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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  September 14, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: on the "cbs evening news" this friday: from the hurricane zone, florence turns deadly as this massive storm crashes into the carolinas with strong winds, record rainfall, and flooding. hundreds of thousands are sathout power. we have a team of correspondents throughout the region for a special one-hour edition, and it ogins tonight with the headlines in 60 seconds. >> hurricane florence is powerful. slow. and relentless. >> we got hit very hard. >> glor: we're right in the eye wall. this is some of the worst of florence now. >> at 12:00 noon, high tide rolled in, and with it came some of the most ferocious wind gusts we saw all day. >> in the new bern area, we've
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got big issues with storm surge. he hundreds were rescued overnight from the rushing water. dozens more are still trapped. >> right now, you can't tell the tvers from the roads. >> i've never seen this kind of damage here. >> it's bad. the water is coming up. a lot of winds. a lot of trees. we have a lot of downed power lines. >> reporter: we are about 20 miles inland from the coast. this is a massive 63-year-old oak tree that was toppled. >> it has been a restless night for many of these evacuees. now, they're hoping that they will still have homes to return to. >> this is life threatening. >> we've never been in anything like that. >> the winds were howling past. >> this is scary. it's exactly what they said it was going to be. >> glor: good evening. i'm jeff glor from wilmington, north carolina. and this is a special one-hour edition of the "cbs evening news." i am standing in a parking lot that for much of the day was
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part of the swollen cape fear river as we talk about these historic rainfall amounts now associated with what was hurricane florence. florence came ashore this morning as a category 1 hurricane with 90-mile-an-hour winds, 10 miles east of here, in wrightsville beach. it has been downgraded now to a tropical storm, but it's not going anywhere fast. the governor called florence "an uninvited brute who doesn't want to leave." florence is now blamed for at least five deaths. nearly a million homes and businesses lost power, so this will be a night in the dark for a lot of people in the carolinas. we have a team of correspondents throughout the region as we bring you extensive coverage tonight of florence. florence roared ashore under the cover of darkness, raking the region with pelting rain, widespread flooding, and high winds. gusts reached over 100 miles an hour in wilmington, the highest recorded here since 1958, tearing the roofs and facades off buildings and toppling trees.
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>> there's a lot of trees down. >> glor: by midday, florence claimed her first lives when a tree crashed on to a home in wilmington, north carolina, killing a mother and her infant daughter. rescuer workers were able to save the father. >> it is sad, sad news to get on a day like today. there is no preparing for something like that. >> glor: in morehead city, what was a building became a pile of rubble. a rising building in belhaven nearly swallowed the floor of this house. the lights were still on, it was hard to tell if anyone was home. and the high winds blew transformers, dropping wilmington into darkness. by daybreak, we could finally see what until then we could only hear and feel. and this is some of the worst of florence now. it is friday morning. this is the cape fear river, which is just raging. and we're right in the eye wall, the eye wall winds, which is the worst. at one point, the 350-mile-wide,
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slow-moving storm packed wind so fierce, we all but lost contact with our new york studio during our morning forecast. >> we may in fact have jeff now. jeff, can you hear me? >> glor: apologies again for some of the communication issues here as we deal with some of the worst of florence as she arrives now. rain is coming sideways, down and up. florence drove more than a million people from their homes, and more than 700,000 lost power. rain ranging from one to 3.5 feet has already fallen, and it's not over. north carolina governor, roy cooper. >> for overall damage, it will be hard at the end of the day, i think, to find a rival for this storm. >> glor: in wilmington, many of the trees that contributed to its historic beauty are now gone. >> this is my street. >> glor: this is your street right here? >> yes. >> glor: george pace returned to his neighborhood and saw his home for the first time, expecting the worst, but discovering only minimal damage.
