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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  September 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> and the evacuations under way as a new wildfire in northern california burns out of control. >> and this morning, supreme court justice nominee brett rathon d of questioning on capitol hill. good morning, it is thursday, september 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm melissa caen in for kenny choi. >> let's start with a live look outside. on the left-hand side, this is a shot from emeryville of the bay bridge. can you tell? not that far away, huh? >> no. >> on the right-hand side, jaclyn, where is this? >> that's oakland. right by the coliseum. >> 880. the traffic doesn't look too bad right now. it's 5:00. >> 5:00. not too many people are awake yet. so -- >> they're waking up. >> they are watching kpix 5. >> why would they be on the road when we're still on? >> yeah! today weather-wise you're going to feel good out there. it's going to start to warm up a little bit inland. here's a live look now at the golden gate bridge and not too
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foggy. we have higher level clouds out there this morning. so it is all part of that morning marine layer that we always get. now, things inland are going to start to warm up. so temperatures today will be slightly warmer than yesterday. very close to normal for this time of year. yesterday we stayed below normal across the bay area, heating up by friday. so tomorrow things are going to start to get a lot hotter, especially inland. i'll show you why coming up in your full forecast. for now, let's give you another view of that beautiful bay bridge. nice clear conditions out there right now. 55 degrees in san francisco. 57 in livermore. you are waking up to 57 in oakland, concord at 58. it is cooler in santa rosa. it has been in the low 50s the past couple mornings and it's like that again today. so here's a look at that satellite/radar. we are noticing that marine layer not quite extending beyond the delta. so it's staying put right along the coast and, yes, even extended as far as concord and livermore but as far as visibility goes, the beach at half moon bay is not bad. we are used to patchy fog at the coast. where we are seeing it is
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right there in petaluma. but that's about it. so that's good news as far as your drive is concern. it shouldn't be a nuisance. wind speeds now a little stronger than they were this time yesterday, around 7, 8 miles per hour, through fairfield 20 miles an hour from the southwest. it's that onshore wind again and that of course is going to lead to cooler conditions right by the water. jaclyn? >> thank you, neda. speaking of the bay bridge, here's another angle -- well, this is of the bay bridge toll plaza. can't say we're looking at the bridge. but this is a look at the backup. no metering lights just yet. but we certainly got some delays. a couple of those cars in the cash lanes. we are still in the gras far as our travel times go. the backup doesn't extend even close to the west grand overcrossing. so we're still good if you are heading into san francisco. san mateo bridge, not too shabby. we have speeds in the green in both directions making your way between 880 and 101. where we are tracking slowdowns, northbound 680.
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caltrans had an overnight closure at sheridan and they were scheduled to have all that wrapped up at 5:00. but it looks like we're still dealing with those delays. we have seen that backup decrease. so it's getting closer to about mission boulevard or just beyond that right now with speeds below 10 miles per hour. it looks like they are in the process of picking up those cones. but you will be slow going until you get past andrade. they had a detour set up and you may still want to go through that or some cars may still be going through that off at sheridan and using mission road up to andrade. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. a stretch of i-5 is closed this morning because of a wildfire in shasta county. >> jackie ward joins us now with the latest on the delta fire. here we go again. reporter: another terrible situation. this fire is already big and it's taking over nearly 8 square miles of land in rural northern california. the delta fire was first
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reported yesterday afternoon and has already burned 5,000 acres. this is in an area where there's a lot of timber, brush and steep terrain, the perfect kind of fuel to keep a wildfire going. some evacuations have been ordered in the area, campgrounds, recreational homes and remote cabins. so far the fire is not threatening any large towns. but the city of dunsmuir is under an evacuation warning so be ready to go. amtrak's coast starlight service is stopped between sacramento and klamath falls, oregon. 45 miles of i-5 is closed and authorities won't say when it will re-open. at one point flames were so overpowering that truck drivers had to abandon their trucks on the road because flames were engulfing the hillsides right next to them. at least two trucks burned. riw, oritiebelievis what they c human-caused, although they aren't releasing details. >> we know the weather is always an important factor when crews are out there fighting these wildfires. what is it like there now?
