are you mentally ready for that? >> not at all. i'm not ready. >> reporter: nationwide, an estimated 6.1-million felons are restricted from voting.
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nearly 500,000 of them are in texas. in 13 states, felons lose the right to vote indefinitely. >> people indeed in the american democracy are being punished for voting. >> reporter: university of minnesota criminologist chris tegen co-wrote the book on felony voting laws, which date back to the 1870s. st the united states is perhaps among the very few nations that disenfranchise everybody for committing a felony-level crime. >> reporter: uggen says these laws are meant to be more of a moral punishment than a legal one. now, florida has a ban that could be overturned on a ballot measure this november. and if that's the case, more anan one-million people could igt their voting rights back. as for crystal mason, she's headed back to federal prison next month. john? >> dickerson: omar villafranca. .hanks, omar. the united nations special envoy to syria warned today three million civilians could be at dask if the assad regime launches a large-scale invasion
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against rebels in idlib ovovince. violence can happen at a moment's notice in syria, but two americans have designed a ciy to warn civilians there before an air-strike. here's holly williams. >> reporter: john jaeger and dave levin grew up in chicago and dallas. they worked high-flying jobs in finance and consulting. bet now they've become unlikely heroes in syria's seven-yearlong civil war where they've saved lives, perhaps thousands of them. ea these are preventable deaths, and that's why we do what we do. >> reporter: back in 2012, john had taken a job with the state department, deployed to turkey to help syrians displaced by the civil war. but as he watched the carnage from the sidelines, he grew atustrated. >> the idea was essentially to tell people before an air-strike could reach them so that they could take mitigating action and save their lives. >> reporter: the idea was that simple.
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as the syrian regime indiscriminately bombed civilians, john and dave wanted to warn people warplanes were on ine way so they could take cover take cover in shelters and basements. there were already dozens of ttrians who were spotting jets and helicopters and putting out alerts over walkie-talkies. john and dave recruited them and asked them to send their reports in phone message, combining that with their system that uses artificial intelligence, including data on aircraft speeds, weather, and social media posts. >> and then that immediately feeds back into the algorithm to eredict where planes are going to go. >> reporter: their computer- generated alerts now reach more than two-million syrians they rnlieve via warnings on smartphones. >> it looks like the last warning was just six minutes ago. >> reporter: and air raid sirens connected to their system. in the battle for syria's last major rebel stronghold, it will give civilians a chance of survival.
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but john and dave say the true oroes of this story are people akke abdul razak, one of their otane spotters and a former elementary schoolteacher. >> this is the most important thing that i've ever done in my iffe, and i think john would say the same. >> reporter: and as civilians brace for attack in idlib province, it could be the thing that saves many of their lives. holly william, cbs news, in turkey. >> dickerson: coming up next on the "cbs evening news," the nstice department backs a lawsuit that claims harvard discriminates against asians. mi stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax is different. it works with the water in your body unblocking your system naturally. miralax .
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affirmative action. >> reporter: in a 40-page legal brief, the justice department said harvard engages in unlawful racial balancing when selecting its incoming classes, siding cath asian american students who are suing the university. "harvard's race-based admissions process significantly disadvantages asian american applicants," the justice department said, "compared to applicants of other racial groups." ure court filing comes as harvard is fighting to avoid a trial in the 2014 lawsuit which vegues the university holds ician american students to angher academic standards than white and other minority students, allegations harvard denies. the filing was widely expected ta the justice departments targets affirmative action in college admissions on multiple fronts. last month it reversed obama-era guidelines that encouraged schools to consider race in elllege admissions. >> it always takes courage to speak up against injustice. >> reporter: in recent years,
5:48 pm
asian americans have become vocal opponents of affirmative action. kelly babphavong is a junior at harvard. ju harvard really only cares about diversity when it comes to forming a class of x percent of people which is wrong. we can't set quotas on what percent of each race we admit. >> reporter: but civil rights attorney michelle turnage young says all students would suffer without affirmative action. >> we have so many well- documented racial disparities in access to educational opportunities in primary school and secondary school. colleges need to be able to have a way to take those things into y tount. >> reporter: now, affirmative action could be front and center in next week's supreme court confirmation hearings for judge brett kavanaugh. he would be replacing justice anthony kennedy, who was a key swing vote and had refused to end all affirmative action in college admissions. john? >> dickerson: jan crawford for us in washington. thank you, jan. still ahead, the massive rescue operation after an explosion at a water treatment plant.
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todickerson: in chicago today, a methane gas explosion caused the roof of a water treatment plant to collapse. nine workers were rescued. it took nearly two hours to free a tenth man, whose legs were pinned under a large beam. a leak in a spaceship is never a good thing. today the space station crew scrambled to patch a tiny hole in the docked soyuz capsule to stop air from escaping. the soyuz may have been hit by e ace debris. nasa says the crew is not in any danger. in utah this week it was raining fish. that's how they stock the mountain lakes, dumping them from a plane. the fish are just one to three inches long. the wildlife officials say 95% survive the 150-foot free-fall. up next, why they let their house go to the dogs. free-fall. up next, why they let their house go to the dogs. >> this portion of the "cbs evening news" is sponsored by ancestry, now with over 300,000 yearbooks from across the
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5:57 pm
>> reporter: actually, there are 86 dogs here right now. what's this dog's name? at humphrey. >> reporter: this one? >> mona. >> reporter: this one? >> this is isabel. wakeeporter: that means 86 different animals in need of daily care. >> usually we wake up 5:30ish. >> somebody will start singing. one of the dogs sleeping in the kitchen likes to sing in the morning. >> reporter: i think some people might call it howling. >> ( laughs ) no. ou reporter: danny and ron's doghouse is an unusual dog rescue. launched in 2005 when they decided to take in some dogs 20de homeless by hurricane sstrina. how long were you planning to be involved? >> a couple weeks. >> yeah. >> reporter: but there was always another dog in need of rescue. they decided the best way to prepare any dog for a new family was to welcome it into their own. >> by living in our house, number one, they get a lot of otman contact. thmber two, they get pack ep reporter: since 2005, danny and ron have taken in and
5:58 pm
adopted out more than 11,000 animals. sounds expensive. >> it's very expensive. >> reporter: which is why they also recently welcomed in some filmmakers. money from "life in the doghouse" the documentary will go to shelters, including their own. do you feel like you get as much from these dogs as they get from you? >> we get a lot more from them than i think we give them. >> reporter: turns out not everything in the doghouse is for the dogs. tony dokoupil, cbs news, rembert, south carolina. >> dickerson: nice job, tony. i'm john dickerson for jeff glor. i'll see you first thing tomorrow for "cbs this morning." good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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democrat. his beef with the burger joint. good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. i'm al a boy caught in a fast-food chain in and out. his beef with the burger joint. >> i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. the leader is charging the burger chain. he's not happy that in and out has been contributing to a republican campaigns. mary. >> reporter: as can you imagine, people on both sides of the issue are fired up about it. the boycott in n out has been tweeted more than 27,000 times already. it's lunchtime with a line of cars waiting to get
6:00 pm
their double-double in daly city. thanks to this tweet by california democratic party chairs eric bowman. the owners donated $25,000 to the california republican party. >> i think this is a pretty petty and unnecessary fight for the democrats to pick. >> reporter: the vice chairman of the california republican party says it's a dangerous move by the democrats. >> what they're really doing is signaling to all donors in california that are closely watching what you do with your money and don't you dare give money to the other side or we will punish you. we will take to social media and call for a boycott and we will destroy you. >> reporter: the vice president issued this statement saying in 2018, in n out burger has made equal contributions


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