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florence may be gone from here by tomorrow, but she will not be forgotten. wilmington mayor bill saffo. >> you can walk faster than the storm is moving. >> glor: there are trees down all over. >> right. >> glor: how long do you think it will be before people get power back? >> it could be anywhere from a sek to two weeks, possibly longer than that in some areas. >> glor: the white house told us today that the president will visit the carolinas some time next week, once they figure out that that visit will not interrupt rescue-and-recovery operations. we're going to move now about 70 miles south of here to myrtle beach, south carolina. don dahler is getting some of the worst of this storm. don, what are you seeing right sw? >> reporter: jeff, this is the grand strand. it's 16 miles of beach. it's normally full of tourists this time of year. it injects tens of millions of dollars into the economy.
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but today it is being whacked with potential rains and near hurricane-force winds. the concern had been that the high tide is expected around midnight tonight, which combined with that storm surge, and 15-18 inches of rain and swamp what is the second fastest-growing metropolitan area in the united states. but now it appears that florence is passing just to our north, the concern has shifted to inland flooding. at just because of all of the rain, but because of a lot of rivers from north carolina flow into south carolina, and as you know, those are already inundated with floodwaters. the result and the main concern now is all of that river water eambined with all the water that's already there. and it affects the infrastructure, the bridges, residences, farms, and other buildings. the cost to south carolina-- if this happens, if the storm continues the way it's going-- could be in the billions. jeff? >> glor: all right, don, thanks very much. we just got another blast of wind here in north carolina, in wilmington. actually, we're told now that dhe wind sensor at the
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wilmington airport that measured that highest gust of 105 miles n hour, the highest since 1958, broke today, because the wind as so bad. on that note, we're going to check in with megan glaros of our chicago station wbbm. she's been here with us the whole time. she's in our mobile weather lab. megan, talk about what's happening. >> yeah, we're getting some of the heavier bands that are still wrapping around the outer portions of tropical storm florence. so it may not be a hurricane anymore, but look outside. we're driving through a roadway that's essentially flooded. the cape fear river right to our immediate right, and we anticipate more rainfall coming twn from this system. it's going to be a continuous rain for many folks, probably through saturday, and for many until sunday. let's take a peek at the latest on the radar right now. wilmington right here, so you e n start to see some of those heavier bands that we're seeing. but imagine what it feels like a
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little bit farther north, closer towards new bern. they're getting more intense bands wrapping around the outer portion of that storm. and also, that is where storm surge is a greater concern at this point. we're looking still at the potential for eight-plus feet of storm surge in these areas, even though this is now down to a tropical storm. look at new bern. look at morehead city, along some of the outer portions of north carolina. and what we're going to be looking at as this storm works slowly down to the south and west is still torrential rain. it's coming down fiercely. and look at tomorrow-- we're still talking about some intense thunderstorms. and as the storms shift south, those intense thunderstorms shift south with it. that's how slowly the system is moving, essentially at a crawl. you could probably walk faster. we have a 3-mile-per-hour forward speed on this thing at this point. and because of that, we're expecting to find some torrential rains on top of what
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we've already had. we could see ten inches more in spots. jeff. >> glor: all right, megan, thanks very much. you mentioned new bern. new bern has dealt with a particularly bad situation today. that is 95 miles northeast of here. and kris van cleave is there. kris, what's happening? >> reporter: jeff, new bern is finally getting a break from the rain, but still getting strong winds. and there is water everywhere. block after block has been swamped by florence, and that has prompted a lot of people here to call for help. hurricane-force winds brought a ten-foot storm surge rushing into the riverfront city of new bern. homes looked like islands as roads were inundated. teia cherry and her family thought they could ride out florence at home. then came the water. her mother flagged down a storm chaser with a boat who came to her rescue. >> i was like, nuh-uh, we gotta get out of here.