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>> it's warm and really hot which is just terrible. it's not at all what the firefighters need and the humidity isn't helping things either. >> thank you. a prestigious high school in san jose announced its president is resigning. it comes as the school is accused of mishandling sexual abuse allegations. kpix 5's anne makovec is outside presentation high school with all the details. reporter: a big shake-up here this morning with news that the president is now stepping down. let me take you back to how this all began starting with more than a dozen reported victims who attended this catholic all girls high school dating back to the '80s. they allege that the school mishandled complaints of sexual harassment and inappropriate advances by teachers, coaches and staff. mary miller has been the school principal for the past 25 years and before that was a teacher and presentation
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student herself. she was named in a lawsuit filed last month along with the school's former theater director, who is accused of sexual misconduct. we spoke with some of the victims in this case about the news of miller's resignation. >> i was shocked. and then i cried. when she failed me after i graduated by not reporting my abuse to the police, i was devastated. >> reporter: now, miller sent out this statement about her resignation saying in part, the allegations of past sexual abuse continue to be a distraction for the school and bring negative attention toward presentation. it is my sincere hope that my absence will bring some peace and allow the staff and new administration to focus on the success and well-being of our students, which is our common goal. we cannot change the past. but we can and must dedicate ourselves to the future. the diocese now working on finding a new president for
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the high school. anne makovec, kpix 5. in the race for governor, gubernatorial candidates gavin newsom and john cox are having a hard time agreeing on televised debates ahead of the november 6th election. the "sacramento bee" reports cox is pushing for a series of five debates. newsom has agreed to only one hosted by cnn on october 1st. cox's campaign hasn't agreed to that and has issued a set of demands regarding the debate. supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh returns to the hot seat this morning. today marks day 3 of his confirmation hearings on capitol hill. laura podesta reports on what is expected to happen today. reporter: for 12 hours wednesday, the senate judiciary committee peppered potential supreme court justice brett kavanaugh with questions. among them, his allegiance to the man who nominated ofoyalty owto e atyaltdiffer to the loyalty you owe to,
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say, the american people. >> senator if confirmed to the supreme court and as a sitting judge, i owe my loyalty to the constitution. >> reporter: senators had 30 minutes each to press the 53- year-old. kavanaugh's stance on a woman's right to have an abortion has been a focus since he was nominated. >> as best i can, i always try and i do here of the real world effects of that decision. >> reporter: similar to the first day of hearings, yesterday saw dozens of protestors interrupting the proceedings. capitol police say 73 people were arrested and charged with unlawful demonstration activities. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. a republican group has paid $600,000 for a national commercial called kavanaugh in his own words. that will air for two weeks across cnn, msnbc and fox news. paul manafort's upcoming federal trial, there will be no mention of special counsel robert mueller's ongoing russia probe. mueller is looking into
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whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia. but a judge ruled this week that manafort's role on the campaign as the president's former campaign chairman will be permitted for discussion. manafort is charged with 7 counts of obstruction of justice, conspiracy and foreign lobbying violations in the second case. north korean president kim jong-un has agreed to cooperate with the u.s. in nuclear negotiations according to the bloomberg report. kim said he is opener to stronger denuclearization efforts if the u.s. acknowledges the steps he has already taken to deescalate the weapons testing. the announcements followed a meeting between kim and south korea officials. a san jose federal judge is speaking out now. he is upset with the trump administration's decision to transfer 10 detainees from a contra costa county i.c.e.