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we're not going to make it. >> reporter: the surge left docks in tatters, and damage spread across town. >> i'm looking down on the street, and i'm amazed. i've never seen this kind of damage here. .> reporter: all night and through the storm-battered day, rescue crews worked to pull people who didn't evacuate from b eir homes. some who couldn't wait, waded out on their own. the city says at least 140 more are still waiting for rescue. bob better is leading a swift boat rescue team from massachusetts, one of two out- of-state fema teams here helping people trapped by water. how dangerous are these conditions? how hard is this to work in? >> it's very difficult. but it's dangerous work, and this is what we train for. ri reporter: at points during the worst of the storm, the city had to call off the search-and- rescue efforts, because it was just too treacherous for those first responders to be out there, but they have promised they are coming for everyone. jeff? >> glor: kris, thank you very much. another place that has just been lashed all day long is beaufort, also northeast of here, in north carolina. and that's where we found david begnaud this morning, still
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there tonight. david, give us an update. >> reporter: jeff, the wind gusts right now are upwards of 50 miles per hour, but the strongest gusts we felt today tit 92. it will not stop, this weather event from florence. look, we have gotten a fire hose of wind and moisture throughout the day that is just unrelenting. we took a quick trip to morehead city, about a quarter mile up the road. there is damage. it's not widespread. it is isolated, but there is damage. we haven't heard of any injuries as of right now. the roads are still empty. there are a few police officers on the road, but that's about it. power is still out. but, jeff, the bottom line tonight-- it is just as bad right now as it was 12 hours ago, and it's expected to continue for another 12-24. >> glor: all right, david, thank you so much. wow. such a slow-moving and dangerous storm, because it is moving at
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such a deliberate pace over the carolinas. we're going to have much more from north carolina and south carolina coming up here shortly in the broadcast. but for now, we want to go back for more news in new york and dana jacobson is standing by. dana? >> reporter: jeff, thank you. coming up next on the "cbs evening news": manafort flips. the president's former campaign chairman is cooperating with the special counsel. plus, what caused the explosions that wiped out dozens of homes.
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his family. >> he wanted to make sure that his family was able to remain safe and live a good life. >> reporter: during an hour-long hearing in federal court, manafort pleaded guilty to two felony counts related to his foreign lobbying. even more significantly, he agreed to cooperate in special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation by providing unspecified documents and testifying before the grand jury. it's a significant shift in legal strategy. just over a month ago, downing dismissed any chance of a deal. any chance that he may decide to flip and cooperate? >> no chance. >> reporter: manafort is the most-significant witness secured by special counsel mueller. his cooperation is an ominous development for president trump, who has consistently dismissed the special counsel investigation as a witch hunt. it's unclear what information manafort has agreed to share. he was with the campaign for five months, and was present during the june 2016 trump tower meeting with a russian delegation offering dirt on
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hillary clinton. even after manafort was convicted on tax and bank fraud charges last month in virginia, the president still spoke fondly of him and did not rule out a presidential pardon. >> i must tell you that paul manafort is a good man. >> reporter: but manafort's cooperation makes a pardon unlikely, and today, the white house tried to distance itself from the former campaign chairman, saying in a statement, "this had absolutely nothing to do with the president or his victorious 2016 presidential campaign." about a dozen members of the special counsel team attended today's hearing, and at the end they were hugging and congratulating one another, but their work is not over. manafort won't be sentenced wotil well after the november midterms, suggesting the russia investigation will continue into next year. dana? >> jacobson: paula reid in washington. thank you, paula. the governor of massachusetts today declared a state of emergency in three towns north of boston. ehey were hit by rapid-fire natural gas explosions yesterday.
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a first responder described it as "armageddon." 80 homes burned, 39 were destroyed, more than 8,000 people were evacuated. one teenager was killed when a chimney fell on his car. state officials blame it on gas lines that were overpressurized. the local gas utility has been removed from the emergency response. coming up, more storm coverage as the carolinas continue to get pummeled. we'll check in on a town where .he floodwater is rising. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything
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>> glor: all right, we're back here tonight from north carolina, and floodwaters are rising tonight in jacksonville, north carolina. that is where rescue crews are racing to rescue both people and their pets. adriana diaz is standing by there. adriana? >> reporter: jeff, this is what officials here have been worried about: storm surge.