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detention facility to out of state jails. the judge said in his ruling: issues, and its silence is deafening." ice has said the transfers are routine.. and should have been expected as soon as contra costa county officials announced they were ending their jail contract with ice. i.c.e. has said the transfers are routine and should have been expected as soon as contra costa county official announced they were ending their jail contract with i.c.e. new video shows bullets flying outside of a restaurant in south san jose nearby standers including a child. it starts as a scuffle between customers inside the la victoria taqueria and then the suspect started shooting outside. three men were shot and taken to the hospital. police say a man in a black baseball cap is wanted for attempted murder. another man and woman are also wanted for quti > time now 5:10. the california dmv admits to making major mistakes with 23,000 voter registrations.
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>> plus, a deadly 6.7 earthquake rattled japan causing landslides. >> we're talking about some slight warming happening today before the heat really cranks up tomorrow. >> and traffic along 880 looking pretty good moving at the limit heading through the south bay but we are getting reports of a fire. could slow you down. this is near highway 17. we'll take a closer look at that coming up. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones.
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house. it happened tuesday in a florida home is heavily damaged but no one is injured after a large crane toppled onto the house. it happened tuesday in orlando. now, the crane company's safety director says a brace that's meant to stabilize the crane sunk into the soft grass causing the crane to tip over. the crane was lifting materials to roofers when it came down. at least 7 people are dead after a magnitude 6.7 earthquake struck japan. it happened overnight near hokkaido, about 40 miles southeast of sapporo. the quake caused landslides which buried a large number of homes at the foot of a ridge. dozens of people are reported missing. nearly 3 million households are without power. and officials say flight and public transport across the region have been brought to a
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standstill. right now, a massive clean- up is under way in the south after tropical storm gordon tore through the area. on your left, roads turned into rivers in parts of alabama. on the right, folks in jackson, mississippi, had no power for almost nine hours after a tree downed some power lines. more rain will hit the area today. >> it's not letting up anytime soon. >> there's two systems now merging so gordon from the south and a cold front coming in across the midwest. so they are going to get dumped on, a lot of the country dealing with some flooding and heavy rain continuing at least through the weekend. so let's show you where that's happening right now. here's a look at the line of heavy rain. that's all what's left of the tropical storm gordon now downgraded. but you can see plenty of moisture in parts of arkansas, right there where the mississippi-tennessee borders meet. here is the cold front. so they are merging together. then it's going to bring heavy
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rain to st. louis north into michigan by the time sunday gets here. so there's a long line of moisture extending from texas to michigan all associated with a cold front but, yes, gordon is not helping by adding more moisture to the mix. the west coast dry across california, nevada, arizona, not good for the delta fire. those firefighters are battling a 5,000-acre fire as jackie ward was mentioning earlier. humidity 37 to 51%. this is when we have the most amount of moisture in the sky. still very low. later on this afternoon it will be 95 degrees. so hot in that area and it's going to dry up even more. so that's what those firefighters are battling. overall a look at northern california, does show early- morning cloud coverage especially for the bay area. it's not quite extended into mount shasta so they are not getting help from moisture from the clouds at all. things will stay hot there.
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for us we'll continue to see cooler weather right by the coastline right by the bay and then inland communities today that's where you're going to feel the warmer weather. for now across san francisco, nice clear conditions across the bay bridge. 55 degrees for us. 57 in livermore. oakland at 57. concord at 58. san jose you're already up to 60 degrees. not bad. visibility, it's clear across most of the bay area. just a little bit of a low visibility there in petaluma, where it's down to 5 miles. let's show you the seven-day forecast. your afternoon highs look like this. 80s inland today. tomorrow into the 90s. so tomorrow is when that ridge gets here. it's going to bring heat through the weekend but things cool down tuesday. and we are tracking a hot spot along highway 17. reports of a small fire in the center divide. and it's not causing any major
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delays just yet. our sensors still showing green. fire crews are checking it out. there could be delays in lanes. so far both lanes are open. out of gilroy, northbound 101, we are seeing a few brake lights. speeds down to 45 miles per hour in some of the stretches. the rest of your south bay ride looking good. we're in the green on 280, 85 and 101 as you make your way through san jose. caltrans wrapped up overnight roadwork. that full closure on northbound 680 at sheridan is wrapped up. still have some slowdowns approaching 84. heads up, tomorrow night, friday night, there will be the closure in place again starting at 11 p.m. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. 23,000 californians will now have to check their voting status now that the department of motor vehicles admits it
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mishandled voter registrations. the errors happened with the state's motor voter program that allows eligible applicants getting a driver's license to be automatically registered to vote. the dmv says the problem happened between april 23rd and august 5th. the agency sent a letter to secretary of state alex padilla explaining that technicians had the records of multiple customers open at the same time on computer screens and those records were inadvertently merged. the mistakes affected vote by mail options, language and political party selections. >> it's one thing to wait hours and hours online to get the registration. it is another thing altogether to walk into the dmv and to walk out with your registration changed and you have not given them permission or you don't even know about it. >> people affected will be getting notices in the mail. the tsa is no longer considering ending security screening at dozens of small airports. the proposal to end screening at 150 low volume airports across the country was one of ata congional committee week,th
5:20 am
agency's chief >> we not reducing our presence at low volume airports. in fact, quite the contrary. i think we need to improve our security profile at smaller airports and so the reports that we were going to pull away from 150 airports around the country, that's not what we're doing. >> security experts raised concerns that terrorists could exploit the vulnerable to weaponnize passenger planes. -- weaponnize passenger planes. research from the university of buffalo found that women 50 to 79 years old who walk a lot reduce their risk of heart failure by 25%. are you ready for ngest hom field? it happened last night. can you guess who hit it? and the yankees brought their
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gloves but the a's brought their bats. who wins the battle? see it next. well well well, what have we here? a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks!
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toronto. theros won their fifth straight so the a's needed to
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win to remain 3.5 back of houston in the american league west. hall of fame night. rickie, reggie, rollly, stu, making up the green jacket brigade. struck out the side in the 6th including andrew mccutcheon. six innings of two-run baseball. and the offense hair on fire, as well! it was already 7-0 when matt chapman put this baby to bed. a's get a rare laugher, take the series over the yankees, and a final of 8-2. hundley surprised his wife with a trip to the giants game in colorado where the giants never win and trevor story was the story, longest hit in the history of coors field. giants lost 18 of the last 20 in denver. gruden and mcvay go way back. he gave the coach who started in the nfl nearly 20 years ago in tampa, mcvay has even been
5:25 am
called mini gruden but the real gruden is hoping to cool off his protege in monday's opener. >> we got to try to slow down that rise. we got to douse the flames. he is smoking right now! it's been exciting. anytime you see a young guy come into a profession and do what he has done, it's awesome. he turned around the franchise. it's really important to the nfl and i'm really happy for him. >> and winners at the u.s. open novak djokovic, cilic, keys and osaka. that is the latest in sports. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day now from major league baseball. tampa bay at toronto. >> a high shot back in right field to the wall, leaps and got it! oh, my, what a grab.
5:26 am
>> i love the grab. the leaping catch. toronto beat the rays 10-3. mother major fire is burning out of control in northern california. this one is believed to have been caused by someone. the havoc it's already created next. >> reporter: and the principal of a prestigious bay area high school steps down amid allegations she mishandled complaints of sexual abuse. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪
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evacuations... and part of a highway is shut down. this morning's new york tim a new wildfire explodes in size in northern california. there are emergency evacuations and part of a highway is shut down. >> this morning's "new york times" contains an op. ed. piece that president trump calls treasonous. what it says and how the times is protecting its source. >> dozens of passengers on board a commercial flight get sick forcing the plane to be isolated. good morning, it is thursday, september 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm melissa caen in for kenny choi. let's check weather and traffic right now. how's everyone doing, first of rsday. 're d. >> th are warming up. it's going to be a warm weekend ahead so weather
5:31 am
should be all right if you have outdoor plans the pools if you have outdoor plans especially tomorrow because it will heat up tomorrow. at sfo, we have higher level clouds out there so it doesn't look like we are going to have some problems. but we are going to cross our fingers that that's not going to be an issue. of course, it's another day of that marine layer. but for now it doesn't look like visibility is an issue am so not much patchy fog going on -- but for now it doesn't look like visibility is an issue. so not much patchy fog going on. jaclyn? an easy ride for drivers on 580. your approach over towards the maze, this is right past highway 24. still moving and grooving right at the limit there. along the eastshore freeway, we're starting to see the crowds develop. but hey, our travel times remain in the green from hercules on route 4 to the maze. the backup hasn't reached the foot of the maze yet but the metering lights are on.