5:51 pm
coming in from a nearby river that feeds into the ocean, and it's being made worse by all of this. about 12 inches of rain have onllen on jacksonville. this entire county is under a mandatory evacuation, but a lot of people stayed behind. it didn't take long for the floodwaters to push into frcksonville, north carolina. even though it's about 20 miles from the coast. local residents waded through up to four feet of water to make sure no one was trapped in this house. i went along and filmed on my cell phone. the water's come up to the top of the porch. they want to make sure no one's stuck inside. ( knocks ) >> anybody home? >> reporter: why do you think someone might be home? th cars. both cars are still here, tape on the inside of the windows. the curtains are closed. >> reporter: no one answered. but earlier, matthew drake and sean bogs went into deeper water by boat and they found dogs left behind. >> found a couple of dogs and there's a cat on a porch down there that has nowhere to go. the water is rising. so, i'm going to try get them, too. >> reporter: it was a punishing
5:52 pm
night of high wind and rain, with hurricane-force gusts that ripped off roofs, toppled trees, and downed power lines. .his towering oak tree missed crushing this house by a few feet. >> it went down so easy. >> yeah. me i mean, wow! somebody's helping us out. ( laughs ) >> reporter: last night, across enwn, dozens of people were evacuated at the triangle motor inn, where jermaine louis was staying with his two kids. oh, my goodness. the roof is gone. >> yup. >> reporter: were you in here? >> i was in there. i had my kids asleep, and a lot of wind and rain spinning, blue lightning, green lightning. >> reporter: so you came here ghr safety? >> yup. >> reporter: and you ended up upth no roof? >> no roof. >> reporter: but you're alive. >> i'm alive. >> reporter: in addition to the damaged roofs, the downed trees, and all of this flooding, most of the city also doesn't have power. we got off the phone a bit ago with officials and they think it
5:53 pm
could take two weeks for the power to return, four to five days for all of this water to hecede. they think the worst is over, nd ait is still dangerous out ewre and a curfew remains in place until noon tomorrow. jeff? >> glor: all right, adriana, thank you very much. when we come back, family members separated by the storm. try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! ...ancestrydna can pinpoint where your ancestors are from... ...and the paths they took, to a new home. could their journey inspire yours? order your kit at but mania, such as unusualrder can rchanges in your mood,
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>> glor: more than 20,000 people are spending the night in in ters here in north carolina. and elaine quijano met a man in garner who is desperate for information about his family. >> reporter: when robert faircloth, jr. evacuated he brought a backpack, a tote back, and his dog, buster. his home of 40 years sits a half mile from the ocean in wilmington, and contains everything else he owns. what's going through your mind? >> it's just... you worry all day. you just... you don't know what's happening. you'd like to ride down there and check things out. >> reporter: he had planned to ride it out, as he'd done in years past. why did you decide that you needed to go at this time? be i'm not in the best health no more, and my trailer's old, like me, and i figured i better haul buggy.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: but leaving was painful, because his family, including his 84-year-old father, stayed, just like every hurricane before. >> i hope he's doing okay, my sister, and my brother. i hope you guys are okay. >> reporter: late friday, a cbs news crew in wilmington went by and found his home and his family were just as he left ehem. >> i'm going to smile. i'm going to hug a couple of them. r reporter: robert's not sure exactly when he can return home because he arrived here on an evacuation bus from wilmington. now, he has to wait until officials there say that it's safe for him and others to return home. jeff? >> glor: elaine, thank you very much. some of our cbs stations will be leaving us now, but for many of you, this special expanded edition of the "cbs evening news" continues in just a moment. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh access
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: good evening to those of you just joining us now. i am jeff glor in wilmington, north carolina. this is an expanded edition of the "cbs evening news" tonight, as florence-- what was hurricane florence, which is now tropical storm florence-- continues to lash the carolinas. this is an enormous storm. it is a slow-moving storm. it was downgraded earlier today with 75-mile-an-hour winds now, still very dangerous. florence is now blamed for five deaths in north carolina. it made landfall this morning as a category 1 hurricane about 10 miles east of here in wrightsville beach. since then, it has been hitting the carolinas with strong winds.


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