5:32 am
we're definitely seeing a full house at the toll plaza. that backup stretches just beyond the 880 overcrossing. it's busy. we are in the yellow heading into san francisco. a bay area high school president and former principal is stepping down amid accusations that she did not report sexual crimes by faculty on her campus. anne makovec reports outside presentation high school this morning. reporter: big shake-up here outside this prestigious high school in san jose. news that the president, former principal, is now stepping down. and this comes after there had been more than a dozen reported victims who attended this catholic all girls high schoolol mishandled complaints of sexual harassment, inappropriate advances by teachers, coaches and other staff. mary miller had been the
5:33 am
principal for 25 years and before that a teacher and presentation student herself. she was named in a lawsuit filed last month along with the school's former theater director, who is accused of sexual misconduct. and we spoke with some of the victims in this case about the news of miller's resignation. >> part of me is disappointed that it took this long to get where we are today. but part of me is relieved because this is such a critical step. >> reporter: now, mary miller sent out a statement along with her resignation saying in part, the allegations of past sexual abuse continue to be a distraction for the school and bring negative attention toward presentation. it is my sincere hope that my absence will bring some peace and allow the staff and new administration to focus on the success and well-being of our students, which is our common goal. we cannot change the past, but we can and must dedicate ourselves to the future. now, the board is now beginning its search for a new
5:34 am
principal and president. live in san jose, anne makevoc, kpix 5. several miles interstate 5 are shut down now because of a new wildfire in shasta county. jackie ward is here with more on the delta fire. reporter: this is just the latest wildfire in northern california burning right now. it is 0% contained. it was first reported yesterday afternoon and the delta fire has already burned 5,000 acres in shasta county north of lakehead so that's about eight square miles of land. this is a fast-moving fire because of the ideal conditions flames need to grow and spread quickly. it's in a part of the state that has timber and thick brush. several small mountain towns have had to be evacuated. so far there are no large towns being threatened. however, the city of dunsmuir is under an evacuation warning which means residents should be ready to go at any time. amtrak's coast starlight service is on hold between sacramento and klamath falls, oregon, as well. about 45 miles of i-5 have been shut down from 10 miles north of redding and fogdale road to four miles south of
5:35 am
the city of shasta county at mott road because the fire is burning on both sides of the freeway. 17 trucks were abandoned on the interstate yesterday and at least two of them burned. this thick smoke is likely going to remain trapped in the lower areas for a while as relative humidity recovery is expected to remain very poor with very warm temperatures today. we just spoke with a fire official who explained the kind of crews working on the scene right now. >> we'll have crews actively engaged in fighting the fire as well, aircraft will be available to us as is safe to do so with the smoke layer. >> reporter: about 600 fire personnel are trying to put it out. some firefighters have come all the way from maine to help. the cause is being investigated by the shasta- trinity national forest. right now, they believe a person somehow started this fire. >> thank you. crews so bata wildfire in el dorado county. the "sliger fire" has burned about 90 acres since it effect
5:36 am
county and neighboring placer county. he cause is under investigation. we're learning more about a deadly plane crash in palo alto. chopper 5 captured the wreckage still embedded in thick mud. the plane was part of a charity program flying a 16- year-old girl and her mother from redding to a medical appointment at stanford children's hospital. they survived but the pilot did not. that pilot identified as w. john spencer of placerville. the plane crashed in a lagoon fire that the palette airport tuesday morning. investigate -- near the palo alto airport tuesday morning. investigators say he asked for directions before landing. the pilot crashed before making a second landing attempt. the illegal immigrant accused of killing an iowa college student was known by another name where he worked for years. the suspect's real name is christian rivera but on the dairy farm where he worked he
5:37 am
was known as john budd. that suspect is charged with first-degree murder after confessing to kidnapping and killing mollie tibbetts. the suspect's alias john budd reportedly appears in official government records. so far, no comment from the farm where he worked. the biggest mystery in washington this morning is who is that senior trump aide behind the anonymous "new york times" op. ed.? >> as laura podesta reports, u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo says it's not him. >> believe it anonymous. mean gutless. reporter: president trump tweeted a one word question, treason? and he called on the paper to turn over to the government the senior official who wrote the scathing piece. >> we have somebody in what i call the failing "new york times" that's talking about he is part of the resistance within the trump administration. this is what we have to deal with. >> reporter: in the op. ed., the author claims the
5:38 am
president's impulsiveness resulted in half-baked decisions and that unsung heroes have gone to great lengths to keep bad decisions contained to the west wing. >> this is what all of us have understood to be the situation from day one. >> reporter: members of congress say they are not surprised by what was written. >> those of us who have been around him in moments when he's lost it understand that you don't want to be in the room and hear what he has to say and god forbid be in the room when he is about to make a terrible decision that will hurt this country. >> reporter: a "new york times" spokesman says the op. ed. adds significant value to the public's understanding of what is going on in the trump administration from someone who is in a position to know. laura podesta, cbs news. >> the op. ed. came a day after reports of a new book by bob woodward entitled fear. president trump called the book a work of fiction, multiple times. experts say influenza probably got passengers sick on a plane bound for new
5:39 am
york's jfk airport. three passengers and seven crew members are being evaluated at the hospital after falling ill yesterday on an emirates airlines flight. eric >> first thing i did when i got on the plane was actually ask the stewardess for a masks. she said there were none on board. people were really sick. >> in all, more than 100 people on the flight reported symptoms like coughing, fever or vomiting. it's been a year since credit monitoring company equifax announced a data breach that affected nearly 148 million americans. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger says this is a good time for an identity theft prevention check-in. sounds good to us, jill. so what happened in the aftermath of the breach? >> reporter: it may shock you to learn that not too much has occurred. okay. let me just say, there of course were congressional hearings, a ceo resigned, the
5:40 am
company signed a consent order with regulators. all that is true. but if you were hoping for serious consumer reform, forget it! that means the onus is still on you to protect yourself and your identity. >> so what steps should we take? >> i think that the first easy one is to always have a credit fraud alert on your credit file. this is an interesting action because it requires a financial institution to take steps to verify your identity before allowing access to your file. so that's your baby step. the bigger step is a credit freeze and i actually prefer that one because it stops all access to your credit reports. but there is an important caveat about a freeze. if you actually need to access credit for yourself, maybe it's a car loan or a mortgage, you have to unfreeze your records and that can take a few days. also, there are still some
5:41 am
states that charge a fee for placing or removing credit freezes. you should always review that credit report every 12 months at if you find an error, report it immediately. stay on top of the process. and one important note for parents. there is a new federal through goes into effect this month and it allows you to check your kids' credit reports. lots of identity theft for kids under 18. i have links to all the agencies and nine best practices to keep the criminals at bay. just go to >> i didn't even think about the kids. so that's a good tip. i'll be looking online for all of that information. thank you, cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. time now 5:41. muni has a new plan to improve service. >> costs are going up to fix the oroville dam.
5:42 am
5:43 am
but they're keeping a close eye
5:44 am
on the latest problem... plaguing a sinking and leaning high-rise building in san inspectors believe there is no current public threat but they are keeping a close eye on the latest problem plaguing sinking and leaning high-rise millenium tower in san francisco. the new concern is a cracked window on the 36th floor and the possibility of glass falling. it appears to be safe but it's too soon to say according to city inspectors. there could be bigger problems in the future. >> i don't want in an earthquake for glass to be, you know, knee deep all around that building. >> there's currently warning tape along the sidewalk below to discourage people from walking under the cracked window. this morning, state officials say the cost of dealing with last year's crisis at the nation's tallest dam has now climbed to more than $1 billion. the department of water resources says construction costs are driving the increase at the oroville dam in butte county. early last year, a catastrophic failure of the
5:45 am
main spillway forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate. next month marks one year since the devastating tubbs fire in santa rosa. this morning the city's water system was so overwhelmed, there was little they could have done to keep the water pressure powerful in the fountain grove neighborhood, the conclusion of a report on the city's water systems. it recommends several changes to the emergency water system. it's 5:45 right now. hi, melissa. >> hi. >> getting an extended shot of you. >> why not. let's check weather. it's a better shot than outside. >> yes. it's definitely cloudy again today. we're talking about a morning marine layer which is very normal. we have been seeing it the past several mornings and we are seeing it again. live look at san jose right now. higher level cloud coverage, we are not noticing too much patchy fog which is good for
5:46 am
drivers. 60 degrees in san jose. santa rosa at 53. san francisco 55 degrees. upper 50s for oakland, livermore and concord. in the north bay it's cooler. satellite-radar showing the marine layer is not quite gone beyond the delta so the central valley seems to be somewhat clear but all around the bay area of course covered in clouds. our winds are not too bad. west wind at 10. overall the west wind keeps things cool by the beaches and the bay. this is what we're watching as it gets closer to us. we are going to see the temperatures rising. but for now, it's southwest of us. for now, today, it will be a little bit warmer because it is a little bit closer than it was yesterday. once it gets very close to us, which will be tomorrow, 90 in
5:47 am
morgan hill today, 83 campbell. cupertino 81. fremont 80. across the east bay, 87 in walnut creek. concord you will notice the heat-up starting today. 88 there. yesterday you got to 78. so it stayed cool. 65 in sausalito. 83 in sonoma. up north we go, temperatures low to mid-90s for lakeport and clearlake. air quality moderate. no advisory or alert today. but it may look hazy out there from the smoke from the fires. here's the ridge and, yes, look what happens. by friday it will get close to us bringing a lot of heat for southern california. for northern california we are going to see temperatures rising to above average. and it will stay put pretty much through sunday. then things will start to shift a little bit. for the seven-day forecast a absolute cooldown. there's a low to the north up in the gulf of alaska. it's still well to the north of us. but when it arrives next week, that's when things will finally cool on down tuesday and wednesday next week. until then 90s inland. wow, okay. well, it's still summer. right now, we are tracking an t
5:48 am
the brakes. southbound 101 it's just as you approach silver avenue. slow from cesar chavez down to past the crash. a semi blocking one lane on northbound 101 on the connector ramp to the central freeway to continue onto northbound 101. a little confusing but we definitely are tracking that and it's not causing much of a backup just yet. so we'll keep our fingers crossed and hopefully they can clear it before the bulk of the morning commute picks up. over at the toll plaza, we are in the yellow, 13 minutes
5:49 am
heading into san francisco. in san francisco, muni service got off to a slow start this summer but now the transit agency has a new plan to pick up the pace. sfmta says it will improve service in the next 90 days. this is a direct response to mayor london breed's telling the agency's director to do better. henewly trained drivers on various modes of transportation may help out. >> you will see more -- higher percentage of scheduled service on the street. i think you'll see more service certainly on the rail side. i think you'll begin to see customer service improvement with signage. >> sfmta says it is currently providing 97% of scheduled service. their goal is 98.5%. city leaders in berkeley spoke with the public yesterday about state policy and regulations regarding marijuana. there are currently four licensed marijuana businesses
5:50 am
in berkeley. one big concern is people still buying marijuana from the black market. >> our focus is to create a clear and easy-to-navigate process for cannabis businesses here and to ensure -- between businesses and schools and we can allow the appropriate balance in our community. >> berkeley police were also on hand to talk about pot's effect on public safety. time now 5:50. first nike released the photo and now the video, the new ad featuring colin kaepernick. >> levi's launches a gun control campaign. not everyone is on board. janice, progressive can help you save over $650 on car insurance.
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5:53 am
how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ] new *video ad for nike. kpix 5's mary lee shows us.. this is sky drone 5 flying high ab fur a billboard and now a -- first a billboard and now a video ad for nike featuring colin kaepernick. >> reporter: this is flying high above union square in san francisco. above the buildings it's hard to miss this face on top of the nike store. former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick, who knelt during the national anthem to protest police brutality, is the new and controversial face of thany video ad with kaepernick narrating the two-minute spot. >> believe in something even if it means sacrificing
5:54 am
everything. >> i think they're very smart. they are a $30 billion compan heavily discussed and researched. >> reporter: the sports marketing expert says nike knew exactly what they were doing and he believes in the end nike will come out as the winner with increased revenues and customer loyalty. >> consumers are a little more interested in their brands being in line with the way they think. and brands taking a stand and you respect the brand a little more for taking a stand and believing in the way that you do. >> we just thought it was a very brave bold move. >> reporter: we showed the nike video to people here at union square. >> what do you think? >> very inspiring. very great message. >> reporter: but there 'te th kanickhis >> to kneel for the american
5:55 am
flag or the star-spangled banner and then to play an american sport for an american league kind of goes -- what are we doing here? >> reporter: others agree. republican congressman lee selden tweeted, pat tillman should have been the face of nike. the former nfl star from san jose turned down millions inlisted in the army after the september 11th attacks and was killed serving in afghanistan. this nfl kneeling was created with tillman's face in the nike ad. the congressman said tillman died for our flag and national anthem while kaepernick protested it. in union square, mary lee, kpix 5. >> nike is not the only multi- billion-dollar company wading into hot button issues. levi's is now catching both heat and campaign on gun control. the coe said that levi's will be partnering with michael bloomberg to form a coalition of business leaders to advocate for more gun control. levi's has established a safer
5:56 am
tomorrow fund to help nonprofits and youth activists who are working to end gun violence in america. >> a lot of people are standing up for us so it's a good thing, you know what i mean, and their being the first to jump on board, i hope more companies jump on board. >> last year levi's banned guns in its stores and some people set their jeans on fire. this facebook user said he is not going to destroyed his jeans. he posted a picture of his handgun with the hashtag, my levi, my gun. on tuesday we have the story about an effort to preserve mid-century signs from san jose from businesses that closed or will close. we included a western appliance sign on west san carlos street. western appliance is very much open for business and western appliance has no plans to close up a new fire is burning in northern california this morning. this one has shut down i-5 in both directions for about 45 miles. it's 0% contained.
5:57 am
>> reporter: and a new shake- up at a school that has been riddled with complaints about sexual misconduct. why its president is stepping down. next. get details on this state program. visit right or call during business hours. this is long distance with the best wifi experience, long-distance relationship. plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today.
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capitol hill. and why some bay area agencies could soon lose the ability to ban the use of certain pesticid president trump's pick to the supreme court returns to the hot see the for questioning on capitol hill. >> why some bay area agencies could soon lose the ability to ban the use of certain pesticides. good morning, it's thursday, september 6th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm melissa caen in for kenny choi. >> today is the day before friday! we are looking forward to the weekend. >> oh, yeah. it's going to be warm. hopefully things will be nice. not too hot. but it is warming up. yesterday temperatures didn't warm up much a


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